Trump Is Officially Our Guy, He Was Always Our Guy

There’s a lot of politicking going on now in Washington. The gubmint shutdown, the DACA deal and something about arrests over memos and the FBI.

Can’t say I really understand what’s going on.

And I doubt that I’m the only one.

All this complicated political mumbo-jumbo is hard to follow. Trump needs to cut through the static and tell his voters and supporters what he’s up to.

That’s just how I feel. Can’t make anything out of it.

And imagine how good I felt when I saw this ad come out the other day from Trump’s Youtube.

Check this out:

Ah, well that clears things up, doesn’t it? A thirty second video that explains Trump’s stance on the topic and reinforces my desire to MAGA.

Look I get it. There were a lot of reasons to doubt Trump in the last year.

But deep down, this guy has to be on our side.

As right-wingers, and White Identitarians its hard to believe that there could ever be a president who was on our side.

Its been betrayal after betrayal for longer than most of us have even been alive. We’re suspicious. We’re quick to lash out.

I get that.

But we’re dealing with a guy that really does seem to care about Heritage america.

Again from the video:

Donald Trump was elected President to build the wall and keep American families safe from evil, illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes against lawful U.S. citizens, Yet, one year after President Trump’s Inauguration, Chuck Schumer and the Democrats continue to put the interests of illegal immigrants over those of Americans. Our new campaign ad draws attention to the stark contrast between ‘complicit’ Democrats and the President for his full commitment to build a wall and fix our border to protect Americans from drugs, murder and other atrocities.

This is the best video ever put out by the US government, nothing else comes close.

And this right on the heels of Shitholegate? Let’s just say that I’ve never felt more white-pilled on Trump.

Feels good, man. Feels very good.

Vincent Law
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  • I’m willing to see how the immigration reform is done before I write off Trump. I can stomach amnesty for DACA Babies (nobody else). But, in exchange for that, I’d want the wall and the end of chain/family migration. It’s really not a massive price to pay. Yes, I’m cucking a bit to even consider amnesty for DACA Babies, but to end the compounding effect of chain migration and to get the wall, it’s a deal we have to make right now. If we wait too long, Trump will get too close to re-election and won’t be able to do anything we want, especially if he fails to win in 2020. So, let’s get what we can now, then hope Trump wins re-election, and then we can go for the throat and start getting more aggressive with our demands. At that point, we can actually start implementing AR-friendly policy. We must back Trump, for now.

  • No, Trump is NOT our guy.
    Latest White House proposal:
    DACA legalization now, and voting citizenship for 1.8 million Dreamers in ten years.
    No E-verify requirement.
    Even Breitbart is pissed.

  • It’s very simple.

    If Jews want to use diversity against whites, whites should use diversity against Jews.

    Take Jews at their word and favor diversity against white ethno-tribalism. Don’t favor Israel and white Zionists over Palestinians, Iranians, and Muslims. If Diversity is about favoring beleaguered non-whites over privileged whites, which people are more oppressed than Palestinians and which people are more privileged than white Jews?So, by rules of Diversity, all whites should favor Palestinians over rich white Jews.

    The main reason why whites lose is because Jews use Diversity against whites but whites will not use Diversity against Jews. If white power were to come out for Palestinians and Iranians against Zionists, see how fast Jews change their tune. This is why Jews are so terrified of BDS and using white politicians to have it criminalized. BDS can make whites sympathize more with Palestinians over Jews.

    Now, why are whites in South Carolina serving Zionists against the pro-Diversity cause of BDS when Zionists like Reiner are using Diversity to turn SC ‘blue’?

    Serving the very enemy that goes all out to destroy you. That is why whites lose. It’s like a fight where one fighter only punches himself and tries to protect the very opponent who is punching and kicking him. That is a sure way to lose.

  • Rob Reiner of Malibu: “GOP Frightened to Death of the Browning of America”

    Mexicans and Central Americans must be frightened to death of brown people. Why else are they so desperate to flee their own brown nations to come to a less brown America? And why do illegals react with abject terror at the prospect of being sent back home to be with fellow brown people? Why is their ‘dream’ staying away from their own nations than being returned to them?

    And non-whites must be frightened to death of their own non-white nations. Why else do they try so hard to move to Europe, Canada, Australia, or America? Why do they come here to have babies? Every year, countless non-whites apply to permanently move to white majority nations.

    Most of these non-whites lack the will and determination to reform and fix their own nations. The West made great advances because of the agency of individuals to make a difference. They had the gall to face their own problems and fix them. Most non-whites lack such will and are incapable of fixing their own societies that remain corrupt or backward. So, their shortcut to a good life is moving to white nations and enjoying the fruits of what whites struggled so hard to achieve.

