“Kill All Normies” – The Left Thinks The Alt-Right Can’t Get Laid

A new documentary on the Alt-Right movement called “Trumpland: Kill All Normies” links Alt-Right activism to “sexual frustration”. And when I say “links” I mean that’s what the documentary claims, with no real evidence whatsoever to back up that claim.

Did you really expect any better, people?

Well, for what it is worth, I get plenty of tail. I have two children already, at the ripe age of 30. And I am quite active in the Alt-Right.

This vicious piece of propaganda, nectar for normies, but not backed up by any real data, was first argued by propagandist and likely Jewess Angela Nagle in her book, “Kill All Normies” and was recently expounded upon by vicious white-hating propagandist and definite Jewess Dana Schwartz over at It also appears that the CEO of Fusion TV, the company producing the documentary, can trace his ancestry back to one of the ten lost tribes. Shocker, I know.

As I like to say, white-hatred is more common in the Jew than HIV in the Namibian.

This is the state of Western media, ladies and gentlemen. Americans are angry and turning to the right because we can’t get laid. How Freudian! It isn’t that Western oligarchs have gutted the middle class, while importing hordes of violent peasants from the backwaters of the globe, driving down wages for poor Westerners and completely remaking formerly civil, friendly, financially stable white communities. It isn’t that we on the right have been driven from internet forums, targeted, banned and muzzled on social media, and otherwise banished from participation in democracy, over mere words. It also isn’t that we have been fired from our jobs for our ideas, or live in an increasingly Orwellian society where we are in constant fear of saying anything rational. It isn’t the wholesale devastation our sick globalist overlords have wrought upon Western civilization. Nooooo, of course not, it’s white male “sexual frustration”, or perhaps undue “privilege”, or better yet, an “inferiority complex” of sorts.

Yeah, right.

The interesting thing about our supposed elites is how perfectly ordinary they are, and how perfectly ordinary the criminally corrupt Western power class is as a whole. Procrustean, insulated power classes are notorious for being utterly blind to their own hypocrisy, folly, inflexibility and moral turpitude, and ours is no different.

The Alt-Right doesn’t exist because its members are sexual failures. If anything, Alt-Righters are probably disproportionately prolific. The Alt-Right exists because Western leaders are intellectual and moral failures.

They have failed Western peoples and now they want to blame someone or something other than themselves. Again, this is perfectly ordinary behavior. It’s despicable of course, unforgivable really, but ordinary and predictable nonetheless. Much like the inmates at Shawshank, no matter what our deluded, criminal overlords do, no matter how they screw up, they are perennially innocent!

The Alt-Right is about white advocacy, first and last. Advocating for one’s own group interests is one of the most normal, natural and healthy behaviors a human being can engage in. Yet our Cultural Marxist overlords would pathologize these behaviors when whites engage in them.

In fact, this kind of thing has become a hallmark quality of “liberal Western democracies”, which aren’t really “liberal”, “Western” or even “democracies” at this point. Pathologizing normalcy seems to be en vogue for left-wing would-be totalitarians. Oh, you think “reason” is good and truth exists?

Well, you’re a hierarchy-humping white supremacist.

Oh, you think gender dysphoria is ultimately just an unhealthy delusion and probably shouldn’t be promoted, extolled, or normalized (especially when dealing with the young, the vulnerable, and those not fully personally, physiologically or mentally developed)? Well, you’re a transphobic Goebbels wannabe. Oh, you think punching people merely on account of their ideas is wrong? You’re a Nazi enabler, or worse, a Nazi yourself. Oh, you don’t think Africans strutting about grabbing their crotches, acting like sociopaths, and glorifying a life of crime is wise or cool?

You’re a sick, racist dinosaur, Mayo!

The normal, the healthy, the rational, all of it has become criminalized and/or pathologized in the modern West. Whereas the perverse, the evil, the corrupt, that has all become normalized, or worse, permanently integrated into Western (not so “Western” anymore) society.

Isn’t that really the defining feature of the modern era: the pathologization of normalcy and rationality, and the normalization of pathology and absurdity? Not only that, but the modern West seems to also be marked distinctively by the seemingly continuous production of new macrosystems and microsystems of control meant to rabidly enforce these falsehoods, absurdities, and toxic views and values. It’s a stiflingly closed world to live in, not unlike a totalitarian theocracy, where god is diversity and soldiers of the left (the press, the Deep State, SJWs, tech giants) are the religious police, ever-present, ever-diligent.

The success Western oligarchs have had in achieving this new-age dystopia is a testament to how over-indulged, apathetic, and thoroughly vassalized Western peoples have become. Recognizing tyranny/totalitarianism is difficult enough, but actually doing something about it, well that’s something Westerners by and large just haven’t the mettle for anymore.

The mainstream media labeling right-wing dissidents “sexually frustrated” (aka “losers”, “outcasts”, “biological failures”) is worse than untrue, it’s worse than fake news or naked propaganda, it is perfectly symbolic of the modern age. The MSM’s despicably dishonest assaults on right-wing dissidents, not backed up by even a smidgen of science or data, are considered noble and good and perfectly acceptable in every respect by normies everywhere, whereas the Alt-Right’s attempts to actively participate in democracy, to advance the interests of our people, this is considered pathological, or worse, diabolical.

Well, ain’t that rich!

Our Cultural Marxist overlords are wrong about virtually every moral and factual claim they make. That said, they are quite right that the Alt-Right is a hateful movement led by angry young men. But then, what decent, sensible human being would not hate the committed, borderline compulsive liars in the press? Who wouldn’t loathe leaders that completely fail to take responsibility for their own failings and the fruit of those failings? Who could exist in a world as sick, as off-track and as off-kilter as this one, where absurdity reigns, where decency is pathologized and depravity normalized, where totalitarianism goes by the name of liberty, where innocent citizens are surveilled so extensively that one congressman described recently disclosed, systemic FISA-based surveillance abuses by the US Government as similar in kind and nature to “KGB activity during the Soviet Union”, where hordes of out-ethnics stream across our borders every day, transforming our communities into shitholes, making Americans feel like strangers in their own land…who could exist in such a world, and not feel enraged, incensed, utterly fed up?

Only cowards and fools, that’s who.

We in the Alt-Right are not angry because we’re not getting laid. We’re angry because we see heinous crimes being committed against our people and our civilization, we see thievery, treachery and rot at the top, and yet only reward, never punishment for it, we see evil without reckoning, madness masquerading as progress, parasites feigning victimhood, sexual predators running around calling honorable young men sexually frustrated losers, we see the denigration of our history and our race, the glorification of anti-intellectualism, the toleration of barbarism, and the veneration of our enemies, who embody everything contemptible in man, and worse, much worse.

We’re angry because we’re paying attention, we’re angry because we damned well should be.

“Hate” is nothing more than a deep, enduring rage directed at someone or something, and those at whom our rage is directed have earned our rage and then some. “Hate” is really a perfectly appropriate emotion for an age such as ours. Indeed, it may be the most apposite emotion of all, given what is being done to us by psychopathic, anti-white oligarchs. And sorry Sigmund, but pussy has nothing to do with it.


