Top Ten Reasons To Stop Watching Football

There is a pressing need for us to unplug ourselves from the football machine . . . to become atheists of the pigskin religion . . . and dispel the mesmerizing quality it has over us minds.

1. Football Is A False And Stupid Religion

In the American imagination, football once held a special place. It was as wholesome as apple pie or Sunday at church, as beloved as dear old mom. Over the years the sport attracted an almost religious reverence. As America’s old-time customs and institutions withered, millions turned to football to fulfill their longing for community and purpose. Watching football gave them a routine, a ritual, and a means by which to relate to coworkers, neighbors, and relatives.

But over the past decade, the gridiron faithful have begun do doubt. The sport’s fall from grace has been blamed on a number of factors; most notably the growing awareness of the impact of concussions. The NFL and Division I college teams are reeling from lawsuits and media pressure. And the big leagues’ struggles aren’t even the worst of it. The sport is collapsing from the bottom up, as suburban parents eschew peewee ball for tamer, safer pastimes like soccer and cross country.

But concussions aren’t a good reason to stop watching football. The real reasons for boycotting football is that the sport is making us less dangerous, less vital. Football fandom is domesticating White people. It’s turning us into passive spectators, not just of sports, but of history.

2. The NFL Has Become A Racial Morality Play

Everyone knows that race is real, consciously or not. For many years, the racial animosities seemed absent from professional sports. Americans—Black or White—could find common ground in their favorite teams. Whites could admire a Black for his prowess as an athlete, and Blacks might return the favor by respecting a brilliant coach or a good quarterback. Football seemed to be, quite literally, a “level playing field.”

But over the decades, Football became a morality play. The lessons one was supposed to draw were that success depended on determination, grit, and teamwork, that racially diverse men could work together to achieve masterful athletic performances, that, no matter how low his station in society, he could become a champion. Football taught everyone—players, coaches, fans—the value of racial egalitarianism.

But underneath this racial bonhomie, tensions simmered. Even before Colin Kaepernick began kneeling during the National Anthem, White fans were already deeply, unconsciously troubled by the racial dynamic of the NFL. They perceived (correctly) that race is a weapon used against them in all aspects of life: affirmative action, the “diversity” racket, White Guilt, White Privilege, etc. They thus seek (always unsuccessfully) to neutralize the subject with the promise of multiracial American patriotism or silly euphemisms like “We don’t see race.”

The seriousness of the rupture is measurable. While ticket sales have remained relatively stable, enthusiasm has plummeted. Many season-ticket holders have lost interest, as is apparent from the scenes of sad, half-empty stadiums.

3. The Black Players/White Fans Dynamic Is Pathetic

For many, football has become their source of identity. Whereas in other times, men would find identity in their religion, their community, or their work, now atheistic, deracinated, cubical-man finds identity in the sports he watches. He prides himself on voyeurism. He exalts in other men’s triumphs. He goes so far as to wear facsimile jerseys emblazoned with his champion’s name. It is pathetic.

And the fan is doing this, paradoxically, from a position of superiority. After all, he’s the one paying money for athletes to entertain him. The more thoughtful sportswriters have often suggested something inherently exploitative about the fan-athlete relationship. The fan simultaneously dehumanizes and idealizes the Black athlete. On the one hand, the athlete is a beast of burden, a commodity to be traded and wagered on in various fantasy leagues. On the other hand, the fan views the athlete as a hero and unreachable pinnacle of masculinity.

This kind of ambivalence is volatile. And as seen by some ugly confrontations on the field this year, simmering beneath the mutual admiration between players and fans is an intense contempt.

4. The NFL and College Sports Are Full of Criminally Insane Thugs

Even fans call it the National Felons League, and for good reason. A database from the eminently normie USA Today tracks football arrests and the results are an endless chronicle of DUI’s, gun charges, domestic violence, prostitutes, and drunken assaults. The League is constantly dealing with the negative publicity fromcontinuous arrests. Michael Vick, Ray Lewis, and Lawrence Taylor are notorious examples.

Not surprisingly, Vince McMahon’s declaration that the XFL—an upstart, WWE-styled competition to the NFL—won’t hire felons is already being called, accurately, “racist.” ESPN announces are unironically condemning it because it will make it hard for the league to hire enough Blacks.

