The Left Suffers From Totalitarian Personality Disorder

What really defines the totalitarian personality type? If I had to sum it up in one sentence I would do so accordingly: “The willingness to do anything to get one’s political way”. Thus we have a kind of psychopathy or sociopathy, but one oriented specifically toward the political sphere. The hard left is comprised of exactly these types: bona fide psychopaths who have zero scruples or empathy for those they wrong, but unlike say serial killers or business magnates, are willing to lie and cheat not for sadistic reasons or for personal gain, but to achieve political ends.

We see this also in the context of the recent lawsuit against Richard Spencer. Spencer in his own brief described the lawsuit against him as “lawfare” and that is precisely what it is. Legal activists want to hold Spencer responsible for the violence in Charlottesville. Under what legal theory or statute they’re attempting to do this I do not know, as I don’t know the specifics of the case, but this pattern of behavior is a distinguishing feature of left-wing political and legal activism. Kaplan (plaintiff’s lawyer) and her ilk wish to expand notions of civil liability well beyond their traditional common law boundaries and well beyond the boundaries of any sane conception of justice, in order to bankrupt political dissidents they disagree with, thereby effectively silencing them and neutering them politically. That being the outcome, that’s good enough for a leftist psychopath.

Like “hate speech” laws, these legal strategies are clever, albeit totalitarian and psychopathic attempts to create a closed society and to censor and debilitate the left’s (and the US power class’s) political opponents via the proverbial backdoor. On the surface, some of these legal policies and strategies may seem reasonable or at least defensible, but in the aggregate, as a system or a composite, their effects are insidious and undoubtedly meant to advance the totalitarian agenda of the Cultural Marxist left, which is precisely what they do.

Like open borders and forced integration, leftist tactics and policies like this can not and must not be viewed in isolation. Though to hold Richard Spencer financially responsible for the acts of the Dodge Challenger driver who Richard probably never even interacted with personally is of course patently absurd and woefully unjust, this misses the point. A win for Kaplan could set a legal precedent with tremendous future value, and it would be a stern warning to any rightist dissidents out there with deeper pockets than Spencer to remain on the sidelines politically, lest their pockets be emptied in open court by Jewish judges and litigators, working in quiet cahoots. Similarly, open borders and forced integration are also just individual parts of a complex machine, individual fronts in a broader, quasi-genocidal war against white people. They exist not on their own, but in the context of a complex legal regime with one purpose, screwing whitey. These laws operate together, combinatorially. To view these laws and tactics in isolation is to misconstrue their nature and their use to the left.

The left’s way of thinking and acting has permanently transformed the Western World into something unrecognizable to most white Westerners. There is no telling now how far these totalitarian psychopaths will go in the name of social justice, but the future looks bleak from the vantage point of the present. So long as this -ism or that -ism must be stamped out by any means necessary, nothing is truly safe, not your life, not your conscience, not the truth.

While shitposting on Twitter the other day I took note of a tweet from 80-IQ whackjob and former goose-stepping Hitlerite, turned shekel-denominated ADL asset, Christian Picciolini, which exemplifies my main thesis. This is the tweet:

See, here’s the thing: you can either principally concern yourself with accurately describing/categorizing people and movements, or you can principally concern yourself with achieving particular political ends, here delegitimizing/marginalizing a movement you disagree with. Or to put it more bluntly, you can be an honest person or a propagandist. Picciolini, not being the sharpest crayon in the box, nor the whitest for that matter, doesn’t seem capable of comprehending that. He doesn’t seem to understand how dishonest it is to put marginalizing one’s political opponents before accurately describing/categorizing them. Neither does the lying press. It doesn’t even occur to them what liars they are, how they regularly and almost reflexively put political ends before truth.

They don’t see it, they don’t get it, and they can’t, which is why no one trusts the MSM.

Because to most of these folks the truth isn’t even real, it doesn’t exist, it’s certainly not sacred in any way or worthy of respect, it is at best secondary, or tertiary, and plainly subordinate in every sense to their twisted anti-White political agenda.

Of course, all political movements have personality types like this (the totalitarian type). But on the political left, it is now the norm, the dominant type. Consider this excerpt from Wikipedia’s article on the Alt-Right:

I should put “[sic]” in there since these imbeciles actually misspelled “researchers” as they were accusing the Alt-Right of being a “terrorist movement”, but never mind that!

It really is quite stunning how much propaganda our anti-White overlords subject us to. Even purportedly neutral online encyclopedias must be bent to their parasitic interests and perverse weltanschauung. Nothing it seems is sacrosanct or beyond the pale anymore! After all, what does the Alt-Right have in common with ISIS? Nothing. It’s sheer idiocy, madness really. We don’t hurl gays from buildings or blow up innocent children, most of us don’t advocate any extralegal violence at all (which is more than you can say for our political opponents).
But by trying to link us in some way to bloodthirsty, democidal religious zealots hell-bent on recreating some sort of Stone-Age purgatory on Earth, they think they can discredit us.

It’s shameless, despicable propaganda, in a supposed encyclopedia article no less, but remember, nothing is beneath these people. Nothing.

I’ve even seen the left do this with quotations as well. Quotations for god’s sake! Whenever the MSM is quoting someone from the Alt-Right or a related movement, no matter how decent or erudite the speaker, the MSM (or the SPLC) manages to find some rare quote with a misspelling or minor grammatical error in it. By placing “[sic]” in the quotation, our anti-white Cultural Marxist overlords undermine both the credibility and the intellect of the speaker, whilst appearing credible and erudite themselves. God knows how many quotes they have to sift through to find the one quote with some trivial error in it, chosen purely to serve their cause by undermining the political right in the subtlest, most subliminal of ways, but who cares, the labor is worth it if it underhandedly delegitimizes the ideas of their sworn enemies. Whatever Trump has said about the liars in the press and the US power structure more generally, he couldn’t possibly have gone far enough. I think the Nunes memo about to be released should help make clear to those who are still in denial as to the truth about our government, just how criminal and corrupt those in the Cultural Marxist US power structure truly are, and how those within that power structure will do anything to get their way politically, no matter the constitutionality or ethicality of what they have to do.

It’s really not hard to see how the communists became the greatest mass-murderers of the 20th Century. Could any honest person really doubt that many Antifags and SJWs would fain kill innocents, even children, to bring about the magnificent, anti-racist, anti-sexist rainbow utopia they so long for? After all, they don’t even consider innocents innocent at this point. Many of them think if you are born with “privilege”, or if you merely participate in the capitalist system, or dare to think the wrong thoughts, or support Trump, then you’re not innocent thereby. In the minds of many of these left-wing lunatics, you’re guilty already, hell you were born guilty (if white), and deserve whatever punishment you get for exercising your freedom of conscience, or for merely existing (arrested, punched, silenced, fired, shot, etc.)!

The #Resistance movement is another manifestation of this totalitarian personality type pervading the political left. Leftists don’t have the power to stage a coup and oust Trump today, but if they did possess that power, I’m not so sure most leftists are above attempting to do so. That’s a scary thought but not an evidently incorrect one. Nowadays, if you don’t give modern leftists (especially the 3rd World ones who increasingly make up the left’s rank and file) their way on everything, kowtowing to their every whim, there truly is no telling how viciously, how violently, how anti-democratically, how psychotically they might react.

Being, as it were, the archetype of the totalitarian personality type, the modern leftist it seems is pretty much willing to do anything to get his/her political way.

So what happens now that the right is finally starting to fight back against the Cultural Marxist totalitarian left and its brand of politics, which long ago took over the power structures of the West?

As supercuck normiecon Kurt Schlichter likes to say, “this will not end well”, which is a euphemism for “there will be blood”. And at least on that contention, it’s pretty hard to disagree with him. After all, totalitarian psychopaths aren’t generally amenable to reason or compromise.


  • Well they are absolute warmongers also, look how they agitate for war with Russia and how xenophobic these “tolerant” “antiracist” liberals are towards russians.

  • Again the extreme right racists lie. Now they lie about their respect to individual rights ,ridicule “Jewish” totalitarians. In reality, all racists are the weak people,frightened by personal competition,hysterically cry for “race” that will save and power them. Haha.

  • So now the left is launching frivolous lawsuits with the hopes that left wing activist judges will rewrite laws that enable the left to make white nationalist and alt-right leaders legally culpable for any crime committed by someone holding the same views. If successful this is designed to financially harm any whites espousing views that displease the Jewish master race and to in effect restrict or rescind their first amendment rights since the exercise thereof will open them up to litigation.

    We may have to reach for our AR-15’s and AK-47’s sooner than any of us desire.

  • We should all know by now that the real problem comes from the Jews, not from “the left”. For example, Kaplan is a Jewish name.

    Instead of “Totalitarian Personality Disorder”, I think a better label would be “TOTALITARIAN CUCK Personality Disorder”.

    1. At the top of the institutional left, you have the Jews. They are authoritarian, but simply anti-White, not left-wing.

    2. Left-wing politicians do not really believe that mass immigration is a good idea. But as politicians, they have to go along with the Jewish agenda to get along.

    3. Most White people who vote for the left are not totalitarian at all and do not support immigration. Some of them think they are voting for their financial interest. Others are gullible conformists who still trust the government and the media.

    4. My last group is for AUTHORITARIAN CUCKS who think that the White race either needs to be destroyed, or can never be destroyed no matter how many million non-Whites are brought in. They either approve of the government’s plan to destroy the White race, or claim there is no such plan. Those people are a minority, but many of them work in the administration, universities and the media. They do the policing for the Jews. They do not form their own opinions: they are political zombies or sponges that absorb the Jewish BS from the government and the media. They are authoritarians, but most of all, conformist cucks. They can’t help obeying authority, legitimate or not. They can’t help adopting the government’s false morality and trying to enforce it on others.

    Of course, you cannot always tell who goes along to get along, who is in it for the money, and who is an AUTHORITARIAN CUCK. Some of those who are in it for the money may think of themselves as idealists.

