Daniel Friberg vs. BBC

Being a public figure on the ‘real right’ often means spending hundreds of hours doing radio and television interviews where they ultimately end up reducing it down to 1% of the total length — that is unless you are a total retard who say stupid things which fit their stereotype of what a right-winger should say.

This has also been my experience for the past couple of years — wasting thousands of valuable work-hours on interviews with various mainstream media outlets only to see them include one or two out of 50+ questions in the edited version, and then inviting extreme far-left commentators to explain what we believe rather than broadcasting my own words.

A friend of mine, therefore, advised me to start recording all interviews and publish them in their entirety, making the time spent answering these media outlets, most often, stupid questions less of a waste of my time.

This is exactly what I did in my latest interview with BBC. (Their original broadcast is available here: As expected, out of the 40-minute interview — which quickly turned into a debate due to their polemical approach — they included about 2-3 minutes of our dialogue in their broadcast. Therefore I have the pleasure to present to you my unedited version of the BBC debate for your enjoyment.

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