Russia Insider Decides To Go Alt-Right

I thought I’d share with you Charles Bausman’s latest piece on Russia Insider: In the article, Charles lays out why he has decided to tackle the JQ with his publication.

Russia Insider‘s mission is to explain and describe Russia and her role in the world. As soon as you begin to drill into how other nations relate to Russia, and Russian history, it becomes obvious that the unreasonable hostility towards Putin’s Russia, particularly coming from the US and the UK, is very much a Jewish phenomenon, and has been for centuries.

And yes, ‘Jewish’ is the only term that accurately describes it, and not one of the many euphemisms we frequently see used.

The most vitriolic and obsessive Russia-bashing journalists in the media are mostly Jewish. The publications which push these writers most energetically are ALL Jewish-owned, and as a publisher, I know very well, that is where the buck stops.

Good on him.

It’s not easy to point out the obvious anymore. Hell, maybe it never was.

But this won’t make him any friends in the media, even in Russia.

For those that don’t know, Russia Insider is comprised of an international team. Most of the people they have working for them are expats living in Russia – so they’re not exactly a bunch of clueless Russians trying to make sense of what’s happening in the West.

Amusingly, many of them have become “Russified” in the sense that they’ve missed out on the last couple of years of SJW madness in the home country while trapped in the permafrost of Russia and they’ve also adopted some of the “give no shit” attitude more common here.

At least, that’s what it looks like to me, and I wholeheartedly approve. Speaking of which, it seems that Russia Insider wholeheartedly approves of us:

The Alt-Right is helpful in understanding Russia, because it has intellectual heft, and produces a lot of good writing about Russia and Russian relations, much of which is spot-on. We follow the Alt-Right media and republish the occasional article, and they are invariably very popular on Russia Insider – largely, I think, because they are offering a fresh point of view, and talking about vitally important issues others refuse to address.

The Alt-Right is a youth movement. Its leaders are mostly in their 30s, and the rank and file, which is large indeed, running, by some estimates, into the 10s of millions globally, seems to mostly range from mid- teens to mid 20s. Much of the Alt-Right has completely discarded this taboo and revels in flouting it, indeed, trampling on it, as is the wont of young people regarding the more tedious and preposterous conventions of every era.

It is axiomatic, I think, that one way youth benefits society, is that they question what the old men are saying, – shake things up a bit, make them examine their assumptions. It is no coincidence that in the Emperor With No Clothes children’s story, it is a child who points out the obvious, what the adults are so desperately pretending not to see, because it will impair their material well-being.

Thanks for the praise.

Russia Insider could be considered, “Alt-Media” before and now I guess it can be considered, “Alt-Right Media” because of their willingness to touch on the JQ.

That means our ideas are spreading and gaining ground. I have lost track of how many podcasts and platforms we now have affiliated with us, but it’s pretty decent.

And the best part of all this is that Mr. Bausman’s publication seems to cater to the older crowd, which is a useful beachhead to say the least. While we have a firm foothold in Gen Z, our Boomer outreach program seems to have stalled.

Hopefully, Russia Insider can change that.

Finally, I don’t think that this is a sign of imminent Kremlin funding and Russian bombers flying over the US dropping stacks of cash and weapons to Alt-Right activists. It would be nice for the Alt-Right/Russia collusion stories to be true, but alas, they are not.

Still, who knows? Mr. Bausman is a semi-regular on Russian normie-tier TV and radio shows. He has name dropped us before, and it would be nice if he did it with more frequency – if he doesn’t get disinvited.

If the Russkies heard that there was a movement willing to give their country a fair shake, they might suddenly have a better opinion of Americans and understand that not everyone in America is a Neocon or an SJW.

It would be nice, you have to admit.

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  • I have noticed this jewish hatered of the Putin regime too. I think the explanation is that when the USSR collapsed alot of businessopportunities opened up. The international capital that could take advantage of this were jewish capital. Since they had connections with jews in Russia that they could trust. So alot of the oligarch fortunes were really international capital funneled into Russia. Of course there was alot of corruption and criminality but alot of it was probably just opportunity.

    Putin confiscated alot of the oligarch holdings. And this can not be forgiven by the jewish clans involved.

  • The anti Russian attitude of the Jewish press is simply a psy op in my opinion.
    There is not a single substantive shred of evidence for Putin and his regime being against the Zionist Jews.

    If anyone can show some credible evidence to the contrary I would readily change my view but as far as I can infer Russia is Jew controlled.

    • Putin’s support of Assad in Syria was definitely a move against Zionism.

      In Russia itself, Putin has no problem with Jewish oligarchs like Abramovich so long as they are loyal to him.

      • Its all one big grand chest game with the Jews controlling all the pieces. The only two they don’t seem to have any influence on are Iran and NK.

        • How about Hungary and Poland?

          The Hungarian nationalist President makes George Soros the #1 enemy and wins elections opposing this international Jewish money changer

          • Eh, depends on how you look at it.
            Orban is a Hungarian nationalist, there’s no doubt about that but, he is not against Jews nor Israel.
            He is against his nation being flooded with third worlders, which I admire, and he is against soros, also admirable.

