NHL Announces “Hockey Is For Everyone” Campaign And Multiculturalists Are Upset Anyway

Hockey is for everyone--but, in the Current Year, for some more than others

It’s February, which means it’s Black History Month, during which the story, struggle and contributions of black peoples are meant to be highlighted and emphasized even more than they are normally. There’s something recognizably natural both in the impulse in favor of such celebrations by blacks and in the fatigued reactions of many whites. Such tensions and disparate sentiments are to be expected in the regular course of multicultural society.

To unreconstructed whites, particular aspects of Black History Month seem particularly inane. Peak black history in this regard is the dutiful reminder that Western civilization would literally not exist were it not for the African diaspora, upon whose inventiveness and creativity our very survival depends.

George Washington Carver‘s blessing of butter made from peanuts, for example, is spoken of as if it froze Europeans in collective awe, their very imaginations shattered by a concept seemingly drawn from another plane of consciousness. And how would whites even be able to conceive of themselves without the guidance of Garrett Morgan, mulatto Prometheus of the traffic light, or the many nonessential modifications to white inventions that black entrepreneurs had the good sense to patent?

It’s not the inventions themselves that merit ridicule–I’m disinclined to forego peanut butter or traffic lights, or to insult their originators–but rather the smarmy, satisfied attitude with which middle-class SJW minds press them upon the public. (And in reality, possibly all of the highlighted inventions arose from the slightly-less-melanated Talented Tenth of the black population, who also appear to dominate institutions like the Congressional Black Caucus.)

The Congressional Black Caucus at the 2018 State of the Union Address

Another stock SJW mic-drop rebuttal to the very morality of Occidental civilization is the gross inequity in the fact that recognition of black history was consigned to February, the shortest month. That’s racist!

Amazingly, Europeans managed to conceive of a few worthwhile inventions and ideas entirely on their own. One of my personal favorites is the athletic pursuit of ice hockey. Although there’s some dispute as to whether the Mi’kmaq tribe was playing its stick-and-ball game in what is now Canada before it made contact with white settlers, its independent origins among several different European groups is not seriously disputed.

There are significantly more black hockey players at all levels of the sport than there were even when I played youth hockey two decades ago. Yet ice hockey is still viewed as distinctly white, its popularity highest in Canada, Scandinavia, Russia and Eastern Europe.

San Jose Sharks’ defenseman Brent Burns on his Duck Dynasty casting call

Of course, this unbearable whiteness (and straightness) is a difficulty Big Hockey has set its sights on overcoming. This year the NHL selected February as its month to celebrate the ways in which hockey can “drive positive social change and foster more inclusive communities.” It officially announced its campaign with a tweet featuring Washington Capitals goaltender Braden Holtby, who has distinguished himself as a proponent of LGBTQ rights since he visited the home and shrine of gay political icon and martyr Harvey Milk during his honeymoon.

Each NHL team has planned its own manner of advancing the league campaign. The Washington Capitols will host a Pride Night. The Pittsburgh Penguins are sending three of their players to skate with Pittsburgh I.C.E., a program that began in 2000 as “Hockey in the Hood.” The Dallas Stars, whose coach Ken Hitchcock “loves these initiatives,” will honor diversity groups in special ceremonies at their February 16th game against the St. Louis Blues.

These various initiatives mostly strike one as harmless distraction. I’m finding it hardest to complain against the Florida Panthers, who are hosting a series of hockey clinics for legitimate victim groups–children who are disabled, blind, abused, or autistic.

Woe to those who do express disagreement. The Pittsburgh Penguins’ social media squad took one fan to the Twitter woodshed when he declined to embrace the spirit of the multicultural season.

Abandon hope, all ye who resist Diversity!

If the cynical motive behind “Hockey Is For Everyone” is for mercantile owners, led by Commissioner Gary Bettman, to get as wide a swath of society as possible buying tickets and jerseys, going out of their way to insult @bigstewo7 on social media might be counterproductive.

And, as we have recently had many occasions to learn, whatever wypipo do to support non-wypipo (or disadvantaged people in general)–short of suicide or some other form of physical sacrifice–it’s completely, embarrassingly, and insultingly wrong. In this case the NHL’s inclusion of a performance by Kid Rock at its All-Star Game renders its present promotion of Inclusion inadequate at best.

