Trump Can Enact His MAGA Agenda Anytime He Wants

On recent editions of Alt Right Politics, Richard Spencer and Evan McLaren have developed a “realistic” view on Trump’s immigration deal negotiations, emphasizing the idea that there are practical limitations to what can be accomplished by the current government and admiring the boldness of the Stephen-Miller-led effort to sacrificially accept a DACA amnesty in exchange for ending chain migration.

But, before we accept the notion that Trump is hemmed in by practical limitations, let’s consider what he would be able to accomplish right now, for the most part unilaterally, if he had the necessary will.

Trump must use the vulnerability of the “Dreamers” to his advantage:

Trump can start deporting large numbers of “Dreamers” at the moment of his choosing. He can do it tonight, he can do it tomorrow, he can do it whenever he wants. He doesn’t even need to honor the applications of Dreamers whose applications have already been approved. This is because DACA itself is unconstitutional. It is a mere executive action that effectively nullifies duly enacted federal legislation, something Obama lacked the constitutional authority to do.

Federal courts have simply been unwilling to stand in judgment of the executive branch’s unconstitutional DACA program and total dereliction of duty concerning immigration law because doing so is fraught with all kinds of risks and enforcement difficulties. In spite of the courts’ reluctance, the unconstitutional nature of the program is obvious, and Trump has already essentially ended it unilaterally. If Trump decided to deport Dreamers tomorrow he could, because he has the virtually undeniable authority and means to do so. To do so would be to do nothing more than enforce federal immigration law.

This is exactly what he should do, to reinforce credibility with his base and express seriousness to his political opponents. He should start deporting Dreamers daily, by the dozens or even the hundreds.

Even this would be a drop in the bucket, in relation to what needs to be done to protect the heritage of America. But Trump has this power. He controls the fate of the “Dreamers,” every one of them.

That gives him tremendous leverage. The Dreamers are an extremely valuable bargaining chip, they are Trump’s “trump card” as it were. He possesses a distinct advantage over the Democrats when it comes to negotiations due to his power over the lives of Dreamers, who Democrats have said over and over they care so deeply about and are committed to legalizing. Truth be told, he has the left by the balls. All he needs to do is squeeze and he can get us more or less everything we want on the border.

By starting to deport Dreamers tomorrow he can ratchet up pressure on the Democrats to make concessions. Nothing gets people to the bargaining table faster than a sense of exigency. Every day the Democrats decide to hold out, the more Dreamers are deported, the more families suffer. That is political hardball. That is how you get things done. Trump has a real opportunity here to extract all kinds of positive things from the Democrats, extractions which may serve the country for decades to come. This is a pivotal moment in his presidency. He’s supposed to be a master negotiator, right!? Well, he is in a very strong negotiation position here. He needs to get all the money for the wall and more (E-Verify, X-ray and infrared machines for scanning trucks and other vehicles entering at border crossings, etc.).

How we can really secure the border:

Yes, we need a wall, a big, beautiful wall. But we need more than a wall. We need a buffer zone as well, between two barriers, a wall and a fence, equipped with sensors which track the movements of large organisms/bodies that might scale the wall and enter the buffer zone. This would make the wall a kind of dual wall, a high and impressive wall, backed up by a buffer zone that can be manned, guarded, controlled and monitored with a sensor or tracking system, which itself is backed up by a fence decorated in the most resplendent and wonderfully offensive barb-wire.

The Hungarians, led by President Viktor Orban, a hero to many on the right, have used this dual-barrier strategy along their southern border, and have been spectacularly successful at limiting migrant flows thereby. In fact, they have essentially halted the flow completely. If Trump gets the money he is after, he can secure the border however the hell he likes. He would do well to emulate the Hungarians in this respect.

Trump must also hire far more border agents and put thousands of American soldiers on border patrol. What the hell are our soldiers doing all around the world anyway? I have no idea. Nothing useful from what I can tell. There are 1.3 million active duty personnel in the US military. Surely we can sacrifice ten, fifteen or even twenty thousand or so to secure our own border, no? I don’t really care all that much about the level of violence in Iraq or Afghanistan, which Iraqis and Afghanis are subjected to daily. I care far more about the level of violence in the American Southwest which Americans are subjected to daily, thanks largely to our porous border. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Also, fill the skies with drones and choppers. Let potential invaders feel as if they are being watched at all times (panopticon thinking).

One of the problems with walls however, even dual walls, is that you can dig under them. That is why the government must offer large rewards to people who are willing to tip-off authorities about the locations of these tunnels and their endpoints. Immigrants, illegal and legal, who earn twenty thousand dollars per year or so, will jump at the opportunity to earn two hundred thousand or more in a matter of minutes, by helping the authorities to permanently shut down border tunnels (many dug and exploited by criminal cartels). We can also use new-age geophysical mapping technology to locate those tunnels.

Furthermore, we should use live ammunition. Shoot the invaders. Shoot low, but shoot nevertheless. You don’t have to shoot to kill every time, but put those bastards on notice. If you invade the sovereign territory of the United States of America, in defiance of our laws and the will of our people, hijacking our democracy in the long-run and by extension our fate, you do so at risk of your own life. People won’t invade America under the pretext of seeking a better life if there is a real, substantial chance that they lose their life in the process.

Fear, terror even, can be good, especially in certain contexts. A little bit of lawlessness and savagery in the ranks of border patrol should be encouraged (you see this in Bulgaria and Russia where private citizens and militias do much of the border patrolling, far more effectively I surmise). They are not afraid to dole out a little punishment to their would-be conquerors (megalomaniacal Muhammadans). One of the West’s primary problems is that we have become too law-centered, too law-abiding. Superiors would do well to turn their heads to a bit of brutality and vengeance by our guys on the border, perhaps even tolerating a massacre here or there. The more palpable fear aspiring illegal invaders experience when considering crossing our southern border, the less likely they will be to do it.

The more humane we are when it comes to securing our nation from invasion and mass-scale incursion (masquerading as “immigration”, but something else altogether, perhaps genocide, perhaps ethnic cleansing, but something far more sinister and morally repugnant), the less safe we are, and the less safe is our future and our democracy.

The 3rd World immigration/migration/refugee crisis will only get more and more acute over time, as the dregs of humanity continue to reproduce like rabbits, courtesy of Western food aid and tax dollars. Westerners must take the necessary measures (harsh as some may seem) to deliver the West and secure it from invasion today, or sit idly by, watching helplessly, forlorn, as Rome burns in the decades to come.


  • Yes, it’s all good, but the real , primary question is:
    Do Trump and his admin WANT to enact his declared agenda?
    Orban in Hungary strongly wanted to , that’s the prime engine which put things in motion to begin with.
    He was determined.

  • This is a brilliant plan except for the proposal for e-verify which will enslave Americans to “our” government. We must never give up our freedom in exchange for false security. The other measures are sufficient to defend and preserve America.

  • Great article. Instead of land mines or shooting low, why not do what Emmanuel said & then also give our Border guards Guns that shoot rubber bullets. If ZOG defends the use of rubber bullets by the IDF to stop a 12 yr old Palestinian girl throwing a rock at an Israeli Tank entering her village, then Trump can order it & use the Zionist precedent when the internationalists start crying.

  • If Jews hate whites so much, why did they follow in the footsteps of trail-blazing Anglos?

    Jews say genocide is evil. They point to the holocaust.
    But was US created by ‘genocide’ of Indians. Anglos were ‘nazis’ of yesteryear. And yet, the #1 favorite immigration for Jews was the Anglo-US. US was also created through slave labor. If Jews were so moral and upright, why did they follow behind Anglos? Why participate in a nation created by white ‘genocide’ of red people and slavery of black people?

    Surely, Jews could have chosen other destinations for immigration. Also, as various European empires needed labor and investment, they would have gladly accepted Jews to settle Africa and other parts. As whites didn’t wipe out the peoples in those parts but merely ruled over them, those empires were less morally tainted than the US that was created by wholesale removal of peoples.