  • Don’t call them leftists: They are renegade Jews with an army of selfish white race traitor psychopaths. All demographics groups are adversaries of each other, but disaster happens when someone (unfortunately a lot of people now) in our group decides to commit treason and aid others to destroy us. Even though our adversaries are our adversaries, the white race traitors cause the most damage as most people don’t expect genocide from fellow members of the group, and they can go on undetected and operate within the gates. If these people disappeared, the status-quo or balance could be maintained. So, no need to eliminate all other racial groups, only the traitors. Traitors ignite war or peace-time destruction.

  • LOL @ Melissa Click.

    Didn’t she get state funding to go to a Conference on “Twilight”.

    The Humanities, save European History, Philosophy, and Physical Anthropology needs to lose all government funding

  • Under what principle are they conducting lawfare?

    They are jews. They are cursed and filthy. An individual of that race is likely to have a rational principle. This is a hard lesson to learn. Some races are vastly inferior to others. Individuals from some races are vastly inferior to others. I myself am still learning this lesson. This morning I talked with a servant about the FISA memo. I could see his dark eyes and the round alpine skull. Low Dutch bore. And of course upon my telling him that I had read it, his only response was, “Did it do you any good?”

    So, of course, being the good man that I am, I felt that familiar white hot disgust boil up in my blood. I told him, Of course it did me good. I learned x and y and z from various paragraphs of the document. And knowledge is power.

    He proceeded in his low mongrel way to say that everyone lies, and that there is no such thing as truth. And since no one can know everything that is going on right now, everyone must be telling lies about any particular subject.

    And then it came into my head. Of course, I am arguing with a low German bore. Homo Empiricus. Pelasgian man. One of those who didn’t wake up feeling nervous and driven to do something great.

    In democratic ages, men do not normally see distinctions of race, let alone distinctions of family. Democratic man is the money man. He wants to increase his market share. He is comforted by fondling his paper. He counts his interest and forgets his own name.

    The jew is, above all others, the money man.

      • You are what you are.

        Neither you nor I can change that.

        Always remember: race is natural. Therefore, to be aware of race is natural.

        And be careful of buying into the concept of totalitarianism. It is jewish attempt to dominate through shame and fear.

        • I don’t think I need to be coached on becoming comfortable with my own racism. I’m a regular contributor to I wrote this article. LOL. Just saying, I’m definitely of the Alpine/Central-Euro racial/facial type, despite my light features.

          • If you don’t need coaching, then why do you use jewish terms like “totalitarianism” to define reality? Or personality types, which come from the jew Murray and his assessment tests.

            To accept the jewish outlook is to accept an outlook that is completely against nature. I notice this outlook in much of the writing on this site. It’s an odor in everyone’s articles. Spencer has it too. He sounds like he has been educated in jewish universities. He always sounds as though he’s speaking or writing theoretically.

            If you were really comfortable with your racism, you never would have used the word “racism” at all.

          • 1) And yet I’ve written a wonderful article & turned this personality type stuff back around on the left. While you’re sitting here talking gibberish in the comments section.
            2) Totalitarianism is real. There is such a thing. Also I’m of the opinion that it is generally not a good thing, although maybe there is a time & place for it. Nothing “Jewish” about the term “totalitarianism” anyway. Literally not one of the earliest users/adopters of the term were Jewish. Amendola? Nope. Schmitt? Nope. Gentile? Nope. None of them. LOL.
            3) I’m comfortable with my racism. Now you’re telling me how I really feel! Good grief man.
            4) I’m not sure who “the Jew Murray” is. LOL. Are you referring to Henry Murray? He wasn’t a Jew as far as I know. Or are you confusing Murray with Maslow? Anyway, the gentleman in the main pic is indeed a Jew & a Marxist/critical-theorist of the Frankfurt School by the name of Theodor Adorno, & he is indeed a Jew.
            5) I’m sorry you don’t like my odor. Perhaps you’re smelling something else, like in your immediate vicinity?

          • Is it really gibberish? Of course not. What a low blow.

            No totalitarianism is not real. It jewish nonsense. When you say that it is not jewish in any way, that’s when you begin to stink. The odor comes from the way you act (probably without knowing it) as a shield for jewish machinations.

            As far as you do know, Murray is not a jew. Well, I will be sure to share that with his grandchildren.

            And no, I never told you how you are feeling. I surmised it from your overreliance on the word “racism.”

            Don’t play games with me.

    • I still the remember the time, not long ago, maybe three weeks to be exact, when you never mentioned the Jew and you even said something to the tune of ” me and my social circle are unsure as to why exactly many in the altright blame the Jews and have such distasteful views towards them. We acknowledge a lot of good qualities within them and even admire what they’ve accomplished.”

      What happened, Cryptic. Oh…I know….a few others, myself included rightly preceded to call you out on being the divisive Kike that you are and your whole presentation changed. Now all you do is mentioned the stinky kike whilst doubling down on your ” Alpine, meds, Slavs are peasant trash” rhetoric.

      Go hang yourself you dirty shekel grubbing son of a Jewish whore.

      • Barnabas, you may think you have some sort of low down, ear-to-the-ground sense of the world. But let me be the first to tell you: you do not.

        You know you are doing exactly what Spraguer mentions in his article: you are misquoting out of context.

        Go back and find the quote, Barnabas. That’s the least you can do. What I said was that people in my circle tend not to confuse our good qaulities with their bad ones. Of course I admire the jews for what they have accomplished. What fool would not admire theit positive accomplishments? I use the word positive in the latin sense, of putting oneself forward. Everyone in my circle tends to admire the jews in just this way. We tend to have to deal with them.

        Barnabas, you act like a moron. You are hotheaded. You come to hasty conclusions with no evidence. If left unchecked, you and people like you are the reason why this movement will fail.

        • Fuck off. I remember clear as day what you typed a this forum. Why waste effort? You may have others fooled but no I, you Jew.

        • If left unchecked you and your petit bourgeoise will be the reason this movement never solves the JQ nor expels the muds. Wouldn’t want to end your business partnerships and cheap labor.

  • What we are seeing now is almost enough to make you believe in reincarnation. Stalin died in 1953, but reproduced himself in mass — the Clintons, BHO, the Democrat party, the Black Congressional Caucus (minus lots of IQ points), etc. It’s interesting that the MSM spent about 10 minutes (because the had to) on the James Hodgkinson (JM) mass-murder attempt of Republican congressmen. JM, of course, was a Bernie Sanders groupie, revved up by Rachael Maddow, the point being that he was pretty much a mainstream SJW and the he was doing what most of the Democrats wanted him to do. If Ttump was to be assassinated, the Black Congressional Caucus would be doing the boogaloo in Congressional chambers.


    • Actually, both the Democrat AND the Republican parties are run by Trotskyites, not Stalinites. I grew up during the Cold War and, more than the rest of you, I was indoctrinated to believe that Stalin was Evil Incarnate and the Russians loathed and feared him and all his Communist successors. I was surprised to find out that, even today, decades of reforms later, the Russians do not hate Stalin. In fact, he is growing in popularity even as the United States is defacing or tearing down statues of founding fathers and Confederate heroes.

      And there is a reason for that. Once Stalin got powerful enough, he murdered several of the Bolsheviks butchering Russians and their satellite ethnics. One of the worst was Leon Trotsky born (in America) Lev Davidovich Bronstein, of whom was said, “He reveled in terror.” There were rumors that he was going to implement his own final solution to the JQ when he was poisoned and died.

      In any case, we are not dealing with a Stalinist left; they are all of Trotsky’s followers and they are finally taking their masks off. Stalin fell out of favor with the left when he backed away from the perpetual revolution of International Socialism to focus on the Soviet Union or his own version of National Socialism and then started to purge any Bolsheviks who didn’t want to do things his way.

      I always thought that, if six million Jews were really murdered in Europe, it was Stalin whodunnit, not Hitler. After all, Eastern Europe was under his control even when German soldiers advanced eastward. IMO, the Nazis didn’t hold the territority long enough to do that kind of damage, but Stalin did.

  • Yeah. You can’t beat the left by playing by rules of honour and ethics. They don’t play by the rules, they do what is necessary to win. The blackshirts understood this. The Alt-Right did not. I hope their learning.

    “Violence, is the quickest and most definitive way of reaching the revolutionary goal…No bourgeois hyprocrisy, no sentimentalism: action, direct and sharp, carried out to the end at whatever cost.” – Italo Balbo

      • Balbo was Caucasion/Mediterranean from Italy (obviously) and he helped lead the March on Rome that saved Italy from Communism. In otherwords he was actually successful at defeating the cancerous influence of Marxism in Italian society. Violence works. Why are you acting like northern Europeans are above violence?

        • The term “Caucasian/Mediterranean” is nonsense. Caucasian derives from a word coined by a German anthropologist in order to refer to the white race, which includes the mediterranean subrace. Aryan is a better term, since Blumenbach incorrectly hypothesized that whites come from the mountains of eastern Europe, which is of course not true.

          To say that a man is white means basically that he can be of three different subraces. It is like saying that a tomanto is a fruit.

  • By the author’s logic, most alt righters with twitter accounts share this totalitarian personality disorder, as do many whose comments are allowed to be posted here. People who constantly threaten a certain race with violent destruction exhibit a “willingness to do anything to get one’s political way”. Such threats are so ubiquitous, they’re the defining feature of the alt right to outside observers.

    Wouldn’t you concede that you have to characterize such people as “bona fide psychopaths who have zero scruples or empathy for those they (intend to) wrong”?

    “Leftists don’t have the power to stage a coup and oust Trump today, but if they did possess that power, I’m not so sure most leftists are above attempting to do so.” — I often read similar comments here and elsewhere, about wanting to stage a military coup in DC on behalf of the far right.

    “It’s really not hard to see how the communists became the greatest mass-murderers of the 20th Century.” — I seem to recall some 20th Century mass murderers on the far right as well.

    “Could any honest person really doubt that many Antifags and SJWs would fain kill innocents, even children, to bring about the magnificent, anti-racist, anti-sexist rainbow utopia they so long for? After all, they don’t even consider innocents innocent at this point.”

    Why don’t you take a poll of the alt right to ascertain how many adherents would like to make good on their nonstop threats to gas or oven every member of the tribe—man, woman and child. At this point, after literally millions of genocidal tweets and online comments, could any honest person really doubt that’s the desired goal of the bulk of the alt right, rather than a fringe? And how many of these intended victims are considered “innocent”?

