Alt-Right Almanac, February 1, 2018

Statue of Charles XII pointing towards Russia in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, Sweden

Here is the Alt-Right Almanac for Thursday, February 1, 2018.

On this day in 1713 Ottoman troops attacked an encampment of Swedes at Bendery, now Bender, in present-day Moldova. Before Hitler at Stalingrad and Napoleon at Moscow, Charles XII of Sweden had seen his greater imperial fortunes crushed in June of 1709, at Poltava in what is now Ukraine. After his army was routed there by a Russian force led by Peter the Great, Charles fled with what remained of his troops into Ottoman territory, where he lingered for several years as an exile. His welcome among the Ottomans apparently ran out at Bender, where his force of a few hundred was suddenly set upon by thousands of Ottoman soldiers. Charles was captured, but not before hours of fighting, during which he killed at least one Ottoman with his sword in hand-to-hand combat. Upon his release Charles began planning his return to Sweden.

The Skirmish at Bender, Charles Édouard Armand-Dumares, 1877

It’s the birthday in 1969 of journalist Andrew Breitbart in Los Angeles, California. Breitbart was of Irish-American descent but was adopted by a Jewish couple when he was three weeks old. Theologically he was agnostic, but he attended Hebrew school and had a Bar Mitzvah. The notion, introduced to him in college, “that the Israelis were somehow the oppressor in the Arab-Israeli conflict,” did not make sense to him, and he later told a gathering of the Republican Jewish Coalition that “I’m glad I’ve become a journalist because I’d like to fight on behalf of the Israeli people. … You cannot be objective when it comes to right and wrong, and Israel is in the right.” Breitbart was instrumental in the early evolution of sites like The Huffington Post and The Drudge Report and founded as a news aggregator in 2005. While visiting Israel in 2007 he and attorney Larry Solov embarked on a mission to build the outlet into a news network that would be “unapologetically pro-freedom and pro-Israel.” Breitbart passed away from heart failure in 2012 at the age of 43.

From Benjamin Netanyahu with Andrew Breitbart and his team

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  • i think my friend kenpachi is going to pay that site a visit today if i have any time. sucks comments get removed so quickly but it still gets some views

  • Can y’all recommend an introductory history text? I’m not totally clueless but I could really use a comprehensive introduction to the history of everything Huwite.

    I’m like Polly Plummer from The Chronicles of Narnia. I have trouble getting into “battles and dates and all that rot.”

    It would have to be audio so I could listen while doing the housework. Y’all should post it on the site for others who might need the same info.

    • Kemp’s book “March of the Titans” might be a good introductory book, general about the history of the whole White race. There are some disputable things in there, but as a whole it’s good.

      • Yes that one is on my list. It’ll probably have to wait another year or so. I haven’t actually been able to read a fat book cover to cover in so me time.

        Ima check out that audio book right away, though.

  • One of the “mentally disturbed” Germans had to come
    to free Americans from their own eternal “game show”.

  • Bolshevikipedia lies about everything. German-Italien creator of Statue of Liberty is a “French sculptor”. (Btw. Gustave Eiffel was also of German descent.) Who knows that Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg became “Steinway” and Wilhelm Eduard Böing “Boeing”, and that Christian Frederick Martin founded the famous American guitar company?

  • Unfortunately, it was only part of a very interesting documentary I found and translated:

