Race Is Just Your Extended Family

Submitted by Henry Armitage.

I want to share what I think is the number one, knock-down argument that we should be using when we present our ideas. And by “our ideas,” of course, I mean the essential one of the necessity of the White ethnostate.

First, let me list the arguments that guys on our side often do use. I think these are all great arguments. The problem with them is that they all shift focus from the primary issue and onto secondary ones, thereby giving our opponents wiggle-room in the form of NAXALT-type arguments which often succeed in their objective of twisting the debate into something convoluted enough for the anti-alt-righter to declare a draw in bad faith.

The case I am making is that we should do the opposite of what I am doing here, and put first things first, and second things second.

The Secondary Arguments

  1. Crime
    We all know that blacks and non-Whites commit multiple times more than their fair share of crime. Get rid of the non-Whites, get rid of the crime, right? The normie rebuttal is, you guessed it, NAXALT. Lots of non-Whites are law-abiding, lots of Whites aren’t, so why does it have to be about race? etc.

  2. IQ
    Basically, the same as for crime. Plus, this one is just too technical, too complicated to be a debate-stopper. And who could forget, “But Asians and Jews are smarter than we are, so…?”

  3. Culture
    Anders Breivik said, when asked why he shot a bunch of Marxists, that he did it for “everything in Norway, ranging from door handles, patterns, beer brands…” This made him seem like a crazy man. Who would commit a mass murder to secure the existence of home décor and a future for Hansa-Borg Pilsner?

  4. Collectivism vs. Individualism
    It’s obviously true that groups working together do better than individuals thwarting one another. Of course, you have people who will try to problematize White identity and White nationalism, as distinct from more particular national identities, but they’re just selectively playing dumb.

  5. General Differences
    It’s about time preference and impulsivity, parental investment levels, and so on. It’s about whether civility and rationality constitute microaggressions. It’s about customer service standards, whether spitting in the street, or worse, is socially acceptable. All great points, but still deflecting from causes to effects.

So how do you do it? How do you reach the normie or the erring ideologue and get them to say that we need to secure a future for White children?

Here is the argument I always use. It will only work on someone who has the following psychological attributes:

  1. They care about commitment and consistency more than about the other principles in marketing psychologist Robert Cialdini’s list. They want their beliefs and values to make sense and not contradict one another.

  2. They have normal attitudes towards family, children and the blood ties that make human societies possible. (“Normal” here does not mean ideal; just not wildly degenerate).

That’s it.

The Primary Argument

It’s really an elaboration upon the “your race is your extended family” talking point, which is commonly brought up, but not often spelled out in its implications. Here’s one of its two premises in graphic form:

In dialogue form, it goes like this:

You: So, do you have any kids?

Normie: Not yet. But the wife’s 35 now and she’s starting to realise, you know, it’s now or never…

You: But you could adopt at any age, within reason.

Normie: Adopt?

You: Yeah. Look, we were just talking about race and all that, and you said it doesn’t matter to you. You don’t care about blood, about DNA, or the fact that this biological family called the White race exists, that you’re a part of it, and that it might go extinct.

Normie: Well I don’t!I care about the people who are in my life, who I know; I don’t care about strangers anymore or less just because they might be more genetically similar to me. What if they’re bad people?

You: Ok, back up a second. What I want to know is, if that’s true, why do you feel the need to be actually related to your own children. It never occurred to you to adopt, just like it never occurs to most people unless they have fertility issues. And even then, they’re more likely to adopt a kid who’s of the same race as them, if they can get access to one.

Normie: (splutters incoherently)

You: So it looks to me like you do care about that stuff after all.

Normie: Well, a family isn’t a race exactly. What you said before was just, like, a metaphor, right?

You: No, no. I meant it literally. An extended family is just exactly what a race is. You can have families that are separated, where people grow up apart and never know one another, but they are still, objectively, families. And what was that you were telling me about your cousin Steve?

Normie: That he was conceived with donor sperm?

You: Yeah, and didn’t you say that when he found out he tracked down his biological father? How did that go, again?

