Anatomy Of A School Shooting

Last week there were two separate school shootings. Until someone brought them to my attention I didn’t even notice. Did you?

They flitted by on the news while a distracted society shrugged. The one in Kentucky occurred first, and turned out to be only the tip of the iceberg, as far as the week’s school violence was concerned.

The Columbine shooting was a big deal when it happened almost nineteen years ago. People made movies about it. I watched Michael Moore’s, Bowling For Columbine, but, predictably for Moore, it veered off into gun control arguments. I remember little about the film.

Still, it’s worth pointing out that Columbine got a lot of attention. And it seems to have inspired a much wider trend.

From Wikipedia’s entry on school shootings:

A 2014 investigation by ABC News identified “at least 17 attacks and another 36 alleged plots or serious threats against schools since the assault on Columbine High School that can be tied to the 1999 massacre.” Ties identified by ABC News included online research by the perpetrators into the Columbine shooting, clipping news coverage and images of Columbine, explicit statements of admiration of Harris and Klebold, such as writings in journals and on social media, in video posts, and in police interviews, timing planned to an anniversary of Columbine, plans to exceed the Columbine victim counts, and other ties.

Why do we have such a problem with school shootings in America?

I have some ideas, but like everyone else, including those with expertise who have studied the matter in depth, I don’t really know. What strikes me most, however, is our collective inability to discuss the topic honestly in the first place.

Serious discussion of any important issue–“real talk,” as the kids and the rappers put it–has been de facto forbidden. Discourse has been tightly hemmed in through a politicization of every aspect of our lives. Sportsball, women, simple male hobbies, toys, commercials–if you think there’s an aspect of life so arcane and nonessential that it can’t and won’t be politicized, you’re probably wrong.

The one and only permissible answer to the school shooting question is to blame guns and angry white males.

But in reality our inability to dispassionately discuss the crisis has something to do with the unsettling correlation between rising diversity and the breakdown of a social fabric that once bound our people together.

That, and the seeming impoliteness of calling attention to the bi-weekly rhythm of school shootings, gives rise to our collective reluctance and avoidance.

Similarly, it’s considered a bit gauche to notice other evident patterns, like the sharp uptick in and regularization of Muslim terror attacks or the “Ferguson Effect” on urban crime levels.

Is it really all that surprising that we have been unable to begin an honest conversation about school shootings?

Of course not. Given the state of our consciousness and the present condition of our society, it makes perfect sense.

Let’s stop waiting, and begin the conversation. In my personal search for answers, what strikes me first and most are the schools themselves.

What has School Become?

Without idealizing the past or pretending that youth and adolescence don’t present challenges in every historical era, it’s clear that our schools were once more cohesive and relatable to their students and teachers. Today schools reflect something nearer to the pedagogical spirit of Lord of the Flies, without any exciting jungle boar-hunts.

School is another dimension of life, a fierce competition and defined hierarchy. If your station isn’t at or near the top of the social totem pole, you’re going to lack that feeling of “fitting in,” of being welcome and included by your peers.

This was always somewhat true. In today’s less homogenous, more balkanized school settings, however, the importance of gaining status in a “cool” social hierarchy is much greater. And the conversation through which that hierarchy is established takes place in a grammar and vocabulary dominated by a frighteningly warped popular culture, shaped by decades of Leftist cultural dominance and, more recently, enormous demographic change.

Within this disrupted setting young people are presented with a pecking order of distinct elective cultures from which to choose (e.g., goth, jock, nerd, etc.). Having chosen an elective identity one is obliged to adhere to it and to compete for relative rank within the particular social group it defines.

Each elective identity has advantages and disadvantages. Some are easy to adopt, but offer little in the way of prestige or sexual market value. Others have high barriers to entry–rich parents, attendance at lacrosse camp, or admission to an exclusive private school, for example.

Children who have poor social skills and who would have struggled in any age now have less of a intact social fabric on which to rely for support. In my imagination the resulting challenges are suggestive of what political prisoners experienced in the prior century’s famously brutal regimes–a dramatic and overdone analogy, perhaps, but the underlying psychology is evident. Group, clique, and even gang identity is vital, at least for mental health and social stability, and in more brutal districts even for literal survival.

If you feel this is an exaggeration, consider the architecture of the schools themselves.

The words “Cell Block A” would not seem out place on the brick facade that in this picture reads, “Middle School.” Everyone with whom I grew up undertook his mass public education inside a similar red-brick cube.

It was not always this way.

Of course, school and adolescence were never simple or easy. But the results speak for themselves: never before was school this rage-inducing. And it adds something to the quality of this rage when the principals and administrators hired to guide the youth through the novel challenges of the day increasingly appear like this:

The Media

It’s a common acknowledgement among the red-pilled that, overall, the media prefers an image of White men as uncool at best and wicked at worst, while it approaches non-Whites in general and Blacks in particular with much more sympathy and encouragement. It’s no surprise, then, that White youth frequently seek to adapt and imitate Black behavior.

By the same token, it’s also no surprise that other White youths pursue the alternative model presented to them by the priestly media: that of the wicked, pathological White villain emphasized in news and commentary and reflected in TV and film.

Given these options, it makes sense that characters like Tyler Durden and the Heath Ledger’s Joker, among many others, are elevated to cult status and attract dedicated followers and even would-be imitators.

Lots of White boys find it easy to identify with the fringe, and with the desire to take revenge on what they experience as a monstrously docile and insensitive mainstream.


