AltRight Tonight (Beta)—The Sexual Frustration Theory

Beginning in March, will begin producing— Alt-Right Tonight, a live, weekly show exclusively for Alt-Right Plus subscribers.

For the next few weeks, however, Alt-Right Tonight will be “in beta.” That means we are going to test out a variety of formats, settings, and technologies. And as we get the ball rolling, we will offer these shows to everyone on our main YouTube channel.

Tonight, Greg Conte and I will talk about our plans for Alt-Right Tonight, as well as discuss the recent ABC Nightline coverage of the Alt-Right, which explained away the phenomenon in terms of the sexual frustration of young White men. But do they have a point?

Join us live at 9 PM ET tonight (Thursday, January 18).

AltRight Plus has already been a great success, and subscribers have gained access to special podcasts and videos. Alt-Right Tonight expresses our dedication to offering our base much more in the future.

I hope everyone joins us on this journey. (And please be forgiving as we work out the kinks at the beginning.).

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • Richard, fellas, start thinking like j00s (you’re crypto j00s anyway right) and move this out of beta—in order that your enemies might pay you 10 dollars a month if they want more hot takes.

    Not joking. No more beta testing.

  • Freedom is nothing if not the choice of one’s own disciplines….
    Where to project your power…
    to LIMIT the vices that plague us all…
    To live with honor and integrity.
    So many have given up this ability to discriminate between good and evil,
    and now flail as they face the abyss of unanswered questions…
    Take heart…
    There are those in every age who will give themselves on the altars of idols…
    But our consciousness, rooted in the blood, looks to a new vision…

  • We should setup an Alt-Right “moneybomb” telecast, perhaps a 6-12 hr show done by Red Ice, livestream/Youtube. Choose/vote the best 10-15 guests, then spread the money equally among them at conclusion. (Spencer/NPI, JTaylor, MWoes, AltRight women, David Duke, etc…) Maybe plan a solid debate to further draw. Tally donations live on screen. This would garner much attention outside our normal sphere as well. Ideas anyone? Or just simply an Moneybomb broadcast?

  • Being a commited “john” since I am 15 years old until now in my late 40s, I have no clue what sexual frustration is. I did the count a few days ago and I calculate I have slept with hundreds of hookers.
    In this place on Earth prostitution is legal and no regulated, it means: perfect.
    Most working girls prefer to practise here much more than in Nederlands, Austria or Germany (where it is legal but regulated so they have to pay taxes). A lot of professionals from Europe, Argentina and Brazil are working here. Local women too, of course.
    Catholic wives have no much problem with it. I guess because they belive that these women due the “dirty work” to their hubbies.
    Feminist women want to ban it. Of course, but they are facing a fierce opposition from professionals themselves.
    Here, a couple of local feminists trying to shame us, “johns”. Title of the video: “Hello, John!”. They say: “You are not f*****g them, you are raping them”. LOL.

  • It’s time for this to be Called Out……..

    There seems to be some aspect of the Alt-Right which is or always has been some sort of Homosexual Narcissistic Personality Cult……..

    It’s Below the Surface…….

    But, it’s pretty clear to the more Perceptive……..

    If you’re a Fag…….


    You are the Enemy of the Alt-Right White Identitarian/Nationalist Movement…….

    I believe the Best Remedy to keep these Fags OUT…….

    Is for the Alt-Right to be Welcoming to Women…….

    Some or many will Disagree with this…….

    But, History and Life have shown that All Male Movements will attract a LOT of Homosexuals…….

    The Established Patriarchy is Unquestionable, Vital, and Foundational………

    But, we need to Integrate Women into the Alt-Right……..

    To keep the Fags TFO……….


    • a decent about of great pro fighters are fags, you want them on the other team? why are people afraid of homos? they have little support and our people would never see them as leaders. they can just hide it anyway if they were trying to infiltrate. if bashing gets us more support go for it but it is inconsequential otherwise. only stance should be if you have to announce or display that you are gay, youre a loser and we dont want you around. real men need women for only their bottom set of lips

      • Chill on the disinformation, bro. Who are these pro fighters that are gay??? I follow the MMA world pretty extensively and I have for many years…I can’t think of a single gay (male) fighter. There are a shitload of gay women at the top of the MMA game, but there are zero gay men.

