Donald Trump’s Nigel Tufnel Moment

The conversation on race continues apace, this weekend centered around Jay Z’s remarks on the debut episode of Van Jones’ eponymous CNN program, which aired Saturday. Jay Z expressed the deep anger and hurt he and others felt upon hearing Trump comment that countries like Haiti are “shitholes,” countries like Norway are not, and that Americans might consider adjusting their immigration priorities accordingly. “[Trump is] looking down on a whole population of people and he’s so misinformed because these places have beautiful people,” Jay Z complained.

A therapeutically-minded Jay Z continued, “Donald Trump is a human being, too…. Somewhere along his lineage something happened to him … and he’s in pain and he’s expressing it in this sort of way.”

While Jay Z may not have fully thought through his suggestion that Trump is plagued by a malignant genetic inheritance, his remarks struck at something simple yet deep, in a way deeper than Trump’s terminal racial Boomerism, deeper even than Trump’s occasional, reflexive concessions to racial realism.

Trump responded in a way that will warm the hearts of FOX News viewers.

Prompted by Jones to address Trump’s insistent emphasis on improved Black employment statistics, Jay Z pointed out,

it’s not about money at the end of the day. Money doesn’t equate to happiness. It doesn’t. That’s missing the whole point.

While that might be the limit of the rap king’s philosophical development—led to explain what is the point, Jay Z returned to shallow water to tell us, “You treat people like human beings”—he’s ultimately correct in his suggestion that there is something more to psychological well-being than money. And, in spite of Trump’s own superficial contentment, there is undoubtedly more to happiness than what is expressed through government employment statistics that are themselves of dubious reliability.

While Jay Z and Trump are both essentially reactionaries, using the best rhetorical punching techniques they know to score points for themselves and their respective teams, there remains a conversation to be had about the more potent sources of human meaning to which Jay Z, intentionally or not, points.

Of course, money is an important and powerful factor, as is having a defined role and function in the national economy. No serious person would deny this. But people do not check their bank balance or consult the Bureau of Labor Statistics before forming notions of themselves and their people. Our personal and collective stories are too diffuse, complex, and emotional to be reduced to a dollar amount or a binary employment consideration.

The word that best signifies that which shapes people’s mentality and behavior, that to which they attach meaning, is neither “money” nor “employment,” nor even “truth.” The word is “identity,” and its most vital sources lay in the complex continuities and discontinuities that both precede and extend beyond us—in those things we know as race, history, and culture.

Trump’s expressed worldview is superficial by its own measure. When the stock market crashes, as is inevitable, and Black employment and material well-being decline, Blacks will, according to Trump’s guidelines, have reason to despise him and his party.

The truth is that Blacks are fully merited in their resistance to Trump and the GOP regardless. They instinctively grasp, better than the GOP’s own shallow-minded apparatchiks, that it is the White Man’s party, and that Trump is currently the highest-proof distillation of White identity and anxiety that has arisen in the political marketplace.

Of course, Trump could not resist firing back at Jay Z. But his response was the rhetorical equivalent of Nigel Tufnel’s incomprehending insistence that “This one goes to 11!

The “Conservative imagination,” it seems, remains an oxymoron.


Richard Spencer
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Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • There’s also a version of Blake’s “Walking in the Air” by
    Jackie Evancho, who sung the National Anthem at the
    Trump Inauguration. I like Winston’s piano version:

  • I wonder why Trump has to answer a cultureless Negro.
    I don’t know who “Jay Z” is and I don’t want to know.

  • I wonder why Trump has to answer a cultureless Negro.
    I don’t know who “Jay Z” is and I don’t want to know.

  • “it’s not about money at the end of the day. Money doesn’t equate to happiness. It doesn’t. That’s missing the whole point.”

    Wow! Fucking, great eye, Sir.

    We will see to it that this quote haunts GOPe till this nightmare has passed.

  • Jay-Z has nothing to cry and whine about. His racial identity is not being suppressed and racially conscious blacks like him aren’t being viciously persecuted, deplatformed and doxxed like racially conscious whites are.

    The key takeaway is that America has enabled no talent, low IQ blacks like Jay-Z to become multimillionaires yet they still resent white people and still hate America. I want a divorce from these people. Mass expulsion of blacks from America is an idea whose time has come.

    • His indentity, which he no doubt feels deeply, is attached to a group of people who have built or even maintained a functional modern society. No amount of white condescension can make it otherwise. I would cry rivers.

