The Flame that Burns: Towards a New Europe

In his Epistles, the Roman poet Horace extols us to “admire nothing, lest you grow still, and numb” and it is from within the lines of this succinctly worded aphorism that a multitude of problems which plague the White ethnonationalist movement emanate.

Submitted by Chad Crowley

More accurately, many within our movement not only “admire” the past, but like Narcissus gazing at his own reflection, romanticize it to a point of fetishization.[1]

On the one hand, to “admire,” to show admiration is a sign of respect. While in the negative, Horace uses the term to indicate an inappropriate fixation. When one is transfixed on the past, one is unable to conquer the future. One might be inclined to call it ironic that this essay begins by admonishing our movement for its fixation on past, while simultaneously citing the writings of a Roman long dead, but I assure you that this was done deliberately in order to illustrate a higher purpose.

The idealization, and outright fetishization, of long deceased aesthetic imagery, ideas, and people, is anathema to our cause, and in and of itself serves no purpose. Glorifying National Socialism for example, serves no tangible purpose towards the liberation of our people; it does however provide our enemies with the fodder necessary to seal our collective racial demise. The Führer himself mused that National Socialism worked in the Germanic world because its nuances were indigenous to it. All movements are beholden to their historical circumstances, and as such we would be wise to adopt those which best fit our own temporality. Aristotle thought of time as being sempiternal, that is everlasting in nature, and in this sense, the flame that carries the light of Faustian Europe is alive, and has been burning in all Europeans since time immemorial, but it is one which manifests itself differently in each age, as according to its historical exigencies.

We should respect our history, what I’ve deemed in previous writings our “ancestral past,” but we must not become transfixed on it. To be “transfixed” is to be motionless, and motion, in the form of action is the hallmark of our European being. According to the father of Futurism, F.T. Marinetti, the future of the evolution of “mankind,” of European man, is “an oscillating, irregular movement,” and thus a fetishized admiration for past historical forms is mutually incompatible with the dynamism of a European man geared towards the endless horizon. [2] The spirit of Europe, the flame that infuses and ennobles our people towards the shattering of boundaries and the forging of new conquests is of a Faustian nature, and thus in perpetual flux. It is the Faustian soul of Europe, as a living continuation of the spirit that animated our Roman forefathers and all past historical European peoples which resides within and animates us. We honor those who came before us, not by becoming insentient beings lost in a haze of now antiquated historical specificities, but by striving to emulate the spirit which drove our ancient forefathers for bigger and better things. The flame that burns inside the heart of Europe, is alive inside each and everyone one of us, and we pay homage to the past through our actions here in the present. Like the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick Barbarossa, the Faustian soul of Europe lays dormant within a great majority of our people, sleeping but not yet dead, yearning for life.

The legend of Faust is beyond ancient, stretching back millennia into the depths of our Indo-European, and later Indo-Germanic past, but it is from within the confines of its more modern reiterations, specifically those of Christopher Marlowe and later Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, from whence the word “Faustian” comes in its modern usage, and as it relates to the soul of Europe emerges.

To the deracinated normie who knows little of their history or folk, the tale of Faust holds very little meaning and reads something like this: some guy sold his soul to the Devil for unlimited knowledge, and was later damned for this diabolic transaction. In contrast, for us, we children of Europe for whom the flame still burns, the legend of Faust is much more than that.

Faust was a man who gave up everything, who sacrificed life, limb and soul in the pursuit of knowledge, of the beyond, and this is the true spirit of Europe. Prof. Ricardo Duchesne, whose work I strongly recommend that everyone and anyone read, has formulated the most profound definition of the Faustian soul. The greatness that is Faustian, European man, is his primordial spirit, his drive to overcome all which limits him, in a quest for immortality as made manifest by action and deed. Regardless of the present encasing of solipsistic rot which entombs it, Faustian Europe will continue to survive and ultimately thrive, as long as we, the keepers of the flame are willing to keep its spirit alive, and more importantly are able endure the harshness of this age of dissolution.

In the Old Norse Hávamál Odin reminds us that “Cattle die, and kinsmen die, and we will die ourselves; but fair fame never dies, for those who can achieve it.” [3] This statement marvelously encompasses the spirit of Faustian Europe. We ourselves will die, but it is through our actions, specifically our heroic actions, that we may live on. In this age of decay and democracy, our duty is to endure, and to endure we must remain true to ourselves, to the unquenchable and unconquerable spirit that is Europe, and it is by the action of staying steadfast that the flame of Europe will continue to burn. For the entirety of our existence European man has been tried and tested by a whole cornucopia of struggles, from the receding ice of the Pleistocene Ice Age, to the Punic Wars, to the conquests of the New World, and as a people we’ve always met adversity faces-forward and with triumphant honor. For although the adversity we currently face is more subtle, more nuanced and insidiously complex than that of times past, our response need be the same; we triumph, and will continue to triumph, by facing the enemy honorably and like men.  

We White ethnonationalists are the flame that burns, and as such we serve our race, and pay service to our ancestors, not by the childish imitation and infatuation with a long dead ancestral past, but through our living actions in the present. Our admiration for the gloriousness of our European past isn’t one of fixation, or any materialistic fetishization, but one made real through our day-to-day actions towards its continuation.

