Is It All Over? AfD Politician Throws In Towel, Converts To Islam

An interesting bit of news came out of Germany recently. Some AfD politician decided to wave the white flag a bit earlier than expected and just bite the bullet by converting to Islam here and now.

I’m still a bit shocked about this development … but maybe I shouldn’t be. Maybe I should be surprised that it didn’t happen earlier.

It’s not that surprising when you think about it.

Nationalists and far-Left activists share one trait–they both know in what direction the country is headed. It’s only the gullible, soft, “normie” center of citizenry that doesn’t see the writing on the wall for Western Civilization.

It explains why they’re so passive about it all: They see nothing, so they fear nothing.

Meanwhile, I can’t help but start wondering–how is all going to happen?

The mass conversions to Islam I mean.

Luckily, someone has already given it some thought.

The only thinker out there who has posited anything resembling a cogent prediction of what is yet to come is the well known French alcoholic and confessed sex fiend, Michel Houellebecq.

Now let me be clear: I don’t begrudge him either of those two qualities. First of all, he’s French and in my Americanized mind, I assume that most Parisian men are grouchy drunks for whom naked female flesh bouncing across a TV in a room full of young children at two in the afternoon is just another unremarkable moment in a day in a life.

So that’s just normal, baseline behavior for them in my mind.

Again, I don’t hold it against them. I just consider it a part of their charming, artistic, bohemian culture, I suppose.

And I’m not the only one who thinks this way, ok? Americans give them a pass all the time for all sorts of things because of it, so really its both a blessing and a curse.

Let me give you an example.

I had a very good French nationalist friend that I studied with in Libshit University back in the day. The man would literally vape in class. A deep puff of raspberry-scented smoke would billow out of his nostrils and the edges of his mouth as he would raise his hand and rasp out that Muslims were “barbarianz whu shuld be driven eento ze dezert”.

No one batted an eye. Bon Vivant’s in general get a pass in polite American company – especially if they’re French or Italian.

…but of course, when people hear me say similar things, they see smoke rising from chimneystacks into the cold Polish sky and the screetch of wagon carriages coming to a sudden jarring halt followed by the hiss of steam and…

Well you get the picture. I’m envious basically.

Here’s a quotation from Houellebecq:

“You have to take an interest in something in life, I told myself. I wondered what could interest me, now that I was finished with love. I could take a course in wine tasting, maybe, or start collecting model aeroplanes.”

Mmm … that’s a good quotation.

But here’s one that’s relevant to the Muslim takeover of Europe.

“…liberal individualism triumphed as long as it undermined immediate structures such as nations, corporations, castes, but when it attacked that ultimate social structure, the family and thus the birth rate, it signed its own death warrant; Muslim dominance was a foregone conclusion.”

In Houllebeque’s novel, Soumission, he makes the point that many people in the West would stand to gain from the Muslim takeover.

There are several reasons that he puts forward in the book and the most important one was their ability to still be fertile and have families and reward men who contribute to civilization with loyal wives.

The weak, frail, manlet bugmen intellectuals are the first to convert in his book.

For them, its a no-brainer. They get to actually get married, or trade up from their shrieking harpy wives and have actual functioning families. Hell, they get a woman to take care of their dirty blazers and feed them a dinner in the evenings.

Not a bad deal.

In general, modern Western society doesn’t give betas a shot at family life anymore. Islam however–with its fierce patriarchy–does. Society’s weak and horny will therefore have every reason in the world to join the Muslims.

But I suspect there will be another factor involved, and it will have something to do with the phenomenon I touched on earlier.

Some people get a pass for behavior that would get others into a lot of trouble.

Muslims get a pass because everyone is too scared of them while also simultaneously viewing them as a victim group. Many Europeans will find that their ability to speak their minds on a whole host of topics will suddenly be freed up upon conversion. They won’t have to fear the ThoughtPolice as much.

Better yet, they might be able to take their talents and become the big fish in a smaller pool because of Third World IQ and the like.

Americans have a harder time. They have to pretend to be black to get those kinds of perks–and that’s much harder to pull off.

Islam–which is an ideology–is much easier to adopt than a skin color. I suspect that the early adopters will be welcomed with open arms.

Traitors willing to open their own city’s gates usually are.

I mean, take a look at this guy. This is the AfD politician from before.

I hate to be so blunt, but just look at his weak pudgy face. This is not the face of a fighter.

And I suspect that there is a dark side to the red pill. When most normies start realizing that the future of Europe is Islamic, they will indeed have their eyes opened to the truth.

But … and consider this for a moment before you get mad … Like Arthur, they may end up simply accepting it, not fighting it.

With that in mind, we should all be careful what we wish for. Perhaps the day that the normies finally wake up to the Islamic takeover of Western Civilization will not be the glorious DOTR we all wish for, but the day when the mass conversions start.

Vincent Law
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  • I read the article quickly.

    In cases such as this there is a very important question to ask:

    Did he convert to Shia or Sunni?

    If he converted to Sunni, he’s become the enemy; if he’s a convert to Shia, then at this stage, it might actually be a great boon.

    My only objection to the latter is the lack of representative art in Islam, but reasons of practicality override that objection.

    • Yes, Shia is fine by me as long as it stays in the ME, where it should have total dominance. I’d definitely support a future white ethnostate/Iran alliance.

      Also for anyone who read SFDN’s comment and wants to understand the similarities Shia Islam has with Medieval Roman Catholicism, check out this excellent four part series.

      • Yes, there’s a huge difference in terms of the political impact.

        I wouldn’t even be against it existing in Europe if it served the purpose of uniting Europe and Iran against existential threat.

        The same way Europeans took Semitic Christianity and Aryanized it to some extent, the Iranians aryanized Semitic Islam.

        Persians as a whole might not be called white in Wisconsin, but they are Caucasian by any standard—and indeed some of the women are quite beautiful (if a little too made up)—and occasionally blonde and very white.

        Libertarians would like Persians because they are the quintessential middle class achievers. They are extremely materialistic, and every Persian wants a Mercedes. In Iran, I’ve been told (by a Persian girl) that the number of wives a man can have is based solely on how much money he has. Many aren’t very religious.

        I’m absolutely against Sunni Islam existing in any way shape or form in the west. Sunni is the religion of race mixed hordes, serving camel jockeys in Mecca.

  • For every European who converts to Islam, there are 100 who convert to Judaism because they married a Jew and their mother-in-law wouldn’t have it any other way. And these are mostly reproducing members of the upper and influential classes.

    These Islam conversions are flukes rather than early indicators of a future trend. Typically only weirdos and assorted societal dregs who don’t reproduce do it. When the reproducing members of the upper and influential classes start doing it is when I will worry.

  • Don’t be blackpilled by this particular cuck. What he did is a political equivalent of some presstitute leaving their RT job: they have to make this scandalous display , live preferably, to get readmitted into handshakeworthy presstitute cirles. Everybody “in” of course knows it means nothing as all of them are for sale.
    So, if you watch the cuck for some time, you’ll see him leaving AfD.

    It’s so very basic bitch level anyway.

    • yeh it was a demoralizing play. seemingly obvious and desperate one even. the tide is rising and they will use every trick they can now. hopefully if they elected the trash in russia they will make a stand so we can do the same here if america dares to try and intervene

  • This article is a huge black-pill, because it shows an real understanding of human nature. many of the sheep will convert for the exact reasons that Mr. Law said. I can neither add nor criticize any of it.
    Is it over? No. It just means that many former Europeans (you convert to Islam and you lose your European card) will have to be dealt with along with Muslims.

  • As an European I can tell you that people who convert to Islam, and it does happen, are mentally instable. I don’t see Europeans convert en masse to Islam, but I do see, and this is happening already, entire prison populations converting to Islam. Islam in Europe is a gangster religion. Nothing more nothing less.

    • That means that Islam is only suitable for criminal minds. I’ve seen this happening before to a politician of the Dutch Freedom party. That guy was a criminal as well. Typically they have a sexual preference for younger boys and girls as well.

    • Do you think Europe’s turn from Christianity to secular humanism as the dominant religion is playing a part in the ease with which islam is taking over? Do you think Europe as a whole will ever reembrace Christianity as a defense against destruction?

      • No I think that Christianity is dead. For many Europeans, Jezus is like Zeus or Wodan, history. I don’t think that secular humanism is to blame. On the contrary. The people who are converting to Islam are either orthodox Christians, or complete basketcases. If you are a secular humanist Islam is just not for you. My fear is not that Europeans will turn to Islam in great numbers, but that they will create an army of thugs do to prison conversion. Like Tommy Robinson said, the toughest, most dangerous men in the UK are being (forcefully) converted to Islam in British prisons.

        • This gangster Islam preys on the weakest and is basically saying to convicts: So you raped someone? Then you’re the man we need. Go rape Jezidi girls in Syria or white girls in Europe and Allah will reward you.
          That’s how it goes. Their crimes will be good deeds in this interpretation of Islam. And in that they are truly unique.

          • It is satanic. Literally of satan. The glorification of evil as a proper standard instead of a deviation from good. How do Europeans see this and not drop to their knees to repent?

        • Do you think Europeans, in general, hold themselves above religious concerns? Put another way, are Europeans too proud of their “science” to believe in anything else? If so, do you think Europeans deserve to continue to exist, as they are, without some deeper meaning? Do you think islam will provide that deeper meaning whether Europeans like it or not?

          • I don’t think it’s pride or science but just evolution. Religion itself has evolved through time. From believe in magic to an idea of many gods to one God and now to no God at all. Or maybe a very abstract devine power. I think that the religions of the book are done because people have evolved beyond the concept of it. The question is will something replace Christianity. Islam will certaintly not because it’s a bad and ugly version of Judaism. Europeans deserve to exist but I hope they will regain their spiritual power again in something new and better.

          • That is well said. Europeans do need a spiritual center to guide them into this dangerous, arguably old, world. I take issue with the idea that man has evolved in any way. The problems we have today are the problems we had before the discovery of copper. Our technology has changed but that only alters how we talk about our problems, how we present our problems.

    • They’re noticeably freaks and losers in Australia. Men are usually gingers.

      The sluts are the worst. They would have been plain Jane whores anyway, but now they try to become e-celebs and trash talk everything that isn’t Islam.

      Like most progressive airheads there’s little to them, but that’s celebrities anyway – they will have some influence among the weaker minded members of society i.e. mostly women/other whores who have children out of wedlock.

      Muslims are happy to kill their own daughters and sisters over chastity, but will accept and use these whores.

      Male or female, they all marry darker far uglier spouses, usually introduced from the mosque and often needing a visa.