The Penguins were called out on their own empty performativeness, which critics noted is irreparably marred by their visit, last October, to meet the Exalted-Cyclops-in-Chief himself.

This brings us back to Black History Month, whose message the NHL likely intended to complement and amplify when it selected February for its inclusion campaign. Can you guess how that worked out for them?

This vein of negative reaction found its way into Twitter’s featured news stories, which probably was not the return the NHL was seeking on its virtue-signaling investment. Perhaps next year it will heed the feedback and avoid special February programming, apart from obediently and explicitly sponsoring black history. It will be interesting to note how much distance it puts between itself and Kid Rock’s offensive whiteness in its musical programming for the 2019 All-Star Game, and whether this year’s Stanley Cup winners will accept an invitation to the White House.

Although it’s unlikely, given the quality of the current league ownership, in a sane world the NHL would observe the economic class and ethnic makeup of its devotees, as well as the response of fans of other sports to trends like the NFL’s “Take a Knee,” and move in a different direction–away from its attempt to draft a chronically dissatisfied rainbow coalition into its fan base, and towards an acceptance and even embrace of its traditional white character.

Evan McLaren
the authorEvan McLaren
Evan McLaren is the Executive Director of the National Policy Institute and Deputy Editor at He can be found on Twitter at @evanmclaren.


  • Hockey MUST be Racist…After all, it’s a bunch of big, White dudes-Many of them missing some teeth who all have sticks…And they chase and slap around a BLACK puck!!!!

  • Chris Rock played angry black man “NAT-X” on SNL in the early 90’s and he gave top reasons blacks don’t play ice hockey and the two most memorable were:
    1) Blacks don’t want to be around white guys with masks
    2) Blacks don’t want to be around white guys with sticks

  • Just something else White People had that blacks & degenerates want for themselves. I can’t help but think how weird it is that they at a time wanted to put their lips where we put ours so bad that they marched for it claiming it was a civil right. They wanted to go to the bathroom with us & sit with us so bad they caused a whole movement to make it happen. If this was a straight White man doing this to a woman he’d be labeled a sexual predator. Now they have “hockey in the hood”? NHL gave into (((them))) because someone noticed the NHL is too White, Straight & Male. Like always it will be unappreciatedly taken away. When will someone finally say NO to giving in?

    • You make some good points. But as I understand it, the civil rights movement happened under a crypto-jew Lyndon Johnson, the same man who as president made a deal with Israel to attack the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967. That was until a Russian spy ship interfered with the operation, and the ship, largely unarmed, limped back to port.

      Time has shown that the jews were the ones behind the civil rights movement in the south.

      And by the way, if you read the older KKK magazine issues, say in 1924, they are filled with mainstream advertisements. Quite fascinating.

  • Jesus Christ!!!!!
    Can we have any team sport not dominated by Blacks?
    No one is doing a REACH OUT PROGRAM to get more Whites in the NBA and NFL; so why should we try to get more Blacks into hockey.
    Hell, the best thing about hockey is that we don’t need to see the typical Black BEHAVIOR exhibited in basketball and especially football.

  • This is another reason to not care about sports, as if I needed additional encouragement in that regard. What’s the difference between the NFL and NHL? It’s just a little less money, but it’s still the same principles at work.

  • Oh please. Now the NHL has caught the SJW bug. The 85% congoid NBA needs to have a “basketball is for everyone” campaign.

    The NHL shouldn’t be promoting hockey to Muslims so they don’t start getting ideas to use the hockey stick as a weapon to use against unsuspecting kaffirs.

  • There is a Thin Line between White Guilt and White Hate……….

    All we can ask for is that the J-Left continues to push White Normies our way…….

    And they will…….


  • White People discovered the Atom…….

    White People discovered Protons, Neutrons, Electrons………

    White People discovered Molecules……..

    White People discovered the Laws of Electromagnetism……..

    White People discovered the Laws of Chemistry/Organic Chemistry……..

    White People created the Periodic Table……..

    White People discovered DNA, Protein, Fundamentals of Genetics…….

    White People discovered Darwinian Evolution and the Tree of Life………..

    White People discovered the Cell and its Biomechanics……..

    White People discovered Laws of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology………

    White People discovered/invented Recombinant DNA Technology and Modern Medicine/Pharmaceuticals……..

    White People discovered/invented Polymer Chemistry which undergirds much of Modern Life……..

