The Alternative To Cuckball (Livestream)

Want an alternative to the Super Bowl? Join Richard Spencer, Gregory Conte, Eli Mosley, and Evan McLaren for a livestream about why we need to unplug from the football machine.

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


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    • It was also the lowest rated Super Bowl in the last 8 years, which is shocking considering it was two of the nation’s biggest football cities. I think it’s fair to say, a lot of people are starting to get the point. Most of them are still stuck on the kneeling thing, muh national anthem. But, inevitably, a lot of them will realize the (((actual))) reasons they shouldn’t watch, which were mostly covered in the AR article “Top 10 Reasons To Stop Watching Football.” I just realized, the NFL is good for one thing: probably will bring a lot of white men to the AR.

    • It was however the 2nd highest, 414 million, in ad revenue with last years being number one. Viewership declines but revenue shoots up!

      • I think that’ll change. These Jew$ running television networks know, without any question, the NFL’s ability to generate ratings is declining. They won’t get screwed out of that money on the next go around. If there’s one thing Jew$ understand extremely well, it’s how to pressure their subordinates into price points that they find to be favorable.

    • It was actually 106 million viewers, including streaming. Check out my post below…I called it exactly!

      ‘Revenue’ vs viewership in this instance is like the electoral college vs the popular vote – one matters and one does not.

      Money is made each year and then gone forever, so it does not matter much when it has no futures market, as the NFL is realizing.

      The population of Japan is eerily similar to the trajectory the NFL is currently on of the demographic ‘inverted pyramid.’

      MLB revenue, franchise valuation and player contracts have exploded exponentially just in the last 5 years, not because of higher ratings, attendance or popularity (all plummeting), but because of the contractual wrangling from the last two decades that rested on perpetual growth.

      However, if you look at this year’s free agent market, you would not know it because all of the prized free agents are being unsigned and idled in their prime years, and the players union are starting to become conspiratorial about ownership collusion, who are not revenue-sharing as per the labor agreement.

      This is an unprecedented phenomenon never before seen since free agency was sanctioned in the 1980s, allowing athletes to become millionaires for the first time, and thus these absurd larger-than-life figures.

      So there will undoubtedly be a lockout or strike. A perfect example of how greed and collective-bargaining loopholes destroys a product.

  • #LOL. That one advertisement featuring the young Manning was pretty gay.

    Soccer is now pulling larger crowds than football in D-3. Why? The younger kids understand the game, and young White women like watching White boys running around in skimpy soccer uniforms. Also, the soccer matches can be played on Friday or Saturday night, and provide a cheap, but, fun date.

    • Not entirely true. Every other Mexican vehicle has a Cardinals sticker on it out here where I am. In fact if I pull up behind a car with a Cardinal on it I can guarantee a wetback is driving. Add to that the horrid driving skills( I could rant about this alone lol) and you have quite the combo.

      That said, it is mostly second gen Mexicans as they are really fond of negro culture in its totality. The older “no hablo ingles” pos’ don’t follow football.

  • Have you guys ever been to a pro Hockey game? Going to a NY Islanders playoff game, with Metallica, Iron Maiden songs playing in between plays is a great atmosphere. Celebrating a Game winning goal with my brother & 16,000 of my new White brothers was an amazing experience.. You guys have each other to bond with. Its not like there are Alt-Right social groups around where I live. Can you guys see my point?

      • Exactly, TJ… Ubermensch, my brother, I’ll offer you a sales pitch here on why you shouldn’t bother with sports. The team(s) you follow don’t care about you. You could be acting like a nig nog all day, be a drug addict, or whatever, and they wouldn’t care so long as you were giving them money. They don’t deserve your time or money. They’ll take that money and go on funding cuck political activities to project their influence, which as we all know, leads to enormous death totals and sorrow both here and around the globe. I know sports are fun, you feel like “you’re” winning, but no matter what the score is, the Jews always win when you’re not actively sharpening your white traits. So, I’m urging you to think about finding physical activities to (((do))) with your white friends. You’ll miss sports for a while, but you’ll replace it with something valuable.

