AltRight Politics: DACA Babies, Women’s March, Irish Abortion Referendum, Turks in Syria

Listen to “January 24, 2018 – DACA Babies, Women’s March, Irish Abortion Referendum, and Turks invade Syria” on Spreaker.
Monday night at the Hate Loft with Richard, Don, Evan and Greg.

1) Government shutdown. What deal is Trump aiming for?

2) Women’s March. Is intersectionality tenable? (starts 26.52)

3) Abortion referendum in Ireland. The Irish will vote this year on repealing their constitution’s 8th amendment, which prohibits abortion. (starts 58:54)

4) Turkish Incursion into Syria. Don breaks down the complex politicking that makes the Middle East such a wonderful place. (starts 1:22:22)


Unsere Grenzerkompanie

British Grenadiers

No Power Can Overcome the SAA

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