In the Epistles of Seneca, the Roman Stoic writes, “While there is life, there is hope,” and this pithy turn of phrase has been warped and perverted by many a ‘new age’ contemporary. In point of fact, Seneca penned this line in the negative, and it was not meant as an extolation of the boundless positivity of life, but rather as an admonishment to the Greek tyrant Telesphorus, who clung to his life at the cost of his honor. In Faustian parlance, Telesphorus sold his soul, but gained nothing. Seneca’s initial premise is correct, a life preserved through deceit and dishonor, isn’t a life at all, and contrary to the soul of Europe. When we fetishize the past, we pervert it, and render the meaning which it imparts on to the present inert. The meaning of the past is made manifest in the present by the actions that we take on in the proverbial here and now. We as the heirs of Seneca, of the ancient Romans, of the Greeks, of the Germanic founders of modern Europe, are one and the same, and our true destiny is to rekindle that flame that is spirit of Faustian Europe. A healthy and robust Europe is alive inside us, we Europeans, because to channel Hilaire Belloc, the faith is Europe, and we Europeans are the faith.

In a very real and Nietzschean sense, the spirit of Europe is the spirit of overcoming, of transcending the limitations of ourselves and of the world before us. Nietzsche’s nihilism was an active nihilism, a nihilism from which through the fires of destruction new life would be birthed. We Europeans overcome not for the sport of it, but rather to transform the world around us, to shape it to our will. The world we currently find ourselves residing in is sick, degenerative, and as such should be broken. Finding more wisdom in the writings of Seneca, the great philosopher described his world in terms which not all that surprisingly are still relevant today, by stating that the world in which we find ourselves in a world of death, of  libido moriendi (Latin: ‘love of death’),  and as such, a world which is contrary to the boundless vitality of the Faustian spirit of Europe. As the keepers of the flame, we are neither pessimists nor optimists, but rather we are the racio-spiritual continuation of our ancestral past, and as such we strive towards a state of pure action.

Too much happiness or too much sadness makes men weak and avaricious, and is itself a symptom of decline, of an age fixated on death. Our age, the actions of its people, and the Weltanschauung of its being, are fixated upon death. Is it suicidal altruism which guides the current immigration policies of the speciously defined ‘Western’ world, or is it something else? Are men becoming women, and women men, effectively castrating themselves in the service of something beyond degeneracy and death? I think not. A pervasive influence, a foreign sprit contra to the soul of Europe, has located a programming error in our evolutionarily endowed neurocircuitry and through our own individual and collective weakness, exploits and manipulates. Our failings as individuals, and in turn our collective deviation from the racio-cultural norms of our ancestral past, is no one’s fault but our own, and it is from this self-created deviation, a deviation from our Faustian natures, which the enemy uses against us.

If we had remained true to ourselves, and if we now, we children of Europe remain true to ourselves, and to the purity of action, racial regeneration is all but a forgone conclusion. We are in a state of decline, of degeneracy and death, but one that we can overcome. By remaining true to ourselves, and our folk, we can transcend the degeneracy of the age, and transcend the “little death” that surrounds us. In the immortal words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “There is no death! What seems so is transition; this life of mortal breath is but a suburb of the life Elysian, whose portal we call death.” [4]

A testament to the degeneration of our age, particularly that of the Anglosphere, is best evidenced by the fact that in the age of Bach, of Mozart and of Beethoven no musical term of importance was borrowed from any of these German masters and transposed into the lexicon of the English language. The irony here is that Sigmund Freud’s term for “deathwish,” Todeswunsch was. In times past, as in the present, we find ourselves mired in a culture, more accurately a non-culture, which elevates the trivial, and castigates excellence; i.e., Freud over the German masters.

In the present epoch, high culture, a sense of glorious aestheticism, is dead, because like Nietzsche’s Aryan Christ, our indifference, and adoption of systems contrary to our Faustian soul, killed them. The psyche of our age is one of death and degeneracy, of decline, and it is within the icy grasp of these grim descriptors that we find ourselves entwined. Like the interconnectivity of race and culture, existential life is a reflection of those who populate it. The present world, the world of death, decline and degeneration isn’t a reflection of our people, but rather a facile simulacrum crafted by a global elite hell-bent on edging our race closer to the brink of extinction. When we recognize this fact, and when the Overton window experiences even greater seismic shifts in its leanings, then and only then can we overcome it. Times are changing, and our role in this process of change, of evolution is to endure so that we may be the guides of revolution.

Politicians like Paul Nehlen, who quite literally wouldn’t have existed several years ago are becoming, and will continue to become more prominent, as topics of once unacceptable discourse become tolerable, thanks to an age that we the children of Europe are helping to revert back to normalcy.

One of the most prominent aspects of the Faustian soul of Europe is the will to power, as made manifest by our people’s ability to separate the wheat from the chaff. Europeans have an uncanny ability to take any idea, concept or notion, winnow it down to its essential and most worthwhile components and transfigure it into our own. In the opening lines of the Japanese book of the samurai, the Hagakure, it reads “The way of the Samurai is found in death,” and it is through the embracing of this mantra that our people may attain life; we can overcome the spirit of death that is our age by owning up to our failings, and smashing them to oblivion. A healthy respect for death is part of the milieu of Faustian Europe, while the culture of death that we currently find ourselves trapped within is not. We Europeans respect death, in striking contrast to Freud and his ilk, who worship it.