  • To stay grounded it’s only one conversion, but a trickle can lead to a flood. The Eurocrats endlessly promote Islam and extol its virtues, so yes some people will internalize this propaganda, throw in the towel and start allahu akbaring. If the (((media))) and government were promoting white nationalism like they do Islam then I guarantee that our ranks would be swelling.

    It appears that in a Muslim takeover the first wave of converts are the people who occupy the bottom rungs of society since they have the most to gain along with a small number of people in the leadership class. The people at the bottom think the grass is greener on the other side.

    Over time these numbers at the very top and very bottom slowly increase so there’s pressure both from below and above and eventually the middle gets squeezed until it’s almost a non-entity. That’s how Egypt went from being 90% Christian to 10% and shrinking today or how most Middle East nations went from similar percentages to where Christians are less than 5% today.

    And sadly, this is the process that will play out in Europe over the next 150 years unless Europeans regain their manhood, reject liberalism and holocaustianity as their continental religion, overthrow Jewish tyranny and forcibly eject the Muslim hordes by any and all means at their disposal.

  • Any rising populist movement will attract a certain number of maladjusted weirdos. I’m sure the American Alt-Right has some too. They’ll eventually drift away elsewhere.

  • To begin with, technically speaking AfD is not one of us: they are not racially conscious, they are not aware of the Jewish Question, and there are pervs in their ranks (that dyke). However, they are a step in the right direction, a short and clumsy step but a step nonetheless.

    About his conversion to Islam, is understandable to some extent. Let’s face it, Europe is way past the point of no return. Just demographically speaking, the influx of millions of nonwhites plus the low (and in some countries negative) birth rate of native whites guarantee the ethnic change in 2, maybe 3 generations. This guy simply said, a la Houllebecq, “fuck this, I’m done, I want my 3 virgin teenage wives”.

    In this attitude correct? of course not. We must fight even when we know the battle is lost because our honor means loyalty.

    • At 62% White pop. you can´t possibly think Americans are any different than Euros. The normies here are perhaps worse. 62% and all the social/cultural decadence and menace all around us and they think Limbaugh and Hannity and that ridiculous kike are EXACTLY telling it like it is. We´re finished. Nothing can be more obvious. Look at this lying POS giving the SOTU address last night. ¨I propose AMNESTY for 2 million scum…er ¨beautiful¨ people.¨” Yea…done.

      • I don’t know about europe birthrates by political ideology, but in America the sole reason why whites have a low birthrate is due to white libs. White “conservatives” still have an average of ~2.3 kids. Those who consider themselves extremely conservative either hit 3 kids or get really close to it, on average.

        It’s just a race against the clock. The alt right and groups like it do good work, and we need to keep it up – but at the moment the best thing anyone can do for white people is to have white kids and raise them correctly.

  • This AfD pantywaist schmuck seems to have decided, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” Perhaps after being doxxed, harassed or excluded from polite society, he didn’t have the strength to continue with the immense struggle that we face. So he was able to rationalize that Islam ultimately offers all that he’s struggling for, but without the struggle. However, embracing Islam doesn’t solve the problems of whites because it will only encourage miscegenation. It’s no secret that our women are the most attractive in the world and the Arab women are not nearly as attractive (if you can actually catch a glimpse of them under their burkas). So accepting Islam would open the floodgates even further to miscegenation. Moreover, traditional Christian principles and institutions (monogamy, humility, chastity, academic and spiritual inquiry, rationality, K-selection) are more organic to the white race and its unique traits of high intelligence, individualism and respect for women. Islam’s institutions of polygamy, arrogance, sexual aggression, irrationality, closedness, and R-selection are all foreign to the white race. We need a fierce, perhaps even violent Christian revival. Not degradation into Islam.

    • Keep in mind that German newspapers are controlled by the American intelligence. I am not theorizing, I know this for a fact.

  • There’s not going to be any storybook ‘final stand’ of some biblical crusade against diversity. The dynamics of this invasion are entirely different from your typical war.

    Sorry to disappoint the LARPers dreaming of glory and shield maidens (who won’t be there or anywhere else ever because they do not exist and never have).

    I am just keeping all options open to adjust to the mutable realties of our immutable dystopia.

    At some point we may be better off becoming crypto-Muslims (as a last resort) to survive this white male inquisition and keep our ethnic integrity, but also to infiltrate and undermine the flip side of the Semitic shekel.

    Jews did this to us with limitless success (transitioning from petty merchant to kingmaker in the process), so eventually we may have to go underground and do this to them and their cousins.

    I once lived around Bosnians and they keep their piety to a minimum and in the best way – the women don’t dress like ninjas, but they keep their purity (for the most part) before an arranged ethnic marriage (without inbreeding).

    So this slutty/dyke/harpy class of bitter female sidekicks constantly counter-signaling, undermining and betraying their own men’s destiny does not exist in their world, which is an invaluable and unimaginable quality from the lay white man’s perspective.

    The Bosnian ethno-linguistic-religious identity is like any other Eastern Orthodox European Christian insularity, albeit with a secular version of this sand nigger creed, where they are extremely clannish and despise gypsies and blacks.

    In other words, you would not know these whites are Islamic.

    As retarded as Islam is, it is the only religion/nationalism that has not banished the slavery of Africans or sanctioned feminism, and does not tolerate diversity. The patriarchy is upheld at all costs.

    White men have to have their own insular interests outside of the main cause as a fallback (whether it be MGTOW, Islam or whatever) just like EVERY other group has, as a means of self-preservation, but also to keep pressure on our supposed compatriots (white women), who use their own flighty insularity (feminism/Gynocentrism) against us at the first sign of male micro-aggression, because FEAR is what governs women and nonwhites, not ‘inspiration.’

    White men can win no matter: if Islam/Arabism defeats ‘Christendom’ or if nationalism defeats diversity, patriarchy wins.

    Even a multicultural patriarchy would preserve the white race better than a hypothetical egalitarian ethno-state or the current multicultural matriarchy we have now.

    Our women are going to be constantly gauging the winning side from the safety of suburbia regardless because they know they can and will get away with endless defection and still have their seat (on their backs) in the winner’s harem.

    Their one move is that of the King on a chess board. They never actually get taken out like a pawn, bishop, rook, knight (of course) or even a queen – they just get checkmated (captured), which is when the game (simulated war) ends.

    Lol it should be the ‘shield maidens’ fighting the looming specter of Islamic patriarchy haunting Europe, not white men. But I suspect they want it.

    It makes less and less sense to fight against ANY patriarchy if you are a man because it automatically elevates your status if you submit to it.

    Why fight against your own primary interests at the behest of vengeful matriarchs, who themselves are white nationalists a distant second or third place in terms of wants/needs behind the spinsterhood or sisterhood?

    Even leftist cuckolds and apolitical bugmen are not fighting Islamism, which tells you something in this age of implicitness.

    People are yearning for some sort of restart, although nobody can offer any outlines of what it actually looks like.

    No other races or religions are patriarchs aside from Islamists.

    Christianity has Joel Osteen and diddlers in white collars; Islam has car-bombers and beheadings.

    One offers platonic ‘love’ and unrewarded ‘sacrifice’ to their unwashed enemies in the fundamentalist numbers game, while the other offers the sword and harems to theirs.

    I’m not saying Islam is the answer, but where we are headed is even less of an answer.

    All it does is buttress the matriarchy as long as it possibly can (to pamper women unrequitedly), before handing it off to our captors, who will slay us and take our suddenly submissive shield/wheat maidens.

    Lol maybe we have the order of operations backward?

    The optics are not good right now for our shoddy religion and our promised utopia.

    There is not anywhere near enough pressure on white women. Why do you think they have fallen into such disrepair in the last 5 years?

    We are currently living in the Golden Age of Women, not in terms of beauty or ‘equality,’ but in terms of unchecked female power, and preserving that is far and away their main concern, especially white female nationalists….because feminism IS white female nationalism.

    I cannot stress enough how beauty is not part of that equation. Fatness is now as upheld as a sign of ‘career woman’ as it was a sign of royalty during the times of European monarchy, and nary a chad goes by these days without an overweight Plain Jane attached to him in place of the angelic nymph of just 5-10 years ago.

    Sluttiness and bitchiness are the touchstones of women these days that cannot even be counter-signaled without the character assassination of #MeToo bearing down on a man or the medieval pitfalls of divorce/alimony that await him by a ‘loyal’ woman counting down the days to her socio-economic apotheosis to safely and ‘proudly’ bolt for higher status.

    Before anyone suggests who or what I sympathize with and bans me, I shall spell this out….

    I have more respect for our eventual conquerors than I do for any female or any man who thinks women are equal to men in any way and lets them lead him…because it is not a matter of ‘if’ a woman’s ‘leadership’ fails…it’s a matter of ‘when’ and at what cost.

    • I won’t accuse you of anything as I understand the logic behind this post but I will say that it seems blackpilled to me. I would personally rather die on my feet in a hopeless revolt then ever capitulate to the sand niggers, let alone the Jew. We should not embody their sneaky methods any more than is nessecary for us to act upon and make use of our natural, straightforward power.

      If we organize we win.

      • Well, let me ask you this….didn’t your ancestors say the same thing about Middle Eastern Christianity as it was conquering European paganism?

        The ‘rebel Jew’ side of the Semitic shekel? The ‘cannibalistic’ sacraments of ‘the body of Christ’ feasted on by doting flocks?

        It’s a scary topic, but existentialism is part of identity and nationalism, which cannot go unexplored.

        Europeans existed long before Christianity, and they will likely exist in some form after it goes extinct.

        I consider myself a Christian, but in the numbers game, it simply cannot compete, nor is it even trying anymore – that is tonic immobility.

        At best, religion has taken a back seat for the average white person, acknowledged only on secular holidays.

        This area is not my domain, so I don’t plan on making it a hill to die on.

        I’m just saying all options have to be left open first and foremost as a leverage to supposed allies, who have leverage against us. It’s a great negotiating tactic.

        But I for one have had it explaining the WQ ad infinitum. If you haven’t seen that she just wants male attention and will recycle the same boring words to reignite it again and again, I don’t know what to tell you.

        You’re never going to ‘get through to her.’ At some point you have to see that you are essentially talking to a child. Even worse, actually. Women don’t have this eureka osmosis like men. They just see potential attention and chase after it at any cost to her life and anybody else’s to get that fix coursing through her veins.

        I’m not going to die as a pretend hero like so many here seem to have their hearts set out for. Something has to change first. Like I said before…there is no ‘honor’ in death – that is just suicide, which is closer to Islamic fundamentalism, ironically.

        I don’t care how many people I lose on this post. These women’s marches should not be allowed to take place.

