White People Do Not Need To Justify Their Existence

I have – on the face of it at least – a very autistic quibble with Alternative Hypothesis’ latest video. Not the man himself, mind you. Just the premise of the video.

First things first though. Some respect for the work that this guy does is in order. To those who don’t know. Alt-Hype has been one of the key players involved in the recent Alt-Lite/Sargonite debates and the destruction of Kraut and Tea.

Alt-Hype has successfully defended Alt-Right talking points about race, namely that race exists, and he has been steadily debunking all of the falacies presented by the Cult of Sargon – one by one, methodically destroying all of them.

Check out his videos – they’re quite good if you’re into big brain nibba arguments that defend the basic tenents of the Alt-Right.

But his latest video made some arguments that really started grinding my gears.

It begins with Alt-Hype making a very interesting point that NW European Whites embarked on a genetic experiment in the Middle Ages.

This genetic experiment changed who they were on a fundamental genetic level.

He made an argument that I hadn’t heard before – that basically NW Europe was killing off the most violent members of its society over generations and that this led to the pacification of the population, which was part of the reason that we were able to build safer, more modern societies.

And then he mentions HBDchick and her theories regarding manoralism. She’s got some interesting ideas as well.

But here’s the problem I have with the video – not Alt-Hype, just the line of thinking.

Alt-Hype basically says that White people are worth preserving and saving because of all the technological innovations that they pioneered as a result of this genetic experiment.

That’s fine I suppose as an argument to put in your quiver and use against anti-Whites.

But let me ask you this: What other people in the world feels the need to justify their existence? What other people in the world feels the need to justify their existence by pointing to the Periodic Table or showing off bar graphs comparing total scientific innovations? What other people needs to cite “respect for private property” as a reason for not being ethnically replaced?

I just can’t even. I can’t even fathom the thought process.

Frankly, we do not need to justify our existence to anyone, and that some of us still think this way is a sign of serious internal weakness. Of weak frame.

No people or person needs to justify their existence.

Its supposed to be a Darwinian impulse. It doesn’t matter how smelly, lowly or sickly you are, you’re supposed to fight and struggle until you drop dead of exhaustion or are killed. That’s how we’ve been programmed by mother nature.

No other bacteria even needs to justify its existence. It just exists and keeps on chugging till it can’t anymore. All of this is to say that we should never accept the Left’s frame – we don’t have to justify White people existing, they have to justify getting rid of us.

(Jewish Twitter is astonishingly open about its hate for Whites)

Even if NW Europeans had not started valuing private property and individual liberties as a result of a genetic experiment, that doesn’t mean that their existence would be worthless.

Hell, many feel that Europe’s golden age was the technologically stagnant Romant period or the Crusades that followed a thousand years after. In fact, many thinkers and writers would lament that we had lost the kind of vitality and vigor that the German tribes had or the visionary nature of the Roman Empire. Many would trade all that technological innovation for the return of a sense of identity and community.

Young men like to daydream about those pre-modern days and insert it into their sci-fi. The “DEUS VULT” LARPing and “God-Emperor” memes don’t come out of nowhere.

And frankly, where has all this socialization and domestication gotten White people in the West anyway? Seems like we’re in a very sad state. We got to the moon, yes. But no one seems willing or willing to stand up to Tyrone, Abdullah and Jose anymore.

And in the end, that’s really what matters the most. Not just making something, but being able to fight for it and not just surrender it.

We should stop fetishizing the domestication of the White man. Stop bringing up how refined and polite and gentle we are.

If anything, we should do the complete opposite and remind people that we used to be savages too and can become so again.

All I know is that, in the grand scheme of things, I’d be willing to trade a few elements on the Periodic table for White people getting their spine back.

Vincent Law
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  • Bull’s Eye!
    I have always rolled my eyes at Whites listing all of our accomplishments as a reason to preserve our Race and civilization.
    Why should we Whites not take our own side regardless of how worthy we may or may not be.
    After all, sub-Sahara Africans, aside from athletics, are the worst race in ALL categories. This does not stop them from advocating for their benefit.

  • Can’t agree more! The big challenge is not understanding Jews, blacks or amerindians but understanding modern vegetarian, barren, hyper civilized, passive, sexless Europeans. This video provides a hypothesis for an obvious state. As it was stated in this site before, we need to look up to the barbarian still left in us. I recently re-watched The Godfather and let me tell you as a southern-European living in north Europe, north Europeans need that ruthless familial love of old Sicilians. Those blunt chad vives of Slavs. Civilization is dying in an spiral of civilized behavior. We need to revive the ruthless spirit in us. Our ideas and our actions must be ruthless. Our goals must be uncompromising.

    • The Alt Right is fundamentally a resolution of varying paradoxes, like looking to the past and future simultaneously, incorporating reason and emotion, someone (I forgot who) suggested a double headed eagle as our symbol and I think that would be perfect.

