Down With DACA

Submitted by Franz Strache

Recently it has been reported that President Trump is considering a grand bargain immigration deal. It would include a permanent fix to DACA (letting all these invaders stay) in exchange for his long-promised border wall. Considering that there was nothing more animating on the campaign trail to his supporters than The Wall, this deal is far from the type we were hoping Trump would make once in office.


The bill would provide a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children, known as DREAMers. The number of immigrants who could qualify would be larger than the group protected under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. That program covered nearly 800,000 DREAMers, but Miller said the new plan could protect up to 1.8 million people, which is “substantially larger than the DACA population.”

I would argue that ending DACA is more important perhaps than even the wall. While DACA originally allotted citizenship for 800,000 taco-americans, it has recently been expanded to incorporate 1.8 million illegals. This is more than twice the original number and can spell disaster for our people and our country.

First, most of these illegals would be receiving citizenship in the United States. Therefore they will be allowed to vote in our elections. Does anybody really think they’re going to vote for #Trump2020 instead of whatever anti-White candidate the left puts up against him? We are effectively sending 1.8 million more soldiers to the ranks of the enemy. Especially in Trump territory. This could potentially flip Arizona and Texas sooner than we anticipate. And don’t think Jose is going to vote as a “natural conservative”.

That’s just wishful cuckservative thinking.

The White House plan would restrict the practice of sponsoring relatives for green cards to “nuclear families,” namely spouses and minor children. That practice, dubbed “chain migration” by Trump and other critics, has long been the main source of immigration into the U.S.

Now 1.8 million sounds like a lot of people. But that’s a small number in comparison to the millions more that will make a run for the border afterward. While Trump is calling for a curtailed chain migration system, the next Bolshevik who takes office will easily reopen it. Even with it curtailed, it still will bring in millions more who are close relatives. So while your third cousins and crop picking uncle may not weasel in, we still could end up with a number five times greater than the 1.8 million entering the country.

Last but not least, the proposal for the construction of the wall is over a 10 year period. This may be my greatest concern. While Trump might sign into law today the construction of the wall, I can guarantee he won’t be able to see it through. Even if he wins in 2020, he won’t be there in 2028 to finish the job. And if he loses in 2020, then we will barely have the beginnings of a fence, yet amnesty will still have been given to millions.

The Alt-Right solution to DACA is to just deport them all.

Mexicans are pawns in the ((grand scheme)) for the demographic displacement of Heritage Americans. There is no compromise solution that we on the Alt-Right can support especially when we know that it means that the wall will not be finished, and these leaches will continue to enter our country by the millions. The only difference would be that we legalized what was already de facto happening illegally. All we have to do is look at the People’s Shithole Republic of California – the bastard child of Ronald Reagan’s amnesty idea – to see what will happen next.

If Trump makes the same mistake, this time it will be our entire country.

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  • If these dregs get their way it will have two up sides. They will drive us further into debt making it impossible to continue our empire or even contain us should we decide to stop being so civil. The 2nd is Trump’s base will drift much further right in extreme frustration having no hope left in the current system. If that happens, reach out to them using American Nationalism not some LARPy Dugin-ist/Neitcheian crap

  • Let’s pretend we woke up tomorrow and whites were 23% of the USA’s population. Guess what? We’re all dead by 2019… just look at the vote count by race. When I said this to my family, they all went Alt Right immediately. Even my weird sisters took their lip piercings out and started acting like women. How to fix the problems facing whites? All it takes is you. Don’t cuck. Just be white and you’ll be shocked to find out that you’re not alone.

  • As the lesson of China’s invasion by the Manchus makes clear, the tricky thing about a border wall is that you actually have to guard it. None of the U.S. ruling elite want to do this except maybe Trump himself, and he is the least permanent fixture of all among them. There will be plenty of opportunities for “whoops-I-gosh-darn-looked-the-other-way” moments, possibly while he’s still in power, and certainly after he’s given way to some progressive or cuckservative reptile. Ergo, 1.8 million pro-Democrat ‘sleepers’ in return for a border wall is what you might very kindly refer to as a bad deal.

  • We need The Wall, no DACA, and mass deportations of at least 30 million sewage-brown illegal aliens. In other words, all three. Demand it, or no second term for Trump.

  • “Government provides no solution.”

