The Rise Of The “Alt-Europeans”

Submitted by Nikolai Petroff

I think anybody who has spent any amount of time in or around the Alt-Right-o-sphere, can’t help but notice certain particularities in its ethnic make-up. To paraphrase Orwell, “all Europeans are equally represented in the Alt-Right, but some are more equally represented than others.”

I am talking about the Eastern and Southern Europeans and the “honorary White People” known as the Irish. Frankly, we DOMINATE the rank and file of the Alt-RIght. And it’s not because of exclusionary practices practiced by the Alt-Right or anything deliberate.

We simply seem to be the ones who are most willing to put ourselves on the line. In far greater number than our hu-White cousins at least.

In other words, step it up Anglos. You’re slacking.

My original term for our particular group of people was the “Lesser Europeans”. Now, I don’t use this expression in a pejorative manner. I myself was born in the USSR and I was largely ignored by the magical fairy of White Privilege. My people have always gotten a “lesser” part of the economic and social pie in contrast to the hu-Whytes, the “regular” Europeans.

But we got the honor of being lumped in with “Whiteness” in general when it was time for the SJWs and Jews to attack the White race in general.

But, unlike the “regular” Europeans, /ourguys/ decided to go above and beyond to answer the call to defend the White race. I suppose we’ve always been like that, positioned on the periphery of Europe, like a shield, keeping her soft Hu-Whyte underbelly safe. No need for thanks or material reward. Just fulfilling our God-given duty as the watchers on the wall.

Nowadays I prefer the term “Alt-Europeans” to describe me and mine.

Despite being culturally quite different from one another: as borscht can be from minestrone or Guinness from ouzo, we Alt-Europeans are united in our conviction that our respective nations and peoples have not yet fulfilled their destinies. We have not yet occupied the places in history that our ancestors earned for us with their blood and sacrifice.

See, all European people’s histories are full of tragedy and hardships, but the Alt-Europeans’ people’s history is perhaps exceptionally difficult, especially in the 20th century. As a result, we have very little patience for the White Western Liberal and his privilege theory nonsense which is designed to demoralize and keep us down.

We are very resistant to the Left’s guilt trips.

Simply put, a Basketball-American’s whiny invectives about oppression fall on deaf ears when the “evil white person” in front of him, say an Estonian or a Slovak realizes that he makes on average, less than half their yearly salary, despite living in a country almost hundred percent made up of members of the “privileged race”.

Similarly, when another black felon, paid millions to chase an egg-shaped ball, lectures an indebted white family, living paycheck to ever decreasing paycheck, about their privileged positions in society, we feel anger, not pious shame like our cucked cousins.

Complaints about Jim Crow laws pale in significance to the problems a typical Soviet peasant faced.

Which water fountain to drink from?

How about if there wasn’t any food to eat at all?

Front or back of the bus?

For us, even a horse-drawn carriage was a sweet deal.

To a “kolkhoznik”, the Soviet peasant-serf, his passport confiscated by the State, the possibility of picking up and moving to another part of the country in search of a better life, as the African Americans did during The Great Migration, was an impossible dream.

Crudely put, the average white Soviet in the twenties would have given his left testicle to trade places with an Alabama black, for even in the Jim Crow era, the only things standing between a Black and realization of his dreams were commitment and his natural talents, not a violent and totalitarian government.

No need to educate the average Alt-Right reader on the plight of the Irish, I think. Between famines and being periodically butchered for centuries by the British landed gentry and the Church, theirs was a life of hardship and privation. No high society of idle rich ladies, scheming over tea and crumpets, lobbying for feminism in their free time.

Funnily enough, the Anglo was able to find and romanticize the “Noble Savage” within the Red Man, but nary a romantic word about the regular Irish savages who inhabited the same green isles as them.

The Greeks’ plight was only ever noticed when the Turks started to get out of control. Mass rape and savage slaughter followed the Turkish occupation of Greece. The chattering classes of London and Paris only took notice when they realized that this was the same land inhabited by the poets and philosophers in their grammar school textbooks. The Greeks got Lord Byron riding to their aid, I suppose. But that sort of pales in comparison to their genocidal expulsion from Anatolia followed by the iron flood of Axis tanks in WWII.

White Western liberals should have asked a Greek pensioner, breaking into burgeoning migrant camps in the shadow of the Acropolis to steal food, if he had checked his White European privilege that day.

Ask the Italian, whose reward for building a unified country out of a colourful mosaic of precious albeit mismatched pieces, was a land of poverty and strife, years of hardships only broken by two stable decades of Il Duce’s rule and two post-war decades of La Dolce Vita. This was to be followed by Years of Lead and Years of Stagnation. Today, the youth of Italy is yet again wrenched from their homes by the Great Recession – which doesn’t show any signs of ending. Those who remain, fight for economic scraps with the invading Third World hordes.

In short, we are a different sort of European.

Untainted by nihilism, cultural Marxism and relativism. We have respect for our past, honest love of our present and firm belief in our future. We are the fire-in-the-belly alternative to the tired, demoralized and guilt-ridden ür-Europeans. We are rising to take what is ours and we will not be “lesser” for much longer.

Now, you could still, theoretically, rise up and take your place on top of the White heirarchy, the same position you occupied in previous centuries.

But peace has weakened you, victory has cost you your strength.

I’m not holding my breath. Again, spend some time with the Alt-Right rank and file. You’ll see exactly what I mean.