      We ought to aim towards being noble savages, and there’s plenty of examples in the past of both southern and northern Europe for inspiration. We should aspire to the Vikings who would slaughter their enemies in a shield wall and then recite poetry while having meticulous dress and appearance, Frederick II who made Prussia great again and enjoyed opera, and the Romans who pretty much decided to excel at everything. The squalid modern masses fail at everything instead, unless you count celebrity and sports trivia.

      • Do you remember that scene in 300 where he soldier (can’t remember who) was having a matter-of fact discussion with Leonidas (I think) while he went around the battle field dispatching wounded Persians? He says something like, “We don’t need to be uncivilized about it.”

        Your post reminded me of that.

  • Makes me wonder about the brother wars. Was the goal to kill off our most aggressive so only libtard college draft dodgers were breeding at that crucial time in women’s lives?

  • So true ! To continue to even engage with the lunatic left on these issues is a pointless waste of our dignity and self respect. We should be looking firmly down our noses at them !

  • It’s time for the Alt-Right to ditch Richard Spencer as a Leader………

    He’s an Embarrassment………

    It’s also time for the Alt-Right to realize that the Fag Fash approach has Limited Appeal among Whites………

    There are plenty of White Men who would naturally gravitate to the Alt-Right Narrative…….

    But, are turned off by the Fag Fash Image of Richard Spencer………

    We don’t dress like that or want to dress or look like that……..

    We don’t talk like that or want to talk like that……..

    Wherever in White Suburbia that that emanated from……….

    That’s not our Culture……….

    Richard should remain as an Administrator/Advisor………

    He should be thanked for all he has done for the Movement……….

    But, it’s time for a more Robust White Male who can be appreciated, respected, and followed by a Large Swath of White America…….

    To EMERGE………

    • This article has nothing to do with Spencer and everything about your screams subversive. Spencer doesn’t lead anything except whatever venture he’s involved in. Define this “fag fash” nonsense you subversive? Do you mean the hair cut that he has had for years before the Alt-Right, or the hair cut that others copied 2+ years ago when things grew that happened naturally (btw that IS a form of culture and how it starts). So you obviously don’t know much about what organic culture is, mind you it’s not a new haircut. Dress like what? An educated well presenting white man?

      The only embarrassment here is you. The goal isn’t to lower yourself to the lowest common denominator in America, but rise above it and become an example. Whatever “culture” that is “ours” I’d be curious to know more other than to hear some ad-hominems with no actual substance.

      • Why are you so triggered? He’s just saying that the AR would benefit from a more relatable, working class image. I don’t disagree. Personally I think that over educated, yuppie scum, who are afraid to get their hands dirty are the “lowest common denominator” not honest, unfancy, working class types.

        • You need to be educated, you need to be cultured and well read, you need to not look like you live in a trailer next to the garbage dump like a feral nigger. And yes, you are correct, you also need to be able to perform physical labor and have technical skills as well. PLUS you need to know how to fight, and hunt, and kill, and speak one or more foreign languages. That’s a start of the list of things you should be capable of.

          • Cultured, Well Read =/= Educated.

            Yeah, people should try to be as well rounded as possible. Most aren’t. Personally I don’t think the AR needs any strictly defined “leader” at this time. Why bother following anybody unless they Hitler, Mussolini tier? And I honestly don’t think we live in a culture that produces those types of men anymore.

          • Tell me if I’m wrong but I think part of the appeal of Hitler and Mussolini was that they were relatable to the working class man.

          • Your a little elitist. Slow your role, most of us “dirty” blue jean and boot wearing folk are more refined than you. If you want to succeed you’ll agree that this movement needs a working class image. Not a coastal effete one.

          • Elitism is a good thing. Look at the actual definition of it. There has to be people higher up and lower down for society to work,

          • Sure but not in the way he’s representing it, talking down to our honest, blue collar whites who live in the countryside.
            I’m all for aristocracy.
            But the fact of the matter is, that we need to appeal to our base and whether you know it or not we have a base millions strong, just waiting.
            Unless we create a down to earth, honest working man image, we don’t stand a chance in this fight.

    • Fag fash vs working class? One way is best? Bullshit.

      Every single white man should be able to transition from working class dirty carharts on the farm or in the machine shop – immediately – into a suit and tie and have a no fucks given alpha mannerism but still be refined, well read and intelligent and capable of smashing any woman he wants – and transition immediately yet again into body armor and be ready to make people bleed.

      Richards style and mannerisms are part of the equation. Much better than the snaggletoothed skinheads of the 90s. I agree he could man up a bit but none of us are perfect.