    “How do the ideas of politicians for a new post-war order, scientists in search of a large-scale laboratory, and the young psychiatrist Richrad Brickner come together? Brickner teaches at Columbia University, where he is a professor at the Faculty of Medicine. The young psychiatrist is still occupied by the images he saw in Germany in 1935, which have meanwhile been mixed with images from newsreels and magazine articles to form a projection. The behaviour of the Germans seems paranoid to him, and as a collective delusion. Were the Germans, a nation of leading engineers, philosophers, artists and mathematicians, in the process of psychologically regressing to the level of so-called primitive peoples? He wants to write a book about this collective insanity of the Germans. However, he has the feeling that he cannot explain this phenomenon on his own with the tools of the psychiatrist and brain researcher. He lacks a concept that goes beyond biology and simple stimulus-reaction schemes. A concept that involves other disciplines such as culture and sociology. Just as he sees it with cultural anthropologists like Margaret Mead. He lacks a concept that goes beyond biology and simple stimulus-reaction schemes. A concept that involves other disciplines such as culture and sociology. Just as he sees it with cultural anthropologists like Margaret Mead. He writes a letter to Margaret Mead and asks her to advise him on his book project. Margaret Mead is interested. After all, the planning for a European post-war order and the race of various private groups to become involved in it have long since begun. While historians, political scientists and geographers are already sitting at the tables where the future is planned, psychiatrists, sociologists and anthropologists around Margaret Mead are still standing apart. How can they attract the attention of Washington officials to their model of a new science of analytical psychiatry? Only those who promise to solve a major problem of social importance can hope for media attention and, above all, financial support from state authorities and the military. Margaret Mead considers Bricker’s thesis of a “collective paranoia of the Germans to be ideal for these purposes, because paranoia is so far considered incurable. In analogy to the medical study of a single patient, Brickner wants to depict the development of a collective clinical picture and derive a therapy from it. Germany thus appears to be the problem child of the modern age: a child who has grown too fast and is tormented by inferiority complexes and fears of failure, which tries to compensate for these fears by aggressiveness. A child who doesn’t know who he is, who feels pushed around and unloved, surrounded by neighbours who don’t allow him anything, and who disdain his emotional and strange ideas and fantasies. A child who tries to compensate for his feeling of failure by being aggressive towards himself and others. To transform the medieval empire from its own cultural identity into the present by means of reform or revolution, and thus achieve its own identity and become a state, just as the English and French had succeeded in doing. In an exhibition at the New York Medical Academy in October 1942, Brickner presented his material and analysis of German paranoia for the first time. In an exhibition at the New York Medical Academy in October 1942, Brickner first presented his material and his analysis of German paranoia, for which he also used material from the books of Mead and Bateson. Brickner compares the peaceful Balinese, Indians and other indigenous peoples with the Prussian Junker, the spectre of a caste that dominates German culture with its aggressiveness, arrogance and militancy, and is trained and educated from an early age to wage war. In 1943 Brickner’s book was published and generated the media attention that Magaret Mead had hoped for. Max Horkheimer, head of the scientific department of the American Jewish Committee, also reviews and praises the book. Max Horkheimer, head of the scientific department of the American Jewish Committee, also reviews and praises the book, pointing to the importance of a paranoia concept for further research and studies. Margaret Mead is now taking the next step. She uses her good contacts with Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of the American President, and sends Brickner to Washington to look for supporters in the labyrinth of administrations for a conference in which she hopes to attract even more attention for Bricker’s theses and, at the same time, for her model of a new science. Brickner is successful and returns to New York on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to organise the conference as a private action by scientists, which is secretly and discreetly supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The conference will take place on several days in May and June 1944 at the Medical Faculty of Columbia University. Invited are the leading psychiatrists of the USA, mainly psychoanalysts, and some sociologists and pedagogues. The aim of the conference was determined in advance by Margaret Mead and her closest circle of friends and should be presented in a simple and easy to understand picture. The picture shows a patient suffering from paranoia and competent doctors and scientists who can offer a completely new and sensational therapy to heal him. The cure is called reeducation. A major program for patient re-education, such as self-education and self-immunisation of therapists. Just a few days after the end of the conference, an official in the Foreign Ministry selects the ideas of the scientists who seem to be useful for their practical implementation. After the end of the war, three types of control are important: 1. strict military control. 2. generously by quickly providing free space for new developments. From training places and places where new behavioural patterns can be rehearsed and consolidated. And 3. consequence in erasing the positive image of an everlasting empire, which has so far suggested to the Germans a genealogy going back deep into the Middle Ages, from which they derived their superiority mania. A wedge must be driven between the generations. The old domestic hierarchy and the image of the father’s traditionally determining figure blocks the necessary changes and must first be discredited and then replaced by new ideals and symbols. However, America’s policy should not seek revenge and punish it, but should first of all release the tensions that have led to the misguided development of Germany. Mistakes, such as the humiliation of the Germans after the end of the First World War, must be avoided. The Germans are patients who suffer from a serious illness but will be America’s partners in a new world order after their recovery. This will lead to Germany joining the western system of a liberal market economy and an indivisible free world market. This job was to begin with the 1,539,841 babies born in Germany in 1943.”

  • How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.

    — AndrewBreitbart (@AndrewBreitbart) February 4, 2011

  • Just a Note:

    Jews are trying to destroy Richard Spencer with the #SueANazi Strategy……….

    By destroying Richard Spencer they think they can destroy the Alt-Right………


    They will LOSE……….

    Let’s all try to be more Unified in the Future………

    Let’s all try to be more Conscious of the (((Enemies))) at our Throats………

    Let’s all focus on the (((#SueANazi))) Anti-AltRight Strategy and allow that to bring us together more………

    Let’s show these Jews that their Past Strategies to Silence Dissident White Goys will FAIL against the Alt-Right………

    This is NOT a Video Game, Goys……..

    WAKE UP……..

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