But should you rise to the challenge and join us, we will hold no hard feelings. We will accept you as brothers, and “forgive and forget” will rule the day.

Meanwhile, just you wait. The world is about to experience the rise of the Alt-European and it will be glorious.

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  • Have you been to Ireland in the past 25 years? This may describe expats, but not the people who actually live there.

  • I am a first-generation American, the son of Slavic parents. I cannot agree more with the points presented about “white privilege” bullshit being thrust upon my parents when they built themselves from nothing after leaving the Soviet Union when it fell more than 25 years ago. They came in a time without mindless support for immigrants and accommodations for minorities. We don’t look like a minority, but my parents have always put their position as that of an “audible minority” – one whose accent changes how others perceive them.

    And to hear stupid blacks justifying being an ass to me by the fact that “my family hung theirs” – an exact quote – makes my blood boil. Every time I hear a commie fuck or an SJW fruitcake telling me to check my privilege I want to send them straight to the depths of hell with my privileged fists. But unfortunately, I live in and attend school in a deep-blue state, so I just force a smile or some random, semi-PC response to the gays walking around my school with dyed hair and the blacks with pants sagging down their ass.

    The day will come soon when we rise up once more. If white privilege exists, I embrace it.

  • Stellar analysis of the internecine strife that plagues the European tribes that comprise the white family. My fervent hope is that a catalyst…a Party …a LEADER will emerge who will weld the tribes into a realization of the age old dream of a United Europa. The age of the Overman will dawn and we will shed the sad skin of the Babylonian confusion and moral detritus realize the Atlantean drive in our DNA to strike the very stars above.

  • Youtube and comment sections are not always the best places to seek insight. Truth is that those poor countries in the perimeter of Europe have fairly liberal immigration laws and some of the highest acceptance rates of asylum applications in Europe. Believe it or not, but countries like Germany and Sweden are actually very strict on immigration and perfectly comparable to Poland and the Czech Republic. Sure, Sweden does not check the age of people claiming to be minors, but so what? That’s not really the issue here. The main difference between these countries is how many asylum applications they receive and thus how many non-whites they end up with. What the Danes and Norwegians have known for a while now is that if you want to reduce the non-white immigration, raising the bar for asylum makes almost no difference. What helps is reducing the social benefits of minority citizens to such a level that they no longer desire to come live here. That’s why Norway is about to abolish child support completely and use the money to further subsidize kindergartens in a maneuver to take away benefits from minorities and give it back to middle class families.

  • I am an Anglo Saxon, and I am proud to be a European-American advocate alongside our Med, Slav, and Irish cousins.

    Not all Anglos are cucks! Anglos are well represented in the pro European sphere.

  • Reading most of the comments slandering anglo-saxon civilization, I begin to see just how far jewish revisionist propoganda has sunk into the alt-right. Or it is brought into the alt-right like a bad stench from jewish universities.

    Jews will do anything in their Orwellian attempt to deceive, to rewrite history in favor of the outsider, the “downtrodden” peasant, the “virtuous” proletariat, the off-white man.

    • Or you all could stop being cucks and blaming everyone else. There’s a reason actual WASPs are a curiosity in the USA

    • Cryptic’s problem is he’s all head and no body. That’s why his delicate Nordic brothers are looking sickly and dying like David Bowie. If he was more of the body then he wouldn’t come home to see his precious Nordic princess getting balled by some guy named Alfonzo.

    • lol but Anglos are such charming, friendly people. Totally not uptight, humourless bores who constantly have a stick up their ass about something. Who wouldn’t like them?

  • The passport system was abolished by khruschez. After the civil war famine of 1932 there was food for everyone. Can’t say that about Russia in the 90s.
    Cut the crap. The falsehoods about the old left alienate perspective recruits. Point the finger at the real enemy. New left hates the old left as much as it does the alt right

  • for myself, the american white hierarchy is this:

    1. Anglo Americans
    2. German Americans
    3. Irish Americans
    4. everyone else

    The reason why Anglos are on top is obvious: they founded the country, and it was exclusively Anglo for 200 years ( 1640-1840)

    Germans are second because they are the largest white demographic with about 50 million Americans claiming German ancestry. It doesnt hurt that they are excellent engineers.

    The Irish are third because they are the second largest white demographic after the Krauts. Both the Krauts and the Micks arrived around the same time (1840s) and they were the first wave of immigrants.

    all other white tribes come next -Poles, Italians, etc etc…

  • Colonial Scots will be by your side brothers, there’s a Nationalist story there, 3 generations old, one day I’ll tell it. It will also explain why Scotland is cucked and Nationalist in name only.

    I wonder, if the same thing that happened to my grandfather, happened to all the English nationalists… It certainly would explain a lot.

  • I disagree with the Irish thing. Irish Catholic Americans are very liberal and Ireland itself is not a very conservative country.

  • Unfortunately , this is not true. I was wondering when the Irish and the Eastern and Southern Europeans were doing to start joining the Altright. Note that Poland and Hungary are against migration, but they are not Altright. The Irish are almost entirely absent from the AltRight movement. Point me to the Altright Youtube channel broadcast from Ireland – this is because the Irish are too focused on being anti-English. Where is the Spanish or Italian Alt-Right or even the Russian? The AltRight is **almost entirely** US, Canadian, English, Scottish and Swedish – with hardly any representation of anyone else.

    • I think the article is referring to hyphenated Americans/Canadians dude. Spain and Italy have their own racialist movements and don’t require an alt-right. I don’t know about Ireland.

