AltRight Politics: Davos, Afghanistan, Czech Election AND MORE

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Eli, Don and Greg discuss:

1) Davos Forum. The world’s top oligarchs and power-brokers meet in Switzerland. Interesting remarks from George Soros and Donald Trump. Also: State of the Union speculation.

2) More dead in Afghanistan. Don talks us through the rationals for our now 17-year-long occupation. Why is the Taliban so persistent?

THEN: Lightning Round. Walmart sued for racism, Jay Z and Trump bantz, DACA babies mob Chuck Schumer’s house, AND Tucker calls out aging Boomer neocon hack Bill Kristol.

3) Czech Election. Ultra-rightist Milos Zeman wins! Why does Osteuropa matter?

Richard is on Sabbatical.

AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.


  • My business is called Mr. locksmith or Misterlocksmith inc. in Maryland for 11 years Israeli’s Have created Phoney lawsuit, gotten licensed in the same name , change my Google business listing just to mention a few things, their goal is to own most major names before regulation of communication kicks back in. There should be some type of registration that shows what the Jews own, Mexicans will tell you that they receive their work from organized Jewish people, Look at all locksmith services, the 24 hour locksmith, BW tell communications, Capalon communication, And the synagogues behind them, many of the communications companies are owned by Jewish mobs and Mexican cartel

  • Has anyone heard of the “Oded Yinon” plan? If not here is a basic synopsis: This plan was hatched in the 1980’s for a “greater Israel” by Oded Yinon. According to “Global Research” mag ““Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East” the plan was published in 2013, so I doubt if most know about it. Here is an excerpt from the Global Research:
    ” The following document pertaining to the formation of “Greater Israel” constitutes the cornerstone of powerful Zionist factions within the current Netanyahu government, the Likud party, as well as within the Israeli military and intelligence establishment. (article first published by Global Research on April 29, 2013).”
    … “Bear in mind: this design is not strictly a Zionist Project for the Middle East, it is an integral part of US foreign policy, namely Washington’s intent to fracture and balkanize the Middle East. Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is intended to trigger political instability throughout the region. ”

    “According to the founding father of Zionism Theodore Herzl, “the area of the Jewish State stretches: “From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.” According to Rabbi Fischmann, “The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon.”
    “When viewed in the current context, the Zionist Plan for the Middle East bears an intimate relationship to 2003 invasion of Iraq, the 2006 war on Lebanon, the 2011 war on Libya, the ongoing wars on Syria, Iraq and Yemen, not to mention the political crisis in Saudi Arabia. ”

    The implications should be frightening for it requires the dismemberment of the Arab world to facilitate a greater Israel. it makes sense why DC backs the formation of Kurdistan for that would require the vivisection of Syria, Iraq, Turkey and possibly Iran. I suggest those who are not aware of “Oded Yinon” Google it and read the Wiki to any information. if this is true we are heading to major wars

    • I watched a video with Jesse Peterson speaking to Black Israelites.

      It was tempting to dismiss it as a clown show but it was actually very educational about j00s, and I’ll explain why:

      These blacks believe that they ARE j00s, and spend their time reading the Semitic scriptures. They quote directly from scripture, and the scripture reads that the house of Israel is ABOVE all others. It is explicitly supremecist, and these blacks will tell you so since they lack the extreme guile of j00s.

      Few actual j00s would be so open about their beliefs, because they know that their supremacist beliefs will and are having effects in the world that would create a backlash.

      It was shocking to hear what j00s think being expressed so openly.

      When a black man asked them what they think about people dying in Africa, they said, “GOOD—we are Israelites not Africans—and all other houses will be put to the sword!” They pulled another quote to back this statement, and also stated that the house of Japheth (Europeans and others) will also burn.

      When asked if they were preaching a religion they said no, they aren’t religious. (confirming that they are an ethnogroup—not a religion as real j00s will sometimes claim).