    • I think we should welcome gay people, as long as they aren’t total decadent sissy faggots. Frederick II of Prussia and Alexander where probably gay or bi, but instead of prancing about at some disgusting gay pride festival they did their best to advance civilization. The ideal should be hetero-normalcy, and while they fall short of it, that doesn’t mean that they can’t redeem themselves and contribute something.

      However we should also be welcoming to women. If they where alive today, shunning Anna Comnena, Abigail Adams or Joan of Arc would be complete stupidity. Women are generally going to be harder to wake up than men, but I think they could contribute a lot once they take the red pill.

  • I like the format.

    May I make a suggestion? The questions should be a hybrid between scheduled guests and open phones.

    Ask people in ADVANCE to submit questions and topics. Then group the topics. For example, one category might be “Operation Homeland.” Also ask in advance for phone numbers.

    Then, call each person in turn. They get two minutes to speak. Then Richard and/or Greg respond for two minutes. If the topic requires further elucidation, allocate another four minutes.

    This way the show can remain relevant, yet retain its live, random flavor. Then in the notes to the show list the topics and at what time in the show they are addressed. Thus, the archives of the videos become searchable.

    Just a thought.

    • I was thinking same regarding questions in advance. Both fielded and advance questions. It was a great format, though. They kept it moving quite nicely. Chat room was a bit of a shit show.

  • In the Future White Ethnostate…….

    All Child Molesters, Child Pornography Creators and Viewers……

    …….found Guilty after Trial…….

    Would first be Tortured Middle Ages Style……..

    Then, Guillotined…….

    All Live on Broadcast TV………

  • Here’s an MP3 of this chat:

    Also, for those of you that want to sign up for PLUS but who also want to remain anonymous – get yourself what’s called a ‘OneVanilla Visa Gift Card.’ You can find them at most convenience stores and you can purchase them with cash (no ID needed).


    The WQ and all of its implications – whether direct or tangentially – is one of the issues I feel most strongly about, and I wanted to share a few random, disjointed thoughts on it….

    1.) I’ve noticed some comments here that really bum me out. The hatred of women from some in this movement has got to stop: it’s beyond embarrassing and it severely limits how effective we can be. I can tell you that nothing pleases the left more than seeing women kept out of the far-right and the AR. If you want to see the power of the AR increase exponentially, make a concerted effort to make it a place that is much more welcoming to decent, like-minded women (of which there are plenty). Women – the right kind of women – will not dilute our message, they will amplify it and make it infinitely more palatable to normies of both sexes. Ending women’s suffrage is not going to happen any time soon, I hate to break it to some of you. In the meantime, the AR can harness the social, financial, and intellectual capital of the scores of women who are sympathetic to our cause. I was amazed by the ratio of women that seem to be present behind the paywall (judging by those who comment with obviously female usernames). Greg and Richard talk a lot about how hard it is to come up with funding for the work that they do: if statistics on giving money hold true, women are significantly more likely to financially support causes they believe in than men are. That holds true in all income brackets.

    2.) And as far as dating goes, there are a lot of good women out there – probably just as many as there are good men. You’re likely to find them ANYWHERE but bars and clubs (or Tinder for God’s sake). Take care of yourself, take pride in your appearance, workout regularly, eat clean, be meticulous with hygiene, and have your shit together (or at least be making a genuine effort at getting your shit together). If you’re doing those things, finding good women won’t be a problem.

    3.) Tara McCarthy, who is doing some of the best work out there on behalf of many AR principles (and who also hosts a YouTube show in which Spencer is frequently a guest), spoke recently about about how badly AR women are treated by some guys in the AR. Many other women on the far-right routinely voice the same frustration. If we’re serious about becoming a powerful political force then we’ve got to seriously re-think how women are treated. It’s the biggest thing holding us back at this point.

    Finally, I like Eli Mosley – he’s a good fit for ARPolitics. I think he’s hilarious and his political commentary is intelligent and interesting. But I have defnitely been put off by just how anti-women he’s been recently. It’s not a good look, and I can’t imagine worse optics for any organization. That is one thing I miss about Nathan as the leader of IE. He social media accounts made it obvious that he was involved in a healthy, long-term, monogamous relationship, and that his girl was a valued and important part of his life. We need more guys like that in our ranks, and they need to be brought to the fore.