    • Thanks, Evan. It wasn’t working before for me and a couple of guys on the TRS forum, but it’s working now.

  • Was already not very interested in football since it became the Negro Football League. But now it’s really bad. Does anyone really want to watch a bunch of black multi millionaires protest how suppressed they are by whitey?

  • Hey! Who’s watching the cuckold bowl?! Not me!!!!

    I have not watched sports in over 10 years.

    How many times do you need to see ‘your team’ win the championship before you can shed your reflected glory ‘metropolitan nationalism?’

    Instead, I’ll be making my second round at the empty gym today when this retarded event is occurring.

    Sweaty anti-white nigger thugs in tights grabbing and bending over to chase a ball (even conspiring against their own white teammates: Derek Carr/Riley Cooper) for a total of 10 minute of actual play, which takes 4 fucking hours.

    ‘Oh, but I’m just watching for the commercials, even though I otherwise hate commercials’

    Does this boring ‘hobby/tradition’ voyeurism ever get tiresome?

    I have actually been following the NFL for the last two years for the first time in a decade (making painstaking efforts to not watch a single moment), but only to track its descending obsolescence.

    So the only thing I care about with this faggot game is to see how far the ratings fall. I predict it will be 106 million viewers, down from 111 million.

    This is their Mecca of advertising. If enough eyeballs disappear tonight and slips under 100 million, everything changes.

    The ratings have been down 9.7 percent this year, on top of the 8 percent last year. That is not ‘peaking’ – that is structural decline.

    This year was perfect because typically the ratings are rescued by a breakout star like last year the Cowboys’ one-hit wonder nigger quarterback salvaged ratings, but this year the breakout star was buried behind Tom Brady and traded to a winless team.

    Yes, I research this boring shit so you don’t have to.

    Remember how huge American Idol was in 2006? It was must-see tv two nights a week, regularly bragging about how it had more voters than the election or some bullshit like that.

    Well the ratings went from 25 million a night in 2006 (peak) and dropped 2 million each year, until it was down to 5 million viewers a night in 2016 and was canceled.

    The NFL will not be canceled, but it will lose so much relevance that its ‘ath-uh-letes’ (sic) will no longer be millionaires, just like it used to be in the 1970s, where these pavement apes weren’t larger-than-life like they are now, when they needed secondary gigs like an independent minor leaguer does today.

    Do not listen to the losers invested in this faggot sport. It is in free fall. This sport is in so much more trouble that has not even been mentioned.

    It’s top players are all long past typical retirement/prime age:
    Tom Brady – 40
    Eli Manning – 37
    Ben Roethlisberger – 35
    Drew Brees – 39
    Aaron Rodgers – 34
    Alex Smith – 33
    Matt Ryan – 32
    Joe Flacco – 34

    So the other shoe is about to drop.

    These legendary stars aren’t being replaced by younger crops like they always used to. Instead these new guys are brittle and cannot hack it because they are all getting injured or suck.

    There is nobody to pass the torch to, so it is burning out.

    And the best part is our brutalized youngsters from Generation Z are eschewing this faggot sport entirely from youth because they cannot identify with it since they themselves are already a minority, so why would they worship a bunch of nonwhites that even nonwhites refuse to worship?

    Professional sports were not counting on this decline occurring so quickly.

    The average NFL fan is 53, white and male. No idea how they tabulated that, but…

    NOTHING more enraging than white men discussing ‘fantasy’ football or talking about statistics of niggers at the bar like life depended on it.

    You cucked Baby Boomers are gonna be awfully lonely from now on watching this shit because nobody cares anymore about this disgusting worship of niggers, whom YOU elevated from lowly charwomen and porters into superstars in YOUR lifetime.


  • Richard, Have you seen this yet? Jordan Peterson is given a copy of 200 Years Together at a recent talk in NYC. His non-answer is a testament to the taboo that still exists around talking about Jewish influence.

    • People are waking up. It is happening in massive numbers. What is not being allowed to be perceived yet by the general public is this great awakening. The jewish media is designed to make each viewer feel that he is th eonly one who is experience an awakening.