      • I agree with you Longrangejager, there should be multiple qualities in our men that bring out the ‘officer’ AND the ‘gentleman’. I grew up in a well to do environment, so I value education and some refinement, but I never wanted to live a refined life, so I left the metropolis and headed for the hills. I wanted to be a farmer actually. I love men with brains who can use them, but I also love men who can handle the rugged outdoor life as well. I love the mountains, nature, and hunting, fishing, and growing things. I love men who value their mind as well as their health and physique. I think our present world which endows that freedom of choice on all of us allows for all of that, and even promotes it. There is a place for people of all skills and a need for those with multiple skills. Diversity is key to any species or members of species survival and that includes the white race. We have abundance of diversity among us which is why we have been so successful. I embrace that.

      • I think your desire I should unrealistic. Do you personally live in flyover country, if you don’t mind I ask.

        These guys out here don’t want to put on a suit, let alone follow a guy who talks and dresses like a coastal elite, they’ve had their fill.

        The fact is the greatest number of potential allies, just waiting to be tapped into, are these “dirty hillbillies”. This is and should be the backbone of our movement.

        Nova is 1000% right up there.

    • Richard Spencer has a very pleasent image for European altrighters, in my opinion. The fact that he likes Depeche Mode and that dandy looks and posh haircut Bryan Ferry style helps a lot. The smooth empathy he displays when he talks to “enemies” and how articulate he is open doors at this side of the Ocean. I remember conversation he had with a liberal German journalist.
      But the man is Jared Taylor.

      • He doesn’t get the job done for the working class and blue collar whites in America. Nor the country folk and the middle class in flyover country. Add in his accent and he’ll turn more away then he’d gain.

        • True. Although working class whites have been used to think the intelectual class is the enemy and it is not historically true. I understand it is hard to process that an intelectual could be someone to trust but this is precisely the huge change the dissident right proposes: the intelectual, working and fighting classes united in brotherhood and purpose. It is a radical notion nowadays! The intelectual class has been THE enemy for so long we can’t fathom a thinker as an ally… but it can be, in the alt right class distinctions exists but they aren’t not enemies but brothers. Sex distinctions exist but they are not enemies but inseparable allies. This is the most radical notion of the dissident (and fascist) right, no sex or class war. In this sense yes, Richard is part of the intelectual elite but he’s one of us… however, in these time we live, that feels counter intuitive.

          • I agree with what you said. I do think we would be much better of with a leader who comes from working class roots and, at the same is a self made intellectual. It’s easier imo to attempt to appeal upwards versus downwards.

    • There are multiple groups across the land. First we need a bare minimum base doctrin. That each group agrees on but still allows for their differing ideologies (Dominique Venner was woke on this, read: for a positive critique)

      This way multiple speakers can exist and we know ideologically they are allies, we can then appeal to multiple ideological whites amongst us, and have the shill trolls turn down the volume.

      Nationalist unity is the next line that we must cross.

      This brought the left to power and it is how we will create new institutions to take the power back, much more peacefully than most believe.

    • I like Richard very much but I’d concede that he mistakes being a thinker with being a leader. To be a leader is to be a blunt inspiration, not a subtle philosopher. BUT! absurd skinhead masculinity does not work and it is idiocracy territory. I think, a refined ruthless and strong leader is the classic type of leadership we must rediscover. Not only but I’m all for loyalty and hyerarchy so as long as Spencer remains leader, I’m 100% loyal to him no questions asked.

      • Wow. I see Richard in completely the opposite way. I don’t think he is a particularly subtle thinker. That is Greg Johnson’s and Millenial Woes’ department. Of course, Millenial Woes is not just a thinker, but also an exceptionally courageous leader. He is

        Richard Spencer, on the other hand, is inspiring, and has broad appeal. I don’t think we’ve seen the best of him yet.

    • Richard Spencer is exactly the type of pro-white leader that the establishment fears most.-Educated, well spoken, well dressed, handsome, fit. He has put his body on the line and been attacked multiple times. Sure, if he conducted himself more like George Lincoln Rockwell, we might have more people ready to face assaults in the streets. But from the way Richard alludes to Bismarck, I’m sure he understands the BALANCE it will take to get us from one step to the next. Our ideas have to win out before we triumph in the street.

      • Yet he has no appeal to the group of Americans the establishment fears most, blue collar, middle class, country whites with all the guns and ammo. This is the issue. When your average joe who lives in Oklahoma sees Richard, he doesn’t see a leader, let alone somebody relatable, and these are the very guys who are locked, stocked and ready to roll. Mind you, there al also millions of them out there.

        I’m not bashing Richard, he’s a good man and has done a lot, but he’s not the AH or Octavian we need.

        • I hear you brother. Check this out though. AWESOME presentation on how Germany was 90% socialist/communist just a few years leading up to 1933. Different people had to be appealed to in different ways. (Start @ 15:00)

        • We aren’t going to let our movement be run by hillbillies just so we can get inbred Mississippians on our side.

          • I have to clarify, I have nothing against rednecks. I just think letting our movement be RUN by them is a terrible idea,

          • Dude, you’re way off base. For one, where did I say run by? Secondly, if you don’t believe that there is top blood out here worthy and capable of leadership then you’re just a little ignorant, coastal elitist.