    …..or I guess we can just continue to allow the mainstream media to perpetuate their bullshit narrative about us, and we can happily allow them to continue ridiculing, pigeonholing, delegitimizing and dismissing us as ‘sexually frustrated, dumb, angry, white male rejects.’

    • And unmanly in both physique and actions.

      He makes serious accusations, and then recoils like a woman when there’s a response.

      If he wants to be taken seriously like a man he should act like one. Either stick to your guns kid or make a sincere apology. Kids like him used to go to war. Otherwise stop being a mealy mouthed cat boy (sounds gay af).

  • Fuentes is such a fucking weasel.

    The way he attacks everyone and then recoils in to this, “hey, I’m just a innocent little cat boy” posture when he feels threatened is disgusting.

    He looks like he suffers from stunted growth and probably never felt a pussy in his life. In truth people felt sorry for him after he was let go from his old gig for being critical of Jews. It was something we could all sympathize with. Altright people were amongst the first to embrace him as a new “talent”.

    Now hes burned every bridge.

  • The WQ has overtaken all other questions for one reason: Women dominate our lives one way or another more than anything else. It’s as if their power over our lives has grown exponentially in just the last 5 years. Not even Jews have this much power over us. Not even close. Different kind of power. We can turn off the Jew and shut him out of our lives at the end of the day, but we cannot turn off the woman. She is always there with your livelihood in her hands.

    Remember when the only thing we needed to worry about was being ‘cockblocked’ in a ‘sausage fest?’ Now it has been inverted. Women are everywhere and nobody wants to be around them anymore because they have become so insufferable. I have never heard Roosh V until this Baked Alaska podcast and to me he ironically sounded exactly like Jordan Peterson….’gynocentric.’ He summed up all his insightful points about women in the end that…despite our current shitty hand, you should continuously throw yourself into a boiling lobster bisque regardless to jockey with other horny betas and expert alphas for an increasingly diminishing return on ‘quality’ women ‘just because.’

    What is the point of that? Seeing futility and surging towards it nonetheless is not brave or fruitful. That is when you have to practice actual discipline to recognize that you cannot compete in certain situations and thus change course, instead of putting on blinders like an old racehorse about to sent to the glue factory, and pretending to better yourself with endless introspection and ‘sage’ advice from internet hucksters, all the while slipping further and further into a descending loss.

    Women have gotten so palpably hideous, physically and emotionally, in just the last few years. Everyday I see so many chads with beached whales and plain Janes because they have settled from pure fatigue, which is a woman’s goal. She wants a semi-retired player to be worn out into settling for below-market value so that she knows she has peaked and her work (hypergamy and even fitness/hygiene) is done.

    All of the effort it takes to ‘meet’ women these days is increasingly not worth it because (unless you are a virgin, which sucks from not knowing what pussy is like) being alone is not the worst thing in the world anymore. There are so many other things to do that is more enjoyable than ‘hanging out’ with friends these days and doing nothing but watching them smoke pot and play video games.

    The amount of effort I personally do at certain times of the year to get ‘muh abs’ and knowing exactly where I can get pussy is not worth it anymore. All the blisters, strength training injuries and hunger pangs from fasting makes all the sleazy action I do get at select times a joke. The only satisfaction I receive is when I’m relaxing that night alone in my bed after partying from pure exhaustion, like I am laying in a trench having just won a battle even though the war is not over and the PTSD has not even started. It is not even fun reflecting on it in hindsight or pursuing it as I’m getting it because it is a war. It is dangerous and methodical. It is nothing more than a checklist to look back on and know I have not missed out on anything, just like so many other endeavors I undertake.

    I have lost so many friendships because the barracks whores of our group landed in my lap when it was my turn.