The modern world is in a moribund death spiral, and in order to liberate ourselves, and our people from the abyss, we must be willing to embrace, and overcame, that which is antithetical to our beings. We didn’t create this morbid culture of death and decline, but it did however spring forth as a product of our internal weakness, and as such it can be shattered by a show of strength. Strength in this context is the power to endure, to press forward regardless of the opposition, and to strive to be better than we are in all things. We pay homage to our ancestors, not by lifeless imitation, but through a vibrant embracing of the qualities that make Europeans great. Reward comes to those who wait, and should we possess the stamina to endure, our reward will be the awakening of our people and the rebirth of a new high culture, a new Europa.

As Dominique Venner wrote, the key to European success is “nature as the foundation, excellence as the goal, and beauty as the horizon,” and should we possess the strength to abide by these notions, the future for our people will be both brilliant and bright.

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  • Yes, Protestant Mercantilism definitely did kill the Faustian soul of Christendom which created the entity today known as “Europe”. True.

    • Mercantilism in general, yes. Catholic Spain and Ireland are quite materialistic and pro-EU these days, while the strongest scepticism towards the current status quo is from the UK, Netherlands, and regions like Saxony.

  • Sounds like yet another excuse for personal deficiencies. Can’t we just be better than rather than blaming them?

  • Jewish media push ACOWW or Afro-Colonization-of-White-Wombs as the ideal for white women and white cuck men. Shitholers conquer white holes because young white girls are exposed to interracial porny culture from a very young age. Neo-Racism says white women must reject ‘inferior’ white men and offer their wombs to ‘superior’ black men.

  • Richard Spencer is the author of this piece. The references to Nietzsche and German composers give him away, as does the overwrought, florid prose.

    Spencer’s “enemy” is the free market place in which White audiences venerate the works of Mahler, Gershwin, Sondheim and the like, right alongside the works of White masters. Spencer can’t abide the White man sharing the limelight. He would rather set the world on fire and start again than bring himself to acknowledge the undeniable merits of certain non-Whites and what they’ve contributed to the West. His disparagements smack of envy and spite. This isn’t Faustian of him, it’s petty carping and an admission of personal inadequacy.

      • I’m a racist? What’s your basis for that? I’m not disparaging the work of White masters, and I never would, nor am I elevating anyone above them. I was merely pointing out that there are illustrious nonwhites who are equally celebrated by White audiences, and that a running theme in Spencer’s writing is that the existence of these particular nonwhite creators in the Western canon is profoundly galling to him. In his mind they represent a contaminant, a trick played on the White man to deceive him into appreciating something foreign and inferior.

        For instance, he has tweeted disparaging things about Schoenberg’s music, and the reason suggests itself, but Schoenberg’s White contemporaries like Berg and Webern greatly admired his work. Whose opinion is more valid? And whose opinion is unencumbered by an obsession with race? Spencer sees everything through the prism of race, and he desperately wants his fellow Whites to do the same, but there’s a ceiling on how many people will be deceived or intimidated into sharing the obsession that he turned into a career.

        • Oh yeah, you’re really an egalitarian Prince Charming. Just be real.

          You really do talk like this to your friends, don’t you? Who are you kidding? We are all of us disgusted by something in negroes, or negroes are disgusted by something else. God knows what. Of course Spencer sees everything through the prism of race. Everyone does. It’s OK.

          Just stop kidding yourself. Stop trying so hard to love everyone. Everyone knows that nobody in the world loves everything and everyone equally.

          • You keep attacking me personally, distracting from the article and the points I’m making. This should be about the author and challenging his pet assumption that whatever a nonwhite contributes is harmful to Whites, even when his own fellow Whites affirm its worth. Are you not getting that last part? Forget my own personal opinion and whether I happen to be race-obsessed. I’m reminding you that a multitude of Whites have chimed in on this point over the years and they themselves have venerated many creations of nonwhites. That serves to highlight the prejudice of Whites like Spencer and places the burden of proof on them and them alone regarding how exactly are all these celebrated nonwhite creations doing so much damage to Western man. Maybe Spencer’s thesis is bunk.

            Was Bill Evans “disgusted by something in negroes” when he recorded Kind of Blue with Miles Davis and John Coltrane? I’m certainly not “disgusted” when I listen to Oscar Peterson. Kindly stop projecting your hatred on to me, thanks very much.

          • Why can’t it be about both the author and your criticisms?

            Racial awareness is not an encumbrance. It is a part of nature. You don’t need to signal.

            Have you ever heard of the HASS effect in music? What we hear in music is conditioned by our expectations. Also, artists often say things in public that they would never say in private, and vice versa. This goes on a lot in Hollywood and the music industry. Artists say things in order not to offend the official censors.

            Also an artist can admire a racially inferior artist and then go back to composing his own superior music. In fact, musical composition is pretty inescapably bound to the flesh interms of style.

            Sometimes, a “white” composer is actually hearing in the music composed by a jew, the stuff he likes in his own music, the things that are actually “white” to begin with.

            I don’t know, FFS, think for yourself.

            Was Bill Evans disgusted? How am I supposed to know> He should have been. But I wasn’t there to let him know.

            Don’t worry so much about being loved by everyone. No on eloves you because of your racial blindness. Ask around. Ask people what they really think about you. Especially ask some negroes.

  • Speaking of flames… if you guys decide to do the torches again(tiki or otherwise), be more creative.
    Have everyone form into a circle with unlit torches. Start the flame in the center of the circle. And then, let the flames spread outward as one torch ignites other torches and those torches ignite other torches…until all the torches are burning in a circle like the sun.