There is a racial element at play here. While Blacks do undertake a lot of shootings at or around school, these aren’t what we understand as “school shootings,” in which the perpetrator deliberately targets the school itself, in an expression of rage, emotional grievance, and social alienation. While a Black shooter seems more likely to attack, say, an illicit drug customer delinquent on his payment, those students resorting to violence as a signal of existential angst toward the school itself are almost invariably White (or, perhaps more interestingly, of mixed racial descent).

In that sense anti-White SJWs are actually nearer to the truth than ordinary gun-control advocates when they insist that school shootings by Whites have a social and racial dimension that gives their activity the character of terrorism.

Even if we put aside the media’s anti-White bias, we can see why people are simultaneously frightened and fascinated with shootings by White youth.

That’s because, to us as Whites–to we who once formed a confident, dominant national culture–this terroristic aggression by our own children is far more horrifying than the predictable violence of a malignant and racially distinct underclass. When White students deliberately target the very cores of their own communal upbringing in calculated acts of planned aggression and murder, something deep and sinister is being revealed–something insurrectionary, in the least healthy and positive sense of that word.

School shootings are performed out of desperation and are intended to send a message. Their perpetrators are so dedicated to this that they willingly embrace the inevitably suicidal result of their actions. Each of them, in their own way, expresses a consistent message: “I lack a place in this society, and consequently all of you will pay for causing my alienation and misery.”


A common tension beneath all of this is sex, a permeating reality by which personal currency and social value are measured throughout the world.

Today we are immersed in a sexual dialogue that has reached a particular pitch, reflected, for example, in increasingly raw and suggestive images in the media, and in the openly slutty dress and behavior of female youth.

The intended impression on young boys is that if you’re not getting laid, now, you are to that extent worthless and pathetic. The convergence of social and media signaling onto this consistent point is remarkably palpable to adolescent males, whose native biological drives render them predisposed to agree.

Translated through today’s warped and degraded culture, these biological imperatives are likely to become re-routed from the higher callings of procreation, domestic maintenance, and heroic courage, to variously shallow and deviant aspirations represented in pidgin rap slogans, like, “Fuck bitches, get money.” If you decline to keep your aim focused on these underman obsessions, you may have difficulty relating to others, especially to your hive-minded female classmates.

While a few candid commentators are willing to notice the dangerous positive correlation between involuntarily celibate male rage and school violence, the more dominant form of officialized discourse and instruction centers around the notion of “toxic masculinity,” with the strong suggestion that masculinity itself is inevitably toxic, and something to be suppressed, maligned, and disprivileged even further.


Given its scale, there is no way to honestly treat and resolve the issue of school shootings in a single piece, or even in many. There is no distinct answer to explain what is happening, and in the foregoing I left out certain critical aspects of the crisis–family dislocation, for example, as well as mental illness and prescription drug dependence.

What’s important, though, is that we pose the question and conduct the discussion in a mature and serious way, without avoiding a dialogue about the overall course of our civilization and society.

The alternative amounts to a concession that dozens of school shootings a year is a new and acceptable normal that we agree to transmit to our posterity as part of their First-World birthright inheritance.

Sounds totally sane, right?

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • Why cant these fucks shoot up a Kike temple instead? Whenever i see a school shooting meme on 9gag, i always reply with #templesnotschools.

  • Another 4star article by Vincent Law. This article nailed the School Shooting cycle problem about as perfectly as you can. There have been studies done that show watching echo chamber tv indulging in gun-violence, especially a school-shooting does something to ones brain that makes the next person more likely to repeat it. As Vincent Law says throw in racial diversity as another major reason to not ‘fit in’ & it explains why White kids/MixedRace kids will be the majority of the shooters.

    • He is blaming the ‘Prussian model’ for the failure of presuppositions underpinning American society.

      Remember, back in Christian Europe schooling was Catholic, universities were run by the Church, young men and women used to have SEPARATE educations, SEPARATE in space, SEPARATE in content. Men educating boys, women educating girls. If society happened to lack resources for whatever reason, only men would get any education at all.
      Plus, schooling was not mean to train technocrats and walking encyclopedias (enlightenment mandate) but to raise moral, well adjusted, moral individuals with a sense of place, purpose and belonging in the universe.

      The ‘Prussian model’ (which is not solely Prussian) enabled many more children to have a chance at showcasing whether they are bright enough to function in high society and consequently be given that opportunity — the cream of the crop was scooped up and under-performers moved to more appropriate places in society. It was also used to train children to live a disciplined and regimented life inside an authority structure, military-type training for children. All this is valuable, a foretaste of the wider public life, and it didn’t last longer than necessary to instill a sense of team, belonging, morals, pass on knowledge and skills by key individuals who actually had these things. The emphasis being on these key individuals who were there to hunt for potential.

      It used to be that only certain children had tutors to learn Latin, Rhetoric, Math. While it gave well rounded and capable men it was also very resource intensive, if you didn’t show capacity the tutor would not want to waste his time on you. This system also had the downside of wasting the potential of a few bright agrarian plebeians who would’ve otherwise been valuable on higher positions (some might say a small price for avoiding the first mentioned model).

      The American Orwellian mixed sex egalitarian model is: we will babysit (jail) the children of average and incompetent parents in exchange for being able to brainwash them for the Communist agenda. In the meantime the parents will work and pay more taxes.
      This model means that KEEPING CHILDREN IN is more important than GETTING SPECIFIC YOUNG MEN to move up in society. Hence the Commie architectural language of school blocks.