      • Tara McCarthy is English, with an Irish surname. She is not culturally Irish. And she is not almost pure blood Irish. She has significant Indian and Jewish ancestry (she believes they amount to only around 10% – but that 10% more than me). She’s still English, but she’s not a Celt by any stretch.

    • Italian here , listen :
      Johnny makes a perfect point.
      I was almost literally born ” this way” .
      Even by family heritage and life experience.
      To me altright is just another , new word , semantics..
      Europe , but France and Italy mostly had what they called : New Right already in the 70’s , a movement only Pat Buchanan started to write about in the Anglo world in the 80’s .
      And the Italian movements which are popular and numerous on the right have always been much more on the ” extreme right ” than they are in the Anglo world.
      Also a typical Anglo neo con expression like ” our judeo- Christian traditions ” would never be used by an Italian conservative or right winger, not even a moderate one.

    • Yes, it’s true—a lot of Irish Americans are anti alt right. I notice this when I look at the surnames of people.

      But we should definitely embrace the Irish that dropped the cultural baggage and joined us.

      As the demographic situation in America and Europe becomes increasingly bad, more and more we will view ourselves as a collective of Europeans or Whites.

      Internecine conflict is a luxury.

  • I liked this article but I’m not so sure it’s true. North-Western Euros seems to outnumber South-Eastern Euros by a fairly large margin. South-East just do it better, with less fagginess and more style.

  • Russians are the blondest blue eyed people on Earth. Russians go to see manly sports like ice hockey, not faggot sports like football (soccer). They go to the ballet and the plays instead to the movies to watch Hollywood crap.
    They use to get in to churches in daily basis to light candles. They listen to Tchaikovsky instead of reaggeton…
    Greeks are the parents of Europe. Enough said.
    Spaniards kicked out Islam in the Middle Ages with no help from the rest of Europe.

    • I would caution against watching sports. I get that recreation is needed, but just remember: every second you do something else besides being white AR, a Jew celebrates. Besides, sports is largely about racial integration anyways. I used to play sports and watch some, but if I’ve got free time, I try to play with my kids or do something with white people like go camping, or just go out for a few drinks and talk (white) politics. Have a little fun, but just remember…

    • Dude, how long have you been in Russia? You have too much an idealistic view of Russia. Russians are no less blond and blue-eyed than other Europeans and white americans/canadians/australians. And trust me, most of Russian youth prefer to watch Hollywood shit and western rap/hip-hop than ballet and church.

  • I like and agree with what you said, but I don’t like this dichotomy set up between North-West European Whites and South-East European Whites. We’re all White. We’re all European. We’re all one family descended from our Indo-European ancestors, whether Nord or Greek or Celt or Slav or Lombard.

  • White Nationalist Union?

    Okay, the world should rest assured that Trump is for White Nationalism, which is surely better than White Imperialism.

    White Nationalism means white people will stick to their own nations and not mess with the world.
    Unfortunately, white-privileged-ruled US got into White Imperialist mode since the end of WWII. As leftists have been telling us, white-dominated US used its economic and military muscle to invade and interfere with other nations. Oh, the woes of White Imperialism.

    White Imperialism sure sucks. Thanks heavens for White Nationalism. How nicer if white energies remain in their own nations than go into imperial mode and make a total mess of Iraq and Libya and cook up ridiculous ‘new cold war’ with Russia.

    Whites with nationalism OR whites with imperialism? Which is more dangerous? Just ask Gaddafi in the Other World. From heaven or hell, he is surely saying he wished if white American power had remained national than gone imperial.

    Also, white nationalism means white people respect other nations. No more stuff about “America is the only nation that matters, and all other nations SUCK, and you non-whites are losers, nobodies, and zeroes UNLESS you come to America, a nation that happens to be both exceptional and universal(??? go figure).”

    In the past, white expansive imperialism sought to colonize other nations with white people. Today, white suction-imperialism seeks to suck in non-whites to use as helots or voting bloc to keep white imperialist, aka globalists, in power.

    White nationalists don’t want to mess with the world.
    In contrast, White imperialist want to mess with the world. White imperialists bribe non-whites with free stuff to come to America to vote for more white imperialism to mess up the world, like in Iraq and Liyba, and Ukraine and Syria too.

    White people are lots of trouble. Better to keep their energies in their own nations. Otherwise, white nationalism gives way to terrible white imperialism.

    Also, since white people are problematic(and maybe eeeeeeeeevil), white nationalists dearly wish for non-whites to remain safe in their own nations than live come to the West to labor under white privilege.
    In contrast, white imperialists want non-whites to abandon and reject their own peoples and cultures, forget and forsake their own identities and allegiances, and come live under white imperial rule. Also, they want to invade and interfere with every nation in the world like White Imperialist US is ‘most evolved’ and all-knowing about everything.

    Take your pick. White nationalism or White Imperialism. There is only one side.

    • I don’t think they are opposed to each other, certainly not in theory.
      If you take out the Jews and execute the weak, white traitors white imperialism could work. It is in all practicality the best way to make use of the Warriors amongst our race. Keep in my mind that I’m talking about limited and carefully selected imperialism not an all out assault for resources stemming from a mind set of greed. We need war and we cannot afford to fight amongst ourselves, so in the future I wouldn’t be opposed to invasion of negroid and mongoloid lands, for sporting purposes. This is after we’ve kicked them out of our lands ofcourse.