    And film this with a drone from above. That will be one helluva sight.

  • So the Altright claims the Faustian spirit for them but… Rightists are…. well, yes: anti-progressive… i.e. anti-innovation, anti-development, pro-conserving, pro-status quo. Claim the Faustian spirit, i.e. the journey into the open and unknown yet e.g. with people like Greg Johnson are authoritarian, patronizing, pro tyranny.

    Sorry: it´s pathetic.

  • Great essay.

    The idea that keeps me focused on the present and the future is an all white star fleet.

    I’m very fond of Roman and Germanic history but why larp when we could be greater than our forebears.

  • LOL @ the failed references to Nietzsche. Nietzsche saw racial nationalism and anti-semitism as failed reactions to nihilism.

    • That’s one very liberal interpretation of Nietzsche. Are you Karl Jaspers by chance?

      LOL @ at the the simple-minded speaking on topics outside their depth. The Altright is about quality, and this author has it, while you sir do not.

        • My criticism is based on his praises for the Jews mostly.
          He preaches against socialism and resentment when these are the defining Jewish qualities – the very qualities that created the self-defeating Christian religion that swept Europe. I understand that he criticized Europeans in hopes that they might use his ideas to help themselves though.

          This passage from the article you posted struck me… I never knew he felt that Martin Luther stifled the Renaissance.
          “. . . They are my enemies, I confess it, these Germans: In despising them I despise every kind of uncleanliness in concepts and valuations, every kind of cowardice in presence of every straightforward ay and nay. They have tangled and confused for a thousand years almost, whatever they laid their fingers on, they have on their conscience all the half-measures, all the three-eighth measures from which Europe is sick, — they have also on their conscience the foulest kind of Christianity, the most incurable, the most irrefutable that exists, — Protestantism. If we do not see an end to Christianity, the Germans will be to blame for it.” *
          Of all writers I find I can always come back to Nietzsche and find something new.

  • My point: when you go out of your home every day and you watch such a things in the urban landscape, you develope necessarily antibodies against cultural marxism.
    That is really practical.

  • This was a great article. I’m a little surprised by some of the others comments but I haven’t actually been to this site in sometime. The article is intellectual and makes you think and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

    To Rick Novalis, the author has been writing about Faustian Europe for some time. In a previous article published elsewhere he actually writes about how Spengler changed his tune about Greece and Rome in his last book, you should do your research.

  • What’s so great about a man who sold his souls for a fleeting gain? One’s eternal soul is the highest possession.
    Are you trying to portray the Anglo as akin to a man who sold his souls for technological progress? Because if so, this ‘faustian soul’ failed to disappear. The global world is speeding to the tune of technological imperatives. The technological advancement comes at such a heavy cost that if we had known what it was we would’ve never chosen to go down the route of motorcars and electricity. Even today we fail to ascertain the real total cost to our societies because we’ve become so addicted.
    If man’s being is incompatible with technological progress then man is to be thrown out and progress kept in. This is at the core of today’s elites’ reasoning. Thus the complete disregard even contempt for God, the sublime, the universal, the transcendental, race, class, family, man and tradition.
    On the other hand the glorification of the banal, the ugly, the ‘efficient’ and the proletarian.

    Contempt for the simple, laborious life, repugnance to suffering of any kind and forgetfulness of the future life.

  • Much too intellectual and bookish, I don’t see the point of this type of writing. Let’s have some action in the field instead. We’re way beyond this type of theoretical analysis.

      • I don’t think there was anything “ironic” about that because it stated that in the first paragraph. I think that this essay presupposes to much of many people in terms of intellectual depth. I enjoyed it, please keep writing Chad Crowley.

  • I don’t think the author has really done his research. He says the Faustian spirit animated our Roman ancestors… it didn’t. If you’re going to use Spengler’s terminology it helps to have actually read his books. Greek and Roman civilization is referred to as ‘Apollonian’ and was entirely distinct from Faustian civilization which came afterwards.

    And like the Apollonian, I don’t think it is coming back. All things have their time.

    • Duchesne’s Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age explains why the term “Faustian” can be applied to ancient Greece and Rome. Duchesne’s book, Uniqueness of Western Civilization goes into great detail showing why even the prehistoric Indo-Europeans were Faustian.

      • Good point Ed. The author’s defintion of Faustian is like Duchesne’s, who he cited and writes in the same poetic manner as.

      • As far as I know, Duchesne does not really acknowledge that Spengler was a critic of Aryanism — that Spengler did not see the Aryan genealogy as important for understanding the Western soul. In Decline of the West, Spengler skewers the Aryanists of his own generation again and again. Spengler is a pessimist and he intends the term “Faustian” as a pessimistic term: the devil coming to collect his due is indeed the whole idea. Since Aryanism is at least attempting to be a more optimistic philosophy (though it has not succeeded), the appropriation of Spengler’s pessimistic term strikes me as muddled and confused.

      • That’s really moronic. How can a race be Faustian before there was a Faust? That’s like saying the ancient Hebrews were Christian before the Christ walked the earth. Or “I like pomegranites, even though I’ve never seen a pomegranite.”

        Your post sounds confused. Think less, and start moving more.

    • Didn’t you get the memo? Respected opinion derives the Faustian soul from Der Aryans now. And all that stuff written in Spengler’s big double doorstop about the inevitable fate of Western Civilisation is just a touch of literary exaggeration, we’re a bit under the weather right now but will clear up nicely with a touch of bracing outer space air.

