AltRight Politics: The Memo, State of the Union, Cville Train Wreck

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Eli, Don and Greg discuss 1) The Memo. Eli breaks down the Dems’ Byzantine scheming. How should the Alt-Right deal with this issue? Don’t get lost in the weeds. 2) State of the Union. No big surprises, but plenty to talk about. (starts 32:10) and 3)Train Wreck near Cville. Two hundred republican lawmakers were on board a special Amtrak train headed to a resort in WV when it derailed after hitting a garbage truck. Coincidentally, Greg and Eli were in town, accompanying Chris Cantwell to a procedural hearing (starts 1:36:12).

Richard will be back next episode.

AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.


  • Spot on about the military occupation classes being segregated. I was in the Army (MOS 13-Foxtrot). That’s a combat arms MOS. My platoon had 40 men in it, and only 2 were non-white (and both of them were black guys from decent families), and that was very normal. Because of the nature of our work, we were more likely to be injured in the line of duty or be worn down by the daily grind and become disabled that way. So, you’re a white guy who was walking the ugly and hard meters, and now you need to go the nig-nog-run VA… you can imagine how that goes. As Trump would say, “SAD!” We need segregated VA hospitals, to ensure whites get a fair shake.

  • The pay problems suck Gents, but we should exercise patience.

    It happened to me some months ago, and when I was finally able to sign up anew, with a new card, I had a lot of plus content to enjoy. It’s not going anywhere. Hopefully I will have access to the content under this card for a while. If not, then I’ll send a check anyway.

    Things will get worse, and we must be prepared to continue to support those that fight for our rights, despite the serious setbacks.

    We’ll battle through it as we gain moral ground over a J-left that wants whites dead. We’re effective—which means we’ve just begun to feel pushback.

    And we will defeat these evil people.

  • What’s that song that starts at 01:36:06 in the transition to the Charlottesville story? That’s great. Great episode as a whole BTW.

  • OK, I’ve given up. The Amazon Pay doesn’t work. The Paypal doesn’t work. Choosing VISA or Mastercard both produce a message that the site owner doesn’t have the right to charge cards. The only method that may have worked is a $99 one-year subscription by direct bank transfer, but the charges on that were £20, significantly increasing the cost. I know this is a headache for Richard Spencer and everyone else but there seem to be no good payment methods. One way you could investigate is — this has low fees for international transfers, but you can’t use a P.O. Box as the address. Obviously, VISA and Mastercard, as well as Paypal are complicating everything…

    • You are absolutely right about Paypal. It’s also Ebay and every other payment method. They are all being screwed with.

    • You can Donate to Kyle Bristow on Patreon…….

      He’s the Chief Attorney for the Alt-Right…….

      He’s trying to form an Alt-Right ADL/SPLC……….

      Thank you for already Donating Significantly to………

      Schlomo thinks we’re going to eventually Give Up……..

      Deplatforming, Doxxing, Infighting, Corruption, and Apathy………….

      It’s happened in the Past……..

      But, somehow I think we all know that This Time it’s DIFFERENT……….

      You can Sense that Something has Changed FUNDAMENTALLY………

      There is a ))) New Era ((( on the Horizon……….


  • Emmanuel did not do two years in the IDF. He volunteered in a civilian auxiliary unit less than a month during Desert Storm, handing out water to mechanics and other technical personnel. These civilian volunteer groups may have been designed to circumvent US law. The reality is he never served in their army, nor wear a uniform. The fringe, guys who believe Jews are literal shape shifting lizards, posit he was and is Israeli Military Intelligence, though my research hasn’t found a period of time during which he could have committed to such an undertaking.

    Granted, even that month or so role, especially when the US was in the field, is grounds enough for the sort of outrage expressed here. Dual citizenship, which many in congress have had, is to me outrageous enough to count as foreign influence well beyond this Russia nonsense. However, and maybe I’m sperging, these sort of low tier factual errors are easy to disprove and none of the hosts are immune. I’ve heard a number of falsehoods scattered in what I think is a very important podcast. I wish it could get to a level rivaling infallible. I know even major network programs list corrections.

