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Eli Mosley joins Richard, Don and Greg to discuss ISSUE 1) Muh Russia now in its 18th month. Mueller investigation goes after Bannon. Also in Washington: the now-annual ritual speculation about a government-shutdown.

ISSUE 2) The CIA hires Chinese people. Yet another Chinese spy caught. Jerry Chun Shing Lee might have been behind Bejing’s successful takedown of the CIA’s spy-network in China between 2010 and 2012. (starts 35.25)

ISSUE 3) James O’Keefe exposes Twatter. Project Veritas reveals that social-media Leviathan Twatter censors people at the behest of Iran, China, and the US. FOX News is surprised. (starts 52.44)

ISSUE 4) KAZAKHSTAN DUMPS CYRILLIC! Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev has announced that the Kazakh language will transition from Cyrillic to Latin script by 2025. This move will subject the noble, freedom-loving people of the central Asian steppe to the linguistic influence of the globalists. Save our horse-archer, Neo-Scythian brothers! Write your local Kazakh embassy. Tell them: Latinization is Mongrelization. (starts 1.12.40)

ISSUE 5) Russia Insider names the Jew. Web-magazine Russia Insider ran a 5000-word, front-page article announcing that it will henceforth address the JQ frankly. Editor Charles Bausman, the article’s author, also endorsed the Alt-Right. What a bold move. Congratulations, Charles! (starts 1.34.00)

AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.


  • Alt-Right Politics shows are also highly interactive with the audience, because you have to constantly turn your volume up and down to listen to it.

  • They remind me of a group of College kids, who think they have discovered some political knowledge, while using out-of-date terms, such as, but not limited to, “Left vs Right” (FALSE Paradigms, in REALITY) which they think others are not aware of and continue to “Preach to the Converted” but they make certain NEVER to discuss REAL SOLUTIONS

    They seem only to be on the show, to pat each other on each other’s backs and “feel good” that they all basically agree, with much of each other’s FALSE PARADIGMS and labels they give to people.

    YOU just don’t get it, that these are all DISTRACTIONS created by the REAL ENEMIES -Zionist Ashkenazi Jews and you are”falling” for those distractions”. Charles Bausman DOES GET IT and is in the process of DOING SOMETHING about them

    Sorry guys but, I have been in this “fight” since the late 1960’s. I am 78 and have seen it all and done it all, so many times I am bored with hearing people TALK but offer NO SOLUTIONS, because that will get us nowhere. All the KNOWLEDGE in this world will SOLVE nothing IF it is not used.. The enemy can be destroyed by online hackers ,BUT where are they?

    Too busy talking about the Problems and, patting each other on their backs making each other feel good that they have talked about the problems and agree in tandem, such as on BLOGS like this one and ……one more time!!!

    Solutions require DISCERNMENT, COURAGE and INTEGRITY because with Solutions, you are dealing with and about the REAL Movers and Shakers, such as the House of Rothschild, House of Windsor and the Vatican, who murder those who oppose them!

    Don’t get me wrong guys, Your Radio Blog is GREAT and I know it takes a lot of time and effort, but, unfortunately. it is so TYPICAL as are so many other BLOGS

    Charles Bausman or Russia Insider,DOES show the kind of COURAGE, truly needed, but the Hosts and Narrators of “ALTRIGHT .com” have a lot to learn, starting with taking the FALSE PARADIGM word, “RIGHT” out of your name !

    This is NOT a fight between Right and Left. It IS a fight between Freedom LOVERS and Freedom HATERS, FREEDOM-Desiring Humans and Freedom-Hating PSYCHOPATHS

    GET something RELEVANT and ORIGINAL


    Someone asks Jordan Peterson about Jewish involvement in Holodomor during Q &A. Also gives him a copy of 200 Years Together by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

    The video starts fifty seconds in.

    Here’s the question:

    “In the book (200 Year Together) Solzhenitsyn documents the overrepresentation of Jewish individuals in the NKVD and the Bolshevik leadership. He claims that the ethnic hatred these individuals had for Christians played a role in the Holodomor. Jewish individuals had faced persecution in Ukraine prior to the Bolshevik rise to power. These individuals exacted their revenge on the Christian Ukrainian population. The result was the death of 4 million Christians.

    The line of good and evil cuts through the heart of every human. One cannot simply say a given ethnic group is evil. Every individual must struggle with the good and the evil in their own heart. That being said, it is important to understand what motivates groups to commit atrocities against other groups because the previous century has been filled with groups killing other groups.

