AltRight Politics: DACA Babies, Women’s March, Irish Abortion Referendum, Turks in Syria

Listen to “January 24, 2018 – DACA Babies, Women’s March, Irish Abortion Referendum, and Turks invade Syria” on Spreaker.
Monday night at the Hate Loft with Richard, Don, Evan and Greg.

1) Government shutdown. What deal is Trump aiming for?

2) Women’s March. Is intersectionality tenable? (starts 26.52)

3) Abortion referendum in Ireland. The Irish will vote this year on repealing their constitution’s 8th amendment, which prohibits abortion. (starts 58:54)

4) Turkish Incursion into Syria. Don breaks down the complex politicking that makes the Middle East such a wonderful place. (starts 1:22:22)


Unsere Grenzerkompanie

British Grenadiers

No Power Can Overcome the SAA

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  • DACA is real and physical: the breeding bodies are here. Concessions in law regarding chain migration and the visa lottery are words on paper. They can be overturned by the next administration.

    I think the boys are ideologically committed to the goal of a non-White California- or Venezuela-tier majority in America, for strategic (?) reasons. Certainly you won’t hear them discuss the significance of the recent factoid that Whites in America are back above replacement-level breeding. If not inundated by any amnesty (and if Trump-tier controls on immigration are put in place), Whites will turn around the “We Are Doomed” demographic and wash out the mud in a generation or two, and retain our majority – an intrinsically good thing to have, for anyone who understands how nature works.

    Why the boys are hot for a South African or Zimbabwean ultimate future for Whites in America is an interesting mystery. Do they believe that a White minority will “rise up” (the Awakened Saxon theory) in America from a position of enormously weakened might, even though this has failed to happen no matter what part of the globe one searches for example? What ARE the boys thinking?

    • It’s Camillo’s “burn everything down” “accelerationist” nihilism that the White peoples do NOT need. The goal is to REPLACE the bad, which one does by building up the good. The goal is construction. Destroying everything is not a way to eliminate the bad; it entrenches it. It’s destruction.

      It’s this nihilism, as well as the not-rare own goals of promoting child porn use and having black servants/lovers, and just the general juvenile unseriousness of the Spencerian Alt-Right, that makes me loath to support it. It seems suspicious. That’s my honest thought.

      • What’s suspicious about Richard Spencer? Just curious. I don’t always agree with him, but I think he makes his views well-known. The only real fault I have with Spencer is sometimes I do think he gives too much consideration for reality when it comes to conceding on certain issues. For example, in this podcast he discussed the potential for having to concede on amnesty for the DACA Babies. While I intellectually agree that’s likely a requirement to get everything else we want in a future deal, I think we should at least attempt to make a deal without amnesty before we cave. Other than that, I find Spencer to be a typical member of the Alt Right with views that are logical for people in our “party.”

        • Heilgate; black-servant gate; promotion of child porn and bullying; advocacy of amnesty of millions of non-Whites in exchange for reversable words on paper (arguing that total surrender is “realistic”), of socialized medicine, of Whites *unnecessarily* becoming a minority in America; and more – it all adds up to something that, if it isn’t controlled opposition, might as well be. At best, it isn’t my cup of tea.

          • I think I missed the promotion of child porn issue. I’ve seen a couple of other comments on that subject. Can you fill me in on what happened? Why are people saying that?

  • Great discussion on DACA. I wholeheartedly agree with the Eternal Normie. Of course, we don’t want to grant amnesty for anyone, but the price for granting some kind of path (hopefully a long path) to citizenship for the DACA Babies is worth it. It’s worth it if we get the wall, end chain migration, etc. We have to accept that the lefty globalists exist and they have votes in Congress. We’ll have to give them at least that. On a side note, I think it was the Frenchman who noted that this still doesn’t prevent us from becoming minorities someday, and it should be stated that we need to reproduce more. Yes, we’re responsible and realistic as a people when it comes to determining how many children we have, but the country needs us to step up and make it happen. I have two children and honestly, that’s probably all we’ll have since we’re 35. But, all these white people who aren’t having any children at all, we need to encourage them to reconsider.

  • The chaos of the Middle East began with the Sykes/Picot agreement of May 16, 1916. When Great Britain and France drew up the modern lines of the Middle East under the Sykes Picot Agreement Israel was central to that agreement. Israel was central to this agreement because the Rothschild promised to save England, France, and Russia from certain defeat.
    It was a defeat the Colonial Empires of England and France could not afford, nor could Russia. The Rothschild promised the entry of America and in return England and France must set the groundwork for the formation of Israel.
    The Sykes/Picot agreement was done in secret by two highly skilled nations who knew the Middle East region and all her complex ethnic groups well. Yet it was executed in a manner to ensure the greatest amount of instability.
    It was a map meant
    -To keep the region hostile against each other
    -To keep western powers in that region
    -To empower Israel as the superpower
    All of those requirements have been met by masters at strategy in order to save their Empires from being defeated by Germany.
    That agreement which created Israel and a world of chaos around her has been maintained by America going on 100 years. What I cannot figure is why the Kurds were left out.
    Are the Kurds the “wild card” meant to ensure chaos if the region somehow finds a solution for peaceful co existence?

  • Your choices for personal favorite Irishmen are weak.

    As everyone knows:

    “The only good Irishman is an Anglo-Irishman.”

    And the greatest of these is Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington.

    You’re all a bunch of snail-eating Bonapartists.

  • This is small potatoes but I’ve always noticed the young woman portrayed in the cover art has a pierced lip and for this is likely a degenerate coal burner. Short of calling her dad, can someone photoshop that out?