    Jews like Reiner are frightened to death of any solid gentile majority. That’s why they used Nakba to get rid of Palestinian majority that was replaced by a Jewish majority, and Jews have allowed only Jewish immigration and pro-Jewish natal policies to maintain Jewish majority in Israel.
    Nothing frightens Israeli Jews more than becoming a minority like whites in South Africa. Palestinian majority had to be destroyed for Jews to turn Palestine into Israel, a Jewish state.
    In the US and European nations, Jews cannot hope to become the majority. So, how do they break the power of the gentile majority? Via diversity of Mexicans in the US and of Muslims in Europe. Former white societies are then divided between white and non-white. More crucially, they are divided between white conservatives who are wary of demographic changes and white globalists who embrace diversity and love to virtue-signal by rules of PC. No more white unity. Those wedges make for further penetration of Jewish power.

    As for whites who grew up in postwar era, they inherited the good life made possible by their predecessors. Because they didn’t have to struggle to make the world better, they failed to appreciate all the hard work that went into making the West. If anything, the cult of ‘white guilt’ mislead them into thinking white success owed to nothing more than exploitation of non-whites.

    Also, the positive drive for improvement turned sclerotic and began to attack itself. In a world with lots of problems, the will for reform and improvement wages war on problems and produces results. But once those changes have been achieved, the reformist zeal may remain. Since there are no great problems to tackle anymore, the energy turns into PC and begins to attack imaginary monsters within and deludes itself into thinking worshiping something like Diversity. Meanwhile, good times drive others to decadence and debauchery. What is Disney but a whore factory for young girls?

    Globalists understood this mindset among Northern Europeans especially. Northern European success owes to passion and courage for reform. But the spirit remained even after the necessary reforms have been achieved. It still wants to do ‘good work’ and is restless for the next great struggle. So, why not manipulate that spirit into serving PC?
    This puritanist zeal is also susceptible to debauchery since hyper-moralism is hard and repressive. All great moral struggles require sacrifice and commitment. Work ethic and Reform ethic requires sobriety and seriousness. Great things are achieved, but people feel cheated of fun and pleasure. So, it is no surprise that northern European types have taken to homos and blacks as objects of their sympathy and admiration. Blacks and homos sure know how to have fun.

    Anyway, it is rich that Reiner gives lectures about democracy. I mean what can be less democratic than so many top institutions and corporations being so totally dominated by the 2%?

  • So much drama about the wall… We have got our own metallic fence in the borderline with Morocco since ages and it works pretty OK. The problem is that illegal inmigrants jump it anyway. I am afraid the only solution would be to slightly electrify it. Not deadly electification but enough to stun and to dissuade.
    This metallic fence is not only a domestic issue. It concerns the whole Old Continent.
    By da way… I remember when I got to Mexico I went through heavy customs and police control. I do not understand why Mexicans have the divine right to enter in any country without customs control.

    • I would prefer deadly electracution coupled with automated machine guns. That will stop them garaunteed. It’s time we got serious about protecting our borders.

    • I disagree. He can’t just go straight AR. He has to protect his chances for re-election. Let’s see what he does with immigration reform before we say he’s not what we want. But, this is a big test. If he ends chain migration and gets the border sealed, even if costs DACA Baby amnesty then we won that round. What we need from there is for Trump to get re-elected, then we can really crank up the pressure with that vote representing a confirmation that many people, even if they’re silent, are supportive of the AR.

  • President Trump is a political gardener.

    He takes “seeds” from the wild and plants them. The “seeds” are populist ideas, like curb immigration.

    If he gets positive feedback, like media coverage and enthusiasm from the street, he nurtures the sprouting plant, and plants similar seeds. Otherwise, he uproots the plant and starts again.

    So it’s up to us to make lots of noise and cheer and pounce on his Alt Right sowing. The more WE do, the more HE does.

    I won’t be going to the Charlottesville reunion on the anniversary of Unite the Right. But how about a get together on the Mall in DC (convenient at least for me) where we spell out something supporting the President with our bodies? An aerial drone shot of that would make a great meme.

    • I think you are right. In my view, Donald Trump is far right, but he needs to win the 2020 presidential election, for without it he cannot do anything, and therefore he must pretend to be an Americanist. The fireworks in Syria, the tactical Jerusalem embassy move, the rocket man debate, shithole countries, he is orchestrating the Left to be upset about what he tells them to be upset about while making the Neocons slowly going his direction when they realize that he represents the winning team. He is much more far right than he pretends to be, and the Left hates it, which makes them make easy mistakes.

      • A friend used to phrase it as “defining the parameters of debate”. Mr. Trump is great at that. As long as he can keep the Left REACTING to him, they are on the ropes, and he is pulling their strings (to mix metaphors).

        The Left loves hating him even as they accuse him of being narcissical.

      • Neocohens are to be gassed, not allowed to “move in the direction of the winning team”. Aren`t you tired of cucking for israhell yet?

  • Trump is too much of a Boomer to understand racial politics. He’s too much of a billionaire to truly want to fix the country. His entire wealth is contained within the real estate bubble. If/when that bubble bursts, he’s broke. He is far, far to vain and proud to ever be “broke.”

    He saved us from Hillary and he’s been kicking ass in the culture war. I support Trump, but acknowledge his limitations.

  • Watch and Learn…….

    DACA will eventually become Law……..

    By 2020, the Southern Border will still NOT be Secured…….

    What Many or Most White Americans still don’t understand is that Illegal Immigrant Workers are a Significant Core of the American Economy……..