    • So ridiculous. They were not Apollonian. Stop overly complicating the whole thing. It is white Nordic Anglo-Saxon civilization, the Great Race. Italians, French, Spanish, Dutch, Mexico, Africa–these are Nordic anglo places, with negroidal peoples in Nordic nations that were once Nordic anglo-saxon provinces of Nordic Anglo-Saxon Empires.

  • This was a good article. My only gripe is when the writer talks about historical fetishization he points towards National Socialism/Fascism, instead of at the much more guilty patriotards and their “muh founding fathers wuz white nationalists” meme. National Socialism/Fascism is a worldview, not a political party or economic system. 21st century Fascism =/= 20th century Fascism. The ideology changes with the times, but the worldview remains unchanged. Granted LARPers do exist and I personally have no use for these people. The issues are different now so our tactics have to be different. What Hitler did 75 years ago is irrelevent to us now. The same goes for George Washington. Honour your heroes, but pave your own way. We need to throw away the shackles of our past and embrace the future!

    Anyone who hasn’t read the Futurist Manifesto by F.T. Marinetti really should.

    • They were white nationalists Johnny.
      …….fuckin Canadians…….

      Solid points with the rest though.

        • Ah. you were referring to the founding fathers. They were more like Anglo-Saxon nationalists, tey didn’t mean ‘white’ the way people do today. And it’s irrelevent because there 100+ million non-whites in America today who hold legal citizenship and aren’t going to be deported just because you want them to be. We need solutions, not pipe dreams based on a historical precedent from 250 years ago. Stop LARPing.

          • Yes and although I do honestly belive that they were WNs, I am partly just busting your chops.

            That said, I would rather burn the constitution than attempt to purify it and while I admire guys like Jefferson, Madison, and Washington, they’re not the infallible gods that a lot of good ol boys down here take them to be. Their system was pretty good for the 18th and 19th century but has shown itself to be ineffective for a post industrial tech society.
            So while I will sometimes make statement on them, I definitely don’t value them any more than they should be.

          • lol I know. Don’t worry, I’m not the type to get bent out of shape because someone makes fun of my country. I’m not a Canadian Nationalist or patriot and don’t derive my pride from it at all.

          • Nordic Anglo-Saxons (or white people, as you call them) aint your problem. The filthy jews and corporate niggers are your problem.

          • The Anglo Saxon is only one cunt hair above the Jews. Blacks aren’t really much of a problem at all. They are in control of nothing. The Jews and Anglos weaponize them to their own nefarious ends.

          • Either get your head straight. or get lost. Either way, it’s gonna be painful, but not for me.

          • Whoa whoa whoa…..
            You gonna throw all Anglos under the bus for the failures of a few.

            The damn Italians brought organized crime to the states whensuch thing was unheard of, but I’m got going to bash or blame all Italians.

            Low blow.

          • The dudes being a dick. I’m not sorry. wtf is a Corporate nigger anyways? The only blacks in positions of power were given that power either by Jews or Anglos. It is what it is. I don’t have a problem with all/most Anglos, but I do have a problem with this asshole.

          • Ya, he’s not very nuanced in his Nordicist beliefs. I’m a Hyperborean believer myself, so I’m of the mind that both the Romans and the ancient Germanics stem from the same blood line, only difference being that the romans migrated south first. At the same time I believe that both the modern Italians and modern “Nordics” are degenerated forms of their ancestors.

            The reason I put Nordic in quotes is because of the simple fact that there really are no true Nordics in the world today. Even the SS admitted that finding a 100% Nordic individual was extremely rare. Hell, both Hitler and Himmler both had significant amounts Keltic blood.

            Now, I’m not attempting to claim that the Roman aristocracy was all blue eyed, blondes, that would be ridiculous but, Roman legend claims that they came from Troy so maybe being in the Mediterranean for 1000s of years changed their DNA in part in order to adapt to the climate i.e brown hair with a smaller frequency of light eyes and light hair, this is not impossible.

            I am personally Evola’s greatest fan ( I like to think anyway) and like him I share the belief that the Romans were greater than their Germanic COUSINS( capped because they were blood brothers) and that both were lesser than their original Hyoerborean ancestors.

            Guys like him forget that even an individual of 100% English ancestory is not 100% Anglo Saxon. He more than likely has a large amount of Keltic blood and possibly some Dinarid.

            Apologies for the long rant.
            I will say that in a future ethnostate it would probably be in the best interest of our people to figure out a way to increase the amount of Nordic blood within our people, though I prefer the term Aryan. We just have to remember that even Hitler believed that Nordic traits were both biological and spiritual.

          • Eh, maybe Aryan is not a good substitute. Aryan is probably the best term for us to include all sub types of the white race. Scratch that part towards the end were those terms were interchanged.

          • All due respect, but this kind of thinking is wrong. You guys here are head and shoulders above most of mankind right now, in your sheer understanding of the importance of race. But this kind of thinking is just weak. It is jewish tripe.

            You ought not to fall for their nonsense. Go to Oregon and look closely at the native American, descendants of the English.Scotch, and north of Ireland. Look closely for fair hair and blue eyes. There were many good Nord specimens at Charlottesville. What those jewish deceivers are talking about are three-fourths or seven-eighths Nordic men and women: you can tell them by their dark hair and darker eyes. But that is nothing worth worrying about. You have bought into jewish filth nonsense meant to bring you down.

