Art Jones Denies The Shoah. Should The Alt-Right Care?

The clown Internet has recently begun warning me that a Holocaust denier named Arthur Jones is running for Congress. What am I to make of this? Until now I have lacked the time to inquire into the matter, so you and I, Dear Reader, will tread the path of my research and reaction together.

My preconceptions and hunches, before proceeding, are multifold. Of course, I’m quite familiar with the hysterical, hyperventilating aspect of the hate media. This leaves me open to the possibility that our plucky Holocaust skeptic is not actually a wholesale denier, and instead holds any number of plausible, rational positions that the media priesthood has deemed insufficiently reverent in relation to its prescribed dogma–that many million but not quite six of them died, for example, or that the catastrophe did not arise from a consciously-directed aim of exterminating particular demographic groups. (The best example of which I’m aware of how a sane, reflective person might approach the topic is, unsurprisingly, the late Jonathan Bowden’s discussion here.)

On the other hand, while I admire honesty and courage in the face of media hit jobs, I find it easier to embrace figures who are wise enough to see the most obvious of these coming, as they do, from many miles in the distance, and who have the good sense to avoid them. I am ecumenical when it comes to age, appearance, and strategy–you won’t be hearing another tedious lecture on “optics” here, friends–but I need to be convinced that Art merits my support as a leader for white peoples.

I lack a subscription to the Washington Post and do not plan to change this soon, so I am unable to read Amy Wang‘s article about Jones. But the Post‘s referral tweet indicates that Jones is “almost certain to win” his primary. This is positive information. I prefer winners over losers.

But Art is the only person running. He is also apparently one of these perennial candidate types, and has lost several races in the past. Desperation is a stinky cologne.

Up next in my news-y Twitter explanation is a 10-second clip of Jones discussing Adolf Hitler. He remarks,

Economic polices of Hitler brought that nation up from the very bottom. In twelve years of his rule they went from the age of the biplane to the age of the rocket.

This contention is controversial, but not because it can be credibly disputed; it can’t, at least not from the shallow mythology of those whose imaginations are tyrannized by Godwin’s Law. Certainly we’re no nearer to capital-H-capital-D Holocaust Denial than we were when we started, even though that’s the bit of information we were fed first, and through which all of our subsequent perceptions of Arthur Jones are meant to be filtered.

“You support a thriving economy? You’re just like HITLER!”

What else are the media shamans permitting us to learn about Jones’s views? The Chicago Sun-Times reminds us that he’s a Holocaust denier–an “outspoken” one–as well as an “activist anti-Semite and white supremacist” who describes the Holocaust as “an international extortion racket.”

I know that is supposed to paralyze me with worry. However, as long as respected, credentialized members of the secular priesthood are inviting me to believe that yoga is an expression of white supremacy, and as long as Holocaust memorials are being erected in Nebraska (when was the Nebraska Holocaust?), I am going to plead my constitutional right to remain agnostic.

In the meantime I am finding it hard to relate to the obsequious manner of this Sun-Times reporter and to his creepy theme music.

I did suffer through the video, though, to learn that Jones opposes American involvement in more reckless Middle Eastern wars, and that he spent what I assume are scarce resources to print a swastika-laden newspaper ad designed to shock local rabbis. I welcome the former, but lack patience for the cartoonish aspect of the latter. If Jones believes that the crisis facing white people is real, which it appears he does, then he should consider focusing on the immediate dimensions of that, instead of re-staging past tragedies in the minds of his fellow citizens, regardless of their tribal affiliations.

So, is Arthur Jones a Holocaust denier, and is this a matter that should concern me? I finally visited the “Holocaust?” page on his rudimentary-looking campaign website. It consists of scanned images of informational literature that, judging by their style and quality, could as easily be warning me that an organized conspiracy of queers is poisoning the water supply, or that Kris Kristofferson is a reptilian shape-shifter.

In other words, I will probably never know how I feel about Jones’s views, because by now I am too bored to care. I am bored with Jones himself, whom I can imagine finding tolerably eccentric for a few minutes of personal interaction, but whose fossilized appearance and preoccupation with historical revision leave a lot to be desired. His brand does not represent the future, and he and his supporters might help out more by putting their resources somewhere other than into doomed political campaigns whose cultural impact is low or negative.

Of course, the media doesn’t triumph in this thinly-veiled morality play, either. The low return of its effort to track down and elevate Jones as an example of something significant is illustrative in itself. Smarmy newspaper reporters will not be able to mask the inner contradictions of liberalism and American empire forever, nor will they always succeed in dismantling every would-be strong man who seeks power and influence, as Donald Trump’s campaign demonstrated. As white consciousness simultaneously radicalizes and mainstreams in reaction to a degenerating clown world, the challenges to the status quo will grow more savvy, serious, and attractive even to the readership of Left-oriented media outlets.