    White Suburban Soy Boys who want to play Video Games and LARP as some Fashy Fantasy Warriors…….

    Are NOTHING but an Ephemeral Passing Mist that won’t even leave a Trace…….

    White Privilege is OVER………

    It’s best that we all Absorb this Fundamental Reality and discard the Suburban LARPy Fashy Fantasies to the Side…….

    Mark my Words………

    The Future will be a Brutal and Raw Struggle for WHITE SURVIVAL……..


    • Its funny that you mention illegals as core of economy. You are mostly correct with this assertion, BUT everyone who understands economy fundamentals understands that current model was unsustainable from inception. It requires perpetual growth in order to continue its existence. Consumption growth, resource extraction growth, population growth, etc.

      So it really doesnt matter what these people do for our economy. Economy and financial system is going down long before whites become minority in any of our countries.

      Once you understand what needs to be done and what they want to achieve you can easily see all of this is really just a show to create certain outcomes. One of them is to make whites reject democracy and embrace a more authoritarian form of government. Which understanding our nature we are going to need in order to get through reforms of the system that we need.

      Another goal is to create solidarity between white nations in these difficult times. Some whites (in particular those with personal investment) are going to side with shitskins and these will probably be liquidated, but this is not so much about solidarity within white nations, but about among white nations.

      The ultimate goal of this shitshow however is depopulation. With whites a lot of work is already done with feminism, nihilism, LGTBism, racemixing and other degeneracies. Its pointless to debate if this is needed or not. Its inevitable outcome. So there is going to be “Brutal and Raw Struggle”, just not for white survival (whites are going to be fine), but for mere survival.

    • Whatever happens this is the harsh reality we need to all become prepared for.
      Start building those networks with red pilled white men.

  • If Trump is our guy, it was retarded to think even then he could get much of what we on the alt-right wanted done in his first year. He came into office literally surrounded by enemies, and therefore has to do a lot of misdirection and pretending to temporarily placate those who would see him if not impeached at least rendered completely ineffectual. At this point, even if he is not ‘our guy’, he is the best we can expect and we should support him and those like him until the time is right to bring in our guy(s).

  • Yeah I’ve been off the Trump train for almost year (about as long as I was on it in the first place) and have no plans in getting back on ever. White revolution is the ONLY solution.

  • Trump is your guy. He is not my guy. He is a sleazeball. He was born rich and got richer off of bankruptcies. You can’t declare bankruptcy on political incompetency. He sometimes says a few good things that suggests he respects Americans. After 24 years of presidents who care more about foreigners than Americans, it is nice to have a President who at least pretends to care — and who doesn’t represent us by bowing to foreign king’s and emperors. But he has a long way to go before I would say he is my guy, particularly that sleazeball bit.

  • It is waaaay to soon to pledge allegiance to Cheeto, Vincent. The Republicans have cashed in their one “CHIP” (pun intended). And in another few weeks, they’ll need to make good on a DACA vote, or else, guess what? Another budget showdown and shutdown – this time, without their key bargaining “CHIP”. One month from today, the Dreamers could be citizens. Then, what will you say about Cheeto?

    • Heh! He’s NOT! Who do you think employs all of those Dreamers? Who do you think would suffer “BIGLY”, if he built a wall and/or ended chain migration? That’s right — his #deplorable base. All of those “accomplice” employers are NOT blue state “hippies”. Many of them are Republicans who have built – and want to grow – their businesses. And they WON’T comply with E-Verify. Hell, they’re like Cheeto, who doesn’t even pay his taxes!!! Think those business owners will empty their pockets EVERY WEEK for Cheeto’s xenophobic #immigrationscam ? Fat chance!

  • I donated $700 to in the last year…….

    I guess I’m a White Warrior or a COMPLETE CUCK………

    In the Broad Scheme of Things….

    I’m just a TOOL…….

    Thought, I was donating to fight against White Genocide……..

    Learned, I was donating to Fag Fraternity Drinking Campaigns………

    That’s some Real Dough……


    Should’ve just learned to trust CNN………..


        • Shut the F up, Faggot……..

          This is an Internal Fight………

          You’re still on the Zyklon Menu NO MATTER WHAT…….

      • NO…….

        It makes you LOOK LIKE A WHITE SUBURBAN FAGGOT…………

        The Future Leader of the White Renaissance will not come from the White Suburban Faggoted Regions…….

        And that’s a 1000000% FACT…….

        • Comments like this and the one below are actually very reasonable and extremely pertinent, imo. Warrior whites are what we need, not soft, complacent, comfortable pussies. We need to re awaken the barbarian within us. Forget all this upper class, over civilized nonsense and let the savage out to play.

          • The members of the Body once rebelled against the Belly, who, they said, led an idle, lazy life at their expense. The Hands declared that they would not again lift a crust even to keep him from starving, the Mouth that it would not take in a bit more food, the Legs that they would carry him about no longer, and so on with the others. The Belly quietly allowed them to follow their own courses, well knowing that they would all soon come to their senses, as indeed they did, when, for want of the blood and nourishment supplied from the stomach, they found themselves fast becoming mere skin and bone.