            Have you personally met an inbred country boy?
            Sounds like your spewing Hollywood Jew propaganda.

            I don’t think you’ve ever even left the suburbs or the city, if that’s the case then you don’t know anything about the people out here.
            Go take a vacation and travel, you have the same mentality towards fly over country and both the Jews and the coastal elite.

            Ignore these dirty “hillbillies” and “rednecks” all you want but there are millions of them with tens of millions of guns and hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo, and they’re all ready for war. They will not follow an effete elitist though and without them we’ll lose.

  • This is a point I’ve often made.

    Vince, another point that needs to get out there is that Whites must be concerned with preserving their entire biological genome, i.e., the average or ordinary people as well as the “supermen.” (As to our degenerates, they can go to hell.) The “supermen” Whites and the ordinary White people need each other like the blooms of a plant need the stems, leaves, and roots, and vice-versa. We are one sheaf, one vine. If we want Beethovens and Hitlers, we are going to have to give a major damn about honest cobblers, washerwomen, and minor officials, so-called “rednecks” and “hicks.” Those people are going to have to be taken pretty good care of, just like a farmer protects his roots of his crops from frost and rot.

  • Very good point altogether but, just a small secondary consideration on your article ….did we get to the moon?
    Not so sure anymore.
    I am a very moderate conspiracy theorist , I am a “centrist ” on the subject of the various out there theories and conspiracies , one who repels many of them , labeling them as ridiculous or just confused and confusing , BUT, after some research and then some more on the issue ….I would not bet everything I have on the fact that we truly landed on the moon now.

  • no one seems (able?) or willing to stand up to Tyrone, Abdullah and Jose anymore

    ok what´s the reason for that:
    a)rationalism: Whites are mind-oriented, and weak on feeling. Anybody doubts that on a FEELING-BASIS, everybody KNOWS that the nigger doesn´t belong to us !!!??
    It is that we don´t dare to accept FEELING as a valid argument that we could ever be in this situation where no-effing-body wants a nigger and yet no-effing-body is able to defend that stance!

    b)”Group” : the underestimated factor: why doesn´t anybody dare to speak up against the overlords? Because GOING AGAINST THE OWN GROUP is the hardest thing ever !
    Soldiers throw themselves into the battle against the enemy: but they won´t dare to go against their own group.

    The jew knows that and staged a fake group consensus that, because it´s impossible to go against the own group, is now obligatory.

    Solution: the law of attraction. Simply ask: what am I attracted to. That´s the simple way to employ feeling and bypass the mind.

    I feel attracted to the White group and unattracted to mixed groups (evidence A: self-segregation).
    Simple as that.

  • Christopher Titus has a nice bit on this theme. He says on stage that he’s going to solve race relations, and ends up getting the entire audience to chant in unison “I’M WHITEY AND I APOLOGIZE”. Then he adds “And you better accept our apology, cuz see how fast we get organized?”

  • I agree completely. If you even need to question your right to exist, you are already on the path to decadence. I don’t care if my people are the most objectively stupid, inept and primitive race on Earth. I don’t even care if someone can objectively prove we don’t have a right to exist. I’m going to fight for my people’s existence, for wholly subjective reasons. I love European culture. I love white women. I love classical Western art. I love my family, and I want my people to live. It’s not any more compacted than that.

  • Good article as always. Allow me to channel my inner grammar Nazi. Its is the possessive form of it. It’s is the contraction of it is.

    • Anything typed on a phone is subject to automatic spell check “corrections” in error. (Maddeningly, my spell check not only changes “its” to “it’s” but also capitalizes “jew,” which I don’t want to do.) Correcting these “corrections” requires meticulous proofreading and repeated attempts at correction. So unless the writer has the patience of a copy editor, or types on a desktop, there are going to be annoying little glitches in these articles. Something unfortunate that we must tolerate until AR can hire a dedicated copy editor.

  • Intrinsic, unconditional human worth? Shit, that’s what Jews and nonwhites have been telling you for millennia! Great to see you’re finally catching on!

  • I truly feel we are the only race that can be both domesticated & savage! The cool thing about us is that we know when to use what. Now we just have to not give a crap about other race’s feelings when we use the tribal savage side. White Women need to start valuing this savage side of White Men.

    • I definitely value it! Here is what I want: White men who are

      (1) ruthless savages in their dealings with any potential threat.
      (2) Civil and cooperative with non-threatening outsiders, at arms length.
      (3) Gentle providers towards White women.
      (4) Supportive brothers towards their White male peers, and
      (5) Caring mentors to the young White men who will take their place at the helm of our society.

      Are these expectations reasonable? Can one person be all these things at the same time? This is the White man question?