  • Jews always resort to reducing everything to the sexual / engaging in depravity.

    Always. Woody Allen (Allan Konigsberg), Harvey Weinstein , Roman Polanski are the archetypes of these evil perverted monsters.

  • In a recent news piece on ABC about Angels Nagle’s book, they open with a clip of Eliot Rodger and how his sexual frustration led to mass murder. So, in order to discredit a movement that is primarily about Race and Identity, they roll out a mixed-race Hapa with severe psychological problems? Lulz. Thanks for proving our point of us.

    • Eliot Rodger did nothing wrong.

      That said, the poor boy was just like so much expat fathered yellow trash that I have met in my lifetime. I’m wondering what impact his American father had on him to leave him so utterly rudderless.

      Children need values and need to belong. He was a symbol of the failure of liberal (DON”T SMACK) parenting if anything. With his genes the kid should have been a CEO of a tech company by now.

  • Great article. I think Angela Nagle is not-so-secretly attracted to Nationalist men. Nothing wrong with that, but she projects her own feelings a bit too much when analyzing the root cause of our movement.

    I know plenty of sexually frustrated “incel” young men in the Alt Right. But I know even more sexually frustrated young men in the normie world, and for the same reasons: the superficiality of hookup culture, the unrealistic expectations of feminism, the weakened economic position of white men, the cultural marginalization of our kind, the atomization of society in general and the total collapse of tradition.

    What separates the Alt Right men I know from their blue-pilled normie counterparts is not sexual frustration, but chiefly intelligence, idealism and courage. They are smart enough to figure out what’s happened to their society, idealistic enough to care, and brave enough to want to do something about it.

    Which is no doubt why Angie find something about them so intriguing.

  • “The Alt-Right exists because Western leaders are intellectual and moral failures.” Nailed it. (Pun intended).

  • Nice dodge, Spraguer. But, your inceldom is FAR closer to home than “muh multicultural ‘dystopia’”. You’re blue-balled because you treat women horribly. You’ve repeatedly referred to women “skanks”, “bitches”, and “THOTS”. You’ve belittled women for working, getting educated, and speaking their minds. You’ve terrorized your wives, to the point of provoking a divorce. And you’ve openly wished for the power to strip them of their Constitutional rights and turn them into your property. So, it’s no surprise that women fear and loathe you, and no surprise that society mocks your lack of sexual prowess.

    • Nonsensical. Women like ‘rebels’ and ‘bad boys’ by their own admissions. In practice it’s the liberal soyboys who cheer on feminists that get nada.

      • “Rebels” and even most “bad boys” AREN’T brutes. Freedom of thought, initiative, and creativity ARE appealing to women. Misogynistic and, often, life-endangering violence is NOT.

    • what are you, bluepilled? women dont give a shit how men treat them as long as they’re good looking Chads. a literal blue haired feminist SWJ would throw all her ideology in the garbage and fuck a guy with a swastika tatooed on his neck as long as he’s good looking and tall .

      • I think you mean Cad not Chad, but I agree. White women’s fixation with Cads and “bad boys” is speeding the devolution of our race. Many are addicted to the emotional roller coaster that only sociopaths and psychopaths can give them.

        • The women who enjoy that sort of drama have a poorly developed personality. Women who don’t have interests of their own will get bored in a stable marriage. No different from men.

          Every woman needs to have something they are enthusiastic about. It could be cooking, crafts, a book club, a musical instrument, or whatever.

          • LOL your anthropomorphism is showing. The Bell Curve proves all of this. Women do not have hobbies. That is a white male thing that women are LARPing when they pretend to have them with fleeting interest at best, meant to function as yet another female sashay to attract, yep you guessed it, even more men. Women are slaves to conformity. They are chameleons who suddenly develop a love of their S.O.’s interests despite expressing hatred for it before they meet him.

    • Ha! We women -particularly strong women- like determined men. We despise the lackadaisical “yes-darling” types. Plus non-dominat men give us anxiety, we want to feel we are supported by a confident man who knows his stuff. We fear -maybe unconsciously- men who permanently ask us how we feel, what we want and whether this or that is ok.

      • Almost nailed it. Get rid of that feminist language ‘strong women’ i.e. headstrong cunt, and it was a good rebuttal. Women are not strong physically or emotionally. That is an anthropomorphism…giving manlike qualities to non-men.

      • Weak men do indeed create feelings of anxiety, while strong men inspire confidence. The question is how you tell the strong from the weak. Fear of female influence suggests lack of confidence. My husband is a big-brained nibba, so he has no fear of being rolled over or dominated by me. Thank God.

        • ‘The question is how you tell the strong from the weak.’

          THAT is why you womyn are so afraid of a mass of men being woke on the WQ because it means you can no longer tell the difference between alpha and beta. Women fear betas becoming the assholes alphas are because it makes your hypergamy and judiciousness more difficult…eroding the beta equity of nice guy utilities that alphas do not supply you with as you take care of his expenses to gain his favor.

          • No idea what the fuck you’re talking about. The same big-brained Alpha is the father of all my children and is totally devoted to all of us.

          • It means you love what alphas are, but love what betas give you without the reward of pussy. This business model worked for decades, but it is collapsing like Zimbabwean currency because not enough people believe in it anymore. You are panicking because you want the free utility beta males provide women with are disappearing, while the alphas become harder and harder to distinguish since betas are adopting the alpha ethos. You want everything to stay the same….cuckservatism. I am here to laugh in your face.

          • BTW, betas are easily told from alphas, they are always submissive. What happens is that in this feminist society, we have been taught to distrust dominant men, to stay away from them or oppose them. And so it takes a certain amount of time and experience to realise that what we really want -and need- is a determined man, not a soyboy.

          • I’m curious…how would you classify me? I really want to see if you are willing to separate yourself from the fem-gynocracy, despite the female in-group urge to conform to other women, and make an honest observation without fear of judgement. I promise I will spare you from my spitfire.

          • haha… I don’t know (just yet). It takes more than just some comments in a blog to “label” someone like that. You certainly seem somewhat aggressive, but aggressiveness does not necessarily mean being determined or assertive. But like I said, not enough data to classify.

          • I love how you people all talk about how you’ve been taught. I smell this sexual frustration a mile away. The women who claim to only love “alpha males”, whatever defines that universally all seem to have the same inferiority complex and need to be dominated because they are the ones who do not think for themselves or go out and provide for themselves. You can criticize SJWs and feminists all you wany, but noone is listening except those already in your echo chamber. I think you sre honestly jealous and or intimidated by those women, at least the ones whose looks you don’t feel comfortable attacking because it’s obviouc they are more physically attractive then yourself. I just watched this documentary and had to see what the so called alt right was saying about it. It’s so predictable, it borders on absurd.

          • Nothing you have said is remotely relevant to my post or my life, or the many happily married White women I associate with.

  • This same false narrative of white men are alt right because they can’t get laid is also expressed by our ‘based’ bitches when we express antifeminism around here. It all stems from (((the authoritarian personality))) book of anti-patriarchy retorts.

    Sex is a tiny part of our existence. It lasts only for a few minutes. Think about it. Why is so much preparation and thought given to such a small portion of your life?

