AltRight Tonight — Styxxhexenhammer666

Famed YouTuber and biker-jacket icon Styxxhexenhammer666 joins Richard to discuss . . . music and other non-political topics.

Live at 7 PM ET.

In March, these discussions will be available for AltRight Plus members only. As we get started, however, we’re offering them free for everyone.

Richard Spencer
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  • Kraftwerk is probably the most consequent band.
    Keep it simple, like the 3 stripes of Adidas. DeMo
    is a conglomerate of all styles and influnces. Their
    Jewish producer Dan Miller is a great Krautrock fan.

  • One can find this style of cold (“coolness”) frigid Marlene Dietrich esthetics
    also in the videos arts of that time. Ronny was a kind of Weimerian bunny,
    Jew Hans Zimmer played with her, produced among others by Midge Ure,
    Vangelis, written by Peter Godwin and George Kajanus.

  • Styx talks about the cabaret-factor of the 30’s
    and Richard about the esthetics of synth wave.
    That reminds me of the movies by Jaques Tati,
    which were without words and very absurd.
    And of course the Film Noir aera of the 30’s.

  • Vince Clarke wrote hios songs playfull childlike in major (placebo), Martin Gore in self-destructive minor (nocebo). Selfhating white youth was in love that time with minor (“Gothic”). Though Clarke says today, a hit song must have always have a touch of sadness to work. Today, Gore writes more optimistic songs than Clarke, I find. I like Jarre, Vangelis and Oldfield because of their optimistic healing power.

  • Frisian, Dutch and Low German are very similar to English. Southern Germany is rather Burgundian, Franconian. But they build good cars (Mercedes, Porsche, BMW) and machines (Hilti from Lichtenstein). Yesterday I watched on DMAX a show about the biggest tipper trucks in the world from Liebherr (Switzerland).

  • “Camouflage” sounded like DeMo but was from Baden-Wuerttemberg (now Baden-Türkenberg which means Turks-Hill) where they speak a Swiss-influenced German.

  • Richard speaks about Vince Clarke, I met him in the Chateau too. He lived in Amsterdam that time, where some guys aked him for a sampling album named “Lucky Bastards”. I remember that all his analogue sound generators had to be flown by plane.

  • If this guy was a proper student of the occult traditions instead of an e-celebrity or confused mystic, he would follow the concept of ‘anima sana en corpore sano’ sound mind in a sound body. If one interacts with solar, masculine, heroic forces, these forces will leave a physical signature of sorts, as after the ‘subtle body’ receives regeneration, so too will the physical body. An aristocratic dignity is what I would expect, not a disheveled edge lord.

    Conversely, focusing on the dark, chaotic, feminine side of the occult without balance with the aforementioned positives forces, or better yet an overcoming and conquest, will also invariably leave their mark. This is why most who do attempt to study the occult without a prerequisite discipline and dignity fall into the pitfalls of mysticism, and become even less aesthetically pleasing than when they started.

  • Styx is a “civic nationalist”. He is an interesting person though. Like one of his viewers commented earlier, he wont be joining our cult.

  • The Alt-Right must remain a leaderless, faceless and nameless resistance.

    These ‘e-celebs’ serve no purpose. I cannot keep track of who is who. I could not tell you what this ghoulish cuck, who looks like he crawled out of the well of ‘The Ring,’ believes…. but I know if he pushes ‘civic nationalism,’ which is nonwhite nationalism (something we already have every variety of in full redundant representation in both parties), then nearly all of his fanboys are nonwhite.

    That would mean this IRL lookalike of ‘The Scream’ represents the triumph of miscegenation over white identity.

    • “Ghoulish cuck that crawled out of the well”, made me chuckle hard.

      Yeah, not a fan of the way he looks (no shirt is cringe), but what’s the worst that can happen? Maybe we gain an ally, and maybe he’s coming around to our views. It’s too easy to condemn people and scare them away.

      The republicans/conservatives were always vulnerable for a reason. They were always vulnerable to a hypocrisy charge, because they adopted this puritanical position (“we only ever have sex with our wives, never took drugs, go to church every day, scouts honor”). This was, of course, all nonesene. They were presenting a fake image to their tract house constituency (simple people that, to be fair, probably did mostly adhere to these standards). And because the left has zero morals they were invulnerable to hypocrisy charges. I’m glad we’re not like those conservative dweebs. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m not taking a girl to an ice cream shop on the first date.

      I enjoyed listening to the conversation, and am interested in hearing more of what Styx has to say (on the live show format that is).

      Catholics in Wisconsin shouldn’t drive our ideas.

    • I agree. The AR was a lot more productive before it went “mainstream.” It used to be about ideas. Now it’s about drama, like a fucking edgy soap opera or reality TV. And all the good comments get downvoted by plebian fucktards.

    • To Weimar Republican (a more fitting username would be ‘Wiener/Whiner Republican’),

      If you don’t know who Styx is, it is you who has been living in a well [we all figured you lived in a cardboard box beneath the freeway and used the computers at the San Francisco public library].