Normie: It was very emotional for both of them. He said they had a lot in common…

You: And what was that other thing you told me? Oh yeah, “I could never be a White nationalist because I’m 2% Pacific Islander. My 23&Me said so!”

Normie: Oh, that? I just did it for fun!It doesn’t mean anything!

You: Why would you and plenty of other people pay, like, $200 for something that means nothing? It’s almost like we’re not just individuals after all; like however hard we try to repress it, we still see ourselves as part of a genetic continuum…

The guy who makes this argument in its most sophisticated form is probably Frank Salter in his book Ethnic Genetic Interests. It should be the keynote in any debate we have with non-racialists, though, because, first, it gets to the heart of the issue: Some things are valuable because they get us things we want for their own sake. Money is good because we can use it to buy stuff. White nationalism is good because, if successful, it gives us a high IQ, high trust society where people mostly get along. But, more than that, it’s good because we love our race, our people, and want to preserve it for its own sake.

Notice that I don’t say “their sake.” You don’t have to love every single White person in order to love your race. This confusion is at the heart of the argument that nations are “imagined communities” –as if the only way of being a part of a collective, and devoted to its interests, is to be on first-name terms with every member of it! These fools might as well say that you can’t look out for your health without getting to know every cell that makes up your body. It’s also a great rebuttal to the (((argument))) about how Whiteness isn’t a real identity: You can be English, Norwegian, Italian, etc…. Just take another look at that graphic above. Are they saying that the existence of a branch refutes the existence of a trunk?

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you to add this argument to your arsenal, or if it’s already in there, to use it for an opening volley when next you engage with the enemy, or in friendly fire with the Eternal Normie.

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  • Extended Family? My real family are bunch of flag saluting, clueless assholes; and they claim to be hardcore conservatives from the deep south. Why would I want more? Every time I am out in public all I see are weak, WEAK ass white boys. I look into their dead cow eyes and even the ones who are trying to be badass come across as a joke. Make America Great Again? With What?!? It’s about once in a decade when I see a really cool, righteous white badass anymore. It’s enough to make a grown man cry…

  • I think you’re going to see a lot more Murdoch than Dr Murdoch in the younger generation. They won’t consider niggetrs at all, but will be open to East Asians if there is attraction. Particularly given feminism and its stranglehold on white women.

    I’m not saying this is a good thing (even if I’ve done it) but I think it is likely to be a trend. I was probably the first in my generation (that my parents knew of) to intermarry with an East Asian but since then quite a few family friends/relatives have done so.

    As far as I can tell like most Aussies we are all EuroMutts/White Sausage Meat in the first place, I wonder/doubt if this would apply for purer ethnic lines but then the younger Danish prince married a Hongkong girl of Shanghainese ancestry.

  • The debate example was going great until “Normie” said he was 2% Pacific Islander, in which case he wouldn’t be European — so I’m not sure why that was thrown in there, as you wouldn’t be able to win such a person over.

  • A large corporation I worked at a couple of years ago celebrated Hispanic heritage month and they solicited input from Hispanic employees on what it means to be Hispanic. One man said Hispanics are one big extended family which fills him with pride to be a part of. Corporate brass gushed over this.

    Had I wrote in and said whites are also just a big extended family which fills me with pride I would have been denounced as a white supremacist and escorted out of the premises the same day. But supposedly we have white privilege.

    • I am afraid only white Hispanics have a real clue about what means to be Hispanic. The “Hispanic” mestizos, mulatto, black, etc. they keep on hating Cristopher Columbus. So the leftist white Hispanics, of course.
      I hate how these colored reaggeton gangsta people in the USA call themselves “latinos”.
      The only real latinos in the world are the people from Lazio, in Italy.

  • I bang a blonde hooker, then I go home and enjoy the last Markus Gabriel essay and listen to Chopin´s nocturnes while smoking my pipe of Irish Flake and drink an English Breakfast tea. I look through the window an watch a XVII Century Catholic church.
    Bloody hell! So white I am! Actually, Mediterranean, which is something way better than being white.
    What I don´t need is to deal with a moody middle aged pre-divorcist white wife and procreating white babies. I love my peace. Remember Schopenhauer: “wife and children” = war and scarcity, being a bachelor = peace and prosperity”. Said by a very aryan philosopher.
    Antinatalism is cool. The problem about AN is that only whites are philosophically developed enough to be AN. Never ever seen a black, yellow, brown, etc. being an AN. They just cannot get it because they behave like ants or automatons. Didn´t reach the Human level yet. Solution: compulsory and massive sterilization for non whites living in Europe.