    I never heard of the alpha-beta dichotomy even 3 years ago, and did not become a believer until this year.

    Actually, when I heard any of these red pill buzzwords about 4 years ago (‘MRA, MGTOW, PUA, misandry, misogyny etc’)…a simple dream sequence of Elliot Rodger, ‘blue wizard’ virgins, and quasi-homosexual dialogue in the comments of Molyneux videos about ‘how men become sexier than women with age’… turned me off to even acknowledging any of this. But it became the lingua Franca of the alt right, so I gave in…

    As I understand it, this alpha-beta Theory is purely based on sexual prowess, nothing else.

    So the ‘alpha’ is not the CEO or the bodybuilder, but the unemployed junkie with 6 kids from 6 different women, sowing his seed and ensuring his DNA lives on despite his lowly existence.

    Access to pussy is easier for him than even the smartest scientist since it is so natural for him. Some CEOs and bodybuilders can also be alphas in that regard, but it is more mutually exclusive and less likely…Alan Greenspan certainly isn’t getting the pussy that the spindly ‘chill’ drug dealer (known to be well-endowed) at the house party is getting.

    EVERYBODY involved in politics is frustrated about something (sex/romance/the state of men/women included) and seeks to change certain things about the Current Year to match their wants/needs.

    Male feminists (usually leftist) are obviously the most frustrated, but white knights (usually rightist) aren’t far behind.

    Usually the most chivalrous men are either a father of daughters, a homosexual, or a simp trying to rent-seek his way to easier pussy.

    Many legitimate alphas are also male feminists, at least publicly, because that is also part of their rent-seeking shtick…Bill Clinton, Charlie Sheen, Johnny Depp, Russell Brand, any rock star etc., but also because alphas benefit from loose morality in women and diversity as a whole. It is their utopia because they see a maze that few people (themselves) can navigate while we see a haze that most people cannot navigate.

    It is a results-oriented slide-rule.
    Alpha – how many
    Beta – how few

    It has nothing to do with how you act or don’t act. Just your output – the numbers you rack up or don’t.

      • A women will always side with other women no matter the case, situation or charge.
        Your a prime example Lexi. Your not fooling anyone.
        Once us WNs gain enough numbers and power and when the day comes that we begin to openly advocate and push for women to get back in the house, attempt to re apply coverture, and discriminate against them in the work force, you will turn your back on the White movement quicker than a fat ass turns around at the door of a vegan restaurant he thought was a buffet.

        • Fuck off. If that were true, I’d have dumped this movement a long time ago.

          What do you mean “when the day comes that you openly advocate and push for women to get back in the house.”

          That day has long since come and gone.

          Yet I’m still here. So I guess you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about then.

          As for the question of whether Alt-right men can get laid or not, I have heard constant bitching and wailing about how women aren’t interested in most men for like months now.

          Which is it?

          • Which is it? They’ve condemned themselves to inceldom, in the prime of their sexual lives. Most of them have been deeply wounded by many people, both male and female. But, that doesn’t doesn’t make them any less dangerous to women.

          • 1) Amazingly, despite the extreme disadvantages we face within the Marxist totalitarian system you fuckwits have erected in the former Western World, I’m still intelligent enough & attractive enough to both get ample tail & multiply with fine females of impeccable heredity.
            2) I’m not dangerous to women. (((Hollywood))) is dangerous to women. Feminism is dangerous to women. Porn is dangerous to women. Blacks are dangerous to women. I’m candy to women. As for you, you speak like a guy who hasn’t seen a vagina in decades. You have the t-levels of a eunuch who eats nothing but tofu and iceberg lettuce all day, every day.

        • “A woman will always side with other women no matter the case, situation, or charge.”

          On what basis do you make this phenomenally ambitious claim?

          • That link proves that all white women should be married to white men as soon as they are of age. It literally proves that women only vote against feminism when their own resource flows via their husband are on the line. Marriage just channels the natural instincts of both men and women into a positive use of their base nature. Humans are shit-apes. Marriage just harnesses greed for the benefit of others in the immediate family.

          • WOW! I am so glad that you and I see things a little more eye-to-eye now. I’d like to think I had some sort of influence on you, but I’m not that arrogant. (cyberspace high-five!)

          • What do you mean by “of age”?

            In any event, my understanding is you all are opposed to women suffrage, so ideally this wouldn’t be an issue. No vote, no need for women “to be married off.” I don’t care for your use of the passive voice in that context.

          • No, it’s beyond that now. You were too uncooperative, so now we have no choice but going all the way to prevent this shithole existence from ever rearing its ugly head again in white lands. At first White Sharia was just a meme, but we really do need it now. Women should not only not have any say in politics, they should not be listened to period just like it always used to be. Women are too corruptible and young men are too vulnerable for this to continue. The meme has become reality. You’re already conceding women’s suffrage just like I said you would. Pretty soon you will be the one leading the charge for White Sharia.

          • I haven’t conceded anything to you. I have never given a shit about women suffrage and said so on this site before you ever showed up.

            I care about three rights.

            (1) The right to choose my own husband.
            (2) The right to raise my own children, including my sons, and
            (3) The right to divorce from bed and board in case of domestic violence.

            If that makes me a “feminist,” fine.

          • ……And there it is. You finally admit you are indeed a feminist in the softest way you could say it. Cigars all around. I don’t know why you chose this particular thread for this windfall, but I’ll take it. I am a THOT exorcist.

          • “Right to choose my own husband”
            Ahahaha. She can’t even choose where to eat, let alone what shoes to wear yet she wants to choose the father of her kids.

          • The problem with ‘putting her back in the kitchen’ is that she is ALREADY there and yet causes this much trouble.. in fact far more trouble than even the pretend ‘working girls.’ What does that tell you? There is no housework that is not automated our insourced these days. Hausfraus are pampered cheaters. We cannot force them to do anything. We need to IGNORE them. It’s like when you lock your dog in the cage as you leave the house so he does not piddle on the carpet, he throws a fit. Eventually when you just yell at him, he scurries into the cage on his own recognizance even when you aren’t leaving the house and does not make a sound.

          • Domestic violence is a blanket term.

            If you talk back to your husband one night and he then smacks you relatively hard, is that domestic violence, in your opinion?

          • This THOT even believes that white males are inferior to visa street-shitters. I am around these dumb najeebs every morning. They think whites are computers. They read a script fast and ask me to repeat it. And this bitch thinks they are smarter than us? I told you they are disloyal. She is already getting flighty and putting out feelers with this nigger to welcome her and her ‘intelligence’ on the alt-right into his cultural marxist camp. Not even the Jew has this amount of power over white men. Pussy does.

          • I never said Pajeet is smarter, but there are enough of the smartest ones to replace you entirely. Of course, technological development would stall out, but our overlords are fine with that. They just want rid of you.

          • Trad thots are the worst. They all chase after Tyrone and Carlos. It’s real, I’ve seen it.