In reality this is already happening, and everyone senses that the media establishment is not keeping pace, as it must to maintain influence over the mass imagination. So, even though meme war victory over the politically-correct media is frequently overstated, trends are good. Perhaps we can identify some better-adjusted, more discerning candidates to effectively exploit the growing vulnerability.

Evan McLaren
the authorEvan McLaren
Evan McLaren is the Executive Director of the National Policy Institute and Deputy Editor at He can be found on Twitter at @evanmclaren.


  • The only question for me is whether he is for real, in which case respect!, or maybe having his bills and certain pills paid by the you know who 😉 “Anti-Semites” are the greatest philo-Semites (useful idiots) around. Kind of useful idiots because Trump is another such type.

  • >>(The best example of which I’m aware of how a sane, reflective person might approach >> the topic is, unsurprisingly, the late Jonathan Bowden’s discussion here.)

    “Unsurprisingly?” It’s actually quite *surprising,* considering that Bowden suffered from bouts of literal insanity throughout his life.

  • The holocaust narrative/mythology is the very fuel that powers our enemies. As long as they can gas up at the Holocaust pump, our gains will be small. The fate of the white race hinges upon the dismantling of this myth.

  • Any politician who names the Jew and exposes Jewish scams should be supported 100%. When I read his website, it was like a shot in the arm for me. He’s a brave man and on our side.

  • I can’t wait for the night of the long knives, where we’ll put boat shoe faggots like you up against the wall, Evan

    • “I can’t wait for the night of the long knives, where we’ll put boat shoe faggots like you up against the wall, Evan”

      Why? Are you going to use what you learned in prison and corn-hole him then?

    • As Jeff said above, I too cannot wait for the next night of the long knives.
      I will gut you in the streets and then move into your “mansion” and proceed to bang the brains out of your “blue eyed, blonde” sister before I throw her off the balcony for having tainted blood, Crypto kike. Deus Vult.

  • The fact we live in a world where Jews can destroy anyone they disagree with and do it regularly thru the “anti free speech” laws they have enacted around the world, and the power and close connections Jewish organizations have with governments around the world, where they wield more power than the leading superpower of the world, doesn’t change the fact that most, if not all of the major claims by those defending the mainstream holocaust narrative have been exposed as lies. Anyone that does a little research can find this out for themselves.

    By 1960 mainstream holocaust historians conceded there were no “death camps” in Germany. In the early 1990’s the Jews that run the Auschwitz memorial tore down the sign they erected about 45 years earlier that said four million people were murdered at Auschwitz and replaced it with a sign saying one million people were murdered there (still with no bodies found to back their claim), the Jewish head of Auschwitz Franzisek Pieper conceded that one of the gas chambers he had been showing tourists there was built “after” the war (“reconstructed” to use his word), it was revealed Auschwitz had a swimming pool, a bordello for inmates, inmates put on plays and soccer games were played with teams formed from inmates and guards. The biggest and most important “death camp” was exposed as a lie.

    In the early 1980’s the British Jewish officer that headed up the torture of one of the camp commandants bragged about what he did, exposing the “confession” he extracted as worthless. It is now known torture of camp officials was widespread to extract meaningless “confessions”. On top of all this and much more, the allies never even attempted to unearth evidence of the supposed millions of victims to do autopsies to back their claims up.

    If you want to see how a crime is investigated to prove a case, you can watch the documentary the Germans made when they discovered the mass grave at Katyn of the murdered Polish officers. They unearthed thousands of bodies, did autopsies on the bodies to find the cause of death and invited countries from around the world to send representatives to the investigations in 1942. Germany’s enemies refused to send representatives, but neutral nations did send reps.

    All this and much more should cause everyone to at least doubt the claims made by the holocaust promoters. If you don’t want to express an opinion on the holocaust, no one should have to, but the lies should not be defended. People should be able to support Art Jones or anyone else and say they have no opinion on the supposed holocaust but the Jews refuse to allow this. Despite all the lies, they have every interviewee browbeaten into “admitting” the holocaust took place.

  • You know it is not surprising to me at all that he is jewish. The Nazis were mostly jewish. That’s why they were always changing their names. Goebbels was very jewish. Hitler’s family was originally Hildesheim, before it was changed for the civil service. This is not commonly known. The public only knows about the Schicklgruber jewish background. But his father’s name was really French, not Austrian.

    • You may not be aware that Hitler’s mother was a Polzl. That is a jewish family name. And yes they were jewish. Hitler was entirely jewish. Not just on one unimportant line.

  • Art Jones looks jewish to me. Nothing personal. He is most likely jewish.

    That is probably what some people are picking up on when they feel uncomfortable about his nazi dress.

    • Since you are Dir of NPI I will say I failed to notice a concern about Jews in your nNATO paper and that’s a concern, and you blindly label Muslims terrorist pointing to 911. Where are the Jews everyone knows were part of that?

  • Did you guys see him on CNN today? ?
    In a couple of minutes he dissipated any possible doubts I had left in regards to his” image P.R , optics ” and all that.
    What a fantastic man Arthur Jones is.