      Some objections to the elite oriented education may be that:
      1. Kicking let’s say 40-50% of enrolled straight out on the street may cause crime to spike.
      Answer a: How much worse could it really get? Not much. The potency of technocratic schooling with regards to stopping crime is low (you could even say it provides a network). That said an alternative labor program must exist to accommodate the fallout, there’s always good labor to be done for society’s betterment.
      Answer b: You’re gaining many more competent, well adjusted adult men in return. Men otherwise ruined in the sludge. Some sort of civil strife could emerge from this however. Who would fight this problem — the men you raised. High chance o success, you have selected every capable and intelligent man for your team.

      2. Militarization of schooling and corporal punishment isn’t the answer to delinquency.
      Answer: Spare the rod, spoil the child. It may not feel nice to enforce it or to be on the receiving end but pain definitely has a way of moderating deviant thoughts and behavior. Even simply learning to be quiet and moderating movement is extremely important. Virtue comes before intellectual development.

      An old example I know: boy bending down under the desk to pick up an eraser, the female teacher thought he was trying to look under her skirt and he was punished innocent. This is an argument against mixed schooling both pupil and teacher-wise though there is no guarantee of corporal punishment being applied justly.

      3. You would create more tensions among the races/classes and more social unrest.
      Schooling must sift out the wheat from the chaff, first moral, second intellectual. The unrest is on part of those who are avaricious and envious. If the Black race would consider this stacked against them their spatial independence ought to be encouraged.

      4. How much more or less would this old but new system cost?
      Answer: Less overall. Could be more resource intensive per capita. Overall value of society would increase.

      • A lot of ink to make your point. And the point is exactly what you missed. Here is a man who devoted his life to teaching, he has a better inside view and is, I am sure, much better “educated” about the subject than you are and yet your ill informed “opinions” should be given credence? Only at a Clearwater Revival concert pal…

        • You failed to state what’s so ‘ill’ about my points then you proceeded to attack my character without any basis whatsoever.

          The damage of mixed sex schooling has been pointed out by men of high repute throughout the ages.
          That I even have to point out to you the nature of sexes is different and requires different contents of education is ridiculous and speaks about you not me.

          Plus, the nature of schooling is that of selection for higher places in society. High moral and intellectual standards would ensure ineligible should not remain in school disrupting the good education of others.

          The man in the video fails to provide any sort of constructive alternative except homeschooling. If the man who worked in education fails to even have faith in the survival of schools as such what does that say about his experiences as a boomer? Obviously he has failed to give up the presuppositions of egalitarianism.

    • Agree, We have the numbers out there, just waiting for us. In order to organize them we must give up the “good PR” cuck nonsense.

  • When you had strict discipline and corporal punishment in schools you didn’t have shootings and violent crimes in schools. That’s a fact.

    Since strict discipline and corporal punishment went away, schools have become violent crime zones.

    It’s a plain either or situation.

    • It’s also the only way to keep the ethnic rabble in check. I saw the colored and wigger ‘students’ walk all over the teachers at my middle school, plus they made life a living hell for any decent person trying to learn. The ‘zero tolerance’ policy for violence just meant that the degenerate elements had free reign to be as violent as they pleased since they feared no repercussions, while those of us who cared about our education had to live under the tyranny of anarchy while plotting our future revenge as successful members of society, since we didn’t want to get suspended or expelled despite being more than capable of defending ourselves. Ironically this was a good thing, since it woke me up to the reality of race and motivated me to educate myself, and I found that a young white aristocrat with a computer and a library can learn quite a bit on their own.

    • What BS! I’m 50 and I went through public school with corporal punishment, even got paddled a couple of times. It made me hateful and resentful for being violently punished because I was laughing and joking too much. These days they would have doped me to the gills and when I showed up for school acting like a zombie they would would have pointed their fat, little sausage fingers and muttered “Now there’s a Good Citizen!” I can honestly say after 5 decades on this earth that the only time I have been “victimized,” and I loathe to use that word, has been at the hands of some government employee/bureaucrat…

  • The guy who shot Gabby Giffords was nuts–and his parents knew it. The guy who shot up Virginia Tech was nuts–and his parents knew it. The guy who shot up Sandy Hook was nuts–and his parents knew it. The guy who shot up the movie theater in Colorado was nuts–and his parents knew it. The two in Columbine were getting guns and building Bombs(!) right under the noses of their stupid, disengaged parents.

    This sort of thing will continue until parents are, to some degree, held responsible for the actions of their crazy, monster children.

      • If my kids are crazy, I know it, ignore it, and they do a lot of harm, sure. Why not? Don’t I have some responsibility for turning monsters loose on an unsuspecting public?

        • Why not blame yourself for making your kids crazy? After all, you were the one they should have been able to confide in. You were the one who should have given them faith in their futures. You were the one who stockpiled your home with weapons. You were the one who divorced and saddled your son with a one-parent household. You were the one who never directed your son to a REALISTIC plan for his own self-support. You were the one who favored his siblings ahead of him. If you’re blaming yourself, then fuck it! Go big or go home!

      • If my kids ever killed a bunch of innocent people then yes. If you fail that badly as a parent, you deserve the gulag.

        There are some instances where the person is genuinely insane. The guy who shot Gabby Giffords I believe was such a case. His writings made zero sense and it’s clear from videos that his mind was absolutely gone. In that instance if the parents weren’t able to get him forcibly put into a mental institution then I’m not sure what more could have been done. Although it seems his insanity was brought about by earlier drug use, something maybe his parents could have prevented had they raised him better.

        But with someone like Elliot Rodger, he was not insane in the clinical sense. He just struggled with socializing on a normal level. A problem that can be rectified but it takes a lot of dedication and commitment by the parents. Something that probably would have required his dad to sacrifice his career for, which he was not willing to do. Instead he half-way ignored it hoping it would eventually rectify itself.

