More Migrants Incoming: Syrian War Enters Brand New Phase With Turkish Invasion

Submitted by Reactionary Edward

If you want a clear example of why intervening in a Middle Eastern country is so foolhardy, then the example of Syria must now be at the top of the list. Turkey, after invading northern Syria and conquering the city of Al-Bab in 2016-17, has now opened up another front to the west in the Kurdish region of Afrin.

Washington and its allies had recently announced that it would be helping the Kurds to create a ‘border force’ on the Syrian-Turkish border. This idea was obviously insane because the Turks would never accept a Kurdish authority of any kind. So Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey, who is concerned with the growing power of the Syrian Kurds, has begun a military operation in alliance with various Islamist rebel groups.

America has supported the Kurdish war effort in Syria against Islamic State since 2014, yet now a lot of that work is about to be undone. After a three and half year campaign of air strikes and special forces operations, Washington is now faced with the prospect of the lands taken from Islamic State now being conquered by NATO member Turkey and its own band of Islamist rebels.

The absolute irony of the Kurds winning a war against Islamic State with the help of American jets, only to then lose a war against Turkey, which also uses American supplied jets.

Overall: what an awful mess.

Although the reasons for creating continuous chaos in the Middle East are (((obvious))), I don’t think the US wanted its Kurdish allies defeated, simply because they would be a useful force to use in any future push towards Assad in Damascus.

In terms of any migration that this new offensive will cause, it could not have come at a worst time. With Kurdish civilians fleeing Afrin just before the winter weather eases, their path to Europe will be a lot easier in just a few weeks. They then have an 8-month window of good weather in which to reach White countries.

It is also worth noting that Turkey has also threatened to invade the Manbij region of Syria as well, which would cause even more disruption and lead to chain-migration.

There seems to be no doubt that this war, which has killed 480,000 people, and the disastrous immigration it has caused, will continue well into the future.


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  • Makes you wonder, just what exactly are non-nationalist whites going to do when it’s wall-to-wall hostile invaders and there’s no place to get away from them? The extreme reluctance of whites to embrace ethno-nationalism, even when faced with shocking violence, makes me believe our race must undergo a radical change towards racial collectivism if we are to survive. I say ‘change’ because the old white race is not up to the task right now. We must be born anew as a mercilessly racialist collective or we will surely die.

  • Lot of Media coverage on refugees and illegals from the Middle East and Mexico but no coverage on the 500 thousand Jewish Russian refugees who started coming here in the mid 1980’s under the Jackson-Vanik Amendment.
    They join one of the most powerful groups who keep lobbying for more to come here. They bring with them Russian politics.
    They are the largest number to come here since World War 2. There are millions more in Russia who want to leave.

  • It’s about time we stopped giving fucks about these people! Let them have wars from now until the end of times! Just don’t bring them into our countries!

  • Unfortunately, Kurdish nationalism is completely pozzed and left-wing. They actually have western antifa in their ranks shouting slogans and using anarchist symbols. Sorry, I can’t support them. They deserve a country, but not like this.

  • Turks will throw out PKK/YPG/SDF/XYZ (or any other three letters) to the East Bank of Euphrates in the matter of weeks. Whether the Turks will stop there or go after Kobane, remains to be seen.

    Wholeheartedly agree with the author of the article that the idea of the Kurdish border force on the Turkish southern border, thus cutting Turkey from the Arab world, was inherently insane. Who could possibly come up with this crazy idea and then leak to the media, which served as the last drop for Erdogan? I assume it was originated among the wise men of the neocon-Likud block.

    While the Turkish offensive and upcoming annihilation of the Kurdish militant groups West of Euphrates is not really our setback but Israel’s, the perception will be of yet another American failure in the Middle East.