    Repeat this mantra 10 days in the morning, and 10 times after lunch, and 10 times after dinner (but not before bed, as you won’t sleep).

    Trump may or may not have been sent to herd the last remaining resistance towards the cliff. If you want to believe he wasn’t, still ask if you are prepared to let your own government destroy your country.

  • I completely agree, I would rather have the illegals deported than a facile wall that can be circumvented in too many ways. Maybe some kind of mandatory military service could be part of the deal if they are going to get free citizenship. Let these tacos be the cannon fodder for the warmongering Israel shills who dictate foreign policy.

  • We’re not making it another 10 years without a major world wide conflict.

    This whole thing is asinine, if we had a representative government our borders would be secured by our high tech military, antifa would be in jail, media and Hillary would have been publicly executed along with every single celebrity who has threatened our President’s life. There’s no misunderstanding here, no question about what’s good for America.

    But instead we have a thoroughly corrupted government and no wall is ever going to change that.

    Who even wants a wall, being trapped inside with 60 million messicans, feral negros everywhere and a government that wants us dead? *Not me.*

  • As to Trump’s amnesty cuck for 1.8 million illegal aliens, I say no way Jose! This a a bad bill as it doesn’t end chain migration until 2025 to 2027 and by that time the Democrats could regain control of all three branches and easily re-institute it. It doesn’t really end the diversity lottery….it just tacks on the 50K to legal immigration but they’ll be “vetted” or so we’re told. It doesn’t end birthright citizenship. It doesn’t impose E-verify.

    The (((devil))) is in the details.

    Amnesty for DREAMers was never part of the deal so Trump either lied to us on the campaign trail or has caught a serious case of Potomac fever or the Javanka flu.

    Trump has reiterated his willingness to sign this bill, so I don’t think this is 4D chess. This is a flaming turd that solves almost nothing.

  • Jews are calling chain migration or clan migration “family reunification”.

    If it’s so crucial to unify families, doesn’t it make more sense to send the immigrants back than bring all their kins here? So much easier and far less costly.

    If someone has 100 family members in Nation A but he has moved to Nation B, which is easier to bring about for family unification? Send that one guy back to Nation A or bring 100 in nation B to Nation A?

    Also, if it’s so crucial that a family should stay together, why did he leave his kin in the first place? If he’d stayed put, he would be with his family. No need then to unify his family.

    Also, if it’s so important to maintain family ties, why isn’t it important to maintain national, cultural, and historical ties? When people of Nation A move to Nation B, there’s a good chance that they will lose the identity, culture, customs, and language and just become interchangeable units of consumers.

    Now, if we should reject culture as ‘essentialist’ and just see people as atomized individuals whose lives revolve around hedonism, why is the Family so important?
    And since when have progs cared about the Family anyway? They’ve praised single-motherhood and said that children don’t need fathers to grow into healthy people. So, if children don’t even need their own fathers, why do they need to be united with their families and kinfolk, all of them?

    This is all about seeking a beach-head for invasion. Get one in and use him as spearhead to push more in. All invasions happen this way. Few get in, set up a beach head, and then others also arrive and keep expanding.

    • I’m going to dumb this down to a totally different level… we didn’t separate any families. The immigrants who came here without their relatives did that on their own. “Family Reunion.” Put a middle finger to that shit.

  • Anything involving amnesty is cucking. I admit, part of me just wants to end chain migration, the lottery, and build the wall in exchange for amnesty – but no. Deport them all, not just DACA babies, but all the illegals. Put a big middle finger in the left’s face and tell them: GTFO.

  • It’s damn near Mexico already here in the SW. I personally won’t settle for anything less than Operation Wetback 2.0. Trump’s a fool if he thinks the average white would lose sleep over millions of Mexicans being deported. “Criminal” or not, it was a crime to sneak over here illegally. Ofcourse, the media, cuckservatives and libs would freak out. As well as his “ratings” suddenly dropping.

    Some whites are cucked over Mexicans, but not as many as they’d have you believe. A middle aged white guy actually told me the other day not to call them Mexicans only to use Hispanic. I just stared at him and preceded to say Mexican and illegals multiple times in the preceding two minutes.

  • Well-stated. Giving up the ability to deport illegals in the here and now in exchange for something in the future is a mug’s game–Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown yet again.