        • Conversion to Islam is a betrayal of your ancestors and your people. Your hatred of women seems to exceed your love of European culture. Read Siege.

          • I believe in you White menfolk. Y’all could deal with these Stone Age savages 10 to 1 easy.

            How many Brits did it take to run the Raj? How many conquistadors to subdue the Aztecs?

            I don’t understand the blackpilling about numbers.

          • Yeah. Too many people interpert the 14 words as meaning whites have to compete with India and China for who can produce the most children. It doesn’t. Declining birth rates isn’t the existential crisis. Weaponized immigration is. Personally I like having green space and clean air to breath.

          • I appreciate the times when you defend me, Don Futurismo, but I don’t appreciate the tired cultural Marxist narrative you have also pushed about my ‘misogyny.’

            But that’s fine, whatever. Do what you gotta do.

            It is a very uncomfortable discussion that many men literally cannot handle. I do understand that discomfort exactly, but I only sympathize to a certain degree because somebody’s continued anthropomorphic fantasy (female equality) is not worth the collective misery it has wrought on everybody else, including women.

            People want their fantasy and ‘idealism,’ and refuse to be woken up from their wet dreams simply because it is unpleasant. They fear the pain of reality more than they fear actually dying for their fantasy.

            If I ‘hate women’ so much why have I been pushing myself so hard in the last month, almost starving each day on just lettuce, carrots and eggs, walking with an inception of blisters on my heals from an absurd amount of cardio, and an aching back from overtrained weightlifting in an attempt to be ready to give women an image of a man they crave just for a week of partying?

            Why are women I work with/for so eager to feel my midsection and/take a photo of me shirtless in this terrible age of #MeToo?

            Why do I study women so closely and share with people who are dying to know certain secrets that they cannot otherwise grasp, while others ‘in the know’ refuse to help or are incapable of articulating it?

            If you haven’t noticed, the topics I speak of have impressed a few women who actually enjoy being critiqued because nobody else has the balls to do it. Nobody has ever told them ‘no’ in their entire lives, so this is refreshing to them.

            People are starving for truth and I give it to them, no matter how unsavory it is.

            Feminism IS cultural Marxism. It’s all or nothing. Our birth rates have not plummeted from abortion or the pill. They have disappeared because of ’empowered’ working girls too busy pretending to have careers.

            I was very tired when I wrote this last night, but I’ll stick with it even though I’ll probably have regrets.

            All survivalist options are on the table.

            Defeatism and fatalism seem as ingrained into our genetics as perfectionism and purity. That’s why I gained a lot of respect for wiggers even though I used think they were the most shameless SJWs, but they are the opposite – just surviving in their hellhole, adapting to their harsh environs just to breath another day.

          • I’m not pro-feminism at all. I’m all for shaming slut walkers and women who are manipulating sad, lonely men for patreon bucks by exploiting “traditionalism” but white sharia and MGTOW are not the answer. Ultimately we need women to reproduce ourselves, and if we push all women away, simply because their women, then we are finished. Lexi is a mother and agrees with us on most things and deserves to be treated as respectfully as any man in the movement as far as I’m concerned. It doesn’t mean her role in the movement is the same as a mans, but it is of equal importance. It seems like the Manosphere scene has evolved from self improvement for men to women hatred, which I think is unhealthy so I criticize it when I see it.

            Generally I like your posts, even when I disagree with them. No hard feelings mang. We don’t have to agree on everything.

          • That’s the anthropomorphism I was talking about that you are assigning to women. You are rationalizing the irrational.

            That is the wrong strategy/mentality when dealing with women.

            I will eventually share texts about how to turn an incorrigible woman back into your control.

            Women do not comprehend that. Even as they read this they STILL cannot comprehend that. They will follow the strongest and the fittest MAN no matter what. It’s really that simple.

            They see masculine strength in the same way we see a pair of supple tits. We cannot look away.

            I love seeing women breastfeeding because it’s sexy seeing a swollen tit pulled out in public, but then beautiful seeing the little brat being nursed.

            I know you think I follow PUA, but I do not. I don’t believe in trying to please a woman because you lose power being a goofball, which is irredeemable.

            The best advice I can give a guy is underscore your physical qualities and make them disarming yet somewhat unapproachable because FEAR is what women are attracted to, and what keeps other men away.

            They don’t care what race the man is as long as he is the most powerful thug. THAT is why wiggers do so well with women even though they look and sound more absurd than an actor at a Renaissance Fair.

            I’m sick of beta-orbiters and Simps. I scrolled through comments on the Enoch-McCarthy video and the pathetic betas are admitting they are beta-orbiters sad to see her go.

            Another one baited her to acknowledge his ’10 pound’ contribution.’

            The second she gave a bland ‘thank you,’ all of his angry energy disappeared and he turned into a puppy again and probably donated another 10 pounds.

            This is more unhealthy than MGTOW or Islam. You have got to be kidding me. I cannot believe nobody sees how dire this is.

            These guys don’t even chase actual pussy anymore. They are instead sated by a pithy digital acknowledgement. They are literally just masturbating to an ugly painted face.

            This ritual of paying, jacking, simping and thanking is worse than hardcore porn. ‘No fap’ and all these other retarded pledges are just as cancerous.

            Semen is meant to be regularly expelled like backwash or ovulation. Neurological mechanics start breaking down because if you don’t use it, you lose it.

            It’s all about blaming men. This is called sadomasochism. Since these guys are InCel, this is sexless S & M. The self-flagellating remarks about ‘respect Wahmen’ is all out in the open.

            White men do not need criticism. We have had a lifetime of it. We need course-correction. We need to be unchained and let loose like every other race.

            You can’t legislate masculinity. You can only corrode it. Anybody who counter-signals this enjoys taking the whip and has Stockholm Syndrome.

            This requires a dramatic overhaul. Not even niggers are such pathetic supplicants.

            I see so much pain in our camp and I’m genuinely trying to help.

            I cannot stress this enough…women are tougher in this respect than they let on. They LOVE criticism. They give birth for God’s sake. Contractions, broken water, puking and cunt stitches. They can handle a little THOT patrolling.

            As for Lexi, who cares? Read her pointless comments. How many useless conversations have been rehashed again and again and again? Cui bono?

            She’s not going anywhere. She just wants attention so she can feel important. Great, give it to her. But you’re not helping yourself or men who need tactile women to actually exchange energy with, rather than just PAY to give it away online in beta tokens, when WOMEN should be paying for male attention.

            I’m trying to electrify people who have already been awoken so they can reach the next level of woke.

            Men do not need to be this hopeless. Women need to be constantly pregnant, not just as birthrate upkeep, but to keep them busy because the second their procreative energy is idled, their destructive tendencies replace it.

            They start killing their infants and praising other women who do too, and call any man who is against infanticide evil. Beyond irony.

            The house that so many white knights are ATTEMPTING to build (still no guarantee) has the foundation of a marsh. It will be a cold day in hell before I sacrifice anything, or allow any other like-minded men to, for such a foolish endeavor that is doomed to fail.

            If we’re gonna do it, we are gonna do to right or not at all. Women on the aggregate are useless in every aspect but one.

            Women love hearing criticism because it means female attention nonetheless. They will never admit it though, but instead express it implicitly because it would be ‘unladylike.’

          • Did you ever comment on RoK under the handle McGOO a few years back. Back when the site still maintained a traditional aesthetic and tackled the WQ in more depth than merely advice on how to game sluts.

          • Nope. I’ve said many times I literally have zero internet footprint. I have no social media.

            The only place I ever posted was yahoo, which is worthless.

            A year ago I found out you can post as a guest on disqus on many sites and I shitposted for a month on infowars before I was banned, muted on Breitbart, then Tom Woods, and then after one day on economic collapse blog, gateway pundit, and finally Hollywood Reporter, which got me totally banned from disqus for life.

            There’s a kill switch for all your devices.

            Then I posted on variety for a few weeks before they reformatted and made it impossible.

            Actually I think I only became officially woke to the WQ last year (something just clicked), while being woke to everything else since childhood.

            So I’m not this ‘manosphere’ type I’ve been made out to be.

            I don’t believe in ‘men’s rights’ or ‘PUA.’ I can’t take any of it seriously.
            I just believe in the common denominator.

            Believe it or not I was in email correspondence with Evalion a year ago.

            I expect to be banned here soon, so hopefully I’ll get everything out before I’m axed. I really enjoy this site because the feedback has been largely positive for someone who has no real experience in this.

          • You should start your own blog, bro. I’d read it.

            Also, it seems to be pretty hard to get banned here. I mean Nova still posts here for fucks sake. I wouldn’t worry too much about it tbh.

          • I’ve been contemplating it for a while
            and enough people have pretty much convinced me to give it a try. There does seem to be a void in alt-right entertainment right now, like it has gotten a little stale all around without an election to feed off.

            I don’t know whether to do a podcast or just write because I have my own theme song and cheeky play-on-words title, which I shall keep under wraps until it’s launched.

            But….I’ve been having severe laptop problems for weeks. I’m technologically clueless. The background flashes and a black strip covers half the screen…and that’s after spending an entire day turning it on/off when it’s frozen from too much clicking…and I have a broken iPhone 3 because a nigger pickpocket got my 7 a year ago.

            Plus I’m really busy working and training.

          • Weimar, looking at your positions on things, which granted is a fairly minimal over view, seems you have a good ‘critical thinking’ grasp on a lot, an underlying notion to your words which implies a possible ‘well read’ position, and, most importantly you seem animated with a desire to relight fire and passion for fundamental survival. I can’t see what harm could come from your doing a ‘blog’, though perhaps on the notion that there are those out there desperately hungry for guidance, perhaps the greater harm is not putting out there?
            But I’d rather suggest something with greater organisation to it, than articles by date which is what blogs usually seem to work out as.

          • Man when I say that your writing style and content is identical to this other guys I’m not kidding.
            Maybe y’all share a blood line.

          • Honestly, I agree with a lot of what your saying. Especially on the pathetic men who send their sheckles to useless and talentless Thots like Dara McDirty. They do need to be shamed until they respect themselves enough to stop doing that shit. Still, theres just something I find distasteful about a man lashing out on a woman the way you do . Whatever though, if that works for you, don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. It’s just not my style at all, and I think women and anyone else really should be respected when they deserve it. There are much better targets to focus your energy at, is all I’m saying.

          • Fwiw, I don’t like it either, but somebody has to say it. Everybody has this inscrutable unease right now that is more than just hatred for the typical villains.

            But the thing is nobody knows what anybody actually looks like or anybody’s actual name even….so this impersonal anonymity is like how Rommel described the North African campaign when the average foot soldier lamented about the pointlessness of using European weapons against European armies in a depopulated African desert…

            ‘The perfect battlefield.’