    No race, religion or political persuasion has a monopoly on evil totalitarian leanings.

    • 1) “No race, religion or political persuasion has a monopoly on evil totalitarian intentions, ideas or proclivities”. True. But the left is completely out of control. I would not say most Alt-Righters have the totalitarian personality type. Some do. Anglin is probably one such individual.
      2) There is a big, big difference between trolling & (true) threatening. A lot of Alt-Right trolling is in retaliation to white hatred coming from well-known Judeo-Supremacists & white-haters. You rarely see Alt-Righters throw the first punch online. And sorry, but trolling on the internet is a far, far cry from actually harming someone. So yes, I can seriously doubt whether most or even many Alt-Righters would like to carry out or would actually carry out genocide. Because words & memes are not actions.
      3) The left on the other hand! The left does fire people. It does get people fired for ideas & political affiliations. It does dox people. It does punch random citizens like Richard Spencer. It does criminalize speech (where it can, like in Europe). It does engage in organized mob violence to silence its political opponents. It does burn down whole cities when a random black person gets shot. The Alt-Right rarely does any of these things or anything remotely resembling them. Certainly not over mere speech or ideas. The left does these things regularly. So, no comparison. The far left has routinely revealed its proclivities & its true nature. Its willingness to do terrible, totalitarian things is not in doubt. Trolling on the other hand isn’t proof of anything except a dark sense of humor.
      4) The left has insulated itself to terrible effect. It has also had far too much power for far too long. I don’t think leftists generally (or most people for that matter) are even inclined to totalitarianism. This personality type has been nurtured from birth by a sick, sick civilization, by excessive opulence & privilege, & by lunatics in academia. Power, propaganda & insulation have really gone to the left’s head. They are drunk on power & pleasant delusions. Anyhow, I would say there is no question now that the regressive left is a fundamentally totalitarian movement, led by people who have devolved/developed into bona fide psychopaths/zealots. The same is not evidently true for the Alt-Right. Most Alt-Righters respect individual liberties generally, including freedom of speech & freedom of conscience, we just have a very different view of how a society should be set up, in order for a people to thrive. That said, there are indeed some real nuts in the Alt-Right, but they don’t predominate, as nuts now do on the left.

      • “There is a big, big difference between trolling & (true) threatening.”

        True, but when the tone or content is so hateful, many will find it hard to distinguish between the two. I appreciate that people in your movement feel antagonized, so I assume that even the trolling has genuine rage and hatred behind it. People outside the movement assume you’re serious about the constant threats of expulsions and exterminations. It’s not subject matter that lends itself to humor unless you’re in the movement, so to an outsider it’s simply horrifying.

        “And sorry, but trolling on the internet is a far, far cry from actually harming someone. So yes, I can seriously doubt whether most or even many Alt-Righters would like to carry out or would actually carry out genocide. Because words & memes are not actions.”

        Yes, violent words aren’t equivalent to violent deeds. But history teaches that the former can lead to the latter. And the more ubiquitous these words are, the more people will begin to think, perhaps irrationally but understandably, that all of it is deadly serious and will end in tragedy. There are unhinged people on the right who will eventually act on their hatred, and there are unhinged people on the left who will take action to pre-empt what they might mislabel as a serious threat. That’s where the euphemistically termed “trolling” is headed, most likely.

        You can’t simultaneously be a serious movement and a movement of trolls. The more serious and committed you become, the more seriously people will take the trolling. The “just kidding” defence has its limits.

        As for your denunciations of the far left, I don’t disagree. I’m not here to defend anyone who’s genuinely guilty of antagonizing you. What I object to is the wholesale targeting of races, not narrow political persuasions.

        • 1) The wholesale targeting of populations is often the foundation for nation-states! Acknowledging outsiders + acting on that acknowledgment. Shoot, that’s the basis of not just forming a nation-state but the continuation of nation-states as political entities! Anyhow, expulsion / population transfer is not genocide. Assuming of course that genocide is always and everywhere wrong. The Muslims have certainly found a lot of success with it. And there is no Israel without ethnic cleansing, nor an America for that matter. Many nation-states were formed by pushing the “other” out, or worse, genociding the other or converting them en masse. Seems to me you have an issue not with the Alt-Right, but with human history & the reality of tribal politics & warfare generally! But as it stands, it is whites being cleansed from whole parts of the West, via inundation by outsiders! We oppose that because it’s bad for us & bad for humanity.
          2) “You can’t be a serious movement & a movement of trolls.” Why not? I’m a writer. And a troll. Am I not a serious person? Don’t answer that. LOL. But seriously, movements filled with trolls can still be quite serious. Indeed, I would submit to you that the most serious movement at the present, those movements influencing society the most, are troll-filled movements! Culture is downstream from the internet & politics is downstream from culture.
          3) What’s being done to white people in formerly white territories is horrifying. What’s being done to the Western World is horrifying. Trolling, on the other hand, is just trolling.
          4) History is violent. Mankind is violent. You say “words can lead to violence”. Sure, but by that logic what doesn’t lead to violence? Governments are violence. Eating meat is violence. Sex is sometimes violent. Anyhow, yes words can lead to violence. A lot of things can lead to violence. But you know what leads to violence more often than words? A lack of them. Silence a people for long enough & sure enough they’ll start to get violent. Indeed, the Alt-Right is the response to 50 years of MSM & power structure censorship & thought control in the West. Our own “allies” kicked us out of the conservative movement! We’re angry because we’ve been kept out & down for so long! And look at what has become of our nation, of our lands, of our society! The West is a mess.
          5) Violence is not always bad. It’s all a matter of when, how, where, its nature, its justification & its degree. Shoot, violence can be fantastic. America was born in blood and evolution runs on it.

          • Thanks for your replies.

            “The wholesale targeting of populations is often the foundation for nation-states!”

            That seems to conflict with your comments on morality. One might question whether such targeting is necessary or excessive, and if there’s a nonviolent way to achieve change.

            “there is no Israel without ethnic cleansing”

            Funny you should say that. In 1948, when Israel declared statehood, they asked the Arabs to stay put, assuring them they would be welcome as citizens in the new state. The surrounding nations quickly declared war, making large scale displacements of both Jews and Arabs inevitable. At least that’s my understanding. So just because ethnic cleansing occurred, that doesn’t mean it was premeditated and thus considered essential to the founding of the state. By contrast, you believe it’s essential, and you’re resolved or resigned to carrying it out.

            “it is whites being cleansed from whole parts of the West, via inundation by outsiders”

            Inundated, yes. Cleansed, no. It hasn’t come to that yet, although South Africa is a very serious situation. The European rape epidemic is serious as well.

            “movements filled with trolls can still be quite serious”

            Yes. What I meant is that the trolls can’t hide behind the excuse that they’re just kidding when the movement itself is so serious. The more seriously people take the movement, the more seriously people will take the trolls as well. Trolling takes on a different color entirely when people start getting killed in the street. Sure, the trolling can continue after that, but it’s not what you think of as trolling anymore. It’s viewed differently. A swastika in 1945 was viewed differently than it was in 1925. Perceptions change with time and events, and perception is reality.

            “converting them en masse”

            I’m partial to this option, in a manner of speaking. Usually, conversion implies religion, but in this case it would mean a return to traditionalism, for lack of a better word. It’s my belief that a great many nonwhites would prefer to live in a more traditional White society, with all the stability that would entail, rather than a chaotic and precarious one. Israel is analogous again: consider the many Arabs who continue to live there, even though they’re free to leave. They obviously prefer modern Israeli society to that of their neighbors. Even aggrieved minorities tend to keep their place, as long as a benign majority maintains control.

            “the Alt-Right is the response to 50 years of MSM & power structure censorship & thought control in the West”

            Okay, so why not focus your wrath on them, rather than the entire race? Is your local Jewish plumber controlling your thoughts?

            I’m rising to the defence of the local Jewish plumber, wedding singer, pediatrician and so on, not to that of the politically active troublemakers hellbent on reshaping society. It’s a distinction I wish the Alt Right would make. Once made, you might suddenly find yourselves with many nonwhite allies, and then a clear choice can be offered to others: live and work here in a traditional society, or find another country in which to pursue your social experiments. Violence isn’t necessary when the prospect of violence suffices, but it shouldn’t be a threat that doesn’t allow your opponents a way out. Given that certain races have been traumatized by history, they sure as hell don’t want to undergo a re-enactment, and I bet most would fall into line.

            When the cat’s away, the mice will play. Don’t kill the mice. Bring back the cat.

          • 1) I love how you try to argue that Israel hasn’t engaged in systematic ethnic cleansing of the Levant. That is really fucking rich. It was planned, premeditated, & frankly the establishment of a Jewish state would have been impossible otherwise. The territory upon which Israel sits was 90% non-Jewish 100 years ago. 90%. The territory was ethnically cleansed. You can’t have a Jewish state & also can’t have a largely peaceful democracy with a half Arab-Muslim, half Jewish population. You can pretend it was all innocent or accidental or whatever, but you’re not fooling anyone here.
            2) This is because separating yourself from populations that do you harm (whether all of them want to deep down or not) is necessary for a peaceful, prosperous, & flourishing society/community. That’s why Israel flourishes & why an Israel that’s 60% Arab or politically dominated by Arabs would be no haven for Jews. I do not hate all Jews. Hell, most Alt-Righters don’t. We just don’t want to live in a country where a few extremely rich Jews with deep anti-white biases consistently use their wealth & power to our detriment, or worse, to actively eradicate us! There can be no practicing Jews in the white ethnostate, nor can there be synagogues, which tend to nurture anti-white animosities & group paranoia, not because all Jews are bad, but because the effect in the aggregate of having large numbers of Jews in our society is undeniably bad for us.
            3) “The wholesale targeting of populations”. Yes, separating yourself from your enemies, from those populations who are immiscible with you, who do you harm in the aggregate, who do not share your core values, etc. That’s targeting them for expulsion, separation, discrimination or non-citizenship. That’s the damned foundation of political entities! You think that’s wrong, but it is the foundation of the nation-state. Recognizing outsiders & building walls to keep them out, i.e. “targeting” / “exclusion”.
            4) Hordes of out-ethnics invading a people’s territory while the government forces those groups by dint of law into constant contact, while forcefully preventing that population from expelling them or taking group measures to protect & preserve themselves as a group, while the native population flees by the millions in front of the invasion, is ethnic transformation by government force & virtually indistinguishable from ethnic cleansing. That is what is being done to the West.