          • Its going to come down to those willing to fight and those unwilling.

            Those unwilling will be as good as our enemies.
            Among those willing to fight, a natural and courageous elite will arise and every one else will fall in their place.

            Unless you and your “high society” buddies are willing to do battle next to Billy Bob from east Kentucky and prove yourselves useful, you’re worthless.

          • Exactly. That’s why this optics crap last year really pissed me off. Especially after the blue collar nationalists fought antifa and protected them in Charlottesville. I still have a hard time respecting some of the guys that completely trashed their own white allies after Hunter Wallace’s rally.

        • I wouldn’t be so sure. I think the up and coming suburban youth see that they have no future. ‘Out of the ashes a fire shall be awoken, a light from the shadows shall spring, renewed shall be blade that was broken, the crownless again shall be king.’

    • its a touchy subject for us all brother but we know we are in it together with or without trump. alt right just began engagement last year. the hour is late but all we can do is stay positive and keep pushing. we are going to get some clarity soon be it good or bad it will rally us

      • Do you think we are living out of this scene from Lord of the Rings where Gandalf the Grey goes to see his superior in the Wizard Order – Saruman the White.

        “the hour is late”….

  • So we’re now back to “Hail Trump?” Notice how the video just says to deport the criminals and not ALL illegals. The millions he won’t deport will never become civic nationalists and will eventually turn several more states blue if they ever gain citizenship.

    Trump supports Tom Cotton’s RAISE ACT which still keeps legal immigration exceedingly high at 700K. Yes, it supposedly kills the diversity lottery and eliminates chain migration but this will still consign whites to minority status in 15-20 years.

    The hour is late and we need Trump to hit home runs for us, not just enact a few half measures. This nation is way beyond that and whites can no longer afford it.

    • I agree. Nevertheless, it is better to do something, than to do nothing. It will do no harm and might do some good. And it is entertaining to witness the over-reaction by Lindsey Graham, Richard Durbin and Shyster Schumer.

      The actions of Trump and Tom Cotton are inadequate, yet the resulting hysteria from the globalists does help our cause. It is now more difficult for Trump to cave in to the treason lobby. Someone like Bush or Cruz would have caved in by now.

    • RAISE won’t even end chain migration, Bridger. The 1% – ers who make the RAISE cut are people America *NEEDS*. Think Einstein. No way are we going to tell him he can’t emigrate without his 25 closest relatives. Aside from the slave trade, immigration has ALWAYS been a family issue. That’s inherent in the immigration experience, and no legislation will change that.

      • Why make deportation your battle? Why not take that question off the table? Change the battle ground to the arena of non-citizenship, resident alien status. That’s a much harder battle for Democrats to win.

    • was at a stormer meeting tonight and it was brought to my attention that the man before AH was a right wing conservative. maybe he isnt the answer but we will have one be it him or another. we will never go back left unless they kill us and good Fing luck with that. we are just getting started with our push back

    • Trump is working within a political reality. This issue is where he aligns most closely with the alt-right at a 10000 foot level — he wants to build a wall and completely halt immigration from ‘shithole’ countries, which in his mind are probably most countries outside of Russia, Europe, Australia, etc. etc. He probably has fantasies about deporting illegals en masse. He’s a reluctant quasi-ethno-nationalist of sorts.

      If it were up to him alone he would do exactly what’s been prescribed by his anti-immigration policy advisor. He will crater to Silicon Valley in allowing for a point system aimed at Chinese and Indian tech workers. This is partly our fault — walk into a graduate level CS class and you’ll be the only white male in the class. Truly — there will literally be more Chinese or Indian females than white people. He would rather software be made in America. He’s made the H-1B process more difficult.

      That said, it’s a huge deal for a sitting President to put out stuff like this. And for him not to hobble along post shitholegate?

      His tweets, this videos, his push back, etc. — constant pressure on Overton Window. Imagine being stuck with Jeb Bush’s ‘act of love’ nonsense. Trump is the only person capable of becoming President who would push this agenda this hard. It’s not perfect, not by a stretch. But this really is “the best video ever put out by the US government.”

      He’s disappointed in other ways, certainly. The JQ is something that could never be addressed by him, obviously. Foreign policy is a mixed bag — he doesn’t have a structure behind him from which to draw upon. He’s extremely intelligent but his policy formation is a mixture of surface level analysis, relationship based lottery, ego-driven impulse (which can be a good thing), and common sense strategy wrapped in a thin layer of nationalism-lite. I did like his tax plan.

      As long as the horse traders don’t end up grilling status quo shitburgers at the end of the day, I will be pleased. I say this with cautious optimism. He gives the alt-right a good work space at the end of the day.

    • “will eventually turn several more states blue if they ever gain citizenship.”

      They don’t need to gain citizenship. The goal is not for illegal aliens or refugees or temporary work visa people to gain citizenship.

      The big prize of the people who want to destroy the US is the millions of anchor babies all these illegal aliens, temp workers and refugees have while in the US.