  • I’ve always thought the biggest problem with the optics argument is that the focus on how stupid swastikas/etc make you look detracts from the bigger issue: That they DON’T WORK. If dressing up like a LARPER from the 40s and wearing a goofy armband and sieg heiling had good results there would be no problem with it because we’d already be in power with the amount of self-proclaimed WN’s that used to do and that still do it now.

    Bottom line: Do people like Art Jones advance the cause or hurt it? If we replaced him with someone like Richard Spencer who only talked about things like the opoid crisis, affirmative action, etc etc, while planning to implement everything we want the second he got elected? I think the answer to both is yes.

    Even those talking about an educational candidate need to take a step back and consider this seriously. If your goal is to educate someone about the holocaust, is printing a magazine littered with swastikas or talking up Hitler the best way to do it? Is it even a good way to do it?

    If you’re hurting the very cause you’re claiming to support with your actions, you can damn well bet people on the same side will call you out on it. Criticism isn’t the same as an attack, and in this case it’s valid.

    I get why people do this, I really do. Whites (especially young ones) need an outlet for the incredible and blatant injustices we face. But this isn’t the way.

    • How about the truth? Speak truth to power. Don’t worry so much about how you are perceived. You will find in life that people never like someone who doesn’t already like himself.

      Also, the Nazis were never taken seriously. They were following a nihilistic doctrine that was already a dead end. Even Nietszche never had much hope that anyone could will himself to be kind. Civilization requires a greater foundation than willpower. What nihilism along with communism did was to destroy the universities and the young minds. By 1940, few young people believed any longer in the democratic ideal. You can see it in the old photos. They all have that crazed look in their eyes. Hitler offered them something, even if it was vile. And they embraced it. They never questioned that it came from jews.

      Now everyone is a nihilist, a nothingist. That’s why Buddhism is so popular, because it is a form of nihilism. A desire to get off the wheel of karma. The New Age movement comes from Hitler too. Scientology is completely mainstream. Most people sound like they have gone to a church of scientology.

      • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Now you’re just blithering. Please take your medication like the doctor prescribed. There’s a good boy.

  • Well. whatever one thinks of Art , however limited he may be or bad his P.R. and image could be seen by the mob , any European -American should get his butt up , go out there and at the very least vote for him.
    In the particular place and situation Art finds himself , with all the GOP in full boycott mode , even a 20 % in Chicago , for a unique candidate like Art , would make a lot of noise and scare the bejesus out of the status quo.

    • Plus , in that particular district there is no winning route available for any kind of republican, none of any typeor form whatsoever, from the centrist” rino ” ( I hate the expression , what is so good about being ” an actual republican ” ? Being like Abraham Lincoln ,or like a Bush ? ) to the most paleo-conservative nationalist isolasionist ” in the fringe ” .
      The educational route is the only one that can be taken and which could bear any fruit there.

  • Spencer’s original take on the difference between an educational candidate and someone actually trying to get elected was fine.

    But stop passive aggressively bitching about people who choose the (much more attainable) educational candidate route.

    You guys, as of 2018, are not as far above everyone else as you might like to think.

  • I ve known Art Jones for ~ 30 years.

    He is what he is – honest, sincere.

    He never looked or smelled very good.

    Holocaust revisionism has it s place .

    Speak the truth and fear….

    Lot s to fear.

  • If anything happens to my presence here, just know it will be because of ‘Been here a long time’ and his merry band of Bobby-Doxxers.

    Sparta had that disfigured reject who sided with Persia, and this site has this miscreant.

    If I do not get a chance to say goodbye, which always happens…there are some very cool people here who have inspired me to do my own little thing, as per request, which I already have material for…just need to fix my laptop and figure out how to actually launch the blog.

    It will not be competition to this site or anywhere else, just an interstitial. I can’t compete anyway and would not try to take anybody’s hard-earned money, but instead request people show me proof they have paid off their debts so they are not dependent upon anyone or anything.

    This will be a safe place for white heterosexual men to be free to express their angst without the fear of judgement (women) or refinement (sexless-sadomasochistic Simps).

    Chances are, whatever hell you have been struggling with, I have likely been there too.

    White men are under attack in every direction, so more criticism is not the answer, nor does the pseudo-bravado of self-flagellating sycophancy towards feminism/Gynocentrism make you more masculine or get you laid.

    Vincent Law’s articles, combined with my comments, have made possibly the best duo since Drake & Josh (Boomers wouldn’t understand).

    My site will be titled:
    ‘Curb-Stomping Your (((Enthusiasm))).’

  • I really despise the aristocratic-dapper-posh LARP thing taking place in the Alt-Right, where a few wannabe elitists look down upon working-class ‘commoners’ as ‘gauche’ simply because they themselves have never worked with their hands.

    This problem is a distant-second to the WQ, but still a looming issue nonetheless.