      • 1) most of us white nationalists are
        2 most of us are
        3 white women in their current state are unworthy
        4 most of us are
        5 most here, definitely are

        • Why do you insist on ignoring the fact that some of us are worthy? Will you refuse to support a Wife until all of White womanhood is redeemed in your eyes?

          • Jesus Lexi, even if you are the exception, why can’t you accept the fact that the majority of white women, in this day and age, are cheap skanks.

            The exception does not disprove the rule, by its very nature it enforces it. I don’t come on here “to hate” on white women. There’s nothing more pleasing to the eye than a white women. They’re supremely cute as children, they make my blood flow and adrenaline pump as adults, and they’re even a beauty to be beheld in old age, if they age gracefully with acceptance.

            That said, we don’t do ourselves any favors if we are not honest about their current condition. Merely wifing them up and kicking out the muds is not enough. We need to reinforce a patriarchical structure so that the majority of women, instead of being un chaste by viritue of the situation, can become chaste by virtue of a strong masculine structure.

          • No offense here really, Barnabas, but what about the men who sleep around, cheat or are abusive? Does that make them skanks too? Are they any better or worse than the women who have not been able to find ‘Mr. Right’? If men don’t think they have anything to lose, because women are forced to stay with them, do you think men will find more reason to be faithful? I think that’s doubtful. Additionally, if a woman doesn’t manage to find the perfect match, that doesn’t mean they will want a non-white man. I certainly never have. I don’t find PoC men attractive at all. Pretty sure it’s nature. Where does love figure into this? Even without love, if a woman is devoted to producing white babies as a primary goal, a variety of fathers provides a variety of genetics thereby increasing diversity and the chances of survival of the ‘best’ genetics if well chosen stock is used, skankiness aside. I mean in that context, it’s all about genetics and survival of the race. Actually, community is truly important when it comes to tribal goals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely monogamous, so I’m not promoting polyamory or polygamy, just postulating and wondering what your reasoning is there saying women who are not virgins are therefore skanks. I mean I do agree that in our present society women AND men have gotten way too loose with their sexuality, (thanks to our lovely, extraordinarily screwed up, Jewed up culture) but many people have just had bad luck in honest relationships with bad partners and such. That, and a great many innocent young women looking for love get conned into being flat out used by bad men, even if it is considered consensual. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a crazy world these days. Do you differentiate between the loose skank, and the unlucky lover and do you have forgiveness for the latter? Just curious.

          • You know, if these so called “white alphas( around 20% of white men) we’re putting babies in the dozens of young white women they were fucking, then that’d be one thing, but as it stands all they do is use the young girls up, wasting their formative years and then a decade later after the girl has a notch count of 20 she settles down with a real “beta”, not just a simple nice fella but a real pussy, soy boy. This is detrimental to the white gene pool.

            As you can see I do not let the womanizer off the hook, some are less culpable than others but everyone who participates is responsible.

            In theory I’m not against polygamy. As I see it, a man who can maintain multiple women under his roof, should be allowed to breed with them. What you do with the other men left out is the problem. A very serious problem, enough so to put polygamy completely off the table, except for a select few of exceptional genetic makeup.

            The truth is that nowadays women cannot select sexually in a way that’s benefits society as a whole. As it stands now they choose the baddest, most charming, and those with the highest time preference. Women don’t choose any of the young intelligent autists we have in our movement and imo there genes should be spread along it’s the true alpha leaders.

            Women need coverture and men need a selection of young, chaste, white brides.

          • To specifically answer your last question. Yes I do have compassion for all whites, except the traitors. I don’t hold women responsible because I don’t belive they can be so. They need strong male guidance, discipline, and structure.But they’re not off the hook and need to be placed back in check and shamed, all the same.

          • There you stupid whores go again equalizing blame to include men when it is all women. Newsflash… Men can’t be ‘sluts’ just like women can’t be rapists. Oh by the way…women LOVE womanizers. Just stop it already.

          • Nailed it! Key phrases;

            -Awful men “seduce” innocent, chaste women
            -A variety of fathers increases genetic diversity(?)
            -Women should always have a “way out” (no fault divorce)

            This chick is a skanky feminist

          • Women like men with strength and confidence for sure. But we don’t like men who are phony cons, users or abusers. Acting like you would prefer dragging us around by the hair is not going to help this movement, btw. If you cannot attract decent women, (with brains and discerning taste in men), then what good will any of this do? The simple mathematics and biology won’t equate, and we will all lose.

            Fact is, if you have one man who is of low quality genetics, but the movement promotes more women to one man, what are you going to get? More situations like the recent discovery in CA, where numerous children are being chained to beds and lucky if they can ever have a normal life? Use your brain here. Confining ALL women to one man may not be the best idea, strategically. Like I said, I’m very monogamous, but I’m thinking about the biological equation for this movement.