          • The WW2 Germans appear to state the Islam was more suited to the Teutonic mindset than Christianity.

        • I was going to post an image, but it isn’t co-operating with me here. There will be enough people that resist that a war is inevitable. This war will be in Europe and North America first, then it will spread back to the middle-east. Just make sure you are ready to do your part. You will have the opportunity to earn glory for yourself.

        • Well, my ancestors only converted after generations of long and bloody battle. It didn’t help their ause with Charlemagne showing up on the scene, they didn’t call him the Saxon slayer for nothing, he had to earn it. He was also a fellow Germanic which makes it less bad, imo but even then a lot of the northern Germanic tribes fought him valiantly before even considering conversion. Christianity never had a history of being a foreign peoples religion up to that point. It was mostly practiced by white Europeans albeit Southern ones. The case could be made that the northern germanics viewed Romans and Greeks as their racial kin, the HRE an example of this. So after Charlemagne converted the norther tribes they more than likely viewed it as a common Aryan religion practiced by fellow Aryans. This is completely unlike Islam and Muslims.

          I do think there is honor in death. I personally believe I’ve lived and died thousands of times, many of those on the battle field, so what’s one more. Our situation is just one more test albeit the greatest we’ve faced and the creator is watching and waiting to see what move we decide to take.
          Islam is a good enemy for us to use in order to regain our strength, the Jews are Satan, and I wouldn’t discount total vicorty for the Aryans, as we are truly gods chosen.

          Gear up, there’s no honor in capitulation for the sake of survival.

          • The homophobic ultra-macho blond Aryan Caucasian Ramzan Kadyrov appears to be like your Saxons.

    • You speak of religion as a means to an end. The Christian faith is true because it better reflects reality and human nature for whites than the Muslim faith. While the Islamic system might better preserve the patriarchy and produce more offpsring, its people — particularly its women — are largely miserable. Whites — who are more individualistic and intelligent — are not genetically adapted to Islam. True Christianity — in the purest traditional and conservative form — brings not only more satisfaction and joy, but is better adapted to the needs of white societies in their northern environments. Rather than accepting Islam, whites are better off planning deportations. After the future liberation wars, that is.

    • “White men have to have their own insular interests outside of the main cause as a fallback (whether it be MGTOW, Islam or whatever) just like EVERY other group has, as a means of self-preservation, but also to keep pressure on our supposed compatriots (white women), who use their own flighty insularity (feminism/Gynocentrism) against us at the first sign of male micro-aggression, because FEAR is what governs women and nonwhites, not ‘inspiration.’”

      Don’t otherize me, bro.

    • Weimar, you ought to avoid hasty pronouncements. You may be surprised at how things turn out. God is watching. Your biggest mistake may turn out to have been your nihilism.

      Numbers are not what battles are made of. Faith, hope and charity win the battle before it even begins.

      • That street is in Frankfurt’s hauptwache. In that same street I saw homeless Germans begging for food, and at the same time families of 6 muzzies shopping in the trendy mall that you can see in the left.

        Germany is dead.

  • Spandrell went as far as to advocate this as a last-ditch means of preserving whites and the West:

    He got a lot of flak for it, but all he did was reiterate a timeless truth: “he who cannot master himself should find himself a master”. Either we put an end to progressivism ourselves, or we submit to another civilisation that has greater immunity to its poisons. Obviously all of us would prefer the former, but our choices are rapidly running out.

  • I wonder about the author of this article. No one should be ironic about the filth that surrounds us. This ironic tone is mean-spirited. Savage.

    It hurts to see our great cities degraded. The things that go on now in Paris, for instance, are beyond description. It isn’t even a place where one could feel at ease. But don’t fall prey to nihilism and irony. That is giving in to something dark. It stinks of corruption. That is not the white way.

    Both bourgeois and communistic (state) capitalism have radically opened up those places that were once enclaves and hamlets and nether lands. Marx was wrong about many things, but he was right when he wrote that bourgeois capitalism is the most destructive force in human history.

    • If I had to live under a bourgeois political economy or state capitalism, I believe I would always choose the latter over the former. At least I would have some measure of democracy and welfare. There is nothing in bourgeois economy but death and disease and corruption unto death.

  • While I see the direction in which Europe seems to be going —
    – At age 73, in an age-range wherein it is common for one’s incarnation naturally to expire;
    — Without siblings nor progeny;
    — Unable as an individual to do anything about it;
    I watch the deliquium and degringolade through the myriad of perspectives through my desktop monitor.

    • I am going to create an endowment for the AR that is funded by the legacy life policy gifts from expiring whites. This will allow our brothers and sisters to provide for our future long after they have clocked out and gone home to Father.

  • Sometimes i welcome Sharia Law. The degenerate societies that we have created are crying out for Sharia to put Lefties liberals in their place make being LGBTQP Illegal and putting women well out of the political sphere of influence. Yes as white man i will benefit from Sharia. Although i fight against it because i care about our freedom and treating women well.

  • I’m not disheartened by Wagner’s “conversion.” After a quick search on his past, he seems like someone who would prevent the AfD from taking the measures needed to advance. He was a Merkel shill and devout CDU member. And as Vincent said, just look at him.

    More and more Germans are waking up all the time, but you have to assume that some of these awakenings will be false. One cuck’s ridiculous conversion to this so-called religion doesn’t outweigh the 12.5% election result for the AfD, which saw it rise from 0 seats in the Bundestag to the 3rd largest party in the country. To put the size of that success into perspective, imagine if the Alt Right became a party that ran in elections in 2020, and won 50 House seats. No, it doesn’t mean you’re in power, but it’s a big jump. That’s what the AfD just did.

    • I hope you are right. The scenario in the novel by Michele Houellebecq is a nightmare, like living under a lunatic regime. It is no solution to any problem we now have. It would make everything worse.

      The success of AfD is encouraging. I wish they’d do better, but it’s a good start. They must reject the blunders of the various nationalist parties of the Weimar Republic. No need to repeat that.

      Reject militarism and war, except in self-defence. Defend your borders, as any normal nation would do. And defend Europe, in alliance with other White nations, including Russia.

      • You bring up a key nation state: Russia. It’s shocking to me still, and I always have to reign myself in when I hear supposedly conservative whites speak so poorly about Russia. If we’d uncuck ourselves as a nation, imagine the fantastic relationship we could have with Russia in terms of advancing the AR’s agenda? All this dislike for Russia is totally illogical even if you’re a Trump supporting normicon. Russia might be their most natural ally, and for some reason, they don’t see that. I can only imagine what, or rather, who that reason is.

          • When I think of controlling that awesome power, my hands rub together instinctively. Is that normal? Does the box broadcast its master’s intentions? Should I get a DNA test?

          • No. This may be the one thought where it is acceptable for a gentile to rub his hands together. If it becomes habit then yes check that genome.

          • My mother did a test. It came back as expected some 98.99% European with a less than 1% subsaharan african and a 1% European jewish mix. I am convinced they add that in there to fuck with people. Or their sample size isn’t large enough to be giving out answers period.

          • I wouldn’t put it past the Jew$ to ensure everyone’s results show they’re just a little Jewish. It sounds like something they’d do anyways in an effort to make you hate them a little less.

          • If they wanted to get on my good side, they would clone a Christian version of Kat Dennings and send her my way. I love milk with my cereal in the morning.

          • I haven’t taken one personally but everyone I know who has, came back with the same results. Jewish proganda. They want us all to think that we’re citizens of the world and like Rich said, feel a little guilty you when we start gassing em.

          • I don’t want to waste the resources on that. How about total asset confiscation and mass deportation to Israel?

      • Germany in the War WAS merely defending itself. That is all they were doing.
        They lost, the Jews/bankers won. That simple.

  • Maybe it’s Good that White Europeans convert to Islam…….

    Force the Women to wear the Hijab and Submit to and Obey Men…….

    Because, what we have now isn’t Working to Well…….

    Natural Male Physical Power has become subservient (Cucked) to Natural Female Sexual Power……..

    Protected not by Nature but by the State……….

    Of course, the Jews realized that this was the Key to our Undoing……….

    What DS and Anglin are doing is Fundamental in our Regeneration………

    I Love White Women…….their Beauty is Unmatched………

    But, they MUST learn to Submit to avoid White Genocide……….

    And what should they Submitting to??

    Strong, Confident, Successful, Attractive, Virile, Dominant, and Assertive White Males…….

    We are not Born Equal……..

    But, many times the Tortoise still DOES beat the Hare……….


    • You don’t understand NM.

      The question is really not to submit or not to submit.

      These MGTOW monomaniacal don’t actually want White women to submit. That becomes clearer everyday. Submission is a voluntary act.

      To submit would deprive them of their true objective: to subjugate and humiliate. By definition, anything we assent to will be insufficient, exactly because we assent to it.

      • As an Atheist…….

        I have to Submit to the 2000yr. Old Wisdom of the New Testament……..

        “Wives obey your Husbands”…….

        “Husbands love your Wives”……..

        Infinite Libraries of Art, Literature, Music, and Poetry……..

        Reflecting this Eternal Tension……..

        Barely anyone watches the Grammy’s anymore………

        Placing Human Feces on a Crucifix is Modern Art……….

        Maybe it’s time to try something NEW……

      • I may be misunderstanding what you are saying there, if so, then I apologise, but otherwise you seem to be saying that MGTOW want to subjugate women?

        Women weren’t subjugated before feminism. Most MGTOW that I have ever known just believe that, and consider the idea that women will stop supporting feminism or the fundamental liberal maxism, post modernism that underpins it is a fantasy.

        Women buying into it, as they are educated into it through schools, want and perpetuate a gender war. This facilitates dual income necessity, and two tax payers for enhanced value extraction via money from our peoples, via the greatest usury scam, of central banks, national debt and inflation and creating money by ledger entry.

        One of the other results of the female driven gender war, is MGTOW as they discover that men who are divorced are so toxically damaged that they, when combined with never married (who statistically are ‘wealthier and healthier’), make the statistic of married men being better off than unmarried. That is a practice known as ‘sharp practice’ and is highly misleading.

        A synergistic result of that feminist and MGTOW response is declining birth rates, on two counts, two wages being used in economics practice called ‘marketing’ makes things more expensive and fair minded couples just cannot afford to have the kids that might have had otherwise. The other is where men are starting to avoid women, to legally and psychologically protect themselves.

        Another result is that today, most kids are raised more schools, TV and internet connected devices than either parent. Which, when you realise that education is based on the Prussian model, where Johann Gottlieb Fichte (circa 1806, before the liberal educated Europeans had the liberal ‘revolts’ of 1848) one of it’s first proponents said “Education should aim at destroying free will so that after pupils are thus schooled they will be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their school masters would have wished” of it, or even later, where John Gatto or Elisabeth Iserbyt expose modern education as little more than indoctrination AND pavlovian-esque conditioning.