    So, to the ‘High-IQ’/income-status chauvinist crowd…

    We don’t have pathetic class envy in this country, unlike Europe, because money and basic independence is relatively easy to make/lose here.

    The rise-and-fall ‘Greek tragedy’ flight path is not unique – everybody has overwhelming debt at some point.

    I would be as out of place at your eternal finishing-school as Millennial Woes at NPI with your class warfare machinations, since I’m just an uneducated, underclass vulgarian.

    I see the same strain of SWPL emerging in the Alt-Right that is just as antagonistic towards ‘white trash’ and bourgeois goys as the SWPL-SJW bugmen, who believe themselves to be ‘above’ white genocide, like they actually encourage it as a bastardized form of eugenics.

    They regularly counter-signal collective white identity as ‘beneath’ them because they refuse to include proletarian/rural/regionalist whites in their politics or culture, as if they were so embarrassed by these folk that they disown their own collective white identity and disallow that of every other European.

    In their cutthroat mentality, they are going to streamline whiteness by cleansing their white adversaries (and allies) by any means (like supporting #MeToo): culling the beta bumper-crop underclasses, consolidating the remnant, and rebalancing the moorings of the new rump white culture as an insulated, Pareto-distributed, upper Bell Curve ethnic minority, on par with East Asians and Jews, so they can ascend into this managerial, elitist confederacy by virtue of artificial scarcity: surviving as one of the few remaining white people.

    That is how these people think.

    I call them ‘Helter-Skelter’ Democrats (or Charles Manson Democrats).

    They want to rule over a supermajority of cattle races like pharaohs rather than blend into the whiteout of a European ethnocracy.

    I don’t give a shit about somebody’s income or lack therefor – none of it is constant or relevant.

    Manners can be taught, while inveterate opinions/perspectives/habits can be shaken and reversed with just a bloody nose, especially if you possess the same clustered phenotypical/genotypical characteristics of Europeans: the formulaic ingredients of greatness.

    This nearly exact same feedback loop of superhuman whiteness (almost a Fibonacci sequence) will yield overproduction and innovation regardless of these nonstarter, pseudo-intellectual New Age metrics you wannabe overlords are trying to finesse and shoehorn in pointless application.

    The same facsimile of ‘white empire’ expresses itself regardless of its population’s ‘IQ, status or income’:
    -Australia was founded by British penal colonists.
    -South Africa/Rhodesia was created by warring Northwestern Europeans.
    -America was founded by British puritanical rejects and indentured servant scofflaws.
    – French Canada/America was founded by French fur trappers.
    -Mexico was conquered by 147 Conquistadors.
    -Central Africa was captured by big-game Safari Belgians.

    -Too many other examples and dimensions to include like Descartes sneezing on a hooker’s blouse and discovering the scatterplot, Newton theorizing about gravity because a gust of wind hit an apple tree, or a Cajun cook tossing old sauce into a slosh bucket and discovering Tabasco.

    My point is the white man is like a literal alchemist regardless of his lot in life. He beams fiction into fact;

    Theoretically, even white male retards tinker with lawnmowers and create efficiencies (Sling Blade) or push themselves from an autistic sentience (Forrest Gump) in a way that any proud nonwhite millionaire could never even fathom – apocryphal, but you get the point.

    Unwashed/unprivileged/underclass white men posses natural upward social mobility, while nonwhite men have social *motility* (nearly identical trajectory to white female hypergamy) – they sow their alien fertilizer into miscegenation futures markets as part of their (unwitting) long-game race war, slowly marching (uninvited) through the Halls of Valhalla (white empires) with their invasive species of bastardization to corrode European brain/beauty alike into irreversible hybridization – thus elevating themselves along the evolutionary ladder, while lowering the higher genetic rungs into an irreversible nosedive, transmogrifying the physics of any gradient in general into an impossible staircase (as the unknown Negroid multiverse has a predilection to do with all realities in the known Caucasoid universe).

    -How many nonwhite inventors have been killed by their own creations compared to whites?
    -How many ‘high-IQ’ nonwhites have died by their own inventions compared to underclass white inventors?

    We are in the midst of the greatest drop-off between two generations of social mobility ever:
    White-Collar bourgeois Baby Boomers and the widening economic gulf between them and their NEET/underemployed prole Millennial offspring, for many reasons…but you fantasist regals have no empathy or understanding of this GOLDMINE of angst that is ripening, yet going unharvested.

    Well, (future) Boomers gonna boom.

    • Well said. While I am myself a working class white man, the truth of the matter is that if this movement doesn’t reach out and become relatable towards blue collar whites, then we’ll have no hope for success.

      On a side note, if shit hits the fan, who do these “ivory tower” folks think is going to be in the trenches?

    • Yeah I fall somewhere in between the two camps. I grew up in burbs near the city, have a degree and have done white collar work before. But due to circumstances beyond my control have spent a lot more time in factories than offices. For what its worth its always more fun to have a beer with the blue collar co-workers than the white collar ones.