  • stephen millers understands the stakes lolololol. he is a NEOCON!!!!!!!!!! like the rest, they tell us what we want to hear on immigration so they have the power to get what they want for israel HELLO!!! anybody home

  • political reality yes. how can we even talk about conceding anything here though when we havent even started with the overseas crap? madness! we act like he pulled out of syria but only because it was lost. he ramped up elsewhere. mad dog is pure zog.
    over 25% of term is done and we got nothing but not h1b1 visas come back with questions rather than automatic stamps. that isnt winning. it is election year in russia. they get a shill in there, iran is F’d and we become the focus point. dont give them an inch, ever. almost every single person let them self slide left just got he got elected. should have been the opposite. the battle just started

  • Considering the enormous amount of mudsharks in Europe, abortion is good.

    Encouraging abortion among non white women would be fantastic, too.

  • Ive been saying that if Trump gets the wall and chain migration, I’d be fine with a qualified DACA, that could even be a path to citizenship. 15 years of NO crimes (instant deportation and seizure of property to pay for it), NO reliance on social welfare programs, must either be in school (no govt help) or consistently working, and paying x amount of taxes. Only a small fraction will get to achieve that, and we will have gotten everything we wanted. Add some legislation that supports whites having babies and we are starting to reverse course.

    • What do we do about the 30 million illegal Mestizos already here though. I’d say they need to be deported, what say you.

      • Deport. Easy peasy. Just don’t let the left win over the entire right with crying daca babies. Give them reasonable but very hard to follow requirements for continued protected status (see above), and make deportation justified by the very legislation that the left signed. Thats a win, and its doable right now.

        • Also, this strategy puts Democrats and Cuckservatives in an impossible situation where they are forced to answer for why they’re against this plan. I’d love to hear a Dem say, “just because you commit a felony or go on welfare doesn’t mean we should deport you.” That’s not a good look to most Americans and we’ll win that argument without saying a word.

    • So, that scab wage Latino worker protects you from a REAL threat to your life – $20 almonds and $40 salads – and, in return, you deport him for needing welfare to supplement his tuppence. Gonna do the same to Walmart, where nearly 100% of the full-time employees are on welfare? No? Well, that’s a double-standard, so it won’t cut legal muster. Even if it did, you wouldn’t “reverse” course. You’d just gut your health and quality of life. Whites will END their course without affordable food, clothes, and child/household/health care. So will everyone else. Get ready for alt-dystopia, if we don’t create a path to citizenship for Dreamers.

  • sorry to Boomer post but how do I get Alt Right Plus content to work with Podcast Addict? The non pay cuck wall RSS feed works fine

    • It’s a good question, a lot of people are wondering the same thing. The guys actually don’t have an RSS feed for their Plus content just yet. You have to access each MP3 or video through each individual Plus post on the website. For their strictly audio posts, the MP3’s are usually available to listen and download through Spreaker or directly through I’ve converted most of their Plus videos into MP3’s, and I have posted the links to those MP3’s in the comment sections of those Plus posts (just please don’t share the links or the files). You can download the MP3’s to your device, then choose Podcast Addict to open them up. Hope this helps,


    • I posted a detailed response just a few minutes ago…for some reason the site did not recognize me as a Plus member and my comment is ‘awaiting moderation.’ FML lol.
      They are still working out all of the kinks on the techno end of things, and they are experimenting with different modes of Plus content delivery. They don’t have an RSS feed for Plus content just yet. In the meantime, you can download each MP3 through each individual Plus post, and you can open it with Podcast Addict. I’ve converted their videos into MP3’s, and the links to those MP3’s can be found in the comment section of each Plus post that contains a video (please don’t share the links or the files, of course). Welcome aboard.

        • So if you have sex every day does your foreskin get all stretched out? Pretty sure the dick has more friction going on than the labia outside the vagina. Maybe it only happen if it’s fucking different pussies and not just the same one over and over again? fascinating stuff

          • Nope. The man’s parts incur less wear-and-tear than the woman’s parts. As always, women bear the physical brunt of their relationships with “loved ones”. And, Barnabas is ‘yugely ignorant and misogynistic about this issue. Women’s so-called “roast beef” is usually caused by PREGNANCY! Not by any “cock carousel”. Also, why not blame the men for the “carousel”? It’s not like men are compassionate when women choose to abstain from vaginal intercourse. Most of them won’t even tolerate “no” for one night! These comments about women are brutal, dishonest, childish, and ridiculous!

          • Bullshit, I’ve fucked women with 3+ kids who did not have it and I’ve fucked 22 year olds with zero kids who had it.

          • Barnabas, you don’t know how many of your partners had “roast beef” (My God, that buzzphrase is a new rock-bottom for this website!). Surgery can resize and reshape women’s genitalia, and women may have it either before pregnancy or after pregnancy.

          • Oh yeah? Go fist your self for a couple weeks straight and see what happens to your vagina.

          • Why are you white knighting for this nigger.

            Does your dick turn brown after all the asshole you plow?

  • PKK, The Kurdistan Workers’ Party, was the KGB project conceived in the early ’80s to weaken Turkey, the nearest NATO member to the Soviet Union. That is why the leading Kurdish Groups are images of the former SU.

    In addition, despite a variety of languages and religions, Kurds are extremely communal in their local groups. This is despite centuries of assimilation. Therefore, a pure capitalism does suit these people.

    Peoples surrounding Kurds, as you all know, have a very negative opinion of them. In my neck of the woods, they would say the following: “Let a Kurd in your backyard and become a guest in your own house.” This explains a constant land grab by Kurdish groups.

    • But, if I had to pick which non-white nations I like the most, the Kurds make it near the top of the list. They look out for their own, which is the whole point of identitarian politics, for me. We look out for whites, because we’re white. They look out for Kurds, because they’re Kurds. Can’t fault them for that. Let them run buck wild in Northern Iraq. That’s where they belong. It’s their turf just like the USA is our turf.

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