    • If we’re talking separation, maybe the best thing to do is for you and everyone who thinks like you to fuck the fuck off to, say, Alaska? Somewhere in north Manitoba? If you really do want an ethnostate that’s probably your best bet, and I’m fully in support of it. Nobody’s going to miss your crusty asses and you can live out your rugged individualist fantasy while trying not to freeze to death.

      • Appreciate the obviously well-intended advice, but retreating to a remote enclave is not in the cards. Consider getting used to us.

        • You know if aI thought we’d actually be left alone up there, I’d probably take him up on that, brother. But then that’s probably why y’all shouldn’t listen to women in regard to such matters.

          • Lexi, that’s nonsense. We’re not going anywhere. As has always been the case, we will figure this out, not just here, but also in Europe. The rise in Alt Right movements overseas is promising, although they have considerable work ahead of them to correct the situation.

          • lol “Alt-Right movements overseas.” Their Nationalist movements and most of them were around long before the Alt-Right. There isn’t much to figure out really. The overbearing Jewish mother of the world (your country) needs to die so that the rest of the occident can live. That’s where you come in… But all you guys want to do is wave your flags, and whine that Trump isn’t building the wall. Rugged Man is right tbh, as are many others in the movement, nobody is going to give you an ethnostate, you are going to have to build it for yourself. Your favourite talking point about “muh founding fathers wuz white nationalists” is irrelevant in 2018. That isn’t what America is anymore, and it is what it is today, because of the foundation it was built upon. It was always going to end up this way, because the current year is liberalism followed through to it’s logical conclusion. You are the one who has deviated from the American dream. Stop living in the past, and start looking forward.

          • I don’t know about all that Johnny. I think this shitshow would have been impossible without Jewish race denialism, liberalism or not.

            The point about our Founding Fathers is that our country has been stolen from us. If something was never yours, it can’t have been stolen. We’re trying to get our people ? so they’ll act in their own defense.

          • I get that. But ultimately, through conventional means, the only thing you can hope to accomplish is deport the illegals and end new immigration. All the non-whites who hold legal citizenship are not going anywhere. You might be able to push out the Asians through legal means, as most of them still strongly identify with their country of origin and their roots really don’t go that deep in America in the first place. You will not be able to push out the blacks and the Hispanics that way.

            You don’t have to leave the US, but you should focus on the regions that are already demographically in your favour. Ultimately whats more important, the people or the country? Americans seem to have a difficult time differntiating between the two.

          • Agree with you on this one that Americans are too concerned with this stupid patriotism. I’ve been there, so I’m being a little hypocritical, but I’m woke to that now. They’re coming around though. I talk to total normies all the time, especially my friends and family in the Midwest where I grew up. These people don’t really follow politics that closely. They live in “flyover country.” They’re disconnected from the real world, so to speak. But, as soon as I say anything Alt-Rightish, they immediately connect to those ideas, and they understand it, even if they know absolutely nothing about politics or the world beyond their own sphere. It’s really encouraging, to be honest.

          • I agree that white people are waking up, because reality is becoming to hard to ignore, and what used to be covert is now out in the open. Most of the disagreements and arguing are pertaining to solution, tactics and rhetoric, which is an improvement on where things were 10 years ago, I suppose.

          • I think the rhetoric has to be totally uncucked. That’s what will drive the change in white behavior, to include voting patterns, and the end of this statist way of thinking that the US or any country is more important than being white. I do think we’re nearing a point where we can expect to see someone like Richard Spencer on CNN or on Fox as a regular contributor, and that’ll be extremely important. The views of the AR are becoming so mainstream, even if many supporters are silent, that it simply will be socially acceptable to have people like Spencer on television.

          • I try to preach this on here. The average “flyover white” is either consciously or unconsciously with us. Some of us and some of them just don’t know it yet, but we’re made for eachother.

          • I’m not concerned about “muh Founding Fathers.” They did what was right in their time, and that was fine. While you make the point that their nationalist movements (in Europe) have been around much longer than the Alt Right, I will promise you this: we will drive them, not the other way around. They will look to us as the light of the world, not us to them. And, I say that with humility. It is the American Alt Right that is positioned to lead all white people and so it is maybe you, who is living in the past? Worried about these nationalist movements that really aren’t going to change the world as we want it. It’s us that has to do that. What we do need to think about is how hard they are working, waiting on us to take the lead. That’s where we come in. In my perfect world, Donald Trump would go to Brussels, proclaim that we formally seek the end of the EU and we will support (or antagonize) the nation states, as we see fit. Hungary, Czech Rep, etc., we will support their nationalist movements. Others will be encouraged and that might actually do some good. But, at the end of the day, I do think you need to realize that we are the ones who need to lead, not the Europeans.

          • Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Alt-Right basically just the European Identitarian movement, inspired by the French New Right, applied to American White Nationalism?

            Groups like Golden Dawn and Casapound don’t seem to be taking cues from either the AR or the Identitarians tbh.

        • To put it mildly Evan, people are quite a bit less afraid of you than you and your Ivy League cosplaying band of reactionaries like to fancy. I’ve already gotten used to your presence, so a little advice in response – consider getting used to losing, there’s going to be a lot of it in your future. I’m not sure you’re cognizant of just how opposed average Americans are to your fascist horseshit, which we all see right through, nor how willing we’ll be to take up arms against it should it come to that.

          But more to a productive point – why not just go somewhere that nobody gives a shit about and do the experiment there? I’ll cheer you from afar, genuinely. If the soaring, divine genes you imagine you have are, in fact, present – I’m sure you’ll have no trouble converting a warming Alaska or Northwest Territories into an economic and cultural powerhouse in short order.

          The thing about your movement is – and I’m sure you’ve considered this. You must have, no? You’ve lost, again and again, and again over the past two hundred years, always from the same fundamental virus inside your tiny little minds – your need to validate your silly, cultish mythology leads you to underestimate your enemies, whom you can never know or understand. This is a feature, not a bug. And you’ll lose again this time. Your descendants will scrub you from their scrapbooks and disavow their links to you with deep shame. Alternately – grow the fuck up and learn to live in the world with the rest of humanity instead of constructing your entire adult life through the poison of fabricated grievance and rage, you fucking toddler.

          • On the contrary, a lot of people like our fascist horseshit. I talk to people all the time “back home” in the Midwest who are “normies.” Many of them are disconnected from the big picture of politics in a meaningful way, but as soon as I start talking about white truth to them, even if I don’t use keywords that we commonly use here in the AR, they immediately connect to those ideas and understand it. You clearly are listening to left wing talking points, far too much.

            I’m talking to totally ordinary (white) people in the Midwest, some of which currently call themselves Democrats – and the vast majority of them either totally agree with Alt Right views or are receptive to hearing our ideas. Face your reality: your side pushed the diversity (aka anti-white) ideology for too long, and too hard. And now, you’re going to pay for it. Don’t believe me? Take a look at who is in the White House and just remember how many minorities voted for him. Trump is just the tip of the iceberg. You haven’t seen anything yet.

          • Oh I’m fully cognizant that you motherfuckers are going to create serious problems for the country, don’t get that confused. But my dear, the Midwest is not the entire country, and the “soy boys” that you think make up the populations of the East and West coasts, along with the country’s major urban centers, is perhaps a bit more of a fantasy of what you want your opponents to be than a thoughtful or wise read on them.

            Trump was your high-water mark, and he won the presidency by, what, the size of a large college football stadium spread out in three states? After losing the popular vote by three million people against literally the worst candidate in modern history?

            My point, which you won’t listen to, is that white reactionary movements consistently overestimate their own strength and underestimate the strength of their opposition. This isn’t Germany in the 1930s, there’s a historical record to work with as an example of what happens when your ideology takes power, and a much more ethnically diverse population. You might succeed in ripping the country apart and getting a lot of people killed but at the end of the day you won’t win. I wish you could see that and prevent us all a lot of trouble but I think you’re too lost in helicopter fantasies and erectile dysfunction to do so, sadly. Tally-ho, then.

          • What would save us a lot of trouble is if all the non-whites go to other countries. We don’t want diversity, and neither do the non-whites. I actually have a lot of respect for non-whites when they say, “I wish everyone was black like me,” or Hispanic like me, etc. That’s being real about the world around you. Pretending like you’re cultured af and spouting, “I love all humans, let’s just get along,” is so ridiculous. If you’re white, just remember – we actually care about you. I doubt you’ll get the same response from a non-white. If you’re not white, would you please get real about race, and admit that you’d rather live with people of your own color? So why not go somewhere else? The US is a white nation state, and I think deep down you know that.