      And yeah, I’ve also taken note of this trend to looking down on whites on the lower socio-economic level in the AR. I don’t like it at all.

      • You know what they say. I don’t like it, but I undastand it.

        We need organizations that appeal to all sorts of Whites.

        • Point well made.

          I was taught that one doesn’t mix socially with classes outside one’s own. I’ve learned that it causes harm. Not only to me, but to others. It’s quite frowned upon where I come from. This indiscriminate mixing. I usually have nothing to do socially with anyone outside of my family and my own small circle.

          Perhaps the same thing applies to persons of every class. We speak here in a less formal way, when we would never dare associate with each other in real life. And perhaps this is caused by the fact that this movement itself is really at sixes and sevens. There is no order to it at all. And partly it is just that Americans…well, you have this way, it is hard to describe. You are very brash and forward. People in other countries sometimes see it as an impoliteness. I don’t know about that.

          To my mind, it seems that Americans (and the English) mix just enough to get the wrong idea about each other. You see us as stereotypes. And then there has been for a long while a concerted effort to subvert all classes. Each class needs to learn how to work with the others.

          Here is a video I thought might help you to understand where some of us are coming from.

          • Yet you employ negro servants whilst looking down your nose at whites of lesser means. God only knows why he allowed the merchants to become the new Aristocracy. I tend to think it has to do with the old saying “birds of a feather flock together”, meaning the merchant always allies with the merchant, I.e the Anglo merchant caste(you and yours) with the Jew. One can know for certain that a true aristocrat would never hire a foreigner to do work within his nation.

            Outside of the kikes, you and your ilk are everything that is wrong with white, western civilization.

          • Well, we are not merchants. I don’t know how you ever got that idea. And no, it isn’t true that an “aristocrat” would never hire a foreigner. You cannot really hire a foreigner anyway. They are thought of as resident aliens. This is a serious issue, because it would answer the debate about immigration. It isn’t necessary to deport everyone of a certain race. We need to all work together.

            What I fear is that your anger is leading you to alienate yourselves, until you feel alone and isolated. Americans are very strange that way. You live in a vast country, and so you rarely talk to one another in person, no matter the class from which you come. But at the same time, you have until recently had this sublime ideal about yourselves as Americans. And now the ideal seems to have died. It’s all nihilism and lonelieness. It’s all disarray.

          • You are of a greedy, merchant soul through and through, and do you know who else share those characteristics? Hint….??..

    • “Manners can be taught,“

      I agree.

      Let s teach some manners- basic stuff use soap and deodorant.

      Always have a dress code

      And a code of conduct towards ladies

      I strongly recommend teaching partner dancing

  • I find this very telling :
    If one runs a search on Art Jones he will find almost instantly that the ONE thing that stands out the most from all the negative articles on Art Jones it is NOT the fact that he is a white supremacist , or a Nazi ,or a pro-confederacy , or an anti all non white immigration..all that makes him the devil too ,of course , from the media standpoint , but the ONE thing that stands out in all the titles of these articles , much more and much before than all the rest , is the :
    “HOLOCAUST DENIER ! ” thing.
    It’s almost an automated package , an eco-
    chamber about him :
    Art Jones , The Holocaust Denier .

    • “Holocaust denier”

      An unbeliever , a religious heretic

      You know that Jewish Old Testament myth about the Parting of the Red Sea ?

      Does everybody here believe that one – how come the Jews didn t have problems with mud?

  • Ok ..I searched a little more about Art Jones , his old TV appearences , dressed almost exactly like a Nazi officer and I kind of understood more of what Mr. McLaren I saying here:
    He looks exactly like the stereotypical ” old redneck nazi who just hates everyone” :and his looks do not give him time and space to instead bring up a lot of solid, coherent points. Even his facial expression during debates seem to always struggle and fight everything ..and in the end he looks like the old ,past Nazi redneck that people just refuse to vote ,by the way.
    And that is an objective problem.
    I kind of see more of McLaren point now , even if I still don’t agree in full .
    It has been a definite problem of optics for Art Jones.
    A problem of P.R.
    Even David Duke , who was able to bring up some solid points , in a reasoned and well spoken , consistent manner and with a good personal image was capable of achieving incredible, surprising wins in Louisiana against all establishment,
    Not Art.
    I do believe he still has a value and he should be personally supported thou.

  • What is this pretentious bugman faggotry? First Paul Nehlen, and now this? You guys need to stop equivocating like passive-aggressive women and get behind guys like Art 100%… petty jealously, snobbery and lack of fighting spirit are not a good look.

    This is coming from someone who supports your goals completely and who has immense respect for both Richard and Evan: put an end to supercilious, effeminate articles like this one.

    “Men don’t follow titles. They follow courage.”

    • Spoken like a true fighter.

      I’ve been in touch with another fella from this sight and we are attempting to build local coalitions.

      If interested, do you a have a means to gen in touch, Gab maybe?