    • AN? Anyway, I’m not surprised our resident feminist gave you a down vote on top of calling you a degenerate.

      Whores have been around for millenia. I don’t use them but I have no issue if other men in our movement do. If it keeps you away from these actual degenerate girls and helps you focus on more productive things, I.e getting in war shape and building your group of like minded white men, knock yourself out. We are not monks and we all feel the need for some…warmth…

      My personal motto is that….. in the future women will either be in the house/Kitchen, the brothel, or the convent. Those fit for it( the majority) will breed,and those unfit will either spread or pray.

      • Barnabas, you sound like a fool. A monk? Really? Unless you want to be seen to be a moron, don’t talk like one.

        It’s this confused sexual energy of yours that has kept you from taking action. You are all bottom and no head.

        • Stfu and keep your thoughts to yourself. Your either a kike or a pussy, effete, coastal boy. Either way you’re not in my league bud.

      • AN, MGTOW and AR are very connected Red Pills. But, yes, the two first sometimes crash with the third one.
        Certainly we need to produce more white people, but in the current cuntculture/tradthot atmosphere the better way to do it is going Lebensborn. Let´s the State take that responsibility.

      • You’re confused, Barnabas. It’s not so much the whoremongering I object to. Indeed, I have said before, better to be honest and pay a prostitute than lie and seduce a girl. This latter is an egregious femicide, by alt-Right men’s own reckoning. After all, if premarital sex “ruins” women and renders them “damaged goods,” then you are killing someone’s wife whenever you use girls for sex. There is no crime against a race more outrageous than the destruction of it’s women.

        My problem with this degenerate is his lazy anti-natalism. The priority of ease and comfort is at the heart of our current predicament.

        • Ah, so that’s what AN stands for. I agree with you, AN is Weak and has no place in our movement. I must admit that I thought anti natalism simply meant that he chose not to have kids, not that heviews all birth and in turn all life as a net negative.

          • He is a fornicator who spreads his seed where ten other men have already sown, he is a drunkard, lost in his dissipation. He is fag who drinks tea and stares at a church. He ought to be ashamed. He ought to go into the church and try a little prayer.

            He is a fool, Barnabas. And this way leads to loneliness and death. One morning, he’ll wake and find only wrinkles to keep him company. No woman will stand him, and his own mother will already have passed on.

            Good Lord in Heaven.

            He’s a fool. You’d do well to cross to the other side of teh street when you see him coming. Pray for him. He’s gon\ing to need it where he’s headed.

          • Ya well, you’re a dirty, foreskin eating Kike. So I’d say you have it a little worse and will probably end up in a level lower than he, in hell.

          • The med is immunized against all dangers:

            one may call him a fornicator, fool, rogue, scoundrel, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat.

            But call him a fag and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out!”

          • I am not injured about being called a fag, first of all, because I am not homophobic. Come on! I am a Western European guy from Generation X! I love the Pet Shop Boys!
            It is just, in case I am a fag, I happen to bang FEMALE escorts non stop. Not MALE escorts. Then, I am very straight fag,

  • Kenneth Prewitt, former director of the US Census Bureau, is skeptical that whites will ever be a minority. “White people will figure out some way to reshuffle the deck, finding new ways to bolster their numbers and protect white privilege.”
    (The Guardian, I’m a Bit Brown…, Arwa Mahdawi, 21 Mar 2017)

    I pray Mr. Prewitt is correct! ??

  • Kenneth Prewitt, former director of the US Census Bureau, is skeptical that whites will ever be a minority. “White people will figure out some way to reshuffle the deck, finding new ways to bolster their numbers and protect white privilege.”
    (The Guardian, I’m a Bit Brown…, Arwa Mahdawi, 21 Mar 2017)

    I pray Mr. Prewitt is correct! ??

