White People Should Start Taking Government Money

I’m always struck by how naive and basically good-natured White people really are.

I’ll give you a concrete example. We get a lot of submissions for this site, and I sift through them all. You wouldn’t believe how many people give out their real names – totally unprompted – and with reckless abandon.

When I see that kind of reckless naivite, I break into a cold sweat and start to really worry about the White race.

I mean, I get that you’re not exactly sending Antifa your name and address but c’mon man. Exercise some basic opsec. Why in god’s name would you take a risk like that for absolutely no tangible reward? Especially the ones who write in from the UK or Canada or somewhere in Western Europe and write articles talking about race or god forbid the Tribe.

You can get in a whole lot of trouble for that.

Do these people not know that? Impossible to be Alt-Right and not know. So why put your name on an article admitting that you don’t like brown people and know who controls the media?

Baffling stuff.

Even more baffling are the friends that I have working shit jobs when they could simply go on welfare. Smart, but totally broke Millennials. Not really their fault, they went to college, got a degree and then the real world hit them. They’re at a level now where they wouldn’t even take much of a hit to their income levels.

I was talking to my Swedish friend about this when he was griping about how if he went on welfare he wouldn’t be making much less than the job he works now because he’s taxed at about seventy percent.

I tell him to just get on that sweet sweet Swedish government dole then and become a full-time activist to stay busy.

But he just can’t bring himself to do it.

It just feels wrong. Besides I WANT to work.

That one floored me. But I guess that explains why the Swedes were able to build Sweden into what it was before things started going South. That protestant, NW European work ethic hasn’t died out yet.

But you know that you’re just paying for Ahmed’s seven wives, right?

You can tell that his attitude is triggering the shit out of me and I have to try to get to the bottom of this.

Yeah, man. I know.

Of course he does, he’s a pretty red-pilled guy. But bless him, he just can’t stop working.

I let it go.

He’s like Boxer from animal farm. Just born to be a law-abiding, conscientious, hard-worker.

Same for my Bostonian friend. Everyday he bitches about his work, about his feminist boss, his mystery-meat coworkers…and he never just quits.

And he will never get on unemployment.

Not trying to call out these guys, no quite the opposite. These are admirable traits that build functioning high trust socities. In any other era, but ours, they would be model citizens and I would be envious of their work ethic.

But these are different times that may call for different attitudes vis a vis society at large. It isn’t ours anymore. Its theirs. In fact, society and the state are our enemies for the foreseeable future. The law is our enemy too. Hell, in most cities, our own people are against us as well.

It’s not called the Red Pill for nothing.

In Richard’s recent video, they covered some interesting topics. Most people got fixated on the…erm…. CP discussion.

But there was also an interesting point made about the need to use the resources of the state. Because frankly, there is no shame in it anymore. Our society is physically and morally incapable of feeling shame anymore. Don’t believe me? Just look at all the perversity that has become common now.

Shamelessness rules the day in the West.

Being shameless about taking gubmint money kind of pales in comparison to trannies teaching kids, gender pronouns becoming enforceable by law and the whole anti-White jihad.

That’s one way of looking at it.


If you believe there is, in fact, shame in it, you should look at it an alternative way. You’re involved in a direct act of economic and political sabotage. You’re starving the beast. And you’re reasserting your claim to state resources, which are really the resources of White productive men anyway that are being abused disproportionately by blacks and browns.

That’s not exactly a controversial claim.

All I’m saying is, there’s a lot of talk about White men, “dropping out.” The anti-White matrix would collapse if we all unplugged from it.

But it is hard. I think everyone still cares deep down about what society thinks of them. Having controversial opinions is bad enough, but the shame of not working is just as hard to overcome.

Hell, I feel it too. I probably wouldn’t take state money myself if I could help it. And I’m not even a NW European. Just something bothers me about it and doesn’t even let me entertain the thought without some squirming… probably like the teachings of the red pill bothered me way back when as well.

It goes against hundreds of years of evolution in our people. It won’t come easy.

But something in our nature just has to change.

We can’t be so naive anymore. We can’t be so trusting. We can’t be so docile. We can’t be mindless worker drones.

All I can say is that a turbulent and defiant people has a much better shot at making it out of this nightmare alive.


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  • Why would we want to encourage our people to not produce and adopt the behavior of the other? Won’t we need that skill and industry to rebuild? Don’t we need alt-right folks in positions of affluence to help mainstream and support the movement? This article just seems like politics of despair.

    • He’s saying many people that realistically aren’t going to start a successful business, become doctors, or major “producers”, are still reluctant to access the benefits that are available to them – out of a sense of white workers’ pride.

      People have to look honestly at the net result.

      As a result, many negros are better off than white hourly workers—despite contributing nothing of value, and suffering no shame in taking without contributing.

      What is the average hourly worker producing? Labor for probably J-capitalists that promote the destruction of western society. And hourly workers are also producing tax dollars for the subsidization of negro births.

  • Damn! Lotsa envy, pontificating, and feuding on this comments page. The guys who are gainfully employed show NO mercy to the guys who aren’t. I guess LBJ was wrong. Whites WON’T be pacified “wage cucks”, simply by providing them with nonwhite scapegoats. Apparently, they’re all to happy to scapegoat each other.

    • yeh those guys are so proud they fell into a good gibs cuck job for the state or taxpayer fed corporations. they have the if only everyone was like me attitude not realizing there are more people than opportunities so it isnt feasible. honestly worried we will have to deal with the alt right that pulls us left before even fighting conservative israel lovers. they got too much of a taste for the boomer life and think this can end with them having their cake and eating it too

  • The whole focus of the system is to keep you down. Keep you enslaved. Grind not the mill wheel of a master, saith Ragnar Redbeard. Find the treasure, the booty…some other way. Believe me, you can make money in a fashion that benefits YOU, and not, necessarily, (((the system pigs))). They want to destroy you: with television propaganda, medication (they’ve destroyed my body with their pharmaceuticals, causing me to need surgery just to correct the damage they’ve done), what Savitri Devi called “nerve-wracking mass music” (being assaulted by the noise pollution of ghetto rap bass on a daily basis); they want to demonize your identity, destroy your people, replace you, turn your once-beautiful country into Zimbabwe. Or Ramallah. They’ll take your pension in the hospital when you’re elderly and choking out your dying breath while the dusky “care workers” stand around and laugh. They’ll turn your children against you, and encourage them to spy. They’ll let brutal communist thugs terrorize you, and then glamorize them in the bourgeois media as “heroes fighting fascism.” I could, quite literally, go on and on; I think you rather get the point. They tear down the statues of your heroes, erase your history, devalue your ideas, and then expect you to suck it up and like it, Goy. They laud themselves about their “democratic ideals.” Filthy, contemptible hypocrites they are, murderers, thieves, liars, propagandists and forgers. Usurers. Oppressors. But, their rule waxes, and wanes. Everything is cyclic in this miserable world. And their day is coming.

  • Slightly off-topic but props to Tom Cotton who, like Stephen Miller, is an immigration ally. He is hard-charging Dems on chain migration at the moment. Won’t give them DACA unless chain migration is attached.

  • Ask not who keeps clown world going.

    YOU do, if you work.

    Withdraw your energy from clown world. Say, “Not through me.”

    It’s about more than taxes. It’s about how your work contributes to the economy in general. You are keeping the whole rotten thing going.

    You are feeding the hand that chokes you.

    They are jumping up and down on your back while you struggle to work harder…and harder.

    Stand up and throw them all off of you.

  • Some practical, unsolicited advice.

    Avoid whiny friends.

    Friend in Sweden ” gripes”. Friend in Boston “b—-es”. Both are a pointless drain.

    People who do things with their lives don’t waste time and energy complaining. They collect data, analyze the situation, make a plan, and act on it. That’s what you seem to do.

    But whiners are just the sum of OUTSIDE forces acting on them. Thus, your friends work because that’s what society and family expect of them. They chaff at the web they are caught up in, because the Alt Right expects them to chaff.

    But a whiner will never, ever break his shackles and escape, no more than a prisoner locked down in Albemarle County jail can just walk out at will because he wants his freedom.

    Whiners have to be busted out of prison.

    And one thing for sure. Once they are out they will whine about how they want back in.

  • Timothy Miller has written a series of books about communes. Miller is a scholar, and not the only one who studies communes.

    The scholarly definition of commune is far from the popular perception of a commune of people running around without clothes and mating at random while taking psychedelic drugs, although that is also a form a legitimate commune according to Miller.

    I won’t go into all the details here of what constitutes a commune according to Miller’s definition. I’ve got two of Miller’s books and would just encourage others to study them, also.

    I will just mention here one of Miller’s conclusions.

    The American communes of the ’60’s were incubators for what is mainstream today. That is, a relatively small number of people popularized ideas like organic farming that are now what much of the population seeks. For example, Amazon recently bought the Whole Foods chain of stores.

    Thus, the way forward is not to bring down the system by draining it dry. The way forward is to subvert the system.

    Christopher Cantwell would probably bristle and cringe at the idea of his starting a “commune”. But from an academic perspective, that’s exactly what his plan of buying land in New Hampshire and starting a “barracks” is. It is not an idle dream when he calls on others to join him in his proto-ethnoststate. It is truly from the kernel of the future Cantville that a true ethnostste could emThis,

    If Operation Homeland ever becomes operational, the homeland will be a place like Cantville.

    • Yes. I thought this was obvious. Far from being communists, many hippies are trying to escape our jewed up modern world.

      I recognise this aspect in some of my relatives, who love the alternative ideal (but are too middle class to join it properly) and just can’t put their finger on why the world is so corrupt (because it would mean going against their boomer/Hollywood programming).

      I would wager that you won’t find an actual jew in a commune outside of Israel, not unless its one where the sexual perversions are normal.

  • One problem with white Americans is that us urban/surbubanites from the megaSLOPpolises are totally detached from middle Amerca (“flyover states”), the rural folk and the trailer park folks. If we bridge these gaps by visiting each others’ churches, celebrating holidays together and discussing our history, then the urban/suburbanites would have a valuable resource. In many instances, the urban revolutionaries in Europe depended upon the rural/mountain folk for shelter and supplies. We need to form these chains of trust and support. When I was working for an American corporation in Florida, I was once invited to a Fourth of July celebration in a trailer park. It was an eye-opening experience that changed my view of white America. These were genuine, hard-working and friendly people compared to my fellow Northeast back-stabbing, phony liberal arts college graduates terrified of being perceived as racist/transphobe. These white Americans didn’t have that fear. Although they were poor, they had a spirit that I had never seen among the Northeast suburban whites. We need that.

  • Just a few weeks ago, Vincent Law was telling us that modern society has little to offer white men anymore. Then what’s the logic of arguing that you should conceal your identity? I agree that postmodern Western society has LITTLE OR NOTHING to offer white males, except perhaps for cheap gasoline (thanks to Iraq occupation), Walmart (thanks to Chinese slave labor) and 24-hour fast food. So what does anyone have to lose by revealing their identity? If you get doxxed, there’s probably a group of Alt-Righters in your own MSA ready to support your small business. Or if you’re brave, get involved in political activism. If your MSA is hyper-Marxist/Antifa, then pack your bags and move to a place like Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Idaho or Montana. Or better yet, move to Poland, Ukraine or the Baltics. What have you got to lose? Working for a bitter, angry female supervisor whose been pumped and dumped a dozen times? Or an Affirmative Action mid-wit who has been installed to be your ThoughtPolice? Marrying a purple-haired walrus who will make life a living hell should you ever “tie the knot”? Commuting to work an hour and a half a day just to avoid your swelling Third World population? Modern Western society has little or nothing to offer white males.

