The Rise Of The “Alt-Europeans”

Submitted by Nikolai Petroff

I think anybody who has spent any amount of time in or around the Alt-Right-o-sphere, can’t help but notice certain particularities in its ethnic make-up. To paraphrase Orwell, “all Europeans are equally represented in the Alt-Right, but some are more equally represented than others.”

I am talking about the Eastern and Southern Europeans and the “honorary White People” known as the Irish. Frankly, we DOMINATE the rank and file of the Alt-RIght. And it’s not because of exclusionary practices practiced by the Alt-Right or anything deliberate.

We simply seem to be the ones who are most willing to put ourselves on the line. In far greater number than our hu-White cousins at least.

In other words, step it up Anglos. You’re slacking.

My original term for our particular group of people was the “Lesser Europeans”. Now, I don’t use this expression in a pejorative manner. I myself was born in the USSR and I was largely ignored by the magical fairy of White Privilege. My people have always gotten a “lesser” part of the economic and social pie in contrast to the hu-Whytes, the “regular” Europeans.

But we got the honor of being lumped in with “Whiteness” in general when it was time for the SJWs and Jews to attack the White race in general.

But, unlike the “regular” Europeans, /ourguys/ decided to go above and beyond to answer the call to defend the White race. I suppose we’ve always been like that, positioned on the periphery of Europe, like a shield, keeping her soft Hu-Whyte underbelly safe. No need for thanks or material reward. Just fulfilling our God-given duty as the watchers on the wall.

Nowadays I prefer the term “Alt-Europeans” to describe me and mine.

Despite being culturally quite different from one another: as borscht can be from minestrone or Guinness from ouzo, we Alt-Europeans are united in our conviction that our respective nations and peoples have not yet fulfilled their destinies. We have not yet occupied the places in history that our ancestors earned for us with their blood and sacrifice.

See, all European people’s histories are full of tragedy and hardships, but the Alt-Europeans’ people’s history is perhaps exceptionally difficult, especially in the 20th century. As a result, we have very little patience for the White Western Liberal and his privilege theory nonsense which is designed to demoralize and keep us down.

We are very resistant to the Left’s guilt trips.

Simply put, a Basketball-American’s whiny invectives about oppression fall on deaf ears when the “evil white person” in front of him, say an Estonian or a Slovak realizes that he makes on average, less than half their yearly salary, despite living in a country almost hundred percent made up of members of the “privileged race”.

Similarly, when another black felon, paid millions to chase an egg-shaped ball, lectures an indebted white family, living paycheck to ever decreasing paycheck, about their privileged positions in society, we feel anger, not pious shame like our cucked cousins.

Complaints about Jim Crow laws pale in significance to the problems a typical Soviet peasant faced.

Which water fountain to drink from?

How about if there wasn’t any food to eat at all?

Front or back of the bus?

For us, even a horse-drawn carriage was a sweet deal.

To a “kolkhoznik”, the Soviet peasant-serf, his passport confiscated by the State, the possibility of picking up and moving to another part of the country in search of a better life, as the African Americans did during The Great Migration, was an impossible dream.

Crudely put, the average white Soviet in the twenties would have given his left testicle to trade places with an Alabama black, for even in the Jim Crow era, the only things standing between a Black and realization of his dreams were commitment and his natural talents, not a violent and totalitarian government.

No need to educate the average Alt-Right reader on the plight of the Irish, I think. Between famines and being periodically butchered for centuries by the British landed gentry and the Church, theirs was a life of hardship and privation. No high society of idle rich ladies, scheming over tea and crumpets, lobbying for feminism in their free time.

Funnily enough, the Anglo was able to find and romanticize the “Noble Savage” within the Red Man, but nary a romantic word about the regular Irish savages who inhabited the same green isles as them.

The Greeks’ plight was only ever noticed when the Turks started to get out of control. Mass rape and savage slaughter followed the Turkish occupation of Greece. The chattering classes of London and Paris only took notice when they realized that this was the same land inhabited by the poets and philosophers in their grammar school textbooks. The Greeks got Lord Byron riding to their aid, I suppose. But that sort of pales in comparison to their genocidal expulsion from Anatolia followed by the iron flood of Axis tanks in WWII.

White Western liberals should have asked a Greek pensioner, breaking into burgeoning migrant camps in the shadow of the Acropolis to steal food, if he had checked his White European privilege that day.

Ask the Italian, whose reward for building a unified country out of a colourful mosaic of precious albeit mismatched pieces, was a land of poverty and strife, years of hardships only broken by two stable decades of Il Duce’s rule and two post-war decades of La Dolce Vita. This was to be followed by Years of Lead and Years of Stagnation. Today, the youth of Italy is yet again wrenched from their homes by the Great Recession – which doesn’t show any signs of ending. Those who remain, fight for economic scraps with the invading Third World hordes.

In short, we are a different sort of European.

Untainted by nihilism, cultural Marxism and relativism. We have respect for our past, honest love of our present and firm belief in our future. We are the fire-in-the-belly alternative to the tired, demoralized and guilt-ridden ür-Europeans. We are rising to take what is ours and we will not be “lesser” for much longer.

Now, you could still, theoretically, rise up and take your place on top of the White heirarchy, the same position you occupied in previous centuries.

But peace has weakened you, victory has cost you your strength.

I’m not holding my breath. Again, spend some time with the Alt-Right rank and file. You’ll see exactly what I mean.

But should you rise to the challenge and join us, we will hold no hard feelings. We will accept you as brothers, and “forgive and forget” will rule the day.

Meanwhile, just you wait. The world is about to experience the rise of the Alt-European and it will be glorious.

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