          • Number 4: Exactly!

            If the government uses force to suppress native resistance, they are for all intents and purposes combatants waging war against their own population.

          • Israel is 25% Arab, so any ethnic cleansing that occurred was only partly successful. By contrast, there are virtually no Jews at all remaining in Arab lands. Spencer is always referencing Israel when asked about his model ethnostate, but he has a much more all-or-nothing vision which doesn’t make allowances for a 25% ethnic minority demographic, or even a 2% one. What demographic majority percentage determines ethnostate status, anyway? If it can be well south of 100%, maybe Spencer’s being too extreme. I would think a 75-80% majority is a realistic goal and would make America feel White again, and would mirror Israel’s demographic balance.

            It’s hard to square “large numbers of Jews” with the 2% they comprise. On a relative basis, it’s a tiny proportion that doesn’t really grow. On a national scale, Jews don’t exist anywhere outside of Israel in large numbers in the sense of their piece of the demographic pie.

            Most Jews today aren’t “practising” either, regardless of the presence of synagogues (which could always be monitored, should any remain). I figured the main Alt Right requirement was to keep Jews out of power positions, or certainly monopolistic positions, especially in media, government, finance and academia. Ethnic quotas used to be employed in various sectors of society to prevent uncomfortable imbalances. They would meet with howls of protest if re-introduced, but they might go a long way to stabilize things.

            As for the forced invasion you describe, I stand corrected. The picture you paint does make an argument for policies that approximate ethnic cleansing. It’s more insidious and protracted than that which occurs in wartime, so it’s natural to view it differently, but I suppose the population transfer is real enough if you’ve lived it.

          • 1) A simpler solution than wanton & legally fragile amounts of wholesale racial or ethnic discrimination against a nation’s own citizens, IS JUST TO HAVE SEPARATE NATIONS FOR SEPARATE PEOPLES. Voila, problem solved.
            2) Correct, Jews are a mere 2% of America’s population. And they’re 2/3 of CEOS of the major Hollywood studios, 1/2 of all top media executives, and 2/5 of all major donors to both major political parties. They have had a virtual monopoly on influential & meaningful political speech over the last 50 years in America. A virtual monopoly. Cultural Marxism *is* secular Judaism, & Jewish wealth & power serves as a gate-keeping mechanism for whites seeking upward mobility & entry into the Western power class. Jews, despite being 2% of the US power structure, have had the capacity to derail presidential candidates & turn rich, powerful white men into pariahs over the last 50-60 years, if they so had the desire to crush those men, because those men had said something remotely negative about Jews as a group or had called attention to inordinate Jewish power & influence. Even today, powerful Jewish organizations wield shocking, unconscionable amounts of power over whole arenas of political speech & democratic participation, like social media & the tech world. The ADL has been working *with* Twitter for months to silence, censor & ban us in the Alt-Right. But tell me more about low numbers. Low numbers mean nothing & are not necessarily reflective of political power. Whites were what, 12% of South Africa during Apartheid? The Belgians were what, 3% of the Congo during the colonial period? The Soviets/Reds were what, 5% of the population of the Soviet Union?

          • I haven’t read this whole post, but I have to call you out on this:

            “Inundated, yes. Cleansed, no. It hasn’t come to that yet, although South Africa is a very serious situation. The European rape epidemic is serious as well.”

            Yes, they are being cleansed. This is another problem we have with Jews. They artificially claim that a race can only be harmed as such, and with deliberate intent to cause harm based on race. This of course reflects their outgroup anxiety.

            The fact is that Whites of modest means have been harried here and there for decades now. We are permanent refugees, always moving another exit down the highway to escape black crime. But you see this is fine, because there is no proof that Whites are being targeted specifically out of racial hatred, rather than just because their attackers assume they have money. It’s the whole “random attack” problem, the “robbery gone bad.”

            The problem is that none of that makes the slightest bit of difference. It makes Whites’ lives hell either way, and it makes an already cautious group very reluctant to have children, while other groups don’t need to worry about it. They enjoy the protection of a cohesive group.

            Still, I am a forgive and forget type. To this day, I’d be willing to bury the hatchet if the Jews would let up. Most others would not, and I can’t say I blame them.

          • I can’t argue with someone’s personal experience, and I’m sorry you’ve had to live that way. I indicated to Spraguer a moment ago that I stand corrected on the ethnic cleansing point.

          • Fair enough.

            The world would be a much better place if all were as reasonable and open-minded as you.

          • Would it Lexi? Would the world be a better place? I mean if everyone had their minds so open that their brains were falling out?

            That is what jewish officialdom has always desired, for goyim to be reedcucated to have their minds be more open. They want the goyim to be tolerant. They call it “keeping htings fluid” and they do it in order to remove us from our soil and history.

          • I agree with everything you are saying. Life is miserable under jewish rule. Their are not words to describe the world as it si now. I disagree though with the readiness to forgive. You would be willing to forgive, I have no doubt. But you have to understand: the jew, unless he is especially gifted, cannot and will never have that willingness.

            I have seen entire estates lost to the jew. And I do not mean a house or a car. I mean one’s very name.

            I am sorry, but I cannot keep silent when I hear people talking about the jews as though they are talking about individuals.

            Again I make this point: it is not about whther or not a jew has read the Talmud. The heart of the jew has nothing to do with that book. It is much deeper question. When you feel in your gut that trust any jew is wrong, your gut is trying to tell you something.

            To mention the evil of the jew is not a spiteful thing to do. It is not the act of an unhinged person. It is not shameful.

            It is simply a matter of wisdom.

    • You’re not Alt-Right………

      And so you don’t understand how we Function……….

      We understand how we Function………

      No one knows who or what you are……….

      If you’re White and not Alt-Right………

      Then, somehow the Red-Pilling has skipped you for some reason……….

      Maybe you refuse to see it………

      Maybe you simply just don’t care……..

      We CARE…….

      We SEE it………….

      And we will Speak, Emote and Express against our Enemies in any way we Wish……..

      If our Enemies had their way they would destroy ALL OF OUR LIVES…….

      For What??

      Wrong Thing/Speak………..

      We in the Alt-Right are a Different Breed of Whites………

      An Eye for An Eye………..

      F you and F every single last Anti-White POS Golem on Earth………


      • “If our Enemies had their way they would destroy ALL OF OUR LIVES…….”

        The crux of it for me is how precisely or imprecisely you define your “enemies”. When you’re painting with a very broad brush, people like me show up and object. Maybe you’re including some people who don’t in fact wish you harm, no matter how fervently you insist they do.

        “you don’t understand how we Function”

        Well, I’ve been studying you folks for a while, so I think I’m a little bit familiar.

        Anyway, you seem like you’re in some distress and I don’t wish to antagonize you further.

        • Ha!!

          I’m in Distress??


          You’re the Anti-AltRight Troll who decided to devote her Useless Energies to somehow thinking your Opinion could somehow realign ourselves back towards the Mass Brainwashing of PC Liberal Progressivism………

          Study on, Young Monk…….

          You have yet to Understand how Nature Moves……

          But, something HERE has definitely caught your Interest……..


          • I’m not trolling you, I’m not anti-White, and I’m not smart enough to brainwash anyone.

            You’re super-angry all the time, that’s all I meant. I’m not interested in a flame war. Later.

        • I’m not especially concerned about whether they wish me harm or not. They repress and persecute the men who advocate for the best interests of my White children, even as they zealously pursue their own ethnic agenda. That is all I need to know about them.

    • If Jews didn’t shut down our platforms we wouldn’t have a problem with them in the first place.

      They’re willing to go as far as shut down freedom of speech and freedom of assembly (i.e., Charlottesville) to meet their political ends, while we’re trying to use all of the legal methods we thought were available to us.

      It’s too late to act surprised that Altrighters are pissed off.

      • I’m not surprised you’re pissed off. I’m surprised that so many people think that every member of the tribe has done them wrong, or that it’s okay to apply blame so liberally. What percentage of that hated race is actually guilty of wronging you, and what percentage are you blaming undeservedly? Isn’t it true that most of the actions in question were taken by a relative handful of people? Why demonize a multitude of ordinary people who weren’t involved?

        • If there are Jews out there who are willing to stand up for the truth, then we would gladly share dialogue with them.

          But where are they?

          You should connect us with some Jews who want to create an open dialogue so that we can untangle this mess.

          • I’m not very well-connected, so I don’t know how much help I’d be. But I’m not sure you speak for the movement, to be honest, as the occasional Jew who does speak up is usually met with rejectionist hostility, from what I’ve seen.

            In any case, there probably aren’t too many people of any race or religion at any given time who ‘stand up for the truth’ because there are always consequences involved and true bravery is quite rare.

            In the meantime, I suppose I’m asking you to imagine the existence of a multitude of ordinary everyday people who are neither anti-White nor political, who wouldn’t know the Talmud from the Hadith, and who would be horrified to discover that they’re being blamed and hated for the actions and words of the most aggressive, meddlesome, unreasonable fringe within their race.

          • “In the meantime, I suppose I’m asking you to imagine the existence of a multitude of ordinary everyday people who are neither anti-White nor political, who wouldn’t know the Talmud from the Hadith, and who would be horrified to discover that they’re being blamed and hated for the actions and words of the most aggressive, meddlesome, unreasonable fringe within their race.”

            Sir, take just a moment to reflect on this statement.

          • This. Jews blame all white people for the holocau$t even though only a “radical fringe” are responsible. Of course we all know that the official narrative of the holocau$t is totally made up, and the Jews have exploited their victimhood for their tribal interests at the expense of the host nations that they have parasited off of and made themselves rich in. Fuck Jews.

          • Even the official narrative suggests that the Holocaustian extermination was a top secret need to know process that relied upon extensive collaboration of Jewish Kapo management. Even within the history of fascism and Anti-Semitic History it’s an outlier and and an anomaly.