  • You suggest we use reckless abandonment when using our real identity, an perhaps you are correct in this observation. However, I have come to the realization that changing this current status quo requires us to stand in front of our fathers name. These avatars are merely masks to shield a collective venerability to an inate fear of ostracization, we must surpass this obstacle to enter the main stream. We must show others that they are not alone. We must show our enemies we don’t fear their social consequences more than the repercussions of our own inactions.

  • I’m half tempted to contact Richard Spencer myself, tell him that Vincent Law is a fggot and to give me his job. This is the kinda shit I used to hear on /pol/ back in 2012 from cowardly NEETs who were too pussy to venture out into the world, risk failure and grow as individuals into the kind of Nietzschean ubermen they fantasize about being when jacking it to big tiddy aryan goth wheat field gfs. Absolutely disgraceful. I like that his only example of welfare, a poor anecdote from a Swedish friend, is from a country with one of the highest living standards in the world that actually out enough to live off of. Welfare in North America doesn’t pay that much. He acknowledges that society has no shame anymore, and that’s evidenced by how perverse it is. So go ahead and accept welfare, join the perverse masses, the low IQ hordes outbreeding us, and the degenerate white underclass abusing the tax dollars of other white people who actually *are* busting their ass? Does this make sense to you?

    I grew up in a lower middle-classed environment that was subsidized by the amount of children it had in it, with pensions and disability cheques. I myself received social assistance when I began to live on my own. It ripped every single ounce of motivation and drive out of me. Destroyed any desire to advance further than where I was because it covered all of my living expenses. I wasted some important years of my life, all because the government was there to provide a safety net that if not present would’ve led to me kicking myself in the ass. I saw it around me, and in every city I lived in.

    Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he’ll eat for the rest of his live. Getting a free meal ticket leads to complacency and stagnation. It leads to weakness and entropy. It is the diametric opposite to embracing pain, embracing the struggle that makes men strong. It is contradictory to the Mishima mindset, to the Way of Men, to the Handbook of Traditional Living. This is Tradbol Fat People’s Party garbage and nothing more.

    • >I want Vince’s job because he is promoting NEETdom
      >If I take his job, Vince will be unemployed and have to go on the dole
      >I will make Vince into what I hate
      >A fuckin’ leaf

      Feel free to send your application in tho.

      • Vincent, his points on welfare are probably correct and at the very least are arguable given the different schemes available in every country.

        Frankly I’m astounded you presume that the rules are applied the same for whites as for non-whites. I can tell you that in my country they aren’t. If you’re a nigger/mudslum you don’t have to look for work and if you are a white person knocked back from every job because you are clearly too intelligent/overqualified you have to prove active jobseeking for a dozen or more jobs a week. And an overpaid faggot/feminist will be your “case manager” to ride you to taking a shit job nowhere near where you live as quickly as possible.

        Most importantly, for men of purpose (which most white men are), welfare is a poison. British youths who should be in the army shooting niggers in Africa have rotted away on welfare. Their nation willingly sent jobs that should have been theirs offshore and left them nothing to do.

        Yes, working and paying tax feeds the system that is killing us. But not everyone lives in Scandinavia.

        • I’m not denying that its harder for Whites.

          I’m just making the moral case for Whites doing it.

          I hope to give practical advice in another article…if i’m allowed to publish it lol

  • One reason why taking from the State is justified is PC destroys the livelihood of patriots. IF they system will get you fired for your creed of European consciousness, then take from the system.

    Be Robin Hood.

    • Any rational and reasonable action to bring down the current American Gulag is justified, whether taking government payments, taking your labor and tax dollars to white ethno-states (Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Idaho panhandle) or building local Alt-Right networks.

  • For the same effort as applying for welfare, apply for a business license.

    Becoming stronger is cannot mean going on the dole. That’s a race to the bottom.

    If you use the dole & work and save money to start a small business.

    Take that work ethic and find a entrepreneurial pursuit.

    ANY entrepreneurial pursuit ….at least at first.

    Indian immigrants can do it, you can too.


      • I get it. But, think of it this way, without those with resources to convert, could Tyler Durden have been successful?

        My response to that: SELL SOAP!!

          • Right, it kind of like how people are waking up to the game theory situation of ethnocracy. “I didnt even think about being white or having white heritage until I began to understand that it is systematically being destroyed”

            In a way, we have to realize that the Other are out there building wealth and power. So, your ideological opposition is noted, but I think we have a practical need that embraces the context of others that are amassing wealth and power to direct against us.

            Of course, not everyone can …but if you imagine you can, try it.

    • I would get behind “Learn a new skill” or “Learn how to live off the grid” rather than “Start a business” and become a wagecuck feeding the parasitical monster that is killing us. We need to work towards destroying the system. That can be done by either starving it or adding to its burden so that it collapses sooner.

    • Sure. It’s just as easy for a White man to start a business as it is for Pajeet. And if you believe that, you’re a Republican.

    • I agree with this, IF you can afford it and have no dependents/have a supportive wife. It’s NOT fun trying when you have a mortgage, mouths to feed and only 6 months of savings and a spouse who thinks that money comes in automatically after registering a business name. We don’t have your hyper capitalism downunder, but we have something very close and this means getting liftoff is quite difficult (85-90% of businesses fail).

      I’ve been totally skint abroad and it was tough but bearable when it was just me against the world and I knew I could claim an old room at my folks if I failed and came home. Being young and single, it was an adventure. It helped me save the deposit that I used to buy the house that is now the family home.

      But not having an income and trying to start a business was crushing when I had to support a family. You really need to be sure that that income is going to be coming in if it’s not just you.

      I’m not a stupid guy, I have a postgraduate degree and am a professional (in the proper sense). But financial desperation/boredom led me to take on jobs that I every sense was telling me not to when work got quiet, and sure enough they turned out to be nightmares that bit me hard later. I thought I would be my own boss, but really I became a tax collector for ZOG. The jury is still out whether it has been worth it.

  • Interesting. Richard Spencer says the day will come when doxxing won’t be possible because our ideas will be too mainstream. (Our ideas are already mainstream among whites. They are simply not articulated or they are explicitly denied while implicitly recognized.) Yet his righthand man Vincent Law condemns those who accelerate that day’s arrival by putting their real names on submitted texts. I think Law is 100% on the mark when he states that whites are fools to continue to play by the rules of a system that is out to destroy us. But he is wrong to say that we should continue to cower in fear of this system (by remaining anonymous). The only way our movement wins is by people willing to risk their lives for our ideals. That means going public and that means doing it now. And that means undergoing all the related suffering and misery — losing your job, losing your status in polite society, moving into a trailer park, moving to Appalachia, moving to eastern Europe, going to jail and in the process of doing these things, forming networkers of those who think alike (whether in jail, in the trailer park or Appalachia). If the blacks and Muslims form networks in jail, we should be taking the same approach. By willing to challenge the system openly without cowering in fear (by revealing our true identities and being cut off from the real Gulag), we will be able to embrace our ideals completely and take the necessary steps to fulfill them. For instance, by being cut off from polite society, we’d be more willing to hook up with the trailer park white woman or east European villager in order to produce five kids. For instance, any white who has been to jail is 100% red pilled and a potential business partner, or at minimum someone to form a community with.

    • If you have the money, then there is no fear in being doxed. If not, you have to move into a trailer park.

      Gee, I wonder why a bunch of people that have to work for a living are hesitant to reveal their identity and a bunch of people that don’t have to work for a living just dont see what the big deal is. *sips whiskey*

      • Agreed. We all to live in reality. Acknowledging reality is meant to be a strength of the AltRight.

        An interesting anecdote to a dearly beloved relative dying recently was the disclosure that an ancestor had left several million pounds to charity upon his death. True to form, no one had challenged his will and as death intervened to claim my grandfather when he was relatively young, my father grew up in significantly constrained circumstances as my grandmother worked to survive with her [x] children. The direct descendants of a millionaire were reduced to the very basics because of the lack of foresight / susceptibility to propaganda of their ancestor.

  • The problem is that Whites tend to use bloodless abstractions to define what is good and what is bad. Ask them, “Why should you live?” and they will answer in terms of abstract standards: “Because I work hard…because I serve others…because I support myself…because I contribute to the economy.” But the correct response is to punch, or spit in, the questioner’s face, or at least laugh disdainfully at the question. No other creature on Earth feels the need to justify its existence, especially not in terms of abstract standards. Only Whites do. This is a weakness, not a reason for pride. “Do I deserve to live?” is not something a healthy person asks himself. His life is its own justification. Whites must learn to see their race as good /a priori/ as all other living species see themselves.

    We see the weakness of justifying one’s worth in terms of abstract standards when we look at conservative Boomers, wage cucks, and others who incredibly believe that the only thing distinguishing Whites from the lowest Negroes is “hard work” or “being a maker not a taker.” They locate their identity in performing a task or jumping through some other hoop. Their self-worth is always negotiable. “Did I do well enough to be called a White person today?” “Did I serve people efficiently enough last shift to be considered worthy of living?”

    This is slave morality. It’s the ingrained inferiority complex, not of “a people who conquered a continent,” to quote H.L. Mencken, but of “a people broken to the plow.”

    We must be masters again, not slaves negotiating their own existence.

    • “You must develop a rebellious attitude to anything that oppresses you or keeps you down.” – Ragnar Redbeard

    • So true. But I recall Mencken also analyzed the racial makeup of the U.S. in his time and found that the racial strains were such that the old noble strains had been killed off in too many wars. He was none too pleased at what he saw. As I recall, “Celtic” is what he called them. I say this charitably, so please forego the attacks, but I do wonder if it isn’t white racial subtypes that are taking these “jobs” until they just become job holders. They don’t seem to have any shame when they say “my boss told me to be here, to do this, to say this, to dress this way, to think this way.” They are thrilled that their little town has just added ninety “jobs” while forgetting that they lost their livelihoods, stores, shops, the inestimable treasures of beautiful architecture, comforting walks, parks, monuments to past heroes.

      And remember, the Fed Res does not need your taxes. It doesn’t work that way. They don’t spend the money they take in. That money is just used as behavioral control.

      • Well, as I said, Mencken saw in the American masses “a people broken to the plow” and not “a people who conquered a continent.” There will always be more slavish types than exceptional men (by definition). The point is for our exceptional men to throw off their shackles, including any slave programming that was imposed on them from outside, and reject and wreck the White genocidal system. (The exceptional men must be concerned with preserving their whole biological genome — the average members of their race as well as themselves. Why? Because the uncommon can’t exist without the common; the race’s blooms depend on its stems, leaves, and roots, and vice-versa. We are one sheaf, one vine.)

        • “The common and uncommon cannot exist without each other; the race’s blooms depend on its stems, leaves, and roots, and vice-versa” is a better way to phrase my penultimate sentence perhaps.

          • Yeah, Sean, I agree. You are like a breath of fresh air.

            I think that quote is an echo from Paul in the Epistles. This is the kind of stuff that has been on my mind, when I think of my life and then the lives of those suffering around me. In the Communist Manifesto, Marx lays into the aristocracy of France and Germany. He openly reveals that we were trying to protect our subjects from communist control. The aristocracy was the last thing to stand between the average man and his ownership as living capital.