    • I find hard to believe anyone could possibly find a reason not to support Paul Nehlen.
      Btw he is a potential , probable winner too , since he has all the capability to attract all kinds of normy, mainstream votes.

  • Is Jones any more of an asshole than the Holy Roman Catholic US Senator from Illinois Dick Durbin, who wants to replace us with his Catholic co-religionists from Mexico, and points South? Plus, Durbin is for every other Jewish-Marxist-communist-socialist-liberal program in the US Senate!

    Hopefully, Jones doesn’t come out for a belief in an infallible Pope.

    It’s all one big clown show.

    • You have to begin to separate yourselves from the nihilism and Nazi ideology. There are countless white supremacists before the Nazis and Nietzsche.

      • Your understanding of both “Nazism” and Nietzsche is severely lacking. Not surprising, yet one should have a deep understanding of a subject before they broadcast their opinion. Especially in regard to such a nuanced concept as “nihilism”, with its various, modern and misguided interpretations, which you seem unable to see past.

        • Barnabas, the word nihilism comes from the latin nihil, meaning nothing. And no I didn’t just google that. I actually know Latin. The term nihilism means nothingism. It is not all that complex.

          And when you follow such things, you are following the same doctrines as the Skull and Bones. It was started by jews. I know this for a fact. The Bushes are jews. The Kerrys are jews. The Forbes. The Alsops. You said you felt like the reincarnation of Napolean Bonaparte. Did you know he was a jew?

          I shouldn’t even be telling you any of this.

          Be careful what you believe. Be more careful about listening to jews. You are not as knowledgeable as you think. That is what makes your situation so perilous. All of you.

  • Great article by Evan. Hit every important point. As I look at every consequential issue, 3 Questions: How can we use this to advance our message, red pill normies & gain power for our movement.. Evan’s approach on this was spot on.

  • “Hitlers Germany from the biplanes to the rockets" compare Stalins USSR from the horse to the sputnik . Looks great, the same finish.

      • There is an uncomfortable fact that US stole most of the minds and didn’t exactly support soviet rocket program which started long before the WW2 even began, just as it did in other countries.

        • But where do you think the German government got it from?

          The Americans. And where did the Americans get it from?

  • The video is a showpiece of left-wing propaganda. It includes not only the “doxxing” of Jones’s home, but also the viewer’s ideological commentary of defamatory comments, and never missing the usual “misfortune on the horizon draws on” creepy music in minor in the background.

  • Best joke: The video of the Chicago Sun-Times “How our reporter tracked down the Nazi running for Congress” is banned in Jewrope. They’re even afraid of themselves! If you come from this old White original area, use this

  • “Smarmy newspaper reporters will not be able to mask the inner contradictions…” This is the perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black. Apart from his swastika ad, there was nothing wrong with this man but that didn’t stop you from taking the time to criticize this old timer for dressing like a respectable old timer. I bet that old timer would beat your ass. Even if you were wearing your super hip skinny-jeans. Whatever his faults are, you have your own issue of arrogance.

  • I’ve thought about this and I believe that outright Holocaust denial will be justified for as long as there are laws against free speech and research on the subject. A lot of lies have been told, and we can’t be expected to sift through them all. A lot of money and political capital has been made by very cynical people claiming moral superiority without justification.

    Hence, although I am open to the possibility that the Nazis really did gas some Jews and might even have killed a few million in total, I don’t think we should positively believe any of the narrative until enquiringly is free and all sides are allowed equal and full access to sources of evidence and means of communication.

    • There is no such thing as Holocaust denial. The burden of proof is on those who claim that Germans under Hitler murdered six million jews.

  • He’s not the enemy and threw his hat in the ring.

    He’s been consistent with his views on the Lie before it was fashionable.

    Any white men in his district who don’t vote for him should be ashamed of themselves.

    Indifference is faggotry.

    • I don’t know why I bother with this site. The douche bags that write here are not at all like the people I would want my kids to be like. These are wealthy, frat-boys who are disconnected from the reality of working men.

      • For awhile, the Alt-Right was concerned with NOT appearing working class. The new aesthetic was supposed to prove that smart and successful and rich people could also be nationalists. I think this was a smart branding move in the beginning.

        But sometimes, you can overshoot and come off just as bad as the people you critique. I think you have a valid critique. Don’t extrapolate to all the writers though.

      • There’s a certain demographic some of the writers–such as Evan–are appealing to. Other writers have different target audiences (see Vincent Law’s writings).

        I think Richard has said that the Alt-Right is meant to transcend class differences, but in order to do that we first need to develop a certain niche. We can’t be too upper class or too working class.

        • You need to get out more often. The average working class white is married with children.
          It is little dough boys such as your self that will cause this movement to fail.

  • Art is a Vietnam Vet and one hell of a public speaker. I admire his courage as unapologetic activist and advocate of our noble race. If he offends some sensitive jew-sympathizer or timid normie with his truthful rhetoric so what? Personally I find your pretentious criticism and moral faggotry to be rather boring.

