Honoring Our History 17: Vikings

In this episode, Barbute and Lauritz are joined by guest host Avskum to talk about something near and dear to us, the Vikings.

Intro song: Stanford Bru – Harald Foss

The following topics are covered:
1. Lindesfarne
2. Scandinavian vigor, reasons for raiding, naval technology
3. Raiding, conquest, Nordic population growth
4. Britain as the main bounty, great heathen army, Alfred the Great
5. Vikang conquests elsewhere, Baltics, Normandy
6. Exploration and trade, Vinland, Grönland, Island, Eurasian rivers, Byzantium and the Varangis
7. Knut the great, Scandinavian claims to England
8. Harold Hardrada, the penultimate vikang
9. Normans and the road to overlordship of merry old England and becoming the Pope’s attack dog.

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Honoring Our History
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