Alt-Right Almanac, January 30, 2018

Here is the Alt-Right Almanac for January 30, 2018.

On this day in 1835 a Washington, D.C. house painter named Richard Lawrence made the first recorded attempt to assassinate an American president. Although there is a lack of hard evidence, researchers speculate that exposure to toxic paint gave rise to the mental health issues that began to manifest in Lawrence about three years prior to his attempt. Lawrence’s increasingly erratic, paranoid, inexplicable behavior worried his family and amused neighborhood children, who mockingly called him “King Richard.” Fortunately for Lawrence, he actually believed he was Richard III of England, and thus failed to grasp that he was being ridiculed. Unfortunately for Lawrence, he made his assassination attempt in an age when presidents did not subsist on McDonald’s hamburgers or wear dad jeans. When President Andrew Jackson noticed Lawrence attempting to fire two pistols at him, Jackson, who was sixty-seven years old at the time, chased Lawrence down and beat him with his cane. After being found not guilty by reason of insanity, Lawrence was committed to a government-run asylum, where he remained until his death in 1861.

Lawrence’s attempt on Jackson

On this day in 1930 the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, or Politburo, formalized Joseph Stalin’s decision a month earlier to “liquidate the kulaks as a class.” “Kulak” was the historical term for the relatively wealthier peasants who, according to Marxist-Leninist economic theory, amounted to class enemies of less affluent peasants. The official newspaper of the Communist Party, Pravda, had been pointing towards and preparing for dekulakization for at least two years through its propaganda efforts. Estimates vary dramatically, but at least a few hundred thousand and perhaps millions of kulaks were evicted, imprisoned, exiled or executed during this phase of Stalin’s collectivization campaigns.


On this day in 1933 Adolf Hitler was sworn in as chancellor of the German government. By March Hitler had consolidated power as de facto dictator. Twelve years to the day after Hitler was named chancellor, in the later phases of the Second World War, the German transport ship Wilhelm Gustloff left Danzig on a mission to evacuate more than 10,000 civilians and military personnel to Kiel in northern Germany, south of Denmark. In spite of its non-aggressive mission and the fact that its on-board anti-aircraft guns were frozen, the captains of the Wilhelm Gustloff obediently declined to mark her as a hospital ship. She never reached Kiel. That night she was struck by three torpedoes fired from the Soviet submarine S-13. The result was the worst naval disaster in history; around 9,500 of those on board were either crushed, drowned, or frozen to death in the icy Baltic waters.

And it’s the birthday in 1974 of actor Christian Bale in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales. By the age of thirteen Bale had appeared on stage with Rowan Atkinson and in the critically-acclaimed film Empire of the Sun starring John Malkovich and directed by Steve Spielberg. Bale’s portrayal of Patrick Bateman in the film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’s novel American Psycho and his take on Batman in the Christopher Nolan trilogy have become important cultural touchstones in the collected sensibilities of an energized online political right.

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  • huh… I use (king) Richard and never do I mock…
    and, when I warned MW to keep the JQ or lose half your base,
    it was before any Jewish ever spoke up on the right’s behalf. But that’s changed.
    When a Jewish (Benjamin Freeman) speaks, we should boldly say, “he looks HuWhite to me”. I do.

        • There’s been a few but we shouldn’t place any importance on them. The exception never defeats the rule. We need to be forward thinking and aware that as our movement grows there will potentially be thousands of Jews who I’ll begin to “side with us” merely out of self preservation. We have to stand firm. We must finish the job this go around. We can’t let any slip through the cracks whom may cause our descendants 6 generations from now the very problems we’re currently battling with.

  • if we had a real later he wouldnt have even waited for the inauguration. election night would have been hummingbird time. good guy he just in way over his head

  • I really enjoy the Alt-Right Almanac. I suspect not much has changed regarding the left’s view of how to handle opposition. We’re probably all representative of Kulaks just for being white?

  • The sinking of the Wilhelf Gustloff was not a “naval disaster,” it was one of the worst and cruelest war crimes of the century. Over 5,000 children on board the refugee ship perished that night amidst unimaginable terror and horror in the icy waters of the Baltic, and they were fleeing the rampaging Soviet horde which was on an Asiatic rampage of rape and murder across all the formerly German lands of east and west Prussia. Attempts to deflect blame from that most terrible of all war crimes at sea in history will endure as long as the geopolitical world order is still dominated by the victorious Allied powers in the war, along with attempts to absolve the Allied powers of all other war crimes, but these attempts will not survive the ultimate judgment of history after the present world order has collapsed.

    Significantly, the Wilhelm Gustloff was also the flagship of the Strength Through Joy fleet of workers cruise liners, one of the greatest and most popular socialist achievements of the Third Reich. So this great ship, a monument to the peace time model of a working socialist state which successfully pulled itself out of the Depression (while Roosevelt’s pseudo-socialist policies designed by plutocrats to “save capitalism” only mired the United States even deeper in economic strife), the ship which stood for one the greatest programs of the improvement for workers’ conditions in the world was destroyed by a torpedo from the communist “worker’s paradise” where millions starved and died under Jewish Bolshevik terror.

    We must always remember and honor the victims of the Wilhelm Gustloff, in addition to the more than 4,500 victims of the SS General von Steuben, which was sunk eleven days later by the same Soviet submarine, (whose captain was subsequently named Hero of the Soviet Union, the highest honor bestowed by the USSR). The evil and perfidy of the Allied powers must be condemned for all time, just as we honor the German Revolution of 1933, which stands as the example for all time of the most successful consolidation of a European ethnostate, whose war of self defense was the greatest and most impossibly heroic struggle in all of history.

    • Adolf`s burned corpse is the ultimate judgement of history you want.

      …not even mentioning the not so palatable fact of muh germs sinking soviet hospilat ships in 1941.

      • That first sentence sounds like something a “current year” liberal would say. That’s all I’m going to add.

    • Aye, well said. Germany truly was the shining city on the hill. Unfortunately Satan still holds reign upon the earth, for now.

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