    After all, Anglos only ruled over blacks in Kenya and Rhodesia. There was no plan to wipe them out or expel them. But in the US, Indians were pushed out and removed from the land. So, the kind of imperialism that made the US was a greater ‘historical crime’ than European empires in Asia and Africa where whites ruled but didn’t wipe people out. And yet, Jews preferred to move to US, the ‘white supremacist’ nation made by ‘genocide’ and slavery. US was created by pogroms against Indians.

    In the US, the whites ‘whitened’ the land unlike in Africa, Asia, and Middle East. As for Latin America, whites failed to whiten the land much. Latin America remained majority non-white.
    If Jews hate whitening, they should have moved to Latin America that was hungry for immigrants and envious that most preferred to move to the whitened Anglo-US.

    Now, if whitening is bad, why did Jews favor the US, a nation that did the most the whiten the land? Just ask the Indians? And even in Africa, why did Jews favor South Africa as destination spot over other parts of Africa? South Africa was more whitened than other parts of Africa. Again, Jews preferred a part of the world that was whitened.

    How does one explain this irony? Jews followed behind whites to enter a whitened world. Jews esp loved Anglo-America where whitening had been extensive against Indians and Mexicans. There were lots of blacks, but they were kept in ‘their place’. When Jews arrived in Ellis Island, they were moving away from ‘Asiatic’ Russian rule to White Anglo rule.

    If Jews wanted to enter the whitened world so much, why are they now so hell bent on unwhitening America?

    Because focus of Jewish interest went from well-being to domination.

    Poor Jews in Eastern Europe wanted better material conditions and more stability under rule of law. And Jews realized such was most assured in whitened Anglo-America. They were too poor to think about power. They just wanted freedom and better material life.
    Since whitened America offered the best hope, they went to the US.

    But over time, Jews went from wishing for well-being to relishing their great wealth and power.
    If poor Jews looked to White America as the promised land, powerful Jews see white America as a potential challenge to their dominance. So now, they must destroy whiteness.

    It’s sort of like the crossing of the Red Sea(or Sea of Reeds) in the Exodus. The sea splits open and the land is so welcome. If God hadn’t split open the sea and if Jews tried to swim to the other side, they all would have drowned. So, Jews were so happy to see the land bridge between the raised waters. And they crossed this land to the other side.
    But a blessing became a curse. Once the Jews were on the other side, the exposed land that had been to their advantage became a threat. The Egyptians could cross it to and attack the Jews. So, Jews begged God to close the sea. And it was closed to drown the Egyptians.

    Jews see whitened America the same way. Jews, esp those living under ‘Asiatic’ Russians, hated being in the Old World. They wanted an exodus to the promised land. And America seemed like a better place with more freedom and opportunities. And white people were like the land bridge that had opened up for them. After all, if not for white trail-blazing to create America(via ‘genocide’ and slavery), there wouldn’t have been the spectacular rise of a New Nation. Jews needed to walk on that white land bridge. But once Jews made their way across and then gained supreme power in America, they came to see white power as ancient Hebrews saw Egyptians at the other side of sea. Before white power could wake up and challenge Jewish power, it must be drowned by seas of humanity.

    History repeats itself.

    And that means, even if Jews win against whites, they will have “40 yrs of wandering” in New America where there will be new battles along tribal lines. After all, Hebrews made it out of Egypt only to face off against one tribe after another.

    As white America fades and US fills up with diversity and new tribalisms, good luck to Jews as they combat new enemies. In Europe, it’s heating up already with Muslims.
    In the US, Jewish elites won’t be able to outmuscle Hindus so easily.

    In yrs to come, Jews will realize they really messed things up. White America was never the Egyptians trying to wipe out Jews. Because of the Holocaust, Jews got to seeing Nazis everywhere when the White West in both US and EU were the best bet for future Jewish prosperity and security.
    If anything white US and white Russia were the two sides of the oceans that crashed on the Nazi Egyptians who were totally defeated. It could have been smooth sailing since then if everyone got along. But paranoia and hubris reigned among Jews in their prophetic delirium, and history is gonna get very ugly. And if Jews think history will end with the fall of whites, think again. They were the last people with any conscience toward Jews.

    • You simply do not have a grasp of history. The jews have always been the slave traders par excellence. I know it’s unfashionable to say so, but there it is.

      The great families in the United States did not “genocide” the indians. They created a republic with very strong aristocratical elements in its constitution. If not for these elements, you probably would not have been born.

      So much for gratitude.

      I swear it’s these Hollywood movies made by jews. Everyone watches these movies, and then they feel justified in hating an image of something that they only know from the eoutside. I hear people denigrate “the rich” while not even saying a word about the jew behind the camera.

      Really rich.

      • I agree with everything in this comment outside of denying the genocide of Reds. How do you explain the tiny number of them left, add to that how they’re stuck on reservations. We conquered them, subjugated those we could and killed the rest. Why attempt to kosher this fact up. Sure, a lot fought back and were in no way innocent but the supreme conquering prowess of the Anglo Saxon should be point of pride not shame.

    • And what do you mean by “whiten” the land? What does that even mean? Do you mean that certain families cared enough for the poor to educate them for a better way of life?

      Do you mean that they brought the gosepl of Christ to the heathens?

      It’s a little more complicated, to say the least, than just to say, well, those “anglos” all made mistakes. Do you even know the families and individuals to whom you are referring?

      Trailblazing to create America via genocide and slavery. Is that really what you believe?

      • Interesting. I read GCs comment as absolutely pro Anglo yet you took offense. We shouldnt diddle daddle on the fine points. Anglos came over here and wiped out the reds, be proud of it, I sure am.

  • The smart move is to use DACA as the bargaining chip to get them to the table. With the wall on a shining pedestal, use wall as the big concession for extracting meaningful immigration reform from Dems.

    Let Dems get mired in chipping away at the wall, which is what would happen if funding were prolonged over years. It would be subject to all sorts of peril. If he were magically given $25 billion at once and carte blanche, go ahead and build the wall. Seems unlikely, though.

    The wall is a wonderful symbol — would send a lasting message. As we’ve discussed, though, chain migration and mandatory e-verify do more in actually halting illegal immigration. Get those concessions and a dramatically scaled down version of the wall focusing on more on technology and human capital = the right outcome. Let them feel as though they’ve won the wall horse trade……

    • But I agree with this article. The fact that citizens of a sovereign nation want a wall to protect their borders should not be controversial (in a sane world). And we should have a formidable wall comprised of layers of physical and/or technological barriers. Incursions by drug cartels taking shots at U.S. border agents (as happened frequently under previous administration) should be met with overwhelming, catastrophic military force.

      We often blame Mexico — we have been the ones sending the wrong message. A rational entity takes advantage where they see weakness. We’ve reveled in projecting weakness for so long that it’s become second nature.

  • Rule of Narrative changes the Rule of Law.

    When the New Narrative is made sacrosanct, the Law must succumb to it because… it’s a ‘dream’, and who wants to defer a dream?

    The fate of America and Europe too is due to the fundamental change in the premise of the New Narrative.

    If whites had insisted that US and Europe are white lands and belong to white people BUT white people are nice enough to take in some non-whites, the new arrivals would have come with a sense of gratitude, appreciation, and respect. After all, they were magnanimously allowed in as guests in another people’s homeland.

    So, the new arrivals always feel owed to the native people. They feel that the native folks, out of the kindness of their hearts, did something they didn’t have to do. They were nice enough to let in non-whites who have a chance of a better life.

    But suppose the premise of white nations are changed. The new narrative is “white lands were always nations-of-immigrants” on the basis that there had been earlier invasion of peoples in prehistoric times. Also, suppose premise says that Diversity is magic and More Diversity is wonderful for a nation. And fundamental Change is what a nation should be all about.
    Then, the corollary is homogeneity and continuity are bad things. Homogeneity must be replaced with magical Diversity, and continuity must be severed by ‘reinventing’ the nation in the spirit of Change.
    So, the primary destiny of white nations comes to about increasing endless Diversity and to welcoming total Change.