      This is what j00s really believe—it is bound to their identity. They are deceitful, hateful supremecists—born in the cast of rats. The world should eventually be ruled from a post modern citadel in Israel. If you burn, good—this is foretold. And every sort of deceit is permissible to achieve this.

      They opened the gates of Toledo in the 7th century, and they are doing it again in the 21st.

      NEVER let them tell you that they are fellow whites. It is against their religion of self-worship to entertain that line of thinking. They only do so when it might advance their interest. Deceit is another tactic that is expressly endorsed in Semitic scriptures—both the Jewish Talmud and Muslim Koran.

      • For those interested, the video can be viewed here:

        Also, note that a white man was very bold and said, “we whites have the nukes—since we’re condemned by your religion and have no way to redeem ourselves—why shouldn’t we just waste you?”, and he was NOT btfo’d by the audience (which consisted of blacks and whites). It is shocking how much the culture has been changed. Today, that man would have been shouted down at the very least.

        A seemingly joint j00-Muslim Semite website—note that Jews are never at fault:

        “Had the Jews of Iberia not been the victims of such continuous barbarity from their Christian neighbours it is unlikely they’d have turned on them, but with the Muslim invasion this oppressed people tasted a freedom they hadn’t for centuries. There is no greater example of Jewish and Muslim coexistence than al-Andalus, the Jews not only fought side by side with their Muslim cousins, but under the caliphates born out of the conquests the Jews lived as a free and protected people who were able reach the highest of positions in this new society.”

        As you can see, it was “good for j00” to let the Muslims in—they became a “protected” people that enjoyed the highest positions of the “new society”, thanks to their “cousins”. No mention of the Christians that we’re put to the sword by the Muslim invader.

        These people were given every opportunity to convert and refused to do so—continuing to conspire in secret for their own gain (see also the Crypto-Turk Dönmeh ). If they didn’t do so over 1000 years ago, don’t be naive and believe that they will do so now.

  • The way to destroy Jewish influence is to stop massive inheritances. These massive kike conglomerates thrive because they pass on the money through generation. Stop this flow of money, stop the jews.

    • And don’t agree that stopping inheritances will stop J00s unless we’re just stopping j00ish inheritances.

      I don’t agree with this at all.

      And there’s so many loopholes and ways to hide money. Easier said than done. We have to build our power levels first.

  • You guys are right. The founders did consider themselves European or “Englishmen”, and they inhereted much from Rome and respected it. They were tough but they also appreciated intellect.

    Sadly, a lot of the people that are pushing for an American aesthetic are coming from a place that is literally backwoods. I’m not being elitist—they say so themselves. They revel in being ignorant, and anything they associate with being “European” is “gay”. Being American to them is about wearing a coonskin cap and living like Ted Kascynzki.

    Within the broader movement of white advocates, these people have monopolized what it means to be American. But I think founders like Ben Franklin (a Francophile) are rolling in their graves.

    I agree too, that in order to save Europe we must capture the hearts and minds of the USA.

    Russia has become its own entity. They flirted with “Europeaness” in the 19th century, but today Russia is out for Russia. This is where we’ve ended up.

    • This is true. I think returning to Rome is more ideal and would sit much better with average Americans than returning to a European ideal. They really do view Europe in the way you said unfortunately, most anyway.

      • I’ll add that we do need to increase the feeling of kinship with Europeans within white Americans. I just don’t believe any real reverence for Euro History would ever catch on.

    • Yes. That’s the answer to the problems facing Western Civilization: muzzling women. Congratulations on the craziest, most asinine comment here.

      I think you have been kicked in the head by a mule one too many times. And for God’s sake lay off whatever illicit drugs you are taking.

    • We need to relegate female conversation to its proper place and role, that’s all. We don’t need to shut them up entirely. Women talking amongst themselves about female topics and religion is acceptable. A patriarchical society is needed though.

  • A very interesting listen. Soros is of course Jewish, so its both curious and inspiring that much of the the Israeli gov’t has denounced him and has joined the Hungarian campaign against his influences. It seems to me that all of this certainly complicates the narrative of the Zionist|Israel|Jewish connection. I dont know, maybe it doesn’t. I’d be interested in what others have to say on this.