    The WQ went from ‘How do I talk to them?’ to ‘How do I handle them?’ because the WQ is not just about getting laid….it is about how to interact with them to avoid becoming MeTooed since they are everywhere in your life (workplace, friendship circles, gymnasiums etc) causing trouble since we are socially incompatible – men find comfort in rationalizing everything into stability down to the minutest dilemma, while women find comfort in the irrational, making everything unstable, chaotic melodrama because they think they are being productive if they make themselves the center of conflict, and men think of themselves as productive if they are the reason conflict ends (in handshakes or death).

    Ten years ago the fatties/Plain Janes used to be sweet because they knew they needed personality or men would ignore them, while the hotties were bitches. Now the hotties (increasingly far fewer exist) are friendly and the fatties/Plain Janes (much more exist) are bitches.

    It’s as if natural selection has changed this into yet another Pareto distribution: Hotties having basic social skills negates the need to be mean, while lack of social skills has exacerbated the fatties/Plain Janes dilemma into pure bitterness on the offensive.

    The best strategy you can do is never reveal your inner monologue to women. It is your one card you have over her with no recourse. She constantly wonders what you are thinking so she can dominate you and other men, while fearing your innate power you have over her with just a poker face because she cannot guess your next move despite all her pretend ‘intuition’ and high ’emotional IQ.’

    For far too long women have gotten away with reflexive, casual misandry without recourse that most men simply internalize, police each other with, and even use as a frame of reference in striving to NOT become, even though these very men, who women just cannot stop talking about and pretending to hate, are the ONLY ones they are ever with. Hmmmm..

    Why? -Because it is harder for women to be with a nice guy beta male than it is to be with a bad boy alpha male. One is exhilarating and the other is a buzzkill.

    • I think there’s an additional reason she prefers the BBaM.

      The woman has to act nice and mind her manners when she’s with the NGbM. Because the NGbM is nice. By definition. So if she yells or gossips, is late, or nasty, she comes across as bad.

      But the woman can act without thinking around the BBaM. HE’s nasty. So she can be nasty, too. And since she’s a woman, her nastiness in comparison to his nastiness actually comes off as nice.

      And if she steps over the line and he yells at her, she can give it back.

      So, life is much more relaxed for her around the BBaM. No having to constantly monitor herself. BBaM keeps her in check.

      Woman like that.

      Thus, ultimately, NGbM is being passively mean by being so nice all the time. The pressure builds up in the woman, and finally she can’t take it anymore and tells off the NGbM who is left often wondering, “What did I do wrong?”

      The answer, we know, is obvious.

      He cucked.

      • I don’t think so. Regardless of what anybody says, most of us have been both guys with different women depending on her SMV.

        When you are the nice guy, she has absolutely zero respect for you and ignores yours texts without fear because you are not her prerogative. She knows you will always be there, except when you finally lash out and tell her goodbye…..that is when she comes crawling back begging for your continued utility. It is the nice guy’s only hand to play.

        When you are the bad boy, she is always on her best behavior, entirely obsequious until she tests you every once in a while and you fail. The rules do not apply to bad boys. They do so well because they have no fear of consequences: arrest, STDs, pregnancy, fights, poor credit etc…

        But most of all, they do so much better than the nice guy because they are not committed to one woman and do not confide in her as if she were another guy friend (like the nice guy). They are willing to share women since they are realists (women are going to sleep around regardless and nobody will know about it), while the nice guy wants to make her ‘an honest woman’ and keep her all to himself because he is an idealist and has no idea about female nature or actively ignores it.

        • Agreed. Any hint that you’re a bad boy and the girl will instantly turn into an oozing mass of docile femininity.

          • Women are as attracted to a bad boy, or even a hint of a bad boy, as much as a man is attracted to a nubile centerfold. The difference is we admit it while they pretend to be demure and not the BDSM whores they are.

            It’s like catnip to them. They counter-signal rude male behavior out of their mouth, as they furiously run their pussies to completion under the table.

            What I mean is that women of ALL races (as per the Bell Curve) are attracted to a man of ANY race that has thug characteristics. That is why wiggers do so well because they are simulating thug culture even though they look ridiculous dressing/speaking like a nigger with the mustache, baggy clothes, earrings, and affectation. Basically just a caricature of a negro.

            But women don’t see that. They only see toughness. They simply cannot help themselves. Watch how their abstract attraction expresses itself in the most bizarre, obscure places.