            I had this one little blue eyed country girl I was fucking a few month back. Her dad was a rancher, mother stayed at home etc.
            I caught her at the store one day and she had her make up done up a little too exotic, so I knew something was up, red flags were going off***beep beep..mudshark, mudshark***

            Anyway, about a week later this chick blows me off one night so I text her to go fuck herself and that we’re done. She freaks out drives all the way to my house and tries to fuck me in my drive. She was wearing al little dress, so I go an stick my finger in her pussy( I knew something was funny) low and behold three fingers slip in instantly, no effort. This whore was out getting piped, probably from some nasty nigger or spic. I didn’t flip out though just spit on her car and told her to get her ass of my property.

            Blue eyed, “wholesome looking” blonde. They’re all whores.

            Fyi, I used to do all the dirty shit when we had sex. I even walked her around my house more than a few times in a dog leash, naked, just so she would have no reason to go have animal sex with an animal. All for nothing.

          • The new and improved alt-Right’s subtle take on the Woman Question;

            Trad or not
            You’re still a Thot.

          • In this day and age it’s the truth.
            A hard truth? Yes, for some, but the truth nonetheless.

          • Feigned hopeless sarcasm. Another classic female tactic that functions as a white knight bat signal. You are summoning male reinforcements to rescue the damsel-in-distress despite there being no emergency. You are abusing your chivalry privileges and I am revoking them.

          • What a ‘strong’ woman you are (puke). See, the ‘era of good feelings’ (I coined) allows you to oscillate between gynocrat and feminist, but the two are decoupling, so you are stretching yourself to the breaking point in trying to straddle both camps. It’s cartoonish.

          • There have been more than a few occasions where I have gone to parties and ended up making out with up to 10 sluts I’ve never met in a night. You feel proud of yourself immediately after the night ends, but then after pulling ropes of mucus from your sinus cavities for days/weeks, and reflecting on the hell you had to go through with women of all stripes (married, unmarried, with boyfriends, brothers, sisters, mothers, friend-zoned cucks all at their sides warning them about ‘guys like you’) as you’re doing it, makes you realize how untrustworthy women are. Does not matter how tall, muscular, handsome, charming, charismatic etc you are because there is always somebody bigger, stronger and better-looking not too far away, which means if she does that this easily, she has done far worse for far less… They really are all like that, including Lexi. She can corroborate everything I have said. This system must end. These whores are like retired racehorses that expect to be married off to the highest bidder like they just won the Preakness, when they need to be sent to the glue factory.

          • I’m not going to argue with you about labels, but I will argue with you about the merits of domestic violence.

            Do you have children?

            Hitting doesn’t work. You have to keep escalating the punishment to have the desired effect. Eventually, you are going to do serious damage, possibly even fatal.

            Moreover, if you beat your wife, your sons will hate you. You’d have to teach them to hate women as you do, and in a few generations, you’d get this


          • Hitting worked perfectly fine on me when I was a boy. Granted I was not abused but when I misbehaved and deserved it the old man smacked me or busted out the belt. I learned really quick what I did wrong and damn sure did not repeat it.

            Smacking your wife once or twice when she deserves it is not “beating”.

            I don’t have kids( it’s no small task finding an attractive, young and virgin wife, let alone one who has a notch count less than 5).
            If and when I do have kids, the back hand and the belt will NOT be off the table.

          • Are you saying you couldn’t have learned right from wrong without being beaten?

            I had you pegged bas a misogynist, but maybe you’re an equal opportunity misanthrope.

            I wouldn’t leave my husband for hitting me one or two or three times. Not because it’s ever ok, but because people are human and make mistakes. Why throw away a lifetime of happiness and break up a happy home?

            As with almost everything, stay-at-home married women with children have different interests from other women. DV should be treated in a non-punitive fashion. Because we depend on our husbands, we have no interest in having them locked up. A safe house and a quiet retreat for Dads learning how to control their anger and communicate more effectively would be a good approach.

          • No but sometimes it is nessecary.

            Women have the emotional state of a child and as such need to be spanked or smacked every once in while.

          • There you go threatening to take my children away from me again.

            If I am a child, why does my husband leave me in charge of helpless children all day?

            If women are as you say we are, then we are not fit for our traditional roles. As I said before, I don’t care about the vote, because the hand that rocks the cradle does not need a vote. But if you start threatening me as a mother, we have a problem, Houston.

          • I don’t want any such power, dipshit. I just don’t want to be beaten, or worse, have to watch my children being beaten.

            My husband has never laid a hand on me, so I don’t have any power to have him thrown in jail. I am perfectly satisfied with this state of affairs.

          • No shit you are perfectly satisfied with the Current Year….you are cuckservatism. I am taking that away from you. You DO have that power now and your husband SHOULD have the power to beat you, just like every other society on earth from time immemorial has had. This current model makes no sense and that is why it is all collapsing right under your feet.

            A man must have unilateral sovereignty over his finances, property and progeny.

          • Here’s the problem Weimar, when you devalue women to the point you demand, you get female infanticide, which shifts the balance of power back to fathers of daughters. If a man’s daughter can be brutalized by her husband, thus jeopardizing his own genetic legacy, he is not going to bother raising her to begin with. Your MGtopia will never happen, and if it does…


          • Calm down. Women are OVERVALUED now and the expense of men. That needs to change to reflect reality. Women have an important role, but they aren’t doing it and they aren’t allowing men to fulfill their rightful roles. Your whoredom is ending. The funniest part is how you Trad-Thots defend it more than leftists.

          • Child abuse failed you, Barnabas. Look at what it’s done to you. It’s turned you into a “man” who would terrorize and injure a child you’ve created and SHOULD cherish. As I’ve said before, that is one easy way to turn a child into a racist. Remember Dylan Roof? Well, his dad was a domestic abuser too. That boy knew nothing but violence from day 1. And look at where it got him!!! For the love of God, don’t beat an innocent child!

          • No, stupid. You are shaming white people here. How many black nationalist or brown nationalist sites do you troll and shame? NONE. Why? Because you are a black nationalist. HYPOCRITE.

          • BET, every black award show, hip hop, Black caucus, black churches, black frats…done. You figure out the rest. I am done entertaining you, Jim Crow. I gave you a chance, but you are rude.
            ‘It be da articuhlik (sic) niggas yawl need ta watch out fo.’

          • Your son will grow up to be a coddled little pussy boy whilst mine will be tough, honorable, and a MAN.

            That’s the difference.

          • I don’t hate women, though you feminists love to make that claim. I hate what women have become, with a passion.

            Nobody loves women more than I. At the same time, nobody hates an empowered, independent, masculine woman more than I do.

            Unfortunately, the latter predominant to a domineering extant.

          • If you think women need to be beaten into submission, then you clearly have a very low opinion of us.

          • Your words betray the moisture of your pussy. Women will not give you the time of day unless you beat them into submission emotionally, and won’t stay in your bed unless you beat them into submission physically. Keep pretending to just want ‘respect.’ Not only do not want them….you despise men who give it to you. You have been figured out. I am sharing my gift with the world.

          • Good luck trying to build a functioning, healthy White family on that basis.

            You fundamentally do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality, WR. I think the whole vampire thing is kinda hot, but t that doesn’t mean I want Millenial Woes to literally come and suck my blood, now does it?