    Under reigning ideology of PC, not only are white people inculcated with such value system but non-whites in white lands no longer feel appreciative as lucky guests but as rightful owners of white nations. After all, the New Premise says Diversity and Change must take precedence over Homogeneity and Continuity(that are deemed ‘racist’, ‘hateful’, ‘extreme’, and ‘far right’).
    Thus, foreigners who arrive in white lands don’t come with gratitude but with moral and ideological arrogance. They come to make demands to let more of their kind into white nations and for white institutions & industries to favor non-whites in high positions to make things more ‘just’ because, after all, white nations no longer belong to white people but to the World in the spirit of Diversity and Change.

    Core ideas are that important. Changing the central idea of a nation is like changing the code of a computer. If a computer code is programmed to favor red dots and eliminate blue dots, red dots will be favored. Over time, there could be 1000 red dots and only 10 blue dots remaining. But suppose the code is changed to favor blue dots over red dots. Red dots may not worry since they greatly outnumber blue dots. I mean, how much harm could 10 blue dots do to 1000 red dots? But the altered code will mean that blue dots will gain with every passing hour until they will greatly outnumber the red dots. While red dots are eliminated one by one, the program allows blue dots to multiply.

    When the Western code was altered, most white people didn’t react with alarm since they looked all around and saw white people and white power. So what if the New Laws & Values favored Diversity and Change? What could possibly happen?
    Well, look around the big cities of Europe. It led to the invasion by tons of non-whites who cannot be expelled because the core code of the West now say they are what the West and its ‘values’ are all about.

    Why do these Usurpers act with such arrogance and contempt for White America? Because the new code favors them. They no longer feel grateful and appreciative. They no longer plead for favors. No, they just make demands and act like the West is theirs to pilfer and plunder. All the great things created by Anglo whites and other whites exist to be claimed and taken by non-whites… or so the New Code says.

    If you have title to your house, it’s your house. Now, suppose there’s a homeless person and you let him in. It’s still your house because you hold the title. The title encodes the house as yours. So, your act of kindness to the homeless person is your decision. It’s your decision to let him stay or to tell him to leave.
    But suppose you decide that you’re gonna share the title with him. You tell him, “my house is your house”, and you expect the guy to be grateful and kiss your pinky. But instead, the guy feels that since he owns the title to the house just as much as you do, he will do whatever suits his fancy in the house. Also, he has friends and families who have much to gain by coming to the house. So, he calls them over. You protest, but the law no longer favors you since you shared the title with the guy. You find your house, which is no longer yours alone, filling up with more ‘new owners’ invited by the homeless guy(who is now co-owner of the house). In time, the house has a 100 people, and all those people don’t see themselves as guests but as co-owners. So, you went from owning the house to being 1/100th owner of the house. Boy, wasn’t that dumb?

    Whites in the West have only ONE way to save itself. Take back the Title to their National Property. In Europe, this is totally justified since Europe is the ancient homeland of whites. Denounce Diversity and Change as the cult of neo-imperialism and colonization. Tell non-whites to return.
    The change in the code was fatal to Europe. As Europe is so much richer than the Third World, what was likely to happen if the Code were changed? Naturally, the poor masses were gonna flock to the West for better material lives. And they were gonna call more of their kinds to share in the loot. If you feed animals, what do they do? They send out signals and more of them come. And if they initially came with gratitude and appreciation, they later come making demands for more and more and get angry if you don’t feed them.

    Nothing can be saved without the Change in the Code. Sure, they will accuse the rise of nationalism as ‘racist’, but if nationalism was good enough for the Third World in driving out white/European colonists and imperialists, it’s good enough for white people to kick out Third World mobs of usurpers. White people must reclaim the Title to their lands. And if it means war and violence to topple the vile elites and kick out foreigners, so be it. Viet Cong didn’t just hold up signs. They fought. So did the Algerians resistance fighters to drive out the French.

    The re-coding of the West to favor Diversity and Change over Solidarity and Continuity was the fatal flaw. Every society is a system, like a computer is a system. And just like a computer follows its codes, a social system functions in accordance to its legal coding and narrative drives. As long as the Code favors Diversity and Change, we can kiss the West goodbye. Diversity and Change must be properly identified and diagnosed as virus and cancer embedded into the Western DNA by vile globalist elites. They must be treated like disease that must eradicated from the core DNA of the West. Diversity and Change are like HIV. They are meant to weaken and destroy the Immune system of the West by brainwashing whites into thinking that any thought and action for self-preservation is Evil. Nationalism is an immune system to defend and conserve the social system of a people. When nationalism is attacked by globalist cancer, the immune system fails because the people are made to believe that there is nothing more evil than their desire for solidarity and continuity as a people and culture.

    White folks must rise up and attack Diversity as Demise and Change as Extinction. A great people don’t need to be replaced and ‘reinvented’. Diversity-and-Change was a case of fixing something that was not broken. The idea of ‘fixing’ the rich and stable West with dysfunctional Third World morons who wrecked or degraded their own nations was too funny, but no one got the joke because white people were ‘guilt-baited’ with Shoah and made to feel that Nationalism was the root of all evil in WWI and WWII when, in fact, both wars were the result of imperialism that violated the national sovereignty of weaker peoples.
    The real reason for the rapid recovery of the West and Japan owed to restoration of nationalism. Nazi and Japanese imperialism was defeated, and nations could be free and sovereign again.
    The new danger was that the Cold War gave rise to Soviet and American empires. But then, with the fall of communism, it seemed as though every nation in Europe would be sovereign and free. Then, there would be peace and prosperity predicated on security and stability. But then, there was globalism that led to EU neo-hegemony and expansion of US as the hyper-power that treats other nations as vassals, but then, US itself is the vassal state of a bigger power of globalist networks dominated by banksters.

    It is because globalists want to control the entire world that they push Diversity and Change on all nations(except Israel). With Diversity and Change as the elite mantra in every nation, nationalism will weaken as native elites will not defend their nations but serve the globalist elites who offer them lots of money and prizes if they go along. And then, every nation can be infiltrated and taken over by foreign capital and New Cosmopolitanism whose only truths are Homo Worship and Rap music.

    • I actually (mostly) love the idea, too. The problem is we’ve signed up for Geneva Convention, which prohibits the use land mines. While I’m no globalist, a deal is a deal, and unless we formally leave the Geneva Convention, we must abide by that key rule. Besides, land mines, once placed, can do great damage to yourself, if you ever find yourself wanting to go that way in the future. The wall is the answer. Walls do work insofar as stopping land movement. No, it doesn’t stop someone from hopping on a plane, but that’s generally not the issue we’d be dealing with if the laws we need are in place. Walls worked for many centuries, and they still work today. Hungary is a great example of a success story concerning the use of walls.

  • How about this compromise? We get open borders, but all votes of new arrivals must count as pro-GOP.
    After all, we are told immigrants are natural conservatives.

    Now, it’s true that immigrants tend to be socially more conservative than most Americans. So, why do they vote for the Liberal Party? Because Liberty Party welcomes them more and gives more gibs.
    So, the socially conservative votes of immigrants end up going to the Liberal party. People will choose material advantage over culture and values, esp if the material prizes are considerable. This is especially true if the difference between their own nations and the West is like between heaven and hell.

    A person might favor values and morality if doing so earns him 50,000 than 60,000. He may be willing to sacrifice 10,000 less for pride and honor. But suppose sticking to values earns him 1,000 when compromising them can earn him 60,000. The temptation to choose the latter is too great and he will likely shelve his values to get the bling.
    Non-whites have Too Much to Gain by coming to the West. If betraying your values takes you from material hell to heaven, most people will choose material heaven.. even if they must ally with people whose values you find abhorrent. So, we have this crazy alliance between globalist homosexuals and Muslims.

    This is also why so many western elites are so easy to corrupt. The top prize is now so much more fabulous than the second prize(a set of stake knives than a Cadillac) that they don’t see the value of sticking to principles over the prize. Even American Indians sold their noble-tragic narrative by accepting casinos and easy money. Their sacred land is now a den of thieves.

    The inequality between top and middle was far less in the past. And politicians had less perks, and DC used to be a duller place. But, now the winners win so much more than the rest, and DC is a swinging place filled with lobbyists with tons of cash. People want IN into this world and will betray any values to be let in.