            You just cannot expect the average person to grasp this.

          • True, they’re focused in on making coin/baling hay. A body without a head. It’s our job to lead; this sometimes means “tough love,” e.g., saying, “No, you can’t hire illegal immigrants…No, you can’t move your business overseas…No, you can’t run a porn ring…No, you can’t sell your children…No, you can’t hire a jewish accountant…No, you cannot expect your opinion to be deferred to in all matters because you made a million dollars selling t-shirts….”

          • “…we just want them to go away.”

            Yes, that’s what we want.

            Everything else—religious debate, economic debate…
            It’s just a side show.

            Tell your friends we just want them to go away.

        • Good response Sean. This is the type of nuanced thought we need. An aristocracy cannot exist without the working and business castes. There must always exist a certain level of compassionate care towards the average member of our race. Paternalism is a good description of an ideal aristocrats view towards the merchants and working class. Most of us are levels above the average folk but to look down upon them would be the most un aristocratic thing we could do.

          That’s why I have been trolling this Cryptic fellow. He doesn’t seem to have any nuance in his aristocratic beliefs and foolishly bashes the lower caste whites whilst claiming nobility derives purely from blonde hair.

  • So Vincent Law is on welfare? I suddenly do not feel quite as worthless. I have a STEM degree and teach part time at a shit-teir college. The kind of college where motherfuggers cannot add fractions.

    Fuck it I am quitting my job, getting on the dole and making 1000 white babies with my wife. Shit, i’m going to start selling crack to little niglet kids too. Payback for the heroin you niggers sold that killed three of my friends.

    • I can’t help but notice people that don’t seem to have STEM degrees disavow college and mock everybody with ‘underwater basket weaving degrees, while endlessly touting STEM degrees even though they are just as worthless. Relearning biology/chemistry after high school does not give you a white collar career. The best you can do is a $10 lab tech gig.

  • Your asses are owned by the (((Federal Reserve))). You’re a debt slave to (((USURY))). You might as well bleed the system, because it’s bleeding you, white boy. Sure, work thirty years like my grandfather to end up giving your pension over to the government for the privilege of dying in a nursing home staffed by negroes that will stand around and laugh as you take your gasping, dying breath. Viva Dystopia.

  • This morning, my girlfriend and I were talking about this stuff. She thinks I’m a lono for reading this website. A lono is what you call a loner loon. I’ve pretty much not had contact with my family for awhile now. Where I come from status and pedigree is really important. Are you D.A.R. registered? Are you related to King Charles the II? Do you have a Founding Father in your family tree. That kind of stuff. So if I come across a little strong, you should meet the people in my circle. LOL. They will breathe a certain way just to let you know your place.

    But your messages are getting out there. People hear what you say. The jews don’t like you for obvious reasons. The Covingtons and the Mountbattens don’t like you because they don’t like anyone. They’re still more concerned about hanging out with the Fayeds over the weekend. My point is, I was reading this site until a few days ago, leaving thumbs up or down, but then I had to start commenting. What has angered people like me recently, is the Trump election. But also Charolttesville and other stuff going on. The Ivanka syndrome. Haven’t you heard? She’s culpable. LOL.

    I guess I’m kind of a wierdo that way: I was supposed to carry on the family name and I didn’t. And now I’m kind of a black sheep. There are people like me who are kind of rooting for you but we also carry your message back to Mummy and Daddy. We are even willing to talk up about it over Saturday night supper. The world seems to be separating into two really disctinct classes. I sometimes think it will always be like this. The democratic experiment was a pipe dream. I go back and forth. The hard truth is, you are fighting for a world that will treat you unequally, because that’s the way it has always been. The white race? What is it really? Flat faces, round skulls, narrow skulls? People will always judge you by all kinds of things. It doesn’t get any easier when you make the world white. It gets HARDER. If anything, whilte people are very class conscious. Right now There are white people having drinks on the terrace, while meztizos do yard work in the valley. That’s the world you are asking for. Do you want it?

    • Like myself, you’ve just started commenting. I believe critical mass is building beyond the fringe and is driven by the things that angered you — SJWs pushing hard, beyond all rationality, with the media towing that same line — it pushes one here in a reactionary way. It could be policy specific, whatever. One seeks truth tellers.

      Trumps antagonism to SJW values and the lefts push back against him has made the media bias so glaringly obvious that a much broader group are beginning to question the ‘agenda’ writ large. I’ve been impressed with the pragmatically academic discussions that take place in many of the podcasts on this site. It’s honestly a bit difficult not to get sucked in.

      I can sympathize with what you describe. Sounds like my in-laws. One branch of them are part of a family who everyone knows. And the others are from the South, old school, also somewhat well known. I am like you in the sense that I am just now beginning to discuss ‘this’ more openly and directly (by name) with the people around me. Like, as of last night.

      My thesis is that this movement is beginning to pierce bubbles.

      So many ‘conservatives’ agree with so much of what’s here. It’s that ‘getting past the stigma of calling ethnic nationalism by its name’ that is important — I believe it’s slowly happening.

      Many of the moneyed libs, and I’m not talking about Hollywood (that’s different) or D.C. libs, but people who are conservative at heart but are officially liberal (feign trendy liberal pretense) — if they were exposed to the things that the broader population is exposed to they would flip in five seconds. Armchair SJWs…..weekend SJW warriors. Really, NIMBY SJWs. It’s easy to hold certain views from a distance…..

      It’s all about those bubbles. The people who can make things happen (through funding or political action) are so removed from any kind of friction that they are the last to understand the changes taking place. For them, everything’s fine.

      I don’t think it’s about having mestizos in the yard while white people sip tea on the veranda. It’s about the outright attack against white people, who themselves have created a version of prosperity that the world desperately tries to emulate and who, self-defeatingly, provide the platform for attack, that will ultimately destroy the foundational structure upon which all of this is built.

      • ..and I don’t think anyone here is calling for an egalitarian ‘white solution.’ Classes are natural; there is always a hierarchy. And I personally have tremendous respect for Asian cultures — they’ve accomplished a lot. They have higher IQs than whites, etc. They already have their de facto ethno-states (and are not ashamed to embrace it).

        I think all anyone here is calling for is that the same consideration be given to whites descended from northern Europe as is given to all other ethnic groups. Nothing more. All of the rabble rousers act as if success has been taken/stolen and not earned. It’s been earned, over generations. We have generations of success encoded in our DNA. We have a shared history worth celebrating — unapologetically.

        • Thanks for the kind words.

          I too believe that critical mass is building. For what? That’s the question that baffles me. It niggles in my brain. My daily conversations and observations tell me that much has changed just in the past year. Much is changing every day. But when I comment here at this site, what is apparant to me is hwo much strife is everywhere. I suppose I needn’t add to it. I’m reminded of something Socrates said about political history devolving from monarchy through aristocracy to oligarchy and democracy, only to cycle through to tyranny before arriving back at monarchy. The socialism of the past century has all but completely died. George Soros aptly called it a “zombie” economy.

          One of the most fascinating questions of our day is this transition from socialism (private capital and state capital) to something else. And since I am no longer a great believer in democracy, in the sense that I once believed in it against all-comers, I find myself very much admiring those wise words of Socrates.

    • Most of us probably agree that the Anglo Saxon “Boston Brahmins” are just as or slightly less degenerate than the kikes.
      I’m not attacking you or your family directly but all of these ” high class” Anglos in the northeast and in the eastern seaboard are traitors who only care for themselves and their immediate family.

      Like you said they give the utmost importance to reputation, but not truly reputable things, just money, ivory school degrees, and which country club you belong to. A truly despicable species, imo.
      When my Anglo ancestors had been in the states for a hundred years they headed west, ( my great…..grandfather founded soutolk, NY, he has a lighthouse to this day named after him)thank god, and so I was able to get a truly down to earth, middle class, country upbringing, not a high society uprbring, one were I’d think my shit doesn’t stink.

      It is high time for these Hampton Anglos to fall from their horse along with the Jew and some new blood is needed to replace them, whether that is Anglo, German, Dutch, Italian, Irish, or a combination of these, it doesn’t matter.

      These elite are truly shameful people and they make their Anglo Saxon forebears who settled in the states look like gods in comparison.

      • Yes, I agree with some of what you’ve written. Still, what has perplexed me and I assume others, is the fact that country club membership still seems to count for something very deep, worth fighting for. And yet we are a bit wary of jumping in a at the deep end with this movement, because it seems to be dominated by very strange voices. Reactionary voices. All of which is understandable. But my point was simply that if your aims are to be realized, you have to know what they are. You have to know what kind of pie you are ordering.

        • And no I don’t agree at all with what you said about Boston Brahmins. LOL.

          That’s just a trope. You are generalizing. That’s the reactionary strain which grates on my nerves.

          • Im attacking the high class Anglo Saxon’s who have within the last century aligned themselves with the Jew and have willingly allowed this country to be in its current state, all for personal profit.

            ofcourse there were others, Irish, and some Italians for example, but no group has allied more closely and more absolutely with the Jews than the upper class Anglo.

          • But you see this doesn’t make sense to a person who just lost their estate in England because of a liberal government dominated by jews.

            The world is larger than just some cartoon in your head.

          • Where didn’t I involve you directly.

            Your situation does not negate the fact that a sizeable number of high class and influential Anglos have been allies with the Jews for 100 years.

            That doesn’t mean all high class Anglos and certainly no where near all Anglo Saxon either.

            You, with your, “the natural elite already has power, as it should” nonsee you’ve been spewing lately, are the only one in cartoon land.

            It’s not my concern that your too subjective to accept that a large number of your fellow Anglo ” elites” are traitors.

          • Very well said.

            Now we wait for Hipster Racist to jump in and start screaming about how top-caste anglos are the master race and the rest of us are just jelly.

          • No, Vincent, I don’t believe that.

            We’re going to need each other at some point. If you alienate and exclude certain people now, they may just go and make a movement of their own. Or they might not, and then where will we be. What good does it do to play these liberal games.

          • What movement?

            Why would they do anything? The Anglo-Brahmin are doing quite well for themselves. Its everyone else that needs a movement.

          • Vincent, I have a hard time even taking that seriously. I’m literally shaking my head.

            Maybe because we care? Maybe because we are sick of literally watching our friends lose what they have built up for generations?

          • You may be sincere and just simply misguided but what strikes me as odd is your absolute refusal to admit, let alone condemn the high class Anglos. You’ve staunchly defended them.

            Your either ignorant or being disingenuous .
            Your claim is that you are an “elite, upper caste” Anglo from some “top blood line”. You have defended and justified those of your group hiring strictly Mestizos and negroes. You have claimed that other European ethnicities outside of Anglos are genetically inferior. You’ve done all of this whilst defending the Anglo elites in every comment and refusing to even admit any wrong doing they have commited toward their fellow whites (which is obvious to anyone with eye shadow and a brain).

            So which is it, are you against the Anglo traitors or are you with us “low caste” whites?
            Can’t be both.

          • I hope you wake up one day to see the blacks and browns your brahmin friends imported and employ as gardeners and nannies using their hedge-clippers as red crayons and using your friends’ throats as canvases.

            but hey, that’s just me.