  • Over 10 years wall could succumb to death by a thousand compromises vis-á-vis elections, defunding, administrative maneuvers, etc. He should have used wall as tool to get stronger concessions.

    Chain migration is disappointing — work through entire backlog? Seriously? Marginal hope is for administrative end-around — retroactively apply new points based system to the way these family-visas are assessed?

    Expand DACA to include all of those who would have been eligible? But, why? Reagan 2.0 in exchange for a wall constructed of gilded questions marks.

    Even in weakened form end of chain migration is a must have. Mandatory e-verify also needed.

  • One reality on the border that most people are unaware of is that – as immigration law is currently interpreted – the United States cannot simply refuse entry to an illegal crossing the border. Even if they see him about to cross, the Border Patrol has no legal authority to say, “Stop! You cannot enter United States territory, and we are authorized to use whatever level of force is necessary to keep you out.” In other words, the USA must allow anyone who wishes to enter this country illegally, to enter this country. Only AFTER he has crossed the border can the illegal be taken into custody (if he is caught). And only in the case of adult, male Mexicans can illegals then be rapidly processed for “expedited removal.” (Unless he claims refugee status, which then requires a long, time and money consuming process that may, or may not end with his physical removal.) But for all other categories, all women, all children, and non-Mexican adult males, the odds are that the illegal will NOT EVER be deported, but eventually released into the interior of the USA, in the custody of “relatives,” or various refugee and migrant sponsor organizations, like the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, or similar groups run by the Lutheran and Catholic churches (all funded by US taxpayer dollars).

    It is important to note that this situation at the border – this inability to simply keep invaders out by physical force – existed before Trump, and it has not changed under Trump. Don’t be misled by the guns Border Patrol agents carry – they are only for personal defense, or the defense of another agent, from physical attack. Even if the wall is built, any non-Mexican male illegal who succeeds in scaling it or tunneling under it or going around it or blowing a hole and going through it cannot simply be deported.

    Years ago, when an Israeli infiltration security expert was touring the US border he was asked what was the single most effective measure to prevent illegal crossings. He replied, “You must be willing to use deadly force, and they [the illegals] must understand that.” He added that without a credible threat of deadly force, all other measures – walls, arrests, detentions – would fail.

    Does anyone think the U.S. Congress will allow the Border Patrol to use deadly force?

  • This so-called deal is a convenient way for Trump to renege on his core campaign promises and continue to give away our country. It makes me sick and want to vomit. If I were to make a deal like that for my business, I would fired next morning.

  • Yeah, the DACA dirtbags have to go. Even if chain migration is ended, it doesn’t mean
    that some future lefty President, and there will be one, can’t reinstate chain migration
    for the DACAs. Also the supposed 10 year time line for building the wall is unacceptable,
    it has to be built faster.
    Deporting the DACAs will also discourage future brown invaders. So I’m hoping that
    Trump is demanding so much for DACA amnesty that the Democrats will turn the deal
    down and as of March 5, 2018 the deportations begin, notwithstanding some 9th circuit
    (((tribal member))) judge who might try and block deportations.

    • 10 years is “too slow” for a two-thousand mile, 25+ billion dollar wall? I don’t think so. Even if we could build a wall — AND WE CAN’T — that timeline is realistic.

      • The US military could be marched to the border and each soldier dig a ditch 10 ft long by 2ft wide.

        They could even stick you in the hole and fill it in.

      • You have no idea what you’re babbling about, with America’s resources it could be done in a year. If the political will were there.

        Even faster if we use these invaders as slave labor. They are good at building. 200 miles divided by 60 million invaders… The calculation is a simple one.

        For White men anyway.

        • For the mathematically challenged that works out to about 2 lineal inches of wall per invader. So a team of 6 messicans have to build one foot of wall.

          Easily done in one year.

          • Yeah, and all we’d have to do first is nuke the 13th Amendment. If you think we’ll do that, I’ve got a 25-billion dollar wall to sell you.

  • I think he has to make some kind of offer. A path to citizenship should not be part of it. The right to stay and get citizenship for their anchor babies is more than generous enough. The Dems should be forced to show that they are trying to stack the electorate and are willing to sacrifice the “dreamer” they pretend to care so much about in order to accomplish that goal. A path to citizenship allows current politicians to profit politically from their treachery.