            Btw, I’m not looking for a partner, btw. My reasoning for being here goes far beyond my own ego, or needs. So, whether or not you ‘forgive’ my actions is immaterial to me. It’s not about me. I’m just trying to get you guys to think a little more outside your male ego-centric box here in regards to women, which may do more harm than greater good at the moment. The goal w/ procreation is about producing more white people of good quality, right? Most men (people in general) are going to think themselves good quality with the right to reproduce and endow the world w/ their genetic strain. A huge ego doesn’t make one superior in reality. Nature provides variety for a reason and that is diverse genes for optimal survival, and as a boon possible evolutionary assets. You don’t need to like what I’m saying. All I want you guys to do is think more maturely, and restrain the inner cave man a little for the sake of practicality and progress towards success. Just a little input.

          • No, you dumb cunt. Here are the NEW rules (actually they have always been this way until the last 50 years)… We are going to do what we want and you worthless bitches are going to follow us no matter what. Why? Because women are hopelessly attracted to power and status. You can puke-post your way to oblivion, but that does not change STATISTICS. Look at the BELL CURVE. The only variance in women are negligible outliers. There are no ‘brainy’ girls because even the smartest women cannot compete with the top standard deviation of men in ANYTHING. Why are men/women segregated in chess? In sports? Why is affirmative action everywhere? Don’t insult me, bitch, with your casual misandry where you reflexively compare white men to cave men…JUST LIKE A NIGGER. Your man-shaming days are over. Better get your ninja suit ready because you’re going to be the first one sold to Libyan slavers once we institute white sharia and make good relations with foreign countries. The first rule is to NEVER listen to a woman. There is no feminine ‘mystique’ – that is just an excuse to mask how empty women’s minds truly are. Men lead, women bleed.

          • Weimar Republican: people like you should be banned from posting. I’m ashamed of people like you in this movement. At least have some friggin decency when you talk. You sound like a 40 year old lowlife scum virgin who’s madly pissed off at women for not giving you any pussy. You’re an embarrassment to the white race and this movement.

          • Twitter bans those with differing opinions. Maybe you should be there or you could just get your T levels up.

          • To be fair, most white men today are cucked little faggots. And your right that most white woman are crazy feminist whores. Does that mean we should demonize them because they have been lead astray? As I said both our men and woman have been infected with the disease called modern society, we should be trying to get them back on the right path, not attacking them. I very strongly believe that if we resort to infighting ( men vs woman, Mediterraneans vs Nordics, Slavs vs Germans, etc.) we are all doomed.

          • I don’t think there’s any correlation between the women question and division upon ethnic lines. The latter is out of the question, we’re re all white.

            But, yes think we should demonize them as we should the cucked faggots, in order to make them see the error of their ways and come to the right side.

            The problem is that, some of the women in our movement and some men cannot distinguish between stating that most women act like whores and saying that all women are whores and will forever be so.

          • Eh, all women ARE whores, some just have a tighter leash. No sense in me beating around the bush

          • All women are born with whore instincts. It takes a woman with discipline and class to keep her instincts at bay and invest her youth and beauty instead of squandering it.

            Also generally true for men, but unrestrained male sexuality is not as destructive to civilization.

          • Yes. It’s a subject that needs a little nuance. Defending all white women and claiming they’re not mostly whores, ATM, does us no good.

      • Ha! You think if these people create their own society theyre going to respect women?!?!?!

        Youre at the wrong party.

        Youll be grouped in just like evry other straw man for these peoples failures…

        Wake up

      • I agree Lexi!

        I think that the sort of character you describe does and can exist. I’ve known men like that, and I’ve known ruthless cads as well. Being that I’m a bit of a tough woman myself (physically as well as mentally), I do like men who are likewise tough and undeniably masculine, but not to the point of brutish. My first boyfriend was a 6’3″ body builder, gentle giant, (but who cheated on me incessantly) and my daughter’s father is a 6’2″ cowboy asshole, (hung out w/ too many Blackfeet Indians in the past, drinking. So even tho he’s sober now, I can’t let him near my place or he’ll steal things) I have also known the ‘Lover not Fighter’ types and honestly, I’m sure you’ll agree, most good women don’t like feeling like they’re wearing the pants in the family. That is also nature. Women who are in tough environments like to be with men who make them feel protected and cared for, but some men can themselves make a woman feel unsafe. It’s a balancing act of strength and character for both genders depending on the environment they are living in.

        It’s all in the mind. Health in the body and mind are inseparable and it is the men who understand this implicitly and focus on health who will win the respect they deserve. They won’t drink too much because they have the strength to stop when they should. They won’t do drugs or eat junk food and will take care of their health and exercise regularly. Meditating, or walking in nature helps to keep the mind focused and calm. Men like this are strong of mind and intellect as well. They will also influence those around them. It is because of my body builder first boyfriend that I learned how to exercise and stay fit when I was a young teen. Then the cowboy helped me learn how to live in the mountains, now on my own. Many men, including my gentle giant father who was a bridge engineer, have taught me graciousness on so many levels, and how to value my mind and a lifelong education. I’m ultimately grateful for every experience, but seriously, respect and devotion come when both parties are respectful and protective and caring, in addition to tough as nails when the situation sees fit. Just remember that health is about the mind every bit as much as the body and a healthy, well cultivated mind and kind heart are also invaluable to a family and community. Brains are damn sexy too, and it’s the white man who should be taking the best advantage of that incredibly valuable asset.