      That is what they are after. Millions of anchor babies who are illegally given citizenship they don’t deserve.

  • I agree with the author. Trump is not a white nationalist, but he is still objectively on our side, helping to advance the interests of the white race. It’s not much, but it is something.

    That was a great 30-second video. Trump is succeeding as no other Republican would even try to succeed – they all lose on purpose.

    Imagine any other Republican as President now. All of them would rush to sign the phony “compromise” of Schumer, Graham and Durbin. They would have a great signing ceremony at the White House, to celebrate their betrayal of their own voters,

    But not Trump. He hasn’t done that, yet. I hope that never happens.

    • Yeah, well, he WILL. Soon, he’ll need a long-term budget, and he can’t get that without the Dems. They caved today in order to fund CHIP. Now that it’s been saved, the Republicans have nothing else to leverage. When the new budget negotiations begin in three more weeks, Congress and the Senate will HAVE to pass DACA. Otherwise, no budget. DACA’s as good as law now.

    • common sense yes but the republicans are usually siding against just that. still is a problem if we stall to long and just let europe be consumed. its not like we dont have troops there and havent attacked them for defending their land like serbia. definitely need to push harder this year thats for sure

  • I’m interested to see what Trump’s real views are either after he leaves office one way or another, or after he loses all patience with (((the establishment))). I really hope he’s just a few more levels of frustration away from revealing his true power level.

    • Huh??


      The Essence is THIS……..

      The J-Left thought they had pulverized the White Identity Consciousness…….

      Into an Inescapable Abyss……..

      Pulverized into Oblivion…….

      White Masses moved a Tsunami against………..

      Then, Pro-White Websites started deleting comments from White Dollar Supporters…….

      For whatever reason………

      And Schlomo SMILED…….

      And LAUGHED Hysterically,……..

      Dumb Ass Goyim………

      They’ll Destroy themselves EVERY Time……..

  • Damn……..

    I have Thousands of Dollars that I’m looking to Donate to Alt-Right Websites………

    Not, since they’ve shown they’re no different to a White Housewive introduced to Crack Cocaine……..


    • This alt-right site is a good one. They have the right ideas, and they are activists, too. They take their message out to the colleges and onto the streets. That really upsets the globalist elites. It shows that not all whites are quiet and passive.

      • I’ve been here for over a year now……….

        Donated money to them when I felt they were reaching the Abyss…..

        Altruism 101…….

        But, they’re White Upper Class Parasites……….

        Scared to DEATH to fall into what I call MY HOME……..

        That’s their White Identity……..

        They have yet to Learn, Feel, or Suffer…………

        I don’t care ANYMORE…….

        When their White Privilege is OBLITERATED………

        Then, maybe their WHITE WARRIOR will ARISE…………


          • White Suburban Fag……..

            If that Annoys you……..

            Talk to your Endocrinologist…….


        • Your pessimism is justified. The situation looks bad. However, Richard Spencer, Vincent Law and others are doing a great job. They have the right approach.

          They are attacked by the globalist regime, including the likes of Ben Sasse. That’s good. And that’s quite entertaining.

          The Charlottesville riot worked to our advantage, because all the violence came from the Antifa. It has helped to expose the Antifa for what they are – communist degenerates, tools of the globalist elite.

    • I don’t donate to Alt-Right (this site) because I believe firmly that it was Richard Spencer who kicked my dog. My chihuahua is three years old and in April of last year he suffered a wound to his leg that resulted in needing surgery, since then he’s walked with a limp ever since. I don’t like to think Richard would do it but I think it was him. A unknown number sent a image of Richard smiling a week after it happened, and you’ve probably seen his smile when he’s gloating.

  • I don’t know Vincent. It’s hard to judge the man’s inner intentions.
    I’ve flip flopped on my opinion of Trump too many times to count and lately I’ve been in the “fuck em, he’s a Jew servant” camp but who REALLY knows for sure.

    All that said, in about 30 years or less whites will offically be below 50% (and I say that consciously and with emphasis, as who really knows our number with all these so called “white” Hispanics checking the white box) , so no matter what little plugs Trump, may or may not, put in the holes of the ship that is the USA, we CANNOT become complacent.

    Our task is daunting and no amount of politicking within the current two party system will save us.

    Organize brothers, form militias, become politically active on a local and state level, we need to do this not nessecarily to gain gubmint seats but in order to build the foundations of a true white movement.
    Stock up, hit the range. Be ready for any contingencies. Be prepared for a peaceful solution( less likely, imo)or something different entirely.

    Socialize with whites you see on the street and in everyday life, all of them, young old, fat skinny. All whites that can be brought to our side are valuable and worthy. Make connections and build blood ties.

    We have a couple decades to build this movement and each of us is responsible in becoming the new nobility and building the foundations.

    Gott mit uns.