    This is the most corrosive aspect of hyper-inequality. The main problem is not that some people make more. The problem is that when the winners win SO BIG and way above the rest, there is the greater temptation to betray one’s values and principles to enter this heaven.
    So, in a way, the New Deal was better for conservative values. In a world where the winners can’t be super-winners and where the middle class is the core of America, there is less temptation to betray everything for the prize. Look at Obama’s book deal worth 60 million. Even if Obama were really a socialist, why would he risk antagonizing the elites and not win the super-prize?

    Moderate inequality means your refusal to betray your values still leaves you with a decent life. Also, those who betray their values are better off but not super-better-off.

    But hyper inequality means your refusal to betray your values leaves you feeling like a total loser when doing so would have made you live like a god-king. The rise of blockbuster movies in the 70s had this corrosive effect. The rewards for making summer and holiday blockbusters were so great that even serious actors and directors involved themselves in them. And everyone scrambled to make those kinds of movies. When there is a gold rush, everyone throws down their tools(for making money the hard and honest way) and runs off to make overnight fortunes. And this gold rush mentality informs so much of America. All those rubes in the 50 states want to be politicians to have it so well in swinging DC. And this dream is sols to suckers with expansion of gambling, the fool’s gold rush. Or bubbles like and housing.

    George Bailey was tempted by Mr. Potter with with higher salary and benefits. George said no, but suppose Potter had offered him a million? Everyone has a breaking point in their principles, and rise of hyper-inequality broke the camel’s back of public morality and integrity.

    Liberal-dominated media also filled non-white minds with images of the KKK. And voting against whites is to hide the shame that they departed from their own peoples and nations because they prefer whites. Being anti-white is to suppress the secret feeling that they really do believe whites are better. After all, why aren’t they opting to move to non-white nations?

    • Interesting idea, and logical, but Democrats aren’t logical. They’d never agree to that. What you said did give me an idea though. What if we allow them full citizenship, except they can’t vote. There. The “poor little immigrants” are cared for and safe to stay in the US without the threat of deportation, it’s just they can’t vote. The Democrats say they care about the welfare of illegals, so let’s agree to take care of them… but something tells me, the Democrats will cry foul when the voting measure is applied, because we all know, they don’t give a f*** about their welfare, they just want the votes. They want to replace us, replace white voters.

  • America is strange.

    It was founded in a declaration of independence. Call for autonomy and freedom from a world dominated by great imperial powers. So, independent Americans didn’t want to be told what to do by the British Empire. Granted, the revolutionaries had the backing of the French Empire, but the goal was independence from all empires. Founders decided the best way to gain independence was to make empire fight empire. Unwittingly, they managed to take out two empires at once. British were defeated and gone from the 13 colonies, and the French monarchy, financially drained by the war, went down in flames in the French Revolution.

    Yet, even as US was founded in a spirit of independence, it relied on immigration from Europe(and even slaves from Africa) to build the continent. So, there was this conflict between themes of independence from the world and greater connection to the world. Same contradiction in relation to Latin America. On the one hand, US policy was to keep European powers out of the New World. Monroe Doctrine. But it also meant US should intervene and meddle in Latin American affairs.

    And in the 20th century, US was divided between ‘isolationism’ and ‘interventionism’. Even Jews were divided on this. During WWII, Jews were angry with ‘isolationists’ who didn’t want to expend American lives to fight the Nazis. But during the Cold War, many Jews on the Left saw the Cold War as neo-imperialism that needlessly got US involved in the struggles of other nations, especially where communists were gaining the advantage. Jews who accused the US for not acting fast enough to save Jews from the holocaust were saying US is committing holocaust in Vietnam and Cambodia.

    At this point, maybe Americanism should just be turned into a religion. That way, people can be converted to Americanism all over the world without coming to America. It’s like one doesn’t have to go to the Vatican to be a Catholic or move to Mecca to be a Muslim. They can convert in their own homelands and be Catholic or Muslim.

    If Americanism is truly universal as a creed, then it is ‘reactionary’ and petty-minded to say only those who come to America and go through naturalization process is an ‘American’. They should be allowed to convert to Americanism in their own nations and be Americans there. That is so convenient. Imagine of the Catholic Church said one has to come to the Vatican and live 5 yrs there to be a Catholic. What a headache that would be. That’s why anyone can be a Catholic in their own nation and hometown.

    If Americanism is such a great thing, then people need to be allowed to convert to it in any part of the world. And they can receive a Book that explains what it means to be an American: Watch TV, eat burgers, worship NBA stars, play video games, have massive LGBT parades, get tattoos and piercings, and etc. They can do all that at home.

    Anyway, under this proposal, people in the US can keep their nation while people all over the world can have their Americanism at home. Both sides win.


    The Key is not immigration per se but WHO are immigrating.

    Blacks have deep lineage in America because they came as slaves, and then there was almost no black immigration to the US until after 1965. In contrast, whites kept coming in waves of immigration, so many whites don’t have deep roots in America. But even late-arriving whites assimilated more easily into core white America because they were fellow-whites of the whites who settled and built America.
    Whites who arrived 40 yrs ago integrated more fully and easily with white America than blacks who arrived 400 yrs ago.
    And if most immigrants today were whites from Europe, who would care? Likewise, if a million German-Americans return to Germany, they’d be able to assimilate in no time. But Germany continues to have problems with Turks.

    Ellis Island was a ‘race’ issue back in the day because the ‘native’ whites were overwhelmingly of Northern European stock whereas increasing numbers of Ellis Islanders were from other parts of Europe, the more backward parts. But over time, most of these Other Europeans proved adept at merging with white America. Even Italians who caused lots of problem with crime.
    So, Ellis Island wasn’t fatal to the US. It was still about more whites coming to America to assimilate.

    Today, the problem is the color of immigration.

    “Unauthorized immigrants”, LOL.

    This article says the most porous part of the border is along Granjeno Texas.

    This stretch of the Rio Grande is perhaps the most porous piece of America’s southern border. There are no walls or fences, only a river shallow enough to walk across in the blazing days of summer.

    Whatever meaning Ellis Island has in the minds of people, it was about immigrants coming legally mostly from Europe.

    But we have this problem with illegals who are not white barging in. The iconic place is Granjeno Park, not Ellis Island.

  • Fascist-Democracies are the Best Bet for the Future

    Though ‘democracy’ is pegged as a quintessential ‘Western Value’, the fact is most of Western History was not marked by democracy or even republican forms of government. Most Greek city-states were not democratic in the manner of Athens, and even Athens underwent profound changes in its forms of governance. Roman Republic soon gave to imperial rule, and the long stretch of Western European history from the Fall of Rome to the early 20th century was characterized by feudalism, aristocracy, theocracy, and monarchy than by ‘democracy’.

    Does this mean that most of Western History was not ‘western’ since it wasn’t ‘democratic’ and ‘liberal’, supposedly the quintessential attributes of the West?
    Furthermore, Byzantine and Russian Europe hardly experienced any democracy at all except in the late modern period. And huge swaths of what had been Byzantium came under Turkish, Kurdish, or Arab rule where democracy is either non-existent or practiced differently from ‘Western’ standards. If a people-and-culture are defined by a set of ideas, are they no longer that people-and-culture if the ideas were to change? If we say the samurai system and ethos are the indispensable essence of what it means to be Japanese, then are we to assume that the Japanese stopped being Japanese once they abandoned the samurai order and embarked on the path of Westernization? While it is true that samurai culture and mindset left a huge imprint on Japanese history, isn’t the core essence of Japanese-ness the story of Japanese people in their homeland? Likewise, while it’s true that political democracy & individualism originated and came to fruition in the West, the core essence of the West goes far deeper than any philosophy or set of ideals. More than anything, it’s about the people, the land, and their sense of history REGARDLESS of whatever ideas or values they may have espoused. Thus, barbarian Vikings were no less a part of the West than Republican Romans. And Spanish living under autocratic Franco were no less part of the West than Swedes living under Social-Democracy. France was just as much a part of West under monarchy as under revolutionary populist ideals. So, the notion of distilling the entirety of the Western Experience into a bottle of ‘democracy’ is rather glib and shallow.