      It’s about time we have a pow-wow, guy. Your sole purpose seems to be to turn people away from this site by insulting and verbally abusing almost everyone and everything………and you have been doing a bang up job of it. At this point I’m starting to believe you are a SJW or an Antifa operative (with a lethal dose of MGTOW/reject). You are a nasty, psychopathic bully, and I have seen you turn more people away from this site [and the alt-right in general] than I could count. You are nothing but a cancer. Our only conciliation here is that ‘men’ like you almost always end up blowing their brains out before they hit 35.

      As far as Styx goes, these alt-lite “e-celebs” introduce tens of thousands of new people to the alt-right……..and that seems to be precisely what you’re here to prevent. People don’t have to agree with the altright on everything in order for Richard to have a fucking conversation with them. Styx agrees with us on plenty [a lot more than you and your SJW’s do, that is for sure].

      I am all for hearing alternative perspectives – true, uncensored intellectual freedom is what separates us from you and your comrades on the left – but you are here only to bully people [and to cry and piss and moan about how badly women have burned you……which is beyond hilarious because I am sure it was in retaliation for just how evil and diseased you are]. You exemplify the worst of men and humanity in general, and we are sick and tired of your bullshit. You need to GTFO and slither back into whatever sewer you came from [and PLEASE take your 3-4 dickless loser fanboys with you]. If you won’t leave on your own volition, I will get in touch with Richard and Greg and the rest of the guys – I haven’t the slightest problem with that. This site needs new users and desperately needs funding, as Evan pointed out in the comments below. You are doing everything you can to drive people away from it and from us.

      I leave you with this. It’s a screenshot of one of your more poignant pieces in which you advocate locking up a [presumably] very young girl outside in the cold. Yeah, you are definitely sane. I can see why you’re so intent on remaining “nameless and faceless” [yet another Antifa hallmark], you coward.

      This is the first and last time you will hear from me.

        • Yes, Weimars views on women are common in the Alt-Right. Most of these guys discovered the JQ through the manosphere, and being anti-feminist/women in general is at the top of the priorities. I discovered the JQ through the 9/11 truth movement like 15 years ago, and was anti-feminist by instinct for about as long. I never spent anytime in the Manosphere so don’t really have the same aggressive anti-women sentiments as many of the guys here. Anti-feminism =/=anti women to me.

          As for pig of the system being forced to resign for posting dank memes to facebook… Me ne frego!

    • And I will see to it that WordPress grabs your IP and contacts whichever law enforcement agency has jurisdiction over you. I think we can all agree that anyone who insists that children should be locked up outside in the cold for indefinite periods of time needs to be investigated at the very least. You spew a lot of insane evil on this site, mostly in regards to women, and thus far I have mostly looked the other way. Child abuse is where I draw the line. Good day.

  • Is Styx transgender? With the long hair and the leather jacket over open chest showing no muscle development whatsoever? This man is the oppose of the Altright,.

    • We are facing enormous difficulties with the various payment processing systems we have tried to use. Silicon Valley and its offshoots have decided that the Alt Right does not get to have things, and each web-based payment processing company obligingly terminates our successive accounts.

      This manifests into a vicious cycle that goes like this: because of these enormous obstacles we need a skilled, full-time IT staff person to find a way to get and keep a payment processor up and running, but in order to hire a full-time IT staff person we need money, but in order to raise the necessary money we need to overcome our payment processing obstacles, but in order to overcome our payment processing obstacles we need a skilled, full-time IT staff person … you see where this goes. A large gift from an angle donor would get us over the frustrating hump. If you know of any, send them in our direction.

      • This is where Upper Class White Suburbia could become quite useful…….

        In fact, it’s the Key……..

        Get them on Our Side……….

        I’m sure you in the Leadership have realized this LONG ago……..

        I’ll try to do my small part by not making a FOOL of myself on Comment Boards………

        The Alt-Right WILL Grow………

        It has to…….

        What other Vehicle do we have??

      • Amazon pay is disabled. I tried the bank wire transfer. I typed the routing # in correctly (9 digits.) But I got a red error message: “Routing number must contain 9 digits.” It absolutely was 9 digits, so the error was bogus. Wells Fargo is not a private business, so what legal action can be brought against them?

        • Bitcoin


          Donate Via Snailmail

          Checks, made out to The AltRight Corporation, can be mailed to

          PO Box 320482
          Arlington, VA 22320

      • Evan I am a big fan. With all due respect though I’m not sure a $80k/year full time techie is what you gentlemen need at this point. There’s got to be a creative way to circumvent the entire payment processing scam, and save the 80k in the process. Maybe we use those ‘green dots’ cards you can pick up at most convenience stores and then you guys email us our login details. Or we piggyback off of existing infrastructure and pay our Plus fees via Hatreon or something. Or the money order idea that has already been suggested. Or just sending cash. A lot of those methods I suggested might be a bit ghetto but they would work and they wouldn’t be shoah-ble. We really need to think outside of the box on this one.

    • He’s not joining your cult if that’s what you’re implying 😉 The fact that Styx is talking to Spencer does not mean that he suddenly became Alt-Righter. He talked recently with Jesse Lee Paterson and he didn’t strted believing in God 😉

      • If he still thinks libertarianism is a real possibility, then he isn’t all that smart though you have to admit.

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