            Read the comments. Women are truly deranged.

            It is under the guise of this crazy sexual disposition women have that the false narrative of their alleged moral superiority is allowed to be claimed, simply because they are not entirely driven by looks like men are, and even attracted to hideous disfigurements ONLY because it simulates a man being tough.

  • I think Paul Nehlen has chosen the “educational candidate” path at this point. I don’t get that he’s following a “middle path” at all.

    If you’re making “Culture of Critique” a book that’s mad, bad, and dangerous to read, then you’re educating.

  • To echo (((hehe, echo))) kat_ruby, it’s great to hear that you’re now able to fund some regular contributors, my fellow white people.

    Greg said something so hilarious and yet so based: “use government resources and don’t feel bad about it”. (paraphrasing)

    He’s absolutely right. You, young NEET, are paying a nigger tax right now, so you should absolutely ‘bleed the beast’. Your resources are being siphoned and diverted to hostiles—people that literally want to kill you. (Ask them, they’ll tell you)

    This is the system that the j00s have set up. Many whites are too proud to accept government assistance—but we have to play to win. Take advantage of every exploit. We have to think like Orthodox j00s or Mormons (two big exploiters of the system and your tax dollars). In alignment with this, I’ve come around to the idea that we have to be more pan-European and think as an ethnic group, with our own interests, and realize that we don’t have the United States of America anymore.

    Remember, you DON’T qualify for minority business loans, and you DON’T benefit from affirmative action. We don’t have a kosher tax that brings money in to our communities; all the money is funding the ‘other’. This is the system that has been set up against you, by j00s and their allies. Gone is the day when a Don Draper type could rise to the top in an anglo-meritocracy. The system is set up so that the white quota in every top school is being filled up with hostile j00s (which don’t consider themselves white), and a few shiksa bimbos, which they can recruit as FOX NEWS talking heads—paired off with an angry black man that yells at some old goofball like Jeff Lord.

    Pay attention to Republican National Review, and you’ll see that they are openly celebrating what they consider to be your inevitable passing, and are eager to usher in the era of the mestizo as “natural conservative”.

    This is not a black pill. As Richard indicated, it is within this milieu that people will become “woke” and heroes will emerge. After being so demoralized via propaganda and discrimination by a government hostile to its own people, we have much room to rise. And we have have the richest civilization in history to draw inspiration from — provided we don’t let them steal our culture.

    Thank you, gentleman—for continuing to believe in what you’re building.

    A couple of based jews-you two.

    • Good points, but I think rather than “pan-European,” we should stick to Bannon’s thoughts of politics as downstream from culture as a useful guideline. There’s too much bickering between various splinter groups, even though they agree on the basics.

      The culture level is:

      1) Public sector versus private sector
      2) White male/female relationship dynamics
      3) Boycotts of anti-white companies and Silicon Valley, Hollywood etc.
      4.) Making popular culture unfashionable by exposing Satanism, transgenderism etc.
      5) Personal, local and national energy independence (freedom from Saudi oil etc).
      6) Self-employment (relative freedom from multinationals and government)

      That’s more powerful and compelling than actual neo-Nazism, and you can build effective strategies around it. By contrast, skinhead types wish destruction on a country like the UK, which is totally misjudging the situation. That would mean 1) Goodbye to the the only long-standing historic meritocracy in Europe, 2) Middle-class bureaucrats in Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands (who work for Jewish-masonic powers themselves) taking full control of Europe’s destiny, which the “Alt-Right” seems to think is fantastic idea, but in reality would turn out to be a complete disaster, 3) Further deterioration of Canada, Australia etc, 4) Relocation and continuation of high finance in other jurisdictions, 5) The loss of some of our best minds, who will lack motivation to help other whites who wish harm on them or sneered at their downfall.

      Unfortunately the Alt-Right is too dominated by US/Australian and other thinkers who place much emphasis on a “pan-European approach” that has never existed and cannot truly exist. Instead, you need to connect with like-minded identitarians around the world. However, when it’s on a “UK versus Germany” or “Sweden versus Denmark” level, it sounds retarded. There are massive differences even between Berlin and Leipzig, or Bavaria and the Rhineland, the top three cities in France and the countryside etc. Even Poland still sees 30% of votes going to left-wing parties, after decades of communism. We need all the support we can get.