    I should add that the fact that his son is worse than him and is known antifa is absolutely terrifying.

  • Spot on about, Tucker. We need to support him. First of all, an opinion: he’s probably one of us. Secondly, even if he’s not, he’s still pushing the needle in our direction.

    • Up until very recently all of their content has been free…and it’s been that way for years. Spencer even said that he is committed to making sure that the vast majority of their content will remain free for everyone. Nobody gets involved in this movement for the money, that much I can guarantee you.

      If you don’t want to spend the $10/month minimum – or, like a lot of people nowadays, you simply can’t afford it – I get it. I am far from wealthy myself. But some of us are able to pitch in what we can and happy to support all of the hard work (and the many expenses) that go into making this site possible. The Plus feature/content is a cool way to do it.

      At the very least, don’t make the guys feel guilty for attempting to secure a bit of funding so that they can continue the work they’ve been doing.

      • Our enemies have vast sums of money to throw around at indoctrinating the public, bribing politicians, legal fees, etc. The good news is that while the AR has less money, their dollars have a much higher impact. It’s essentially asymmetric political struggle. Unless they’re living in destitute poverty or really close to it, or an up and coming Gen-Z who doesn’t have control of their own finances yet, people ought to put their money where their mouth is. It’s like a communal mutual fund, we’re investing in the future of our civilization.

        • Agreed. I want to speak to a different group though, the whites who are in that affluent middle class, or perhaps even upper class.

          I live comfortably enough. I have a wife, two kids, a mortgage in an a nice suburb, etc. Yes, I acknowledge that some of my more innate abilities as a person make me wanted in the working world and I profit off of that skill set. But, without the work that white people did before me, there would be no working world in which to profit. We need to protect that environment. That’s why we need you, the reasonably well-off, to donate. Remember, while you work hard and have talent, even if you came from a poor home, you’re only well off because of the work whites did before you.

        • by giving your payment information you’re willingly connecting yourself to a “hate group” which means you automatically fired, lose your money/family, and otherwise get “unpersoned” by the private sector at the very least, with the additional possibility of criminal proceedings by the state. There’s absolutely nothing stopping them from doing this. Even cryptocurrency can be traced, let alone Amazon Pay lol. the irony of a “doxxing days” podcast about people who basically can never work a normal job in the system again being behind a paywall is sublime

          • Forgive me for being crass but you’re more full of sh*t than a Christmas tree.

            Nobody that operates this website has access to the financial information of Plus members. And if I’m not mistaken, Greg was only doxxed because he had to use his legal name on some of the mountains of paperwork that were required by the city of Charlottesville for the Charlottesville rally. His name was then leaked to the press.

            This site – like nearly every other site that takes credit card payments – uses a third-party ‘payment processor.’ The only way to dox Plus members would be to hack into whichever heavily-fortified payment processor this site uses, search through the tens of millions of financial records for members, then somehow release that information to the public. To my knowledge something like that has never happened in the history of the internet, and it is unlikely to ever happen. Payment processors definitely do get hacked, but those hacks are done by extremely high-level, professional blackhat hackers (often teams working for organized crime or for foreign governments). Their motive is purely financial gain.

            For those that are paranoid and still want to remain as anonymous as possible, I’ve already talked about signing up with a OneVanilla Visa Prepaid Card. You can purchase them at most convenience stores and/or larger gas stations. You can pay for them with cash, no ID needed, and you don’t have to register the card in any way to start using it. Take the 16digits and the 3digit CVV code and start using it anywhere in the internet.

          • Let me countersignal your bullsh*t scare tactics with a bit of truth…

            First off, this is not a hate group. If that’s what you think this is, you’ve not understood what this whole movement is truly about. The FBI stopped using the ADL and the SPLC as a resource for determining who is ‘hate group’ in 2014…so give it up already.

