The Transatlantic Pact — Ep 7: Irony Bro’ism

On this week’s convergence of the Nordic and North American Alt Rights, Evan and Chris ponder the irrational behavior of the social media giants, discuss why Sweden is exploding, and dissect two recent articles by Hebraicly-minded critics of our movement. Evan tops off the hour with an extended reflection on the mindset of the “irony bros.”

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Evan McLaren
the authorEvan McLaren
Evan McLaren is the Executive Director of the National Policy Institute and Deputy Editor at He can be found on Twitter at @evanmclaren.

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Plus Member

Some of the irony bros held my interest because they were funny, or made valid critiques with their humor. The th0t patrol Stuff was fun and mostly necessary.

But it soon became apparent that a lot of these guys are, deep down, genuinely miserable people (like most comedians), and they started eating their own. That’s when they lost me.

We don’t have time for people that can’t get their emotional state in order—especially when there’s good people that are serious about winning.

George Soros

“Tell me how you’re not a nazi”

“Well, there are several things the nazis wanted that I don’t want or care about”

“But HOW are you not a nazi? You don’t like jews! You want to kill my mongrel babies!”


Typical attention whore autistic screeching from some faggot cuck.

Plus Member

Hey, how can I get any damn tech-support on my account? My account has been inactivated for some reason and I can’t activate my alt-right p[lus content and I can’t do any updates to my account in order to put in in an active status and there’s no tech support! No one answers my emails! WTF?


The same happened to me a while back. I was only able to remedy the situation by registering a totally new account with a different card. I’d say we should be patient. Guys are working on this stuff on a hair string budget. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. But no, I never got a response from email request to fix the issue.

George Soros

The 80’s synth music is kinda gay. The Spencer speech is kinda cool, but the music is too fag.

Plus Member

It’s fashwave, never disavow fashwave

Dissident Republican

Good show, guys.