Steve Pinker, Harvard Professor And Alt-Right Enthusiast Lavishes Our Humble Movement With Mountains Of Praise

Submitted by Michael Alexander

In a recent panel discussion from Spiked Magazine’s Unsafe Space Tour, Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker became an unlikely ally of the Alt-Right and the movement.  

The talk was titled “Is Political Correctness Why Trump Won,” and focused on the practices of the Left and the effect on those trying to decide where their political loyalties lie.  While Pinker made his opposition to Trump clear, he went on to elucidate why people are turning towards the Right with such a fervor.  He described such individuals as:

“highly literate, highly intelligent people who gravitate towards the Alt-Right, internet savy, media savy, who often are radicalized in that way, who ‘swallow the red pill’ when they are exposed for the first time to true statements that have never been voiced in college campuses, or the New York Times, or in respectable media.”

Shortly after, he listed some basic, undeniable truths that the Alt-Right aren’t afraid to discuss and the Left deny and ignore at their own risk:

1. Capitalist societies are better than communist ones.

2. Men and women are not identical.

3. Different ethnic groups commit violent crimes at different rates.

4. Muslims commit the majority of suicide attacks.

He explained these truths to an initially skeptical audience, highlighting the obvious qualitative difference between South Korea and North Korea, between West Germany and East Germany.  He noted the repeatedly different responses from between men and women in terms of life priorities, sexuality, tastes and career interests, etc.  He cited the Bureau of Crime Statistics and the fact that African-Americans commit crimes at 7-8 times the rate of European-Americans.  He made it clear that the vast majority of suicide terrorist attacks across the world are committed by Islamist extremist groups.

These facts are routinely discarded and demonized by the Left, and that is helping to “red-pill” the people who know better who are turning increasingly to the Right.

The professor sured up his credibility amongst the liberal audience by claiming the Alt-Right’s conclusions on these matters were “repellant,” yet he offered no credible argument as to why this was the case.  Using several straw-men and outright falsehoods, Pinker failed to refute any of the Alt-Rights core assertions.

All he did was suggest that the left tone down the rhetoric and start coming up with clever replies to Alt-Right agitprop instead of just trying to OY VEY SHUT IT DOWN all the time. Will it work? Probably not. Everyone there was shifting uncomfortably in their seats at the very mention of the existence of the Alt-Right. Chances are, they won’t listen to the clever professor’s plan to innoculate young people against Alt-Right agitprop.

Still, what this liberal professor had to say about the political landscape provides valuable lessons for the Alt-Right.  People are thirsty for these truths that we provide.  As long as the Alt-Right stays away from reckless behavior and focuses its energy on what they can prove and on basic truths, the better the movement will be able to recruit individuals and enact its political goals in the future.

Because in the end, we’re really just saying some basic stuff that’s so undeniably true, future generations will be amazed at how far from common sense our society was capable of straying.

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  • Shortly after, he listed some basic, undeniable truths that the Alt-Right aren’t afraid to discuss and the Left deny and ignore at their own risk:

    1. Capitalist societies are better than communist ones.


    The Cold War is over. The right no longer has the Soviet Union as a horrible alternative to American capitalism.

    In the United States the American free enterprise system has evolved into casino capitalism. In a casino the odds favor the house. Hard work and loyalty to an employer no longer guarantee job security and a rising standard of living. This is why a growing percentage of the American people prefer democratic socialism to capitalism, and why Bernie Sanders is America’s most popular politician.

  • “Because in the end, we’re really just saying some basic stuff that’s so undeniably true, future generations will be amazed at how far from common sense our society was capable of straying.”

    A perfect summation and one I often think about.

  • The truth is the most powerful weapon we have. People are hungry for the truth. They crave it. Our politicians lie. The media lies. Our judges lie, even in their legal opinions (e.g., Obergefell). Everybody knows they are all lying. Everybody. Those few who support them don’t care if lie. But they still know it is all lies. Those who don’t support them – which consists of the majority of the people – feel disenfranchised, powerless, and desperately helpless against their tyranny. Trump became president by starting with one simple truth. He said some illegal aliens commit crimes. The Left went nuts, but everyone knew it was true. People were so tired of the lies from the politicians, from the press, and from the judges that they flocked to that one simple truth. We live in a world filled with lies. The most effective weapon against them is the simple truth.

  • I have issues on all the points Pinker presented. I question modern day Capitalism since it tends to be predatory. Among them are usury laws with siphons the money from everyone and into the hands of the few. There are other aspects including the insurance industry, entertainment and the media.
    I blame the rise of Islamic terror to Israel being forced onto the Arab world by European powers. As far as blacks, whites and violence I have questions on that . Europeans killed each other in vast numbers (Stalin and 40 to 60 million Ukrainians and Russian for example) but did it wearing nicer uniforms. Are Asians any less violent? not going by their history.