            I know some girls are into the whole macho, bad boy thing. It’s just not my kink. This movement should be big enough for Anglin’s low-brow Angels and Wosie’s big-brained Rosies.

          • Your solipsism (female lack of self-awareness) is showing. You married as a retired racehorse. You got your slutty behavior out of you insofar as how high it could place you in hypergamy. Then you found a defeated simp (probably handsome and semi-wealthy) who agreed to your bigamy (man + wife + state).

            FYI, you are the desperate housewife.. I am the well-traveled worker-bee. I A/B test everything IRL. I have found recurring themes too blinding to ignore…and all of them run counter to anything you say about what you pretend to want and don’t want.

            Again with the NAWALT retreat tactic. You are indeed attracted to the metaphor of being devoured by a metrosexual (actually quasi-homoseuxal) with ripped abs, but you are too old to act on it since you recognize how good you have it. A divorce could not subsidize your leisurely existence.

            I have been seriously considering starting a podcast, not for monetary purposes (because I want young men to pay off their loans and not waste them on content producers), but because I have so much I want to say, but cannot with anybody IRL….and I would debate somebody like you with such ease that it would be like wiping the floor in the private booths of a strip club.

          • Yes, a leisurely existence as a cherished wife and mother is indeed an excellent reward for years of loyalty, service and support to my husband. I am living a charmed life that I very much deserve.

          • 1. A girl should be able to choose from a pool of young men her father is grooming to be good men and leaders. A girl should never be able to choose from “anyone” she wants. Girls want stupid things like kissing rattlesnakes, fucking negro gangsters, and large male dogs. Like men, girls need discipline forced upon them. It isn’t a naturally occurring trait.

            2. Every woman should raise her children under the guiding hand of her husband and only under his dominion. Single mothers are cancer.

            3. If a husband uses any violence aside from a routine spanking, he needs a kinetic attitude adjustment from the local male population. If spanking doesn’t work, society needs to step in and use things like the scold’s bridle and other creative forms of humiliation to give the woman an attitude adjustment.

          • I said a girl should be free to choose, not that she should be free to choose without any say-so from her father.

            I guess we disagree about White human nature. I utterly reject both violence and shaming. I don’t think White children need it, with rare exceptions.

          • ‘I utterly reject both violence and shaming.’

            Yet you use nothing but shame on any nationalist men who counter-signals feminism, and then suggest he meets his death violently.

          • All humans need violence and coercion to function. We are finite mortal beings. I assure you if I was self-generating I would never sleep or eat again. I am sadly still mortal so I have energy limits. As a consequence, I tend to conserve my energy. We call this being lazy. If I am lazy enough, I starve to death, so I am coerced by necessity into working. Sometimes, I want to kill people I don’t like. The threat of violence is all that keeps me from doing so.

            All people, maybe especially white people, need the whip. The only people who disagree are rebels at heart and wish to vote away the rod that keeps them honest.

          • But here you refute your own argument. If you are lazy, you will starve. Actions –> Consequences.

            Rarely does a conscientious parent need to do much more than say, “I’m not one to say I told you so, but I told you so.”

          • That is gloating after a problem has occurred. I want to prevent the event. Coercion and violence help to do that. Consequences ARE coercion. Sometimes, consequences are violence as well.

          • OK, but the point is you start from a young age, when the stakes are low, and develop your child’s judgment.

            You let them make little mistakes when they are little, so they don’t make big mistakes when they are big. All the while, they are growing in their trust in you and their respect for your input.

            Parentong 101

          • True, which is why I stop at a smacked bottom. If you do parenting/husbanding right, you never need more than that. Contrast a spanking with an actual whip, or a lead pipe, or being pulled behind a truck. Pain without damage is the proper way to handle rebellion.

          • Watch your mouth about people’s mothers, young man. At least my mom didn’t have an abortion. Now I have a large White family of my own. You’re welcome.

          • By of age, I mean breeding age. 16 is ideal since that is usually the age when most girls are most capable of carrying a child to term safely.

            As for the voting issue, I go much further than women not having the vote.

            The only entity that should be able to vote is a married WHITE unit of 1 man, at least 1 woman, and at least three children. The family gets a vote. The man is responsible for casting the vote. No single people, married people without continuation on the earth, or married people with only enough children to replace themselves should have a say in the future.

            The future belongs to those who fill it with useful people.
            Whites are losing that battle right now.

          • I find very little to disagree with in regards to voting, brother, except that I would support a married male suffrage after just one child. The ideal solution might be one vote per child. If you have a child, you get a say. The more children you have, the more influence you get.

            I think you are mostly, though not entirely, wrong about the marriage age. As I noted above, women with an underdeveloped sense of self bore easily, which is not conducive to motherhood.

            My husband has never had to worry about my whereabouts. If I’m not taking care of the kids or doing housework, he knows I’ll be holed up in some quiet corner of the house reading a book, planning a fabulous dinner, or planning an interesting outing for the kids.

            Women who marry very young have a tendency to have unreasonable, and unrealistic, expectations of perpetual romance with their husbands. He alone is to provide all the joy and meaning in life. There is no Prince Charming who can do that.

            Still, sixteen may well be the right age for lots of young women. It would not have been right for me.

          • I was talking with my mother yesterday and we talked about how her mother met and married my grandfather. My grandmother married at 19 to a man who was a decade her senior. They dated long before that, and she first fell in love with him when she was 13.

            My grandmother’s best friend was married by 13. That marriage lasted until both of them turned to dust.

            A woman has to have God first in her life. This keeps her focused on her husband and children. If the woman doesn’t maintain that awe for her husband, that is her failing no matter the age.

            As for the vote being child based in quantity, this is not needed and may add complication to a society designed to churn out large families. A single vote per family works so long as that family is doing its duty. Duty and Honor are the driving forces, not fairness or any form of equality.

          • Good for her. I didn’t meet anyone remotely appropriate for me until I was in my early twenties. When I did, I wasted no time.

          • I am glad you have the family that you have. I am saying that ideally, fathers would help you narrow down your search long before your twenties. Also, he should have spanked your ass the entire time you were growing up so that you are suitable for the guys he is handing you to choose from.

            I have yet to meet a girl whos problems in life couldn’t have been solved by simply taking the advice of any of the well meaning betas around them. Pretty much any man is more capable of problem-solving than women. It takes a very rare woman to put men to shame in their own art.

          • I wouldn’t know. I grew up without a father. My mother gave me very good advice about men, and she loves my husband like a son.

            As for spanking, there was no need for that. If you want women to marry younger, you’ll have to get big-brained girls in touch with big-brained fellows earlier on in life.

            There aren’t many options for women way out here on the right tail of the bell curve.

            You’d also need to get us out of classrooms filled with dullards who hold us back. I could have completed a full college-level liberal arts education by 16 if educated with my peers.

            I am optimistic that a White ethnostate would make eugenic assortative mating a priority, so in reality you and I probably would have little to quibble about.

          • I agree entirely. My sympathies about your early home life. Everyone needs a competent pair of parents. In some ways, it can be a blessing as you highly value that which you didn’t have and work harder to make sure your own children are taken care of.