  • It shocks me there is not more respect for Kurdish self-sovereignty amongst all the ‘ethno-nationists’ etc … who tend to fall into the twisted Machiavellian hypocrisy of ‘well, killing Kurds is part of supporting Russia and Iran and opposing Israel’

    Alt-righters give more support to Israeli ethno-nationalism than they do to the long-suffering Kurds, who were sold out at Versailles & Lausanne 100 years ago right along with the Germans

    And appalling to me as well that Trump admin sits by while Kurdish allies who trusted the USA, get massacred by some thugs from the next country who hate them

    It doesn’t matter if Kurds are enmeshed with corruption, Zionist Israel, the drug trade or anything else … they are a people and so have a right to self-sovereignty per the UN Charter etc

    Kurds are clearly an ethnic group of several tens of millions, living in continuous territory, with their own language and ancient culture, distinct from Iran or Arabs, their nationhood continually sabotaged … Kurds were promised their own state 100 years ago but got sold out at Versailles & Lausanne, just like the Germans were

    The USA betraying allies is not ‘new’, but allowing the massacre of Kurds is severely updating the theme, and also giving a poisonous aura to President Trump here as Mr Sell-Out … As Henry Kissinger once said
    « It may be dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal »

    • Additionally, people tend to conflate the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and its affiliates with the Iraqi Kurdish government. The Iraqi Kurdish government is indeed allied with Israel (and Turkey, so probably supports this invasion). The Kurdistan Workers’ Party is basically neutral on Assad and has consistently advocated for a negotiated settlement to the war without the precondition that Assad step down. They are on our team.

    • What are we supposed to do, mention the Kurds in every three articles and in every other comment.

      Do you want an official Kurd policy from the white nationalists.

      In all seriousness, I do see what you mean but we don’t have the time nor the extra energy to care about the Kurds. Us whites face global extinction within a hundred years. The Kurds should look after them selves and hope God has mercy, because all of mine is occupied at the moment. As it should be with all western, white nationalists.

    • There’s so much to discuss when it comes to white genocide we don’t have time to show support for every mud group that’s getting screwed by other muds. The israel thing is a way to stump civic nationalists as they typically support jewish homogeneity while condemning white nationalism.

    • I sympathize a great deal with the Kurds, and I was seriously taken aback by the statement in the article that Turkey would not countenance any independent Kurdish authority. I don’t get that. Why would any country not want rid of a disaffected minority? On the other hand, I truly am clueless about other geopolitical considerations, so I suppose they have their reasons. It rubs me the wrong way, though.

      • Turkey used to be the leader of the Ottoman empire and they are actively trying to reestablish it. The Kurds are in their way. I agree that a world full of ethno states would be the best (long term peace) but Edrogan does not want this. European powers realy made a stuff up with the why they drew borders after WW 1 and in post colonial Africa disregarding the reality of ethnicity.

    • Agree with you on the stupidity of trusting the treacherous United States. Insofar as a Kurdish state is concerned, I can only cite (in a paraphrased form) the statement of John Quincy Adams: “The United States is the well-wisher of all people’s aspirations for liberty. She is the champion only of her own.”

    • Ethnonationalism is not a universal ideal to be extended to outgroups, but taking one’s own side in all things. It’s varying degrees of the 88 words.
      Too many in these circles drink the “nationalism for all peoples” kool-aid. Taking a principled, idealistic stand like that is completely historically unprecedented and ridiculous. Sillier yet is expecting reciprocity from the shitskins you’re rooting for.

      Equally unprecedented and naive is the idea that we should care about far-off mudperson conflicts because of potential resultant refugee invasions.
      The idea of worldwide peacekeeping to save ourselves from refugee flows because we lack the will to assert our own borders is ridiculous and insane slave mentality. The problem lies at home, with our elites’ unwillingness to recognize the existence and interests of our nations (nation in the classical sense i.e ethnos). Nothing short of a complete exchange of leadership will change that.
      The abject states of these shitholes are just pretexts for the program of racial replacement and mongrelisation and the nationwreckers are never gonna be short of hellish sandman/niggerlands to point to and say “this is sad, so let yourself be conquered by them”

      What we ought to do is exterminate everything south of the Mediterranean and east of Greece/Poland/Finland aswell the American continent, then let Europeans fight eachother for the new frontiers. It would prove character building I am sure.

  • Not sure why the kiddie car photo is considered appropriate. The Turkish Army is pretty well led and equipped and it will be well motivated to crush Kurdish independence. (I’m old enough to have talked to guys who fought alongside of Turks in Korea and they had nothing but praise for them. No one who fought the Turks at Gallipoli thought they were pushovers.) The article is pretty accurate, according to my understanding of this entire miserable and unnecessary situation.

  • i dont think it could get any worse there anyway.. this just seems like a PR move by Erdogan. He probably cleared it with Assad

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