Alt-Right Almanac, February 5, 2018

The crew of Apollo 14

Here is the Alt-Right Almanac for Monday, February 5, 2018.

On this day in 1917 the United States Congress overrode President Wilson’s veto and passed a radical new immigration act that represented a sea change in that area of public policy. The Literacy Act, as it was also called, ended the great wave of mass immigration and reflected the interest in eugenics that was abroad in the culture at the time. It banned “idiots” and “imbeciles,” doubled the tax to be paid by immigrants upon entry, created an “Asiatic Barred Zone” that banned immigrants from a broad swatch of Asia and the Middle East, and provided for a literacy test targeting newcomers from areas outside Northern and Western Europe. Its paragraphs-long explanations of categories of immigrants excluded from entry was a precursor to the Immigration Act of 1924, which created an immigration quota system favoring immigrants from Western Europe and disprivileging Asians, Africans and other non-white groups. The Act arose from a bill introduced by John Lawson Burnett, Democrat Representative from Alabama’s Seventh District. Burnett was also one of fifty representatives to vote against American entry into World War I against Germany.

On this day in 1971 the astronauts of the Apollo 14 mission landed on the moon. Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell spent several hours exploring the moon’s surface while Stuart Roosa remained inside the module conducting experiments. Shepard and Mitchell are two of twelve men ever to have walked on the moon. Below is a short film clip of Alan Shepard golfing on the moon, hitting drives that he joked traveled “for miles and miles.”

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Evan McLaren
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  • Hey, whats up with this story on eli mosley who is acused of lying about his service at the military.

    Is that real or fake News?

  • There is No Valor in Fighting Wars for Israel in the Middle East……….

    None, Zero, Zilch………

    And so you can not Steal Valor where none exists……..

    How many White Goys have Died or been Maimed for Life because of this Abject Jarhead Stupidity??

    How many White Goy Families have Bled because of Blind Patriotism to ZOG??

    After 9/11, White Goys rushed to join the Military in this Blind Patriotism only to be Killed for NOTHING in an Israel First Neocon War……..

    Valor or Stupidity??

    There is Valor in refusing to Fight Wars for Israel, being imprisoned by MP’s, convicted for refusing to follow orders, and being dishonorably discharged…..

    There is No Valor in attacking Fellow AltRighters who have been doxxed and fought repeatedly on the streets against Anti-Whites/Antifa……..

    There is No Valor in Virtue Signaling to the Manhattan J-Left Lugenpresse…….

    None, Zero, Zilch………

    • While your wars for Israel thesis is correct ,you are sadly conflating HONOR and CIVIC DUTY that compel many upstanding young men to STAND UP and serve in this multicultural nations military….the political decisions made by the Zionist Occupational Government are transparent to many but not most Americans, as the propaganda that commenced with our introduction into the European conflict known as WW I has only become so much more sophisticated and full spectrum in its intensity and dominance of public “common sense” and understanding of the programmed ‘TRUTH’ emanating from kindergarten to colleges, Federal public policies, TV,Pint and Internet advertising memes…multi-generational now with parents reinforcing these ‘TRUTHS’ ….finally there is a universal truth imprinted in Mans DNA since Man crawled from the caves….stand up for your tribe and defend your home…this necessary and honorable archetype is what the ruling Elite’s from our Nordic leaders of viking raiding parties .to King Richard ,and President Trump.
      If you cannot respect this honorable expression of a Mans love… are a piece of shit.

  • I’ve often thought that it was unfortunate that John Glenn was the first American into orbit. It would have been better if either Alan Shephard or Wally Schirra had been the first into orbit. They wouldn’t likely have let the celebrity go to their heads and enter politics as did Glenn. Glenn, who would have made a perfectly good NASA administrator, was first a dud and then an embarassment as a U.S. senator. He did politically for the Clintons what Monica Lewinsky did physically and got his “geezer in space,” award. I noticed almost no publicity when he died last year–his later years had more or less erased the memory of an authentic American hero in 1963.

  • I am not sure I believe the moon landing anymore.

    On the democrat being the one injecting some sanity into the American immigration system in 1917 :
    I always find ridiculous the crowds of typical neo-cons , moronic , normy republicans elebrating Lincoln ,trying to deny the existence of the “Southern strategy ” or at least the simple , undeniable fact that the conservative Southenerns slowly but fully went from dems to repubs , right after the Southern strategy period(60’s to early 80) and adding o that the trite concept :
    ” Domecrats were the real racists!”.
    Not only the Southern strategy obviously did exist ,the transfusion of votes from one party to another in the South is undeniable ,but it is lso the only semi-decent republicans have ever done, in their whole history!
    And I still cannot find a single wrong thing with The Dixiecrats as a movement.

      • I don’t “fall” for a single fucking thing.
        Much less communist propaganda like , for example :
        ” The Holocaust “.
        THAT is commie propaganda alright.
        Or …” The climate is changing so pony up some more money to your government and give up some more of your rights ”
        If we had to believe everything we are told ” is just the way it is ” or that ” everybody knows “….
        I did not say I am positive we did not go to the moon , but if I doubt it it is because I have good reasons to.
        If you have a counter argument to my doubts , go ahead ,but if you just categorize me as someone who falls for communist lies then I must necessarily send you to go fuck yourself.

  • Hmmmm…….


    Immigration to Non-Whites restricted……….the White Man reaches the Moon……..

    I’m going to start reading these Almanacs more carefully……


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