        Another abstraction, from Gottlieb;
        Unfortunately, it is difficult to do this under contemporary living arrangements, in which children go to school and then return to corrupting influences in their homes and their neighborhoods at the end of the day. “It is essential,” Fichte then urged, “that from the very beginning the pupil should be continuously and completely under the influence of this education, and should be separated altogether from the community, and kept from all contact with it.”[77]

        Just because a lot of women reject the label of feminism, doesn’t alter that a lot of them are still feminists. They still hold its liberal ideologies, and promote them.
        You can either have gender war, and separation of men and women, or you can have cohesive familial units, in which both men and women serve vital function.

        Cohesive families, lead to cohesive communities, to cohesive societies and cohesive nations where borders are defined by that fundamental nature. Break that fundamental bond down, and you have one ripe for invasion. This is a rinse and repeat stratagem. Tried since Rome, with various twists on its presentations.

        Without weaponising women, the liberal revolutions of Europe that did service to reintroduce jewry into power throughout Europe and later the Soon to be United States of America wouldn’t be possible. Reading between the lines in this document shows some of the role they played in the French Revolution of around 1770.

        Its not about a male desire to subjugate women, well for some individuals perhaps. Most just want women to stop the damn war. Although, for many of them, they skip that the source of the gender war, is in those that educate and indoctrinate via the education system, the ‘NGO’ 5th columns that are created by billionaires (rockefellers, rowntrees, cadburies, legal law firms, various trusts and foundations) with auspices of the United Nations and the European Union. The very EU whose symbol is that of a bull who abducts and later rapes Europa.

        Damn done it again. I keep writing out essays.

        In short, both men and women have a common enemy and it is those whose interest is in convincing us both, as total groups to see each other, or to see in each other enemies aligned against our own people, rather than those who are doing the convincing and twisting. Its their grasp we must break.

  • What a horrible prospect! What the author said is logical, however. The masses will believe anything. They are certainly frivolous enough to convert to any ideology or religion, no matter how sick, criminal and stupid. Islam qualifies in all three departments.

    Islam is not a real religion. It is not like Buddhism or Christianity, which serve God. Islam serves Satan. That is its essence. That’s why leftists like it so much.

    Islam is a crude parody of a religion, worshipping war, killing apostates, reducing women to slavery. Their preferred method of conversion is to wage war. It is a “religion” for war-mongers. It is ridiculous and repulsive.

    There is also the dimension of race. Islam is only suitable for certain races – the Sun people. It is a religion for vermin. It is not a religion for Whites and Orientals.

    • One of my many pet peeves is when upper class whites convert to Buddhism or Hinduism and then totally bastardize and insult these ancient religions. They find some new age guru who says something along the lines of ‘it’s all about the love and we’re all the same on the inside blah blah blah’ while probably sipping overpriced lattes, and totally ignoring the emphasis on discipline, hierarchy, the traditional family, asceticism, duty, etc.

      I don’t know how SWPLs would twist Islam, but it would be atrocious. They’ll probably take Mr. Mohammed talking to his wife or mother as somehow implying marxist feminism, and the Arabs have been doing it wrong all along. Maybe they’ll portray the Antifa as jihadis. No alcohol, but weed is ok. The ban on idolatry and hence total lack of the human figure in Islamic art was the precursor for abstract modern art.

  • Ugh. That’s dreadful news.

    But seriously, goys, who hasn’t threatened their wife with conversion?

    She has to dress like batman outside the house and I don’t have to do anything inside it. No more lip. I’ll eat bacon when no one’s watching.

    You would really have to hate yourself and your wife to do it, but I wonder if a man about to lose everything by divorce would blink at it.

    Funny how this comedic tragedy is yet another result of (((feminism))).

  • Illegals in US are demanding ‘respect’ and ‘amnesty’.

    Imagine the gall of these people putting Americans on the moral defensive. They trespass and invade the US purely for materialistic interests. They don’t want to be live with their own people and culture. If they respected their own people and culture, they wouldn’t be so desperate to leave their own nations and come to freeload off Americans? They don’t respect their own kind, but they say WE have to respect them.

    No, we should put THEM on the moral defensive. The moral justification is purely on OUR side. We need to tell them to RESPECT American Laws and American values. Violating Rule of Law is NOT an American value. They need to RESPECT American laws and return to their own nations. Why are they so afraid to return to their own nations? Do they hate their own people and culture so much? Can’t they make their nations nice like white people made America nice? Why do they feel as if being returned to their own nations, peoples, and cultures is the worst thing that can ever happen?

    Globalists control the media and academia and changed the Narrative to give scum like this moral upperhand. They don’t deserve the upperhand. They don’t respect America and rule of law. They think America exists for every pig and rat who wants to get in for free stuff.

    It says in the news that illegals invaded Rubio’s office and demanded ‘respect’ and ‘amnesty’.
    What kind of country is this that an illegal can not only invade but put on moral airs and barge into offices of public officials. We need to break free of globalist tyranny.

    And why are those white Americans aiding and abetting these lowlife materialistic scum? If these white Progs really respected non-white peoples and cultures, they should return these people back to their own homelands where they can practice their own cultures and heritages.

  • This whole thing is a non-story. Nobody had ever heard of the guy before, and he held some unimportant posts in a provincial chapter of the party. Apparently he had some shady connections before, serving as an “interpreter for Chechen refugees” (makes you wonder what his actual background is). This guy certainly doesn’t represent the mainstream of the German right. Even if he doesn’t turn out to be a mole from the start, AfD should be glad to got rid of him.
    The whole affair was brought into in the limelight by Spiegel magazine and they had to dig around at the lowest rungs of the party to find some incriminating dirt.
    Islam spreads in Europe by demographic conquest but not by mass conversion. Actually there are far more ex-muslims (all non-Germans of course) supporting AfD, than “AfD muslims” (there are none actually).

    • You are correct. This person, Arthur Wagner, is a fool. AfD should be glad to get rid of him. They should try to purge their party of other such liabilities.

      Demographic conquest is the main problem. Those who aid and abet it are traitors.

    • Absolutely correct. Sure, we never want to see a white cuck out like this, but he’s one person. The AfD has grown leaps and bounds, and that’s a much larger story. If I were Vincent Law, and I wanted to write about Wagner, I would’ve framed the story in a different light. I would’ve highlighted that the AfD is the 3rd most powerful party in the Bundestag right now, and ridding itself of Wagner and others like him, will actually make the party stronger. Having someone like Wagner in it cannot possibly be positive.

        • I should really upgrade to Plus Member. I wanted to test drive the website a little before I contributed more money. I’m pleased with it, so far. Not only are the articles and podcasts great (for the most part), but the comment section is also excellent. We have a number of regular commenters who are constantly bringing up interesting discussion points that I otherwise wouldn’t have considered. While my heart, I feel, is certainly in the right place with the AR, being so new to the movement in terms of actively engaging with the AR means I have a lot to learn, and it seems I’m in the right place. All that said, why do you feel glad I contribute? Do you say that to everyone?

          • No, I said it to you since your posts are, thus far, reasoned and contributory. They are not just reactionimage.jpg

          • I think a lot of what the AR is about… here’s an analogy based on Christianity. The Bible says that everyone understands what the Scriptures say, for it’s written on your heart. Just as the Bible suggests that many people will shun the “truth,” I think the same could be said about the AR. I’m not as well-read as many people here regarding AR literature and history, but I do believe that white race identity is simply written on my heart and I’ve chosen not to shun the truth. Thanks for the kind words.

          • I have tried joining and making payment with Visa and did not succeed. I sent an e-mail with the details of why I couldn’t register to and got no response. How are they going to get paying members if they don’t help us sign up?

          • They are working on it. Payment processors are illegally discriminating against the white site owners on the basis of race. I am not sure why there have not been lawsuits already.

  • “Hell, they get a woman to take care of their dirty blazers and feed them a dinner in the evenings.”

    It’s curious how easy to please men are. Clean clothes to put on for work, and dinner when they get home. On the other hand, y’all don’t seem to mind wading through toys piled a foot deep on the floor to get from one side of the room to the other. There’s one more thing but I won’t get into that.

    “In general, modern Western society doesn’t give betas a shot at family life anymore. Islam however–with its fierce patriarchy–does. Society’s weak and horny will therefore have every reason in the world to join the Muslims.”

    Come on, Vincent. I’m tired of all this beating around the bush. What is it exactly that you want?

    • I agree. Islam is incompatible with the White race. For us, men and women have equal rights. We have different roles, within reason, but we are equal.

      Islam is the enemy of all civilized values, and an enemy of the White race. Islam is a crude parody of a religion.

      • No this is completely false white men and women were not equal in the legal sense up until the 60s even after they were allowed to be educated and vote the vast majority of men rightfully didn’t see them as their equals. I honestly have no idea were do you get the idea that equality between men and women is a white idea in fact women were literally the property of their husbands or father up until the late 19th century.

        • Women have been considered the spiritual equals of men for a very long time in Western civilization.

          You are talking about subordination, which is something different. My children are my subordinates, but they are not inferior to me. They have to do what I say, but they’re not less precious to God then me. That’s the difference.

          • I seriously doubt that this is true if it was why could women not become priests for example also what if someone rejects the idea of god? Also your analogy is extremely poor because your children are inferior to you depending on their age in their intellect and probably wisdom as well. And women were believed to be inferior in many areas like politics even in morality until the 19th century in some place since it was considered that they would fall from grace like Eve that is why they were under the authority of their husbands.

          • Nope. The reason they can’t be priests is because it would be an unseemly insult to traditional mothfor them to do so. Spiritual dignity and moral rectitude aren’t the point.

            If a woman can bring home the bacon, and fry it up in a pan, what does that say about the women who only fry it up in a pan. Dual-earner feminism did not win by consensus. It was imposed from the top-down.

          • They were placed under the authority of their husbands as a curse for disobedience. You menfolk were subjected to a lifetime of toil for same.

          • That toil becomes so worth it when the obedience is there. Work becomes so trivial when a pleasant woman is waiting at home.

          • What’s the difference between your wife serving you and your maid serving you?

            Being a wife has a submissive spiritual dimension you are completely missing. The bible repeatedly demands that a wife be submissive to her husband. It is God’s will.

          • ^This.

            A whore can fuck me.
            A maid can clean for me.
            A chef can cook for me.
            A groundskeeper can take care of my estate.
            A slave can do all of these things.