    Otherwise solid podcast, though I am only halfway through. I especially saw truth in the bit about the generational disconnect re: “you guys lived in a high trust society, we don’t.”

  • Unfortunately, it seems is still having payment problems. I set up a membership in late 2017, but did not expect it to not to renew itself monthly and take money from my credit card automatically. I tried to renew, but it tells me ” Credit Card Your account cannot currently make live charges. If you are the site owner, please activate your account at to remove this limitation. If you are a customer trying to make a purchase, please contact the owner of this site. Your transaction has not been processed. ” This probably means VISA just doesn’t want you guys to get any money…

    • Jewish Supremacists can not Tolerate our Wrong Think………

      It’s Anathema to their Hegemony……….

      Stay in the Fight, Brother…….

      Stay in the Fight…….

      No Matter What…….

    • I had same problem. Its the recurring monthly that’s the biggest problem. I kept creating new accounts for the 1st few months, then just decided to make one annual payment for the year so I don’t have to worry about the recurring “Plus” membership problems for another year.

  • Not gonna lie I almost skipped this show cause no Spencer but I didn’t and I’m glad I didnt you all killed it nice job fellas

  • Regarding Sheli Shmosley……..

    And the Jew York Times Stolen Valor Anti-AltRight Hit Piece……..

    I could care less………

    Shmosley has been on the Front Lines against Antifa and fought courageously for the AltRight since the Beginning………

    He’s been Doxxed……..

    He’s battled Antifa in the Streets……….

    Do Jews really think that the AltRight is going to eat their own because of Anti-White Manhattan J-Left Propaganda??



    Sorry, Schlomo……….

    Better Luck Next Time…………

    • I just heard the NY Times rumor & ill repeat- from my Trump-Russia post & what a great breakdown Eli did. Who cares what the details are.. We must look at the big picture. Nobody is perfect, we all have a skeletons somewhere but brothers stick together. WE WILL NOT BE DIVIDED & JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US!

    • I’m much more inclined to believe that someone in a ‘military’ ‘support’ role messed up his paperwork, and of course won’t suffer any consequences for it, or for the dozens of other errors that they routinely make. The incompetence of these people is difficult to describe, and unsurprisingly they’re usually ethnic, and receive the same pay and benefits as if they actually did something important.

    • Eli has been on many altright podcasts and I have listened to them all. I don’t think I have EVER heard him claim that he was in Iraq or Afghanistan. Not once.

      He definitely served six years in the National Guard, and by all accounts he was ready to deploy and wanted to deploy. Also, from what I can ascertain from the podcasts and from the NYT piece that written about him, he signed up for and was ready to serve in some type of frontline, combat position. That in and of itself takes major balls. Someone needs to inform that fugly, tranny-looking traitor, Emma Cott, that the enlisted ranks have no control over whether or not their unit ever deploys to a combat zone.

    • I don’t see this hurting his reputation in Alt-Right circles at all. Take that however you want to…

    • Waiting to hear Eli’s side of the story. Either way we don’t care, oh no he larped as a zogbot in iraq while being a national guard, wtf I hate white nationalism now!

      Yeah. No.

      In fact I think its more honorable he stayed defending american home soil rather than fighting wars for israel. Maybe lefties are sad he didn’t kill browns in third world countries?

      • A man is as good as his word… The AR proves time and time again that they don’t mind being lied to. You get the leaders you deserve.

  • ‘Why aren’t you normal?’ ‘You guys (grandpas) you could do that because you lived in societies that where normal’.

    You nailed it spot on. My dad basically wandered through life enjoying it with zero planning and still didn’t completely mess up since he lived in an age of normalcy and prosperity where people could be normal. I had to work my ass off make sacrifices and ambitiously plan to get to where I’m at. I was also reading news and going far right at a young age since I saw where leftism was going and had a natural aversion to it, I just didn’t realize that it was going to happen even faster than I had anticipated. He wanted to drink get laid and listen to rock n roll, and I wanted to learn Latin and do track and field so I could preserve our culture.