            Look at yourself in the mirror: Are you a long skull, blue eyed, blond haired Nord. Do you have greenish eyes, amber eyes, dark hair but long skull features. And I don’t mean Mediterranean or Alpine round skulls.


            Shake off the shackles of jewish filth. Do not allow them to own your mind with nonsense about complicated names. Know who you are and act accordingly.

          • I’ll add that no I am not celtic. My family name goes back to anglo-saxon landed gentry in England.

            That said, many people in Europe are speaking Celtic who are not Nordic in anyway. But the original tribe of Celtic-speaking tribes were purely Nordic. So were the Teutons.

            You must try to free your mind from the sludge of jewish fear.

            The jews want you to be afraid and ashamed of yourselves. You know who you are.

          • My family name goes back to Anglo Saxon landed gentry as well, I’ve traced it back to the 13th century with my paternal ancestor who was a knight and owned a farm and had a small number of serfs.
            That same paternal line has been in the US since 1630 and they mixed with the Scott’s and scotts Irish .

          • Not surprising. If you look at yourself and see Nordic whiteness, you probably are Nordic white.

            That’s the best way I can describe it to you.

          • I have brown hair, blue eyes, pale, ruddy skin, my skull is long and not wide.

            I’m way above average in looks and for the sake of our discussion I am about as Nordic looking as one get, minus my height( smoking and drinking since age 13 more than likely.

            My father is majority British isles( mostly Anglo, a little Scott) he’s Nordic looking and 5’11.
            Mymother is half german, half Italian. She is 5’3″ and she has light olive skin, light brown hair and brown eyes.
            Both her parents are pale and ruddy.

            My two female cousins on my mothers side who are german, Italian. One is a light olive, brown eyes, the other is a blue he’d, blond haired, long skulked Nord.
            According to you she is pure and her sister is a mongrel, yes?

            These things are more complex than just, blue eyed blonde=Nord
            Brown haired brown eyed= non white.

          • Yes. The one is likely pure, the other is mogrelized.

            If you have to think hard about your race, you’re probably mixed.

          • Your a fucking idiot. How can one biological sister be pure, whilst the other is mongrelized.
            This is why your bullshit holds no weight.
            Your not even slightly scientific with you garbage

          • Also, Scotland has a very fine type of high Nordic blondness. It is often confused with a so-called “Celtic” race.

          • Another point to this part is that the nations of Europe have mongrelized or filled up with mediterranean races, Iberian races for instance in southern Italy. Jews all over the place since the Holohoax. They assimilate and appropraite languages, which are for the most part Nordic. So then they use that to confuse people into believing that Celtics speakers for instance are not Nordic, so Celtics must always have been not Nordic. I know for a fact that the jews in media and academia do this garbage on purpose to frighten what they call the goyim. I’ve heard them talk about.

            Research the NYU Frankfurt School connections, Anti-Authoritarian Macy Group F-scale type garbage.

          • Another big plot by the jews is the evolution hypothesis. For the life of me, I cannot understand why intelligent people accept it so easily. It’s just an hypothesis. But i’s a jewish one Once you accept that evolution is true as a fact, you are done. Toast. You are putty in the hands of a kike.

            What am I getting at?

            Think about it: when the average Joe believe that racial types took millions of years to evolve, he falls into despair at his racial conformity. He starts to believe that the only thing he can do is stop thinking about it.

            The alternative is the truth: Racial types are fixed. What your ancestors were ensures your racial safety through homogeneity.
            You needn’t worry about the percent here or there.

            But little daddy Gruberstein can’t have that kind of thinking among the Goyim. Only the jews are immutable as a race.

            This is likely the biggest and most liberating secret to jewish domination. The hypothesis of evolution. The Second is the Holohoax.

          • Agree. I believe in Hypoborean Devolution theory for the white races.

            That said, why the hell would you want to push some sort of Nordic Nationalism when we have a road ahead of us that is already immensely difficult with just plane Jane white nationalism.
            If you live in a Scandinavian or Germanic nation that should work but good luck getting all these Nordic country folk in the US to buy into that. White Nationalism can and will work but not Nordic or any another sub group variant.

          • What do you mean when you refer to Germanic nations? Are you referring to Argentinian colonist from Germany? I cannot for the life of wrap my head around what you mean other than Germany being the Germanic nation.

          • I think you may have picked up on the old pan-Germanic movement writings. That was important, like the Italia Irredenta movement. There have been groups of high blood who have fought back. We are not the first. But those movements were national, not racial.

          • Any one who wants success for the white race or just the Nords for that matter will worry about all of this down the road bud.
            We whites need to stick together. I don’t care if your ancestors came from Florence, Stockholm, London, Berlin, Madrid, Warsaw, or any other euro city or nationality. If you look white, you think and act white, and if you ARE white than you are with us.

            This sub group, pure Bavarian phenotype non sense is exactly what the juden and their cronies what us to do.

          • The problem is the United States is a Nordic Anglo-Saxon state. You can’t expect other races to fight for it like we can.

            The other bigger problem is that all European nations are Nordic constructions. The Romans were a fairly pure blood Nordic type. Even the Athenians, although intermixed with mediterranean types, still showed excellent Nordic characteristics physically and intellectually.

            I wonder if you guys really appreciate how important blood is.

