Mass Brawl Breaks Out In Calais; Future Doctors and Engineers Make Unexpected Turn To Violence

The dust has settled on a massive riot at the new Calais migrant camp. All of these migrants are camped out in Calais to get into the UK. It seems to be possible, but not easy. Processing is slow and smuggling yourself onto a lorry has a low success rate.

I suppose the free gibs in the UK must be worth it though.

From the BBC:

At least five migrants have been shot during a mass brawl between Afghans and Eritreans in the French port city of Calais, local officials say.

Shot? You mean with a gun? I’m no Dragnet, but that seems to indicate to me that some of these “refugees” are armed, no? Is this a cause for concern for the police? Who knows. I realized a long time ago that I am just shouting questions into the wind – and that I can get into a lot of trouble for asking them out loud.

Four Eritreans aged between 16 and 18 are in a critical condition in hospital. It is not clear what sparked the fight at a queue for food handouts.

Hundreds of migrants have converged on the area in an attempt to cross the Channel to the UK.

A sprawling camp known as the “Jungle” was dismantled near Calais in 2016.

Well, that’s strange. They say it’s been dismantled. And yet hundreds of people are still waiting to cross into the UK in the same place where the Jungle was a year ago. Is this then a new camp? A helpful Afghan gave an interview in the article. He says, “Calais will never go away”. Well, that clears that up, doesn’t it?

Interior Minister Gérard Collomb said the violence had reached a new level. In total, 22 people were injured in clashes in three separate places.

This is the worst outbreak between migrants in Calais for months, and the use of firearms is a worrying escalation, the BBC’s Hugh Schofield in Paris reports.

Ah, well they are indeed worried. That’s a relief.

Migrant camp brawls are nothing new by the way. They have flared up every step of the way into Europe. This one was on the Macedonian border:

Lol, look at that White volunteer or journalist on the left.

The Calais camp, in particular, has had dozens of serious brawls over the years.

Funny enough, the French police have accused British anarchists before of infiltrating the camp and spurring the migrants on to commit violence.

Now, that’s an interesting little detail. Seems that Antifa is working overtime with their minority outreach programs.

By the way, the BBC provided a helpful video of the young doctors that are queuing up to enter the UK:

The caption should read, “think of the children.”

Sometimes I thank God that our enemies are so ridiculous. I’m talking about the BBC here. There is no way that a normal person looks at that picture and thinks that inviting these people into their country is a good idea.

So why would the BBC publish the picture? Idk, why would the Guardian publish this one?

Look into that “child’s” eyes.

A saboteur in their ranks? Or perhaps they’re just high on their own supply. Perhaps where we see an army of young enemy men they really do see doctors and engineers and school teachers…and twelve-year-olds.

I’m not kidding. The Guardian’s take on the same story talks about “injured teenagers”.

If they had any integrity they would be asking how these kids got their hands on guns and knives and what happens when they start playing with the other kids during recess should they make it into the UK…

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  • Send all these losers back to where they came from. It’s like with Syria a couple years ago. All the boatloads of military age males were ISIS fighters fleeing from Syria because Assad’s boys were putting the boots to them. That’s what all these “refugees” actually are, thugs that got stomped in combat by the real men. Same thing is happening in Libya now as General Khalifa Haftar’s patriots are killing EU and UN supported dirtbags and now all the dirtbags are setting sail for Europe. It’s the same story over and over. Send all these guys back to where they came from… I’m sure their countrymen will be very happy to see them again.

  • Literally, most of these “migrants” ancestors were wearing loin-cloths and chucking spears 100 years ago. Victorian England would have nNEVER predicted Britian would allow itself to be colonized by these stone age people.

  • Can the French Air Force accidentally drop some Errant Napalm Bombs on Calaise in a Training Mission or something already??

  • This mob picture, it’s not that they don’t understand, they understand perfectly what introduction of such scum into(previously) white british society will do, and they are giddy over it. Right in your face type of giddy, both willing race traitors and their joo handlers.

    (((Journalist))) is not human, (((media))) is a death sentence.

  • That last picture, that is one hideous future Quantum mechanics physicist. All of them are hideous to look upon.

    • One of the insults that our enemies use against us is that we are somehow mentally deranged based on psychological differences between liberals and conservatives. The part of the brain that deals with threat analysis is generally more well developed in us than in liberals. (((Their))) analysis of this fact is that we’re a bunch of grumpy Klingons. My analysis is that we haven’t lost basic survival instincts to bourgeois decadence, and that these instincts are even more relevant now than in the past. Hence, we decent people are naturally revolted by that which is indecent, while an ‘open minded’ libtard will try to coddle hideous ‘refugees’ and receive theft, murder and rape in return for their misguided pathological altruism.

      • As I have been telling folks, if liberalism is a function of inherited brain anatomy, liberals will hopefully soon be out of our hair thanks to differential fertility.

        • It won’t matter at the time, country will be swamped by shitskin “voters”. Useful libshit idiot is entirely disposable, that’s the genius of it.

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