To be overly fair, part of the problem may be the effects of the game itself: convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez’s brain was already destroyed before he killed himself at age 27. But mostly, it is simply the predictable effects of hiring ghetto thugs and handing them huge sums of money. It’s the same reason that most NFL players go broke only a few years after leaving the league, despite their lucrative salaries. It’s the result (again, highly predictable) of a high-time preference population given media adulation, money, power, resources, and the assurance of a largely consequence-free environment. And even given all this, too many of them can’t keep from shooting themselves, let alone other people.

5. White and “White” Billionaire Owners Will Side With Their Black Players, Not Their Patriotic Fans

It is important to remember that the owners are facilitating and excusing the bad behavior. Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys—the NFL’s most famous and colorful owner—is paradigmatic. Jones is notorious for excusing the antics and criminality of various Black athletes. from “Pacmac” Jones, who has the endless rap sheet of the “gansta life,” to Greg Hardy, who was found guilty of assaulting his White girlfriend before getting off when she suspiciously failed to appear in court to testify, to various other Blacks connected to assault, gun charges, and drug use.

Despite his indulgent attitude, Jones initially strongly opposed the Anthem protests…until he didn’t. He tried to please everyone by having the Cowboys take a knee prior to the National Anthem, then lock arms during the anthem itself. This “compromise” only gave credence to The Narrative that blacks are victims of systematic oppression by police, and Jones might have started a new NFL tradition (self-righteous pre-Anthem kneeling) as a result.

Jones is the quintessential “conservative” cuck. His hyper-patriotism is mask for a man who wants to navigate a declining culture. And he’s even willing to dispense with that to avoid being called “racist.”

6. Race Is Real And That Means The NFL Will Be Black

Blacks dominate the game. Whites are massively underrepresented in the NFL and major colleges: Whites make up 65 percent of the U.S. population but only 30 percent of NFL players.

It should come as no surprise that Africans are genetically predisposed to excel at football. Vis-à-vis Whites, West Africans have:

  • longer legs
  • narrower hips,
  • lower centers of gravity,
  • lower body fat,
  • higher quantities of fast-twitch muscle tissue (useful for short bursts of speed),
  • higher testosterone levels.

Added to this, Blacks develop faster than Whites. Black mothers have shorter gestation periods (39 weeks); Blacks babies will tend to hold their heads up and sit up sooner in the crib; and Blacks go through puberty at a younger age. These factors have a tremendous impact in the college recruiting process—as Black athletes are more highly developed earlier—which, in turn, determines who ultimately makes it to the pros,

7. College Football Degrades The Idea Of Education

Do you know ho won the first Heisman Trophy? The answer is Jay Berwanger in 1935. He didn’t go to Notre Dame or Michigan but the University of Chicago. Four years later, UChicago President Robert Maynard Hutchins banned football outright, for utterly reactionary reasons: “In many colleges, it is possible for a boy to win 12 letters without learning how to write one.” Hutchins was a prophet: he recognized early on the transformation of amateur athletics—and the universities themselves—into a giant entertainment industry.

The college football industry has made a mockery of acadamia. Scandals at the University of North Carolina at Chappel Hill, and Baylor, among others, testify to the rank fraud that is the “amateur” sport of college football. In lieu of pay, universities offer football players fringe benefits. That includes easy classes, special “tutors” (who write their essays for them) and access to prime women. It’s disgusting.

8. Most Of Those “Genius” White Coaches And Announcers Are Dumber Than Rocks—And Total Cucks

Throughout Middle America and the South, a football coach is a man upheld as a Patton of the gridiron: part field commander, part strategic mastermind, occasional pep-talker and bear-hugger. He represents a certain kind of old-school authoritarian that Whites still admire.

In reality, coaches are closer to being babysitters or, yes, we’ll say it, plantation managers. And most are high-functioning morons: they are smart enough to understand a wish-bone offense and the intracacies of “cover 2,” but dumb enough to be blissfully unaware of the absurdity of their profession and the terrible impact it has on society. These are guys leading the efforts to remove Confederate statues on campus, lest any prized Black recruit gets offended.

The “great” coaches—those that become beloved icons—possess the personality types of the modern politician: they balance the desire to win at all cost with need to go with the PC flow; they nod to values and mores of their White fans, while kowtowing to ownership or their schools’ “booster” societies of multi-millionaires. They are not leaders.