          • It’s not clear to me what your objection is. My guess is that you think I’m asking people to imagine a fiction, rather than be reminded of a reality, one which I’m basing on my own experience and observation. I’d be surprised if one in a hundred Jews knows one word of the Talmud, and the vast majority of them aren’t unhinged academics who publish papers on the wonders of diversity or the evils of whiteness. I object to caricaturing anyone’s race and then applying that caricature to every member.

          • It is not about a book. And you cannot get away with a snide littel side-swipe at the unhinged academic writing about the evils of whiteness. Can you not think for yourself?

            It is in the racial makeup of a jew to do what he does. They are cursed. We pray for them.

            There really is no need to have “dialogue” (a jewish concept) if you have no ears to hear.

          • Of course you object to racial awareness. The fact that it strikes you as a caricature, that says it all. You are the anti-authoritarian bourgeois epitome.

          • OK. So you seem to think that not all Jews are anti-White. I would challenge you to ask some Jews whether they think that Whites have a legitimate right to organize and lobby for their own well-being. I think you’d be surprised how quickly that perfectly ordinary person transmutates into an angry, spiteful, vicious anti-White right before your very eyes.

            Sometimes, they just act flummoxed. To be charitable, I’ll assume that’s because they have never looked at it that way. They literally have never put themselves in Whites’ place and tried to see our point of view. That is why they get caught flat-footed sometimes. Have you ever seen the video where Richard stumps the rabbi?


            To my knowledge, this rabbi has never answered the question as to why he preaches “radical inclusion and love” for White countries, but not for exclusive, ethnonationalist Israel.

          • You’re right that Jews, generally speaking, have a problem when Whites organize politically to the exclusion of other groups. I believe it’s less out of anti-White enmity and much more so out of fear, because so many Jews are haunted by the past and quite neurotic as a result. That rabbi with the double standard probably doesn’t want to harm White society, but rather prevent a potential threat from forming. Much of what is labelled as anti-White hatred is probably just Jewish self-protectiveness. It still represents meddling in the affairs of other nations, but I’m quite sure it’s for reasons of threat prevention and survival rather than malice.

          • You still have a difficult time shaking off your leftist tendencies. They follow you here like a stench.

            It is not about a book or a political movement.


          • It’s actually just the opposite. The fringe of jews are the ones doing good. The majority are filthy.

          • And it is not “rejectionist” hostility. It is hatred based in reason. It is disgust at a race that is cursed. It is natural to find certain smells odious. It is natural to find the jew odious. He has perverted the entire course of modern history. He is the only revolutionary force. He is unreasonable. He is dangerous. He is a harm.

            Why should anyone be ashamed to call him what he is?

            You are confusing the hatred of a race for the hatred of an individual.

          • Clark Kent:

            It’s comforting to know that there are people in your movement who want an open dialogue to untangle this mess. That’s the first step both sides ought to take. As long as that impulse stays alive, there’s hope, and I’m sure the right people will find each other eventually.

        • Why would The Who’s side with a group that threatens to send them packing? I can’t blame them for flexing their considerable power to destroy white populations.

          If I were a Who I’d be subverting the whites 24/7

          • It seems counter-intuitive, but the more Jews help Whites, the more they would defuse the “send them packing” rage you cite. They should think, “disarm Whites by helping them.”

          • I appreciate your good will. I also would be delighted if a peaceful resolution could be found to this whole mess. Unfortunately, for me, it’s hard to imagine the Jews ever allying with Whites. If they maintained their hostility after WWII, what could ever make them give it up.

          • Lexi, the first thing I’d say is that not all Jews are hostile to Whites; just think of all the intermarriage that goes on. Also, the hostility that exists is often directed against some Whites and not others. I’m sure the Jews in WW2 were quite fond of the Whites who liberated them. Presumably, there’s quite a bit of indifference between the two groups. I think that’s generally the norm between races and religions. My take is that extreme leftism is the unifying feature of anti-White members of Western minorities, and as such is common among leftists in the media, academia and politics. I feel like the enemy is this extreme leftism that has taken hold of elites in various sectors of society.

            To answer your question, what could make some Jews give up their hostility is a recognition of the destabilizing effect it has on society when it’s institutionalized, and the inevitable backlash it will lead to against Jews themselves. Some Jews have the capacity to wake up from their own conditioning; some don’t.

            A number of Whites and Jews are trying to build bridges, but they don’t get much press. There are organizations like the ICCJ, the International Council of Christians and Jews. They describe themselves as an “umbrella organisation of 40 national Jewish-Christian dialogue organisations world-wide”. Maybe they can be useful somehow, in an Alt Right/JQ context.

          • The problem with what you are saying is that Jews really are not leftists in the classical sense. They are actually Social Darwinists. They believe that they are the cream that will naturally rise to the top. If they don’t, they are being artificially held down. i.e. oppressed. That is why they make common cause with other minorities with whom their own immediate economic interests directly collide.


            The Jewish left is literally nothing if not anti-Whiteness. There is literally no cause that it will not subordinate to the goal of White dispossession, not economic equality, not gay rights, not freedom of religion, not women’s welfare, not even children’s welfare.

            I acknowledge that there are some Jews who sympathize with Whites. I am very grateful for Stephen Miller, of course. I have a degree of sympathy for what you are saying. I am not a strategist, but I understand some have said you never want to corner your enemy and leave him with no way out. In any event, I am certainly not the person to talk to about this. It’s way above my pay grade. Again, I appreciate your good will, curiosity, and desire for dialogue. I wish I could be more optimistic.

            If you really think some sort of Jew-Gentile reconciliation is possible, it might be better to address it to them. They have been very aggressive towards the White majority. The burden is on them to call off the dogs of war.

          • I made the point a little farther down below that what appears to be anti-White animus is really self-preservation rather than malice. I don’t think most Jews are out to extract vengeance on Whites. I think they want to stay on top for fear that if they weaken, another massacre is just around the corner. History has been traumatizing and it’s led to neurotic behaviour on a wide scale. So you’re not wrong to point out the anti-White nature of leftist policies; I’m simply suggesting that a historically-informed fear is what drives it. Ironically, this leftism is short-sighted because it’s the very antagonism of Whites that runs the risk of a violent backlash. Someone needs to save irrational, terrified leftists from themselves.

          • What evidence could you possibly have for any of this psychiatric nonsense?

            How has history been traumatizing to the jew?

            What in any of their official writings would lead you to believe that the jew feels anything other than calculated hatred for gentiles? Have you ever worked side-by-side with jews?

            Have you ever considered that the brainwashing that you have been subjected to has prevented you from seeing the chaos that you are helping to create?

            It is absolutely absurd to see a person who is clearly in error, but be able to do nothing to convince him of his error. You simply cannot hear the angle of all your words. They all have the angle of propoganda.

          • Leaving aside for a moment all of this psychiatric language. Have you never asked yourself: Why would the jews have been the victims of so much hatred? For millenia?

            Can you honestly answer that question without resorting to more jewish psychiatric language?

          • Cryptic, I’ve mostly been ignoring your posts and I wish you’d ignore mine. You seem to be here to stir up trouble, sow division, and lay on the antisemitism to such a cartoonish degree that you stick out like a sore thumb. I don’t get the sense that a productive conversation is possible with you.

            “How has history been traumatizing to the jew?”

            That statement is so ridiculously, willfully ignorant that it’s proof you’re not debating in good faith.

            Is a man of your infinite erudition truly unaware of the Roman exile, the blood libel, the centuries of confinement to ghettoes, the reprisals for the Plague, the Inquisition, the many expulsions, the Russian pogroms, the trauma of WW2?

            If there’s even the remotest chance you’re for real, then clearly you’re the one whose brainwashing is so profound it prevents you from regarding the Jew as anything but a demonic, inhuman caricature, each one indistinguishable from the next. Therefore, you’re either a troll or an idiot. In either case, we have nothing to discuss.

            Please go troll someone else. I’m here for serious, good-faith discussions only.

          • I meant to add in my last post that while Jews are Social Darwinists, they are not consistently so. They cry foul when they get a taste of their own medicine (Nazi Germany), and of course they use aggrieved minorities as battering Rams against Whites when it serves their own group interests. However, it is a mistake to confuse this with sincere leftism. It is not that. It’s just ethnic warfare masquerading as concern for the weak and downtrodden.

            What do you do with that?

          • That’s a good point. Their book “Anti-Authoritarian Man” contains a special disclaimer that specifically exempts the jews from any implications and conclusions drawn in the book.

            They devise these pseudo-philosophies in order to manipulate others. That is why they take offense when anyone else shines the light on them. The fact is, the light was only meant to shine on you and I.

          • It’s probably a bit of both: ethnic warfare masquerading as concern, mixed in with genuine liberal idealism. It depends on the person. There are always diabolical masterminds and useful idiots/dupes in any political party or movement. A lot of young Jews holding up those signs saying “Refugees Welcome” might simply be programmed by their upbringing to think they’re doing a purely humanitarian thing, with images of ill-fated WW2 Jewish refugees in their minds. The brainwashing they’ve undergone prevents them from considering the chaos they’re helping to create. What often looks like malice could simply be the result of fear or brainwashing, leading to a particular kind of derangement syndrome.

          • No, that is a lie. And it must be called out. The “jews” are as a race hostile to whites.

            Are you out of your mind? Because someone intermarries, that does not indicate something about an entire race.

            The jews are the authors of political activism. They hide behind it as their racial emblem.

            Can you not see that you are bathed in their teachings?

          • That’s a kike. No goy.

            Who else comes to this forum and tries to divides whites among regional lines but a Jew.

          • lol. No Barnabas. I don’t have to divide anyone. It’s the truth that divides people when they refuse to accept it. Notice all the thumbs down when I so much as mention the jews and totalitarianism.

            Notice the immediate hostility. Try it yourself. Just mention the jewish influence in politics and psychiatry, and you will find that it inflames something in the jew educated mind. It is the sore spot that few are willing to talk about. Least of all the jews.

            And that is why this movement will never work as it stands now.