    • I think that’s the Trump rollercoaster on which most of us are constantly .
      It’s a constant , mental , but it almost feels physical , action of jumping off and on the Trump train .
      Still , with only Pat Buchanan exception , I believe he is the most plausible , possible ally repub. who could have happened to us , if you just go mentally through the list of those 15-16 primary candidates..
      Even with all his limitations and enormous intellectual inconsistencies, he shloudl at least be defined as the actual ” lesser of 20-30 evils “

      • That’s how it’s been for me up until three months ago when I decided to tune out all politics. I used to know every little thing happening and now I’m like a deaf, dumb, and blind man when it comes to current events. I’m still actively pushing white nationalism on anyone I can, as well as training and preparing. I just gave up on the news and anything associated with politics, current events, trump, cuckservatives, libs, etc.

    • The one time when I jumped off from the train the strongest , thinking:
      ” I SWEAR , this time I swear I will never , never , ever jump back on that stupid train ef him and all his admin !!” was during the insane attack to Assad …
      but what a hell..I am kind of back on ..kind of.

  • I agree. While he is not perfect, Trump has shown several times that he is an ally. Most striking for me was when he stood up for us right after Charlottesville. He actually looked at the facts of the event and made a point to mention how WE had the permit, and how their was violence on both sides – and very good people on OUR side. Of course, every time he triggers the Libs – which is basically every tweet or speech – that is a plus as well. And he does ACTUALLY want the Wall, regardless of whether or not the stupid Congress will ever fund it..

  • OK, Interesting…….

    Ha!! has Officially become PSYCHOTIC…….

    Donated $700.00 to this Website last year………

    But, now they’re deleting my comments again………


    You’re worse than than the most Niggered Nigger who’d ever rob me on the Streets…..

    White Power??

    That’s what you do to your People??


    I’m Swiss, British, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German, and Polish…….

    How does that feel White FAGS??

    I’m 100% White Power……..

    100% Anti-Fag…….


    You’ll never get ONE MORE DOLLAR from me, Faggots…….


  • Is this the Trump who announced back in December that he and the Israelis would be launching joint operations to counter the Iranian threat? This was of course just before the “massive anti-government Iranian” protests were shown on American corporate media.

    Or is this the trump who announced that he would be moving the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem?

    Or is this the Trump who prayed reverantly before the wailing wall after holding up a brand new bible and quoting a famous passage from “two” Corinthians.

    Or is this the Trump who learned his stock and trade (what a New Yorker friend of mine calls “bull**** artistry”) from Roy Cohn? Of course, in case you haven’t heard, this is the same Roy Cohn who wrote up Trump’s prenuptial agreement, which stipulated that Trump’s future wife, if the couple should be divorced, be required to return everything that Trump gave her during the marriage. He told her “it’s just one of those Roy Cohn numbers.”

    • So what triggers you is basically two things.

      1) Trump did some symbolic Zionist bullshit that had no real-world effect


      2) He conducts his love life like a king of chads.

      • Using words like “trigger” and king of chads” isn’t really playing fair, is it?

        I own my words, not yours.

        One question though, would you ever marry someone with an agreement like that. Be honest. I mean you don’t believe in the slave mentality, right?

        • My paraphrase was polemical but accurate. Where’s the lie?

          To answer your question, I wouldn’t marry anyone again. The substantive point is that men and women have different mentalities and there is a distinction between slave morality and the female mentality.

  • I wish I could display or translate this in Alt-Right Dialect which no one but us could understand…………..

    The Alt-Right has Something……….

    The Alt-Right is on to Something MAJOR……….

    And our Enemies know it………

    What can you do to your Enemies???

    Give them the Attention they CRAVE………..

    Let them WIN for a MicroSecond……..

    Watch it go Straight to their Ego…….



    This is a MIRROR PILL……………..

  • I have doubted Trump only one time in the 7 years I have wanted him to be president and I will not make that mistake again because his jukes and misdirections are part of his repertoire…truly every accomplishment/meme this man alone has willed is a bonus in the post-Cuckservative primary era.

    No more waltzing warmongers or gooey-eyed, goose-stepping
    Christian Zionist cannon fodder traipsing around Republican Conventions or proselytizing every ostensibly rightist comment section without being gassed by a Groyper.

    Regardless of his progeny’s Jewish assimilation, which I still see as pay-to-play martyrdom, Trump is essentially the Uncle Sam version of William Wallace, telling International Jewry to, ‘Go back to Israel, and tell them there that America’s Gentiles and her Shiksas are yours no more.’

    Trump is part of the debridement process – the dead, rotting tissue of the body politic must be removed with maggot therapy before it can be successfully operated on with unobstructed precision and become wholesome again…or possibly for the first time.

    Some of the perfectionists in this movement need to lighten up a bit and see the bigger picture. You can’t be angry all the time at everything and everybody. You have to love and have faith in somebody.

    Enjoy what we have for once because most of have never had this in our entire lives. No actual camaraderie outside of cuckball or gayming.

    For most of us, it has been a lifetime of nothing but trying not to step on bugmen and their cockroach overlords for fear of bad grades, cockblocks and friendlessness.