9. The NFL Is “Patriotic” In The Worst Possible Ways

Football was once a midwestern oddity and favorite sport of the Ivy League. Today, football has become, in the midst of collapsing and fragmenting culture, one of the few things the American civic nation can claim to hold in common.

Thus the American military is now a prominent part of the NFL. The NFL has, in fact, dedicated the entire month of November to the U.S. military (“Salute To Service”), in which players and coaches add camouflage “flair” to the uniforms.

None of this is altruistic. Between 2012 and 2015, the Department of Defense spent more than $10 million on “marketing and advertising contracts with professional sports teams.” Among that, some $5.5 million of tax-payer funding had gone to 14 NFL teams. These contracts gave the military the right to produce “America, Fuck Yeah!” flyovers, unfurl enormous flags, and hold color guard ceremonies and even enlistment campaigns at NFL games. (The DoD payouts to the NFL ended in 2016, after much criticism. The month-long “Salute to Service” continues.) Does anyone doubt that the military supports the NFL in order to generate unconditional support for its overseas wars and industrial complex? Does anyone doubt that the NFL latches on to the military to cover over its own problems? Or even to present itself as a unapproachable branch of the U.S. government?

10. Watching Football Gives You A False Sense of Evolutionary Fitness

More so than any other sport, watching football gives its fans the illusion of strength and manliness. Crushing hits, terrifying injuries, bodies being laid out on the ground—all of this set out for your amusement. It resembles war, with uniforms, formations, codewords, and above all, struggles for territory. Football fandom also appeals to traditionally “male” activities such as eating greasy food, hanging out with “the boys,” and drinking beer.

But the manliness of football is precisely why watching football is so insidious. Much like football’s phony “patriotism” serves as a substitute for real identity, football fandom substitutes for real masculinity. Indeed, it does this quite literally. The right side of the brain possesses “mirror neurons,” which connect, and allow us to vicariously experience, the actions of others.

The effect of watching football is analogous to consuming porn. On a basic level, the mind doesn’t grasp the difference.

The benefits of a “tough” sport—strength, courage, comradeship with a team—come from playing it. Simply watching it, and engaging in activities which make you weaker as you are watching, doesn’t make you tough. It just makes you a spectator.

Stop Watching Football


The System doesn’t want us to do; it wants us to watch. It doesn’t want us to create but consume; to watch porn, not to have fruitful sexual relationships.

“Fandom” itself is an expression of the loss at the heart of the modern world. Men want to fight and win, be part of a gang, sacrifice for glory, and be rewarded with fame and women. Fandom transforms these impulses into weaknesses. It is a counterfeit tribalism: it gives you a group of people to surround yourself with, colors to wear, slogans to chant.

Without the false identity and community, a man is forced to build something real, to achieve, to create–to get out there and make something of himself. This means spending time with friends and family, playing (not just watching) sports, training to fight, participating in meetups and activism, and building institutions.

Be something more than a spectator. Be a part of history. Be a man—and stop being a fan.


  • I have not watched a football game in its entirety since I attended a military boarding school as a teenager. We were required to go to the games. We were also required to cheer.

    The second year I figured out how to skip the games, so I did.

    The only time I even look at a football game is when I am in a bar, but I do not care enough about it to know what the score is.

    As long as one is good at football everything else will be forgiven. One can be a sexual predator and still have an easy time getting dates. One can have a low IQ and still get passing grades. No high school teacher or college professor wants to give a failing grade to the guy whose presence on the team will make the difference in that big game.

    Finally the dumb jock can’t play anymore. Then he discovers that he is not good at anything else. He has no skills. He can hardly read his criminal record.

  • Amazing job on this article. I started to steadily lose respect for the NFL after Vick was arrested for fighting, torturing, and otherwise abusing scores of pit bulls….then allowed back into the league after a brief prison sentence. Once I saw Jerry Jones kneel for our anthem – an image that will be forever seared into my soul – I lost any and all hope for football.

  • Missed every single second of the Super Bowl……..

    Without Regret…….

    Used to Love Sportsball……..

    I’d rather watch Whites on Skis go 50mph down a Parabolic Ramp then Jet over 100ft in the air…….

    Do about 5 -10 Death Defying Flips and Twists……..

    Land Backwards at 50mph, Stop on a Dime, Spray Snow into the Mesmerized Crowd…….