  • Art Jones seems like a cool dude to me. The holocaust has been the greatest hoax perpetrated against the white race in our history, and has been used to blackmail us collectively for the better part of a century. Anybody telling the truth about it gets my support. And I like the guys style. Thats a cool hat!

  • He may be the most imperfect messenger in the world, I don’t know , but look :
    There are going to be articles and various media reports , all negative of course , saying that “someone ” , an actual candidate for one of the two major parties ,is clearly stating that “:
    “The holocaust is a total criminal hoax “.
    Most people are going to shrug it off ..some others thou are going to get curious and try to find some info on ..”how come that anyone can actually say that ?”
    “Where does all “THAT ” idea come from ?” .
    “Why ?”
    It is much better than nothing , in trying to wake the sleeping mob up..

  • Instead of attacking and criticizing Mr.Jones we should be supporting him and doing everything we can to draw attention to his campaign. These runs for office are great for us, they let people know we are serious and helps to educate them about us.

    • 101 % agreed .
      And it may be that I am dense without knowing it , or maybe my misunderstanding is due to the fact that I am , after all , a foreign born , but ..what a hell is Mister McLaren saying that is wrong with Arthur Jones , exactly ?
      Can he assert some simple, understandable to all of us reasons why we should not support him and his campaign?
      He seems to imply , as a reason, the foggy , super opinionated fact that he is “boring and old ” , basically.
      Not only that is a very vague and weak opinion , but how in heaven would that ” be something ” enough to criticize any campaign at all ??
      Is there some kind of over 50 moral and cultural rule going around here ?
      I am 53 .
      Am I “out “?
      Or maybe is it the fact that , of course, Art is in the end going to lose to the democrat in Chicago.
      We know that.
      So, he still is creating some attention to some historical true facts and bringing some logical, well reasoned status quo critique and present affair analysis of the various political scenarios.
      I say:
      God bless him for that and all of my support, with all my heart Mister Jones.

      • There is literally nothing wrong with Art Burns, his campaign, or his comments. Art’s campaign is more effective in getting PR and dropping red pills than anything Evan has done.

      • If I may add:
        Of course he is going to get savagely attacked and even ridiculed , but I don’t think anybody who stands on this side of the political and historical isle isn’t ready for that and doesn’t fully expect it already.
        “Presenting a modern, fresh and young ” image isn’t going to save you from the MSM ridicule or the antifa mob attacks at all , trust me.

      • I agree as well. I think it stems from the attitude of maintaining good PR as well as the need to cling to the ballot box as a path towards victory. A tad naive on both counts imo.

          • I concur. We need to veer more towards GLR and away from the uppity, normie friendly bs.
            In other words, full fascist.

          • Debateable. If you mean saying “gas the kikes” on live television (or some other outlandish statement typical of GLR), it’s probably best we don’t adopt your views on optics.

            It’s important we’re comfortable in our own beliefs and don’t let public image compromise our message, but it’s also important we don’t seem unhinged. Behaving maturely and treating this thing seriously (and not as a big joke) should be the baseline for anybody optic-wise in the Alt-Right.

          • The only way to approach electoral politics is to treat the whole process as a joke (because it is.) Better to run and say exactly what you mean regardless of outcome, than run your campaign the way your supposed to and lose or win only to get stonewalled by bureaucrats

          • Took the words right out of my mouth.
            You know, we’re very similar you and I. You ought to consider coming down here one of these years. I could school you up on some tactical training, the gun laws are still as they were in 1776. There’s plenty of blue, eyed blondes to be had as well, we get all of the mid west, Nordic expats.

          • If I’m ever heading down to the South West i’ll be sure to let you know… Are you on Gab?

          • lol there are two james K Polks on Gab. I just started following both. Which ones you?

          • On top of what Johnny said, what I mean is that we should own our beliefs without compromise or attempting to make them politically correct. What may be offensive to an upper crust white would be seen as being truthful for a lower crust white. We saw this with Trumps campaign. Those millions of blue collar and middle class whites who voted for him are primed up and ready to go with something more extreme and straightforward.

            There awakening by the day and we shouldn’t be so sophisticated as to think we don’t need them, we do, more than any other demographic.

    • Why does Evan McLaren refer to the ??Holohoax?? as the SHOAH? Why was this nihilistic, meaningless, pretentiously-written essay even published? (Did Spencer edit it? It’s written in his fey, catty, vaguely homosexual style).

      I laughed out loud when I got to the part where he claims he’s just too ‘bored’ to really care – right after DENOUNCING HOLOHOAX REVISIONISTS and swastikas!!! What a JOKE! McLaren is a quivering, timid mess who seemingly enjoys his jewish enslavement. What a mess. The paleocon losers he cites as his role models are doubly pathetic, too. Also, this website censors comments in a style similar to the Chinese commie internet censors. Very disappointing and very strange…

  • Jones is from my fathers generation. Whereas, Jones’ views’ were mostly bshaped by the events of WWII and the Cold War, ours are more directly influenced by electronic media and the Islamic conflict.