  • The Dirty Jewish Canard of Conflating Blood-and-Soil with Nazism

    One of the biggest canards in the current discourse(approaching hysteria, or hyscourse) is that Blood and Soil is about Nazism.

    If Nazism was really about Blood and Soil, there wouldn’t have been WWII. Germans would have been proud to be German in their own beloved nation-state. And there would have been peace with other nations. The very notion of Blood and Soil didn’t begin with Nazis. It goes back to the 19th century when Modern Germany was coming into being under the leadership of Bismarck. And blood-and-soil was a sound formula for creating a nation. The idea was that Modern Germany should incorporate territories populated by German peoples. It meant Modern Germany should lay claim to German territories, no more and no less. Granted, it didn’t work out perfectly as some Germans remained in non-German lands and Germany had some non-Germans, but the basic idea was valid on moral, political, and pragmatic grounds. It was nationalist, not imperialist. Blood and Soil meant Germans of shared blood should unite German territories. It didn’t make claims on Spain, Italy, Balkans, Greece, Russia, and etc.

    If anything, the troubles that set off WWI began in Austro-Hungarian Empire that dismissed the blood-and-soil guidelines. In the end, the troublesome Diversity made it more like bloods-and-the-crips.
    As Austro-Germans ruled over different peoples, there was a lot of resentment and hostility(that went both ways). It was hardly surprising that Hitler was the product of Austria than Prussia.

    Blood-and-Soil is a great idea. When Japanese practiced it, they lived in peace with their Asian neighbors. But as a new imperialist power, they invaded China. In other words, they violated the principle of blood-and-soil by invading and colonizing other nations. Chinese anger boiled over, and Asia blew up. And what were the Chinese fighting for? Why did the KMT and CCP, which hated one another, come together? Because despite their ideological differences, they were united in the blood-and-soil idea of China for Chinese.
    And the great postwar anti-imperialist struggles were all about blood-and-soil. Kenyans and Indians told the British to go home. Algerians and Vietnamese told the French to do the same. Indonesians told the Dutch to get lost. Granted, some of these new nations were the inorganic geographic creations of European imperialism, and there was bound to be lots of problems due to their diversity, but they all wanted the European imperialists to go home. And both the US and USSR appealed to the Third World as supporters of national liberation and anti-imperialism. Indeed, the US accused the USSR of crushing the nationalist dreams of Hungarians. And the USSR accused the US of imperialism against the Vietnamese patriots.

    So, it was universal consensus was that the Third World peoples have a right to organize their own nations on the basis of blood-and-soil. And as the European imperialists returned home, they were back into the blood-and-soil mode. And this was great template for world stability and peace.

    The idea of fatherland and folk is nationalist. Even though Nazis invoked those concepts, Germany was not not destroyed by them. Those concepts were not the basis for the wars, invasions, and genocide. When Hitler was taking back Rhineland, it only seemed right. When Austro-Germans wanted to unite with Germany — most Austrians welcomed it — , it was Germans unifying with Germans. When Germans gained control of German-heavy Sudetenland, the world could see the justice in that. The problem began when Hitler got crazy with ambitions beyond the fatherland and was no longer content with being fuhrer of his own folk. He wanted the fatherland to rape the motherlands of other nations. And his empire would rule over other folks who were not German and had their own identities and heritages.

    The association of WWII with nationalism and blood-and-soil is a canard that must end. If anything, Nazis were defeated by the true nationalism of other nations. All resistances to Nazism were essentially nationalist. Czechs wanted to be free again. Poles hated German rule. Russians feared being wiped out and losing motherland forever. This was a time when even the left was fiercely nationalist.

    In Poland, the resistance was mostly right-wing because the rightist government refused to collaborate with Germans. Germany invaded Poland, and then leftist Soviets invaded too. So, the Polish Right became the main patriotic fighters. But in other nations, the right-wing regimes collaborated with Germany, and so, the resistance was bound to come from the Left. But even this Left that gained power after WWII was essentially nationalist, especially after those suspected of Zionist sympathies were purged in the late 40s and 50s.

    This attack on blood-and-soil is ironic because the detractors, mainly Jewish, are totally for blood and soil in Israel. Zionism is totally about blood-and-soil. To emigrate to Israel, one has to be of Jewish blood. And Israel has pro-Jewish natal policies. And Jews wanted to reclaim that piece of territory because it’s holy to them on the basis of history and religion.

    So, why do Jews, who totally support blood-and-soil in Israel, oppose it so rabidly and virulently when it comes to gentile nations? Consider the sheer hatred and hostility directed at Poland and Hungary for their simple insistence that Poland belongs to Poles and Hungary belongs to Hungarians. Now, who, in his right mind, thinks that such blood-and-soil sentiments are going to lead to WWIII and massive genocides? I mean seriously. It was imperialism and universalism that led to wars and conquests. Imperialists wanted to rule over other peoples to exploit resources and expand power. Universalists like communists wanted to spread the radical fire. Soviet Union was an empire based on a universal idea. Who grieves its passing from history?
    The breakup of the Soviet Empire was all about blood-and-soil. Non-Russians got weary of being living under the Great Russian yoke. And didn’t the US praise the fall of the Soviet empire and the rise of new national republics?

    So, why this hostility to blood-and-soil when Jews love it for Israel. Not only do they support it but they demand that all goyim in US, EU, Canada, and Australia support the Right of Israel to survive as a Jewish State.