    BTW Without White women putting our people ahead of the sisterhood as our (((Globalist))) overlords intended, we’re not even having this conversation.

    You’re welcome.

    • Here you go again. Which white women are you speaking of? I’ve never met one and I’ve both had and met my fair share of white women.
      Do you mean the 33 YO+ white women who decide to settle with Joe Schlomo and pop out 2 of his low quality genetic anti-specimens.
      You certainly don’t mean the 99% of young fertile white women gargling semen out of the teeth this morning.

      You need to drop the b.s. The work to be done in regard to our women is extensive and hasn’t even begun, not in the slightest.

      • Look Barnabas. The facts are these: Non-college educated White women voted 64% for Trump. College educated White women voted 44% for Trump. What that tells me is that the problem isn’t White women, but the (((universities))) and their White guilt propaganda, which nonetheless, almost half of college-indoctrinated White women shook off and voted for evil, racist, fascist. Nazi, White supremacist Donald Trump anyway.

        Still, even if everything you say about women is correct, the simple fact of the matter is that we came through in the clutch and bought you some time. If you are actually stupid enough to think that the best use of this time is to go around attacking White women, then high IQ or not, you are too stupid to carry on existing. Moreover, if you don’t see a scheming schnoz behind this whole Woman Question kerfuffle, then you need to just go crawl in a whole and die because you are a fucking moron.

        The end.

        • try to understand that we are not in the phase of rebuilding our bonds yet. we need to be angry. be a nationalist, not a woman nationalist. our women did come through because they know we will come through for them but look what they are doing to europe. not worth touching the subject

          • Then tell the men to stop attacking us. Didn’t French women turn out for Marine Le Pen?

            White women saved the alt-Right. If Hillary had won, we would be staring down the end of the First Amendment.

   shut down.
            Amren shut down
   shut down

            Our people going to prison for speaking up for us. This is what the (((Globalists))) thought they had in the bag. They are not pleased with White women, and they will not forget.

            I am a White Nationalist, it’s these MGTARDs who have another agenda, and you very well know it.

            But by all means, if you think continuing to attack White women is the best strategy for our people right now, keep it up. I will not mince words. The MGTARDS attacking White women are saboteurs at worst and dupes at best. If I get bullycided off this site, at least I’ll have spoken the truth.

          • How about you tow the line. Accept and admit that white women need to be placed back under the firm hand of White Patriarcy and nobody will “attack” you.

            Admit that having a white society where the majority of 16 to 28 year old, fertile white girls sleep around endlessly with no intention of reproducing themselves is harmful to our race. Admit that what you did in your younger days was against our race and not ” just a part of being young girl, hear me roar”

            Admit that unless AR and WN men accept the realization that the leash needs to be placed back upon the She-beast we will NOT see the fruits of the 14 words.

            But, the pertinent question Lexi, is can you?
            Can you accept and admit all these things and quit counter signaling or are you just a product of cognitive subjectivity and sexual hormones? I hold to the latter but some may disagree.

          • I got married in my early twenties. STFU about my personal life. It’s none of your business.

            You have a window of opportunity. There will be plenty of time for thot-screeching, gang-rapes, scolds bridles, or whatever other sadistic revenge fantasies you have about White women.

            For now, ho attack our enemies or you might as well be one.

          • You’re so full of shit. The only men who buy into what you spew are the ones who have no hope of affecting any change. Cucks.

            I’ll give you your wish though. Once white sharia is in effect I’m gonna sell you to the Persians.

          • The real question is whether MGTOWs are going to engage in a little intellectual honesty instead of acting like women must help them implement some sort of adolescent GOR fantasy before they can be what they think are real men.

            Contrary to what you post, you really don’t want to reinstitute a White Patriarchy or you wouldn’t be here trying to make it so repellent to any and every Aryan who would instinctively on a cellular and genetic level find the White knockoff of Semitic Sharia you project vile and repulsive.

            I am less afraid of the expectations a White Aryan Patriarchy would impose on women than you are of the responsibilities such a system would impose on men, i.e. that of providing for a wife and children or face social ruin, much as the way it was before Hugh Hefner and birth control liberated your grandfathers from such a system.