  • Great job by Eli mentioning how our #1 issue w the Trump-Russia issue should be “So What?”. Being a vassal of Israeli influence is 1,000X worse. (Throw in a little Mexico & Saudi Arabia too).

    • Pointing out Israeli power is considered “hate speech” by the media. You literally can’t say it, you’ll get banned from social media and they are attempting to making it a felony – with prison time – to simply not buy Israeli products.

      It’s straight out of 1984.

      • No kidding. Look what happened to James Traficant. They stuck him in prison for seven years and since he still wouldn’t keep silent on Israel upon release, they had him killed.

  • Greg hit a great point—the only time you see whites exalted in the media is when they are dying. You can have a black welder, but the when are celebrated it is when they are dying or maimed. Even the jleft will “support our troops”. The local news will show the little girl that visits hospitals with her dried macaroni sculptures for the maimed troops, and this is ok. But in any other context whites should be brought down.

    The idea is, if whites don’t volunteer to be killed (through abortion or celebacy) they should be murdered by POCs or at least make themselves useful by fighting for Israel.

    As an aside, I think we should cool it with the Irish aren’t white stuff (or the Sicilians are arabs memes). It is funny at first, but it’s starting to become overdone. It is an avenue of attack for our enemies. Internecine conflict is a luxury we don’t have right now.

    A Sephardic, Ashkenazi, and Mizrahi all seem quite different and yet they easily unite against the goy. Similarly we are all different, but we are all Europeans facing existential threat.

    Yes, a lot of Irish are leftist with massive chips on their shoulders—but we shouldn’t seem unapproachable to those that start seeing us as potential allies. And yes, occasionally there are Sicilians with nigger lips and kinky hair, but they are not in the main, and they are not an existential threat.

    • Edit:

      *You can celebrate a black welder, but the when whites are celebrated it is because they are dying or maimed.

    • But here is where it gets really fascinating: does it strike anyone as odd that neither the left nor the right makes it a point to really defend the rights of anyone, of any racial group? Have you ever noticed how either party has a marked tendency to promote individualism (recall Bill Clinton’s “case-by-case basis” speech and Papa Bush’s “Thousand Points of Light” speech) over the rights of the nation?

      Who would benefit from this?

      Think problem-reaction-solution. Think the CFR. I have been warning people about Trump since before he was elected. Is anyone here familiar with the Likud Party? Benjamin Netanyahu has had a career that is remarkably similar to what Trump has been doing. The similarity is striking. Recall the immigration bill that I posted a link to under a previous article. The bill has all sorts of mandates for bio-screening and tracking of individuals regardless of race. Why did we get this bill? BEcause we demanded it, no? Why did we demand it? Because of immigration, no? Why was immigration allowed to happen?

      I’ll let you finish the calculus. It isn’t really all that hard to see.

      • I am superficially familiar with Likud.

        It can be demoralizing how people are duped by the bait and switch over and over again.

        People were so hopeful.

        When a leader tells the people that he’s doing something for x reason, people tend to take him at face value. This is the drawback of a (relatively) high trust society.

        It seems that we are at a turning point. No doubt it will eventually become possible for government to target individuals for assassination, via designer viruses based on genetic profiles.

        In the nearer future, it will be drones.

        We need some well placed whistle blowers.

        We’re heading for the sort of communism that “they” wanted to implement in the Soviet Union, before Stalin ousted them.

        Except it will be on a global scale, and it will be technocratic J-communism.

        • I tend to agree. I would be very surprised if there weren’t a Likud type money coalition behind Trump, the same kind of power that acted behind the scenes in the beginning of Likud. If this alt-right movement ever grew big enough, democrats would simply accuse Richard Spencer of taking bribes from Putin. They would claim that the entire movement is simply a rabid front for Russian nationalist propaganda.

          I wonder how many of the votes for Trump were actually racially motivated. After all, the political class tends to see all of us as fantasists. In 2015, Netanyahu scored his biggest votes not in the cities, but in Arab-al-Naim, a beduoin settlement. They voted for him because they were concerned about housing. And then the media accused him of racist comments about arabs being bused in to vote. Just like with Trump. They tried to explain away his victory by claiming it was a rash of racist voters. And everyone gets caught up in this drama.