        • Which it did. Last I read, Rodgers is still dead. As for Giffords shooter, he would, undoubtedly, have made sense to *someone*. A sympathetic audience was the only difference between him and Rodgers. In an age before the coddling of incels, we would have easily called Rodgers a “schiz” instead of “Saint Elliot”, as the Reddit crowd has done. So, all of this begs the question: When do we blame twenty-something White men for their choices?

  • Any evidence to support your claim that there was once a time when school life was much more harmonious, less rage-inducing, etc.?

    • Basic situational awareness? Observing the habits of older generations? The media they produced? Maybe gather some evidence of 19th school attacks and then come back here…

    • When the focus was on education and the smartest kids were nurtured and congratulated. I was easily one of the smartest kids in my class and because of this, I was completely ignored. If Jamal tied his shoes, he would get a standing ovation. If I ace a test, Jamal calls me a nerdy cracka that can’t get laid and the teacher’s silence was taken as an agreement.

    • It was more harmonious in the sense that it was more aligned to its stated purpose. The standards were higher, more grounded, more objective and more strictly enforced. This means a marked difference in how much intellectual capacity was esteemed and awarded.

  • I’ve been reading AltRight for a while now and enjoy Vincent Law’s articles. Regarding adolescent male rage, one contributing factor that is usually not considered is the profound (though unrecognized) psychological damage caused by routine infant male circumcision (RMIC). It is the first outrage perpetrated on males, and can lead to lifetime problems, sexual and otherwise. As circumcision is an act of extreme violence done to male infants, circumcising cultures like the USA are violent cultures. As Dr. Menninger said: What we do to children they will do to society.

    • I feel ya bro.

      The praxis of male genital reduction aka circumcision, is twice debilitating.

      First, the life long trauma.

      And second, the society-wide denial of its consequences and debilitating Life Story effects.

      Which debilitating Life Story effects are yet to be acknowledged and studied and quantified.

      We do have evidence though, in the form of two very large population groups, of what happens to men who successfully navigate reproducing their genes even what with reduced genitals:

      Men who successfully reproduce even what with reduced genitals, over time come to resemble Arabs and Jews. Psychopaths and otherwise sick.

      This observation, this theory, is reasonable given what evidence is available, and not meant to be regarded as hyperbole or sarcasm.

      It’s a touchy subject, and young men especially don’t like to dwell on how they have been sexually crippled.

      There is no place for such praxis, in White communities. No exceptions. Those who promulgate it in any way, have no place in a White society.

      • You nailed it, elk. The USA is the only country in the world in which the majority of white baby boys are circumcised shortly after birth. Our people fell for the myth that the penis had to be sliced open (and reduced in size) for medical reasons, but Euro Whites did not (genital cutting is rare among them). Once a myth permeates an entire society it is nearly impossible to eradicate. If the father is cut, both he and the mother usually want their son cut.

        Throughout its history the Christian faith has been opposed to genital mutilation, but the clergy is no longer teaching it. (Why not is an excellent question!) Jews and Muslims always performed it for religious or cultural reasons – not medical ones. One day, I hope, American Whites will come to realize that they have been lied to by the medical establishment, and throw off this yoke of slavery.

  • For African-Americans, there’s a legacy of REAL oppression, which explains their counteraggressive backlash to society. Slavery to Jim Crow to Superpredators. Seems pretty straightforward. But, White boys excuse for school shootings? Muh, “I don’t rule the world anymore!”. Give me a break! If you were REALLY “supreme”, you’d dip into the spoils of that centuries-long “supremacy” and use it to ADAPT yourself to modern America. You losers are as White as snowflakes!

    • The biggest lynching in US history was against Italians, not blacks. And I’m Olive not huwhyte. Dick.

      • As long as your facial features and bone structure are European then olive is white, Johnny. Don’t feed or buy into this North Western Euros only nonsense. Most Americans are some combination of Northern,Western, Central, and Southern European. Most of the “pure” Anglos on here are more than likely unsure of their exact Euro ancestry.

          • He’s just some guy in Scandinavia who for the most part has his head and spirit in the right place but he’s not infallible nor leadership quality. The guy burned down churches in the 90s for fuck sake and although I’m against most of Christianity, what kind of idiot burns down churhes. Burn a mosque, burn a bank, but a church?

            AH said Italians are white and a part of the alpine and med branches of our race. I trust The Fuhrer.
            I honestly hope you don’t actually buy into that bull shit Varg spills.

          • Varg is a Pagan and views Christianity as just as foreign to Northern Europe as Islam and Judaism. He also denies responsibility for the Church Burnings. Personally I think that Catholicism is an organic part of Mediterranean culture at this point, and trying to force it on northern Europe was always a mistake.

            Europeans don’t view whiteness in the same terms as Americans do. To Varg it is a physical characteristic. He’s never said that Italians aren’t European or Caucasian, nor has he said that they are in any way inferior. Their physical characteristics are different northern and Western Europeans as they have adapted to a different climate. I’m not at all offended by this asscertion as it is difficult to refute.

            And yeah, Varg is 100% correct on there being no political solutions and he is leadership quality as far as I’m concerned. Everything he says is law! Also Burzum was the greatest band of the 90’s.

          • Then your comment was a wee bit misleading.
            If varg doesn’t view whiteness and only views Europeaness than he cannot exclude Italians from anything but the Scandinavian ethnostate.