        • Your “agency” led you to produce offspring with a drunken injun. Now, please give me some more instructions on what I should think.

          • Oh, he’s not an Injun. He is pure 6’2, blonde haired, blue eyed German, and one lean, mean bad-assed mfr. Been in more fights in one week of his youth than most men see in a lifetime. The kind of man most of you here want to emulate. His sister’s hair is almost white. In fact there is speculation that his family may be related to Nazis. They changed their name. Jews didn’t need to do that. He regretfully married an indian woman in his younger years. But he’s very white, and white-minded, and doesn’t like Af Americans at all. He will be the first to tell you about Blackfeet Indian’s own barbaric, not to mention racist behavior. I’ve seen it myself. The Kootenai and Salish, who are very different and decent people, don’t even like them for historical reasons. He wasn’t hanging out with the Blackfeet when I met him tho, so I thankfully didn’t have to endure the worst of his historical character during his drinking years. But, he is still pretty roguish.

            My beautiful daughter has incredible long red hair, and skin so white it’s impossible for her to tan. I used to call her my red-headed snow white. In fact, I’m not involved in this movement for my own sake. I have 3 beautiful white children in this world. It is only for them and their future, and that of all white youth, that I want to fight for freedom.

          • Longrangejager, I replied to your comment earlier, but it didn’t go through I suppose. The man who is my daughter’s father is pure blonde haired, blue eyed German. He had a Blackfeet Indian wife in his younger years. All my 3 children are white, two that have skin so white they cannot tan, tyvm.

            In regards to other comments here made by other men, most women don’t appreciate being called a ‘traitor’, ‘skank’, or ‘whore’. Women do have feelings. Ya know, I like tough men, but not rude, misogynistic ones. Some of you boys are going to scare off any women with a mind and backbone to use it. Good luck on producing decent children, or any at all with the attitude many of you have. Sounds like some of you should not be producing at all. If you manage to I’m sure it won’t be with a woman of decent stock who bothers to waist her time with men who demean and belittle her treating her like little more than a cow. Wake up gentlemen. The world isn’t the way it is because women have been in charge, so being angry at us doesn’t work. It’s just going to make you look immature, petty and insecure. Not a good start for any ‘ethno-state’. Not that I’m too worried. I was not looking to be part of it. I was trying to help, but not if it means putting up with this asinine sexist crap.

      • You got it just right. I like to think that one should be as ruthless as polite. Just ruthless gets you a Jew, just polite gets you a soyboy, ruthless and polite gets you the western man.

    • Yes, it’s time for the savage aspect of white men to come to the forefront.
      The “blonde beast” desperately needs to reassert himself.

      You do bring up a good point about white women needing to help promote tbe predatorial white male. They all instinctively love it, even today, but unless you are in certain areas of the country, a truly masculine specimen is hard to find. That is why a lot of suburban white girls look towards niggers and spics. Unlike the White Man they have no way of ever being civilized, so dispensing the barbaric is never even an option for them. Unfortunately they do not have our higher instincts and intelligence, so these white women always end up getting fucked up and truly abused.

      • There’s plenty of “savage” among White men, Barnabas. And misogynistic savagery dominates the alt-right. How many time have you guys called women “whores”, “dogs”, “destroyers”, and “landwhales”? How many times have you wished they were your legal property, unable to vote, work, travel or even speak without your permission? And let’s not forget your rock-bottom of woman-hating: “WHITE SHARIA”. Alt-right “men” are among the most savage in this country.

        • Take your little nigger, soy boy faggotry elsewhere. I don’t want you soiling my comments, let alone the comment section.

        • Yet rape and harrassment are far more typical features of “allies” than the mean, mean alt-righters. Really gets your noggin joggin’.

        • Rude and broken men are not savages, we are weak and confused. We’ve been for too long. At least it happened to me, when I got red pilled I was mad at the world, women, everything and everyone and I wanted to lash out. Now I still think democracy is a failure and women should not have the same political power as men but I am not mad, I just want results and help us get to where we should be. Rage is the natural state of arrival into the alt right, we grow out of it.

  • The problem is, whenever White people show balls, certain influential people cry about “optics.” Apparently we are always supposed to look and act like brown-nosing boyscouts or the alt-right immediately disappears.

    Thing is, the lesser races value optics above all else. When they see “polite, good Christian” Whites, they see weakness. All they have to do is play a little unfair and escalate to violence a little to quickly and they’ll get whatever they want.