    White People invented the Microscope and Telescope…….

    White People discovered Electricity, DC/AC, Voltammetry, and Radio Transmittance……….

    White People invented the Battery, Radar, Vacuum Tubes, Telephone, Light Bulbs, Electric Grid, Power Stations………

    White People invented Radio Telescopes……..

    White People discovered the Solar System and the ever Expanding 14 Billion yr. old Universe………

    White People discovered Black Holes………

    White People got to the Moon and Mars first………

    White People discovered/invented Semiconductors, Transistors, Diodes…….

    White People invented the Computer Chip…….

    White People invented Computers and Computing Languages…….

    White People invented the Internet…….

    And that’s just the Science and Technology……..

    Someone else can do the History of Art, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Economics, and Law……….

    What Month is White History Month again??

    Drop the White Guilt……..

    It’s a Mental Illness……..

    • For now they have. But as probably most of you know, our history is re-written as we speak. It’s getting more blackened for every day that goes by. It will not be long now when white people claiming all those discoveries above, they will be accused of cultural appropriation and lynched by angry negroid mobs.

      • Already happening! I follow a girl on YouTube that filmed herself in a bookstore, showing a book that had printed on the front “STOLEN PHILOSOPHY. HOW THE GREEKS STOLE PHILOSOPHY FROM THE EGYPTIANS.”

        • Lincoln and others, all the way back to the Egyptians, often mentioned that negros had a proclivity to lying and thievery. The saying has always been that the negro will steal you car keys and your wallet and then he will steal your house and your women and everything else.

          Fascinating that every culture has a saying like this.

    • hmm.. well its hard to become famous scientist who discovers cures when there were racists who didn’t allow people of color to go to schools for a decent education

  • Never give SJWs an inch. They’re either at your throat, or under your boot. Keep them under their boot. They’re sniveling creatures and they die down quickly when you do.

  • Yeah. Black people can’t skate (ain’t no snow in Africa) so aside from a few token black people here and there, I don’t see blacks ever dominating hockey. I played houseleague as a kid and I don’t think there was a single non-white person in the whole league. Hokey, a long with most other winter sports, are the domain of the white man and I don’t see that changing ever, even if the NHL is trying to diversify.

    Personally I’ve never enjoyed watching sports either way, as its akin to watching someone else play videogames, but Hockey is the only one I can watch and not be bored to death from time to time.

  • Sure you can go into your purity spiral about the Muslim girl & Jewish Commissioner but the phrase “Hockey is for everyone” means “We all know who its really for”.. Many of my friends growing up were die-hard Hockey fans & just followed other sports a little bit. Go tell any Black guy that you’re a die hard Hockey fan but don’t follow other sports & see the look they’ll give you.. Friggin Ernst Rohm & 1/2 the S.A were bi-sexual. You can always find a reason to shit on something if you try hard enough.

  • multiracialist is the more apt than multiculturalist. They’ve been doing this forever. in 1890 when Germans were imported they demand that they lose their Germanic culture and pushed them into existing British ethnic communities.

    If we’re going to subject our societies to social engineering, I have a few plans I’d like to implement.

  • The only black players are the half-apes born to white women (shocker) in Minnesota or Toronto, raised by their rich white grandparents. They all suck too.

    Minorities do not like hockey. They don’t like baseball either. They only like the hats because it looks gangsta.

    With the exception of pro basketball, spectator sports is an older white male thing. Even college basketball is watched almost entirely by white boomer men. It’s embarrassing.

    If baby boomers weren’t such jock sniffers, cultural Marxism would cease to exist and there would be no millionaire Negros.

    Nice going, boomers.p

    • Utter fatuity.

      Jarome Iginla scored over 600 goals. Grant Fuhr was the starting goaltender for the Oilers’ dynasty years. P.K. Subban has won a Norris trophy as top defenseman. Sure, the hockey accomplishments by blacks are relatively few, but let’s not pretend they’re not there. And they’re being limited is merely a result of the historical player demographics.

      And do we really need to review baseball history? Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Bob Gibson, Rickey Henderson, Ken Griffey Jr., Satchel Paige, etc. etc. etc.?

      White interests are not advanced by lies and omissions. This is not a zero-sum game. Give credit where it’s due.

      • Of god a literal kike giving the old exception-to-the-rule. EVERY one of those few stars you listed are exactly what I said…raised by their white grandparents. Self-deport, you nation-wrecking international termite.

