The ONE Truth Jordan Peterson WON’T Tell You

WotW tells a tale of two gotcha moments involving Jordan Peterson. What does it mean to really practice what you preach, no matter what the cost?

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  • Peterson is very good with his message that young men need to focus on their careers and families. Remember Orwell, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. Well, even Peterson is a revolutionary in a society that has forgotten hard work and family ties and descended into degeneracy.

    Where he goes off the rails is his Autistic belief in individualism, which Richard Spencer and the Alt Right have mercilessly mocked. No one is to be proud of their grandfather, mother, nation, or community?

    Peterson is the most effective messenger in destroying the low hanging fruit of leftist shibboleths like trans rights. Let him continue to do this and ignore all the other noise coming from him. Our job is to keep eroding the much more difficult myths around which the left has built a cordon sanitaire, primarily the Jewish Question.

  • Perfect commentary. Absolutely perfect. Maybe we should give him some kudos because “I can’t do it” is more meaningful than we thought and he is right, he can’t do it. We can’t either. Why? It’s a perfect invitation to all normies to ask themselves why can’t he? Why can’t you? Why can’t anyone? What makes that question so special?

  • Interestingly, JP cucks on this issue – but his own Youtube chat with Ben Shapiro on the Dave Rubin show with hundreds of thousands of views was demonetised by Youtube – of course it’s Rubin who loses money on that. But it does show you the powers that be still hate you even if you cuck on the JQ!

  • Gay ex-Knesset-Israeli wants to censor Jared Taylor but to interview him: “Mr. Horowitz says Mr. Taylor’s arguments are offensive and should be censored by government, but refuses to say why they are wrong.”

    • As a descendant of German soldiers, I wonder where the Jews’ gratitude is, since Anglo-Americans destroyed the hated Hitler system and sacrificed millions of lives in the process. So that they now call white Americans, who want to stay white, “Nazis” and “racists” because they do not want to be displaced by migration in their own country.

    • The “Israeli” hypocrite says he would rather have a “mixture of races and religions”. Surela to “avoid a new Holocaust”. Where would religions ever mix?

      Devil comes from Greek diabállô, which means “to muddle up”. That is exactly what they do with races and religions. “Dia” means cross and “Ballo” means throwing.

      But “diabollo” also later also means “to slander/traduce” -> evil spirit, evil minded. Destroying the natural order, wreak havoc.

    • UGH.

      I’m tired of Taylorism. I had to turn that off 10 minutes in.

      NO ONE is motivated by facts like IQ scores. People are motivated by emotion. The Jews want all Jews, even dumb Sephardic goat herder Jews from the Middle East, to be allowed to come to Israel. Because Jews feel an emotional link with other Jews based on race and religion

      Remember how Spencer cut through the bullshit of Inclusion and diversity when he told that rabbi at Texas A&M that inclusion would mean the whole Middle East coming to Israel. THAT is how you shut up Jewish dissembling,

  • He told the truth: “I can’t do it”. And maybe, just maybe, this silence from Peterson can speak louder to ordinary people than any number of angry pronouncements on the JQ.

  • The first audience member tells Peterson about an English translation of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s ‘200 Years Together.’ Unbeknownst to most the book was recently released and can be purchased off of Amazon. It was and is very difficult to find due to an added pre-title. The full title is “The Crucifixion of Russia: A History of the Russians and the Jews. A new English translation of Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together.” It was translated by Columbus Falco, and is available in paperback and for the Kindle.

  • Peterson pissed me off when he wouldn’t give Trump credit for refusing to give in to media post-Charlottesville. Also weak on Israel & JQ. But other than that he’s got a lot to offer.. Awesome on PostModernism. (So is Stephen Hicks) Even Sam Harris attacks the PMs & will say we need to end muslim immigration & argued w/ a Black guy that the stats on police shootings show that White cops are not Racist & attacked BLM. We need many different weapons to win this War. Most people are not able to be red pilled w/out many small steps.

  • People like Jordan Peterson. Alex Jones etc are still useful, they can carry people 95% of the way to the truth.
    Imagine if they were to speak the truth, they’d be shut down in an instant and there’d be very little hope of ever waking up the masses.

  • A very chilling moment to see.

    I see his reticence to deal with the plainly spoken truth of at least one plain instance of Jewish ethnic hatred for “goy”, speaks to the fact that he speaks from a place of recognition of the costs of speaking out against Jews is still very high. He’s scared, and perhaps the question itself details why he should be.

    He is not willing to suffer the costs of Anglin, Spencer, et al and be deplatformed to varying degrees. – which could very well happen.

    He could have said a lot of things to dissemble the question, or the questioner, but he didn’t.

    Now, I cant read the mind of Peterson, but I sensed an opinion there, but fear to address it.

    He’s a smart guy, what he fears should be taken seriously. I think on this website this is a place where it is being taken seriously.

    I take it seriously, and while I dont have much to lose anonymously calling out the jew, i do so with impunity.

    I hope everyone will do so…we can mock him for not being brave, not risking it all – all the time — but at the same time we should promote the message of the questioner primarily. This is not really about some Canadian philosopher and his little overton window, the stakes are higher and the situation is larger than him and his movement. We realize that.

    PS I wish the whole book would be translated, has it been?

    • It took me a while but I think I found what you are looking for.

      It is a link to what looks to be a full English translation stored at archive dot org, which is actually one of the only sites that has not deplatformed almost all of the altright content (sound/video/etc) that has been ever stored there.

      Can you plesae tell me how to embed an image into a comment post? I have tried everything. Thank you!

      • Thank you – yes this forum is kind of a mystery on how it operates. Ive noticed vimeo links go turn automatically to video , and just a link to an image will automatically become the image (no controls or anything). Havent figured out how to get you-tube links to become videos to play….would welcome some guidance. Im hoping it gets published, Id buy it.


    • The Alt-Right does not get Peterson. Frankly they are wrong about him. Peterson scares the Jews more than any person alive. They fear that he’s the Christ archetype reborn. His refusal to answer just confirms he’s living by his own rule. “Try to tell the truth or at least don’t lie.” Notice he didn’t give some cuckservstive reply. He just refused to answer. He will have to give one in the future. First he has to get this “sorted out.”

      When you see Peterson is discussions with Jews, I notice they’re a little unsure of Peterson. They don’t quite trust him. This is why Shapiro, Harris, Ruben, and Weinstein keep so close to him (they don’t even require 30 pieces of silver).

      Peterson says truth is the Logos. It’s the best way forward. Logos logic, rationality, word, beauty, order. Who are forces of anti-Logos today? You can read about them in the Gospel of John.

      If Peterson really believes that the stories from scripture can guide us today, how will he read the Gospel of John after first reading “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” by E Michael Jones?

      That’s the conversation I want to see. A discussion between Dr. Jordan Peterson and Dr. E Michael Jones.

      I think Peterson is more “red pilled” than you think. If Trump is playing 3-D chess, why can’t Peterson be playing the game as well?

      I think Peterson will carry his cross against the Pharisees. I think he’s playing a very serous long game. He may even want to be a martyr?

  • We in the Alt-Right give a Voice to Nature……..

    In a way in which no one else does…….

    A Voice that needs to Speak and be Heard……….

    An Existential Voice that refuses to be Silenced………..

    We know we are Justified……..

    Our Enemies prove it every day………

    Jews are getting us Deplatformed, Doxxed, and Sued Financially in Court……..

    For Wrong Think/Speak……..

    Jordan Peterson is WHO??

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