            My only problem with a White Patriarchy is that it would preserve certain self-destructive elements within the White gene pool that are holding our people back. There are simply Whites who should never ever have children.

            Thus, MGTOW and the Feminazi Cat Ladies, for that matter, provide their own eugenics service to our people. Whites will end up smarter, leaner, meaner and much more socially intelligent and racially cohesive without them.

            We need to not only absolve FCLs and MGTOWs of all responsibility, but encourage them to remain single and childless, so please feel free to not only accept but embrace your limitations. No need to politicize them in order to justify your existence.

          • I explained above. The J-left wants hate speech laws. Clinton would have appointed sympathetic justices and that would have been the end of this movement.

          • Lexi, I think you will feel better if you remember that the various plagues which afflicted Europe in the Middle Ages had to cull the White race almost the point of extinction before it could experience the Great Renaissance.

            Look to MGTOWs themselves (and internet porn) as providing a great eugenics service to the White race and anticipate an awesome future for our people with as great an optimism as I do. These effects are already manifesting. I’m very impressed with some of the young men from the Millenials and the generation following. They have their shit together.

            The biggest flaw of our race is our lack of social intelligence which is vital to the racial cohesion necessary to our survival. Thanks to the MGTOWs only the socially intelligent will have children, so let them do their good work without interference.

            We need to focus on financial literacy in the meantime.

        • Don’t try and sell this bullshit to me. I’m an accelerationist. Do you know what that mean? It means I think that having another eight years of Libtard rule would be the best thing to wake up White folk. So I don’t give two s…ts that’s Trump won election. The fact the all those Independent pent, career girls voted for trump was not because they’re are worried about the future of white children, it’s because they undertsand economics and they want to keep more of their money to spend on useless consumer items.

          You should shut your mouth on these forums, attempting to convince everyone that white women are fine. That the majority does not slut it up in their fertile years. That a sizeable amount does not try out nigger and spic dick. That they don’t wait until post 30 to decide to finally have white children, after their eggs are soiled, and with some weak beta provider.

          I see a scheming kike behind this “white women are goddesses” bullshit. Anyone who falls for it is no different than the leftist useful idiots. Anyway, I’m talking to a brick wall with you seeing as you’ve already admitting taking dozen of dick in your young days, only to decide you want to reproduce once the wall hit you. So young white women wasting their fertile years riding the cock carasol is completely acceptable to you.

          So tell me, who exactly is against the interest of our race and the future for white children, Lexi?

          • As if my fucking personal life has anything whatsoever to do with whether or not attacking White women after we handed the (((Globalists))) the first major reversal they have seen in generations!

            OK. White women are filthy worthless skank whores!

            Feel better? Will you shut the fuck about it now?

            Again, we saved the First Amendment, and therefore the alt-Right from Hillary. If we’re loyal to the sisterhood and the coalition of the fringes, we sure have a helluva way of showing it, don’t we. Don’t think for one second they weren’t coming to shut down this movement after Hillary got a couple more Jews and/or non-Whites on the Supreme Court. Yet all you can think to do is go off on us.

            Like I said, you just can’t fix stupid. Do you want to survive or not? Decide!

          • I’m done replying to you for today, let alone wasting my time reading anymore of your nonsense. All this endless shrieking against White Patriarchy only proves to the men on here that y’all truly never change nor reform.
            Refer to my comment below.

          • More transparent sophistry. I haven’t done any shrieking about White patriarchy whatsoever.

            All the shrieking is coming from the MGTARDS.

          • All you do is shriek. Any time somebody says that white girls’ behavior is unacceptable and needs to be changed you cry” Mgtard, rapist, wife beater!”

            Stfu Lexi, you’re a little whore. It’s not hard to figure out

          • OK. White women’s behavior is unacceptable and needs to change.

            The horse is dead. Isn’t your arm tired?

            You are doing nothing but harming this movement by constantly bashing women.

          • Now you just need to quit counter signaling every day.

            And where are all these AR women?
            Nowhere to be found, do you know why?
            Because they will not join us until we either have enough power to make their panties wet or we force them.

            Your inability to acknowledge your fellow females’ behavior as well as your own harm this movement.

