Bitcoin, Smart Tech and the White Race

WotW tests out cryptocurrency and considers who is behind the volatile market…and why.

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  • Yes, Cryptos can be manipulated, the answer to that is an educated populace that doesn’t panic when the Whales carry out their manipulations.
    You only lose, during a downswing, if you sell, if you don’t sell, they can’t get hold of your coins.

    • This is too defeatist, yes, they’re every bit as scheming as the video suggests, but we are not defenseless, there are plenty of tools out there.
      Big Brother tried to prevent encryption, during the 80s and early 90s, they lost that fight (research the encryption wars)

        • I have to offer a correction. Encryption is completely beside th epoint for the CIA. Encryption is front end tech. Encryption isn’t for you, it’s for Intel.

          Encryption was never about keeping out the NSA. It was always about keeping out whomever Intellience didn’t want in there. They wanted a monopoly, and they have always had a monopoly on socnet blockchain.

          And keep in mind. If you had something that was a threat, you would be dead. That’s just a fact.

          • Good encryption is open source, and if you use the right type, eg AES 128 /256
            it’s provably secure, IE, not even the NSA can crack it.

          • Again, that’s simply wrong.

            Just read my post above. Understand that encryption is beside the point. The NSA owns your computer before you do. They are on your OS before you are. It doesn’t matter if encryption is open source or not.

            This may sound strange, but Snowden was not all that important. His “revelations” had already been made public. The entire scandal was a bit of a misdirection away from the things about which the intelligence community did not want you to know: mainly that encryption was never the issue.

            If a revelation is important, you will not hear about it on television.

            If you doubt what I am saying, check your bandwidth.

  • Tech and its relationship with identitarianism needs to be addressed. From the functional aspects of alt-tech and free speech, to the way identitarianism meshes with transhumanism or genetic innovations, and finally, to the fact that as an ethnicity we need to be at the forefront of tech in general….not just from a capital perspective but from a production perspective.

    Because the rate of technological advancement is ever-increasing, and because its pervasiveness in everyone’s live’s only increases, alt-right needs to develop a line of thought on technology. It’s too relevant to be overlooked.

  • Bitcoin may have been started by the elites in order to get the private market and tech geeks to develop the technology for them. Tesla is basically a government run program to perfect the electric car so they can control transportation completely.

  • It is true that literacy in economics is important, but it is not true that the blockchain is untouched by government interference. Research the figures involved in the very beginning of blockchain technology, and you will find some shady connections, similar to InQTel involvement with socnet.

    Intel is NSA. The chips are designed in Israel. That cannot be stressed enough. I am not speculating: it is a fact.

    As I warned you about Trump. I’m warning you about blockchain. SCI secret servers. Remember they bugged Merkel’s phones? CIA is The State. No congressional oversight. Think about that. Think burn bags. Think Select Committee on Intelligence. They’ve been hacked. Think John Brennan. Everybody has been hacked. Trump has no power over any of this. NONE. There is no oversight. Think NSC.

    Think embezzlement.

    Be more savvy to the way things are on the Street. Brokers are not here to lose. They play to win.

    • Anything having to do with cryptography has NSA involvement – that is literally the NSA’s job. In-Q-Tel was announced as a CIA program in the mainstream media the day it started.

      Blockchains are interesting but over-hyped. They are not nearly as useful as people make them out to be – they do not actually solve the problem they are supposed to solve – trust. You can do 99% of what blockchains do with traditional technology, and the 1% that makes blockchains unique, and interesting, blockchains only solve in theory – not in practice.

      That said right now cryptocurrencies are a good way to speculate and launder money. Once the governments of the world want to crack down on them, it’s over.

      • Everyone, notice the heavy thumbs down on this discussion. Nothing this guy is saying is really true.

        Cryptography is NOT what the NSA does. You cannot do what blockchains were meant to do. ANYWHERE. The whole system is a scam.

        Everyone is figuring that out. There are people I knwo of who are still giving it a good shot. A man in Europe who I won’t name is trying his best to do a runaround.

        People, you need to wake up to the jewish conrtol.

        • @Cryptic

          “Cryptography is NOT what the NSA does.”

          NSA has been on the forefront of cryptography since they day they started and they are one of the major employers of mathematicians in America. NSA does signals intelligence, as most interesting signals have been encrypted since pre-WWII, the NSA spends a huge amount of time dealing with encryption. This isn’t a controversial statement.

          “the National Security Agency (NSA) is the largest employer of mathematicians in the United States, and perhaps the world. Among other things, the NSA needs mathematicians to help create and break codes”

          • Again, that is not true. They are not the world’s largest employer of mathematicians. They do spend a fraction of their budget (black) on selling encryption. Until recently, the purpose for that was so that intel would have a monopoly on spying and storage.

            And yes, your statement is controversial, but not in the way that you mean it. The NSA does not spend any time deciphering anything. THEY DO NOT NEED TO DEAL WITH ENCRYPTION. THEY HAVE THE KEYS ALREADY.

            How much clearer can anyone make it to you?

            But then again, you probably think that those buildings above a parking lot in Utah are the real data center.

            They are not.

          • @Cryptic

            1. You are incorrect, yet again, they are one of the world’s largest employers of mathematicians.

            2. You’re wrong, NSA IS involved in encryption, at the forefront of encryption, and this isn’t a secret, or part of a black budget, it’s open and well known.

            3. If the NSA has build in back doors in operating systems and even hardware (they likely do) it’s done via encryption.

            It’s an interesting subject, I suggest you learn about encryption and the NSA. There’s plenty of ways to educate yourself.

          • No, YOU ARE WRONG.

            The NSA is not at the forefront of encryption. The intelligence sector is public-private. Think Senate Intelligence. Think NGA and NROs.

            It is eveident to me, as it should be to anyone reading your comments, that you do not have a clear grasp on data gathering and socnet. I don’t believe you are a shill, but it is evident that you are regurgitating so-called “facts” that you have read in mainsrteam meida.

  • What’s behind the volatile market: the backdoor in Intel chips. The traders are being hacked. There’s no way to fix all this. Crypto is dead.

    And no, I am not a shill for AMD.

    And remember bitcoin is not blockchain. They are two completely different beasts.

    • Again, notice the heavy trollage and thumbs down. Anyone talking about this Intel backdoor is getting serious trollage right now.

  • If new to this first read about what happened in february 2014 when people who invested in the largest bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox lost all their money.

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