          He seems to have been complaining about the other Arabs. The United Arab List is…shockingly…full of Muslin Brotherhood members, communists, globalists, people who could care less about Israel. Funny about that MB connection, no? Huma Abedin and the drama here in the U.S. has its roots elsewhere, it appears.

          One similarity after another. Striking, isn’t it?

          To what extent do these globalist jews actually care about anything? Do they really even care about being jewish? It appears to be a politcal terrorist organization.

          But recall how Obama made that speech about the Netenyahu problem when the Republicans invited him to speak before the congress. And recall Obama’s Muslim roots. And recall his communist roots. Isn’t it interesting that polls show democratic voters favoring Palestine over Israel? Among Republicans, the number is exactly reversed.

          It appears to be these two jewish family factions: the NYTimes labor globalist Muslim Brotherhood versus the USA Today Alan Dershowitz mob boss who just keep fighting with all of us in the middle.

          This is precisely what activists often miss when they just resort to hurling the magic word “zionism.” What kind of zionism? Who is backing whom? Is it really just a case of zionist influence or zionist hatred?

          Once you ask that question, then all the other questions about Trump and his motivations seem to be answered.

          • They’ve already employed that tactic—calling us all Putin bots. I don’t think it was very effective, but they didn’t utilize that tactic to it’s full extent.

            Yes, there could be insidious forces behind Trump, but is that necessary? His daughter is a j00, and her husband, the creepy silent j00 with the permanent smirk, was revealed to have close ties to Israel. His connections to j00ish interest are apparent. Occam’s razor.

            I agree though, he’s not “our guy”.

            I think they absolutely do care about being j00ish. Their race is their religion and everything indicates that they take it seriously.

            I believe they want to eliminate any possibility of competition from Aryan peoples (including Iranians), and rule the world from Israel. They want revenge on the Romans, and they want revenge on the Russians since Stalinism won out over the Trotskyists. Their memory is long and they are believe in being pre-emptive.

            They are playing the long game, but the pace is accelerating quickly. All the pressure on J00s in Europe from the Arabs they import benefits them. They want pressure on J00s in Europe so that they make Aliya and head to the future Greater-Israel.

            Similarly, when they suck the US dry there will be a mass exodus.

          • Also, as you’ve said yourself—Trump takes advice from “experts” like the NSC.

            I can picture him now, “I’ve been informed by some very smart people…”

            His folly is his desire to be liked. I can see him wanting approval from experts.

        • I really beieve that when Lindsey Graham looks at Trump he just sees another Bibi Netanyahu.

          So why would the alt-right align themselves under a president who is following a Likud-type template?

          Would it not be more prudent to find a candidate who is unaligned?

          But then what would be the chances of winning? I think everyone likes the win rather than the truth.

          Here is a video of Yuri Bezmenov talking about Soviet subversion tactics. He makes the point that in the final stages, only an army could stop it.

          • ^I’ve seen that video, but for anyone that hasn’t—it’s a must watch. He explains the “long march” in some detail.

            The alt right supported Trump because we wanted a wall… and we were hopeful. But I don’t believe there will be a wall. I can’t see it.

            In hindsight it should have been obvious… his daughter is one of them now. And Kushner can exert great influence through the daughter.

            It is unlikely that a genuine product of our ideas can get elected. Paul Nehlen can’t get elected. But we have to play the long game—same as the Soviets did when they infiltrated the universities. We have to change the way people think.

            And lately the vanguard of the Altright has been skeptical of Trump.

            At this point it would be a victory if Trump just acknowledges whites as people— with their own problems and goals. If we can get him to utter, “white Americans”, then we’ve got the most that we’ll get out of him.

            His legacy for the Altright will be his discrediting of the media. In that capacity he’s been successful.

          • Well, your posts are interesting to read, regardless.