    For instance, a year ago I was shit-faced in New Orleans, wading through a narrow corridor of niggers, faggots and sundry others (chasing down the Jew who poured beer on me) with their anti-Trump shit in what was supposed to be a festive ambiance…I have no idea how it happened, but I ran into a fellow goy from Mississippi, and when we realized we both voted Trump we immediately hugged. Yes, I actually hugged another young man. Then his hot girlfriend said ‘Fuck Hillary!’ I was so excited I lifted both of them off the ground and above my shoulders in each arm at the same time…and even got a little teary-eyed after he told me he heard of Andrew Anglin and Evalion, and that he was gonna help me after I had just lost my job.

    About 15 minutes later, a group of nigger pickpockets successfully stole my phone despite all my preparations…what happened afterwards and what I did is a story for another time…

    • You need to become more savvy about the Upper East Coast mentality. Particularly in New York. Even more so in Queens.


      When a New Yorker says something, they don’t mean it the same way you might mean it. A joke to a New Yorker can sometimes sound like the truth to anyone else.

      • You’re so right. I wish I were as smart as you instead of the dumb Midwestern rube I am. We must remain blind to all inclinations to any and all happiness and never rest until David Duke is president because he may be a creepy-looking gambling addict felon with a fake nose, but he knows a lot more about pretty much everything compared to Trump. Absolutely nothing good has come from that billionaire conman. In fact, he is probably Jewish because all Jews love him and never attacked him in the media. Who knows, I’m probably Jewish too for not suspecting his being Jewish. We must all attain Inception levels of woke – being woke within woke within woke.

        • I didn’t say that your were dumb. I just said that you need to become a little smarter.

          I’m just trying to warn you that Trump is what you guys might call a Kraut. He’s a second generation immigrant from Queens. He acts like an immigrant. Trump is from the borroughs. He’s what we call a sheister. He pretends to be something he’s not. One day he’s this, the next day he’s that. My friend calls him a bullsh** artist. She called this right away when he was running.

          I think you guys see him as some kind of hard worker, you take it that he’s like you, hard working and just your average Joe. Just look a little closer.

          • I think you are letting your geocentrism get the best of you. I have said all along it does not matter WHO Trump actually is..

            Results are all that matters. It’s not as complicated as you naysayers so badly want it to be.

            Is what I said about rightist trolls and the sudden Republican normie intolerance for neoconservatism true or not? Did this atmosphere exist before or after Trump came along? Who else could have willed all this?

            MY belief about what Trump actually is was best summed up by the CNN soyboy John Bonifield with the man purse draped across his bitch tits in that James O’Keefe undercover video. That is EXACTLY who Trump is… Somebody who has paid mistresses to have abortions. Somebody who does not hate gays. Somebody with socialist tendencies. I even said during the debates if Hillary had just said exactly that…he would have looked like a flat-footed asshole…

            ‘Look, people. I have known Donald Trump for decades. Believe me, he does not believe half the shit he says. He is probably closer to my beliefs, ironically, than the cartoon conservative cutout he has adopted in this latest adaptation of his fake persona in his latest business venture.’

            But instead she went along with typical ‘Republican bad, Democrat good’ byline.

            But that is EXACTLY why Trump is so useful in this terrible age…he is unpredictable. He is playing a character that is too late to unspool, much like the (((Italian))) character Andrew Silverstein used to play, so much so that he literally became him – Andrew Dice Clay.

            Trump is a rich snob with a proletarian dialect for whatever reason. He never for a second pretended he wasn’t. In fact he brags about in such a way that it is endearing. He even said he was an insider. His revolution was a palace coup, just like they all are.

            But Trump has indeed sacrificed 1/4th of his wealth and his namesake branding. His children will not enjoy that now. Sure he did it just to sate his egomania, but it does not matter.

            The movement that Trump wittingly and unwittingly spawned is bigger than him now. We saw that in the Alabama special election debacle.

            I know it is your NYC prerogative to just be pessimistic about everything and distrust everybody everywhere at all times, so much so that even eye contact and groups of more than two people is entirely unheard of in Manhattan, but that attitude is unsustainable everywhere else. We aren’t obsessed with pointless careers, female ‘friends’ and meaningless sex lives in flyover country….and we most certainly don’t waste time in (((therapy))) like the average New Yorker does.

            I know this point kills you skeptics more than anything, but the fact that Trump was not a ‘rags-to-riches’ success does not mean he was not successful. He turned millions into billions. You don’t have to start from scratch to be successful. Alexander The Great was the son of Philip II.

            You’re looking too close when you need to look from afar.

            I traded muh principled LOLbertarianism in favor of realism and pragmatism because I am done living in books, idyllic paintings and WWII reels.

          • You have some good points. But just don’t pin your hopes on Trump. Trump is what we call a social climber. He says all the right things, and he may give you a little of what you want, but he isn’t really trustworthy. He’s too busy making him self look like somebody he’s not.

          • Last time I mention that he has accomplished everything AND more than I wanted from him. Everything else is a bonus. I get that you think you are the legacy WASP, but it comes off as class envy. You still never offered any alternative to Trump.

          • The style-over-substance element in this discussion might not be Trump.