        • I’m damn sure not fighting for any coastal country club faggots. I can’t speak for everyone but I fight for the blue collar whites, the middle class whites. The farmers, the mechanics. As well as the honest white collar whites. The whites who lost everything when our manufacturing was shipped over seas so these country club cocksuckers can buy cheap shit and make a higher profit.

          I’ll lay down my life for joe smith, the former coal miner in WV and his children. I dont the fight for some asshole who ones a sizable share in a multi national corporation that shipped its factories to India.

          I fight for the whites who lost jobs to third worlders, not the whites who employ thirdworders.

          You can take your little ” I’m a high class aristocratic white, who has Mexicans fix my car and mow my lawn” and go fuck yourself.

      • I agree, it’s both completely shameful and has been going on for far too long. The pseudo elites who fancy themselves as aristocrats despite being the antithesis of that concept per Julis Evola have been committing racial treason and frolicking with the Jews since the start. Andrew Jackson’s fight against big banking, farmers being crucified on a cross of usurious gold, and rural Californians feeling betrayed and wanting their own state of Jefferson are all highlights of this ongoing struggle.

  • White people should start listing themselves as Black or at least White Hispanic on every school&job application they fill out. White America could destroy the affirmative action industrial complex tomorrow if Whites start to the play the system the way every other groups does. Shiiieeeeeettttt, say you are Black and get a cushy affirmative action government job somewhere.

  • Something I’ve noticed in the last 2 years of traveling/working is that a lot of pre-nationalist theories I had, which the Alt-Right still has via ‘parallel-thinking,’ are not true… Diversity + proximity = conflict/peak ‘wokeness’

    There are very few ‘mixed’ areas anywhere but the South, which it has always been because the South was the only plantation in North America…the de facto first American colonialism….and the people still mostly operate like that today, where whites vote Republican, blacks vote Democrat even though they are neighbors.

    A chemical reaction (white flight) occurs just as any mixing takes place in the North. Rolling suburbs and new municipalities are spontaneously formed deep in rural farmland. The invasive oil slick stays wherever it is flung and brings with it every corrosive feature, while the water it clung to scatters into droplets and coagulates all over again elsewhere to replenish society in all of its forms, just as it was created to do.

    This white flight is nothing more than a thoughtless gag-reflex rather than a prescription of Red Pills. Previous attitudes remain the same. They have simply packed up and rebuilt a facsimile of their entire existence (and beliefs) elsewhere. It’s like the drunk chick at a party….she did not learn her lesson after she got her stomach pumped. She just rested a little bit and still parties just as hard.

    There are no rolling suburbs (white flight) in the South (aside from a few major cities), like there are in the North. It is almost entirely rural to this day. That is just the way of life there.

    Like if you went to an open house in the North, seeing blacks there or as neighbors would not be possible because everybody knows where they are concentrated based on zip codes, cardinal directions of the county or clusters of municipalities. They are largely prevented from migrating into white areas because public transit is voted down each election….and even where there is public transportation, it is exclusively blacks shuttled in and out because transportation/living is relatively inexpensive, yet blacks still cannot afford it where I live. They don’t even try because that is their mentality. Years ago I had a low-pay job as a restaurant runner/expo in this mixed area, with an Ethiopian and a Mexican as the only others with that position…yet I was the only one who could purchase a car on craigslist and a one-bedroom far away in the city, while they lived with others and got rides.

    But the only whites that do live in those areas are the welfare type (‘white trash’) lost to nigger assimilation…not so much in the classic wigger mold, but nonetheless they enthusiastically adopt certain nigger behaviors (ironically even more so than blacks) like being rude/cheap/rowdy in restaurants, dressing dingily, and living in filth.

    Miscegenation is much more open and interchangeable…I have seen white women with infant white children dating negroes, who kiss her blue-eyed cherub baby, whereas in white areas it is almost entirely surreptitious (some places I have worked, the lone nigger fucks many of the white women and informs me, while the women would never admit it, yet still give Tyrone rides).

    White and blue collar alike, they all vote Democrat. The only sense of white identity expressed (probably incidental) is the whites regularly wear the gear of the city NHL team, while blacks wear basketball shit. I played ice hockey for 10 years growing up in the white areas (rich, poor, Jewish) and it was not at all popular, and still isn’t except for these tiny mixed areas. So there’s that.

    The overall white welfare culture (meth/opiates/heroin) seems to accumulate in unlivable areas where no immigrants or negroes will go, like Appalachia, and is concomitant with the most dangerous jobs (mining) or on the frontier areas doing still more dangerous work (rock quarries) that nonwhites would not deign themselves to attempt. Extremely inhospitable areas seem to require some sort of subsidies because there are no other industries, whereas blacks take the cleanliest metropolises and turn them into rubble overnight by virtue of their codependency and inability.

    An aerial view of the North areas at night where I live literally looks like North and South Korea juxtaposed because all businesses have left aside from a few hidden dive bars protected by grated windows/doors. The streetlights outside are perpetually covered in the post-Princess Diana pagan balloon/teddy bear thing where somebody has been killed. Keep in mind my grandmother, Miss (redacted state) 1940, was born and raised in the heart of what has now become the country’s worst ghetto, when it was once one of America’s main industrial arteries, just because it got blacked with welfare.

    There weren’t any blacks until ‘Civil Rights.’ I still hear stories from Boomers that never saw a black until high school (or even ventured into the North areas in their entire lives), where they would reach out and touch the hair of negresses because the coarseness did not look real. The demographics of the ‘poor’ white areas still reflect the time when they were sundown towns and the welcome sign actually said, ‘Niggers, don’t let the sun set on your black asses.’ And a 100 percent German/Austrian Silent Generation family friend with curly hair was turned away from public swimming pools because the sign read, ‘No Shirt, No Shoes, No Semites.’

    • ‘Don’t let the sun set….” You are talking about Hall County, Georgia (outside of Atlanta)? Or, perhaps that’s a legend throughout Southern metros (I think it is).

      In some of the lake and golf communities in North Carolina the old property deeds and HOA rules specifically excluded sale to blacks or Jews. Most of those places are surrounded by the abject Appalachian poverty you mention — the areas where the monthly government check is considered standard operating procedure.

      • I have thousands upon thousands of word docs from daily notes/osmoses and no outlet. I’ve been thinking about making a podcast, but this niche market seems over saturated with them. I have tons of ideas, but no way to express them aside from here since I’ve been banned everywhere else. I don’t know where to even begin.

  • Yep.

    Also, let’s promote using a lot of the deceitful, time tested tactics of the J tribe.

    J tribe people move all over the globe, change their countries as often as other people change clothes.

    J tribe also changes their name to try to blend in, disguise their racial/ethnic identity.

    If some English speaking White guy sort of on our side named John Perry can’t get a job and gets constantly insulted and harassed, just change his name to Juan Peres, learn a few phrases in Spanish and get all angry and shout about “My people”.

    Or, do like that Chicago Irish lawyer in Breaking Bad, change your name to something Jewish like “Saul Goodman”.

    I’m waiting for some guy on our side with a big set of balls to change his name to something like Joshua Steinberg, get a PO box in Hollywood and produce really, insulting, anti Muslim videos that suggest that the Islamic Prophet was a homosexual punk.

    Look at the founder of Judeo Christianity and all the lies and deception and trouble he caused:

    St. Paul the former Jewish Pharisee Saul of Tarsus who supposedly “Saw the Light” on the Road to Damascus Syria and founder a new religion that would supposedly bring universal equality and world people where Greeks and Jews, men and women, free and slave would all become by accepting Jesus……

    How are the Greeks doing these days in places like Palmyra Syria?

      • Id say it is wrong—but that doesn’t mean it is not pragmatic or useful.

        Different times call for different moralities.

        We, as a civilization, definitely have to think more “jooishly”.

        J00s have proven the effectiveness of being underhanded and ethnocentric.

        • But it isn’t wrong if its right. It’s either one or the other.

          I really am pretty new to this website, Although I’ve been pondering race for years. What surprised me and others who are new to your way of thinking, is why do you associate all the “bad” things with jews?

          I ask this honestly. I’d like someone’s take on this. When I try to explain it to people in my circles, they just laugh. It’s kind of mystifying.

          • I should clarify that question. I ask because some of these “bad” things are what white people do. We are very power hungry. The people I talk to get confused when you talk like this. For us, some of the “bad” things are not bad, so we tend to give jews a pass in the sense that we admire their audacity, but we wish that they would just go away.

          • I would suggest that they read “Culture of Critique”.

            But really, I wouldn’t try to convince them. Why do YOU need to convince them?

            I’m going to assume that you are a good faith actor. If you feel that you are “different”, then throw in your lot with this movement. Really, you’re probably just tired of watching the people that you speak with rest on their laurels, while j00ish lobbyist act with vigor.

            This movement has a romantic, ‘continental’ quality to it. So if you have an artist temperament it will appeal to you.

            But I’ll ask you:
            What brings you here?
            What is it that you want?

            What you said in another thread is probably true:

            “People can’t change their nature”.

            You might very well be right.

            If the “people you speak with” (how cryptic ; ) read Culture of Critique, they would probably think to themselves, “yes, well, the Jews are screwing us alright”. Then they will go right back to sitting idle while time passes them by.

            The little secret is, the Northeastern WASP didn’t ally with J00s – they were strong armed by J00s. (Wilson enacted the Federal Reserve without fully understanding it.)

            If the fait of the highest of the highborn, is any indicator of the future of the “highborn”, then it looks bleak:

            Harry permanently tarnished his bloodline by marrying a descendent of slaves. Of course, this was political. Eventually it had to be done or they’d meet the same fate as the Romanov dynasty. The Rothschilds would see to it.

            And this breeding down isn’t new—just more obvious.

            Before Harry, lesser aristocrats struggling with debt, were downgrading by mixing their blood with the bourgeois daughters of NE WASP. So perhaps the ineffectual nature of the Northeastern elite is partly racial. (American men with armorial titles were concentrated in the antebellum south.)

            The other, more pragmatic course the NE Wasp can take, is to lose their racial integrity and marry their daughters to people of an armenoid racial type.

            How undignified.

          • Thanks for the thoughtful response.

            Let me just lay out a few salient points that I think are important for everyone right now. You first question is really important: why do I need to convince the people with whom I associate? Try to see it from my point of view. Why do you feel that you need to convince your natural allies?

            This conversation we are having is where the battle ground is for this movement. This argument between “your” group and “my” group has got to be settled if your aims, as you understand them, are to achieved. But it can only be settled by someone on the other side reaching out, as I”ve done. But we need to return to our tents with the understanding that we will each share with our own allies the knowledge and practical wisdom that our dialogue here on this site so far has brought us, over the past few days. While it has been bewildering for me, and I hope a little for you too, it must figure in the conversations we have with our own class, our natural allies. This, it seems to me, is the only way forward for this movement at this time.

            One thing I’ve noticed more than anything else in this movement is the lack coherence, the lack of discipline. What this movement needs is what the Romans called “locus.” It means the spirirt of the place. You have the brute strength, the unbridled desire, you even have some scattered arguments, but you lack more than all of this, even more than money. You lack the rider. The head. We are conscious of this. We have been watching you. We are not immune to your charms.

            When your web sites were shuttered, you seemed to take that (you still seem to take it) as a blow to your movement. But it was the best thing that could happen to you. It just shouldn’t have happened TO, you should have had natural leaders who could do it FOR you prior to Charlottesville. It’s what we were thinking you should do anyway. It canalized your allies into a bigger pond on this site. It concentrated your message. Do you think that was easy for me to watch? Do you think it was easy to sit by and watch you struggle to understand whether or not it was a good thing, licking your wounds?