          • There’s a lot more I wanted to say. But, I want you to really think about this. This is one of the four reasons that I joined the AR.

            The globalists preach “diversity.” Let’s not argue about whether diversity is good. We both know there will be no agreement. In the left’s diversity schemes, the end result is a world where we are all the same. Of course, that’ll take many generations, but ultimately, it’ll happen. Isn’t that the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve?

          • And look how you insert yourself into our little enclave. Even our cyber ghettos must be infiltrated by you people. And when I say people I use the term loosely. Stay in your fucking lane is what we’re saying. We don’t want conflict, we want seperation. My advice: start by seperating yourself from this mortal coil. It won’t be a lot, but it would be a nice start.

      • Why don’t we just send people to ‘fuck off’ to, say, the places they originate from?
        Just saying, there’s kind of a major difference from being like
        “Okay, American Whites who don’t want to become some sort of admixture? You fuck off to Alaska while we make a giant admixture country in what your ancestors struggled to create!”,
        “Okay, Black Americans, we’ll get you set up back in Africa, and Hispanic Americans, you can head on back to whichever Central/South American countries you derive from, Asiatic/Middle Easterners the same, and the United States of America – founded by Whites, as an explicit White ethnostate – will go back to being 80%+ non-Hispanic White, as it had been between its founding in the 1700’s and when it stopped being so in the 1980’s as the direct consequence of a policy decision in 1965 which was sold on (what turned out to be, and likely was known to be at the time) a bunch of lies”
        ya know? ;^)

      • Back to your shithole nigger. Well, actually youre probabaly a butthurt jidf kike, but either way- gas yourself.

  • Hamlet’s question, ‘To be or not to be’ now weighs on the entire West.

    To survive or not to survive. And it’s not about one person but the entire civilization.

    And yet, it’s not just a collective question but a personal-psychological question since the West cannot choose to BE unless each Western person feels within his heart and mind that he and his kind deserve to live and survive on their lands.

    They did Julius Caesar in Central Park about Trump. But Trumplet might be closer to what is happening. Trump asked the question, and his answer is To Be. He sees no reason why Germany should choose Not To Be.

    Caesar was an empire-builder. He was not a Rome Firster but an empire builder. So, others killed him to preserve the republic.
    In contrast, Trump, despite neocon pressures, is still more nationalist than empire builder.
    He wants America To Be. And the conspiracy afoot to poison him is to destroy nationalism forever in favor of Caesarian globo empire.

    It comes down to Tobes vs Notobes.

    Patriots want the Real West to be, whereas globalists wanted it not to be.

    Like confused Hamlet, the West is now torn between two tendencies. One toward life and self-preservation and one toward doubt and demise.
    Not only a 50/50 psychological split but 50/50 demographic split.

  • “Somewhere along his lineage something happened to him … and he’s in pain and he’s expressing it in this sort of way.”

    Yes, something did happen to him. He looked around the world and saw black countries that were hellholes and white countries that were like paradise. Looking at that causes any sane person pain.

    • Or else Jay-Z looked around and saw spiteful, hateful descendants of White immigrants. And then, he thought about the journey of those immigrants – a flight from their White-majority homelands to a country built by humans of every color and creed. Call me presumptuous, but I’m guessing he saw a lot of #snowflaked hypocrites, and not your nonexistent “master race”.

          • Quite! They contribute overwhelmingly to our violent crime statistics, and have done so, basically, since their arrival.

          • “Arrival”? Try kidnapping, wrongful imprisonment, and torture, you #deplorable. The Middle Passage was NOT immigration. It was a crime against humanity. Crime -the strong exploiting the vulnerable- IS that Darwinism you love so much. And no race of people have seized more power than Whites. They’ve perpetrated so much more violence than any other ethnic group. By now, I think it’s unlikely that any of those groups will match the violence of Whites.

            But, your stereotyping dodges the main point – There are MANY good people in every ethnic group.

          • You do realize it was African tribal cheifs selling those “black bodies” to the slavers? White men weren’t running around Ghana with huge butterfky nets you know. But fuck I wish those greedy bastards never bought them in the first place. Then we would be worried about the descendants of Irish indentured servants crying for reperations now. I’d take it in a heartbeat.

          • Why I love Marcus Garvey. No victim mentality, back to Africa, build on that. Too bad the shitbag Government had to throw a wrench in his sprocket along with his own naivete.