    Then, Smile and Pose for the (((ESPN))) Cameras…….


  • “It should come as no surprise that Africans are genetically predisposed to excel at football. Vis-à-vis Whites, West Africans have:

    longer legs – rather longer limbs for their height particularly the forearm and lower leg, white males are taller on average
    true – narrower hips
    false – lower centers of gravity – the opposite, blacks have a higher center of gravity which means their feet touch the ground sooner when running
    false – lower body fat – they have less visceral fat, but more subcutaneous fat and blacks are much more obese
    true – higher quantities of fast-twitch muscle tissue (useful for short bursts of speed)
    false – higher testosterone levels – it varies by study, some studies rather show a higher level of estrogen for black males. Some myths like higher black rate of prostate cancer have led to this belief, but we now know testosterone does not cause prostate cancer.


    Southern leagues were all-white until Jews and Yankees forced them at gunpoint to integrate.

  • This article has a serious flaw:
    Faster gestation is true as far as I know, but overall athletic excellence — not so.
    Age bracket entry-points, biased data collection due to aforementioned puberty difference.

    See: Review of Paul Kersey’s “Opiate of America: College Football in Black and White”

    “Black Run America has no place for whites, especially when confronted with white achievement. White football players are routinely ignored by college scouts, mainly due to lacking “speed” (a codeword for “not being black”). Instead of getting athletic scholarships, these white males must pay their own way through college and “walk on” to the team. Black athletic superiority is a myth promulgated by Black Run America’s media propagandists, and also by biased metrics (e.g. the 40-yard dash) that favors young black males who mature physically faster. As Kersey writes, hating white ball players is a Black Run American past-time. Tim Tebow is OK to heap hate upon, because he is a white, evangelical Christian – but black criminality must be excused and tolerated. Whites having standards or expectations for behavior is something blacks find intrinsically offensive and bridle at the thought of. White coaches are often fearful of reprimanding their black players for their outrageousness. Blacks have been taught from kindergarten to bleat “Racism!” at any appearance of a white person disapproving of black uncouthness. To quote Kersey:”

    “Only vociferous, boisterous, heavily-tattooed Black athletes fit the mold of a modern athlete.”


  • My old man used to always tell me “Id rather DO something that WATCH someone else do something”, he was pointing out its just lazy sitting there doing nothing. Watching. Being an observer. There’s entertainment value to it, but when it’s displaced so many healthier things…there’s a good argument it has to be cut. And is it really teaching or leading towards good examples by people we want teaching and leading our youth..etc.

    Understanding that doing something is so much more fun than watching – like most things – cant be truly realized until you’ve done something. Kids have to go out and play team sports, do it. Then they’re viscerally realize the difference between sitting on the bench and being a player.

    TLDR COACH SPENCER: Dont be a bench warmer!

  • Where were you sixty years ago, when I could have used every argument in this article against school officia;s who were trying to force liking for football down my throat?

    • It is more accessible to more young people though. My son played and enjoyed it while being too small to play football.

      • My son played soccer for six years and was pretty good. He wanted to focus on baseball and quit soccer. He didn’t say so but baseball is mostly white boys and soccer was all Hispanic.

  • Well now, goyim, if this isn’t entertaining enough perhaps you should watch women’s gridiron.

    Who wouldn’t want their daughters to grow up and be a tough Girrrrrrl like those dy…I mean women.

  • Lol so many triggered conservatives! If you don’t wanna see black players then you are definitely just a racist. Nothing else to it!

  • Blacks go through puberty at a younger age. These factors have a tremendous impact in the college recruiting process”
    main reason blacks get to major in it at college and turn pro. jj watt wasnt even given a scholarship. plus they are favored even in hs for no reason other than coaches drooling over false potential

  • MIFA !
    Here the byzantines , arabs , moorish , mongrels and whatever crap I have been reading from some , in action in a sport that 99.5% of Italians don’t even have a clue how the hell is played but a few thousands of Italians altogether got into , somehow.
    ( Subtitle :
    ” so not truly whites,yeah , right ” ):

  • One of the worst offenders on a D-1 level has to be West Virginia University (WVU). The state of West Virginia is 2% Black, if that? But the West Virginia University football team is 60% plus Black! If you mention this fact to a WVU grad they get all huffy, and hurt, because they know it’s the truth!