          • Everybody knows you’re kike, that is why you receive a thumbs down. Add to that your faux superiority and you have quite the combination of idiocy going

          • Oh yes, the bourgeois hero has discovered what men of all ages have failed to realize! The enemy was always…wait for it…extreme leftism.

          • Jews cannot simply choose to help whites. Where on green earth do you get this nonsense?

            You are utterly under the influence of some evil spell. They have bewitched you with their nonsense.

            Heaven help you.

        • This is the language of “individualism” preached by the jews throughout all ages.

          But I ask, Who will you be fighting alongside when the war begins?

    • Baldwin, I have read most of,your posts. You seem like someone with whom one can have a conversation. You state you have studied the Alt Right for a long time so presumably you understand our issues and our worldview. I would be interested to know what you would do in our situation. Dont argue with our worldview, just assume it and tell us your solution.

      • Senhorbotero, I wish I had the perfect solution to offer you. I’ve only got some thoughts. Spencer says his primary mission is to change the consciousness of Whites, so perhaps a corollary would be to change how Jews think as well, as a foundation for further action.

        I would appeal to Jewish intellectuals, leaders of various kinds, students, anyone who’s open to a meaningful conversation about this dysfunctional relationship, and who might be able to influence other Jews, to recognize that there’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed. You have the attention of people like Pinker for example, and even though he professes to “loathe” your movement, he would probably entertain a non-threatening discussion, and since he expresses admiration for your collective intellect, perhaps he can be educated on certain points, and in turn steer the discussion in a fruitful direction when he’s with his students and various other thinkers with whom he interacts. I can picture thoughtful people like that as potential conversation partners, as long as they’re approached with a Clark Kent “lets untangle this mess together” kind of theme, rather than a “the Jews are our misfortune” message. Approach the approachable by being approachable yourselves.

        Ironically, even though you’ve determined that Jews are your principal enemy, they’re the ones likely most amenable to change and to reason, given their intelligence and their aversion to repeating a certain historical trauma. Approaching them with recriminations and threats will have a predictably alienating effect, rendering conversation impossible and confrontation inevitable.

        Alt Right ideas have the potential to “red-pill” Jews, in a sense. Jews can be woken up and made to look in the mirror. Even though many Jews are immediately repelled by your ideas, some are thoughtful enough to recognize that extreme leftist tendencies cause rifts in traditional societies. Jews must be made aware of the cultural conditions of Weimar, not just the aftermath, to appreciate the parallels that exist today. Just the prospect of that particular history repeating itself should be enough to make some Jews hit the brakes on this out-of-control car.

        I suspect there can be a nonviolent reversion to the mean. Younger Jews who might join the ranks of tomorrow’s decision makers can be taught that certain thoughts and behaviors will cause friction in society. There needs to be a massive re-education campaign about the perils of the current path and the need to accept a more traditionalist society, with the understanding that rights and freedoms for all will continue to be respected. Religious Jews tend to be more conservative and traditional and thus would be sympathetic to a return to White traditionalism, so perhaps some inroads could be made on that front. They’re not the type who promote debauchery like porn or rap lyrics. I know you guys hate Ben Shapiro, but the more Jews and others are influenced by people like him, the less degenerate society becomes. Like you, he represents a reaction to extreme leftism, despite the differences you have with him. He strikes me as an example of Jews who want to hearken back to a saner time in society as well.

        Jews living in the West must be re-educated to understand that it’s more in their collective interest to ask themselves “Is it good for Whites”, not “Is it good for the Jews”. As long as Jews feel like they have nothing to fear from a society dominated by a benign White majority, it would make more sense for them to ask what’s in the interest of that majority. “Ask not what the White majority can do for you; ask what you can do for the White majority.” If more Jews and minorities entertained such thoughts, it would redound to their benefit. But it’s a bit of a lateral thought and not the typical way a group conceives of its self-interest. It will take effort to make people appreciate that helping the majority is equivalent to helping oneself.

        There’s a certain degree of tactical, short-term thinking among many Jews, I find. For example, a percentage of Jews cheered the effort to attack Saddam, but even though removing Saddam eliminated a short term threat to Israel, by erasing the Iraqi bulwark against Iran it also led to the rise of a Shia crescent which now threatens Israel more than Iraq ever did. Some Israeli generals warned about this at the time, but they went unheeded. It’s in the interest of Jews to think more long term and less tactically, and I’d encourage such thinking.

        Jews must have a serious conversation among themselves about some profound changes that need to be made, with a rising Alt Right movement in the background to imbue the conversation with urgency and focus. Ultimately, there needs to be a universal recognition that Jewish dominance of certain sectors is problematic and there needs to be some relinquishing of control.

        AIPAC must be either outlawed or its power neutralized somehow, and any Jews or Christian Zionists who wish to support Israel financially should do so with private funds. A military arrangement can continue to exist with Israel if it’s mutually beneficial, but not any degree of aid that could be construed as welfare.

        This sounds silly, but some kind of “nepotism czar” should be appointed to oversee various institutions such as Ivy League schools to ensure that Jews aren’t over-represented to the point of antagonizing others. People would inevitably complain that we’re returning to a draconian quota system, but that’s probably what’s required to prevent destabilizing imbalances.

        Whites should be incentivized to have more children, and efforts should be made to increase White immigration, such as from South Africa. Andrew Joyce described the Alt Right as a rescue mission, and that would certainly apply to SA. Other immigration should be reduced or put on hold for a while. Israel is only 74-75% Jewish; evidently, that’s enough for Jews to feel like they have a state of their own. If the White demographic in America could be restored to similar levels, or at least if the trajectory was clearly moving in that direction, that might go a long way to stabilizing the country politically.

        Trials should be conducted to determine if certain individuals lied the country into war, whether Jew or Gentile. Let the chips fall where they may. If a number of Jews are found guilty, and if the punishment is severe, the resulting deterrence should prevent a repeat of a similar debacle. Along those lines, people like Barbara Lerner Spectre should be made an example of. This is the kind of person who I believe is an outlier among Jews, not the norm. It would be wonderful if future Spectres could be deterred from engaging in the same behaviors. Of course, one obstacle is that large numbers of Whites are sympathetic to her ideas, even to the detriment of their own societies. When pathological altruism meets an opportunist like Spectre, the results are tragic. It must be impressed upon Jews that people like her represent a clear danger to their own community, because they spark resentment which will lead to a backlash.

        Whenever there’s a terror attack, moderate Muslims come under pressure for their failure to prevent such violence, and their fecklessness in the face of jihadi intimidation. Jews must face a similar pressure to self-police their community. It might start with Jews like Pinker or anyone else Jews will listen to, but the message should be directed at the Jewish community that a profound reorientation in their approach to White society is needed, and the worst actors in the community discouraged and marginalized for the sake of all concerned.

        My pie-in-the-sky hope is that, if this message is received and collective Jewish consciousness raised, it might reorient Jews to think and behave differently, perhaps even to the point where we might see the voluntary relinquishing of some degree of control with respect to various media corporations, movie studios, etc, with the understanding that it does more harm than good long term to the Jewish community to exert inordinate control, or even to be perceived to be doing so.

        This dysfunctional relationship can be fixed, if there’s a will to fix it peacefully and intelligently. I haven’t touched on other issues like minorities and crime, but this post is already so long-winded that I figured I’d just focus on the JQ for now.

        • Baldwin, thank you for considered and civil reply. I think your points are excellent. I consider the approach you defined as preferable to the current path upon which all parties are engaged. Nevertheless my sense is that the result you hope to acheive is highly doubtful, even as I fervently hope it might succeed. I have been raised a traditional Catholic and thus take a spiritual approach to this and look at it in the historic Catholic way.

          On one hand I see White Westerners and Jews as natural allies. Both people are highly intelligent, both are restless and both have a strong racial focus (well whites once did). Both have somewhat similar ancient peoples. As I understand it the enticement into Christianity was early on due to the similarity the early Europeans felt towards the Jews of the Old Testament. They identified with them. And both are people of law.

          The one area where White Westerners and the Jews have been at odds is that the Jews have a revolutionary tendency and whites tend to not. The historic Catholic position has been that this happened when the Jews rejected Christ and thus they doomed themselves to a history of trial and tribulation which may in the end lead to the final outcome or the Apocalypse. It is this churning and upheaval that Jews apply to societies they enter that is the cause of their unrest but after thousands of years of pursuing the same path they cannot yet see how their behavior afflicts them.

          Now paradoxically the Jews are one reason I tend towards Biblical writing as true. There seems to be something to this mythology of the Jews being the Chosen People since I see them everywhere at the center or at least involved in all historical actions. There is something swirling around them that keeps them as a primary actor in history. So it would behoove both sides to engage without subterfuge.

          The jews have made some terrible tactical mistakes that have put them in growing jeopardy. They turned against the Church which was paradoxically their strongest critic but their primary protector in the West. It took the Church a short time to recognize the problems Jews were creating in The West but for a long time they maintained that no harm should come to them. Ulitmately however the Church forced the Jews into an untenable position in which they had to convert or leave. It seems at this point that the Jews launched a strategy to destroy the Church amd thus left themselves no protector in the west which did not finally turn out well.

          Second the Jews began to subvert and control the institutions of the West. They have largely succeeded in this venture and in doing so have destroyed those who could have been their allies. They have now made of the west a weak, effeminiate, corrupt and degenerate place which is falling as we witness its inability to resist present invaders.

          And finally they are making a final and perhaps last mistake. As they have destroyed the West they have opened a pathway to other more hostile people to assume power. muslims have no misconceptions about the historical activity of the Jewish people and because Islam seeks static societies the Jewish revolutionary will not be welcome and will be destroyed without Western intervention. As well the Asians are rising and beginning a move towArds world dominance. Asian societies are historically about maintaining harmony. They are not open, they are not legalistic and they do not encourge dissent. An asian friend described Asian culture to me in this metaphorical way, “in the east when you see a peg rise up in the board pound it down.” This again will be highly detrimental to the Jews as well as the West if confrontation with Asia comes.

          I think the Jews see this later point rather clearly which is why they are pushing so hard towards globalization of Western values, even as they work to expand them into an extreme that is harmful which makes the target population suspicious and hateful toward the very values the Jews think will save them. (Witness Chinas recent move to restricting Western music and symbols). This is also why they are panicked over Trump. He represents a counter attack against their long term survivability.