    • Part of the problem for everyone is the fact that they are struggling for a narrative, some framework, a story, something in the darkness. The jews have left them with nothing. They literally have no frame with which to build statements. It is a difficult pill to swallow for everyone. The evil of the jew.

  • These douchebags are just jealous of the NFL athletes. It must pain them to see their fellow Americans glued to their TVs, basking in the achievements of men who have everything they don’t – talent, women, money, fame, attention, good looks. If these Nazis were really brave, they’d poll their readers to compare the number who listened to this podcast vs. the number who watched the Super Bowl. So pathetic.

    • ‘Site665’ you are the douchebag. Richard, Greg, Eli & Evan are four of the bravest, smartest, most patriotic Americans you will ever hear speak. They are willing to risk everything, sacrifice their namesake, financial loss, stress on their family all to bring a true ideological movement into the American consciousness. Comparing a political podcast vs the Super Bowl for ratings might be the dumbest comment I’ve ever heard.

      • It’s “dumb”, eh? Even YOU admitted to watching the Super Bowl! LOL! And the hosts of this podcast are risking NOTHING! None of them were ever destined for good lives, and their families are better off without them. What’s *really* dumb is your hypocrisy and your glorification of the marginal “alt”- life course.

    • Roman plebs were jealous of gladiator slaves too. So it goes with half retarded Sportsball Dindus.

    • We wouldn’t be disturbed by these events if they weren’t designed to hasten our destruction.

      ESPN is run by anti-whites. Skipper ignored the Klitchko brothers while hailing the Williams sisters as goddesses.

      Paul Kersey and Mary Willingham have demonstrated clearly that the machinery of sportsball is designed to create miscegenation.

      They falsely attribute fake GPAs. They deliberately overlook white players who legitimately achieve NCAA ranking GPAs. They recruit by telling non white males they can have “white girls.”

      The NCAA and the NFL then trick boomers in to $upporting white displacement by selling them on a “mom and pop/ apple pie” civic nationalism that the players just simply don’t possess- as they kneel in racial solidarity.

      Then, to add insult to injury- whites, who are a global minority of only 7 percent, who show dominance nonetheless in strength (Brian Shaw) and speed (Dafne Schippers) – are roundly insulted just like Tom Bradey.

      The altright is simply telling the white world that someone has it in for them and they need to commence with a strategy which takes this into account.

  • Hey guys. I totally get why having no identity but your sports teams is bad but shitting on sports altogether? The feeling I get is that you guys never were serious sports fans. Which is fine. But when you start talking about staying away from sports, porn, Netflix & not associating w/ women much is the right path you lost me. I can hate immigrants, watch Tucker, talk about the JQ, hate ZOG, read Nietzsche, listen to Alt-Right Politics, hate ANTIFA & the Cucks all while watching my Hockey, UFC and other sports too. When you tore apart Spurs coach Greg Popovich I was with you but I need my entertainment to occasionally forget about the shit world we live in… End of rant.

    • Watching sports isn’t so good for a young man. Doing the sport is far more productive.

    • Playing sports and engaging in physical activity is fine. This is the Ancient Greek ideal of having citizens participate in athletic contests like the Olympics. The Greeks valued physical prowess and the human body.

      Wasting time as a spectator watching sports falls in line with the Roman distraction of bread and circuses. Gladiator games at Amphitheatres like the Colosseum were meant to keep the plebeians dumb and disengaged.

      In the modern epoch, sports have their apotheosis in the fin de siecle period where the powers that be needed to come up with something to occupy the newly found leisure time of the hoi polloi who now had Sundays off.

      But yeah, if you want to watch sports, stick to NHL and Nascar. And for entertainment, Pro Wrestling is still mostly white because most blacks like the IQ required to do the ad libbed promos that wrestlers must excel at.

    • Baseball is basically negro repellent. And the ones who do play tend to be “the better” ones who can speak in complete sentences and who don’t have criminal records and who even maybe had fathers.

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