    John 8:32

  • Thankyou for mentioning that blacks have physical traits that predispose them to physical labor. It is reassuring to see this point be made. It needs to be driven home.

    A white person has no business running with a negro. I see them panting on the track, trying to keep up with the straight thighed negro.

    From what I gather from reading and talking to older people, football was once considered a shameful sport. All big stadium sports were seen as childish. Places for gambling, drunkenness. They are depicted this way in old black and white films. I believe it was H. G. Wells who wrote about a plan to infantilize men in order to make them more pliable. He foresaw how political freedom would be stripped from these men and women, and of how their aggressions would be redirected through violent games. SImilar to the gladiatorial contests of the Roman Empire.

    And, by the way, although you are probably already aware, Colin Kaepernick is a jew. He is not black.

  • “All of my life I have lived by a code and the code is simple: honor the gods, love your woman and defend your country. Troy is mother to us all. Fight for her!”


  • “Added to this, Blacks develop faster than Whites. Black mothers have shorter gestation periods (39 weeks); Blacks babies will tend to hold their heads up and sit up sooner in the crib; and Blacks go through puberty at a younger age. These factors have a tremendous impact in the college recruiting process—as Black athletes are more highly developed earlier—which, in turn, determines who ultimately makes it to the pros”

    It is surprisingly difficult for moms and dads of different races to talk about parenting. If you take a black mom, a Chinese mom, and a White mom and put them in a room together, the conversation would be very illuminating. The Chinese mom is wondering about how to correct a behavior that the White mom thinks is perfectly normal. The black mom has to use methods of discipline that most White moms would rightly consider unnecessarily harsh.

    To some extent, motherhood is universal. We can talk about the mechanics of pregnancy and childbirth, but beyond that, we don’t have much in common tbh. As a mom, I don’t like having the ways and talents of others forced on me. I don’t want my kids to have to compete with ultrastudious Asians when I value spontaneity and initiative more. I don’t like having my kids forced into athletic competition with blacks either.

    • I don’t know why you frame blacks and all other nonwhites as superior to white men, who ‘just can’t compete with them.’

      They dominate running, football and basketball, nothing more…Simulations that are worthless.

      I played ice hockey for 10 years and counted exactly one negro (who sucked) for one game the entire time I played. I also played baseball for 10 years and had one black teammate who was ok.

      They cannot compete in actual skilled sports that requires childhood training (ice skating) because blacks are afraid of all forms of water (ice, swimming, showers).

      So you should correct your frame of reference.

      • Whites do better at skilled sports that require diligent practice. That is absolutely true. I would be curious to see if those sports are as rewarding in terms of scholarships as football and basketball, and of they are not, why not?

        • I can confirm that they absolutely do not. There really aren’t scholarships because hockey is unprofitable. The ratings are uncompetitive. Not even close and never will be.

          All of the equipment and rink time alone is $10,000 up front and that is when I was playing over 10 years ago. There is so much traveling and planning, which is free for basketball.

          I very briefly played with a guy who has been in and out of the NHL for a few years. He probably won’t get another shot, but it was a miracle he did get one because he walked onto some upper Northeastern college team and a scout saw him and signed him as an enforcer, and he fought his way to the ‘show,’ but has pretty much been rendered obsolete.

          Most NHL guys bypassed college and were sent to ‘junior leagues’ in Canada during their high school years and even younger if they are phenoms and go straight into the league because they are fastest at 18.

          It is very much a pay-to-play bourgeois club sport. There are literally an average of 4 ice rinks per state in the South. So it is also regional.

          The best we can hope for is the rest of the sports collapse down to the level of hockey, which draws less than a million viewers on network tv on a weekend.

          Sports should not be as important as they became, and it won’t last much longer.

          • I’ve too have wondered about that. Given that ice hockey is so white why not use it as a last refuge? I used to associate with lacrosse players, and it is similar to ice hockey in the sense of its unprofitability. It is more of a life style. Similar to what in England we called dry bobs. That is, the form boys who go in for cricket. I as largely privately educated.

            But then again, cricket is enormously popular in places like India. So it is hard to say.

          • Yes I did look into hockey and found it was not within our means as a family. If you only have one or two boys, that’s one thing, but more than that and it’s cost prohibitive.