            I say all that as an example. You think I’m just blowing smoke. But I wonder if any of you really understand what we offer.

            Stop nailing planks into the guillotine. It tends to send us running back to our afghans and leather sofas.

            And no, I obviously wouldn’t answer any questions about the Royal Family. It’s a rule that you learn: you don’t take questions, and you never talk about anyone’s personal life. I’ve said too much about myself here as it is.

          • Cryptic,

            I’m not ready to roll out the guillotine—yet. Admittedly, I was poking you a bit—just to figure you out. It’s not personal. I like the way that, after I mentioned our romantic spark, you immediately responded with an appeal to emotion: “Do you think that was easy for me to watch?”

            But you’re concerned about our direction. We’re having this discussion right now, because this movement is gaining traction, and also acquiring a statist bent. This is true.

            And personally, I do hold a dislike for people that acquired power and wealth through capitalism, and then turned around and sold out their countries in order to increase profits. I dislike the bourgeoise. Flooding countries with animals, when the average iq is 102, and the people and architecture are beautiful, is a sick thing. Migrants urinating in fountains and swinging from statues is a sick thing.

            There was a monarchist strain in this movement a while back, but when you have people like Harry that marry “literally niggers”, then the club isn’t so exclusive anymore. But I don’t hate genuine aristocrats; from my vantage point, it is not that the “elites” aligned with j00s—they were beaten by them. So while it is nice to trace your bloodline back to a Baron, to read something off color that the Duke of Edinburgh said, or that Prince Charles said, at the end of the day…

            What are these people going to do, really?

            The king is in check.

            If I might be a bit crude, I’m going to “fan the balls” of Richard Spencer. I think he’s the closest thing we have to a natural aristocrat right now. Who embodies the qualities of WIlliam the Conqueror more? Harry or Spencer?

            And you know that he’s our “head”, so if you’re serious about finding common ground (I tend to think this is a larp), then you shouldn’t have any trouble reaching out to him. You’re right, we could use the resources.


            Welcome to

          • Forget that question. I just looked up the acronym. It means live action role plying game, no?

            And no, this is not a LARP.

          • You’re so full of your own shit that it boggles the mind. Just because daddy and mommy built something for you that does not correlate into being better than any of us.
            Your just a little faux elite piece of shit.
            In my direct bloodline I have two founding fathers, a man who participated in the Boston tea party and served under George Washington, and three presidents. Yet, you don’t see me on here spouting about my surpreme genetics.

            Let me give you a pro tip. This movement neither needs nor desires any help, participation, nor advice from ivory tower faggots such as yourself.

            Do you know how the NSDAP succeeded? As a grassroots movement lead by natural aristocrats who rose from the soil once the previous nobility had degenerated into dog shit. You are that previous aristocracy and we are the blood and soil youth.

            Go back to your cocktail parties and watch everything proceed in the next couple decades.

            FYI, I may not be as sophisticated as your upper east side pals but my Iq is in the 99th percentile, as is quite a few of us “low caste” whites. The tides have turned and the truely superior whites are beginning to sprout once again from the soil, not the ivory towers.

          • Actually no, that’s not the case Barnabas. The NSDAP only began by using rhetoric that was anti-capitalist and anti-bourgeois. It quickly began to downplay that rhetoric to curry favor with business and industrial elites. From then on, its focus was tightly held on anti-semitic and anti-Marxist themes.

            We are here to remind you that your beloved NSDAP (as have so many other revolutions) reached the very point that you are at now.

            Will you listen? Do you really appreciate high blood? Do you really appreciate what we offer you? Do you really want this revolution that until so far you have only talked about?

          • Your wrong on the NSDAP.

            No, I don’t appreciate what you may or may not have to offer and I don’t believe you or any of your Brahmin friends qualify as high blood.

            You’re a just as complicit in our situation as the Jew, so you do not get off the hook by offering a little “funding”. You all get hung right next to the kike with few exceptions.

            I’m personally networking with dozens of individuals in real life, as are they. I imagine majority of the visitors of this site are doing the same.

            Be ready to lay in the bed that you made, cuck.

          • Cryptic,

            We all just want them to go away.

            Everything else is of secondary importance.

          • It is not against my personal philosophy. My personal philosophy is to win by any means.

            It is “wrong” in the sense that there is a particular way that I would prefer to live. I recognize that we are not competing with high-trust races.

            We will create this idealized world.

        • So you think that changing your racial identity is bad, but you don’t think that changing your morality is bad?

      • ‘But you’ll be just as bad as the people your fighting against’ and all of it’s variations are the most annoying, sentimental, hypocritical thing that liberals say. I’m usually a nice guy but if someone punches me and steals my sweet roll, I’ll punch them right back and take what is mine. This is a struggle for survival, not a contest to see who can be Mr. Congeniality.

  • I can understand this Sentiment……..

    We all just want to Break Out of this Failed System/Society………

    On many levels it truly is a Nightmare…….

    When you see what is happening in DC………

    The American Experiment has Failed………

    We can’t even enforce Immigration Laws and Border Security…….

    Without the Government shutting down due to the Intransigence of the Anti-White Democrats…….

    Foreign Countries are laughing at and mocking us………

    And then we start thinking about the Sociological Mess/Chaos…….

    But, to avoid falling into Depression and Despair……..

    Working, Building, and Creating are Vital……..

    In this Multi-Ethnic/Cultural Mess………

    Each of us are a White Representative to the Non-White World………..

    Our Ancestors expect us to NEVER GIVE UP………..

    Their Strength, Perseverance, Courage, and Resiliency lies within each one of us……..

    FIND IT………

  • In Europe for people with young kids and average wages its literally the same if you’re on a dole or working. You get several different kinds of welfare payments, free kindergarten, and you save a ton on commuting.
    That being said, the consultants at unemployment office (you have to be registered to get some of the benefits) when they see a young white male they know whats up. She told me to my face that she knows what I’m doing. At current cycle of economy there are actual shortages of workers and young white males are most wanted. “I can get you a job this afternoon, just tell me what you want to work” she told me. I said that I hate the system and that I have problem finding motivation and she told me to at least pretend to be searching for job, but then let me pass. On government dole for 10 months now and not going back.

    Frankly I think the elites just want to crash the system and shithole people are being used to do it because whites are hardwired against it. But I’m a good boy, I’ll help them.

    • I don’t understand why you say “whites” ar hard-wired against it. That has not been my personal experience. At least among people I know.

    • That is not the message. The message I read is take advantage of all opportunities. Getting subsidies means you are now free to make money doing something else. Suddenly you have two incomes. The trick is to make a 2nd income without jeopardizing the requirements of the subsidy program. It is easier than one would imagine.

  • Ha! Do some research. 40.5% of SNAP recipients are white. Sorry for the red pill. White trash costs this country way more than black or brown people.

        • Given that you come here just to attack and provoke people with half truths one has to wonder what psychological problems you have

          While it is true that whites make up about 45% of snap beneficiaries you should look at a by race brake down and who takes how much.

          You will notice that certain groups like blacks and mestizos are almost guaranteed to be on multiple welfare programs at the same time where as the whites you disparage are generally only taking some unemployment from time to time.

          • Sorry to provoke with a different opinion. That’s a strange accusation coming from an ideology that can’t even use their own real names when describing their beliefs…
            I also get that there is a high percentage of minorities on welfare. Can u admit that your base and most of the readers of this site are just as “worthless.”
            One of your top “minds” is encouraging it’s readers to accept welfare. Hillarious.
            People of all races are taking help from the government. Funny how u people pick and choose who u want to vilify.
            Anyone without psychological problems can see this ideology is for people looking for someone else to blame for their falling quality of life.

          • This is not random “picking and choosing.”

            Those programs were set up to benefit White Americans who needed help, and black American descendants of slaves brought here against their will.

            This is so simple even leftists can (usually) understand it.

            ” On the other side, however, open immigration can’t coexist with a strong social safety net; if you’re going to assure health care and a decent income to everyone, you can’t make that offer global.”

            -Paul Krugman


          • It’s called the bell curve, you cocksucker. Get back to me when you worthless animals become inventors instead of wringing every ounce you can from fake colored scientists like Neil Degrasse Tyson.

            And your ahistorical ‘we wuz kangz’ Egyptology. You stupid niggers boxed that into an entire collective coping mechanism religion. ‘White caves’ and ‘black pyramids.’ Oh yeah? Where in Europe? You keep encroaching and appropriating white history by annexing white people every generation….Egyptians were black, Jesus and the Jews were black….the Chinese were black. Greeks and Romans, French and spaniards were black…until finally, all white people emerged from Africa in the disproven ‘out of Africa’ theory. So all us are now black.

            Crybaby nigger. Oh yeah, your women admit that your dicks aren’t any bigger than whites. HAHA go dribble a ball.

          • Yikes. Calm down before u have heart attack… I get it, you hate black people. Im sure your job at mcdonalds was taken from you, or your fat gf was stolen by one of these “animals…”

            I feel for you dude… must be rough being white… it isnt for me. I enjoy my privilege and pay more in taxes than you do. Easy. Why? Because i got a college degree… a masters and didnt blame anyone.

            Im just a white guy like u. A more successful white guy mind you. But all the same, dont want you to get too upset.

            I feel sad for you. With that much hate for no reason your life must really suck.

          • Aren’t you a Social Darwinist, Normie?

            Do you think it’s even theoretically possible that immigration harms Americans?

          • No, more of a socialist actually. I see immagrants as just as worthy of the american dream as a person with 4 generations of pure new england blood.

            Thats why I frequent this site. Love to read differing oppinons.

            Do u beleive all human beings are of equal value? Should a brown person be allowed to try for a better life?

          • (((I’m a white guy))). Sure you are. Everything about you is disingenuous. You don’t like niggers either you phony. Look at your classist rhetoric. You pretend to defend niggers one minute, but then disparage my alleged unemployment at a fast food joint the next. Newsflash, cockbreath, we all have college degrees this day and age. I’m embarrassed to even admit I have one. Yet loser government pensioners like you come on here with your passive aggressive trolling pretending to be proud of your worthless job as a babysitter because you have nothing else going on in your sad quasi pedophile life and most of all you are TERRIFIED. Hahaha I love it! The fear is so evident. You’re worried about your tenure and benefits! I see it in your waxing and waning ‘sympathy’ and attempt to coerce me out of this ‘ideology.’ You’re scared. Admit it, you fat slob.

          • Hahaha!

            So im black.
            Then a jew.
            Now a pedophile.

            Your an angry racist arent you…

            Yes. U got me nailed. Im terrified. Of loaing my pension?!? Just fing terrified.

            Ill pray for you man. Good luck with the blog. Im sure there are 100s of low lifes that are juat as desperate and sad as you who would eat up your complaining.

            Hey maybe you could get a Hatreon and make 20 a month or soenthung to supplant your minimum wage income.

            When you get off your night shift job let me know. Ill be the first to donate…

            Never give up your ideology. In fact spread it and be proud. That way normal society can tell who u are and treat you the way you deserve to be treated…

          • You are anything but normal. Look at what you’re doing. You hate diversity too you phony. NO other reason you would waste a second of your precious time. You come here because you just spent all day with a bunch of violent minorities and you need your fix. I have been around you people my entire life. You aren’t fooling me. Wow if that is what passes as a ‘teacher’ with that grammar, is it any wonder why you are probably in a rubber room collecting tax dollars? Ahaha loser

          • You’re all over the map dude… first Im an animal now i hate minorites?