            The other point is that no matter how Europeans in Europe view their race or ethnicities, We in America place the importance upon Whiteness And Europeaness.
            It would be futile for us to buy into the sectarian divides of the Old World. Over here if your white, your right and if you’re European, you won’t be a bleedin but will be a breedin!

          • I get that. I was only half serious when responding to Site, but the way old man Craicher got triggered by it just shows how those old world rivalries don’y simply go away when you come to NA. Honestly, I’m Italian first, Canadian second, white third. Whiteness isn’t much more important to me than the colour of my hair. Americans do think about it differently from everyone else.

          • You should see yourself as either White or European first, imo. We are in a war that transcends ethnic and regional lines. Our fight is about White European Sovereignty and power, no matter which geographical location you call home. Europe and the Anglosphere are white lands. They need to stay so. That said, each geographical location should be dominated by its historical ethnic white majority but this should be seen as secondary in our shared fight against the kikes and the third world mud races. White power first.

            You should consider coming to America. It’s were all the action is going to take place, you shouldn’t want to miss out Johnny. At the very least it’ll give you a broader perspective. Hell, you can stay with me as long as you can pay the trip.

          • I honestly don’t think that biological racial determinism is a sufficient foundation for any kind of nation in and of itself, which is why I seldom use the term white nationalist to describe myself. I also don’t think a white ethno-state would be as gravy as people here seem to think. When Canada was 95% white it was divided between Francophone Catholics and Anglo Protestants. When the US was 90% white there was all kinds of divisions between different types of white people. European history is full of white nations fighting other white nations. This concept of “one race, the white race” is a relatively recent development that has arisen due to increased diversification. I’m not confident that it would hold in the absence of the other. In short, shared whiteness isn’t enough.

            That being said your probably right that the US is where the action is going to be. Canada (or the Khanate of the Golden Leaf as I call it) is going to be a Chinese colony in my lifetime and the vast majority of Canadians don’t even care. There is no nationalist movement here and I don’t really see one developing. Even areas that are still very white and christian/traditional like the East Coast are also very liberal/degenerate. This country is doomed and the white man has failed it. It will probably be a lot less degenerate under total Chinese control tbh.

            I’m honestly not a fan at all of the “American Nationalist” direction the Alt-Right has been heading in, and I identify with the label less and less lately (I mostly just come here to bantz. Sometimes I enjoy the articles too though.) Still theres a much higher number of likeminded people in the states to build muh autonomous fascist community with. The US isn’t totally off of the table, but if I did go it wouldn’t be to join Identity Europa or anything of that ilk. I’ve always wanted to visit the Southwest though and might take you up on that offer someday.

          • We do need more than purely racial ideals but I think the spiritual ideals are part in parcel with our race. They are in our blood.This is why I’m such a fan of Evola. He never neglected the race or the spirit and saw both as equal sides of the coin.

            What we need along with white nationalism is an ideal along the lines of what he talks about here. I must say that’s I disagree with his conclusion on Christianity. I think it could possibly, after a lot of work be revived. This would involve getting back to the church of the Middle Ages whilst modernizing it(not in the effete way) but must include the pagan roots.

          • Excellent video. Thanks for turning me on to this guy. If you’re personally a fan of medieval Catholicism then you should check out this website It has extensive archives dealing with the church of the Middle Ages and medieval Europe in general. Highly recommend, I visit this site nearly every day. It is low on new content but the past archives are vast.

    • Nignogs did the crime so they got lynched. Pretty simple. And Johnny if Italians got lynched maybe they were out of line?

        • Seems pretty straight forward; wops were out of line and got what was coming. You play around and get killed and want people to feel for you? Like gang banging niggers.

          If you want to play aggreived minority then maybe go elsewhere.

          • Bullshit, Craicher! For most of American history, African-Americans got NO due process! So, we’ll never know what they did or didn’t do.

            And let’s look at some of the “crimes” they “committed”:

            Instrumental in passing the Civil Rights Act of 1965 – MLK – penalty: death

            Building a business community in his neighborhood – Medgar Evers – penalty: death

            Whistling at a White woman – Emmett Till – penalty: death

            White men were REWARDED for doing all of those things. So, why did African-Americans “deserve” to be killed for doing them?

          • Seems dem apes got what was coming. The fact we let those apemen still breath in our lands just says how too nice we are.

          • You don’t believe he just whistled at the woman do you? He obviously sodomized her. The white men were just saving face for her.

          • He was fourteen years old, and the incident supposedly happened at the checkout counter of the local general store. Yep. I *do* believe he was an African-American boy from the North, who was out of his depth in the Deep South. FYI – Strom Thurmond never did time for raping his 16 year old maid at the age of 22.

          • Let’s put it this way. The incident as reported downplayed and euphemismized what happened to her so that she wasn’t publicly humiliated or tarnished more than she already was.

          • I’m not playing ‘aggreived minority.’ Just pointing out that blacks weren’t the only ones who have faced “real oppression.” You don’t see Italians whining.

            Still I’m glad mouthbreathing apes like your ancestors no longer get to be judge, jury and executioner anymore.

    • As long as it’s Nignogs killing each other and the blood doesn’t spatter onto me or mine the ghetto carnage is a plus.

      Nignogs shouldn’t get emergency room care either. Too much comes out of my wallet paying for it.

      • My friend’s girlfriend is an emergency room doctor in the deep south. Niggers come in every night shot. When asked who shot them “I wuz on da conna mindin my own bizznea when a nigga rolled up an shot me.”

        Then the entire clan shows up and the drama gets real crazy. “My baby boy (he could be 50). He done been shot. Jaysus. Praise Gawd. Leroy you got your 38? Go kill day nigga dat shot my baby!”