            Ideally, schooling in the ethnostate would be based on biological reality. Students should be segregated by sex and IQ range. This would allow fine tuning of lessons and teaching methods that work best for the audience in question.

            There is no reason that a private sector eugenics service couldn’t be launched right now. Most of the technology to make that a reality exists right now. Once the biological reality of the client is taken into account, the rest is advice and planning for the future kind of like a career planner….and I think I just laid out Planned Parenthood. Be right back, an hero.

          • A decade of chasing, fucking, and being with women.
            The guardian article was either written by a woman, so it’s un trustworthy and biased, or by a coastal liberal soy boy.

            To clarify, are you okay if a future white ethnostate brings back and maintains coverture, Lexi?

          • Are you attempting to impose a litmus test on alt-Right women?

            If so, who the fuck died and put you in charge?

            I am not going to play this game.

          • But I will say this.

            I would rather live in a White ethnostate with couverture, which by the way. I haven’t studied, and don’t understand, than a non-White America.

            If that’s not good enough for you, you can fuck off, because you are sowing discord for no reason whatsoever.

          • I don’t see it as discord. We need to be upfront and direct as to where women fit in this movement before we grow any larger.

            Behind and controlled by the white man.

            Coverture is the law of white Europeans for millenia up u it’s the turn of the 20th century.
            It essentially means that a father legally owns and controls a woman up unitl she marries than it is the husband.

          • So let me get this straight. You are going to impose a lotmus test on Alt-right women today, so that you know whether or not we will rebel when you do X, Y, Z upon achieving a White ethnostate.

            Ima call bullshit on that, Barnabas. If and when I “rebel,” I’m sure you’ll be able to deal with that when the time comes. For now, why don’t you aim your fire at our enemies instead of Alt-right women who may or may not agree with everything you think should happen in a hypothetical, future White ethnostate.

            “Couverture” sounds really shitty based on my brief review of it just now, and actually tends to suggest that Islamic sharia actually is quite generous with regard to women’s rights. Daughters inherit a half-share as opposed to their brothers’ full share, which is better than nothing. Still, hell will freeze over before you catch me siding with immigrants over White men.

          • Next to the Jew, no one has done more damage to our race than our women. It’s not her fault, she can’t be held responsible but she needs the leash all the same.
            No sense in diddly daddling aorund the WQ.
            Women want men who leash around, oth figuratively and, as I’ve learned in a few years back, literally.

          • *Ignore that mumble mumble.

            Women want the leash both figuratively and literally, it’s time we white man buck up and give it to them.

          • Except your very own selves. Some of you have sold out your race for shekels; others have remained silent out of cowardice.

          • White women have no enemies. Nobody wants to destroy you…actually everybody wants inside of you…while everybody, INCLUDING white women, wants to exact their revenge on any and all white males. They want to be the ones that ended the white man. That is not up for debate. Nobody is coming to our rescue. Nobody gives a shit about us. That is the size of this. You can call me a coward for pointing out this truth all you want, but that does not change the grave situation. Why do you think so many millions upon millions of men do nothing all day but play video games and other forms of escapism? Why do you think so many of us lose our minds and just take one too many painkillers or just say ‘fuck it, I’ll do it right’ and put a loaded round in our brains? All you can do is mock the terrible relationships our mothers, ya know, your fellow womyn, have with us….as if that were our fault. Get back to me when you know the utter hopeless that MILLIONS of unloved white males experience on an hourly, inescapable basis.

          • Violence may be an understandable reaction to abuse, rejection and neglect, but it’s NOT a productive one. Society proudly mocks “snowflakes”, and a retreat into video games is an archetypal “snowflake” move. Then, to compound that contempt, you tout your “greatness” and imminent “victory”. Personally, I believe that American culture should make MUCH more room for unconditional love. But, we’re far, far from that evolution. Right now, conditional love is the norm, and you WON’T get it by dropping out – or lashing out – at “successful” people. You have to study hard, work hard, and embrace ANYONE who’s better off than you are, even if their Jewish, female, gay, Boomer, or nonwhite. Do that, and you’ll probably get the things you want, much sooner than you expect.

          • “Nobody gives a shit about us.”

            If you really believe this, it’s no wonder you’re such an asshole.

          • Whether they want us or not, they are still our enemies. They seek to mate with White women, and destroy our race in the process.

          • And white women WILLINGLY mate with them. Stop acting like you are our equals. You don’t face the same dire consequences and you don’t have the same impossible responsibility or expectations. Therefore your ‘opinion’ means nothing. Your words are as valuable as Zimbabwean currency.

          • I have told you already. I am not your equal, but your superior.

            As I have also told you before, I have children and therefore at least as much skin in the game as you.

          • I’m asking you a question, which you won’t answer.
            I presume it is because you will not give up your feminism and all that it entails.

            One can only assume that in the coming decades when whites regain power and we create a strictly patriarchical society with Coverture as one of the cornerstones of our laws, you will rebel.

          • Look at all the womynz siding with the resident nigger against the only white men that will do something about this dystopia. That is all you need to see to know EVERYTHING I have said is true about women, specifically white women. Even in cyberspace they are proudly disloyal in the absolute worst way…siding with niggers. I’m telling you ‘muh conservative women’ are far and away more likely to fuck blacks than leftist SJW women. They are CRAZY. I will say that almost every white woman on here has been with niggers, including Lexi. I would bet my life on it. That is where this ‘radical’ political streak comes from while it is absent in nearly all other women. I see all the signs and the stinginess. I do that for a living. I SEE IT.

          • We have the nigger and the 38 year old feminist running in tandem tonight. Downvoting and replying to every comment.

          • Good for you!!! As terrible as this “movement” is, it should accept female leadership and contributions. But, let’s face facts, here – this is not a movement. It’s a gang of men who have arrested development in EVERY area of their life, a stack of failures that culminate in an inability to get laid.

          • “female leadership and contributions…”


        • The last few decades have been the ‘era of good feelings’ for women. Before feminism and gynocentrism synced like a room full of harpy menstruations, they did side against each other…and they will again once we crush this absurd idea of ‘egalitarianism.’ But right now they know they have it too good and will not rock the boat. They will abandon feminism like a man they have fallen out of love with once they see how useless it has become. THAT is when we will officially have the patriarchy back. Women will willingly walk back, not by force, but from desperation.

        • Are you going to gain enough numbers in your lifetime? Do you honeslty believe that? As the country becomes less white by about a percentage point every year.. Your delusions are only going to gain you a miserable life and most likely an early death.

  • I think even a goat will not sleep with most of readers and writers here. Hate-filled sweaty, unwashed anti-Semite beardnecks. Bad genes for most of girls. Look at Spencer – degenerate mouth, effeminate, lack of confidence. You are all like that.

  • Angela Nagle is hardly a Marxist. She is a hedonistic capitalist-consumerist slut. Her highest principle is Individual Pleasure.

    And she can’t square her commitment to ‘equality’ with her elitism-of-individuality. Different individuals have different qualities. Some are advantaged, some are not. Those born with smart genes can make more money and attract more women with money. Those born with good looks can attract other attractive people. There is no equality in lust and love.