    Of course, we know why. It’s not because Jews fear another Shoah or WWIII. It’s because they are now the great imperialist power in the world via networks of finance, media, academia, entertainment, and control of US as superpower. So, even as Jews love blood-and-soil for Israel, they see such as a barrier and obstacle for Jewish-globalist penetration and takeover. Deep in their hearts, Jews feel that they, as the smarter and prouder people, should have elite control of other nations, especially in the White World.

    WWII turned uglier and uglier because of Hitler’s imperialist and ultimately genocidal Lebensraum idea. German ambition to rule over non-Germans lit Europe on fire and led to the massive conflagration.
    Today, if any power is acting Nazi-like, it’s Jewish globalist power. Why can’t Jews see this? Are they so morally full of themselves as Eternal Victims of the Holocaust that they’ve become blind to their own evil? Are they so power-hungry that they’ve become nihilistic and amoral?

    Let’s look at recent history. Was blood-and-soil the basis of the terrible economic Rape of Russia in the 90s? Was blood-and-soil the basis of wars in Iraq, Libya, and Syria? (As I recall, ‘no blood for oil’ was closer to the truth.)

    No, if those nations had been left to themselves, there would have been no problem. It was globalist imperialism, disproportionately controlled by Jewish elements, that led to one disaster after another. Disasters that destroyed millions of lives.

    Now, it’s somewhat understandable why Jews want America to be a world power than a mere nation. The Jewish Narrative says Jews were helpless under the Nazis because the world wouldn’t do anything to defeat the evil Nazis. So, ‘isolationist’ America Firs meant Americans minding their own business while the Nazi empire expanded all over Europe and hunted down Jews. (But then, Jews had never insisted that the US must do something to save Ukrainians from Stalin or Armenians from the Turks. And I can’t imagine Jewish parents sacrificing their sons to fight in wars to save OTHER peoples. Indeed, isn’t it telling that so many American Jews would rather serve in the IDF than in the US military? If they must kill or die, it’s for Israel.) So, German Empire could only be defeated by other empires. If US remained in nationalist mode, it would close its eyes to world affairs. Only in empire-mode would the US strive to become a new hegemon and take on other empires for supremacy. And it was the rise of US as a military-industrial empire that allied with the USSR to defeat Nazi Germany.
    But Jews are overlooking one crucial point. Germany became dangerous not because of its blood-and-soil or fatherland/folk mentality. It was the shift to imperialist mode that turned Germany from a nation to a wanna-be-empire. So, even if it’s true that Imperial US defeated Nazi Germany, it was not a war on German nationalism but on German imperialism. In other words, if Germans had remained in nationalist mode, there never would have been a need for the war. Furthermore, the US had to revive German nationalism to some degree in the postwar era to push back against Soviet power.
    Also, what got Americans into the war? It was nationalist passion, not imperial ambition. Americans got riled up with patriotic fervor only when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.
    After the war, if not for the Cold War, most Americans would have preferred return to nationalist America where ‘business of America is business’. It was the Cold War that transformed the US into an Empire, so much so that even after the Cold War, the US kept cooking up new rationales to keep Empire Inc. going. And what has this led to? Disasters in Korea and Vietnam. Bad blood with Iran and Central America. Big headaches in Latin America. And total disaster in the Middle East. A crazy ‘new cold war’ with Russia that would make no sense but for the egotism of a certain ethnic group and gluttony of the War State.

    Also, while we can understand why Jews see the American Empire as the essential savior of Jews from both Nazis and ultimately the Soviets(who turned against Zionism) — a more complicated matter because so many Jews had been initially pro-Soviet and hostile to Anglo-Right-wing ‘paranoia’ that set off the Cold War against the USSR, the great power that defeated the Nazis, until they realized that mediocritist communism doesn’t do much for Jews — , it’s ridiculous to analyze the present and future based on past premises. Jews no longer need America to save Jews from horrors around the world. Despite Neocon scare-mongering, the world is not full of ‘new hitlers’ and ‘new stalins’, and even if such exist, Jews are not in their harm’s way.

    Jews are now dependent on America-as-empire to gain dominance over other peoples. And if so many gentiles, especially Muslims, get mangled and slaughtered, Jews don’t care. And if many Russians are harmed by sanctions, again, no concern among Jews. ‘Save Soviet Jews’ was somewhat understandable due to blatant discrimination against Jews and also because there wasn’t much freedom for anyone in the communist system. But Jews have it so nice in the Current Russia where Putin goes out of his way to protect the Jewish community. So, why is there more hostility against Russia today than in the past? Because Jews are no longer worried about survival. They are addicted to power like crack or cocaine. They want the American Empire not as a stretcher to save Jews but as a hammer to threaten or crush any nation or people in the way of Jewish hegemony.

    Trumpism, if not so much Trump(who keeps shape-shifting), is about America as a nation than empire. Considering that both Germany and Japan got most dangerous as empires than as nations, it would seem that the lesson of WWII is a nation should take care of itself and meddle less in other nations.

    Also, if it’s wrong to invade and colonize other nations, it’s worse to allow the invasion of one’s own nation. This massive immigration was not wanted by the American people. It was imposed from above as a decree. When people rejected the invasion by votes, the elites used the power of courts run by whores of globalism and commissars of PC.
    SOME non-white immigrants add to the color of a nation. But TOO MANY is a full-blown invasion. It’s like SOME Jewish settlers in Palestine made the place more interesting. But TOO MANY turned Palestinians into People 1.0 to be replaced by People 2.0. If it was tragic for Palestine, why wouldn’t it be for Europe and America? And I don’t want to hear this stuff about America being different because it was founded as a proposition. If so, why are the globalists pushing the SAME PLAN on Europe and even Japan? But not on Israel.