          • Nope, not even close. No trailer park in the country comes anywhere close to a black ghetto. Hundred of blacks are killed by other blacks every year in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, etc. The only other place you find comparable murder rates is…Africa!

          • So, it’s totally fine for Whites to narcoticize themselves to death, at a clip of tens of thousands per year? That’s somehow more “noble” than a “South Side” weekend? LOL! Ok, #deplorable. Whatever. Hell, it’s your funeral. One less druggie Nazi for society to deal with.

    • The point you intentionally missed is that there was a time when random acts of violence by White youth against public institutions was unheard of.

      There was never a point in history where blacks weren’t slaughtering each other over “respect” or territory. The vast majority of blacks are killed by other blacks, even in Somalia, which was never colonized by Europeans.

  • The concept of being “cool” is decidely negro. It’s not instrinsic to our White ethos. Ditch it. Act White. Dance White. Sing White. Live White.

    • The whole jocks vs. nerds thing is a Jewish invention. A lot of the nerdy White-Christian kids in my school were also jocks, myself included. Since ancient Greece, the ideal Western man was a balance of brains and brawn.

      • Yea watch Revenge of the Nerds where the Jews team up with the niggers, fags and dope heads to streal the women and power from the evil blond aryans.

        They are right out bragging about our dispossession.

        Same theme in Caddy Shack.

        Life immitates art or the other way arround.

  • But wasn’t school always like this? Like the Dean Cain, Back to the Future sort of deal. Back to the Future is about high school drama in the 1950’s. That nerd did not shoot up the school.

    This happens because of white fear of blacks leading to aggressive gun culture.

    • Back to the Future is a very interesting example, because, if we’re being honest, Marty is not George’s son, but Biff’s. So, by sort of un-betaizing George he erases himself from existence.

  • When cute high school girls slap a white guy’s boner aside in favor of muh nigga dik, then that’s a recipe for a high school shooting. These guys wanna blow their load in a sexual way, and when they’re rejected, they blow their load in a .357 magnum way. Just simple biology…

  • What kind of parents do we have? Fathers are often absent even in white families. And those that stick around got tattoos and piercings. And mothers are whores. And what do people watch on TV? The Waltons and Bonanza? Or Brady Bunch? No, stuff like Jerry Springer, Family Guy, and other trash. Music is even worse.

    What happened to church life? It’s gone. Churches have either gone homo or serve as recruiting centers for Wars for Zion. Or they play rock music at services. Also, to be part of a Christian Community in America is to be considered an outsider. In the past, small town folks in a church felt connected with elites who were also Christian and believe in God. Today, elites believe in holy homo, magic negro, the sacred Jew.

    Before electronic media, people in small towns got their news by coming together in churches, restaurants, picnics, festivals, rallies, or meetings. So, each community has its own culture and sense of belonging. And politicians and leaders of that community listened to the people.
    But now, every family got their TV and radio. They don’t need to meet up with others in the community to understand what is going on. They just turn on the TV.
    Now, if the local community controlled its own media, they would still have some autonomy. But all TV sets across America beam pretty much the same soulless degenerate material made by 6 mega-corporations all owned by Jews and run by homos. Each person owns his own TV but don’t control what is beamed through the sets. Just like Jewish control of finance/currency means domination over the economy, Jewish control of electric signals means control over the narrative, mythology, and ‘reality’.

    The internet is a strange creature. It is even more hyper-globalizing than TV & radio but also radically hyper-localizing since each person in their local communities can make their own content and share with neighbors and the world. Thus, the internet’s influence is more damaging and more redeeming than TV and radio. Internet has spread porn and filth to even children, but it has given each individual a voice to speak back and counter the power of Narrative Monopoly.

    Kids who shoot up schools are broken in every way. Broken in family life. And it’s not just about poverty. In GRAPES OF WRATH, the Joads lose everything and face tough times. But the father plays role of father, and mother plays role of mother. They accept their social and moral roles in life. But look at parents today. They are still emotionally children or stuck in teen mentality. Poor people today got more education, more food, more goodies, and more gadgets than poor people in the past, but poor people had core values centered on family, church, culture, and tradition. Sure, there were drunkards, bullies, and bad people back then too. But there was a cultural and moral consensus of what was honorable and what wasn’t. This was true even among gangsters. Italian hoodlums were always bad people, but at least they didn’t go around with tattoos and piercings in the past. At least they dressed well and made sure not to make trouble where kids played.
    But look at Jersey Shore Italians. Shameless and utterly degenerate in every way.
    In a way, Americans have been corrupted by too-much-ness. When a people are hungry and face hard times, they see the value even in a bowl of oatmeal. But when people are satiated with basic needs of survival, their minds agitate over other matters, often silly or stupid. Same with Negroes. In the past, negresses had to pick cotton and do hard work to put food on their table for their pickaninnies. Even if the jobs were lowly, there was pride and honor in honest work. But now, with welfare having fattened them up, what is the thing on black women’s minds? Twerking, weaves, nail polish, and midnight order of fried chicken to get even fatter.

    We live in a nation where CNN says cuckoldry is OKAY. We live in a nation where white college girls openly talk about their fantasy of the orgies. We have the establishment promoting the likes of Ariana Grande and other white girls who’ve gone black and promote interracism. We have girls raised to emulate hookers. Miley Cyrus and others of her ilk were once promoted as ‘wholesome’ but all turned whore. The system is rigged this way.

    Also, homos have remade culture and religion. Homomania is the new religion. In America, you don’t lose your job by badmouthing God or Jesus. But crack a joke about Bruce Jenner as a woman, and your career could be over. Express your views about how homo fecal penetration is ewwwwww, and you’re OUT.

