They’re Watching You

Seems like all that unfounded tinfoil stuff about the gubmint watching your every step has turned out to be completely true.

It’s strange, I thought that the Project Veritas leaked footage would gain more traction.

I mean, there is now video proof of overweight middle-aged Indian men poring over all your private messages at Twitter, collating and categorizing it for use later.

That’s a fact now, although it was conspiracy theory just a couple weeks ago.

Rush and Savage have been all over it.

But for some reason, it seems that normies just aren’t biting as much as they should.

Is it because James O’Keefe has a bad reputation? No, I don’t think that’s it.

It’s just all a bit too creepy. I could be reaching here, but it’s probably why AMAZING films like Blade Runner that are too dystopian never seem to make any money.

People don’t like to be reminded of the miserable future that awaits them, because there’s a feeling that it’s not just speculation anymore…and that it’s happening much sooner than 2049.

This stuff is absolutely explosive though.

It’s just a matter of framing it the right way, I suppose.


^now that’s a winning headline to get normies to sit up and take notice.

The dystopian, Orwellian, cyberpunk element to all this probably won’t get anywhere. For example, the latest release by Project Veritas reveals that Twitter cooperates with Authoritarian governments to reveal your CrimeThink to them.

That’s all well and good. Censorship, China, dissidents…

But what about my dick pics, man?

Yeah, we’ll get to that.

But first, take a look at that chubby bespectacled grub of a man in the video. Recognize him? You should because that’s the face of the new managerial class that keeps the whole disgusting apparatus going.

This is what rule by Bugmen looks like.

Clever, short, chubby, glasses-sporting nerds with bad posture that do what they’re told (until they’re replaced by pajeet) run the show. They keep the wheels turning as it were.

And look how he’s just gushing to spill the beans about all the tech-haxxor cool shit that he’s been up to selling out dissidents to their government to get the chick with the hidden camera to think he’s cool.

Yes, despite never getting any tail out of it themselves, they are more than willing to help the globo-corpo-homo giants like Twitter spy on you with their clever little bugman innovations. All for a 5% bonus at the end of the year probably.

There’s probably more to this story, but I think I already stressed the fact that they’re looking at your naked pics enough and really it’s the faces behind it all that really got my attention.

Did you ever think the future tech-dystopia would have a face like this?

Some pudgy brown guy. Whole departments full of them. IT Janissaries employed by Silicon Valley to keep “rednecks” down.

And the nerds – you know the ones that Bill Gates told you to be nice to? Yeah, turns out you should have been helping the bully stuff them into that locker because they may not be your bosses now, but they’re defs checking your package out now without your consent and selling it to some company for blackmail purposes.

You know, Big Brother suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. At least he’s a normal-looking fuckin’ White male.

I feel like I could talk sportsball at least with the guy. Plus he’s got a cool stache.

Anyways, James O’Keefe has some more videos planned, and from what I can tell, they’re going to just be more of the same: horrible revelations that confirm everything that the tin-foilers already said many years ago.

In fact, if the revelations are a bit too…much, people might just stop talking about them and reach for their happy pills instead.

There’s only so much dystopia that normies can handle. O’Keefe better be careful and not depress America too much… or his videos will end up like Blade Runner 2049. Under-appreciated and almost exclusively watched by Alt-Righters.

So tune in with me next week. Maybe we’ll find out that the gubmint really is turning the frogs gay…





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  • As long as they obey the CONSTITUTION. Love my Steelers and my beautiful Hispanic neighbors. We’re a land of immigrants. Drain the SWAMP and Make America (no matter what the color of your skin is) great again! Don’t rape mt daughter (please), But if you do, just make sure you obey the CONSTITUTION.

  • I clearly remember back around 1992 reading here and there about the nearly all pervasive snooping ability of our NSA and related agencies that , they had Cray supercomputers tied to spy satellites etc… Supposedly the NSA back then eavesdropped or monitored every phone call, fax, and computer communication on planet earth….. computers did all of this, designed to ‘trip’ on key words or phrases. Once thus tripped, the computer would kick the communique to a real person who would read it to see it further action was needed.
    I told a close friend about all of this and he scoffed at the notion. But as chance would have it, about two nights later on PBS they aired a special about surveillance… Everything I told my friend was repeated on this show, narrated by the voice of actor Patrick Stewart ( the Star Trek captain for the then new-ish remake of the original Star Trek, Star Trek the Next Generation. The franchise sucks overall, btw. You can never beat the original ).

    My friend watched the show independently from me… when I saw him a few days later he begrudging admitted that I must have been right after all, but I could tell he still didn’t want to believe that in 1992 1984 had already arrived. Just imagine what ‘they’ are capable of now…..

  • I loved the new Blade Runner, but I was the only person among my normie friends to see it. I tried to get others to go, but no one was interested. I was almost alone in the theatre.

    I think most normies aren’t outraged about it because they already knew it was happening on some level. So many “conspiracy theories” have been confirmed nowadays that people always assume there is some level of truth in them.

  • Good Morning, Faggots……..