  • I’m lucky to say this looks like a block party in my neighborhood. It’s funny, I’m Italian and don’t look like any of those people but it’s still a beautiful sight.

    • The response to that is to say, “Gorillas share roughly 98% of our DNA, So why aren’t you fucking THEM? Where’s your Big Love for them? Do you oppose gorillas voting? Why aren’t you bitching for gorillas to be integrated into human schoolrooms?” By the way, this is real, in case you think I’m pulling it out of my ass. Study a thing called “The Great Ape Project” and be prepared to whisper “Every. Single. Time.” again when you see who is behind it.

      If jews get their way, don’t be surprised if our granddaughters mate with bonobos.


      • I can back up what you are saying. I’ve noticed this agenda for several years in National Geographic magazine. Men lying down with female lions and her cubs. Ridiculously obvious propoganda where a man is lying on the ground with a female cheetah straddling him. On Shifty Minutes, Anderson Cooper did a story about how “brilliant” apes are. But as I recall he never got out of his canoe.

        I thought to myself, If apes are so brilliant, why don’t you allow one of them to be your portfolio manager?

  • We need more ammunition in our belts like this to help those of us that are woke to be able to communicate our thoughts with normies and lefties so we can articulate our issues clearly and defend them without stumbling. Thanks for this , lets get some more info like this out there for those who are not so confident at debating.

  • I have White Family Members who have reached the Top of the Chain……..

    Judges, Doctors, and Lawyers……..

    Big Huge Houses in the Suburbs……….

    They’re Tone-Deaf to this Message………….

    Some still believe that Jews are the Chosen People and that Israel is Divine Holy Real Estate…….

    It hasn’t hit them yet……..

    Why would it??

    Would I want it to hit them??

    They probably couldn’t handle it………

    Do I still Love them??

    Of course I do………

    They’re My Family…………..

    • Suburbian Americans are not going to buy into our message. A few will sure, some guys here are from the suburbs. The same with city folk and upper class whites, majority will not, some will.

      I keep beating the drum but, blue collar, country, small town whites are our ticket to victory, absolute victory. These folk are ready and just waiting for a movement that speaks to them. They are itching, absolutely itching to commence 1776. Trust me fellas, I know. I’ve traveled all over flyover country and believe me when I tell you that these boys are not only our natural allies but that they are FUCKING READY.

      • Suburban Americans are phonies. They pretend to be high-class. The truth is that they’re actually trash – bugmen. Sure, they sip lattes and have degrees in “Feminist Structuralism” or “How to Scam Coin.” But they are the dregs, the people who in normal times would be admitted to the house only through the back door, if at all. Our perverted economy and culture have elevated these people, and they feel they are superior beings, but they have no character, no genuine knowledge or personality, and no genuine wealth either: no matter how large their pay, most are still wagecucks who are a paycheck or two away from economic disaster. So these bugpeople can keep sipping their lattes, but again, they are trash and you’re right, they are the very last people in our race who would respond to any appeal to reason or decency.

        • Very true. Image is everything to them, so they virtue signal the hardest because that’s all they have. On some level they know they don’t actually produce anything, they just sit in a cubicle and push paper. Their inferiority complex manifests as a superiority complex. I see these people every day. They have a nice car and a nice house, but their credit is stretched to the breaking point. They have to sit in traffic for hours just too keep up the illusion of success.


          • I decided long ago that I’d rather be a wanderer roaming across the American forests than end up as your typical, bourgeoisie suburbian. Fortunately it never came to that.

        • You’re describing urbanites not suburbanites. I am an urbanite.

          Suburbanites are like football cucks and soccer moms that live in tract housing. They are conspicuous consumers of mass produced goods—utterly devoid of taste and culture. Oprah is the god of their womenfolk.

          A lot of urbanites are scum but they are usually more interesting and cultured than suburbanites.

          It is interesting that, just like blacks re create the same social structures everywhere, so do whites. White hipsters create a European flavor of small specialty shops and walkable/bikeable neigborhoods wherever they go. But they lack genuine passion for anything—which I can’t stand about them.