    Also, consumerism has become the metaphor of America. Everything is seen in this way. So, not only are Americans mainly consumers but they are seen as consumer items to be replaced by new consumer items in the form of mass immigration. So, Americans, esp white ones, are no longer people of a nation but merely ‘old shoes’ to be replaced by new shoes. After 9/11, Bush told us to be good consumers. But globalism goes further. It tell us that we are consumer items ourselves that must be pushed aside to make room for new consumer items of mass immigration. Since white Americans are consumer items, they have no right to say NO to be disposed, no more than old pairs of shoes have any say in being tossed out and replaced by new pairs of shoes.
    It’s funny. Jews often depict the Holocaust as a tragedy where people were turned into items. So, Jews were not valued as people but as items to be harvested for gold in their teeth, rings, shoes, hair, and etc.
    But now, Jews see white Americans as the same way. White Americans have no history and no claim to America. They exist to be replaced by New Consumer item, the non-white immigrants.

    This is why Alt Right has to be a spiritual movement. This is why white people need their own covenant. It’s the time for prophets. The fact of these school shootings is proof that white people are lost and taking out their anger like Travis Bickle in TAXI DRIVER.

    The central theme must be RECONNECTION. Whites need to reconnect with what they’ve lost. They must seek the grail or fail.

    Anyway, there is a discernible pattern to these shootings. Many are white. But the biggest school shooter was some Asian guy at Virgin Tech.
    What do they have in common? White males and Asian males have no approved outlet to vent their spleen.
    If you part of POC and if you feel angry, there is a group that will represent your rage and anger. But white guys have no such outlet. Neither do Asian males as Asians are not ‘cool’ in PC sweepstakes.

    But now, with rise of Trump, we are seeing similar mindset among the PC crowd. Leftist whites are using naked violence because they feel that the system has gone ‘literally nazi’.

    Blacks, of course, are an outlier in this because they are now totally crazy.

  • Step 1 CIA agents choose a low iq and mentally unstable white man
    Step 2 watch said white man for a period of say 6 months
    Step 3 kid nap white man and proceed to feed him multiple psychotropics and subject him to relentless brain washing for another 6 month period.
    Step 4 choose target for maximal emotional and hysterical response from sheep
    Step 5 Release Manchurian candidate with AR 15 and thousands of rounds of ammo.
    Step 6 rinse and repeat until sheep beg for gun control.

    This is my take anyhow.

    • Can the downvoter provide a counter argument as to how exactly they know that this is not the truth. The evidence for Manchurian candidates is overwelming, the evidence against boils down to ” not possible, they’d never do that, psychos are common, conspiracy nut!

      Only faggots downvote without replying.

      • Nobody can know this is not the truth.
        Just as nobody can know it is.
        Which is why it is not a particularly profound or constructive comment.
        Thus, not only is it not right, it’s worse than not right, it’s not even wrong. -Wolfgang Pauli

        • No body can know which shootings are Manicherean
          candidates, sure but I stand by my comment and the statement about the evidence being out there, it is. Declassified CIA docs, dozens of them.

          As far as useless comments, well I’d say ditto but that would be insincere as mine stands.

      • That seems to be standard operating procedure around here these days. I think it’s the Anglo-Saxons tbh…

        • Well we can agree on one thing. Hell, I’ve never even down voted one of your comments. Something about downvoting just seems weak to me, heh….

  • Teenage boys are doing this stuff because they’ve got no stable image of themselves as 40 year olds after living a meaningful 20s and 30s.

  • Important topic, with some superb points above, such as re the interior agony created by the image that boys should be having wild sex regularly, but where in fact males caught in ‘beta’ mode can be quite frustrated

    Re Columbine, a suppressed data point is that the two shooters were said to have been homosexually raped by local police officers, and their anguish of humiliation motivated the mass murder

    In 2005 Mark Ames put out a book, ‘Going Postal’, on the theme of these USA rage killings that seemed to begin around 1983, with the first of the modern era post-office-employee massacres, as reflected in the above chart – the 1980s was when the big trend started, tho dramatically spiking recently.

    Ames’ interesting take, was to connect these with the rather similar outbursts of rage killings by rebellious slaves that took place in the Americas during the several hundred years of slave-owning there … and Ames suggested it was for the same reason – people feeling powerless in their lives, ‘enslaved’, and finally exploding in rage against whatever targets were convenient, often people they personally knew

    Ames noted how in the USA, the 1980s rage murders began, just after the middle class had experienced the first decade-plus of decline and stagnancy, and the masses began to feel, correctly, that the odds were stacked against them henceforth

    It seems there are also a number of psychopathic rage, mass-murder killings in China, where the killings are typically done with knives, assailants being able to cut up 15 people or so before they are stopped. But it seems as with many other events in China, the authorities there seem to partly censor what goes on so others do not get emboldened.

  • I’m really suspicious about the effects of antidepressants. (((The establishment))) always goes for the ban all guns cliche whimpering, but most of the time these nuts will be on some form of medication. Sure this could be a false correlation since nutty people are more likely to both commit heinous acts of violence and take medications, but it seems like every time this happens that the killer was invariably on medications of some sort.

    These Jewish run pharmaceutical companies need to be brought to justice for both the opioid epidemic and mass shootings. They are literally making profits off of death and suffering while hiding behind a pathetic veneer of respectability. The (((Sackler))) family has been pushing Oxycontin on vulnerable members of our people like a negro gangster selling crack to kids on the street corner.