          • Whether true or untrue what good does it do us?
            If our white nationalists movement turns out to be mostly Nord, good but that should happen naturally.

            White nationalism will work, Nordic nationalism or Anglo nationalism will not.

            Any how since my own mother, while both her parents are pure white with a pinkish undertone, has a complexion like she tans, still white but a little tan, you’d consider her non white. Yet I’m as white as they come.

          • Sure, but to say Nordic as in 100% Germanic is incorrect most northern European descendant individuals have Keltic and some have small amounts of alpine and Dinarid.

            Now, I will agree that the Nordic phenotype is our ideal and as I said to Johnny once we have an ethnostate we NEED to figure out how to breed the other elements out of our stock and produce pure Nordics, but to only focus on the Nordic type now would be suicidial and a little naive. We need white men, whether blue eyed blondes, blue eyed brunettes( such as myself), or dark brown haired and brown eyes.
            Hell, I myself am only 5’8 and while my overall phenotype is Nordic, minus my lack in height, I have both Keltic and Alpine in my blood (probably 20% Kelt and 10% Alpine, 70% Nordic)’ should I be left out on that basis?
            Ofcourse not, I look like a Nord, I think and I act like a Nord.

            So while Nords are our ideal we cannot and should not exclude the other European ethnicities.

            Remember, even Hitler and Himmler had Keltic blood and both admitted to the decreased levels of pure Nords in this dark age but they both held to the Nordic ideal and their plan was to breed out the other elements and only produce Nords.

          • I’ve never used the phrase Nordic to mean 100% German. Don’t take it personally, but that is something that really gets me: this whole preoccupation with German this and German that. There are some Nordic racial groups and subgroups in Germany. But also Germany has its Alpine type and its own subracial groups. Nordic racial lines are much less intermixed in Scandanavia than anywhere else. Sweden, for instance.

            I agree with you in the main: it’s clear we all should breed up. I just want to make the point that the kewish media and academia (Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Berkely, et. al.) have this way of frightening people like you into believing that you aren’t white if you aren’t “100%Nord” whatever the hell that is. Most of these types that you’re mentioning have long been recognized as Nordic subgroups. The jews like to squeeze until they you fart. If you know what I mean. They will squeeze you until you want to break from fear.

            So they get everyone to think that if they don’t have blue eyes that look white (like mine) than they are not really trully this or that, and then we tend to fall into little arguments. Blue eyes and blond traits in general are very unstable and rare. They may need more intensive care in breeding, but that doesn’t make them the only characteristic being white.

            Hair type is important. Anthropologists always look at kinky hair among negroidal races and straight hair among mongaloids, while they look for medium type hair for Nordics: that means hair that is not straight but has a normal ability to curl lightly under an iron. Other characteristics like the high arch instep is crucial as well.

            The thing is, everyone knows what I’m talking about it, it’s just common sense. But not for academia. Not for communists.

            I just want individuals to look in the mirror and recognize what they see: We all know what we are, some individuals just aren’t conscious of the differences they are seeing. But they still see the differences. Everyone sees race. They just prefer bicker around the corners.

            Spencer is a Nord, probably from England. Look at pictures or video of the singer of the Smiths, a singer named Morrissey. He is not only like Spencer in racial type, but they are the spitting image of each other. Probably from the same family line at some point in the distant (or not so distant) past. James Bond: Nord. The young woman in those pics with the headphones on saluting: Nord. Churchill: Nord.

          • Germanic bud. If you don’t understand the difference between simply German and Germanic, you have no business pushing a Nordicist narrative.

            Either way I quit reading after the first sentence.

          • LOL. Don’t grind your axe too sharp. Germanic has a “c” on the end which from the latin means of or pertaining to, in this case meaning of or pertaining to Germans.

            You don’t need to go finding monsters where there are none.

          • Your ignorant the Germanic peoples is abroad classification for the Germans, the angles, the saxons, the jutes, those who settled the lowland she and those who stayed in Scandinavia, i.e. Nordic.

            Any how, you better hope I don’t decide to try my hand and become leader of this movement, I’ll execute you for your stupidly and grandiose, unrealistic thought patterns.
            Ol Johnny boy from this thread can have your spot in an ethnostate, or any other Italian or souther Euro for that matter. There is no need for a dumbas, dengenrated version of my Anglo Saxon ancestors within our movement.

          • Remember you reflect your race in the way you act. Judging by your comments, I would say you cannot really read well. You are unstable. You’re unhinged. Those are mongrel traits. You don’t belong in good society.

          • Cryptic, the “Nords” are left-wing, collectivist and pro-Jewish political operators ANYWHERE they travel. Whether that’s Iceland, Greenland, Minnesota and Wisconsin, or the Canadian provinces. In fact, the small Danish community in South Africa is the only remotely right-wing Diaspora group I can think of.

            Face it, Nords are weak as f*ck and you guys live a fantasy life around them, simply based on the physical beauty of their women. As I said before, the “Anglos” of the Hamptons are either generational Satanists and/or of German or Jewish descent. They’re not ethnic Anglo-Saxons. Without Anglos, the USA is set to become a complete sewer of a country. But hey. I’m sure all those Hilary voters in Minnesota have the answers…They are blonde, after all, right? (Face palm)

            Let’s get real here. There’s no reason to alienate potential allies and brain-stormers from other ethnic backgrounds. This is why Nordicism and actual neo-Nazism are unhelpful to our cause. They are more a subculture for individuals to look into of their own accord, but to disavow publicly. The bottom line: if you want to claim actual Nordic superiority at this juncture, the reality on the ground doesn’t support your view.