    The lesson of WWII is that Germans failed morally & politically and committed great horrors because they betrayed the ideal of blood-and-soil, of fatherland and folk. They should have minded their own business in their own blood-and-soil nation. Instead, they stole the soil of other people and bloodied them all over.

    Gee, I wonder which nation acts like that today? Poland? Hungary? Iran? Which nation could that be? And who are the ruling elites of that nation?

    • I read most of your comment. Respectfully, do you think Hitler’s invasion of Poland was in actuality a strike against the encroaching Soviet threat or a an attempt at grabbing Soil simply not populated by German Blood? If so, why one over the other?

      Wasn’t there declassified Soviet documents confirming the Soviet plan to invade Europe westwards in order to spread Communism?
      Thought somehow I believe there’s validity in what you say, in effect winning the war the German army could simply stay in won territories the same way USA did all over the world (arguably the greatest totally-not-blood-and-soil entity ever).

      Strategically Hitler could’ve held them off the in Westpreußen but it is the plausible threat of Soviets that gave motive to move out. In a similar but definitely not same way USA could let’s say point at the plausible threat of Iran/Russia/N.Korea/INSERTNEXTEVILCOUNTRY to move out and then winning the conflict, stay indefinitely to control the political discourse.

      Though I am convinced that for Europe to have any cohesion and peace whatsoever there must be a new Holy Roman Empire and Germany/France fits the bills, though HRE succeeded because it was blessed by God and His Vicar, it was unified under the Holy Cross and it had an organic system for allowing B&S while not sinking into petty nationalism. It accomplished a network of Kings unified by the Holy Emperor and God’s Vicar. Hitler’s Recih had not the Great Mandate of Heaven.

      • The land that was “grabbed” was German soil populated by German Blood. Hitler invaded because the Bolsheviks/Jewish Communists had taken control of Poland and were committing mass genocide of Germans that ended up in “Polish land” after the Treaty of Versailles and redrawing of the borders. It was liberation of Jewish Communist control of Poles and Germans. And that Jewish Communist control didn’t derive from the Soviets, but from the US.

        • And remember, the bolsheviks were all jews. The only holocaust in history happened against tens of millions of white russians who were butchered by filthy cursed jews.

          Speak about it. We have no reason to be ashamed of speaking about it.

    • See the F-scale. Macy conferences. Anti-authoritarian man, jewish sociology. They lied about the holocaust in their attempt to destroy nature, that is race.

      • Lincoln was a white supremacist. In his letters he often uses the word supreme to describe whites and their relation to negroes.

  • My favorite activity used to be watching every Hitler documentary/WWII reel years ago, ignoring all politics of today and imagining living back then. Now it almost makes me sick when I realize Eastern Europeans weren’t ‘subhuman.’ Such a waste. Almost like having the original middle/high-school Red Pill pumped out of your stomach after too much Stoli.

  • Possible reason why: South and East Europeans are more aggressive & well selected by invasions, shitskin slavers, communism, and constant strife for in-group preference. Also our history allows for less white guilt and more pro ethnos.

  • That’s cool and everything but you’re full of shit. The number of German Americans in the alt right is enormous.

    • I suspect you’re correct. Among whites in the USA, 17% identify as having German heritage. That’s the largest group by quite a wide margin, with Irish being 2nd at about 12%. It would stand to reason that the Alt Right’s demographics should mirror that since I don’t think there’s any reason the Alt Right would attract a specific ethnicity more than others.

      The key take away for me with this article is simple and it’s not about Eastern Europeans leading the movement. It’s that we need to step up. Don’t cuck. Be white. The only way to get good at being white, just like with anything, is to do it.

      • Exactly. And whatnpeople identify as and what they really are are too different things. The fact is that most white Americans are a mix of English, German, and Irish with varying degrees of other European heritage….We are an Anglo Saxon nation.

  • Great points.

    We Russians, Greeks, Italians etc know how our people suffered, and we cannot be guilted and shamed like the Northern Euros can. Our people guarded the continent and know what a threat non-Euro Muslims are.

    We will always be at the front, protecting the White European people, as we always have.

  • Hold up dude. Maybe where you are you got more south and east, but if you went to texas, its gonna be anglos, and if you were in Pennsilvania, lots of Dutch and Germans. Midwest? Nords and Germans. I get it, you got fucked by communism, and it is largely the anglosphere that caused that. But we are doing our part, and while you guys were losing yout economic wealth under the USSR, we were losing our spiritual wealth under ZOG. Don’t walk up to a bunch of Celtics and Germanics already fighting and tell US to step it up. If you want to tell somebody to step it up, there are plenty of people AROUND us you can chastise, but we are fucking working.

  • dont rile up the southerns of the US. they are badass and we need them to forgive and move on. its hard enough already

  • “I am talking about the Eastern and Southern Europeans and the “honorary White People” known as the Irish. Frankly, we DOMINATE the rank and file of the Alt-RIght.”

    Where are you getting this from? The readership for this, and every other alt right site, comes overwhelmingly from the Anglosphere, followed by Germany and Scandinavia (it’s easy enough to look this stuff up).