    Like the Bolsheviks, Jewish individuals are overrepresented in the ownership and senior staffing of the US news media. The news media also is inexplicably hostile towards Russia. If the current war mongering against Russian Christians is in any motivated by the same ethnic hatred that motivated the Holodomor we must face that truth honestly.

    If Jewish individuals hated Christian Ukrainians enough to starve millions of them to death could the same thing happen today?

    Could Jewish individuals use their positions of power to seek out revenge against places like Europe and Russia that have a history of expelling Jews?”

  • I do not believe this propaganda. These guys are very smooth and I wonder if they practice before they go live. Apparently they realize that Rallies and talks/interviews are not swaying people into their movement & they figure gas-lighting is the next best option.

    This movement is going nowhere and it never will. It’s a fun pastime for these guys. A couple of them seem to be very smart and knowledgeable but they are also lying about much of what they say and they know it. I will never understand how people can lie so effectively. It is not easy to do. Takes a lot of balls and a complete lack of ethics.

    I am not even convinced they are serious. Seems they are bored, rich Frat Boys having a blast at others’ expense. They are legends in their own minds. They think they are so clever. I can certainly understand why parents would not want their young girls subjected to that woman hating a-wipe.

    I hope people are not supporting them financially. I hate to see people being used by snake oil salesmen and grifters (A grifter is a con artist: someone who swindles people out of money through fraud.)

    Trump does not play 3D or 4D chess. Good God. He is completely Ego driven and cares about himself and maybe his family. There is no Jewish Question. Russia interfered with our election and that should concern everyone in our country even if you hate libtards and enjoy their suffering.

    Trump and his campaign may or may not have colluded with Russia. He is being investigated and we will hear if there is evidence to prove his guilt or innocence. Ignore the media on both sides. they have no idea what has happened yet. It is mostly conjecture right now. what the media on BOTH sides is doing right now is harming and dividing us.

    Hillary has nothing to do with the investigation of Trump and his campaign BUT I would like to see her investigated so we can know what she is or is not guilty of once and for all.

    Our country needs closure. Just because she may have done things that she should not have done does not change the fact that Trump needs to be investigated. The FBI is probably is investigating her and the Clinton Foundation anyway for all we know. The public is not supplied with information about who is being watched by the FBI.

    You guys WON! Hillary lost. Be happy about it. You have what you want.

    • ‘Frat boy’ is a rather telling insult from you and should actually be taken as a compliment. ‘Frat boys’ and people like them are those who have testosterone, intelligence, courage, grooming and hygiene standards, social skills, organizational skills, personality, success or the potential to obtain it, plus they understand gender differences and enjoy life instead of being all puritanical. This is actually the best segment of society to draw upon for a vanguard political movement. Where is everyone else? Why aren’t they contributing, and are they even capable of doing so? Heaven forbid there be some friendly banter about a ridiculous libtard march. Would you rather have our women ‘subjected to’ Treyvon, Ahmed or Juanito? Or some cucked bugman?

      • but, for the sake of discussion, all that is necessary is that you understand what i mean by using the term frat boys .

        in order to be effective, we have to work within our circle of influence. men in this movement can find women and start families to keep their gene pool in play. wouldn’t that make sense?

  • Economic downturn…interesting. I tend to agree that it could be precipitated by a Dem rising in polls prior to 2020 election. If Trump is re-elected, I don’t see a major downturn.

    Too much hidden deflationary pressure to allow the economy to overheat, which is what would be needed to create a downturn. We’d need to be overextended to a greater degree IMO.

    Real estate is up but not dangerously. Market valuations are crazy, sure. But the manner in which these companies are evaluated has changed to such a degree that risk of disappointment en masse, which is what would be needed to cause a severe downturn, probably won’t coalesce any time soon. Investors are willing to wait until infinity (Amazon) before models are proven, giving companies much more leeway than in previous boom-bust cycles.

    I would not have said this a couple of years ago, but I don’t see a downturn in near future. I’ve been as surprised as anyone by this sustained vitality of ‘animal spirits’ — Trump rally was obvious, though. The deflation that so scares the Fed has actually been it’s greatest benefactor in keeping them from overshooting.

    Yes, Russia thing is losing steam — daily jewsfeed tells me this. They will time any potential impeachment proceeding to crush next election.

  • They are looking for that needle in the haystack, that impeachable ‘thing’….something technical…catch him in a lie, whatever. That’s what this entire dog and pony show is about.

  • I agree — there will be a shutdown. This will probably get pushed farther than it ever has. I feel like Trump is getting triggered, to an extent. He think’s he can win in the hearts/minds of his base in the standoff.

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