            You got one thing right, i come here to get my fix.

            If no one tells u people how deplorable you are they too are complicit.

            Our society has allowed us to form bubbles where we can rant in a safe space.

            Not me. I like arguing with racists. Makes my day.

            As for your rubber room obsession, those failures still make prob. 3 times what you make… think on that before you go to bed alone again…

            Remember everything you beleive is rejected by society. That doesnt make you an outlier it makes you the social reject you have to live with 24 7 365.

            Its your faukt your poor and an outcast. Its where you bwlong in our society.

            In 25 years when you look back on life and wonder why your such a failure, blame yourself. That or fing comply dog.

            2 simple options…

          • The mass of non-whites sucking up resources and space is a big part of the “falling quality of life” for whites. If we were to get rid of all the niggers and spics, quality of life in the US would rise dramatically. If we were to prevent all the Pajits and Chinks from taking advantage of our higher education system, college would be much cheaper.

          • Nope. Wrong. If angry losers like yourself left this would be a better country.

            Id much rather live next to anyone other than an ignorant racist. Your am embarrassment to humanity dude.

            I think you know ot, and thats why you want to blame others.

        • You do understand the whole concept of per capita but it reveals inconvenient truths so you say moronic things to reinforce your world view. Pathetic.

          • Hahahah! Moronic to point out the fact that red state whites use up more than half of the welfare payments in this country… Very Trump like point. U should run for President.
            The base of the Alt-right is made up of white males looking for someone to blame. It’s not a movement it’s a way to explain your short comings.
            This article is trying to give cover to the 75% of your core readers who have failed at life and are just as bad as the people they hate for no reason. #sad

          • Our “shortcomings” consist of being unable to compete on wages with Mexican stoop labor while simultaneously competing for housing with Chinese multimillionaires and billionaires. Fuck off, you white genocidal piece of garbage.

          • Interesting. Why not take the same wages as people that are far more industrious than yourself?
            And please explain why poor whites are competing for million dollar pent houses?
            No one wants genocide but your leaders. I personally want a society that brings everyone up. Not a society that cases blame.
            Pull yourself up by your boot straps cry baby. Your destiny is up to you. When you look in the mirror or check your bank statement that’s your fault…

          • (1) You want a society that brings everyone up.

            (2) Pull yourselves up by the bootstraps, loser.

            Which is it?

            Interesting that you admit that our (((leaders))) want genocide.

            Thanks for stopping by, anti-White.

          • Yawn. Trying to make you laugh with the old Reagan talking point.
            Its what they told minorities when they complained of 0 opportunity.

            What it is is simple. Get with the new economy or parish. Factory work is dead. Accept it. Get a degree in something with jobs and stop whining and blaming.

            My kids are white. Im not anti anything. Im anti blame. It brings out the worst. And thats what this site is for. The worst people among us.

          • Catholic.
            And this is how normal people think. People whos ideas and communities will thrive.
            Good luck with your rural south africa like ethno state

          • If your kids are White, and you are trying to demoralize this movement, you are literally a traitor to your own children.

          • Harsh.

            Or i dont have hatred for whole races of people and disagree that theres some secret movement to eliminate whites.

            Again, where i live people are pretty cool. I want my kids to repect everyone. Thats just me though.

            This movement is nothing but a place for angry racists to comminicate. In 10 years it wont exist and like in the UK utll be shut down. Sorry. We both know its true.

          • Come on, I can tell by the way you write, you don’t even believe what you are saying.

            Over the top.

          • Why not take no wages at all, and undercut everyone? The end of this capitalist race to the bottom is slavery — and death (no possibility of supporting a family). Capitalism is state-sponsored usury. Usury works out very well for Jewish parasites, if they can ignore their periodically being herded into large enclosures and deservedly executed for it.

          • Please please please STOP with that controlled-opposition Jew narrative. I actually work with Hispanics as the only gringo and the bullshit narrative that Hispanics are more frugal is a LIE.

            They work UNDER the table, meaning they don’t have to pay taxes or de facto taxes (social security/Medicare). So they make MORE money than a taxpayer cuck.

            They are not even better bargains because they are unreliable. They just jump back into their networks to find a better situation without notice, which they have honeycombed the country with. Yet I am supposed to do all of my work AND their work without extra pay or authority, but MORE responsibility.

            Goddamn it that false narrative is so insulting that I consider anyone who pushes to be a traitor.

          • “just as bad as the people they hate for no reason”

            I think I lost a few IQ points reading this.?

          • Ill try and move the neddle down for you sweet heart. God knows you prob barley graduated high school…

          • Im in education of course. I teach great kids of all races. Make a shit ton of money doing it and love my job.

            You must be struggling and i feel for you dude. Dont blame others though. It leads to distruction. This whole ideology is a dead end.

            But I think you know that.

          • Haha I have a knack for spotting a leech from a mile away. You don’t seem so high and mighty. You actually sound scared because you know a bunch of white men are gonna take away your undeserved pension. Nice divide and conquer epic fail.

          • Ive hedged with a 403b and a roth ira… max them both. In my wonderful blue state we have repect for public servants… only in the white trash rust belt and right to work for less states do white people feel jealous of teachers…

            Amazing that you can spot leeches and i can spot failures a mile away. Funny we met up!

          • Those who can’t do, teach, and those who can’t teach, probably teach what you teach. I am more jealous of a gas clerk than a leeching pensioner like you. You are like a horse trying to stay relevant in the age of the automobile. Why do you think your job is always on the chopping block every election and board meeting? Society despises you illiterate losers because you cannot even teach yourselves. Look at your shitty grammar. Haha they even stuck you with the nigger kids in the ‘inner city’ because you are the bottom of the barrel in a bottom of the barrel profession. You are going to the rubber room next when they find your child porn stash.

          • Those who teach make 70 to 80k, those who dont are fing jealous…

            You sound like our clown president with your alternate facts…

            I have a job for life. You dont.

            My community raises taxes every 3 years for our district because they understand that good schools means high property value.

            You wouldnt understand adult things like property ownership though obviously…

            Happy to keep teaching u what the real world believes. Ill do this for free daily!!!

            Teach a racist time! Maybe ill make blog or a podcast…

          • Normie, that’s not really fair. Everybody has a stake in this struggle. They may not have the same stake, in terms of equality, but these people are not just fighting for some nationalist pipe dream like the pan-Serbian movement. They have history and proof that their country was until recently white.

          • Well then identify socioeconomically. Blaming other races when your own race does more of what you hate than your straw man makes u sound ignoramt.

        • Is it the Whites or the blacks living in red states?

          Besides, what do you expect when people like this are in charge?

          I’m curious. Are you outraged by the suggestion that rural Whites should have to move away from their families and communities in order to find gainful employment?

          Or is it only outrageous when we’re talking about foreigners who have no right to be in this country to begin with?

          • Great article thanks.

            No, to answer your question, i think we should rebuild the obselete factories and subsides them for the poor whites who didnt evolve.

            We should then pay them a middle class wage for the same products being made for way less.

            This of course would be evil socialism so maybe not.

            Instead lets build a big wall for billions and give tax breaks to trillion dollar companies.

            What do i know. Maybe i should just blame people that dont look like me. That would prob. make the most sense actually…

    • Something tells me you rode the short yellow bus to school. Yes, in absolute number more whites are on welfare because we are 62% of the population and 3.5x to 4.5x larger than mestizos and blacks. But per capita blacks and mestizos are about 3x as likely to be receiving welfare of various kinds and there have been studies showing that over 50% of black and mestizo households receive benefits from at least one means tested welfare program vs. about 20-22% for whites.

      NAFTA, GATT and other free trade schemes has eviscerated the white working class and since there’s no racial set asides for them some of them have had no choice but to go on welfare and food stamps. Jobs they could transition to have been taken over by immigrants, both legal and illegal, who often are willing to work for lower pay, so IMO a good portion of the whites on welfare at least have a valid excuse.

    • What is your opinion of the J-Tribe? Do you think they are hard working? Do you believe their history? Please let me known the discussion

  • CRAIG (“corn cob”) COBB had the right idea buying up housing lots in Leith, North Dakota. Unfortunately, he went full-blown swastika/World Church of the Creator and was run out of town like a faggot with a lynch mob after him. But other, cooler heads could pull this off, and should look to Orania, South Africa for the proper template.

  • I wonder if it’s time to start thinking about communal living arrangements. Part of non-Whites’ current competitive price advantage stems from the fact that they are not necessarily expected to move out in their twenties. Even if they do, they may share expenses with relatives. I would be willing to give up some of my peace and privacy in old age if it means more White grandchildren.

    Xers should start seriously thinking about this. I don’t know about the boomers. They seem to either not understand what is going on, or just not care.

    • Will never happen. White women won’t date white men who do not ‘have their own place,’ while these same women will turn around and date niggers who live with their grandmothers.

      Darwinian fitness? Maybe.

      It’s the first thing they ask after your occupation, even though women have no such requirements for themselves despite ‘equality’ because there is no female ‘incel’ or ‘neckbeard’ for the same reason there are no female veterans or miners. Only white men can these things by virtue of ‘privilege/power.’

      At some point it makes ZERO sense to scrape together every penny to purchase an apartment in a noisy complex with seedy tenants just to simulate independence.

      All that has ever given me was chronic insomnia and distrust because these people think they can just ask to borrow money and other things from you or knock on door or peek in your window at 3am just because a light is on or a screen door is open.

      I hate this atomization. I know junkie neighbors more than I know my own family. Only nonwhites can get away with 3 adult generations under one roof.

      I can’t watch tv, use a computer (except phone), park in a garage, have furniture, jam on my guitar or have my dog, while I could living in a mostly empty family house, but white women won’t tolerate that.

      That would make me a ‘neckbeard.’

      Instead I have to have constant situation awareness after an exhausting 10 hours at work to make sure my property is not vandalized or I don’t get accosted by pushers, pimps, prostitutes, derelicts, junkies, police or shot by a gangsta.

      • Meds to the rescue! Italians traditionally lived at home, Mama cooked spaghetti for her grown sons, three generations or more under one roof. That was back before (((capitalist))) atomization, at a time when Whites valued *family* enough to help each live and thrive.

        But of course, those were the bad old days. Thank goodness for change! For how will jewish real estate speculators and slum lords get stinking rich unless every separate man, woman, child, and abortion is convinced of the (((“ethical, cultural, and economic necessity”))) of having one’s own pad? (Shared with cats, perhaps…) Notice the paradises being paved over to build more apartment building hells for obedient individualists. It’s money out of our pockets and into the pockets of jews and their shabbos goys…

        Is the “living in Mom’s basement” neg meme an invention of the real estate industry? No. It’s an expression of the whole anti-life usurious system.

        • I would love to have my boys stay with me until they are married! I’m not in a hurry to see them go at all!

          I would have to do some planning for this, though. And they would of course have to step up and probably provide more assistance to us than would have otherwise been necessary. I try to teach them about what it means to be a family all the time. I feel confident they will get the message.