            Other sports scale up better, like tennis, so those are better for bigger families. It also occurred to me that White boys might have superior reaction time. I wonder if big league infielders, for example, tend to be whiter than outfielders. I guess that would be a question for Steve Sailer.

          • Yep. I played with soooooo many guys who were convinced they were going pro (and their parents subsidized all of these lavish trips and camps) and they ended up as assistant coaches at colleges at best, which is still a club sport in college.

            Hockey is supreme in Canada because the pond in your backyard freezes and becomes your free rink. I was shocked that Florida of all places (because of snow birds and military bases) is a huge hotbed of retired players and elite prospects (because they are the sons of formed players), who get sent overseas to train.

            I don’t follow sports anymore, but when I played there was an NHL lockout and the sport was effectively dead. But it’s bigger now than I’ve ever seen it, and that’s still not very good compared to any other sports because it cannot get any bigger.

      • Lexi’s point is well taken. Blacks are predisposed to physical labor. That is the point. Not whether there are sports that white men cannot excel at if given the opportunity in the absence of black domination. For example, ice hockey, a sport against which blacks have long self-selected.

        • I disagree with this idea that blacks are more athletic. Growing up in America playing a lot of basketball I was almost always faster and could jump higher than them(and the other white players usually too). The only advantage they had was having long monkey arms compared to my extra short arms (even by white people standards). I think the problem is that white men are taught to be so passive these days (and never have to struggle physically or mentally for anything), and i also hink blacks thrive more on the modern high carbohydrate diet than do whites. I can see every coming generation of white men are bigger pussies and that shows in pro sports as there are less and less whire people represented every year.

      • I would add that segregating sports by race (and not only gender) would be a very welcome change from the status quo.

        Whites compete in EVERY sport, whether ice hockey or football, in a way that is far more brilliant and beautiful and graceful than any black. Negros have perverted the sports into which they have entered en masse. Look at tennis: it is now largely a game for baboons, leaping and gasping, all quantity and no quality. And yet it began as a sport of kings.

        Football is no different. Look at the old films, the running back with his little leather helmet. No exotic durable plastic necessary.

        • Nice try. Have you ever seen a black swing a bat or attempt to skate or swim? I have and guess what? They drown. They can’t do any of those things. I can skate fasted backwards than the best of them can skate forward.

  • “It was as wholesome as apple pie or Sunday at church, as beloved as dear old mom.”

    Thanks for the shout out, goys! Right back at ya!?

  • True story….WFANs Mike Francessa an his younger girlfriend…now wife…looking for their seats at the Giants playoff game…This was heard:MIKE…WICH GIANT IS FUCKING HER TONIGHT???

  • I don’t think there is a snowballs chance in hell that Cam Newton could ever kayak category 4 rapids…

  • White guys can run blazingly fast 40 dash…

    And bench press 500 pounds…

    White guys…great high jumpers…and long jumpers….

    Your race realism comment was very girly boy….

  • Wonderfully put, this should be a reference for convincing others to abandon sport ball. Be part of history, do not spectate.

    • As if futbol is any better than football. Replace white Americans with Europeans and replace black Americans with third world Africans and Latin Americans. Same shit different day, as they say.

        • I think the reason whites dominate, especially at the international level, is that the game is about technical skill, which requires patience and dedication – two things that other races usually lack. I know as a German, I’ve always believed the (((real Germans))) benefit a great deal in that sport by their attention to detail and commitment to put the team ahead of the individual. It shows itself again and again, Germany just mentally wearing out opponents with their cultural strengths… except those pesky Italians. They’ve sort of got a counter-culture to that with that grudge-mentality defending and they often are the ones frustrating us because they won’t break. But for the non-whites, they have really no chance because they’re just not disciplined enough. Funny, how this sort of thing usually plays itself out in politics, too. Football is a fun sport, but the left wing savages have ruined it, forsaken it for a few more coins. And what’s more, so many of those players aren’t even German now. Sigh, oh well, it was fun while it lasted, but on to more important matters.

  • This article is a masterpiece. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I had been slowly reducing my sports habits, but I didn’t kick it until one day my daughter brought me a puzzle and asked if I would do it with her. I was busy watching sports. After a moment, I realized, enough is enough. My wife, kids, my home, all of it is too important to bother with watching a sports team that doesn’t give a shit about me or my family. Thank you for writing this article, absolutely brilliant, inspiring, and I hope encouraging to others.

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