    Also, there is no need to fetishize democracy. The historical lesson of democracy has been as much about failure as success, doom as well as hope. Democracy, by its ruthless autistic-logic, has often led to rootlessness, confusion, decadence, and demise.

    For democracy to thrive and ensure survival of the civilization it serves, it must be fascist. This is why the fascist-democracies of Iran, Israel, and Turkey face more secure futures that the decadent-democracies of the West that are now prone to spouting such sentiments such as “there is no such thing as French Culture” or “Great Britain has always been a ‘nation of immigrants’.” In Iran, Israel, and Turkey, the democratic institutions serve, respectively, Iran-ness, Jewishness, and Turkishness. Democracy serves than dissolves nationalism. (A fascist-democracy allows liberal freedoms and free elections BUT enshrines the core fascist themes into the Constitution whose primary function is to secure the survival and well-being of a particular ethnos on a specific territory justified by a certain narrative. The danger of autocracies is the power becomes concentrated in the hands of a few that grow increasingly paternalistic and corrupt. The danger of democracies is the people become fractured into atomized individuals succumbing to appetites and alienation, thus allowing cynical elites to gain plutocratic power behind the scenes. In contrast, a fascist-democracy provides direction & meaning to freedoms that ultimately go to preserving the ethnos and mythos. Thus, people do enjoy freedoms and choices as individuals but are inculcated from cradle to find meaning as organic members of a larger community of blood-and-soil. Too many people tend to see politics in terms of right-wing aristocracy vs left-wing democracy, but democracy can be made to serve nationalism via fascism, which also allows for compromise between capitalism and socialism.)

    America’s rise to prominence owed to its being a fascist-democracy, a land of liberty and freedom bound to powerful sense of racial identity, cultural heritage, and core moral values. A democracy without fascist themes to keep it loyal to a people & culture will eventually dissipate because an idea serving an idea(instead of something specific and tangible) will grow weak and decadent. In time, the people are made to value the idea more than the realness of their own existence as ethnos and culture upon a territory. Thus, French people no longer believe their political system exists to defend and preserve the French nation. Instead, the French people and nation now exist to serve the Idea that, in a state of abstraction, becomes universal and is no longer specifically bound to the national interests of France as blood-and-soil. (While the cosmopolitan ideal of the French Enlightenment is not a new one, its corrosive impact had been tempered in the past by nationalism, traditionalism, and chauvinism that favored the French over their colonial subjects who, furthermore, had little chance of moving to France. Today, it’s so easy for millions of non-whites to invade white nations every year. What had been the privilege of the affluent has become the tangible dream of countless mobs in the Third World. The practice of cosmopolitan universalism went from rich & educated white Europeans traveling to exotic places to millions of Africans and Muslims arriving in France and UK to shake their booties to rap and shake down whitey for free gibs.)

    Just imagine the future of Israel if Jews were to adopt the autistic-logic of abstract democracy over the current fascist-democracy. Israeli democracy would go from freedom & liberty for Jews in a proud Jewish State to ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ for all of humanity that may want to migrate to Israel to enjoy ‘universal rights’. Since the Iron Law of Human Organismic Behavior is “poorer folks move to richer folks”, Israel will soon be swamped by Africans and Arabs from less developed parts of the world.

    That is precisely what is happening in the decadent-democracies of Europe, and if current trends are left unchecked, the future of Europe will be doom and demise.

    A fascist-democracy uses freedom and liberty to protect and strengthen the people & culture of a nation.

    A decadent-democracy offers freedom and liberty to foreign invaders to take over and destroy the native population that has been demoralized and deracinated by PC. If some native people do remain idealistic and passionate in a decadent-democracy, it’s only in welcoming racial and national suicide in the name of serving the ideas of ‘democracy’ and ‘openness’… and ‘diversity’, another essential ‘Western Value’ recently discovered or invented by PC. It goes to show that ‘Western Values’ are really dictated by whomever wields the power to control the narrative. Deracinators or ‘Deracists’ are the biggest danger to the Advanced World.

    • Indeed. The people as a people must come before ideals as ideals. Otherwise, poof! Those groups that take seriously their own interests & their own survival & put them before abstract ideals & universalist values, take over. We’re there.

  • Today is Holohoax Memoral Day………

    Let’s remember the Brave and Courageous German National Socialists who fought against the (((Marxist))) destruction of our Ancestral Homeland…….

    Let’s also remember the Rising of the Alt-Right Ubermenschian Spirit………

    The Spirit which has enabled us to Break Free from the Holohoax Mass Cultural Brainwashing…….

    Let us all set our Freed Eyes and Minds towards the Rising of this Flame…….

    May it Spread and Grow……..

    May our People be FREED from these Chains that Bind us……..


      • BTW..that IS the greatest comment of all time .
        In the history of the world.
        So..let’s give him a break .
        What if he has a slightly different writing style ?

  • Trump has never cared about White people. Trump spent the entire Obama administration acting as a proxy for Benjamin Netanyahu and pipelining comical Likud propaganda. His presidential campaign was started by New York Jews – most of them Democrats, not Republicans. Trump is Israel first.

    Trump only mentioned illegal immigration because of the three issues his pollsters said would resonate with the public (another being Common Core) the illegal immigration issue immediately undercut his GOP rivals and made him popular. So he stuck with it. Unlike the “free trade agreements” – which Trump has a long and consistent record of opposing – Trump didn’t care one bit about illegal immigration until it got him popular during the GOP primary.

    • Makes sense. His kids married kikes. He’s certainly not a Christian, based on his lifestyle.

      After the Syria bombing I said that we’d all been herded, and that I found it humiliating.

      His steps since then of trying to bolster the Kurds (against Assad) and remaining in Afghanistan are just more proof of this.

      The question is why the herding? Could it be that Obama, cultivated and sponsored by jews every step of his mediocre life, went to far? Or was Hillary just to unreliable, too shallow, bloodthirsty and greedy for even the jews? Or was it just a realisation that the goys needed the fantasy of democracy to be renewed lest they start asking the hard questions about the face hugging Israelites that control everything in their country/ies?

      If it’s anything, my money is on the latter. You yanks have a jew controlled president. The Brits and us Aussies have a jewish PM. All supposedly conservative but all actively working to destory their countries from within.

  • Worth Remembering Department: The Spanish in Mexico wrote to the Roman #Catholic Pope to get his permission to marry Indian women, which the Pope granted. Thus you have the racial mixtures of Latino America thanks to the Roman Catholic Church and its infallible Pope.

  • Deport high profile illegals. The activists like Jose Antonio Vargas who put their names out there just to flaunt our laws. Deporting them is legal and well inside the Overton window, so it doesn’t matter how many cucks cry about “authoritarianism”.

    Do this and it will send a strong message to remaining illegals, and to liberals who shelter them. Nobody is immune.

    • I will give Mitt Romney credit for this idea, although I’m sure he stole it from someone, too. He said during his presidential campaign that if we take away the reasons these immigrants come here, then they will self-deport. I think that makes it easier for us and it’s more efficient. The wall must still be built, and laws ending chain migration and other issues must still be written, but I think there’s ways to getting them out with needing to exercise any deportation powers, save but for the few idiots who stay after all this is done.

    • That this doesn’t happy is proof of the Clownworld concept. It’s also why no person with power, whether bureaucrat or lawmaker should be respected until the right thing has been done and has been done consistently.

      No one should be told “You’ve got my vote.”

      They should be told, “You’ve got my vote if you do X and Y and Z as you promised/made a key plank of your campaign platform and if you don’t then I will not only not vote for you, I will spend the rest of my life planning how to successfully hunt you down and shoot you and your family. You will never sleep again if you betray me on this.”

      This should be printed on cards and people attending rallies should be throwing them at the candidates that they are supposedly there to assess/cheer for.

      Candidates should know that they will not be permitted to take the jew bribes and rise as aristocrats.