          • Yep, every family member should contribute and do his share. The point is not to leech, but to work together as a unit. The money saved is significant, aside from all the other benefits of family (practical, moral, emotional, etc.). The main thing I’m posting against is turning people into “atoms” (“atomization”), because “Divided We Fall.” For example, it is a crippling collective burden to expect each individual person to set up a homestead. It’s economically and individually wasteful. It’s exactly the sort of thing a person would promote to his enemies, to weaken their ties and drain their resources. The real estate and construction industries would LOVE for each man, woman, child, abortion, cat, and dog to have his/her own McMansion. Even more importantly, (((our enemies))) love to make debt slaves of us. Debt slaves will never threaten their power (so they think). Debt slaves are too darn busy working! Of course, some people naturally take to homesteading and that’s fine; a healthy society depends on many modes of action.

      • Then that is something we need to change. I actually have thought so for a long time. The important question is not whether a guy lives at home, but rather what he is doing with the money he saves by doing so.

        • I saved several thousand dollars at my parents house. Burned through it all in 6 months after I quit my horrible night shift slave labor job, just paying for rent and food. Didn’t sign up for welfare because I was ashamed. Now I’m wishing I had.

  • Remember folks.

    One income + numerous children = low taxes

    Of course, Whites should also take advantage of benefits however we can.

    The truth is the native, founding working/middle class is the one group with the most stake on the long-term viability of the nation-state. When this group is dispossessed, it truly is a short-term scramble to pick the carcass clean.

  • So, become lazy and useless? Why not start naming or children “Jaquan” and “Daqueef” while we’re at it? Also, don’t forget to start shooting and raping everything in site. Jesus Christ, why can’t we just be superior? Why drag ourselves down?

        • Yeah, their awesome.

          Us millenials are not going to enjoy the same material comforts that our boomer parents had. That doesn’t mean we have to live poorly as a result. Learning how to live well with less money beats being a wage slave and paying overpriced rent on a shitty apartment in the city, that isn’t much bigger than a tiny house.

          • This is the truth. As much as it rubbed people the wrong way, my comments about Social Darwinism on a previous thread are true. We are going to have to adapt, or perish.

      • Excellent point. Focus on becoming less dependent on society.

        I would add — learn a foreign language (German, etc.), a computer language, read vigorously, tackle subjects you’ve been putting off, etc. And take care of ones body. Fast, exercise, etc.

        Ruthlessly improve ones overall condition.

        This is for those who have the luxury of de-connecting (unmarried, free of social obligations, etc.). I’m Gen X / Y. If I were a millennial in my twenties, I would be all about this.

    • He’s not talking about changing our character or anything, just abusing the system the same way non whites do so that the system cant let THEM drag US down any more. I think this article applies more for Europe, where young European’s struggle while the govt lets hijabs pump out 7 kids all on tax money.
      He’s not saying oh lets all become pieces of shit, but see what we can do to redirect OUR OWN tax dollar back to our people.

      • It applies more to Europe. In the UK almost everyone leaving university (even Oxbridge) goes on the dole for a couple of years before finding their footing. That’s actually the best use of the system — temporary stopgap for productive people who will eventually contribute.

        It’s what you describe — the immigrant refuse of society who are gaming the system. But that’s not what’s crazy — they are smart to take advantage. It’s these governments sowing the seeds of their own destruction with a smile that is mind boggling. Regulatory capture by ethnic immigrants plays a role in this…..

        I know an American who was deported from a European country because this person was traveling frequently to a European country for pleasure travel. He/she went several times in a six month period, and stayed for a few weeks each time, etc.

        This person happened to get a female Arab customs agent having a bad day (again, this is in a major European world capital). This person comes from a well-off family in the U.S. Absurd to even consider he/she would be taking advantage of the national healthcare system.

        After a few questions and a menacing grimace, he/she was accused of taking advantage of the social safety net, detained overnight, grilled, then deported back to the U.S. I’m talking about an attractive, blonde haired person who was not dressed at all like someone taking advantage of anything. Any normal person would have realized this. He/she even said “are you crazy? I get much better healthcare in the U.S.” It was surreal.

        If this person had been wearing a hijab there would have been no questions. This is a true story; I know this firsthand. I would give better details but it would make it too obvious for anyone who may stumble upon this site.

  • great article…I completely agree…but it is hard for young people to see this perspective…young whites are evolved to work hard…but I think white males ought to adopt the lifestyle of inner city blacks…there is a new trend in youtube videos filmed by white males–they drive through the worst black ghettos at night and post the vids…the vids are fascinating…the vids show that these ghettos are basically one big party at night…what a life…cheap rent…welfare bennies…you have sex and the govt pays for the kids…whites need to have cheap ghettos, too…and live that lifestyle…

  • It is better to work. You meet people and make contacts. You learn skills and position yourself to eventually land a decent job. None of this happens on welfare.

    • Because landing a decent job is what it’s all about. Work harder, Boxer! Millions of non-Whites and their growing families are depending on you. That should should give you a glow of good-goy pride.

  • I’ve been having this thought since I moved to Europe. Go to a residential/low rent neighborhood of any European city and you’ll see hijabed women pushing two seat strollers and two or three other little ones in tow. Meanwhile young Europeans don’t feel financially confident enough to start a small family.
    We must force the hands of our governments. If young Europeans (this works less well for us Americans, sorry) quit their jobs, go on the dole, have 5 babies, and work wherever you can under the table, how long will these governments be able to sustain the funding of aliens and their alien children? These whites may have had lives for a while, but it could save Europe.

  • People who are now collecting the small amount they receive from social security had been paying the social security tax all their working lives. I am truly amazed that people regard this as welfare, the equivalent of welfare or foodstamps. The reality is that many people don’t start saving for retirement until their 40’s or 50’s. These people will need social security and incomes above the 127k limit should be taxed at a small rate (2% or so) to keep it solvent for the people who really need it.

  • Yeah, a huge road block, and one I struggled to overcome myself.

    I used to be upset at my cousin for using unemployment, food stamps, etc. Now I just think it’s great that at least one white person is getting something back from our government.

    This double-standard we have is, as Vincent points out, entirely due to our inborn white work ethic. My uncle (cousin’s dad), HATES the government. He’s one of those delightful militia live-inna-woods types. Yet even he hated that she was using unemployment and being a “leech.”

    It took the rest of us repeatedly pointing out that she was leeching off the government he hates to get him to stop angsting over it.

    If you ever come up with an easy solution to break people of this, Law, I’d love to hear it. I’m sure everyone else would to.

  • Allow me to kindly let you in on a little secret. My friends pay taxes which go to support the negroes and mestizos so that those negroes and mestizos act as slaves for us. That’s the way it is.

    Haven’t you ever noticed that we have arranged the world into the way it always tends to be by nature? A few people on top, the lower races in the middle and the unmentionables on the bottom.

    Something in your nature has to change? Your nature cannot change.

    “We can’t be so naive anymore. We can’t be so trusting. We can’t be so docile. We can’t be mindless worker drones.” Yeah, but you will. And that’s just your nature.

    • When your negro and mestizo slaves realise their nature by slitting the throats of “high blood” Dunning-Kruger Machiavellians like you, don’t come whining to us.

      • I agree with you. It is dangerous. The danger of being overwhelmed has been their since ancient Egypt, Athens, Rome. Athens had roughly 25,000 citizens to a 100,000 slaves.

        As far as I can tell, and I have a pretty good vantage point, the struggle is over private capital and state capital (or communism). Private families want the ownership back to what was ours before 1960. That is, we want our right to have negro housekeepers and so forth. WE WANT OWNERSHIP. We want it back from the state which owns them now.

        We are not all leftists up here.

  • Deconstructing the white workfag mentality is a good start, but how about publishing a list of known loopholes and hacks for getting hold of gubmint money in several Western countries? The minorities get to know this stuff through informal social networks, we’re going to need a comparable info network if we’re to screw this system like the whore it is.

    • wouldnt be a good look for them but i shall do just that. best bet is get a women and have kids. dont sign papers at hospital. this only works if she will play along. have as many kids as possible with “no dad”. let her collect while you work and get free food and rent while staying with her. other option is look into UE laws in you area. work till you can collect and make them fire you without technically breaking any rules that they can prove. sucks this wasnt ten years ago because it is too late for all this. we need to take back our courts asap the old fashion way

    • i am ashamed but it still is the most efficient. bunk up to save on bills. paying for 1/2 people to live on their own is a lot of money. if you are not saving, you should group up as much as you can.
      not ideal for getting tail but hold off till you get one that is fertile and/or makes money to ensure you’re advancing is some way. in the mean time save everything you can. seems loserish but be proud of your restraint. it will never get you a pat on the back but in your mind know it is the ultimate sacrifice. never support a childless woman in any way financially if you dont make over 100k

  • The bottom line is: Do you, personally, think the system can be reformed? That it is worth fighting for, or doing ANYTHING AT ALL for? Or should it be subverted and undermined in any way possible, in furtherance of the day when the screw finally turns, the wheel falls off the cart, and the Final Avatar comes riding over the horizon, sword drawn, ready to “stack ’em as high as the horses’ reigns. ” That is for everyone to decide for themselves, I suppose. But, just remember: even the VP Joe Biden thinks that replacing YOU and YOUR family with Enrique, Pajeet, Muhammed, Javonte, Tyrone and Nguyen is, like, “Not a bad thing.”

  • Great article.

    You have people like Armenians that will roll up to a food store in a bmw, and then shamelessly whip out and charge everything on a foodstamp card.

    They aren’t the only ones though. Orthodox j00s do this stuff to the extreme, and so do Mormons. Israelis buy jets with our own tax dollars. For blacks, it isn’t a scam; it is the only thing they know. (For some reason the government is still breeding blacks, even though they don’t pick cotton or do anything useful anymore.)

    Only standard issue NW Euro whites have this honor bound attitude, that prevents them from taking maximum advantage of all that is available. It is because we still believe that we have the United States of America (and of course, it is also because of Protestant culture).

    We must start changing our way of thinking. The truth is, most groups view this as a place to drain and look at us as suckers.

    Remember, the only time whites are praised as heroes and deserving of benefits—is when we’re being shot at in the Middle East. And if we eventually follow the course of the UK, even a Moroccan rapist will be given preference over our brave heroes that fought for freedumbs.

    *Don’t take advantage of government benefits and not be a productive person or an activist. Eventually we will have advocates (lawyers like Bristow) that will secure our (literal) minority status. We will be granted minority business loans and university quotas.

    • Why shouldn’t it be a place to drain? It’s called creative dectruction. Maybe it should be drained. I talk with my friends about this quite often, and the way we see it is, the ruling class has always been small. Power isn’t about numbers, it’s about knowledge and prudence. Races are realigning according to nature. High blood individuals and families just have to be honest enough to recognize it and be a part of it.

  • whenever i ended up on unemployment i always thought as myself as a counter terrorists by taking fund from zog. if i wasnt married i would go full welfare for sure at this point and look for cash gigs

  • Take a look at any Baby Boomer demanding Social Security/Medicare or take a drive through Southern Appalachia to see how far white people taking government money can go. Welfarism and socialism is ‘bastardizing and niggerizing’ (for those who have read that favorite phrase from a certain autobiography).

    • At least “niggers” had to be chained, kept and whipped before they could be prevailed upon to toil for another race’s enrichment; modern white workfags will slave to keep their idle descendants in EBT heaven with nothing to hold them to the wheel except an absurd sense of bourgeois pride. So much for low black IQ, eh?