            A wife can do something that none of those others can or will. She can choose to serve because she WANTS to serve.

            Difficulty: No woman on earth is like that. If a woman DOES serve, she makes damn sure to let you know how much of an inconvenience it is. Or she will argue daily, online, about if it is really her duty to obey out of love, entirely missing the point. If you love me, serve me. If you do not, I already know your answer.

          • It’s not an inconvenience, Rex. That’s my point. That is what I have been trying to tell Weimar. He always tells me how miserable I am. I try to tell him I enjoy taking care of my family. Then he tells me I’m lying. He has to say that, because if I enjoy taking care of my family, I don’t have to be forced, and that undermines his agenda. Happy housewives don’t fit his narrative.

            I don’t really see homemaking as submission. It is not “submission” for me to do my chores any more than it is “submission” for my husband to get up and go to work every day. We’re both just doing what we have to do according to our own complementary and natural roles. The menfolk here seem not to like complementarianism, because it suggests partnership rather than servility. It’s almost like somehow you all think the cookies will taste better if I actually didn’t enjoy baking them, because then, not only do you get the sweet cookies, but you also get that little something extra. I’ll be damned if there is not a whiff of sadism in all this carrying on.

            That isn’t to say that I don’t have to submit to my husband. That is another question. I do, but baking him cookies is not submission. Submission means that he is the leader of this family. He sets the agenda and makes the final decisions, with a great deal of input from me and some from the children also.

          • You are so prideful. “I will do what my husband says and I will do my chores, but please, can we please not call it submission?”

            Why not? What about that gets you so upset?

          • I don’t really give a shit, Rex.

            What I give a shit about is a future for White children. That is my first priority, unlike the rest of y’all.

            Seriously, just a few months ago, I was wholeheartedly embraced by this movement. It’s y’all who are going off the deep end. I’m here to stop you from purity spiraling this movement into oblivion.

            If y’all want to put me in a burqa and chain me to a stove come the ethnostate, go ahead. For now, why don’t we keep our eyes on the prizes.


            As I have told Barnabas


          • By the sheer fact that is if two people are not equal in a certain area it means that one of them has superior ability of the other and men have superior ability to maintain and build civilization that is why women were considered they’re inferiors by law until the 60s.

          • NTT, why do you want women to agree with you that we are inferior?

            Why is it not good enough that we agree with you that men should run society?

            This is the crux of the problem: your desire to humiliate.

          • That’s between you and the church. This type of metaphysical nuanced thinking how no place in society.

          • While I generally agree, “Equal” is a difficult term to use.

            Women were treated as a gift and a responsibility. You got this cute creature that would wash your clothes, cook, clean, pick up the toys and let you hump it. The responsibility involved feeding it, sheltering it, not strangling it and making it submit. Women will always soil their own bed if allowed to do so, it is their nature (single mothers)

            Women have backdoor access to the will of man. They can bypass the logic center completely and get men to do some seriously stupid things, like Adam and Eve. This is also where tradthots and right-wing feminists come in, they reject the necessity of submission. Has anything useful, productive or good ever come from thots or feminists? Nope, all they do is convince men to do stupid things. This proves the necessity of submission.

      • I may be an uppity tradthot, but look at the bright side, I’m far too stiff-necked and prideful to ever surrender to the Muslim man.

        The question is how to persuade foolish Western women that if we do not rally to our men now, we will be slaves.

        • Simple, forget the women. No one cares what they think, because it doesn’t matter. This isn’t about women and never was.

          If your dog doesn’t listen to you, do you blame the dog? You might have a particularly stubborn dog, but ultimately dogs have no agency. It’s the owner.

          This is about Western men being too submissive. Women will be brought to a heel, by Christian men or Muslim men is the only question.

          • Get off it.

            I’ve thought that you were Jewish quite a few times, I’ve since dismissed this as just a miscalculated albeit still natural instinct and since then I’ve just chalked it up to the affects of post-menopause hormonal depletion.

          • Yet you dont seem to respect the part within yourself that is woman. Here is the problem.
            Ye wants to be a man, methinks.

          • Nope. I love being a woman.

            I’ve done the career thing, and I’ve done the tradmom thing.

            No question. The latter is more gratifying by far.

            Barnabas, why do you insist on telling White women that you are going to “bring them to heel” rather than just telling them yourself going to give them the opportunity to do what will truly make them happy.

            Like I said


          • Listen carefully. I’m not telling white women im going to to anything, I just do it.
            Any woman I come accross I bring to heel. Most fold instantly but some fight, for a little while, it’s kind of fun at times, but they always show me their belly and purr like little pussies.

            A lot of white men don’t have my experience or knowledge. They still buy into the t”reat women as equals” nonsense. So when I speak on here about women and when I reply to you, I do it for my fellow white brothers, so that they can open their eyes on how to deal with and tame the she-beast. I do this in real life as well.
            If I met you in person, you would bend to my beck and call, just like the others. Our back and forths are somewhat entertaining even though my purpose is educational but if we are to continue this faux dominance contest I may actually need to see those tits.

        • That is the questions, isn’t it? If soyboy bugmen are the first to turn, women will have both their “allies” and the patriarchy to contend with in a culture that no longer thinks women should be heard unless it is a scream. Feminism really is doomed now. Yay islam I guess. On a contextually related subject, I am looking into the cost of concrete by the cubic yard for the construction of new Crusader fortress monasteries in the USA. Also, machines to mass produce .308.

          • Update: Concrete and .308 is expensive. We need a crowdfunding platform to pay for rifles. I am thinking of calling it “Go Fudd Me”.

          • Did I get a downvote? Blasphemy!

            Maybe they were purists, angry that I would use concrete for a Crusader fortress-monastery instead of natural stone construction.

            Or maybe they don’t like .308?

          • Something. I’m not opposed to disagreement but you just have to wonder who is behind that keyboard at times.

    • We want women who will submit to us. Those who hold to the feminine imperative of servitude. In the modern world it is nearly impossible for a beta to ever get a woman to submit to him, even the lowliest girl. And while a strong, masculine man can still get almost any woman he wants to submit, its still a sticky situation for him as no man wants a used up woman. We want submissive, chaste, virgins. It’s not hard to figure out Lexi.

      • That’s not how it was in the Victoria period in the UK. Nor in the rest of Europe and America.

        Queen Victoria was loyal to Albert and they had 9 kids – an example to us all. Even though she was the monarch, she knew her place as a woman. And the first Queen Elizabeth also knew her place. Neither thought they were men. Neither tried to act like men – that would be crazy.

        Women can be very bossy, nothing wrong with that. There should be a proper balance between the male and the female.

        There is no need for Muslim insanity. Islam works only for certain other races, not for Whites. It is a religion suitable for rats and other such vermin

        • No this is completely false Victoria was an extreme exception no regular non nobility women could be ‘bossy’. In the vast majority of European countries women could not even hold land even if they were part of the nobility and were banned from inheriting the crown. Regular women in the majority of European countries and noble women could not boss over regular or important men and if you seriously think that any women should be able to tell a man what to do in the alt-right ethno-state you are not in any way traditional.

        • What are you trying to peddle? The Victorian period was the beginning of this obsession with woman being equals and as No Trad Thots says below the vast majority was still very patriarchy.
          Victorian England is where all this feminists hoohah started to kick off.

          NoThots does well below in addressing the rest.

          • I prefer a balance between the masculine and the feminine principles, the yin and the yang. That is more healthy that extreme male domination. Look at how crazy the people are in Africa and the Middle East. We can avoid that.

            Humans have been debating the question of different roles for the sexes for thousands of years, since the start of humanity.

            A moderate solution is best. The sexes are mostly the same, but with different roles.

            Avoid extremes – Islam is one extreme, and feminism is the opposite. Both are ridiculous.

            Islam is fine for the Sun people, but not for Whites.

          • The Jews want us in the kitchen baking all day whilst spending the evenings teaching my young children the glories of our white ancestors and unhesitatingly serving my needs?

        • If you’re actually interested in deepening your views, and not just white knighting, give this excerpt from Anthony Ludivici’s book a read. He does a superb job in analyzing the roots of feminism within Anglo England in the 19th century.

        • Thanks. Can you give me some tips on giving a woman multiple, dehydrating orgasms while your at it?

          No shit Sherlock. Add something constructive or take that shit somewhere else. The query is how to make women chaste, so that they are worthy of our dominance and protection. Any man worth his salt can get a used up thot to submit.

        • You’re absolutely right. Your demeanor, body and language and tone of voice should demand willfull submission. But your surrounding culture shuld support that. Unfortunately, the American mainstream culture breeds men — from elementary school onward — to draw only derision and disrespect from our own white women. And many gravitate to men of those cultures (Arab particularly) whose men are trained to demand willfull submission.

        • Agree. White women are whorish by nature and that is a good thing. Let them be.
          The old good Michele… he lives in Southeast Spain. Just in front of Algeria. I am sure he enjoys taking the ferry to Oran and spending a few days there smoking shisha, and ejoying the beurettes.

      • I agree that this is necessary. But this can’t be achieved under the current conditions of liberal democracy. The mass media would have to be nationalized. The Christian Church would have to be given state preferences and support, as in Putin’s Russia. Only an authoritarian, socialist, ethno-state can produce this outcome on large scale. Otherwise, the only hope whites have in the U.S. is to head for the rural areas and create micro-communities. Our mainstream culture is so hopelessly polluted that it’s almost impossible to find these submissive, chaste virgins with housekeeping skills. I had to venture all the way to Ukraine to find my wife after finding the “offerings” of American universities and churches to be utterly unacceptable. I simply could not find a mother and a housekeeper. America has absolutely nothing to offer lower middle class white males.

  • Conversion solves nothing. The left will follow you like they followed people who did white flight with section 8 housing.

    • Islam is even worse. I have zero respect for “modern day progressives”. They serve Satan in their own way, as does Islam.

      But Islam is even worse, by pretending to be a religion. Muslims are perverts too, who promote pedophilia. Most “progressives” still don’t do that yet.

      • Doesn’t matter if the elites might be ‘degenerate’ the social beliefs and system of Islam is far superior to our current situation.
        What I’m saying is that if the choice is white sharia or liberalism white sharia is the way.

        • Good point. I agree that race is more important than religion. But I think that Islam is a weapon to be used against the White race by its enemies. That explains why leftwingers like Islam so much.

          In theory, the official “values” of Islam appear to be a cure for the decadence of the West. That is also what Vincent Law said in his article, and what Michel Houellebecq wrote in his prophetic novel, Soumission.

          But I don’t expect it would work. And even if it did work, the price would be too high. Islam is a weapon against the White race.