            Secondly, Plus members are essentially immune to being doxxed because there is no “personally identifiable information” (PII) that is collected by this website. uses a payment processor. The people who run do not have access to financial or personal details, only their payment processor does. Payment processors are some of the most secure internet operations in existence, and they certainly do not turn their data to the public or to governmental agencies (unless in the latter case they’re court-ordered into doing so, in which case the courts better have a very good reason).

            Occasionally payment processors are successfully hacked for financial gain, but I’ve never heard of the data being turned over to the public. I don’t even think this site has access to the e-mail addresses that were used to sign up for Plus because the entire sign-up form is handled by the payment processor. IP addresses are definitely not PII.

            Greg got doxxed from a legal form he filled out for the Charlottesville rally. Caerulus Rex got doxxed in the same sort of way. People don’t get doxxed from hacks (in 99.99999% of cases).

            ps: I responded earlier but my comment is ‘awaiting moderation.’

            pps: feel free to attempt to dox me

          • its not about, its about the middleman, in this case the Amazon Pay account. At some point there were will be a paper trail connecting your name and credit card to purchasing a subscription here. It doesn’t have to be hacked, it can be released, ‘leaked’ by them, and i’m sure there’s some blurb in their terms of service about “hate speech” that will protect them afterwards

            and from the government side, what happens if you get into a physical altercation and get charged with a crime? the first thing the police will do is get all of your internet activity, bank records, etc – all the services you use will comply 100%. the prosecution can then use this to prove it was a “hate crime” due to association with wrongthink (nothing to do with the FBI or ADL classifications, its whatever they can argue in court), and boom, automatic +10 years in prison or potential life depending on how bad it is .. you can’t tell me they don’t fuck people over all the time this way using social media activity, this would be no different

          • I understand that you’re concerned about privacy – all of us are – but you really need to educate yourself on these matters before you go spreading such huge amounts of misinformation.

            All that you’ve suggested in your comments here might be a possibility if we didn’t have those pesky things known as the constitution, laws, and civil suits in this country. I agree that people are fired for hardline conservative views, but that’s almost always because they chose to make those views very public (James Damore as an example).

            The police are NOT granted access to your internet activity, bank records, etc. when you are charged with a crime. The only exception would be if you were charged with a crime that specifically involved those services (hacking involving the transfer of money, money laundering, large-scale drug dealing, racketeering involving the internet, etc)…then they could subpoena the records with a court order.

            When violent crimes get prosecuted as hate crimes there were racial epithets used while perpetrator was committing the violent crime. Now, in the case of James Fields, the prosecutor will use publicly available information (his Facebook profile, for instance, which could be accessed through any number of the friends he was connected to) to show that he might have been affiliated with various groups on the far-right. They will use that information to attempt to make the case that he did what he did intentionally. Regardless, that is information that is obtained legally and without any help from the police or the courts.

            As far as Amazon Pay in concerned, they are not the payment processor for this website. Even if they were, what your describing would be a massive violation of every privacy law that exists. Amazon would be sued out of existence. An employer cannot fire someone over financial information that was unlawfully leaked to the public. If they did, they’d be vulnerable to a very large civil suit – as it should be.

            All of the frightening scenarios you’re have never happened and they’re not going to happen. Again, if people don’t want to use their personal credit card then they can pickup a OneVanilla Prepaid Gift card. For anyone concerned with maintaining their privacy it’s always wise to use an e-mail address that is not associated with your real name and does not have any history associated with it, and to use a different password for every site you visit. That’s just good digital hygiene that I recommend to almost everyone regardless of what they’re doing on the net. There are a zillion of free e-mail providers, and signing up for a new account takes just a couple of minutes (and does not require a verified phone number, unlike Gmail and Yahoo Mail).

            I don’t have the time to respond to these comments anymore but I had to take a few minutes to set the record straight. If you are aware of any cases where anything like you’ve described has taken place, I would love to hear about it. Thanks

    • Wut m8?

      10 dollars a month is the price of a bottle of bottom shelf vodka.

      That’s doable for almost anyone. Up your game.

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