    The Sea and Cake – A Man Who Never Sees A Pretty Girl That He Doesn’t Love Her A Little

  • If I have one message to all of you, it is this: race is natural, and therefore to be conscious of race is natural.

    Never forget this.

    • We can all agree on that but, we CANNOT afford to let white ethnic differences seperate us. We are a global minority, we are barely reproducing ourselves, the Jew has its boot on our neck, and the mestizo, negro, and arab savages are surounding us from all sides.

      Unified we will re conquer our lands and then re conquer the earth. Enough with this Nordicist only garbage. We should ensure that our descendants have so much power that arguing over the superiority of the different white sub groups will be seen as an idle way to pass time.

      White Power.

      • Be careful. I never said Nordicist only.

        Everyone recognizes there place in a hierarchy. That’s only natural. Especially at times of stress, when the guns are handed out. I’ve seen it happen.

        You don’t need to worry about unifying the Aryan race. Nobody is really equal. My sister is white nordic gold blond, blue eyes. Cheerleader who married Johnny the high school quarterback. Even though I;m taller than she is. She keeps me in a certain pecking order in our family. Even a Nord family.

        Forget about uniting everyone under the same tent. They are already with us. The Nords like us will always naturally be resented. You have GOT to get used this. Get used o being called garbage at college, get used to being singled by teachers and put on a pedestal. Get used to being talked down at and given the entitlement lecture at midnight parties on the beach.

        Just act. And the rest will take care of itself. Think les. Move more.

        • Let me get this straight, your sister is “higher up” in the hierarchy of your family simply because she has blonder hair and bluer eyes, and you supposedly admit and accept this.

          Hmm, at first I thought that you were just a little slow but now I’m beginning to realize that you are a little pussy boy as well.

          Any how, it is clear that you don’t have much life experience. I have lived in 5 states in three different regions, always in the country. I’ve met many white folk in my short life just shy of 3 decades. One thing I do recall is the amount of blonde hair, blue eyed pieces of shits I’ve encountered. Granted, I have met and know a fair amount of really good people who have these traits but when I reflect on the amount of pieces of shits I’ve known in my life who were white, it becomes fairly obvious that I have known more blue, eyed blond scumbags than blue eyed brunettes, or brown and hazel eyed brunettes. Not sure why that is , but it simply is.

          I have yet to meet a blue eyed “Nord” who blew me away with their superiority. The two greatest men I’ve ever known both had brown hair, one had blue eyes the other brown. While the dirtiest, lowliest, coward I’ve ever met was a “pure nord” according to you.

          My neighbor to my left, who is blonde and blue eyed, is no better of a man than my neighbor 2 houses down who happens to have dark, almost black hair and light brown eyes. Both are white, both are good men, and both will be ready when shit hits the fan.

          • LOL. I didn’t say I accept it. It’s the way people are. But it’s a bit more complicated, because while she is a bit snobby, I can alwasy pull rank. And I think she likes it when I do that.

  • Of course — I assume the usual suspects, e.g., Google, Youtube, Twitter et al. monitor right wing speech. They build files…eventually they will incorporate these archetypes into algorithms that try to predict ‘questionable’ behavior. And with companies like Palantir, they could build a complete a profile of someone.

    There’s a lot private companies can do that the government cannot (supposedly cannot, overtly at least) and vice versa. It’s that intersection that is important — connecting those two dots (public – private). It’s already happened.

    And abroad, been happening for awhile. China extracts concessions to let these companies operate from behind the Great Fire Wall.

    Nothing tin foil about any of this.


    There are some good Asians who respect the West & Tradition, but most Asians tend toward (1) teachers pet-ism and (2) status-ism.

    Because education and media are Politically Correct, Asian-Americans students become some of the biggest lapdogs and attack-dogs of PC.
    Also, Asians are hungry for status and social approval from above. Since the elites are Jewish, homo, or cucky-white, Asians grovel before such people to be accepted into the Privileged League.

    Paradoxically, Asians are anti-white precisely because they are so conservative. Though ‘conservative’ has many meanings, one definition is conformism to existing hierarchy. The current globalist hierarchy puts Jews, homos, blacks, and diversity at the top. Whites are blamed for everything, and Asians are seen as lame and boring. So, Asians seek approval by sucking up the powers-that-be. Their conservative toady nature makes them slavish and servile to Jewish Elite Power and PC conformism.

  • The liberals don’t care because they believe Twitter is doing this to push their agenda. And to liberals, except for money, L’Agenda is all that matters. The truth, honesty, facts, human suffering, morality, and humanity mean nothing to them. Viva L’Agenda. For the normie conservatives (including me), I think they have an it-won’t-happen-to-me-attitude, similar to how humans deal with death. For example, many of them are not on Facebook, Twitter, or Google, and thus feel they are unplugged from the system. They have no idea how much their internet activity (like this post- FU Xi Jinping, Putin, and NSA) is monitored.

  • Wow, that’s a big “log-in” sign. It’s clear why you exist, to get money from us, the stupid sheep, haha. I got an idea, make it a pay only site, then I can just cross you off my list

  • Not sure about the normie mind per se, but one of the reasons many are not outraged over this is because it’s kind of a “yeah what did you think was going on? Of course”

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