        • A mendacious attitude towards simple history is weakness.

          Ken Griffey Jr. was the son of Ken Sr., who also starred in the majors. They became the first father-son duo to appear together in a game. P.K. Subban’s parents, who have 2 other sons who have been drafted by NHL teams, are from the Caribbean. No one will ever mistake them for whites. Barry Bonds is another son who followed his father into the majors. We could do this for hours, but that should suffice.

          Exception to the rule? There is no racial rule. If someone has talent and drive to play a sport, his racial descent will not prove to be an intrinsic barrier.

          • I’m taking about hockey you idiot. I admire your honesty for being a Jew infiltrator and stirring more cultural Marxist drama unapologetically. I’m not reading the rest of your Jew screed. You just aren’t interesting enough. You have your own country, so why must you rodents try and take away ours? There literally aren’t enough black players to field a team.

          • You were also talking about baseball earlier. But, sure, we’ll stick to hockey now. And a word to the wise, I am of Norwegian descent without any Jewish/Israeli heritage or connections. Not that that should matter. Reason past identity.

            You’ve been moving the goalposts. First, according to you, all black players suck (Subban/Fuhr/Iginla all current or probable Hall of Famers). Then, raised by white grandparents (unproven & blatantly false in Subban’s case). Now, literally not enough black players to ice a team.

            Guess what your pal’s been up to?

            Hypothetical all-black NHL team
            G: Malcolm Subban (VGK) – Christopher Gibson (NYI)

            D1: P.K. Subban (NSH) – Seth Jones (CBJ)
            D2: Dustin Byfuglien (WPG) – Johnny Oduya (OTT)
            D3: Darnell Nurse (EDM) – Trevor Daley (DET)

            L1: Evander Kane (BUF) – Wayne Simmonds (PHI) – Kyle Okposo (BUF)
            L2: Anthony Duclair (CHI) – Joel Ward (SJ) – Josh Ho-Sang (NYI)
            L3: Devante Smith-Pelly (WSH) – Chris Stewart (MIN) – J.T. Brown (ANA)
            L4: Ryan Reaves (PIT) – Gemel Smith (DAL) – Pierre-Edouard Bellemare (VGK)

            The defense is solid, particularly the bona fide Subban-Jones top pairing. Plenty of scoring from those two and they’re trustworthy to take on heavy minutes against the opposition’s best units. The forward corps is of noticeably lesser quality, with no huge scorers, but there’s still bright spots with Kane and Simmonds on that top line and experience dotted throughout the lineup. The goaltending is the shakiest part of this roster. Malcolm Subban’s in his rookie season and Gibson is a prospect, but Subban has bordered on spectacular in limited time with Vegas this year. This team would probably be in the lower middle and possibly earn a playoff berth.

      • Agree 100%, though it’s prolly pointless to try talking sense into the delusional ‘Weimar Republican’, as his disgusting vocabulary gives proof of what class of person ge most likely is.

        • Haha a stupid Arab teams up with a Jew against the white man in his country. How very medieval and unoriginal. You savages are leaving this country one way or another – on your feet or in a casket.

        • Indeed, it’s simply worth letting the truth stand next to his ‘understanding’ of sports history.

          • Please. He’s speaking in accurate generalities. They are generalities, they are not meant to be dissected like Pepe in a high school science lab.
            You’re putting together a negro hockey league via exceptions & half-truths. It is beyond bizarre.
            What exactly is your purpose here, Mr. Nordic man with a Semitic name.

  • All sports are owned by jews now, if only behind the scenes. But I see this push by the NHL as going the same way as the recent push for more “African-Americans” in Silicon Valley. Why only five blacks? they ask. What can be done about advancing a black presence in the valley of the silly con?

    For the multiculturalist, the problem is the intractability of race as a part of nature. And so if they are going to advance the “black” cause, then they will have to resort to reconstructing the institution of the game of ice hockey. They will claim otherwise, but that is what they will have to do.

    The advantage for whites is that this is only a short-term fix. In the long run, nature wins.

  • The NHL is run by a NY Jew, Gary Bettman, who has eliminated fighting and moved teams away from Frost Belt (ie White) cities like Minneapolis, Hartford, Quebec, and Winnipeg to the Sun Belt where no one cares about Hockey. Must have something to do with changing demographics, goy.

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