          • Maybe you’re right. If you’re civil, they might still not come. I do know this. If you don’t stop being so spiteful, they for sure won’t come. That of course will be used as further evidence that White women can’t be reached. Set up a self-fulfilling prophecy, then use the fulfillment of the self-fulfilling prophecy to justify continuing to be an uncivil douchebag for no reason whatsoever. Convenient.

            If you get the impression that I have an agenda, you’d be right. I don’t come here to socialize. I’m tired of having to come here and babysit. I have my own little boys to take care of. I’m about done with this. I have done what I can.

          • The Right is cruel and spiteful. That’s the point you silly bint.

            But it’s also honorable and straightforward and ultimately optimal.

          • If we’re so honorable and straightforward, why should I play along with obvious bullshit? If I were one to do that I wouldn’t be here.

          • They won’t come until we have real world power. I’m convinced that this forum is filled with a lot of weak, socially awkward white men. They have a “my shit doesn’t stink” vibe to their comments. Realizing this, I will say that I’ve decided to step off this forum and will focus the energy I use here toward my real word WN endeavors. This should give you some relief as outside of WR, who has throttled back, I’m the only one to put you in check.

        • I think only 55% of white women voted for Trump. Non-college educated women are definitely less brainwashed and feminist than their college educated counterparts, but they still get their dose of Jewish mind bending via Hollywood movies, TV shows and the various womens magazines like Cosmo and Glamour.

          The 55% should be 80% like other racial groups, so non-college educated women still have a ways to go.

          • Absolutely right. Whites are the only group that vote like this. Husbands, fathers, and brothers who are woke need to do their part and explain to them in clear terms that voting for stupid ideas like equality, globalism, etc., is a vote against their own good. My wife used to vote both ways, and the tactic I used to fix that was show her how other races vote. Then I said, “and you think they care about you?” She’s squared away now, as are my two sisters that used to vote Dem.

          • We really need them to block vote in November. Everyone needs to realize that we need change right now, like 10 years ago. In another 25-30 years, it’ll be too late. Let’s not wait to find out. Race voting is the answer. I feel optimistic that enough whites get it now.

          • Pretty damned effective Richard .
            Mostly because it is a practical and direct method, no endless discussions about generic liberal or conservative principles .
            Instead it goes straight to the heart of the matter , the bottom line truth:
            Self survival.

          • That is a function of the fact that minorities block vote more consistently than Whites. Even white men only votes 63% for Trump, nowhere near the 88% of blacks that voted for Clinton. We are divided, because we are more likely to vote our perceived economic interests. Only majorities do that; it is a luxury we can no longer afford.

            Kevin McDonald has called the ongoing coalescence of Whites in the Republican Party the “racialization of American politics.” This should continue among White women as we’ll a Separate white men, unless they are deliberately driven away.

          • Considering that the vast majority of normies, male and female, get their information from the (((Mainstream Media))), 55% of White women voting for Trump over leftist bitch goddess, Hillary, is pretty damned good news.

            What I don’t understand is that 35% of White men against Trump for Clinton. That should be more troubling to this board, because if 100 percent of White men had voted for Trump, he wouldn’t have had to make all these compromises with establishment RINOs and Neo-Cohens wouldn’t be running our foreign policy.

            Women in good relationships with men tend to defer to their partner. If White men presented the same united front that Black men do, then White women would have voted lock-step with White men the way Black women historically have with Black men.

      • If you only know garbage white women it’s because you are a garbage white dude. People mingle with their kind. You are showing your low caste with trenchant phrases like “99% of young fertile white women gargling semen out of the teeth this morning.” That’s what happens when you attend a 19th tier university to major in social studies and drop out freshman year to work at a bar and nazilarp on your breaks and fuck the coyotes lingering after last call. You are a nigger in spirit.

        • I never went to college. It was too soft for me. Spent those years working, stacking money and became self educated. I also slept around, a lot. I’ve had white women from every socio economic background and let me tell you something Derek, if you have a girlfriend then she is undoubtedly fucking one or three other guys behind your back. Maybe you’ll wise up or maybe you enjoy the thought. But I will tell you that if I catch your gf at the bar and if she gives me the eyes, which she will, I’ll stick it in her. I need something to keep myself occupied in between gearing up for the Big Show.

        • Hey Derek if you’re going to call me a nigger in spirit then you need to back it up.

          Email me
          I’m in Phoenix AZ and I will wipe the floor with a soft boy like you.