          • I agree with you there. We anglos did it to ourselves. We have only ourselves to blame. We handed it over to the jews, even though we were warned about their menace long before the NatSocs. And the jews handed it over to women and niggers.

          • Cyrptic, the Joos and masons control the context of time itself. They were in power when our societies were still 99% white. The “Anglos” never controlled anything, in order to hand it over in the first place.

            The upper-middle class (sellouts) are a problem in every modern, technically developed country.

          • Most of the Anglo elites on the East Coast are of German and/or Jewish descent if you look closely enough.

            This popular Anglo-bashing in the “Alt-Right” is something that needs to be rejected, in my view. In reality, the “Anglos” are restricted to Maine, New Foundland, and New Zealand. The biggest libturds in America can be found in places like Minnesota, which is mostly Germans and Scandinavians (Danes and Swedes were mostly rooting for Hilary, by the way). Or cities like Chicago, which has never been heavily Anglo-dominated or influenced. Then you have French Canada, and Irish-Americans, who are a solid Democratic voter base.

            Mull over that – and seriously rethink the Anglo-bashing. I’m half-Swedish. My own people would never have had the guts to vote to leave the EU. Neither would the Dutch, French or Germans. Anglos aren’t the problem. Like the French, most of them are conservative, but the liberal ones are more visible in popular culture, and their enemies own everything. So we’re all really in the same boat here.

          • Libturds who aren’t in positions of power don’t concern me. Their free to whatever dumbass beliefs they want to have. I can’t be bothered with low hanging fruit like normies or “corporate niggers.”

        • Dude u know I agree with you on like 99% of things but I don’t get why you’re always disrespecting the Americans. You’re writing this on a website created by Americans.

          • I’m not disrespecting Americans exactly. Not on a personal level anyways. America as an entity IS the problem. American WN’s like David Lane, Harold Covington, Matt Heimbach, countless Southern secessionists share this view. If there were more articles on Canada I would be saying the same thing in that context.

            Pretending that your going to be able to elect someone who is going to deport 39 million blacks, 16 million Asians, 54 million hispanics, is a massive blue pill and is counter productive to preserving the race, so I criticize these people. It’s nothing personal. When I see a counter argument that disproves my argument I’ll stop.

          • Well I definitely agree that America and the EU are the Golems that are destroying Europeans the world over. I like Americans for the most part as a people (I think many are worthless as well) but their country and state has turned into a fucking monster.

            Your second paragraph makes an important point, and I’d be curious to see the response of someone who disagrees with it. Frankly I don’t see how all of that is possible either.

          • To be fair America has produced a lot of great music and books that has enhanced my life throughout the years, and I am grateful to them as a people for this.

          • What should we do? Our government is the most powerful (and the most hated) government on earth. They are tyrannical and rule by force without regard to any morals, and without any humanity. Over and over Americans vote for the right thing, but our politicians and even our judges rule without the consent of the governed and without regard for the rule of law. We can’t elect the judges out of office. Even if we could, no matter what politicians we think we elect (the reality is we don’t choose them and they don’t represent us), they just lie to us and then once elected they do whatever the hell they want. The only real options left to us are assasinations, and that is a non-starter that wouldn’t help anyway. The only thing that would help would be a massive force capable of burning Washington, D.C. to the ground. Even with a force that is way bigger than we could ever imagine, the only end of that would be uglier than the bloody revolutions of 1848. Maybe that is what we need. Maybe fighting and dying is our only option, but to do that without sending a message would be meaningless, and they would control the message. So I ask you again, what should we do?

          • Harold Covington carries a lot of baggage with him, but a lot of his arguments on secessionism are good. The folks in Cascadia have the right idea, as does TWP. Basically consolidate our numbers in certain areas that demographically are advantageious to us and take over local politics. When we have a strong enough base, push for secession. I don’t advocate violence, because we can not win that way. Our revolution should be modeled more after Gandhi than Castro. At least for the forseeable future.

            The major cities are too far gone and most of the white people in them are the worst kind of progressive liberals, and I just don’t see us having any success in them. For American patriots this is a black pill, but if our race is to survive we have to confront the world as it exists, and not as we would like it to be.

          • Yes, but what should we do? If we even hint that we believe whites should be treated equally, we risk losing our jobs.

          • Play your cards close to your chest. Don’t go into a community and loudly declare that your turning it into a white ethno-state. Don’t buy country property and turn it into a military compound. Win people over, before revealing your full power level.

            Building our own communities of resistance is the only option I see available to us. The American ship is sinking. Appointing a new capitain or painting the deck a new colour isn’t going to stop that. If we have established our own autonomous rural communities when that happens we have a much better chance of surviving the fall.

          • Why not just pray and organize into an army and defeat your enemy?

            Or why not just count raindrops?

          • You think we have the numbers to take on the fucking US military right now? Get your head out of your ass. Suicide missions should be avoided. We can’t fight when we’re all dead now can we.

          • I thought you were saying the futurists were white nationalists. See comment that got pushed to the bottom. If I could edit or delete I would, but I can’t.

            And White Nationalism is a uniquely American concept. Europeans don’t think about whiteness in that way. Canadians don’t really either. That is what I was getting at.

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