            Some people just can’t handle too many “black pills”. LOL

            But I think we win, ultimately.

          • The problem is, we don’t have a long time. We are at the end of the game. The jews had the whole game in which to work. What we need is a Hail Mary.

            Literally. We nede to pray. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the biggest problem with people nowadays is the lack of faith and prayer. I hinted at this in another video.

            Most people will think I am nuts for advocating prayer. But what does that say about this movement?

            Prayer does work. God is willing to work through faithful prayer.

        • I am fairly certain that if the alt-right began to criticize Trump and his alliance with Likud Israel, then we would see the gloves come off. Right now, for some reason this web site has protection. I do not know from whom. But I am certain it has some sort of protection. That was clear after Charlottesville. Why was this site allowed to continue. I have asked myself that question for almost a year.

          Recall that in every politcally significant group, the CIA is there.

          It would be really interesting and exciting to see what happens when this movement questions the Likud narrative around Trump.

  • When we talk about jews, what we mean is, of course, labor zionists. No? When we refer to Israel we are referring to the state occupied by labor zionists since at least 1950, that is, since the Irgun was expelled from the zionist movement. No? We are not referring to religious jews.

    A small minority among the alt-right seem to think that if a jew has not read the Talmud, then he must be a possible (read, neutral) friend to every good bourgeois nationalist individual. Most of the alt-right understands that “those leftists” are the enemy. But who exactly is the left in the United States? Could it be the same jews who occupy the labor parties in England and France and Germany? And Italy for that matter?

    If you really want to make a democrat angry, call him a labor party member. They do not want citizens educated as to the level of unification which they have achieved.

    The alt-right is sophisticated enough (or just reactionary enough) to refuse any alliance with the neo-con right. But have you ever asked yourselves why? Could it be because the Republicans are really labor zionist jews, masquerading under CFR control? And now the picture becomes clearer, no?

  • Great show today, Gents.

    Israel plans to nuke every European capital (including Rome), Moscow and Iran should they be losing a conventional war with their regional enemies. They have threatened boomer cuck president Reagan with their “Samson Option”, who gave in to their demands. Today, the gangster state is forcing us to accept their orchestration of immigration policy.


    “Some have written about the “Samson Option” as a retaliation strategy. In 2002, the Los Angeles Times published an opinion piece by Louisiana State University professor David Perlmutter which the American Jewish author Ron Rosenbaum writes “goes so far as to justify” a Samson Option approach:[27]

    Israel has been building nuclear weapons for 30 years. The Jews understand what passive and powerless acceptance of doom has meant for them in the past, and they have ensured against it. Masada was not an example to follow—it hurt the Romans not a whit, but Samson in Gaza? What would serve the Jew-hating world better in repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a Nuclear Winter. Or invite all those tut-tutting European statesmen and peace activists to join us in the ovens? For the first time in history, a people facing extermination while the world either cackles or looks away—unlike the Armenians, Tibetans, World War II European Jews or Rwandans—have the power to destroy the world. The ultimate justice?[28]

    Rosenbaum writes in his 2012 book How the End Begins: The Road to a Nuclear World War III that, in his opinion, in the “aftermath of a second Holocaust”, Israel could “bring down the pillars of the world (attack Moscow and European capitals for instance)” as well as the “holy places of Islam.” He writes that “abandonment of proportionality is the essence” of the Samson Option[dubious ].[29]”

  • Realpolitik; it’s always been this way. We happen to be the hegemon, but regional powers affect influence this way as well. All day, everyday.

  • Memo issue highlights third world mechanisms in sense that they are employed without ideology. These organs have always operated politically but usually with motives that were strategic on a broader ‘World stage.’ Iran/Contra, or even the domestic J. Edgar Hoover’s files, whatever…..political subversion of international or domestic intel apparatus for higher purposes.

    This is a lowbrow, third world politicization of intel. And of a ridiculous variety — some third rate private intel group launders story, which itself is a half-baked throwback to Cold War boogeymen, through Yahoo where it then gets picked up officially. Goes to show how lazy, pathetic and cheap political intrigue is these days.

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