          I have 500 dollars for a plane ticket.

          Or is fighting only something niggers do.

  • This “deal” is not even close to acceptable to his base. His proposed plan doesn’t even end chain migration until 10 years from now and doesn’t include e-verify. Also, although the least important among the problems with this plan, it only repurposes the damn diversity visa lottery recipients to some other purpose. Why are these 50k free green cards to foreigners so goddamn important? We all know that the wall would either never be finished or never be built with this bill, and that 10 years from now when the end to chain migration is finally supposed to kick in, whoever is running the country at that point would not implement it. The only thing that will ever be implemented is the amnesty. This deal is not acceptable.

    Still holding out hope that Trump has something up his sleeve and this is just a ploy to expose the fact that the Democrats really don’t care about the DACA adults. He has said things on immigration that have made me furious before like during the publicized bipartisan meeting a few weeks ago, then he blew it all up within a few days. It isn’t over until he actually signs something.

    • well if 1000’s dont get locked up this month from the memo, anyone not talking about plan b might have to be considered a coward or shill

  • To be fair, I don’t think he could get a much better deal while keeping the peace. Globalists are so deeply entrenched in US politics that the best you can hope for is a mildly civic nationalist solution. Truth is in past eras we would have been grabbing our weapons to forcibly reset the system a long time ago.

      • I don’t understand how anyone who describes themselves as Alt-Right can begin to believe that Donald Trump provides any kind of hope to those of us who want to preserve the White race and Western Civilisation.
        He is an opportunist who adopted a populist stance because he knew that the general public were incredibly frustrated with the tweedle dee and tweedle dum choices they were being offered. Like all populists he provides the right soundbites to whoever he his speaking to at that moment in time.
        He will come and go like all previous snake oil salesmen do.
        Then the establishment will be back to business as usual.

        Those on the “right” fall for this bullshit all the time.
        I remember many racial nationalists convincing themselves that Nixon or Reagan “knew the score” and just had to be careful not to enrage the establishment machine. They would finally come through and do the right thing.
        How naive can you be!

        This happened in the UK too.
        Many on the right thought Thatcher would turn things around.
        She made statements about how the general public were rightly concerned about being “swamped by immigrants”. Many on the right hoped (deluded themselves) in to thinking she would actually do something about it. Unbelievable!

        These creatures (including Trump) are all part of the existing establishment.
        They are not going to really change anything.
        They may fight like cats and dogs from time to time but it always ends up about maintaining the status quo.

        The solution (if it comes) must come from outside the establishment.
        And sadly, true revolutions rarely ever come about peacefully.

        • He’s been very good at herding.

          That said, white people are so desperate for anyone close to a patriot that it possibly wasn’t that much of a task.

          Government provides no solution.

      • Overturning Brexit would be optimal.

        Final nail in the credibility of democracy. If we are to be a dictatorship the only question is who gets to dictate.

        • Unfortunately, I think they’ll be able to do it in a way that makes it look plausibly legitimate to enough normie that they could pull it off. Of course, that is less likely now with the alt-media.

      • Brexit was sabotaged from Jump Street … Exhibit A picking that English Cat Lady, Theresa May, as their Prime Minister. This struck me as odd, because the Brits were all fired up by some Donald Trump-like figure named Boris Johnson who then faded into the woodwork once it was done rather than lead it as would normally be expected. Whaddup wit’that?!

        Germany was the big kid on the block and pretty much ran EU monetary policy, but it was all for naught with that East German Cat Lady, Angela Merkel inviting the snake in and putting it to Germany’s bosom. May is still on board with Merkel’s Muslimification of Europe. I honestly think that Merkel opening Europe’s legs …. er … borders to “Syrian” refugees from countries all over Africa and the Middle East is what made Brexit possible. May’s election made Brexit pointless.

        Yes, I guess I am singling out the women but they are the most emblematic of Europe’s larger and most disturbing problem. Aside from a few figurehead royals, none of the elite or the wannabes, for that matter, are producing any White offspring. And these royals are all trying to outdo themselves in virtue-signaling. None of them feel complete without a Black daughter-in-law to show off.

    • watering the tree is the only way it will get done anyway. no point giving them anymore entrenchments. this house of cards is easily toppled with a few 1000 ready to march for the hot gates

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