          • Except they were never more than 1 in 5, and had dropped down to about 1 in 10 by the turn of the 1900’s, during the entire span of which the primary capacity in which they ‘served America’ was as glorified farming equipment.
            If Blacks like Jay-Z, who have more money than they know what to do with, had any faith in their identity, in their people, they would be helping their struggling folk in Africa, not lounging in opulence in Jew York. Speaks volumes.

      • If 4 or 9 White men build a house and they use a black mule to pull the logs to do it, suddenly the mule contributed as much as the men and the men are #snowflakes if they find such suggestion preposterous?
        That does sound like the sort of thing a Black man would suggest…

  • The codependency of the world upon white men, as its frame of reference and lighthouse for virtually any direction, is a de facto relationship of demigod and ascetic lay piety – there is no pencil sharp enough, nor any stationary large enough, to accurately depict this relationship to scale.

    The definition of white and ‘passing’ has been so contested and deconstructed for centuries, and assimilation has been so fretted, because it was not just about a power-play for privilege in the separation of übermensch from untermensch:
    It is the binary cutoff of Godhood and mere mortal – mortality vs immortality.

    White women have the same impotent rage (white penis envy) at white men that nonwhites have based upon apocryphal slights, ahistorical injustices and revisionist anthropology because their mere footnote of relevance in history does not just pale in comparison to white men – it is dwarfed by exponential standard deviations and galactic orders of magnitude when juxtaposed with that of white males;

    The best these bellyachers can do is invent and imbibe on entire religions, cultures and collective coping-mechanisms of quasi-Semitic sophistry dedicated to countering the effortless dominance of white men:

    -Blackened-Africanized Egyptology: borrowing the extraterrestrial script from Scientology and then superimposing it upon the basic sacraments of Islam – The Nation of Islam founder obviously skimmed through primer prison library manuals in a slapdash effort after ‘converting’ to Islam in order to gain an extra meal after-hours, as ‘Muslims’ are entitled to, in the big house;

    -Blacks founded all known and unknown technology/discoveries, and then hoarded it all in flying pyramids, which have since been permanently grounded as per international flight paths, and all said inventions were miraculously appropriated and scrubbed from Africa, except for one – the missing nigger nose of the sphinx.

    That, along with Elvis covering a B.B. King song, is the clue that proves everything in history was built by blacks and stolen by whites through ‘colonialism.’

    You have to pay attention to the negro wormholes and event-horizon theories that start in one place, skip all details and then jump-cut to its final destination because time is like a meandering river of oppression to them – they can bend the space-time continuum in the same way they bend physics in gangland shootouts:
    unholstering handguns from their waistbands and firing them sideways because:
    Technique (acting white) < 'cool'

    -Blacks were slaves in rural Alabama in 1845 washing dishes, changing white baby diapers and picking cotton, therefore blacks built the skyscrapers in NYC in 1910 even though Irish/Italian unions did all the hammering and paving.

    -Blacks dominate basketball and football, therefore blacks are the economic backbone of America.

    Finally, when that proves futile, they give in and start 'reverse-appropriating' all peoples to lay claim to greatness without evidence:
    -Egyptians were black because it is on the edge of Africa (Cleopatra was Auntie Jemima, Ptolemy was Jimmie Walker)
    -Jesus and the Jews were black
    -Some Africans are Muslim and speak Arabic, therefore all Muslims/Arabs are black
    -East Asians were black
    -Spanish, French, Italians and Greeks are too dark to be white so they are black
    -Northern Europeans (although phosphorescently transparent) were all originally African and descended out of Africa, shedding their opaqueness through 'devolution.'
    -Since Pangea was African-based and black Africans still remain, blacks are the kings and queens of history.
    -Basically human history was black-on-black violence

    The Afrocentric creationist waxes and wanes between deconstructing/dehumanizing 'whiteness' to be an invention of colonialism, to then going so far as to suggest that mysterious caves in Europe (lol where?) functioned as the laboratories of African scientists, when they gifted the white man life – so even though the American Negro is literally the documented creation of European slavers, whites are the reflected glory/bane of blacks.

    Last time I checked, these people still worship Germanic iconography (Jesus, Santa, Easter bunny) and celebrate Germanic solstices (Christmas, Easter), and still risk life and limb to parasitize our lands, use our technology, wear our clothing and attempt to speak our language, albeit effortlessly bastardizing, vulgarizing and mongrelizing it into a fake pidgin-creole (functioning as the lingua Franca of the criminal/welfare class) despite having no mother tongue with which to merge into…a task only the American Negro could accomplish.