    • If you ever wander into the posts of commie/faggot/feminist twitter, you will see that they are all discussing what anti-depressants they are on.

      Yet they unhesitatingly diagnose psychiatric disorders in white people who don’t believe everything fed by the (((MSM))).

  • And where are you going to find Writing that Explores this Issue with this Perspective??

    Nowhere but………..

    Powerful Analysis………

    Many Different Tangentials to branch off this one………

    Do Catholic/Religious Schools have a different rate of School Shootings versus Public Schools??…….

    Is that because of Genetics or because of the different Methodologies/Culture??

    Or both??

    What was also left out was Pretty Simple……..


    Divorced or Married??

    Neglected, Abused, Mutual Facebook/Instagram Friends, or Natural Hierarchial Structures??

    Adults nowadays aren’t what they used to be……..

    We all know this Intuitively……….

    Two ways to Prevent:

    1. Take all Guns from the American People.

    2. Simply ARM School Security Guards and implement Metal Detector Screening.

    #1 is what the Anti-White Left wants because it will turn us into Great Britain where what I post on this Comment Board will land me in Prison for Hate Crimes…….

    I’ll go with #2……….

  • Reason for final break between Spencer and Fuentes. Child Molestation.

    Fuentes took Spencer’s comment on child molesters out of context. Spencer was really talking about porn’s enervating impact on people. Porn, instead of making people more sexually aggressive and charged, makes them less sexual. It saps people of real sexuality just like watching sports on TV turns people into couchpotatoes.
    Spencer demonstrated this by pointing to child molesters who are less likely to act on their impulses in the real world if their energies are absorbed by child porn.

    Also, child porn doesn’t necessarily involve real children. It could be fictional stories or artificially created images(that was allowed by Supreme Court as freedom of expression).
    I think Spencer was saying such artificially created porn could be useful in suppressing child molesters in the real world. Better to have chomos get off on porn than on real kids.

    But Fuentes twisted this and made it seem like Spencer supports real child porn or feels sympathy for chomos.

    Also, Fuentes failed to realize that there is nothing worse than being accused of being pro-child-molestation. It’s not something you clown around about.

    But Fuentes moral vanity as sanctimonious Catholic just couldn’t resist scoring cheap points by grandstanding as Mr. Virtue.

    But the irony is the Catholic church has been a den of child molestation and cover-ups.

    Fuentes’ natural contentiousness makes for good theater and is instinctively political, as was the case with Bob Novak and Mike Royko. But sometimes, he just picks fights just to pick fights because it’s fun without thinking through the full implications. (Spencer-Fuentes breakup is like the one between Mclaughlin and Novak.)

    People gotta be more like Michael than Sonny in THE GODFATHER.

    Anyway, people need to build a wall between the private and public. Privately, we can say whatever. But everything posted on Twitter is a public statement, and Fuentes should have know that his tweet made it sound like Spencer is for child porn. Spencer loathes child porn but believes artificially-created child porn might have beneficial effect by channeling chomo energies to fantasy than to reality.

    Look at Ebert and Siskel. In public, they acted professionally in public. Behind the scenes, they were looser and wilder. BEHIND THE SCENES.
    Keep the private in the private sphere.
    As Don Corleone said, be careful what you say outside the Family.

    Anyway, Fuentes’ tweet was reckless and misleading. But Spencer shouldn’t have called up Fuentes under the influences and vented his spleen. Spencer should have just seen Feuntes’ stunt as a sign of immaturity and left it at that. Better to drop a hot potato than hold it and scream at it.

    Finally, an alternative underdog movement needs all the allies and friends it can muster.
    Notice Stalin purged others AFTER commies came to power. Hitler did Night of Long Knives after gaining power. Neocons turned on Paleocons after their power was secure and dominant in the GOP. But before they gained dominance, they kept nominal alliance with their rivals.

    This is why the open Freiberg-Johnson feud was so stupid. Premature and impulsive. Vito or Michael Corleone would never have made that move.

  • What I remember about Bowling for Columbine: Michael Moore asks himself hypothetical (but not serious) questions about the gun violence disparity between US and Canada. One of these questions: Is it because we have so many black people? Then it cuts to a family of blacks at some carnival in Canada. Nope! says Moore. There are blacks here too.
    They were from Detroit.

    • Moore did address race as a cause but only dishonestly. Most gun deaths in the US are black on black murders.

    • The counter to that oily Michael Moore, is that, despite media impressions, the USA has actually has one of the 4 lowest murder rates in the Americas, along with Canada, Chile and Cuba … so the 2 countries with the most guns, USA & Canada, actually have amongst the lowest violent killing rates. One statistical game is to talk about ‘gun murders’ whereas in Latin America it is often knives or clubs. But Mexico’s murder rate is 3x the USA, Costa Rica’s is 2.5x, etc.

      The moral seems to be that, once the society tips into a certain level of potential violence, you are actually much safer with the guns than without them.

      USA violent murders are overall very localised in cities. Of the 50 highest-murder-rate cities in the world, 45 are in the Americas, the other 5 in South Africa, it seems there is a correlation between murder rates and the countries with a heritage of centuries of black slavery / colonial apartheid. For more on all this –

      Europe is a quite safe continent in terms of murder rates, although the 2nd highest continent in civilian gun ownership, with around 75-100 million civilian handguns, rifles and shotguns – tho USA people seem to not know this, a bit confused perhaps by the UK 1990s confiscation of all civilian handguns. Europe doesn’t have the ‘carry’ laws tho private guns, shooting clubs etc are quite present. For statistics by country, see –

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