    • The white race you claim to care about so much has been destroyed by “authoritarianism.” Who do you think has been enforcing the laws that displace us? White Men would have dealt with and solved all of these problems themselves just sitting around the barber shop if not for “law enforcement” who violently suppress their own people and their interests. Cops are just self aggrandizing mercenaries who have found a socially acceptable outlet for their violent natures. Most cops care more about their social status, bank account and their ability/authorization to use violence against people of any color in their everyday lives than about their own children, much less their “white race.”

  • dems dont give shit about dreamers beyond there political value. if trump appears bad for deporting kids and that gets them elected then so be it.

  • Walls do work, and that’s why the establishment doesn’t want to build the barrier. They want the chaos brought about by lawless migration because it causes us to enter conflict with each other, rather than focusing on the true adversary – the establishment. They love all the confusion and turmoil, it keeps us in the fog of conflict rather than reaching actual solutions. The coming weeks will go a long way to figuring out how realistic political peace, in a relative sense, can actually be.

  • What happened to my three posts? Censoring people that are on your side politically will end up cutting our own throats. I get enough of that bull shit from the P. C. Crowd, and hard-core Communists. I don’t need it here. If it keeps up, I will forget about reading your posts, here, and that includes forwarding them on to people I know. It’s up to you.

  • Very Practical and Logical Article………..


    We have Tens of Millions of Working Age American Adults who don’t work………

    Are Addicted to some Substance…….

    IQ Averages LOW……….

    School Dropouts……..

    On Welfare, Food Stamps, Section 8, SSI, etc……..

    The Strange Thing is:

    Lowest Caste Hindu Indians who work the Garbage Piles to Eat and Survive……..

    Work Harder and have More Nobility than these TRASH Americans………

    What do we do with the Tens of Millions of TRASH Americans???………

    In the Future Ethnostate we will have Forced Labor/Rehabilitation Camps to deal with this TRASH……..

    You Resist or Rebel against your Necessary Rehabilitation………

    You are Transformed into Agricultural Fertilizer………..

    • The ‘Trash’ Americans who are real Americans, not farm equipment, are perfect border guards. Fuck your libertarian faggotry.

      • He’s more like a Maoist. He’s literally called for an American Cultural Revolution before and would have the intellectual class sent to the countryside to work the fields and let the workers take control of the means of production.

        While I seldom agree with Nova, he is our most entertaining/insane shit poster.

          • Obviously we don’t hold on to the current year intelligentsia.

            Intellectuals have their place. It isn’t as leaders, but also isn’t in the fields. I believe in class cooperation, and feel everybody should be able to do what their good at, and be compensated fairly for their contribution to the society as a whole. After the revolution layabouts can starve, but there is nothing honourable about propping up the current establishment.

          • Alt-Right Memes/Ideas/Social Activism have already invaded College Campuses in the US……

            This Trend will continue to Strengthen in the Future……

            In One Year……..there has been a Revolution in White America…….

            What once was Dormant and Repressed as an Embarrassing/Shameful Liability……..

            Is now Transforming into a Source of Pride and Power…….

            In time, Alt-Right Ideas will also Invade and Hijack the (((Intelligentsia)))……..


          • HA! HA! HA! I love your posts! We have a lot in common. I remember thinking like you do, “back in the day”……..when I was 8.

      • Ha!!


        The only way to deal with the TRASH is to cut off their Free Food, Money, Shelter, and Healthcare……..

        …..and FORCE them to Work……..

        Or we can Deport them all to the Middle East as Slave Labor in return for Oil, Gold, or other Commodities……..

  • Good god man, the trucks!!! I drive one, and I am at the border a lot. Very very few are searched!!!!!!! Put the goddam x-ray on every single goddam truck coming in. It shows if anyone is in there. And they are. They are still coming in in the semi trailers

    • Good point. If you look at the end of part 1 (paragraph 8), right before “how we can really secure the border” (part 2), you’ll see I added your idea into the article, right after “E-verify” in the parentheses. Good thinking. Cheers.

        • You idiot, genocide doesn’t even necessarily involve guns. There are many ways genocide occurred historically. But I forgot you’re a historically illiterate shitlib who is so angsty about ethno-nationalism yoy can’t help but stay up all night “literally shaking”, decrying it comment sections on you’re the epitome of pathetic.

          • Of course, you moron! But, genocide DOES entail one group abusing its power over another group. Immigration doesn’t do that. They’re doing no more than your ancestors did. If you don’t condemn them too, you’re nothing but a butthurt bigot.

            And you cannot take anything from me. Not rights, not self-respect, and not sleep!

          • 1) Where white people go, progress follows.
            2) I’m not against genocide categorically. Generally speaking, genocide is just another word for natural selection. I’m against the genocide of useful, gifted & not religiously insane populations. Furthermore, “genocide” must be judged by the means used & the context in which those means are used. Once you have subjugated and/or defeated a people, relocating them is a far more morally defensible policy than trying to eradicate them. Where the Nazis went wrong. Thus, no moral inconsistency on two fronts.
            3) White Europeans immigrated to a country that wanted, accepted and/or tolerated white Europeans as citizens and members of the community. Many of the populations we are importing now are not wanted, are not assimilable, do not act like us, do not think like us, do not improve our lives, are not culturally and ethnically comparable or compatible, etc. There is a world of difference between entering a country of people like you & entering a country populated by people completely unlike you.
            4) There is also a huge difference between winning wars in open conflict as whites did, & sneaking into a nation, abusing the hospitality of more civil, humane peoples, feeding off of their tax dollars & historical successes, & hiding behind the aegis of their laws to accomplish ethnic cleansing (population replacement). What is happening now is not conquest, it’s an invasive parasitism. That said, the end-result is the same: the elimination of a people & a population. Combine this with the laws currently in place in the West & there is absolute no choice in the matter. It is at its core the elimination by force of a population.
            5) But what matters is that the world is a demonstrably worse place for it. Whites settling America was not bad for humanity. The US was the engine of global growth & technological progress for two full centuries. Whites spreading their culture & genes is good. Muds doing so is not. This is obvious. It changes everything in the moral calculus. Get it?

          • 1) Whites struggled “BIGLY” in the new world. They didn’t survive, let alone progress here on their own.

            2) Due to their frighteningly incompetent start on this continent, Whites nearly went extinct here. To survive, they had to leech off the Native Americans for decades. It took THAT much welfare to strengthen the colonists. And only then did they wipe out the Native Americans. So, those colonists didn’t exterminate the underclass. Hell, they WERE the underclass! Your Hitleresque Darwinism is bogus.

            3) White colonists would have been killed by the Native population, if they’d revealed their true selves. And they were well aware of that. Furthermore, the colonists knew they couldn’t cope in America without the Natives’ acceptance. Of course, they could have just assimilated, like nonwhite immigrants have done. But, instead, they feigned goodwill, used the Native Americans for life-support, and then violently overthrew their civilizations. Whites WEREN’T wanted by the Native Americans. They manipulated and massacred them, as a monstrous abdication of their duty to EARN a place in America. Whites weren’t merely a detriment to the Native Americans’ humanity. They actually ENDED most of their humanity!

            4) Undocumented immigrants are NOT parasites. They do the strenuous and dangerous jobs that Americans won’t do. They work, hidden away in the bowels of capitalism. They live on wages that Americans would not live on. They’ve volunteered to serve America, always at their own risk. And, many of them were literally driven across the border by American citizens – and I’m not referring to human traffickers. On the documentary, “Food Inc.”, there’s footage of corporations that breezed through customs with busloads of undocumented immigrants. America has prospered and thrived by flouting its own immigration laws. So, it has ZERO moral standing for a brutal and belated enforcement of those laws. We need to legalize every immigrant who is here, and pass *fair* immigration laws that we *can* enforce.

          • The Steinle family and every other family who have lost a child to an illegal immigrant were all complicit in this.

            MWAA HA HA they rumbled as their child/spouse/parent/neighbour was shot/gutted/run over/raped/gang raped by an illegal immigrant claiming welfare whilst working cash in hand for several businesses that no longer employed white Americans.

      • Yeah! We just wanna deport half the country cuz muh founding fathers was white nationalists. Please stop calling us ebil naaazis!