    • Q.The Afrocentric creationist waxes and wanes between deconstructing/dehumanizing ‘whiteness’ to be an invention of colonialism, to then going so far as to suggest that mysterious caves in Europe (lol where?) functioned as the laboratories of African scientists, when they gifted the white man life

      A. Caucus mountains ( you hairy flat assed recessive albino caucus cave ape ?) although the grafting from black to red to yellow to albino (white) was said to have been accomplished on the island of patmos 6000 yrs ago by the original big brained NIBBA yacub himself.

  • When it is about money, it is not money. When it is not money, it is about money.

    The rationale keeps on shifting, but the animus remains.

  • Jay Z was always known for One Thing:

    Money is the Be All and End All……….

    Now, he and Beyonce are worth about $1 Billion or more……

    “it’s not about money at the end of the day. Money doesn’t equate to happiness. It doesn’t. That’s missing the whole point.”

    Yeah, duh Moron……..

    Scientific Proof that IQ doesn’t necessarily correlate with Wealth Status………

    This Racial Balkanization that is happening in America was Inevitable……..

    We Whites have had these same Racial Enemies for quite a Long Time……..

    Only now is the White Rabbit Population seeing the Light and Pushing Back………

    And it’s only going to get Tougher……….

    As we step out the Door each Morning to collect our Salaries/Paychecks………

    Let us be Empowered by our White Identity and our Racial Conciousness……..

    We have something to Fight and Live for that is Far Greater than our Tiny Atomized Lives……..

    • If money doesn’t equate to happiness, you’d think ol’ Jay would be more willing to donate, say, 97% of his immense wealth to African aid organizations, hell, even US-based ghetto revitalization projects!
      A shame nobody will suggest it to him. Cuz dat’d be raycis, yo.

  • Someone should tell JayZ that there will be no more opportunities for him to bring his stink inside the Executive Mansion.

  • Mean while, China just recently banned Hip-Hop from the media.

    I would look forward to the day here, we equate the influence of rap + hip-hop as malignant as methamphetamine and banned altogether.

    • It’s also interesting to me that China, which is 92% ethnic-Chinese (Han) isn’t a target country for increased diversity. And, that other 8% is marginally different, in my opinion. So really, China is 100% ethnic-Chinese – and nobody seems concerned about it. India is essentially 100% Indian. Again, nobody seems too worried. But OMFG, America is a crazy 65% white! We need diversity. Further proof, the war against whites is real.

      • Is America really 65% white?..or does that number also include those of latino/middle eastern descent?…either way, anyone viewing America’s cultural output from beyond the borders the United states would think the country is at LEAST 65% black, given black domination of American music, films, sports & general culture (dress/speech etc) sold to the rest of the world as representative of America!

        The war on whites particularly American white males isnt far from end game stage…the non whites know it..not sure the American whites do…they imagine it will happen in some other white homeland first, …yet like the frog in slow heating water, its clear theyre by far the most cucked!…they just havent realised it!

        • According to the US Census, the US was 61% non-Hispanic White as of June 2016. You wanna know why it looks the way it does, our media and our demographics, and how its exported, you need only look at another statistic: The US contains 41%+ of the worlds Jews.

          Now put that in perspective: The US has 41%, Israel has 41%, Europe has about 12%, which leaves a whole 6% for the rest of the world!
          And those Jews control (or at least, overtly influence) US media – for example, recently cited a Jewish scholar who stated that 80% of Hollywood movie studios are controled or owned by Jewish interests.

          You want to know why the West, and not other lands, are being targeted?
          Because that’s where Jews live, and Jews fear homogenous populations like Africans fear fatherhood. As a result, their effort is to attack such homogeneity however they can, and to project their attacks across all fronts available to them.

          • Really great comment, especially the 3rd paragraph. If the USA, France, Germany, or any other Euro country were totally white, there could be no Jews there. We wouldn’t stand for it. The Jews know this. And perhaps this is why Jews are so power-hungry? They must control power in these countries and ensure they aren’t white (or homogenous in general) so they can continue to plunder, and exist (probably redundant of me to say, since that’s all they do when they exist). I’m new to the AR, so I’m still learning a great deal, but I think my heart is in the right place.