    We are told we should not judge people by how they look, but looks matter a great deal in choosing whom to have sex/children with or not.

    Nagle’s sexual views of Alt Right is ‘sexist’ and elitist. She doesn’t believe in sexual equality. If she were a sexual marxist, she would be for equal distribution of pleasure. If economic Marxists say the wealth of the rich must be redistributed to the poor, sexual marxists should say attractive people should NOT hog pleasure for themselves but share the pleasure with the uglies for whom sexual pleasure should be a ‘right’. So, beautiful women should put out to ugly men, and handsome men should put out to ugly women. More fair that way. Attractive women only sticking with attractive men or rich men isn’t fair. Just like it’s bad for rich to get richer, the pleasured should get more pleasured. They just spread the pleasure around.

    In a way, arranged marriage in the past was more sexually egalitarian. An attractive person might be matched with an ugly person. But with capitalist consumerist individual freedom, the attractive can choose to mate only with attractive people. And smart can choose to meet and mate only with other smart people. So, only those with natural individual advantages win out.

    Nagle’s views are also race-ist even if she doesn’t spell it out. Many white feminists now look down on white males as inferior. They say black men are superior because they have more muscular and bigger dongs. So, the neo-racist logic is that white women should reject inferior white men(the cucky wucks) and go with Negro studs. And this racial-sexual hierarchy extends to other races as well. Since Asian men are seen as inferior to white men, they must lose Asian men to white men while white men lose white women to black men.
    Ever look at pic of Jeb Bush and his wife? The image says Tall Anglo is the Man, the short Mexican is the Woman.

    Btw, if Alt Right men have problem getting women, it has less to do with sexual appeal than other factors. While your average Alt Right guy is no Sean Connery, the fact is most SJW types and Jews aren’t better-looking than Alt Right guys(or are often worse looking). So, why are Alt Right guys disadvantaged in the sexual marketplace?

    Ideology and Money. Most women have been brainwashed by PC. They worship homomania and Magic Negro. So, they see Alt Right men like Christians see atheists.
    Also, women are attracted to men with money. It’s hard to make big money as Alt Right guy because Jewish-Supremacist America deplatforms, blacklists, and destroys White National Liberationists.
    If someone is a zealous Zionist who hates Palestinians and calls for more genocidal wars for Israel, he is favored and promoted for elite positions. If someone is ‘doxed’ for his pro-white views, he is blacklisted and made ‘toxic’ by the current Jew-supremacist order.

    So, Alt Right guys are like disciples of Jesus. The path they’ve chosen is a hard one without much in the way of personal pleasures. But those who with a commitment must be willing to make sacrifices.
    In the early days of Christianity, spreading the Faith was a risky venture. It came with no rewards. So, if you wanted to attract babes, it would have been foolish to go the way of Peter or Paul.
    But they changed the world.

    • Good insights. Nagle is still a Cultural Marxist in all likelihood, but your insights about Marxism’s application to the sexual market are quite interesting. I don’t think she’s probed her own values deeply enough however to understand their inconsistency.
      The rest of what you’ve written is mostly right. That said, I still don’t think Alt-Righters have that much trouble getting laid or finding women, nor do I think this is what drives Alt-Right politics.

      • Cultural Marxism is Social Darwinism. Cultural Marxism is the transmogrification of an ideology of economic equality (which do not serve the Jew) into an ideology of equality of access/status, which of course does serve the Jew.

        You tear down the “privileged” founding population and force it to compete with the “best and brightest” from all corners of the globe and then jeer and gloat about their struggles.

        It’s really sick.

          • Yeah, I’m inclined to agree with Weimar.
            Cultural Marxism is like the very antithesis of Social Darwinism.
            Skilled labor from around the globe is hardly the problem with immigration. It is a problem, but it isn’t the heart of our immigration problem at all.


            You really are a traitor. Not only have you openly sided with the cyber nigger here, you are saying white IT men are inferior to brown techies to justify your wishy-washy beliefs. You’re getting antsy, ready to fly the coup into whatever race has the numbers to be victorious. How womanish. Your poor cucked husband.

            This is why men should NEVER listen to a woman. WATCH her, but do not listen to her ‘input.’ This is what you get. No amount of ‘hard work’, introspection, self-improvement or ‘understanding’ will ever exercise this treacherous flightiness out of women.

            Do all of my critics believe me now??????????

          • You are ridiculous. Unlike you, I have White children, and therefore no interest in racial treason. You, on the other hand, are another story. You already said yourself you would “open the gates” for hajis if the Alt-right doesn’t accept your twisted view of women.

          • LOL now you oscillate as a gynocrat in this latest attempt to counter and SHAME me. Your one use a woman is a birth factory and you did your duty. That is what you are saying in this thread. See, told ya you would be a White Sharia advocate. Haha nice divide-and-conquor tactic with extrapolating ‘women’ into ‘all’ of the Alt-Right, to turn them against me. Cute reminder that yes I did say that about accelerationism. You forget that men are problem-solvers. They all agree with me on that. You cannot win with me. I dominate you mentally and I can dominate you sexually.

          • This is not Cultural Marxism. This is just parasitic oligarchs being parasitic oligarchs. Nothing to do with Cultural Marxism. Sorry, I think you’re confused. Very confused. Perhaps you wandered over here from Fox News or Breitbart accidentally?

          • Yes it is Cultural Marxism.

            Cultural Marxism is the doctrine of Cultural Equality. That is, the proletariat is now non-Whites, women, gays, etc. What Steve Sailer calls the coalition of the fringes. They wage cultural Warfare on the oppressive Whites as the old labor proletariat waged war on the owners of the means of production.

            The objective is to remove their power to exclude non-Whites from their lands and their economies.

          • Fair point. Except:
            1) I suspect the color of the immigrants is really not that important to tech-oligarchs, because their primary concern is making money.
            2) You could view this as advancing the Cultural Marxist power class’s interests in some sense, I can’t not concede that, but it’s inconsistent with the values & general worldview of Cultural Marxism, because it’s meritocratic. Cultural Marxism is inherently anti-meritocratic. Cultural Marxists think you should get rewarded not on account of your skills or works, but on account of your color, sex & supposed level of oppression.
            3) That said, I do agree that since the true purpose/objective of Cultural Marxism is to wage a war on whites, white interests & white power via the coalition of the fringes, you could view this as consistent with the core purpose of Cultural Marxist ideology.
            4) However, a, I’m not sure how inconsistent these immigration policies really are with white interests (I suspect only marginally) & b, the nature & character of these policies are inconsistent with Cultural Marxist thought in that they are meritocratic & not fairness/equality oriented.

          • I don’t disagree that it’s artificial. That doesn’t change the fact that Cultural Marxism is not egalitarian in purpose or effect.

          • Yes it is. The Jacobins of the French Revolution were the proto-Bolsheviks (because of their revolutionary zeal) AND the proto-Frankfurters (because of their dystopian futurism). ‘Egalitarianism’ (égalité) is a reparative instrumentation, not a uniformity mechanism. Cultural Marxism computes reparations (redistribution of cultural/social power) with ahistorical revisionism as means to justify its anachronistic ideology. That is where White Genocide emerges…it is ‘egalitarian’ and kosher. History as a binary (zero-sum)….white men had X for this many years, now it is women/nonwhites turn to have X for this many years…the only way to ensure this transference is ‘egalitarianism’ (white genocide).