  • I dream of the day when White People won’t give a F what Jews think about us anymore……

    Because, our White Ethnostate will be DEVOID of them…….

    • There are white countries like that already. Russia, Ukraine, and Poland. You can openly disuss the J Q without any social repercussions, let alone being kicked out of polite society as in the Anglo-American gulag.

  • If you think Steven Pinker is an “alt-right enthusiast” your thoughts are as muddled as the writing in this article. The latter half of your article belies the headline. Pinker explains that these un-PC facts do not support the alt-right’s conclusions because, for example, the majority of US terrorism is carried about by white nationalists, not islamists. I suggest watching the entire statement until you understand it. If you can manage that, try reading one of Pinker’s books, like “The Better Angels of our Nature.”

  • Smartest socialdemocrats (what you call “liberals” in the USA or “labour” in the UK) are joining the Alt Right. We should welcome them loudly. Pinker is a redpilled liberal.
    Some examples in Europe: Paul Morrissey, Slavov Zizek, Alain de Botton, José Miguel Gaona, Harald Eia…

    • I forgot a few more famous redpilled liberals in Europe and the USA: John Cleese, Camille Paglia, Catherine Deneuve, José Bové, Brigitte Bardot, Lars Von Trier, Fernando Savater, Lindasy Lohan… and more.

  • Note Pinker would not touch the one taboo subject that’s in every alt-Right thread on every alt-Right site.

    Pinker wouldn’t even dare say the word Jew, much less address Jewish overrepresentation in media and government or the holyhoax.

    Pinker’s audience could have been much more uncomfortable indeed .

  • It’s good to see the perception of the Alt-Right is yet to become synonymous with skinheads and thuggish neo-Nazis. They consider us a threat precisely because that isn’t what we are.

  • The main thing is to stay away from hicks and hooligans. Be strong but also intellectual and classy a la identity europa and Richard Spencer. The fact that patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels will always be the main argument leveled against us so we can’t afford to prove them right. We have to be exclusive with both identity and valor. White men of good moral character.

    • We should avoid effete petit bourgeious faggotry. People like this Steven Pinker character and Jordon Peterson are terrible optics.

    • Men in the Alt Right set the bar for those hicks & hooligans so hopefully they will begin to change. Women in the Alt Right set the bar for other women but it is a little harder to prove to younger women that this is the best way. But hey! We are trying!!

      • It’s these city boys who need to change. Us hicks out here in country are the only ones who are ready for all contingencies.

    • You shouldn’t conflate hick and hooligan. If by hick you mean country folk or redneck, then that type of language and thinking is no different than the coastal elites.

      There is no correlation between low iq and country folk. That’s Hollywood “elite” propaganda.

      In my opinion, us folk out here in the backwoods are the main white guys who are actually ready to dispense with the nonsense and we are natural white nationalists, born and bred.

      You city boys need to step up your game a little, in my opinion. . Are you fellas who live in the cities and suburbs actually ready? And you all know what I mean by ready.

  • You can tell that our enemy is worried about the momentum this movement has gotten – that’s why they’re attempting this damage control. It seems at this very moment, no fewer than two psychologists are putting on media campaigns against the alt-right – this Pinker, and Jordan P. That tells you what a hostile profession it is. Wise people turn to biology to answers, fools and charlatans to psychology. If I had my way, the practice of psychology (that is, attributing unproven concepts to human beings and trying to define them) would be outlawed, and people attempting to practice the bizarre teaching would be hung from a rope.

    • I disagree that psychological research is anti-racial consciousness.
      There is plenty of psychological research that serves as useful evidence for our movement. Here’s an in-exhaustive list of psychological studies that show the negative effects of racial and cultural diversity compiled by Chateau Heartiste ( A particularly good example is The Bell Curve by Charles Murray, a classic book on racial IQ that the political left has gone to great lengths to censor and make as taboo as possible.

      The problem is less that empirical psychological research is against us and more that our opponents in politics and academia refuse to debate us in the public square. There is lots of psychological research to support our cause, but the likes of Steven Pinker, Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, etc., absolutely refuse to engage us directly. They know that if people saw an earnest debate between us and them that we would gain supporters.

      • And Clark is only scratching the surface. There are appropriate occasions to be a “hick” my dear Danny, but the topic of psychology is not categorically one of those occasions.

    • The APA effectively helped us in the past by being honest about the black/white IQ gap. There are quite a few psychologists who’s work greatly supported the right, like J. Philippe Rushton, Kevin MacDonald, and James Thompson. Stop waxing philosophically when you don’t know anything.

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