    We need to look the part. Embrace your inner viking, crusader, highlander, etc. Lift bros, take boxing or mma classes. Get a fashy haircut or a MAGA hat. Act like a warrior and present yourself as a warrior. Everyone, especially the mud people, will show you more respect, even fear you.

    • You’re conflating issues here.

      Besides looking like boy scouts is done to convince the timid middle-class types to give our ideas a shot, not to intimidate non-Whites.

      What works as an intimidating banner against non-Whites scares away Homo Suburbanus. We’re not at the stage to start fighting block battles with non-Whites, so why go super edgy and hardcore at this point?

      • We’re pretty close to that tipping point. The old White Boomers are fading out fast. Brown Nation is taking over (look at California). Forward-thinking Whites ought to consider getting on top of the future and moving into “project strength to the muds” mode now.

        • I’m not a fan of tooting anyone’s horn, but I’ve been seeing your comments a lot lately, and I’m somewhat impressed. You have your thinking in the correct place, we need to get more here to see things as we do.

  • Jews are obsolete historical relics. They really need to justify their existence in the 21st Century.

  • I had the exact same response when I watched this video yesterday.

    The argument seems to be that we need to preserve white people because we’re good at innovating technology and we create comfortable societies.

    These arguments didn’t really sit well with me, and the racial IQ argument doesn’t sit well with me either. Obviously I think intelligence is a virtue of white people, but I’m not in the Altright so that we can maximize overall IQ test performance for the general world population. I don’t care if every person on Earth has an iPhone or if Amazon can create automated grocery stores. The conclusion of these arguments is that if non-whites can maintain a first-world technological landscape and an easy comfortable life, then it is ok if white people go extinct.

    I’m interested in far-right politics because I think the European people are a beautiful race with a tremendous history and unique visionary spirit. I want to continue my race for aesthetic reasons first, as part of a wider process of self-actualization. For the experience of having an authentic community that has authentic spiritual goals, and a deep and clear sense of its own Being in the world. A caterpillar does not ask whether or not it should grow wings and become a moth, just as a lion does not question whether or not it is wrong to hunt and kill the gazelle. The instinct to survive, conquer, and create is not grounded in reason, but in man’s pre-rational sense of Being.

    Our enemies have no rational justification for why they strive for our destruction other than that it will enhance their sense of power. Our only option is to meet them as competitors on the world stage of Being. The cowards believe that by submission and ignorance they will maintain their sense of comfort and stability under a foreign hegemony, but this is an illusion. Reality will eventually come for us all, even to those great avoiders, and everyone will be forced to rediscover the true meaning of things.

    • I am in total sympathy and agreement with you and VL. MW has said that he thinks White survival is axiomatic. You either value our existence, or you don’t. There is really nothing to argue about.

      I think that is mostly true. That said, I do think some people start at race realism, develop a greater appreciation for true human diversity, and eventually embrace White nationalism.

      I don’t really know if this approach is worth pursuing or not, but I do know the criteria should not be whether or not the argument appeals to the already passionately committed White nationalist. If it leaves a sour taste in our mouths, but nevertheless seems to work, I think Alt-Hype should carry on with it. As Jared Taylor has said, the more different approaches we have, the more likely something will work.

      • I consider the Alternative Hypothesis to be a great asset in the propaganda war.
        He has a strong grasp of scientific and academic argumentation and thoroughly destroys our critics’ attempts at attacking us (e.g., the skeptics, Kraut, civic nationalists, etc.). We’re lucky to have him because he actually has the patience to deal with the left’s dissimulated arguments in detail, and to present arguments for our position in a way that is easy for everyone to understand.

        With that said I strongly disagree with his arguments for white survival as presented in this video. The desire to fight for one’s existence and the future of one’s kin requires no rational justification. This desire is the essence of life itself. Nationalistic and patriotic white men are those who either have the strongest instinct to survive, or the clearest minds, or both. Fascism is first and foremost a realistic revolution.

  • I agree we do not need to justify our existence to anyone, but showing off statistics on white innovation and invention is a good way to prove the superiority of our people.

  • Same sort of thing happened with the Chinese. The Chinese under the Qing were massacred wholesale and the pigtail was a sign of docile subservience to the Qing horsemen.

    That is why the Chinese pigtail is a sign of shame for Chinamen all over. It literally is a sign and symbol of defeat and submission.

    Europeans didn’t have their strongest die like that. What made Europe unique compared to China was how it was unconquerable. That is why there are castles all over in Europe.

    Now the question is: what will be the pigtail that ZOG forces upon whites?

    • We don’t get a symbol of defeat, they just kill us all. That’s why ZOG mostly uses Africans, Mestizos and Muslims. Asians would be tempted to just enslave us.

      Haiti, Rhodesia and Detroit were ethnically cleansed of Europeans. South Africa is almost done, USA, Canada, Australia and Europe are coming alone nicely.

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