            Some people, especially the snobbish old money types, are beside themselves with disdain for Trump’s style. They hate his personality. He isn’t “The Right Kind of White Person.” Ann Coulter, who seems genuinely to dislike Trump the man, is one of these snobs (she’s a Connecticut climber). Another is Charles Murray of “Bell Curve” fame. He has an especially blinkered case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (but I’ve always suspected Murray of being a “cryptic” Jew, anyway).

            I can’t understand this animus. It’s illogical and interferes with analysis. In fact, I may have the opposite bias. I like Trump’s personality. On a human level, he appeals to me a lot. On the other hand, Mitt Romney’s personality fills me with blind loathing.

            The focus shouldn’t be on personality! Yet, for so many people, it is. They seem to believe style *is* substance.

          • That’s exactly what it is. Style is substance, and the substance is the style. Let me give you an example. If you go to a party on the Upper West, and they let in the door, what do you do with your hat?

          • Who gives a shit.

            What do you do when you show up out here, 100 miles from the nearest city?

            ………..Oh yea, You act right or you get stuck in a hole…..

            Latte sipping fag.

          • You know that’s exactly the best answer you could have given.

            You just acted according to what comes naturally to you, and it’s refreshing. It can even be charming.

            You know Barnabas Wagner, at least you are not a climber. A snob trying to find the right rules. Right? I don’t kow how else to put it. You just know how to shake hands with everybody equally. Maybe it works in your world. It just doesn’t work in mine.

          • On the contrarie, I’m able to keep a nuanced view of those lesser and those higher.

            Unlike yourself I do not view those Whites of lesser abilities and intelligence as actually being lesser than I. I perceive these differences as the natural state of man according to nature. I can simultaneously look upon the white wage slave and the white businessman which both a differentiated and an equal vision, as each has its role to fulfill according to the divine will, no more, no less.

            You see, Crypto, a true aristocrat never views those lower than him in the chain as inferior, less capable yes, but never as actually being lesser.

            The difference between you and I is, well, intelligence, as I do believe my IQ is higher, but also sensitivity, and I don’t meant that in the modern emotional context. I view everything on multiple levels whilst you seem to only engage the material. Where as I have lived all over this country, met numerous whites from every background, you have been insulated in your ivory tower, employing the truly sub human non whites, never interacting with the hardworking backbone of this nation, all the while foolishly believing you were some sort of Noble in the mold of Wilhelm II. Where as you believe your blood has remained pure, I understand that the aristocratic strain always denegerates over time, Always.

            You’re not as intelligent as you believe and that is precisely why I call you on your bullshit. I’m a true believer in hierarchical aristocracies, I’m not a spoiled larper, riding off of dads coat tails.

          • Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them

          • lol. The lines referring to greatness are from a play called Twelfth Night. They are meant to be taken with a bit of irony.

            The others are just me fading off to sleep.

          • Ah, greatness. Yes, I’m well acquainted.

            Some also feint greatness. I have a strong suspicion this is you.

          • There are times that I intuitively believe I am both Napoleon and Augustus Caesar reincarnated, if true that my not be very good for you.

          • You don’t seem very sure of yourself for someone who pretends to be such a blue blood. It could be the fact that you have to hint at it every paragraph and pretend to talk down to everybody. Can’t tell if you’re just a troll or a sincere LARPer. Is your last name Smith and did you shoot your rich daddy? You’ll know who I’m referring to if you are who you say you are, otherwise you’re likely just somebody with puppets on his hands. I have a feeling you’ve just read one too many F. Scott Fitzgerald books. You remind me of a guy years back from theblaze.

          • He’s a tough nut to crack, that’s for sure.
            Anyway, somebody has to counter his bullshit. I think I’ve personally had my fill though and will probably leave his elitist mumble alone from here on out.

  • Words are cheap, only action matters

    And half measures which pacify the goyim are potentially worse than no action at all

    • I’m not at all sure about that. I don’t think Trump needs to actually accomplish a damned thing to make a difference for Whites in this country. If he loosens up the strictures of PC enough to let Whites begin taking their own side, he will have done us a great service.

      Political will is more important than numerical superiority.

  • Can’t help but notice another instance of intelligent branding strategy in the hijacking of the word “complicit,” a word which some washed up film slut had tried use to slander the man’s daughter shortly after the election…maybe it wasn’t done for that purpose but this whole ad highlights something that is indeed very white-pilling I must say…This administration at least seems to k now how to use English… for things other than outright lying. Sometimes I wonder why people like Schumer didn’t just fake their death and skip town for good while there was still time.

    • “Sometimes I wonder why people like Schumer didn’t just fake their death and skip town for good while there was still time.”

      We’ll soon have them hastily stuffing their jewelry into their rectums and catching the last flights to New Zealand. Goodbye, jews!…as the based little girl said in the movie.

      • Have you heard about this yenta that swallowed her holocaust diamonds and shit them back out seven fucking times? Jeezus, her asshole must have been so loose you could drive a coach-and-four through it! All so those handsome White fashy camp guards wouldn’t get their goyische mitts on them, I’ll wager. Boy, if her lower intestine could talk, it would have some tails to tell, bubbelah! OY! I KILL ME! A REGULAR SHECKY I AM! (slaps a knee…)

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