          • Having been privileged to spend extensive time with people of disparate backgrounds, I am able to understand something of their psychology and interests.

            The difference between the suburbanite and the urbanite is this:

            In the urbanite cafes you will see plenty reading Ta-Nehisi Coates—yet it is still possible to find someone reading Dostoyevsky.

            But the suburbanites will read whatever is on the Oprah book club (“The Secret”), or a Harlequin Novel.

            *The true blue collar man (like an electrician or carpenter—not a lumpenprole) will prefer “Lads Mags” like Maxim, FHM.

        • Don’t be so hard on the suburban classes. They have their passions, and they have ambitions. They have always had a weakness for money over form. But they have a place in the overall scheme of things. They were the first to flee the unhealthy filth of the cities in the industrial north. They have a certain aesthetic sense of beauty, at least they desire brighter skies and better air.

          Marx criticized the bourgeois classes in the same way as you have, and his answer, well, we all know his answer.

      • I wouldn’t hold my breath, but I’m hoping for a suburban male youth backlash against being raised in a boring stifling environment, devoid of meaning or adventure, and castrated of any semblance of masculinity. The natural impulse in youth is to explore reality and then rebel in order to exert a nascent will to power, and leftist tyranny is the most odious of all tyranny to rebel against, because instead of being based upon power of some sort, it is an effete negation of the will to power. They can’t even objectively explore reality anymore without fear of reprisal.

        • Ya, I hope so as well, but we need to work with what we have at the moment, and I know there’s a lot of guys here who look down upon what they see as “trailer trash” and hillbillies, and while some are, most are not. There is potentially millions of blue collar, country whites who will join us. We just have to reach out to them. Some will see this as reaching down but, remember, both the NSDAP and the fascist movement succeeded by appealing to the working class, the blue collar, the farmers, the small town folk, etc.
          Hell, we have an army waiting for us, I kid you not Titus.

    • Reminds me of a former employer I had who had done very well in life — lawyer, worked in the insurance field, comfortable in every way. He’d always tell his kids to look at a potential spouse’s net worth as the test for whether they were marriage-worthy. No racial guidance whatsoever. So they did, and at least one married a nonwhite. I’d think, what good is all that if you terminate your bloodline? I married a white nationalist man who is intelligent but does blue collar work and we are not well-off, but our children are white and will be raised pro-white. Who had the right priorities in the end, in the larger evolutionary scheme of things?

      • The truth is that when in comes to whites in America, and which ones are the most racially loyal and traditional, the blue collar whites have everyone beat by a large margin.
        I’m always beating the harp about blue collar and small town whitesbeing, not only our natural allies, but as well as the potential backbone of a a future nationwide, white nationalist movement. They’re all ready for us, just that they and most of us don’t seem know it yet.

    • They are tone deaf to this message because to be successful today one must be a total sell-out, maintain the anti-white status quo and never open your mouth in objection.

      Selling Out is the new Keeping It Real…

  • Great article. I was in an argument with someone about separations of races and the last thing she said was “you have some points, go build a wall around yourself and leave humanity alone.” But I’m certain that I’m more “part of humanity” (if humanity can be measured by morality) than she is. One can be excused for not being clever enough to see that diversity- land is going to spell the death of the white race, possibly quite violently when the demographic scales tip enough. But what is wrong with someone whose love for their “extended family” can be scrubbed and brainwashed out of their being? They hardly seem like part of “humanity” to me.

    • You are more part of humanity than she is. Those who refuse to see race for what it is treat non-whites like they are anthropomorphic Disney characters, they never treat them as humans. Strangely enough, they never move to ‘those neighbourhoods’ though.

  • Solid argument, but it doesn’t change any minds on an ethnostate, or against immigration, etc. A normie would say that even if white people are our family, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t also allow non-Whites into our countries.

    • That’s probably true. Pragmatically speaking. And more and more, I’m surprised when I hear people say that they actually want to have mixed race children. There’s a cache to it. More and more white people say they want to be black.