    I’m sure the average Eastern European is more “racist” than the average Nord (I have my doubts about Southern Europeans, other than Greeks, but they just hate everybody), but let’s not pretend that it’s anything more than lingering legacy racism due to their relative backwardness, so they’re not really alt right. Just as the average white boomer is more “racist” than the average white millennial, but everyone with any sense knows it’s not a fair comparison. When boomers were growing up, “nigger” was an everyday adjective. With young white Identitarians in the Anglosphere today it is completely different; they’ve made a conscious choice to go against the cultural values they’ve inherited.

    That said, I am somewhat optimistic that Eastern Europeans will be able not learn from our mistakes.

  • “The Irishman howls about the Anglo Ascendency as he kicks the Hindoostani Raja while looting then torching his palace.” General Charles Napier

  • America was much more like Volk and Vaterland in the 19th century and early 20th century. So, why was it the #1 favored destination for Jewish immigrants?

    Funny that for their immigration destination, Jews chose the most volky-vater-nation, but then, tried to turn it as unvolky as possible. Why?

    To secure rule by Zion and Zeal.

    Btw, if Jews hate blood and soil so much, they should make the US stopping supporting blood and soil Israel.

  • This is a response to non-existent “hu-white” purity spiraling attack. The meme about Irish and Slavs and Spaniards not being white or European is just a meme. And Euros are not so pure within their ethnicities as they pretend. Europe is full of white mutts like Australia, America, and Canada.

    • Yes, that is absolutely right. The Irish have fine Nordic racial specimens. While Switzerland and northern Italy is dominated by Alpines and Mediterranean races. Where did this idea come from that Europe is racially superior to begin with? In Europe, the nordic subrace has been mixed for so long with mediterranean blood that it has all but vanished. And nordic man really has the only claim to be Homo Europaeus at all.

      This whole notion that Europe is where it’s at racially baffles me. I suspect it comes from the books written and published in jew universities since the twenties. The publishing industry began to be taken over by jews in the 1870s. The jews like to keep everyone confused. I don’t think that they even do it consciously. They just take the circle and try and jam it into the square.

      • Nordics are the main type in Sweden but Italy accomplished more than Sweden ever did. Haha Sweden should be Wakanda right now since that’s where the most nordics are! No meds to hold Sweden back from conquering the world eh. Not so superior and can’t even get it up.

      • Do you consider robust Scandinavians like Swedish co-founder Daniel Frigerg, “Nordic” —or are only thin, angular, blond fashion model types Nordic in your scheme?

  • This is the point of view dramatized in Ward Kendall’s novel, “Hold Back This Day”, with whites united as they fight against a multiculturalized world. And I agree; whichever Euro-ethnicity rises to power, be it German, Russian, or Greek, is fine by me.

  • “No need to educate the average Alt-Right reader on the plight of the Irish, I think. Between famines and being periodically butchered for centuries by the British landed gentry and the Church, theirs was a life of hardship and privation. No high society of idle rich ladies, scheming over tea and crumpets, lobbying for feminism in their free time.”

    Does anyone really believe this? The plight of the Irish? Could that be the plight where they were given the status of Kingdom privilege?

    Butchered by the landed gentry and the Church? Really ? Is this the same gentry who brought the Irish peasant into the mercantile realm? Who gave them every advantage of apprenticeship? Who kept them tied to the land in order to stop them roaming around and spreading disease?

    High society rich ladies? Scheming over tea and crumpets? Really? Were these the same ladies who saw their gentlemen officers go off and be the very first to be butchered in jew wars?

    Perhaps we could stop with the invective. The “rich” are more and more willing to offer to take the helm of this movement. We talk with boards of directors, CEOs. But it makes us wonder if any of you really want a revolution. We are taught to get what we want. To do great things. We are tired of being insulted.

      • Half of the East India Company men were paddys. Every other white man in the Raj was a Mick. The Irish like to have their victim status and eat their loot from Empire too.

  • “Step up,” the writer says. It’s just that simple. Don’t cuck. You are part of the Alt Right. You are the one who is woke af. Show others the way. I’ll admit, sometimes I think to myself, “man, should I really say this? … Just don’t cuck. Being white is like anything else, you only get good at it by practicing.

    • It’s interesting that American Whites need to practice “not cucking” in order to retain their ability to “be white.” For Russians these positive affirmations are superfluous.

      • We have a lot of barriers here to being white. Our whole society is perverted to guilt and shame the white out of us, but that’s clearly changing. We will get better at being white. It’s just a matter of saying, “I don’t give a shit. Call me racist.” Once you’re based af like that, the left wing shill has nothing else to say, because you’ve disarmed them.

  • I am an Anglo and couldn’t agree more with this. At school, I’m surrounded by weak, lazy Anglos who distract themselves with frat parties and sport ball, refusing to notice their decaying civilization and people. It is incredibly sad and infuriating. However, there is hope for I was once the unaware, weak minded leftist millenial Anglo and found my way to the AR. It just took a little bit of Trump and Richard to wake me from my slumber.

    As for the Alt-Europeans, you are spot on. I see a tenacity and drive in the Alt-Europeans that is not there in most American Anglos. The Alt-Europeans do not put up with any of the leftist BS and still have that white man fire in their soul that is lacking in these overfed Reaganites. The American Anglos definitely have something to learn from the Alt-Euros, to restore our conquering spirit and eliminate this mindless decadence.