      • The Altright, catboys, and Trump have all moved past Bannon…

        As to the notion of a “pan-European” identity, I used to think like you, but I realize that “pan European”, has more often been the rule rather than the exception.

        Europe or “Christendom” is older than national identities. Wars were between dynastaties, not nationalities – though regional identities certainly existed.

        I listened to a Scandinavian activist on a podcast (can’t remember his name) and he volunteered that he feels more a part of the American side of things – because there’s just not much going on in Scandinavia. Heck, the founders of this site are an Anglo-American, a Swede, and an Iranian-Scandinavian.

        Ritter is an Italian-German, Mosley is Irish, Camillo is French-Italian. Each brings their own “flare” but does it seem like we’re all so different?

        I’ve dated European women from a non-anglosphere background that weren’t attracted to blacks or Asians. Why do you think that is?
        They also dated men from Europe—the commonality is we’re all white men.

        And people moved around and intermixed in ancient times too. There were German-Roman emperors. Before that there were migrations of Aryan Horseman that intermixed with both Neolithic Mediterranean people and blonde Cro Magnons – this mixture forming the basis of modern Europeans – in various solution.

        If you are American, do you only drink American bourbon or California wines? Of course not; you’ll choose what is best—the price and occasion being the determinant. And conversely some Scotch Whiskeys are aged in American barrels. But would you drink an Ethiopian wine? Maybe in an Ethiopian prison.

        All of my ancestors came to America from Britain – but before my ancestors immigrated to America, one of my male lines migrated from Italy to England during the Renaissance – so what am I? I’m a descendent of European colonists.

        I notice things though.

        I notice that with J00s, they are able to act in unison – as a monolith – despite the different ethnicities – Sephardic, Yemeni, Mizrahi, Ashkenazi… they’ve managed to put aside their differences and create an ethno-state for themselves—and using British military might. The Ashkenazi controlled Israeli government has performed rescue actions and airlifted Yemeni J00s from warzones in that country, and granted them full Israeli citizenship.

        I would feel out of place in Greece, but do I care what happens to them?Absolutely, it is infuriating to see Greece being overrun by migrants.

        We have to be forward thinking if we want to restore our past greatness.

  • Good to hear that PLUS has funded the main editors.
    As far as this neo-nazi thing, I think most used it to develop a thicker skin for social media. It’s like somebody knew the hits were coming and a thicker skin triggered the left while absorbing the hits. And, it worked. January, you put out the word, ‘less larping, more serious’. The left hasn’t caught up yet.

  • Dear guy behind the camera please tell them to talk about something more serious like: US new strategy toward Syria, Trump decision on certifying Iran deal for last time, DACCA or etc. PLEASE!!!

  • I think, it could be good for you and we also that you provide a line that people can donate you with cryptocurreny. For example you can open XRP or anything else wallet and we will donate you through it.

  • Just read the Nagel article. The first time that I became aware of PUA was after that Hapa in Santa Barbara shot a bunch of Students. A girl I was sleeping with at the time sent me a link to ROK. Within a a week I figured out that the site was mostly just darkies swapping notes on raping white sluts. I’ve been a virulent racist since 2011.

    Wtf is Nagle talking about?

    • I’m quite the stud myself (I’ve literally cucked a few bug men—the type Greg described—not people worthy of respect), but for many the wq is a real issue—hence the popularity of sites like DS. And even if I’ve been “laid” a lot, it’s still extremely offensive to see the anti white propaganda written by j00s, for our consumption via television, netflix. And I feel for my European brethren that grow up with a vision of an idealized white princess, only to have that idealization shattered, when they realize that so many are corrupted by degeneracy.

      If we want to restore the dignity of our women, then this is everyone’s issue. Otherwise, we’ll have to content ourselves with sport fucking, which means we don’t have a civilization anymore.

  • Yes they have a point but one could also argue feminists have brainwashed thots so badly that they caused or at least contributed to the rise of and need for a movement like the alt right. You could also argue It’s a necessary phase we had to go through to get to the conclusions we have now.

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