          In the end I resort to the historic Catholic position that the Jews must repent and accept Christ before this ends and it may end badly for the entire world as technology now puts us in the position to fulfill the prophesy of the Apocalypse. Since by doing so the Jews effectively would eliminate their unigue status as a religious people they will continue to resist and thus will bring the world toward catastrophe as the forces of four cultures begin to clash and merge into warfare. I really do not know how the Jews can be so stupid but they persist and probably will continue as they have for all of recorded history. But let us hope that your approach could succeed. If it does not things will be ugly and not necessarily because of the alt right but because world dynamics are raising the risks to all.

          • Thanks, I’m glad you liked my post. I found yours very interesting too.

            You approach the issues of the day from a religious perspective, which I find fascinating and educational but I’m not sure it allows for a comprehensive assessment of all the factors at play. For instance, most Jews are secular nowadays and are probably indifferent to both Judaism and Christianity. They’ve largely drifted away from Judaism and probably wouldn’t be keen to replace it with what they might view as a similarly antiquated belief system best suited for ancient times. But I could be wrong.

            Moreover, accepting Christ won’t save Jews from those who target them on racial grounds. If every Jew in America converted tomorrow, would it win them any points with the Alt Right, whose ideology is racial identitarianism? It might soften tensions with individuals like yourself, but sadly much of the animus directed against Jews is racial in nature, leaving Jews no way out because race is immutable. Spencer himself has only a lukewarm regard for Christianity, so to the extent that he represents the essence of your movement, Jewish conversions wouldn’t achieve what you hope they would.

            Your comments about the rise of Islam and Asia and what such developments would mean for Jews are very thought-provoking. Pre-Israel, Jews had less to fear from Muslim rule, but given a century of Arab-Israeli conflict, Muslim rule poses a serious threat to Jews, not just because of any revolutionary spirit that might exist. This is why I never believed that most Jews in Europe would ever approve of inundating that continent with Muslim immigrants. It’s suicidal, not just anti-White. (Malmö is a case in point: the Jewish community there has been under seige for a decade.) It enhances my position that a very small minority within the Jewish minority is responsible, along with their White liberal allies. It’s that sub-minority that the Alt Right should focus on, not the whole race.

            In modern times, this revolutionary spirit is what people might call leftism, but not all Jews are leftist revolutionaries. These kinds of discussions don’t make room for all the ordinary people who just go along to get along. I’m well aware that many Jews aren’t possessed with a messianic drive to reshape society, and who haven’t done anything to weaken the West because they’ve had no such power or motivation. It’s with them in mind that I want the starting point to be what I described to you earlier: outreach to Jewish intellectuals and other influential people who do in fact have some power to shift things in a healthier direction.

            I look forward to hearing from you again in future threads.

          • Very interesting comments Baldwin. I have no experience with which to refute your points. In fact my association with Jews during my lifetime have generally been positive thus I hold no hatred toward them even as I am not at peace with them.

            What I now wonder based on your input is what then do Jews identify with if not religion. Do they in fact feel set apart. The only thing I can think, if their religion seen as tradition does not compel them then it appears that perhaps this gives credence to the genetic component argued by the alt right. If this is so then are we not at an impass.

            Surely it would be a rather simple matter for the Jews, who in the main certainly are indistinguishable from whites, to
            blend into white societies. It puzzles me then to wonder what exactly is the problem here and it leads me to a new proposition.

            Perhaps it is not the Jews at the core of these issues. I suspect it truly is the black population that causes all the anxiety. The blacks have never assimilated into white society and constantly act as a threat against it. Perhaps it has been the Jewish people acting on behalf of the black man and certainly to some extent using them to secure their own safety that reaches to the cruz of the matter.

            Let me pursue that no further at the moment though I think it may ultimately bear fruit if people began to address it.

            Rather let me ask you another question if by luck you read this. Why do you think the Jewish people seem so materialistic. Why do they pursue wealth almost singlemindedly. What is it about gold that attracts them. This may be another part of the problem as it is from this that we find ethical disputes and another aspect of the anger Jews feel toward them.

            And lastly let me say that I read the alt right more as a culturist then as an identatarian. I am interested in understanding the truth of what makes culture, what is going wrong and how do we save what we had. I take what I understand is the Evolian approach, that culture is about spirit more then anything else. The Alt Right takes the view that culture is about race and that is intruguing to me. Yet they cannot address the paradox of massive diversity among whites very easily under that context. And there is clearly as big a problem amongst rogue whites as their ever was with Jews though we both know the arguement there is that Jews turned them. I see evidence for that but still where was their susceptibility derived in the first place.

            All this is highly interesting and I am quite glad you have engaged them here in such a decent way and I think much can be learned here if people would divest from their hardcore assumptions and listen. We are heading toward the edge of the cliff rather swiftly and I do not relish the outcome. Thanks for your reply.

          • Baldwin, I just read the other of your posts. Just want to say you have done a very admirable job here and have clarified some of my questions already. You make very good points and leave one much to think about. I certainly prefer your approach and consider it would be wise for the alt right to shift gears now and embrace those open to dialog with them. It will take an almost complete rethink on their part but in the end by building alliances rather than destroying them they will better acheive what I hope is their primary objective of saving the culture and peoples of the West.

          • Thanks for the compliment. The Alt Right is very much about being uncucked and manly, so it goes against the spirit of the movement to seek dialogue with opponents. But everyone has free will to engage with his enemies as he chooses. Hopefully, some will opt for a less confrontational path.

          • I guess Jews who aren’t religious identify with some of the same things other non-religious people do. It depends on the person, probably. People can find fulfillment in many different ways.

            Conventional wisdom in the Alt Right says that Jews take cover behind blacks against whites, but I’m not sure I believe it given that there’s a lot of anti-Jewish resentment in the black community.

            The stereotype of Jews is that they’re materialistic but the reality is more nuanced. There are plenty of Jews in low-paying jobs, despite the image of the Jew as rich or greedy, which is a caricature that dates back centuries.

            “The Alt Right takes the view that culture is about race and that is intruguing to me. Yet they cannot address the paradox of massive diversity among whites very easily under that context.”

            That’s very true and Spencer tries quite hard in every debate or interview to play down the differences among whites and emphasize the similarities. But the differences are real and keep surfacing, causing tension.

            I’m sorry I can only touch briefly on your points right now, but perhaps we can continue in a future discussion.

    • This is nonsense. What would be interesting is to see how many of these tweets were written by the CIA.

      To correct your first error. You use the jewish sociological language of totalitarianism. The notion of jewish holocaust was a hoax. That has been well established. Hitler expressly forbid that harm should come to any jew. David Irving has done excellent work on explicating and proving that very point.

      You are appealing to the lowest impulses of this movement (if it can be called a movement) in order to attack it. That is unjust.

      Among other jews, Adorno and Horkheimer developed the science of sociology to capitalize on a long series of exploitative wars and fear mongering among gentiles. In their book, entitled Anti-Authoritarian Man, they created what they called an f-scale, the “f” standing for the word “fascist.” This scale was meant to measure the potential for totalitarian tendencies. Interesting isn’t it that “totalitarian” meant anyone who honored soil and tradition and God?

      A jew is a jew is a jew.

      And yes, they do most definitely have a monopoly on evil “totalitarian” leanings. Why should we be ashamed to speak about it?

      • “Totalitarian” refers to dictatorial control and total subservience to the state, not soil or tradition or God. Therefore, totalitarian leaders can be either right wing or left wing.

        I’m also someone who believes that all the 20th Century atrocities happened: the Red Terror, the Holodomor, the Armenian genocide, the atrocities committed by the Japanese against the Chinese, and a genocide of Jews, Gypsies and others that came to be called the Holocaust. I don’t deny any of them, even if specific details can be called into question.

        Greg Johnson’s position is that the Holocaust happened but it’s not relevant to his struggle today. He makes the point that Whites should be free to pursue their own destiny despite the atrocities of yesterday. The impulse to deny makes people discredit themselves, and it’s not necessary when there’s virtually nobody alive today who’s actually guilty of those crimes.

        • No, you simply have a limited and incoherent understanding of sociology. Totalitarianism is a specific ideology invented by jews. They have never attempted to hide this fact. It has always from its origins referred to a very specific orientation toward nature and God.

          You are bathed in jewish nonsense. You need to free your mind from this filth. You will be better off for it.

          You might start by purging your tongue of words like genocide and holocaust. Stop bending to the will of your masters.

        • I’ve never studied revision and don’t plan to, because I agree with Greg that it doesn’t negate our right to self-assertion even if true.

          On the other hand, I will assume they are lying as long as they feel the need to put 90 year old ladies in prison for disagreeing with them. The truth doesn’t need that kind of cover.

          Look at all the bald-faced lies they have told: Trayvon Martin, Matthew Shepherd, UVA rape hoax, Duke lacrosse players, etc.

          On the other hand, I almost think it’s just as bad if they’re not lying, because how treacherous can you be to wake psychological warfare against a people that saved you from certain annihilation. Either way, it doesn’t look good.

          Seriously, you seem like such a nice person. You remind me of myself when I was first red-pilled. “This is all an unfortunate misunderstanding. We just need to sit down and talk it over,” I thought. I’m sorry to be so cynical.

          • Thanks for the kind words. As for imprisoning the elderly, it certainly looks harsh and excessive, but it might be done out of fear rather than deception. There’s real fear that the combination of hatred and revisionism could escalate into another outbreak of violence, eventually.

  • Speaking of totalitarianism, the Daily Stormer has been booted off two more domains this week, and can’t even be reached on Tor now. This is an absolute first; something about what Anglin does has the Deep State scared silly.

    You want to know if someone in the movement is a shill? See if they attack or support Anglin.

    I’ll give Spence a pass because of that ill fated Whitefish march lol. Nobody else though.

    • I tried to access an hour ago and was denied……..

      Didn’t know the Tor site is down also……..

      Just shows you how POWERFUL Anglin and the DS are……..

      Plenty of Black Panther sites out there spewing vile Anti-White Hatred/Violence on the Internet…….