      • It doesn’t really work like that. You see money as the problem, but we see the person as the solution. It’s not money that corrupts. It’s the nigger who is already corrupted. High blood will always go right back to living in his castle, his estate, if given the chance. And that’s what we do when we take the money. We talk about ourselves as little aristocrats. That’s the actual term we use in conversation. It sounds ludicrous but it’s true.

        You have to become wiseer about human nature

    • I agree that its not great. I think the point is that it will dry up resources for immigrants and other non whites, who will then have to go home. This whole article makes more sense for Europe, honestly, where you can get a lot of help from the govt, and where white people are paying for litters of Moslems per hijab.

  • I see this all the time! White people are like helpless, clueless babies when it comes to welfare. An unemployed White client has been on a diet of rice and beans for weeks because he is waiting for his landlord to give him rent receipts that he thinks he must have in order to apply for food stamps. The food stamps that he didn’t even think about until I told him that he should apply for them! He is so law-abiding, naive and feels so undeserving of free stuff that he is literally willing to starve himself because of a piece of paper!

    No shitskin would ever be concerned about something like that! They are so entitled to welfare – they just go and get the gibs. Zero reflexive self-flagellation. They envision no other existence, no other course of action but the gubmint cheese route.

    Example #1: A healthy, masculine 6’3″ tall Hispanic buck who works full time carrying around heavy stage equipment and runs his own business has zero shame telling me he uses muhgibs. He doesn’t blink an eye. It is what his kind does, it is what everyone in his social circle does.

    Example #2: A 350lbs Black woman receives: disability check (because of “bad” back due to obesity caused by one bad life choice after another), free food, free healthcare, free mental health care, free transportation to take her to endless medical appointments, has a psychotherapist, a case manager, two peer counselors, and is on her way to get a free apartment. She complains to me constantly how her social worker is not working hard enough to get her her free apartment quicker.

    Example #3: A White but gay guy slept with a multitude of men, caught the bug and received a free two-bedroom apartment within a year of diagnosis. This is a middle-class man who was living in a comfortable house owned by his parents and going to culinary school. Did you know that if you HIV+ in NYC, you’re entitled to a free apartment??

    With that said, unplug from the system as much as you can, but don’t be a nigger and go on welfare.

    • “Don’t be a nigger and go on welfare.”

      I think the article was arguing precisely against your philosophy. Maybe you need to read it again.

      Apparently you want Whites to keep working hard, to the benefit of niggers, because pride/morals. But this is slave pride and slave morals.

  • There are so many good points here I can’t address them all. Vincent is right that our society has no shame. There is no shame, no morality, no rule of law, and no right or wrong. So get it while the getting is good. And don’t worry about the law either. If our politicians and judges don’t care about the law – and clearly they do not – why should we? As long as nobody stops you, what does it matter? That’s the rule these days. We have given too much for too long and been shit on for far too long. We deserve it.

  • Mr Law, you forgot to mention the most important part of the plan: Once on the dole, find a beautiful European woman to have 6 children with you!

  • There are so many good points here I can’t address them all. Vincent is right that our society has no shame. There is no shame, no morality, no rule of law, and no right or wrong. So get it while the getting is good. And don’t worry about the law either. If our politicians and judges don’t care about the – and clearly they do not – why should we? As long as nobody stops you, what does it matter? That’s the rule these days. We have given too much for too long and been shit on for far too long. We deserve it.

  • Whites should ask themselves, “What, exactly, do I owe a system where even former VP Joe Biden says my replacement and dispossession is, “Not a bad thing.” The blue collar hero, “Murrican” Boomer Cuck shit would see young White boys go off to war to fight for elite ((bankers))) and (((foreign interests))), come home, and be denied jobs to “make restitution for the inequities of the past: colonialism, slavery, Jim Crow, Apartheid, the Holocaust, etc.. etc., etc.–add your own minority racial grievance here…”; at the same time as his neighborhood and family are under assault by all that felonious vibrancy. Fuck the System. it’s assured its own eventual collapse.

    • You weren’t “denied” jobs. You bailed out of the workforce! Anglin and Enoch quit school. Spencer, Conte, Enoch, and Hovater got fired from their jobs in publishing, education, and IT, respectively. And Cantwell and Duke have been in and out of prison. None of them have ever served in the military. So, how is their joblessness a Jew’s or nonwhite’s fault?

          • You don’t know if I’m African-American or not, “WHAT”. I am exercising my right to be judged by my words, not by my race or gender.

            And, I thought hard work was a staunchly “right” talking point. After all, it’s used to gut safety nets like CHIP and Social Security – both political ploys that I believe are morally repugnant.

            Then, there’s your maddeningly manipulative racism. To you, African-Americans are either an “Uncle Tom” or a thug. Never a hardworking, independent, generous human being.

            Needless to say, I find NONE of this funny.

      • ‘Got fired from their jobs’. That’s because (((the establishment))) says it’s ok to unjustifiably deny our people employment for speaking up against our destruction, because if there wasn’t an economic cost to being non conformist, most of us would be in the streets protesting during a lot of our off duty time. The social cost is actually a benefit since we would get to see who our real friends are.

        • Only Whites have to choose between ethnic self-advocacy and gainful employment. I don’t get how that is not disparate treatment let alone disparate impact.

          • That’s not true, Lexi. I doubt that anyone could rant about exterminating, segregating, or exiling people, and still keep their job.

          • This guy is a gaslighting troll. Afros and Latinos say and do the most outrageous things at work and get away with it. There are dozens of university professors who call for the extermination of whites and are promoted for their views. Don’t let this gaslighter bog up the comments. Bottom line is that the Chosen prosper while we have to waste our time bickering with these reality deniers.

      • Sure and all these beaners willing to work every skilled trade for chump change out here in the SW is fantasy, huh. These wetbacks will work for half of what a white man worked for 20 years ago. They take no benefits and work like slaves. How can a middle class white family survive on blue collar work when our wages are being depressed by third worlders.

        If you don’t believe come to any job site here in the SW and 90% of the workers will not be able to communicate with you. They’re only hired for profit as they do horrid work.

    • Good point.

      Notice that, about the only time you see whites being praised in the media, it is when they are dying or being mutilated.

      The news will have some piece like:

      “Tonight at ten, we interview BRAVE soldiers that lost their limbs fighting for freedom, and the little girl that is bringing these HEROES get well cards made out of macaroni cheese and dry ramen”.

      It’s really sick stuff.

      And there are two big budget war/muh freedumbs movies out right now. The Hollywood war propaganda machine is mobilizing.

  • If we had enough white men quit jobs to wreck the economy then We’d also have more than enough white men ready for Spencer to give the go ahead for an alt right beer hall putsch.

  • If you are concerned about people using their real names then WTF do you ask for contact information in order to post?

  • Israel is one of the largest recipients of financial aid from DC. I quote from Washington Reporter on Middle Eastern Affairs:
    -Total U.S. aid to Israel is approximately one-third of the American foreign-aid budget, even though Israel comprises just .001 percent of the world’s population and already has one of the world’s higher per capita income”
    -“Most Americans are not aware how much of their tax revenue our government sends to Israel. For the fiscal year ending in September 30, 1997, the U.S. has given Israel $6.72 billion: $6.194 billion falls under Israel’s foreign aid allotment and $526 million comes from agencies such as the Department of Commerce, the U.S. Information Agency and the Pentagon..”

    -“When grant, loans, interest and tax deductions are added together for the fiscal year ending in September 30, 1997, our special relationship with Israel cost U.S. taxpayers over $10 billion..”
    -“Since 1949 the U.S. has given Israel a total of $83.205 billion. The interest costs borne by U.S. tax payers on behalf of Israel are $49.937 billion, thus making the total amount of aid given to Israel since 1949 $133.132 billion. This may mean that U.S. government has given more federal aid to the average Israeli citizen in a given year than it has given to the average American citizen.”

  • Well, now that Greg Conte got doxxed, I betcha he’s on welfare. Why don’t you ask him how he’s making it as a single, unemployed substitute teacher?

    • I hope so.

      The man lost his job for expressing a rational view—a view far more moderate than that expressed by media figures—

      figures that literally call for the death of whites… and yet still retain the blue check endorsement.

      Be sure to donate fellas.

      We must give back to our community.

  • In the U.S. White Men are laughed at when they try to apply for welfare. My grandfather worked since he was 15, paid his taxes then when he retired & it was time for him to collect social security the gvmnt felt $200 was sufficient to live on. However, if White Men can find a way onto welfare then you can all do “side jobs” & be paid tax free! That would really kill the system!

    • Welfare and Social Security are different things and Social Security pay outs are based on how much money you made prior to retirement. White people are not denied welfare benefits

    • Interesting: the Nordic Welfare State is one of peaks of civilization. And it was built, by the way, by Nordic white people, who are certainly not lazy people.
      The model worked very well for ages until the mass immigration by Africans, Asians and Latin Americans, which is quite funny because the Nordics never had a single colony in Africa, Asia or America (except Greenland, if we consider Greenland part of America).

      • Yeah. It worked because Nords are such hardworking people, and there is an element of shame involved in not working or contributing. That being said, in the multicultural context who wants to wake up early and go to work every morning, so your immigrant neighbors don’t have to?

  • I think this is an important topic you bring up. Yep, when we pay taxes, we do indeed feed the beast – the one that destroys us. Our focus should be to bring up our own movement, not try to make the present society work. Because said society is one of pure self-destruction, that can never last. Only the alt-right, and similar movements, provide opportunities for the continued survival of our nations and civilization.

    This country, Sweden, is so incredibly politicized these days, and though I wish I had a golden career (which I don’t), I’m happy that I’m not really paying any taxes. The other week, I was applying for this stupid Java programming job (not exactly my cup of tea, but I figured I’d still see if it had anything to offer me), when I was subjected to this political inquisition at the interview. The CEO seemed to be happy to bring me on board, but there was this self-proclaimed political commissar, who said I was writing stuff on-line that didn’t match their “value system”. Like, what the hell does it matter if I’m a dissident if all I’m going to do is sit in an office and write code? But no, the idiot had to turn it into such a big matter… He was going on like, “this is a lifetime opportunity for you. All we ask is that you stop writing your stuff, and you can have this really nice job at our great company.” I was quite disgusted, but since the CEO seemed professional, all I did was reply something like: “But don’t we live in a democracy? Why does it matter that I express my views on-line?” He still wasn’t happy, though.

    That interview left me with a revolting feeling inside of me, but I guess that’s what our present slave society has come to. We white men are expected to provide all the value our societies depend for their upkeep, yet we’re not even allowed to express any opinions. Women can yell about how they hate men (and many of them are promoted by jew know who to do so) all the way, and immigrants about how they hate Swedes. But God forbid a white man should have as much as an opinion – then he has to be kept out of work.

    I can’t believe the men that put up with crap like this. I’m straight edge myself, but I suppose I can understand that it’d require sedating yourself with drugs if you’re going to have to put up with the complete self-denial expected of you in today’s feminist workplace.

    • Collect welfare to pay for your daily expenses, do freelance coding work online and have it paid out to a bank account tied to a company you incorporate in a low tax country which isn’t encouraging mass immigration (Estonia, Bulgaria). Live well.

      I know a few Svenskar and Norwegians who are doing exactly this.

      Imagine paying taxes to Stefan Löfven so that his government can finance the replacement of Swedes with Somalis and Albanians. Yikes!

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