  • Two quibbles, from an Englishman:

    1. There was always a section of English and Anglo-American opinion that sentimentalised the Irish, often the dominant part. The same is even more true of the Highlanders. Most of the stereotypes and imagery about the Irish, that the Irish are especially musical, good fighters and even motifs such as Leprechauns, that permeate the West have their origin in this.

    2. Why is Lord Byron’s adventures in Greece presented as some kind of belated mitigation of a previous failing. Did Westerners have moral obligations to the East/Greeks then? Do they have them now? Has it ever been reciprocal? Has it ever been reciprocated?

    • The Greeks/Eastern Romans/Byzantines kept Islam out of Europe for centuries with little help or thanks. The arrogant crusaders even betrayed them. Plus they kept classical learning alive during the Medieval period, and some scholars think that the Renaissance was sparked by Greeks settling in Italy after fleeing the Turks. It’s more of a practical obligation of helping the people who defend your continent.

      • The elite infantry of the Byzantine era were Brits and Scandies. Have you not read the accounts of the great battles?

      • as a man from NJ where irish and italians were at odds/rivals during my grandfathers years, it was still felt during my years. was a bit resentful but god bless those magnificent bastards for holding the line for at least 2000 years. they should have taken more of our sons to launch out of rome

      • This is not entirely true. The renaissance was sparked by classical works, namely Plutarch’s Lives, and their reception by Nordic raced whites in the north of Italy, particularly in Florence.

        We have no obligation to pelasgian man. He has always served as the infantry in our wars. Homer makes this clear: all of the heros fighting before Troy are described as having blond,, wavy hair. The mediterranean raced infantry died in great numbers, because they did nothing to distinguish themselves. And that is as it should be.

        Truth must come before victory.

    • I get your point, but I’m not convinced of that. I think there’s an illusion of what they have to lose that’s based on what they used to have, but no longer possess. Indeed, Germany, The Netherlands, UK, etc., have already lost so much that while there was once a time that they did have much to lose, I’m not so sure about that now.

  • As a non-Anglo I’ll just say that the difference between the type of Anglo I can respect and the type of Anglo I resent is the difference between Mark Collett and Russel Brand.
    One has a twinkle in his eye and a touch of working-class grit, while the other is a narcissistic pampered cunt who is constantly surprised that other people exist.

    • I ? Mark Collett. He is the best of everything I remember about the working class menfolk I knew growing up, and such an inspiring role model.

      • If anything I thought he was too polite to Russell, but I’m glad he finally tells him to fack off and go away at 18:00

        • “Be prepared for people to reject you!”. LOL. What he really meant is “Be prepared for the cuntculture to reject you!”. In any case he sounds like a preacher threatening with Hell.

          • It’s extraordinary to watch Brand’s tactics. Collett was only 75% prepped to deal with it.

            Would be interesting to track down the two Cuck toy whites at the pub to see what they think now. Post Rotherham.

    • I just got around to watching this video.

      It’s remarkable to see how polished Brand’s ambush of Collett is.

      He’s constantly invading Collett’s personal space and acting kinda queer. Brand is doing it in such a way that he could later deny it and call Collett a repressed homosexual. Clearly the entire segment is designed to imply that Collett is has a crush on his friend.

      Didn’t Collett see that angle coming? Obviously Brand went in there to Ambush Collett with anything he could.

      Thank god we have YouTube nowadays as Collett can simply explain his positions in longer segments.

      We should also take note that this video was made in 2002. Right as Blair was passing the various reforms that uttterly muzzled the right in the UK and began the flood of blacks n browns into the UK. Now we’ve got a Muslim mayor in London who could potentially be a PM. Makes Collett look prophetic with his pamphlet.

    • Interestingly, Russell Brand recently volunteered that Celts and Germanics are an indigenous people of Britain. It is funny, in the conversation he was very non judgemental about people that view themselves this way. It was surprising to hear him give parity to nationalists. He said something along the lines of, “I understand why all these different factions are at odds with each other”. I almost never hear a mainstream leftist figure speak about nationalists as if they are human beings.

      Anytime a j00ish journalist speaks to nationalists, they are setting them up to be dehumanized, doxxed, harassed, and killed.

      This was an interview from about a year ago.

      Russell also recently flirted with the likes of David Icke (the author of (((lizard people))) parables).

      It is notable that in his promotional artwork he used a swastika on his forehead for one of his comedy tours (later edited out).

      I think Russell, today, is an idealistic goy-socialists true believer—not a foaming at the mouth white hater bent on revenge.

      Probably too, he couldn’t ignore the hypocrisy in entertainment, and how j00s feel entitled to “direct” true believer socialists such as him, and so he’s rebelling a bit against them.

  • Keep in mind that the Slavs almost beat us in the space race while the Americans had an army of German scientists and basically a blank check the Soviet Slavs had to do it with what little German tech we could find and while under communism.

      • While nothing would surprise me anymore, wouldn’t the Soviets have called out the hoax? Why would they admit defeat? Were they in on it? How?

    • Soviet intelligence had its share of german engineer kidnappings as well, and more importantly, they studied V2 production.
      You have to remember that soviet military was very enthusiastic about rockets from the start and emploed a lot of this technology during the war.

  • While I am myself only half Anglo. The rest split between German and Italian. I mostly identify with my Anglo side though I don’t exclude the others. We’ll be ready all the same brother, don’t worry.

    by Rudyard Kipling

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddently bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

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