      Do I want to shut them down??


      Nobody cares about these Black Panther Morons…….

      No one is intimidated by them………

      They are intimidated by the Alt-Right though………

      We’re highly intelligent and highly influential and they KNOW it………

      DS, Weev, and Anglin will not Surrender………..

      And neither will You or I or anyone else in the Alt-Right……….


    • Right. Anyone who criticizes any of the dumbass things in Anglin says or does is probably a shill. GTFO.

      • If any of you would present an honest argument against him it would be well received. Still waiting on one that doesn’t involve ad hominems, half truths and outright lies.

        • He counter signals genuine National Socialists and whines about optics, because everything is just a meme to clowns like him and his followers.

  • If you comment on and support but haven’t yet become a Plus Member…….

    NOW is the time to Step Up, Stop Talking, and Donate some Money for the Cause…….

    Richard Spencer is being Frivolously Sued by a Bunch of VILE Jewish Sociopaths……..

    I became a Plus Member a couple months back……..

    I never log in because Tor Browser doesn’t allow it……….

    But, I never became a Plus Member so other people could see ‘Plus Member’ below my username…….

    I could care less about that……..

    I became a Plus Member to Donate Money to and help Further the Cause………

    If you comment here, read articles here and agree with the Ideas and haven’t donated knowing the Financial Struggles this Movement faces……..

    Look yourself in the Mirror and ask yourself…….


    • Of course it was planned. The jew has been engaged in this for centuries. Read the Protocols. And don’t anyone tell me that the Protocols are not real. I have access to an old publication that is now mostly banned. Almost impossible to get your hands on. It is all laid out in that publication. They are real.

      Has it ever occured to anyone that jews are all practicing jews in the sense that they all share the same beliefs? Whether or not they go to a synagogue?

      This entire trope that Baldwin lays out about most jews not practicing the Talmudic faith, that’s all a fallacy.

  • “These laws operate together, combinatorially.”

    So true, and that is very convenient for our enemies, because it allowes them to take our grievances one by one, in isolation, and dismiss them as trivial, or at least not insurmountable. I’ve been following this movement for a long time, but I still learn new things about the way different facets of the anti-White system work together to debilitate our people.

  • “Like “hate speech” laws, these legal strategies are clever, albeit totalitarian and psychopathic attempts to create a closed society and to censor and debilitate the left’s (and the US power class’s) political opponents via the proverbial backdoor. On the surface, some of these legal policies and strategies may seem reasonable or at least defensible, but in the aggregate, as a system or a composite, their effects are insidious and undoubtedly meant to advance the totalitarian agenda of the Cultural Marxist left, which is precisely what they do.”

    It seems to me the courts shouldn’t be in the business of helping private parties undermine the First Amendment.

    At the very least, plaintiffs in these cases should be liable for attorneys fees. But like y’all are saying, that would presume some sort of concern for fair play and consistency. Normal people have to constantly remind themselves that the TL (totalitarian left) don’t have that.

    • The breadth & depth of 1st Amendment speech/association protections are amazing.
      They have saved Americans from so, so many evil attempts/ploys by the left to destroy us.
      Madison & Jefferson are geniuses. Geniuses. The 1st Amendment protection for free speech is the gift that keeps on giving. Curtailments of that right are pretty much always & everywhere crimes against humanity as far as I’m concerned. All the “human rights” BS I hear bandied about, all those protections for this & that in Europe, and yet the truth is most of it is nonsense. The right to free speech, like the right to life & the right to vote, is one of the few truly essential rights, yet globally one of the most neglected. Corrupt power structures loathe it & for good reason. Every democracy should have it in their constitution. Every single one. If Kaplan did somehow succeed in her sinister lawsuit against Spencer, it would raise serious 1 Amendment concerns. That wonderful amendment could ultimately rescue us once again.

      • Indeed. Part of what makes Trump useful to us is his ingenue. It’s just so damned refreshing to hear the truth when we’ve all been forced to pretend to see the Emporer’s magnificent clothes for so long.

        Mike Enoch was saying the other day with Jazz and Paul Kersey that he wants him to be bolder and thinks people are tired of the fakery and ready for the truth. I hope he is right, because if he is, an off the cuff remark or clever tweet could change the world.

      • I’m so jealous of your constitution.

        We have an implied freedom of speech for political matters only, this was a rare ‘gift’ to us by our High Court.

        There’s at least one kike on our that bench, but he’s quite young and will doubtless be joined by more.

    • A) If you are willing to do anything to get your way politically, you are a moral failure.
      B) If you are willing to sacrifice the truth for the sake of getting your political way, you are also an intellectual failure.
      C) If you are willing to do anything to get your political way, then you are also by extension willing to sacrifice the truth to get your political way. Therefore if you are willing to do anything to get your political way, you are necessarily both a moral & intellectual failure.

      • B) If you are willing to sacrifice the truth for the sake of getting your political way, you are also an intellectual failure.

        That’s called ‘lying’ — decisively a moral failure.
        Those who try to claim there is not objective truth do so in order to excuse themselves as moral failures.

        • Most people don’t consider certain forms of truth sacrifice “lying”. How about when we just distort the truth, or deceive ourselves, or omit something material?
          However, yes, it is something akin to lying & immoral. Of course many forms of “lying” & like acts, are also essentially intellectual failures, like failing to recognize one’s own deceptions or self-deceptions or letting one’s politics dictate one’s reason.
          But what is your point again? That I’m conflating moral & intellectual failures…?
          Interestingly, they are quite often interwoven.

          • Great exchange, this is the kind of stuff that sets pro-White boards apart from the rest.

            I’m with Spraguer in that I see no such conflict in the article.

          • Integral good: an Act is moral if all three of these are moral:

            Failing on any of these makes the Act immoral.

            Intellectual failure means succeeding on all three but failing due to lack of capacity or resource. This means intentionally decieving yourself is a moral failure — such as holding two conflicting beliefs simultaneously. Honest intent will seek to resolve these conflicts while dishonest will bend data and experience to fit his cognitive dissonance.
            This is clear I hope. Most important issues can be grasped even by simple intellects. Common idioms like — Birds of a feather flock together. — testify for the perception of reality by ordinary men. Most failure in society is moral.
            To add a digression:
            It’s easier for moder man to blame intellectual failure because to fix that you bring in a professor/expert, to fix moral failure you bring in clerics. Thus it is said modernity is technocratic and liberalism is said to be the rule of professors.
            In the past our lands were ruled by the following diad: warrior-class called nobility and clerics, this is sometimes referred to as clero-fascism my moderns.

      • It is difficult for a white man to do this, so it is difficult for one to acknowledge this in others.

        We seem to have a childish need to want to believe others, lest we somehow turn into monsters ourselves.

    • Yeah, Stalin was “committed to equality” too.
      As for “sincere” & “intelligent”, well that’s just ridiculous. Picciolini is no different than the whores that used to work for Harvey Weinstein. A soulless, shameless slave to his Judeo-Bolshevik overlords. At least blacks were forced into captivity.
      Nigs > Picciolini.

        • He “loves humanity”. Pahahahaha!!! What does that even mean? Good god. Funny how all the people who “love humanity” are communists, on some Jewish organization’s payroll, or both. Dude, why are you even here? You’re not fooling anyone. Loves humanity! Ha! That’s a good one. Where do you retards even come up with this crap?

    • Come back and let us know when Picciolini makes his world tour to explain to the Chinese that they need to end Chinese supremacy in China, and to Africa to end African supremacy in Africa.
      He’s only going after whites because it is profitable, and because whites tolerate unconventional speech and ideas.

      • Our enemies may regret all this talk about “white supremacy” being self-evidently evil. It’s really obnoxious to tell people they have no business being supreme in their own home.

    • Sorry, Jamal, I don’t speak jive. I’ve been around enough of you racially-confused mulattos to know that once you are of age and discover your first Jay-Z video, your life becomes a shambles of catchup – you insert the ‘homophone’ (bastardized) term of endearment, ‘nigga’ into every conversation to prove your street cred to the brothas, as you spiral deeper into your identity crisis.
      I don’t wish ill upon you, but I don’t wish you well either.

      • Sure you don’t. You’ve just called me “Jamal” (FYI, that’s not my name.) and stereotyped biracial people (Again, you’re just assuming I’m part African-American.) as lacking stable selves. That hate is waaay outside of the live-and-let-live Nazi-“cool” you’ve been told to project. It’s hard to guess which is worse – your hatred, your fear of admitting your hatred, or the fact that you weren’t autonomous in either scheme.

        • You call me white epithets like ‘racist’ and ‘nazi, which only white people can be, I’m gonna call you a nigger.

          How old were you when you were given ‘the talk?’ I’ve heard the same sob story again and again. It’s all you got. You have to tug on white heartstrings as your first and last resort.

          Lol did your grandmother (since you were raised by her) pull you aside and inform you of your blackness after you picked the white doll?

          • Anyone can be a racist, Weimar. And, how many Nazis would recruit an African-American? You don’t know what I look like or who raised me. But, I can guarantee you this – my upbringing was much better than yours was.

          • So basically, you’re confirming I don’t have white privilege because
            I was denied (allegedly) the luxury of an ideal childhood, while you did have that luxury….and you are mocking me for it.

            Your cognitive dissonance/suspended-disbelief betrays your zero-sum conspiracy theory about white dominance and minority oppression.

            You can’t win with me, boy. I effortlessly run circles around ‘big-brained niggas’ like you, who ‘talk white.’

          • You many not have much White privilege (I’m still not making any guesstimates about your overall lived experience.), but you have a truckload of entitlement. Irrespective of race of socioeconomic status, you really are expecting – and threatening to create – a NaziLand here in America. Any place for Jews or nonwhites in that society? Of course not. Nazism is an ideology that dictates the exile/extermination of all those people. By default, only Whites can be Nazis. They alone have the freedumb to be that sort of monster.

            You’re running nothing but your foul mouth, Weimar.

          • That’s just it. If anyone can be racist, and not just Whites, then it is not rational for a majority population to tolerate its own dispossession.

    • I’m deliberately going to hell just so I can torment you and Pinocchio for eternity.

      Something to look forward to.

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