      • India is not 100% Indian. The truth about India is that it is in FACT the MOST DIVERSE country on the planet. Yes you’ve read this correct, India is far more diverse then the U.S. Over 100 indigenous ethnic groups, at least 4 major religions with Hinduism being the vast majority. And an entire plethora of different languages.

        What is the end result of this diversity? Well, India is 1) The biggest democracy in the world. 2) It is also the most dysfunctional democracy in the world. 3) Massive ethnic stratification on all societal levels and religious.

        Diversity simply does not work anywhere in the world.

        • Agreed that diversity doesn’t work anywhere, that’s clear. I understand Indians have differences. But, for me, they are similar enough so that the various tribes are not completely foreign to each other. It’s not like here, where Brian, DeMarcus, Yi, and Muhammad are expected to live together. They’re so exotically different, whereas in my view, the Indian tribes aren’t. They’re just stupid for fighting with each other over fairly trivial matters. I suspect you disagree, but curious to hear your thoughts on the distinction I made.

          • No, I don’t disagree with you in the slightest bit. I only state this because very often the meme gets trotted around “America is the most diverse country on the planet”, not so. It is probably up there at #2-4 in most diversity.

            It helps to deconstruct the whole “diversity is our greatest Strength” adage when diversity is something not exclusive in white countries and formerly white only countries.

    • Excellent point. Black culture is a weapon of mass destruction. On a per capita basis, its outsized effect almost rivals the potency of Jewish influence. It’s a different type of influence. It’s an influence so intrinsic to popular culture that it’s impossible to calculate the damage. And that’s just one facet of the issue….

  • There’s no need for Trump to Tweet at Jay-Z. The American philosopher-poet, Rachel Maddow said on election night, [paraphrase] “Trump can win without people of color, in fact, he can win on the backs of people of color.” Plus one for Rachel – we don’t need to consider the issues of non-whites. Trump needs to focus (enter: Stephen Miller) on what matters most: ending the immigration of non-whites into the US. Message white people and don’t even bother with non-whites. Stay on point.

    • You’d think it wouldn’t be this hard, ya know? I mean, look at these demographics:

      _Men: 21.42% of Trump vote – 34% of Total Vote
      _Women: 19.61% of Trump vote – 37% of Total Vote
      TOTAL: 41.03% of Trump vote – 71% of Total Vote

      _Men: 00.65% of Trump vote – 5% of Total Vote
      _Women: 00.28% of Trump vote – 7% of Total Vote
      TOTAL: 00.93% of Trump vote – 12% of Total Vote

      _Men: 01.65% of Trump vote – 5% of Total Vote
      _Women: 01.56% of Trump vote – 6% of Total Vote
      TOTAL: 03.21% of Trump vote – 11% of Total Vote

      _Both: 01.92% of Trump vote – 6% of Total Vote

      TOTAL WHITE CONTRIBUTION TO TRUMP: 41.03%% of Total Vote

      At any other time in history, someone would look at Trump’s actions – and the actions of the Republican Party, aka The White Peoples’ Party – and ask: “What the fuck is wrong with you, and how do you ever intend to stay in power when you consistently deny the reality of your voter base?”

      • Exactly. Back in my normie days, I used to crunch those numbers for the GOP. In hindsight, I think that work helped turn me to the AR. The only logical conclusion when you even casually peruse the demographics and National Election Study, is what you said. Why is anyone cucking, to include office holders? We can still control everything if we just uncuck all the white people. We’ll vote as the blacks do, all whites vote right, and it’s game over… we’ll have the congressional seating needed to make laws that favor only whites, too. We’ll just pack and crack the non-whites who don’t self-deport, that’s fine. No white women would find them remotely attractive anyways, being so poor and living in ghettos that are separated from the society they know and trust (white society). So, I’ve just fixed the interracial breeding issue, too, I suppose.

  • Well, I wondered if Jay-z would sarcastically retort “Black Unemployment? This isn’t about race, Trump, it’s about respect” or something like that. But, it isn’t about money? So he agrees it IS about race – by accepting that framing of employment (by racial categories).

    PS Unrelated, an “former white supremacist who was at Charlottesville” is posted an AMA on reddit. He has some video with some guys chanting GTKRWN.

    PSS Isnt this JAY-Z? 🙂

    • Jay Z shot his brother ar 12 and stubbed people for money. Sold drugs for decades to his brother’s kids… why people look up to him its just because he has money and he is a gangster.

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