        • It’s hard to tell if your being serious or sarcastic at times.
          That said, your comment is a source of pride for me. I’ve even started declaring it to anyone IRL if the situation call for it.

          • What American WN’s propose is about 1000 times more fucked up than what the Nazis actually did. The Holocaust is a big dirty Jew lie! I suppose you are the exception to the rule though, and have a realistic plan for how to take back muh Merica.

          • Just to give (((them))) their little made up story for real this time, is all. Gas or fire is the pressing question though.

          • Gassing the kikes is fine, I have no problem with that. What I’m getting at is how you plan on removing 100+ million people who are legal citizens of America? What happens when they don’t want to leave and start fighting back? Peaceful ethnic cleansing is a fantasy pushed to maintain good PR, not a viable solution. This is why, in my view, American nationalism (patriotardism of the worst kind) is incompatable with white nationalism.

          • Oh I agree, after a hypothetical coup, deportation squads would need to be formed and the first group to be sent packing would be the 30 mil Mexicans here illegally. After that a desicion would need to be made about the legal Hispanics. Next up would be the negroes. A lot would fight, so a lot would die. Hopefully the broad consensus in twenty years will be to purge them entirely. If not solutions can be achieved.

            All this is done after the stabilization of the hypothetical new regime. Once that is attained next up would be to then invade CA, NY, WA, OR and all the other blue hell holes and cleanse them. After a decade of this, combined with the productive pro white policies and rebuilding of infrastructure, business, ecomony, agriculture, etc. The next hypothetical move would be to invade Canada and help y’all.

          • Personally I take the build our own communities and break away from the beast approach. When the system is at it’s weakest we can attack and take back lost territory. But the new nation should not be founded on anything like what America was founded on. Liberal individualism and Capitalism is what got us into this mess, and the last thing we need is more of either.

            And to the anonymous faggot downvoting both of our comments, either offer a counter-argument or fuck off.

          • It’s been tried. Waco, Idaho, the various Mormon communities out west shut down by the Feds. I heard you say before that it’s doable if those involved don’t broadcast but this isn’t the 70s, everything is known to the fed gov, everything. If they get any whiff that whites are building self sufficiently communities they will label them white terrorits and bring in the fire breathing tanks, yet again.

            The only way is to go full NSDAP and build a party/paramilitary white nationalist movement from the ground up.

          • They had weak leadership. Maybe it’s just me but I feel deep down in my blood, bones, and soul that the new aristocracy is out there, right now.

          • Definately, he’s the only one post 1950 though and we can’t allow his death to be in vain. If he was alive today he would be building a movement and looking forward to success in the next couple decades because after 2045, we are fucked, in my opinion forever

          • He was a great leader, but he was always doomed to fail in America doing things the way he was doing them. You should read Siege by James Mason. Especially the section on Leaders.

          • It covers a lot of ground. It was originally a newsletter published from 1980-1986, about the failure of the pro-white movement in America. It is disturbing how relevant it still is. It’s not in print at this time, but can be found on .pdf pretty easily.

          • Or this. I’m assuming multiple people have voted it and it ended in the negative. GLR I said a hero.

          • How does this get downvoted. It doesn’t have enough substance to downvote if if you disagree lol. Wtf is going on.

          • I don’t think it is, because you were getting upvoted initially, until you strayed into bad PR territory. Site isn’t capable of nuanced thinking.

          • Lol good point.

            Like you, I’m done with PR. The only ones we are attempting to persuade with “acceptable language” are unsalvagable cucks.

          • Yes I am, Johnny. Right now, I’m the only one who’s thinking about the IMPOSSIBILITY of building NaziLand 2.0 in America. You’ll never have what you want, and Cheeto’s defection should have proven that to you. An intelligent person is always brave enough to admit when they’ve been scammed by an orange huckster.

          • That’s not what I was talking about at all you fucking mook. And I’m not counting on Drumpf to accomplish much of anything.

          • Barnabas, you can’t assume that I’m an African-American. And, really, you’re only clinging to that because the truth – I may be a White person – is too “hard” for you to handle.

          • Not at all. I personally think there’s a strong chance that you are a white feminist but others here rolled with the nigger possibility and so it has stuck.

          • You also can’t assume that I’m female. I guess it’s terrifies you to entertain the possibility that I may be one of those “cucks” you envy – a young, educated, gainfully employed, married White man. Pitiful.

          • .

            Something tells me that if you are a white male and a seen you at the store, your wife would be leading you around whilst eye fucking me continuously

            Envy what? You’re the type of guy whom I may even consider fucking their girlfriend.

          • Sige is another Alias of GothicJoe. A radical “liberal” of the fullest treason possible. The reason I give him so much treason credit is because he is aware of the Plight that Whites are under and he is a cheerleader to it. He’s a regular here so he reads our articles in the Alt-R and pesters the comment section.

            Though at times when he is defending Black interest (such as WHITE girls) he may seem Black, he is not literally and is jus an anti-WHITE bugman.

          • FFS, you can’t break away from the beast. You’re not in Afghanistan. Technology and the jewish desire to control everything will make even moving away ineffective as Obama’s section 8 aggression proved. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t move away, you should do whatever is necessary to protect your children. But the Waco attack shows that they will try to kill you even if you are supposedly isolated.

          • Just like my beloved grandma in the Old Boot used to always tell me :
            ” Offer a good counter argument or fuck off “.
            Johnny love you and trying to upvote you , I have no idea where the downvotes come from , probably a combination of ” not from around here’s ” and generic , random retards who don’t even get what you just wrote.
            You do know that ” their” and ” there ” are two completely separate words , no?
            ( while I cannot be defined exactly as a grammar Nazi , I most positively am a grammar Fascist).

          • All of the below is after the kikes and traitors would be dealt with, no deportations for them, hypothetically speaking.

            Wasn’t sure if this was clear or not.

          • Most self-deport when they can’t get work or welfare. The rest – well, look up “Operation Wetback” (carried out in the 1950s under Eisenhower) to see how to throw a million+ beaners out of the country.

          • 100+ million non-whites…

            And your assuming they will self deport, rather than just go on welfare which they are entitled to as legal citizens of the US. You can deport the illegals, but the legals are much more difficult problem.

          • Why could you not just condition welfare on moving to a certain place?

            Also, it seems to me you could use “pull” rather than “push” to change demographics. Affirmative action for Whites in already White places would make them more White over time as non-Whites left to get better opportunities elsewhere.

            There is already a precedent for compensatory affirmative action to redress a previous wrong. Attempted ethnic cleansing of Whites was the wrong, affirmative action is the remedy.

          • That’s true. But does the black ethno-state remain part of America, or is it an autonomous entity? I don’t see blacks going back to Africa, anymore than I see whites returning to Europe. I mean some will, but the vast majority of them will stay. Their American…

          • You need to start with the illegals. All of them. No DACA. You build a societal attitude to illegals that makes every one of them look like Kate Steinle’s killer. You prosecute and shame those who protect and assist these criminals. Most importantly you prosecute them with the full power of the federal government.

            Additionally, you introduce a right for civil claims by victims/victims families against those federal, state and county officials who have shielded illegals in the past. You promote this new form of ambulance chasing as a way of righting wrong against Americans and encourage plaintiffs to sue, even funding with legal aid if necessary.

            This is a 10 year project in itself but by God if you do it, then illegal immigration is dead.

            Also you remove the anti-white measures in place federally, and at state and local levels. You re-introduce IQ testing for all government jobs at all levels and exclude anyone below the mean white IQ.

            Also you investigate immigration fraud. Fraud investigations not run by communists will actually prove a significant portion of the 100 million got their visas/citizenship through fraud (I’m not in the US but I am in that industry). You deport everyone associated with the original fraudulent migrant. That will take out several generations of parasites, guaranteed. If granddaddy was a fraudulent applicant, you have to go back.

            You strip back welfare, and require actual work for payments.

            etc. All of these are common sense. None of them are jewish. They will work.

          • I think the plan I posted below is realistic. The one in reply to Rex. It just needs some fine tuning in the details and specific courses of action.