      I believe that our desires will be met when we, as “white” people, stop being overly friendly toward each other. At no point in history has any war ever been waged (let alone won) by the “white” race against anyone else. If we are to wage one now, it will be successful when we acknowledge our natural strengths It has always been the case that tribes waged and won battles against their neighbors, who may have been arabic or anglo. Look on any map, and you will see so many names of tribes, it would take a magnifying glass to read them all. So many arrows, it will look like Custer’s butt. The Med whites surge up the entire western European coast, and then the Celtic-speaking Gauls overcome them and are assimilated, only to have the Nordic-Med Romans overcome the whole area, Cimri, Belgae, et. al.. Tribe after tribe. War after war.

      It was only after this warfare among their own tribes, that the “white” people earned the right to call themselves an Emprire upon which the sun never set. Our failure was our kindness and desegregating kindness toward the jew. What will we do now?

      Shall we disintegrate into a thousand tribes again? Or shall we rest on some notion of marshmallow solidarity?

      Our lack of cohesion will be solved when we recognize and admit our natural dislikes and hatreds toward each other as whites. Hatred can be a virtue. It clarifies and orders the battlefield. Nordic blood gave the Romans that genius for military engineering with which they disciplined the mediterranean hungers within them. They learned the art of war at the walls of the Etruscan city-states.

    • I didn’t explain the connection between racial preservation and the the ethnostate, you’re right.

      That shouldn’t be too hard, though. You can say, “So tell me why the Holocaust happened.”

      Our answe should be that it happened (so to speak!) because the Jews lacked a country of their own. Now they have one and we don’t, so we’re the ones in danger.

      Other precedents showing what happens to stateless peoples should be used as well, but I’m a big fan of using the Enemy’s weapon against him where possible.

      You can also bring in the secondary arguments at this point.

      • Yes, we should definitely put forward our own narrative on the lessons of the holocaust. I have found that to be very effective. The best rebuttal I have seen to this is that no one group would have the power to oppress us in a diverse America with no majority. That fails, because the Democrats are forging a “people of color” coalition (talk about a social construct!) that explicitly defines Whites as a troublesome outgroup.

        • This really goes to the jewish science of sociology. I put a video up about this on the article about twitter censorship. The jews centered around Frankfurt Germany were very central in creating the notion of an anti-authoritarian man. They wanted to destroy any potential for tradition based on any idea of nature and soil and blood. They created what they call an F-scale, or fascist scale, to measure a person’s potential to follow any authoritarian political movement. The CIA was behind the Macy conference, a series of discussions about how to create a “new” type of man who could be programmed by the internet to think in a more “fluid” way.

          Please see that video, especially the portion beginning at 50 minutes.

    • I haven’t had much luck with the extended-family argument I’m afraid. They always come at me with the “social construct” BS, which was concocted for exactly this reason. The good news is that if Whiteness is a social construct, so is everything else, including Jewishness, blackness, and everything else. Like Mike Enoch said at Auburn, nobody ever asks black folks who’s black.

      Here, anti-Whites say that black identity is legitimate because their identity was forged by a shared history of oppression, while White identity was constructed specifically to exclude and oppress. Jews share a common religion and culture, so their identity is also legitimate. All of this bologna-slicing begins to sound transparently self-serving at this point if anyone is still paying attention.

      I think the HBD argument is still very important. It doesn’t really matter if NAXALT, a black city will fall into ruin regardless. The general characteristics of a group determine the character of the places they dominate.

      If anti-Whites start going on about Jews and Asians being smarter, I say call them a Social Darwinist. They really don’t like that, but let’s face it, that’s what they are. Immigration meritocracy is Social Darwinism. They think Whites should just lay down and die so that “superior” groups may replace us. This is truly an astonishing demand when you think about it.

      • Jews and Asians more intelligent than whites? What a joke!
        The great Jewish thinkers blossomed in an European environment. Bloody hell: St. Paul is pure Plato, Freud is pure Schopenhauer, Spinoza is pure Epicur, Weininger is the most enthusiastic antisemitic Jew ever. And the grandfather of MGTOW and the AltRight, by the way. Arendt learned from Heidegger.
        Jewish thought is keen and sophisticated but it feeds in European seed.
        Asians are just like automatons, they lack of the philosophical depth and individual sense which is unique of the European and Euro-descent man.
        Yes, Buddhism and Taoism are quite OK, but Asians committed with such philosophies they become monks and stay in Asia. They don´t go to Europe or North America.