  • Levity toward the Myth of the Six Million (independently of whether it happened or not) should be (at least tacitly) encouraged because it is used as a primary justifier for anti-identitarianism.

  • This is a stupid fucking article, Evan.

    If Evan didn’t write lazy article and actually did some research, he’d find that Burns is from a shitlib district in Shitcago and went door to door himself collecting all his signatures to get on the ballot. Literally NO “muh Movement” resources were expended on his candidacy. And none will be in the future.

    Rather than slam Art Burns or feign snobbish disinterest in him, we need to be praising Burns and copying his template of being exactly the kind of “education” candidate Richard Spencer has talked about.

    There are 100 more shitlib districts where we could field Alt candidates copying Burns’ methods of getting on the ballot when the local GOP doesn’t want to commit any resources and the Democrat expects to run unopposed. Then Evan can have optics more to his liking, although I bet some Millennial candidate in a white Tommy Hilfiger polo with a Spencer fade haircut will not be as good a shitlord as Art Burns. That comment about the Rabbi seeing the Swastika was hilarious!

  • Well said McLaren, I totally agree. We need to pull away from this obsession with the past, and embrace a more charming, savvy, modern attitude. I understand those who enjoy the shock value of bringing up extreme historical events, however, that will never be a path to victory. Yourself, Spencer and others have a lot more value and an actual vision for our future that is different from any historical event. And this vision is what drew me to the AR from hopeless mainstreamism.

    The future is the Alt Right.

  • A negative cannot be proven. The burden of proof is on those who are claiming that six million jews were gassed and burned in ovens.

    Case closed. End of.

    • How dare you question the Worst Genocide in the History of the Human Species!!……..

      Jews are the Chosen People of God!…….

      The ADL/SPLC are tracking your Internet Activity right now……….

      You will be Doxxed and Humiliated…….

      Post one more Heresy and the Mossad and JDL will be at your Front Door!….


        • And how exactly do you plan to dox any of us, you harmless goof? Are you going to hack into the payment processor? Good luck with that. Or maybe you will hack into this website, collect the IP addresses, then hack into each and every one of the different ISP’s that we use to match our IP to the name on our account? You are delusional.

          If you or any of your dumbass buddies could have doxxed any of us, you would have done it by now. The fact is it would take a hack of epic proportions, and the people who are capable of such a thing would not waste the time or the energy to do so (or take the risk). And most hackers are on the side of free speech and free thought anyways. They might not agree with what this site says, but they likely agree with this site having the right to say it. Let’s face it: if anyone is going to get hacked it’s going to be those corrupt, unthinking, thought policing commie-zombies on your side of the aisle.

          I’ve attached a picture of you. Now kindly piss off.

  • Galileo 1400’s:

    “Every time I look into the Sky through the Telescope that I invented it repeatedly appears from the Data that the Earth is not the Center of the Universe but, in fact, is Orbiting the Sun”

    Catholic Church 1400’s:

    “SILENCE, Heretic and Infidel!! The Bible teaches us that Man is the Center and Pinnacle of Creation! Put this Deranged Lunatic in Chains and send him to the Dungeon to suffer in Pain for Blaspheming our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!”

    AltRight 2018:

    “It appears that the Holocaust Orthodox Religion might be full of Myths and Fables. It appears that the Holocaust might be being used by World Organized Jewry as a means to extract Capital and Subservience from White European Goyim and enable Jewish Zionist Supremacy to Rise over Western Civilization”

    CNN 2018:

    “SILENCE, Anti-Semite and Neo-Nazi!! World History teaches us that the Chosen Jew is the Innocent Historic Victim! Plunge this Deranged Small Phalli and Incestual Redneck Low IQ Bastard into Poverty and Social Ridicule for daring to Question our Lord and Savior Baos/Freud/Marx/Trosky/Wolfowitz!”


    • Point well taken. But as to Galileo, he never really believed that the earth was moving. The whole story is more complex than you have been told.

    • Good comparison, good image , but in reality Galileo was never chained or put into any dungeon. and later on the Catholic church would send its young student to his comfortable , rich man house to get lessons in astronomy and other sciences.

        • Nova , since I even upvoted you , (I do believe you made a very good point and offered a perfect image to make your point stronger , point with which I concur 100% ,)…would you spare me, just for this time , from the search, possibly from even having to translate from the Italian is a very secundary point to your major point , with which I concur and also nobody pays me to sit here and show that I can find some old Italian books on the internet and translate them.
          I do like you and your posts.

  • we need a county by county list offices up for grabs from sheriff to school board. hard to do. maybe an article imploring everyone to pitch in and do whatever county they are in and then maybe even i could compile it all as a web page. on my own it will take me till after elections are over. wish i started while trump was running but i kept telling myself it was already too late

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