          • Look man, a white form of Islamic patriarchy will be needed for a generation or two to make sure that we make our women submit and punish any whore or ‘independent’ women. We will have to break white women completely if they are to ever have any rights at all in the future ethno-state.

          • It has been very clear that many in this movement feel the need to “break” White women. That’s why we can’t have a rational conversation about solutions, and that’s why you will continue to drive them off. The cost of this foolishness is unspeakable.

          • You can cry foul everyday on these threads if it tickle some your fancy but the fact of the matter is that white women NEED to be broken, broken absolutely. This point cannot be compromised upon so you’d be best to what the title of Houllebecq’s book says, submit.

          • “Broken absolutely”

            There you go.

            You are driven by an atavistic urge to humiliate and demean women.

            I’m glad we’ve got that out in the open now.

          • We need to break the independent, feminist spirit in white women so completely and totally as to guanrentee that it never rises again.

            You best drop the faux hysterics or I’m going to start giving you the Tits or GTFO treatment and I won’t stop until you show em to me.

          • You and Lexi are so mean to each other, and I don’t even see why. Curious to hear from both of you why you’re arguing. Lexi, you have a husband, you acknowledge you want to be owned for who you are, and I think all of that is very normal. Barnabas, you’re a white man that believes in coverture and husbandry. You two seem to have no real difference As Rex said earlier, “I don’t understand the disagreement.” I’m with Rex. It seems that all of us agree, a husband owns his wife. So, in conclusion, Lexi, I think the question is to you: do you disagree with Barnabas’ ideas of marriage? It seems like what you want and what he wants is the same thing. I’m not suggesting the two of you get married, since you’re already married lol, but seriously…. what is the disagreement? Lexi, just a question, not any sort of inquisition, but does your husband own you? My opinion based on what you’ve said, is that you don’t feel like it. If I’m wrong, please forgive me, but something doesn’t seem right here. You do come off as feeling like a married woman who is talking as though she wishes she had a husband who owned her. Again, I don’t mean to offend you at all, but that’s just how I’m reading this.

          • As I have said before, I would follow my husband straight through the gates of hell and never look back. I am totally devoted to him. For years he has not only protected and provided for me and the children, but also been a tender and patient companion, doing things like:

            Running to the store to get me another can of peas because it’s the only thing my pregnant self can stand the thought of without barfing, then holding my hair back while I barf it up after all.

            Sitting with me and watching over me and the baby while I nurse so I can doze off without worrying about dropping or smothering the little cutie. (That’s always been a fear of mine, rational or not.)

            Watching the children while I get my hair done. Heating up leftovers when my feet ache from doing housework all day.

            From the way they act, I don’t know that these guys will ever treat their wives like this. In truth, I suspect most of it is just talk, and they will be fine husbands. Still, it just makes me sad, and I don’t see why any woman would stick around these parts to learn anything more about our movement with the way these guys talk about them.

          • I just don’t like her patriarchical counter signaling. I think if she continues and if other women embody her attitude that it will harm our movement. We need to be forthright on these topics. A lot here only want to focus on the JQ and exclude the WQ. But the JQ is known like the back of our hands, they are the children of Satan and they need to be dealt with accordingly, what else do we need. A lot of white men are still very bluepulled in regards to their women, their ideas must be shattered. They must still care for them but all illusions need to go.

            The WQ has become more urgent, imo and what women like Lexi fail to understand is that the longer they protest against white patriarchy the more extreme the white mans solutions for handling them will be.

          • After reading both of their comments, I can say they agree on the substance but not the description.

            We need a tab on this website that has nothing but common AR language with accepted definitions. We also need a tab that lists our platform. If we don’t have a platform, we need to build one.

          • Just call it coverture, my friend. Drop the white sharia and look up coverture. This is our ancient law.

          • This just made my day. I also want to say, I had no idea about the roots of coverture – thanks Barnabas.

          • Ok, so to start this party off right, here is my first major case for coverture being amazing.

            Coverture is basically the legal agency of the woman vested in the man. He has primacy in power of attorney.

            So consider the following:

            As a man, I want my wife at home, free from all bondage and obligation, to take care of my household. If my wife does something stupid, a momentary lapse of sound judgement, I want the society and the law to come to me to deal with it.

            Scenario 1: My wife walks out of a general store without paying for several hundred dollars worth of groceries. The police come to the house looking for her, to put her in chains, and take her away. As her husband, I am faced with either letting strange, armed men take my wife out of my custody, where they can do anything they actually want to her in the back of that car, or I can stop them with physical violence. If they take her, she could be raped, she could face some sort of prison time depending on the country, and the family unit is destroyed. If I use violence, sure, I might kill a cop or two but I am sure to be killed in retaliation. Man, this is a shitty option.

            Scenario 2: My wife walks out of a general store without paying for several hundred dollars worth of groceries. The police CALL the house asking for Mr. Foster. My dutiful wife answers the phone and hands it to me. The policeman explains the situation to me and advises me to make good on what I owe the grocer. I call the store owner, apologize for the misunderstanding, promise to stop by the very next day with full payment plus inconvenience money, and the wife gets her ass tanned raw.

            Which would you prefer ladies and gents? A society that puts women in chains and destroys families or a society that respects man as the image of God and doesn’t dare fuck with the household?

          • Ok. I see the benefits of ccoverture in the scenario you describe. I would certainly rather get a spanking from my husband than get raped and thrown in the clink with Shaniqua.

            But then that is a great part of the point of an ethnostate. When you have a harmonious, homogeneous society, the government rarely needs to get involved.

            First of all, your nation is one big extended family. The citizens are happy to support a safety net to help their own people who have fallen on hard times. It’s possible you may have forgotten to pay for your groceries, but then the owner of the grocery store knows that. He’s already seen you in there hundreds of times buying groceries for your family, and you are a valued customer. He knows it was an oversight, so he raises it with you the next time you come in. You turn beet red, apologize profusely, pay your bill, and get on with your day.

            Suppose it doesn’t work out that way. You get arrested for larceny. A White police officer come see around and arrests you. Of course, his conduct is impeccable as he is a consummate professional who hold such his position because of merit. He doesn’t even speak harshly to you, let alone rape you. You spend the night in jail with other White women. Then, you appear before a White male judge and get a fair hearing under our White Anglo-Saxon rule of law.

            You know, Rex, part of appreciating tradition is recognizing when tradition has failed. White male judges started chipping away at couverture on their own initiative, because it was resulting in miscarriages of justice. That is how common law works. Situations are dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and you see a slow evolution of the law to reflect society’s changing needs.

            Nonetheless, I concede that in the case you described couverture would produce the better result. What else you got?

          • We call that “The Church”.

            Do you really need another scenario to prove coverture is worth looking at as compared to everything else we have played with since?

            Fine, let me think a moment and I will put out another fantastic post.

          • Wow…

            I don’t want to get raped and go to jail with Shaniqua, but….



            There is still white trash in an ethnostate, just less trash in general. Plus, who the flying fuck is the cop to take my property from me over some groceries? Why in the sovereign fuck would you countersignal what I just said?

            Oh right, it is that property issue. Fine. Shaniqua it is.

          • Challenge: Those downvoting thought experiment posts should counter post instead of just downvoting. This proves you are more than the controlled opposition and not a brainlet.

        • It’s so funny how I think back to when my wife used to say things to me like, “you can’t tell me what to do.” What could I say to that? We had a pretty intense fight one night about it and she said, “it’s a free country!” And my response, “but it’s not a free marriage and as my wife, I own all of you.” She paused and said in almost a dumbfounded tone, “you mean to say, you actually want to own me? I didn’t think you did.” … hasn’t been a problem since. In fact, we seldom argue about anything.

          • Here is what is weird to me. After all this talk, I am still not sure what she disagrees with us about. Can we get some actual clarity on this issue?

          • I don’t think she’s in disagreement with us or Goy Sharia, but just wants to be sure that if she submits to her man, that he’s not permitted to actually mistreat her. I suspect some previous there, unfortunately… and I think Nancy Pelosi’s face almost fell off. If Trump keeps this up, messaging white people, she’s going to die and that’s great.

          • Richard, I’m trying to get theses menfolk to stop being so obnoxious that they run off any women who might be curious about our movement.

            I think it’s better to be positive. I think we should tell women why they should embrace their traditional roles rather than tell them they need to be “brought to heel.” I have already told them this.

            Also, yes I do worry about abuse. I have a very good husband, but I know some women aren’t so lucky. For example, one of the reasons that common law judges started chipping away at couverture was that it turned women’s inheritances over to drunken spendthrifts who would gamble it away. For the same reason, they started allowing women to keep their own salaries in order to feed their families when the father was drinking his whole paycheck.

            Truth be told, I’m not terribly worried about that. White people will find a way to sort out these problems when we are free. I just don’t see how being so nasty to half the population is going to help us get from point A to point B.

            Mind you, I don’t think we should make attracting women a priority. I’m only saying we shouldn’t go out of our way to run them off either.

            Folks ask me why I don’t “talk to the women.” Well, for now there aren’t any women. I suppose I could go try to turn Philosophocat into a tradmom, but I see no point in that. Why not let her preach to the career moms? If we can get them in the door, maybe we can get them to start thinking about their duties, as women, to our race.

          • Maybe, or could it have been the large sums of Jewish money being funneled into the movement combined with the aggressive Jewish activists.


          • In some cases, you are getting downvotes because the post starts with “Lexi”.

            It happens to me too sometimes.

          • Burning old women alive.

            “Breaking” women.

            Purposely using language that will drive women away, because your dudebro vibe and venting your spleens against women is more important to you than actually making this movement move and getting White women together with White men to make White babies.

          • Female acceptable language(better known as politically correctness) has crippled the white man and has absolutely weakened his civilizations. Yet you advocate this, as you probably fail to even recognize it’s negative impact on our culture. How could you.

          • No Barnabas, I’m opposed to the extreme overreaction we’re seeing on this site. It’s not either/or. It’s about a balance.

          • When a thing veers towards one extreme it is essential that it is steered back to the other extreme with the hope of bringing about a future balance. Don’t forget this.

          • You have no idea what I do in the real world. This is a website. We talk here. Don’t assume I am derailing anything or purity spiraling us into oblivion.

            Women will either return to their proper position in society or Muhammad will do it for them. At this point, I am starting not to care which you women ultimately choose.

          • Come on, Rex. You know perfectly well I’m talking about your conduct on this website. Don’t play dumb.

            Time to grow up, now, fam.

          • ““but it’s not a free marriage and as my wife, I own all of you.”

            This is standard, go to the THE Church and ask any orthodox cleric what marriage is as natural and sacramental insinuation is. It is THE HANDING OVER OF BODILY RIGHTS, officially the man is in charge of marriage. Sworn under oath to God.
            You are not allowed to abandon your spouse under pain of mortal sin, even to live separate under the same roof.