  • In our ultra-competitive modern world, we tend to group people by ability, not least because people tend to associate and cooperate according to ability.

    And this makes good sense in many fields. If you’re a chemist, you work with other chemists of whatever race. Favoring a white person who knows nothing of chemistry over a non-white expert in the field would be stupid.

    However, ability is not a stable identity. For one thing, there is no guarantee that someone who is good in chemistry will have kids who are also good in it or show interest in it.

    Deeper identity is about blood, not ability.

    Take two families, each with 5 kids.

    Suppose one family has a high IQ kid and a low IQ kid.
    Same with the other family.

    Now, in terms of ability, the two IQ kids of the different families have more in common.
    But in terms of blood, the high IQ kid of either family has more in common with the low IQ kid in his family.

    In terms of ability, Jews work with all sorts of peoples in science, math, medicine, etc.
    But Jews also cling to blood. Emotionally and tribally, a smart Jew cares more for fellow dumb Jews than for smart gentiles. And if smart Jews were to marry smart gentiles or handsome gentiles, they insist the kids be raised as Jewish.

    In contrast, gentiles are told by Jews to think and feel only in accordance to ability. If whites are to entertain tribal feeling, it must be to favor Jews over all others. In other words, the only tribalism permitted to whites is to serve and worship The Tribe.
    If smart/rich Jews care for dumb/poor Jews, such is deemed noble and caring.
    But if smart/rich whites show the slightest bit of concern for dumb/poor whites, that is denounced as ‘racist’ and ‘white supremacist’.

    Globalism is creating a neo-Brahmanic ‘race’ based on ability or desirability, and this is esp happening in top cities. With each passing year, the most able and most desirable congregate in their Elysium world. Smartest Asians, richest whites, celebrities, athletes, fashion models, and mulatto tokens, and etc. They are all obsessed with status and privilege over all else. In other words, they feel closer to winners of other races than to losers of their own race. White winners prefer Asians winners who prefer black winners who prefer Hispanic winners who prefer Hindu winners, etc. Nikki Haley is one such mixed-race creature of this world. So, these winners of various stripes have sex with one another and create a new molten identity based primarily on the ability-supremacism of meritocracy, desirabilty-supremacism, and insider-connections.

    Jews are the exception. Even as powerful Jews do play the Ability-Supremacist & Desirability-Supremacist game(fashion models have no ability but have marketable looks), they cling to the idea that powerful Jews should care for fellow Jews of whatever ability. It should be all-in-the-family.

    Europeans must stop listening to Jews and start acting like Jews. The reason why Jews tell whites not to act like Jews is because the Jewish Way is the best formula for power, and Jews want to keep the secret for themselves. It’s one of those Open Secrets that whites may notice but mustn’t acknowledge.


    What was done to Palestine is now being done to the West.

    And just like white gentile elites conspired with Zionists to destroy Palestine, they are again conspiring with Zionists but to destroy their own homelands with replacist colonization from the Third World. If Jews replaced Palestinians, non-whites are to replace whites… and whites have been brainwashed to welcome this as ‘virtue’.

    White Nakba must be resisted. 2018 is 70th anniversary of Nakba. What Jews did to Palestinians was a test-run for all the West. According to Jews, Israel has the right to exist over the graveyard of Palestine, and the New World Order has the right to exist over the graveyard of the West.

    From the Mondoweiss article:

    Leave aside for now the incredible hubris and expression of white European supremacy screaming from the passage. Still, what’s clear is that provisional governments expressing the popular will were supposed to be instituted, with the role of the Mandatory to be the nurturing of this expression of self-determination until such time as they were deemed capable of standing on their own. But allowing the Arabs of Palestine representative rule would be inconsistent with the Zionist project, for the simple reason that the Palestinian Arabs, like pretty much every other people, were adamantly opposed to handing over their country to another people.

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