          • That’s only if you take the Cultural Marxist’s rhetoric at face value. I didn’t say they don’t cloak their agenda in egalitarian rhetoric. They do, but it is insincere. The real thrust of it is Jewish will to power.

    • You are quite correct. The J-left is Social Darwinist, not egalitarian.

      Anyone harmed by their policies are worthless “losers” whose opinion should be disregarded.

      How convenient.

  • I wish our adversaries would get their narrative straight. Just the other day some article accused white nationalists of hypocrisy because so many of us have dated or married Asian women.

    I guess that framing didn’t get the job done, because it humanizes us, and the Jews want to promote race-mixing any way.

    Now they claim that white nationalists can’t attract women.

    Make up your damn minds.

  • Chris Cantwell was right over a year ago when he summed up everything with the left boils down to sex, sexuality, and dildos.

    • I’ve binged on every radical agenda for 6 months and I am now up to his incarceration calls, and it is so sad how you can tell he momentarily forgets he is in jail when he is allowed to talk about politics, which he loves, only to be reminded of his current location every 15 minutes by the omnipresent prison hangup system.

  • I’ve been attitude Alt-Right since 2011. Discovered PUA after a girl I was banging forwarded a link to ROK. I a week I’d deduced it was blacks and browns swapping notes on raping white women.

  • Good one Sraguer.

    These “elites” and normies have no idea what it means to be a noble individual nor even to merely posses noble ideals. Their lives are all of the basest materiality. They have no ancestral calling ( except the Jews and theirs is demonic), there is no deep voice hounding them day in and day out, beckoning them to question and then to act, they really do reduce everything to sexual fulfillment. One can only laugh when they say stupid shit along the lines of what is addressed in this essay. I’ve heard it in real life from both men and women. They have no concept of honor, beauty, love of your race. They only think it terms of maximizing dopamine rushes, whether through money or sex.

    When we begin to take our movement on to the streets these normies and “elites” will whimper in cowardice as they realize that our movement, for the most part, is composed of Men, Real Men.

  • The can’t get laid meme has been stale for like 60 years. It’s easier to find thots to bang than it is to find young women with brains and integrity, which speaks volume about the so-called female liberation these jewesses have been spearheading.

  • Well, they forget the most important part: true, /pol/ denizens don`t get laid(a lot or even at all), because the very exposure to the usual mix of race realism, sex relations redpill and other requisite AR topics made them understand their low SMV and nonexistent chances at having a family, or even just a meaningful career.
    And then, totally predictable happened, their disillusioning gave them freedom to act. Why slowly grow old chasing tail in total futility when you can troll Shia la whatever off the face of the planet instead? There is nobody to tell you that fapping is bad and immoral if the fucking pope is a commie fuck!
    So they found a sort of mannerbund in the unlikeliest of places, and this is what drives them now, not puss.

    • well said.

      but its true that loads of beta boys aren’t getting laid. idk why we pretend its not true. its not really these guys’ fault because a society that doesnt give you a chance at a decent mate is doing something wrong, and these young guys are critiquing it for it. nothing wrong with that at all. they’ve formed a beta union and are lobbying for an improvement. all the more power to them.

      • Well, historically if you have a lot of sexually unsatisfied young men, its high time to fight a war somewhere. Under their scary sergeants they translate their sexual energies into combat fervor, and either you win and these guys have their share of rape/return home heroes or you lose and theyre are dead anyway.
        Makes one wonder what is the big plan exactly, or if there is a big plan at all.

  • its not really controversial. Chad doesn’t have a problem with the status quo, hes getting laid and being social, he doesnt want to overthrow the system, why should he? alt right is the beta uprising (exceptions aside).. only an ethnostate isnt going to make you an alpha (probably the opposite).

    • That’s a simplistic understanding. just being “alpha” doesn’t get you laid. You have to be up to date on the current culture and act the part.

      lots of behavior that gets you laid isn’t alpha.

      like “gay guy game” or any variant of social circle game.

      • The issue with Nagle-Bagle is that she conflates PUA (Jews, darkies, Browns, charlatans) with racialist whites.

        She knows she’s doing it dishonestly.

        The Alt-Right is a form of Anti-Semitic awakening.

      • I don’t like how r-alpha and K-alpha are not distinguished.

        r-alphas are the PUAs who use flashy tricks and charisma to have sex with as many low-quality women as possible. If any children are produced, they are abandoned/neglected (hi Jamal!)

        K-alphas marry the highest quality woman they can find and sire many healthy, well-adjusted children.

        • I like this distinction.
          Still, hard/extreme r’s (blacks, Jews, gypsies) are a problem for whites, as alphas or betas.
          r-alpha | r-beta
          k-alpha | k-beta

          • Jews are the inbred descendants of a rogue priest caste. Priests are inherently parasitical upon their society, they don’t do hard labor or fight (typically). They have high IQs and contribute with what would today be called “White Collar” jobs.

            Hasidic Jews are pure r, even regular Jews hate them. They refuse to work or serve in the military at all and always have as many children as possible.

      • in general, alpha = being good looking and popular. it means everyone laughs at your jokes even when they’re not funny, girls want to fuck you and guys want to be your bro

        • you don’t understand what alpha means.

          being good-looking isn’t the underlying variable here. you can be a total dope and look like shit, but if you get the invite to the parties where the hot chicks are going to be and you show up dressed in an animal fur costume, spray champagne on these chicks and take pictures with your fancy “im a photographer” camera, you can get laid like crazy.

          while his site was still up, some pudgy half-jew called Kirill would do just that all over NY.

          He was getting mad tail, all because his clown game was on point.

          Stop reading the space robot board on 4chan so much.

    • 1) It’s not true. It’s Jew nonsense.
      2) Alt-Righters are in all likelihood far more likely to be alpha males than beta males. It takes courage/cajones to do what we do, to say what we say. This isn’t a movement for sissies.
      3) Alt-Righters recognize that modern culture doesn’t help their chances of reproducing or having a stable family life, that a society built around our values & interests would be more favorable to our biological interests than the interests of primitives & r-types (the Jarnells & Shitaviuses of the world), but that’s quite different than saying membership in the Alt-Right is driven by or rooted in sexual frustration. That’s just vacuous, shameless Marxist propaganda. I’ve tried to make clear what really animates the Alt-Right in this article.

      • “alpha” isnt just saying whatever the fuck you want. An alcoholic homeless person says whatever the fuck he wants, does that make him alpha? alpha means you’re sexually and socially attractive due to looks/status = Chad. Chad knows that there’s no reason to sabotage his position (even though it wouldn’t hurt him THAT badly) by being a racist and turning off potential pussy and friends. Betas have nothing to lose. hence their attraction to such movements. Many betas will also just join the mainstream left, hoping to get some trickle-down pussy and social status from being part of the status quo, but its not going to help them that much either

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