        • I have a visceral hatred for Islam that I can’t quite explain. I think I just loathe the servile, passive fatalism about it. In that sense, I can’t think of anything more different from traditional Western beliefs.

          We Christians believe in the God-man, whose will cannot be broken, and whose soul can therefore be redeemed only by Immanuel, God With Us.

          • Western woman must be willing to submit to this God man, totally and completely. Either willingly or forcibly.

          • The God man is half lightening, half sun. You only want the sun aspect. This is a weak, turn the other cheek man. You don’t truly want a God man Lexi, you want an effete, eunuch whom you can move to your whims.

          • This is not something explained through rational thought especially not to a woman, any man worth his salt knows it to be true through intuition of the spirit and blood. A man must be both hard, uncompromising as well as understanding and compassionate when the situation calls for it.Intelligence is the guide. Right now intelligence tells us me not that women need the hard uncompromising aspect.

            You know what I mean as to your second question, don’t play guileless with me.

          • Agreed, Barnabas – but don’t forget to behave like a white man when dealing with your woman. Admonishment and abuse aren’t the same thing. I’m not accusing you of that behavior, just offering that as your friend.

          • Absolutely. This the distinction some cannot make. I advocate for the complete withdrawal of all women’s rights post 1900. I only push for the structure and laws that our white ancestors had. I do not advocate for men to beat the shit out of their wives on a daily basis, only for them to punish them when needed, spanking, verbal admonishment, etc. As well as for men to maintain dominance without flinching.

          • No. I really don’t, Barnabas.

            I’m confused. Sometimes, you all tell me that I am a dominatrix who wants to rule over my husband. Other times, y’all tell me that I want him to rape and beat me.

            I can’t figure it all out.

            I do thank you for the other parts of your answer.

          • Ah, Lexi has the balls to say it. She’s right. If you act like a man, your woman won’t wander and I don’t just mean sexually involve herself in a migrant gangbang. I own my wife for who she is, and it’s great, because I want to own her, and she feels that. But, owning a woman takes effort, and that’s where a lot of men fail. They want the control over their woman, but don’t have the guts to actually love, respect, admonish, and control her the way she’d like, so she finds someone who will, or perhaps, yes, becomes a manhating feminist. So, men, if we’re honest about this, we have to acknowledge that we’re actually at fault for feminism. Women want to be owned, be submissive, but not to just any cuck.

          • This is where a Right of Passage comes into play. Every man should have to prove himself in the basics of combat and productive labor. Only then should society see him as a man and allow him to marry. That way every woman can feel confident their husband can fulfill his role.

          • Good idea. I’ll add that the woman must prove the Hyman still intact as well. Though I’m sure this was your idea.

          • This is well said, but my only problem is that the majority of young white girls act like sluts Rich.
            I’m assuming your a tad older, which is all good, but young white women have taken a turn for the worse in the last decade. They are not only indiscriminating whores but are entitled with insatiable princess complexes to boot.
            A lot of men I know and myself included do not want these women. I do fairly well with girls and I can get any number to submit but when’s they’ve all had ten cocks by 25 it’s slim pickins.

            Softer, more autistic men have it even worse.

          • I’m 35, as is my wife. She was a virgin. She stayed pure because she wanted to belong to one man. She’s hot af, well-educated, etc., but she’s also a 1st generation American from a Hungarian family. She values that so much and it’s really beautiful, to be honest. So, there’s a million things I could say, but I think if you meet a woman and she isn’t interested in her own heritage, she’s probably not for you. My family came from Germany in 1956, and she just loves hearing about all of that. It’s definitely a subject that brought us close together. Just food for thought.

          • Oh and the Hungarian immigrant aspect definitely helped. What age were y’all when you married?

          • We were 28 when we married. The aspect of her Hungarian and my German heritage is really awesome though (even though I had a great grandfather from Norway haha). There are some things you just shouldn’t have to explain to your wife. When I said tonight during SOTU, “look at all those negroes sitting there stone faced when Trump tells them black unemployment is at its lowest rate ever,” she replies, “because they hate us, what can you expect?” Isn’t she great? She gets it, and she’s not active at all with the AR. She’s just an ordinary white woman.

          • Hungarian women have a stronger sense of culture than others in my experience. They take pride in their nomadic warrior past.

          • To add to my last comment. I think the only solution is to find young Whites girls fresh out of high school and dominate them completely so as to take them out of the world and immediately breed them.

            I’ve strongly considered lurking highschool activities lately.

          • Make sure they are of legal age for your state before you even speak to them. The last thing we need is legal trouble of that sort muddying the waters.

          • No kidding. I may pull up google right now. There is a marked difference in the appeal of a young, feline and still somewhat naive white girl versus the fresh out of college world wise harpie. It’s very refreshing to the eye.

            P.s. Damn! It’s 18 in AZ. I’ll just half to find a nice 12th grader and check that i.d.

          • You can’t really separate the two. Islam is focused on submission and obedience exactly because of their philosophy of human nature and the meaning of life.

          • But Western society was also focused on submission and obedience at least for women. They were literally their husbands or father property up until the late 19th century homosexuals could still be executed if I’m not mistaken as well up until the the end of 19th century as well.

          • Why don’t you tell us what you want, NTT?

            Your thinking seems to go like this:

            (1) Feminism is bad.

            (2) The roots of feminism go all the way back to the domestication of fire (or whatever you say).

            (3) The whole kit and kiboodle must be extirpated.

            The fundamental problem with your thinking, NTT, is that you don’t actually take into consideration the point at which the phenomenon you call feminism became pathological.

            It’s a kind of reverse slippery slope fallacy that reveals an utter lack of empathy for and solidarity with White women on your part. Indeed, it reveals an in-group preference even more selfish and divisive than contemporary feminism.

            I honestly wouldn’t much care either way. I’m thinking about the long-term survival of our people. If you menfolk want to throw a temper tantrum for a couple of generations, I don’t really care all that much. The problem is that you are not going to win this way.

            It is indeed very suspicious that you all are turning up to destroy this movement just now.

          • So you admit to being a feminist? I want the same laws and norms that whites had for centuries coverture. Watch this video and you will understand.

          • I don’t play word games NTT. If you want to call anyone who doesn’t believe in honor killings (or whatever it is this week), a feminist, I can’t stop you.

            I think I’ve already seen that video. Is that the one that says I should be “allowed continued existence” only at my husband’s discretion?

          • By the way, NTT, if this is the video in question, I didn’t watch the whole thing. I stopped when the narrator said my husband should be able to kill me.

            I am open to the idea of couverture, though I am skeptical.

          • Do me one favor. Think of one reason why a husband should be allowed to kill his wife. Just one scenario. This isn’t as black and white as you think.

          • I can’t think of any reason at all. Now obviously that doesn’t mean a particular murder might not be more or less egregious depending on the circumstances.

            I think I said a couple of days ago that Jared Taylor would be arguing for honor killings in a few months. Perhaps it will be sooner than that.

          • If a woman were killing her children or poisoning them, or something in that area, a man should pop one off in her head. There are other situations as well. I just want to make sure no one here believes in the “there is never a reason to hit a woman” fallacy.

          • In that case the husband would have an affirmative defense: defense of others. When you said “kill” I assumed you meant an illegal homicide, not a justifiable homicide.

            Why are we talking about this?

            I thought this was a White identity site. I guess I made a wrong turn.

          • I literally hate the faggots that censored that video. I sometimes feel bad that Hell is for the devil and his angels. These leftist faggots deserve hell much more than the devil ever possibly could. I find it funny that we could have a Barabbus or Jesus moment between the devil and anarcho-communists and the devil could get leniency.

          • Childless old hags were burned as witches and couldn’t welcome refugees or be feminists.

            It ALL made sense.

          • How do you get downvoted for suggesting the possibility of not burnold women alive?

            Have you all lost your God-damned minds?

          • Lexi, these old haints are evil. If they really have had a change of heart, they should willingly walk into the flames as an example for the ages. They are still satanists. The spirit of anti-Christ is in them. There is no such thing as a good feminist or a Christian feminist. Those ideologies are directly opposed to one another, Hellfire is God’s method, why not ours? As above, so below.

          • Rex, I’m going to be charitable and assume you didn’t notice that he said “childless old hags” and not feminists.

          • I’ll grant there is considerable overlap, but still.

            I don’t see any need to burn people alive. Neutralize and incapacitate? Yes. Torture them to death? No.

          • But I wouldnt have said that about my Christian beliefs in a million years.

            That seems to be a thing we us Christians have, no two of us believe the same thing, exactly.

        • I’m not surprised, there is little resistance to the invasions of the West and most of the older generations of Whites are cowards when it comes to things that interfere with their television programming. Conversions have been going on for decades, remember Cat Stevens lol.

          Gen Zyklon will be made of sterner stuff, because they’ll have to be.

    • I say this without irony. Islam will solve most of the West’s problems. I can see that and I am a Deus Vult level Christian.

      • Agreed both on the observation and Deus Vult. I’d rather burn it all down in the name of Holy Crusade then accept either.

        That said, I’ll take the third option. Success.

  • I don’t really give a shit what dogma is the official state “religion”. I simply hate shit skins. If conversion would solve the shit skin problem, then bring it the fuck on, otherwise,
    Deus Vult!

    • Yeah that’s basically my position as well.
      Unfortunately I don’t think shitskins will stop coming so long as we keep paying them to squat in our countries.

      • The USA, the single biggest engine of this conversion worldwide, will balkanize the fuck up in just a few short decades. I hope I live long enough to see it and still have sharp skills with a rifle.

    • We need to Deus Vult so fucking hard that both Jesus AND Odin will be trying to get our souls for the afterlife.

    • This all reminds me of the Last Kingdom series by Bernard Cornwell, where this based Saxon who wants to free England of Viking invasion is totally Pagan but still works alongside the Christians to free his country, even if they think he’s a barbarian, which he sort of is.

  • Alternative for Germany in an Angela Merkel type of way seems to be the case here. If far right means anything at all, it means you value your own people and country over others in a positive personal responsibility type of way. Islam is a culture of submission to authority – very communistic. Therefore this man s actions make no sense unless he was infiltrating AfD.

    • Few normies are nationalist. Or socialist. There’s weirdos at either end.

      He’s probably just someone who wants to be important. Putting your country before your own life is hard, and it’s not as if we have many good examples to point to.

      Uncle A went to prison for his country and persisted through persecution. Eventually he liberated it. But he’s verboten as an example. People would rather praise communists like MLK and Mandela.

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