          • I suppose if you had Soros money you get the military to do what you want… but you don’t.

          • Twent years is enough time to build a new paramilitary political party with a decent portion of active military and police being members of said party.

            It’s time to repeat what our german and Italian forebears accomplished.

          • I don’t think it’s going to work tbh. Conditions in Italy and Germany demanded radical change, and if the Fascists didn’t provide it the Commies would have. We’re dealing with a deracinated and sound asleep white populace. On top of that their comfortable, and the least likely to revolt against the system. The Jews also have a lot more control today than they ever had in Germany or Italy.

          • Trust me, my Canadian friend. There are millions of whites, mostly country and small town folk who are ready and willing. This is not projection, it’s truth. I’ve met many, traveled to 20 southern and flyover states. They just need an organized movement and leadership.

          • Just because their implicitly pro-white doesn’t mean their going to be down for deporting 100+ million people, and executing those who resist. These aren’t people who have been battle hardened by WWI like Italy and Germany had. Their normies. You might be able to get them to vote for an anti-immigrant candidate but thats about it. And the window for such a person to even win any election, let alone follow through, is closing rapidly.

          • That’s the point you blankity blank blank! We will NEVER be allowed to organize again on any serious, large scale basis, NEVER!

          • HA! HA! HA! Just what we need, MORE flag saluting Yes Men who blindly follow orders without thinking or caring how their actions destroy the very fabric of their “white” society. How do you think we got here? Cops and military using violent force to suppress their own people – the white race. Don’t believe me? Just ask Governor Wallace of Alabama.

    • What is it with you and the fucking hashtags all the time? Are you a 12 year old girl, or just a big fag?

    • Who said anything about genocide? Why fabricate a lie when anyone can scroll up and read the article and see that it’s a lie?

    • All I know is that White Birth Rates are ticking upwards…….

      I’m sure that doesn’t make you happy at all…….

      So, go look in the Mirror you Vile Anti-White POS…….

    • Oh no !
      The hashtag people invading us!
      Some people is actually convinced that putting the # thing
      in front of a word serves some kind of purpose.

  • Trump was elected as a strong man candidate. He won’t be winning over any lefties, he might as well start reigniting the fervor of his base and act like a strong man. If we wake up tomorrow and see Trump announcing that he will begin deporting hundreds of “dreamers” a day, you’re right, the left would start scrambling to negotiate and his MAGA base would start loving him again. Great article.

    • They should deport the idiot Leftist that love these animals so damned much, to the craphole of origin that the trash is being sent back to. A lot of Hollywood types will certainly be joining their favorite bags of shit, just like that jerk off Cobert, as well as Kimmel, Fallon, as the rest of the Communist shit for brains on Late Night T.V.. It’s time to take out the trash.

      • That’s more a job for a cell of the league of patriotic martyrs.

        Just think, any two or three goys could “deport” out one leading jew / puppet with planning, observation and willpower.

        It doesn’t have to be planned or shared with anyone else. Imagine altright deportation cells, completely unconnected, starting up everywhere.

        • I’ll tell you what, out here in SW alone you could build a small army sized deportation squad, purely out of volunteers.
          A lot of whites out here a cucked, but a lot still think America= White, English speakers.

          • Aye should have followed the entire thread. For future reference, we do have plenty out here willing to deport the Mexicans.

    • makes you wonder why he doesnt. he was banking on flynn being in charge of nsa, the most powerful organization there is. without taking that, president means nothing. he has no real power because he underestimated them. time for people to get a grip. we can always support him if he breaks free

  • Fair points. We easily could secure the borders. Yes, we need to secure the Canadian border as well. The military also needs to invade Washington DC and retake the country from the politicians. There are a lot of things that need to happen. How do we make them happen?

    • I thińk the only solution, imo, is a little long term. Around fifteen to twent years, to be exact. We would need to build up the White Nationalist movement into a quasi political/paramilitary organization. Gain a nationwide following among whites from all backgrounds, the lower class being our largest share. Maybe even win a few local and state offices on the way, for aesthetic purposes. But the main goal would be to become large enough to be a household name in every corner of America, whilst gaining military and police officers. We could grow the party to include millions of civilians, a good chuck of which would be militia ready, with tens of thousands being military, police, and maybe, just maybe even some patriotic FBI guys.

      A rough, and rushed outline but if we do this, 1 1/2 to 2 decades from now a coup would be possible.

      • ***Disclaimer*** plausible deniability.

        I am not promoting violence, Only fantasizing about it……..

        • Simply advocating the violent overthrow of the US Government is not a crime.
          You’d have to go well beyond that for it to really be a prosecutable offense.

          • True. Hell, with my search history and collection of PDFs I’m sure I’m all over the Feds radar anyhow. It was more for for the mods and in part, simple jest.

          • For the avoidance of doubt, (((observers))), this site is completely fan fiction. You may return to your hors d’oeuvre and enjoy your dining experience at Planet Pizza. Bon appetit. ?

      • What you propose sounds like Golden Dawn of Greece, which is a Political Party with a Paramilitary component that protects Greek people, and Businesses, while confronting the Illegal Aliens, and Communists, head-on.

        We need to have a Party, or Parties, that will do much the same thing for our people. First, we could organize food and clothes drives for White families, who have one, or both parents out of work, or whose earnings have been cut, as not to provide quality food for their children.

        Also, taking care of young, White mothers, married or not, will give them a support network to have their children knowing that the basics of child care will be there for them, such as baby formula, diapers, etc. If we do this, we can encourage other White women who thought about abortion, to instead, have their babies. All recipients of our aid must be race conscious, and given books to read and learn from such as “Race and Reason”. They must teach their children using these books as a guide, and reference.

        So too, must we aid our Veterans, who are our people. They must know they have not been forgotten by us, as they have been by an indifferent Government. If we pool our resources, we could provide housing, and other assistance to these true Americans. The ones who are still physically able can instruct our young in much needed skills of teamwork, and other specialized instruction.

        If we want to effect change, we must run for Office, and we can start with the School Boards of our own School Districts, They approve the Text books being used in the Classrooms, and do the hiring and firing of Teachers, and other Support Staff. Start here, and try to make the needed cultural changes, from the current Cultural Marxism, to the real History of the American Continent, and it’s original people, from Columbus, to the Founding Fathers, which must be emphasized. This is our Country.

        It should also be mandatory that all students, and their parents watch a Scientific Documentary called, “Ice Age Columbus” which can be seen on You Tube right now. It documents how White Europeans were in North America over 17,000 years ago, long before the Asiatics came from Siberia, across the land bridge of the Bearing Straight, and into Alaska and then down into what is now the U.S., and Mexico.

        To do something would be a good start, and we should begin immediately, since we cannot afford to lose our people to dispare, drugs,
        or suicide. We must provide them with hope for a better future for themselves, and their children, and grandchildren.

        • I concur on everything. We just need young white men willing willing to work shit tier part time jobs and forgo college, careers, and family in order to spend majority of their waking life in pursuit of these goals. In essence to give their Entire lives to the movement. Pussy, money, fun, family, everything must be subordinate. That’s the key.

    • They should hang the Politicians that let these Fifth Columnists into our Country. Make a few examples of them, and put the rest of the traitors back in line.

    • Agreed about the need for a Northern Wall. Canada’s super hero Prime Minister loves to take in “refugees.” Although, he has quietly backtracked now that he realizes the severity of that offer. I disagree about the military needing to take over DC. The reason for my disagreement is that it’s not a military problem. It’s a voter problem. We’re not very good as a nation at voting. That’s where we come in. It’s on us to reach out to our white friends and get them to see that our cause is their cause. Yes, it means you’ll lose some friendships, perhaps even familial connections (been there, done that), but sometimes you win someone over for the AR. You wake up a Normie, and you watch them flourish. That’s a really great feeling, especially when you watch them reach out to their friends and family, and do the same thing for them that you did.

    • No. That’s disgusting. When the globalists call us Nazis, they shouldn’t actually be right. We must be firm, but we’re not barbaric globalists. We’re not going to kill them. We will simply remove them from where they don’t belong.

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