            But he has never condemned soros and called him a Jew, he’s never mentioned the Jewish threat and he always bows to Israel.

            As in Russia, holocaust denial is a criminal offense and all holocaust denial websites are blocked.

            He has a short leash that the Jews allow him, as Hungary is no threat like the US, Germany, England could be, and he never breaks the length.

        • Then why did Russia cooperate with Iran in Syria?

          Everything can’t be reduced to Jewish control.

          • I’m not attempting to make the claim that all of Putins moves are kosher certified, only that ultimately, at the end of the day, both Putin and Orban(since he was thrown in this) lick the boot of Israel. Sure, they may make a few moves, here and there, in the name of geopolitics, but even putins move in Syria doesn’t really hurt Israel, if you think about it. The war had gotten a bad reception with the US people and a full take over of Assads regime was highly unlikely. I personally think Assad has 10- 15 years tops, and then he will fall, same as gadaffi.
            All Putin is doing is delaying the inevitable, but so are the US and Israel, and the latter BOTH want greater Israel to succeed. Imo only a nuclear war or US coup will stop it.

            All that said I’m cool with WNs and the altright being pro Putin, imo it’s not that huge of a deal either way.

            But both Putin, Orban, and Trump damn sure know who has the power on all fronts and non of those guys are going to attempt to rock the boat in any significant way.

    • OK – you asked for it, I’m giving it to you:

      Here is the photo of the worst Jew Oligarch head of Yukos Oil who tried to start American style political parties and “American” style (Jewish) media TV networks.

      Putin had him arrested placed in a public cage/jail and then sentenced to hard labor work camps in Siberia!

      Many other leading Jew Oligarchs in Russia decided it was a good time to flee Mother Russia and they headed to England where some bough up British Premiere League soccer clubs.

      • That’s one guy who tried to go against Russia.
        I could say something similar about all the Jews being placed in the fire over the recent sexual harassment charges. It certainly does not prove that the US or the ones going after them are anti Jew, only that they are scapegoats for the Jews.

        Many Jewish oligarchs stayed and to this day own a significant amount of wealth in Russia.
        Putin has played buddy, buddy with Israel and the Jew oligarchs his entire career. Sure he smashed a few but that only proves, if it’s not scapegoating, that he is an autonomous being, not that he is anti Zionism.

        I’m sure part of Putin is sympathetic towards his citizens but that does not prove he is against Jews, Zionism, or Israel. That simply mean so he has a conscience.

        A man who is against Jews does not make holocaust denial illegal with a max of five years in prison, doesn’t happen.

  • …”our Boomer outreach program seems to have stalled”…interesting. I wonder of what this outreach consisted.

    I notice a ‘Tyler Durden’ posting on the RI site — presumably same from Zerohedge? Konstantin Malofeev seems like an interesting figure — one of the newer figures to emerge.

    The Russia narrative in the U.S. is a tired, old Cold War fantasy novel. Yes, they hack as much as China or any other major world power. Russia is natural ally on many levels. Putins power is impressive — much more so than a weak and feeble cucktastic Congress.

    It makes sense for there to be overlap here with Altright. If only a helicopter drop. 😉

  • From what I’ve read and heard, Vladimir Putin rose to power via his corrupt politicians friends as well as an incident know as: “Russia’s 9/11” Although he has seemed to sympathise for, keyword, “white” Christians, I don’t think Russia is any friend to us. Dugin is no better, including our precious Europe in his hideous “Eurasian” world view? They are not friends. European people should collude only with themselves, leaving Russia out of it.

  • Russia is the Eastern pillar of Jewish power. Russia has always been a disgusting melting pot. Russia destroyed its White Nordic heritage long ago, back when Andrey Bogolyubsky looted Kiev, when Ivan the Terrible decimated Novgorod, and when Lenin terrorized what was left.

    Russia is the original enemy of the Nordic race, same as Israel is now or the Ottoman Empire was in the past. They may hate faggots, but they hate Nazis, too.

  • Not sure why most of my comments were erased overnight. Why practice this type of censorship on this site? I did not curse, I did not offend anyone but just wrote the truth, the absolute truth.

    Spencer complains about Twitter’s censorship incessantly, but his site is even worse.

  • The article features paintings of Jewish Bolsheviks waging war on Christian Russia. Now, Orthodox Church seems to be relatively sane these days. But that can’t be said for most churches.

    Catholic Church had a great run, but it must be retired. It is now a sad joke.

    For most of its history, Europeans lived in Europe, and the Church was defacto white even though its reach was universal.

    Also, as the West was in imperialist mode, it conquered and subjugated other peoples. And the Church, to extend its influence, aided and abetted in the conquests, plunder, and domination. So, it was about White power and domination.

    But that was then, this is now. The European kings and noblemen who gave Church protection are no more. The business class took over the West, and Jews were better at business, and they got to change all values. And the church, without special protection from the military class, is just a voice in the wind.

    Also, non-Western nations gained in power. Even though the West is still the richest and most powerful, it has challengers all over the fast-changing world. And if it travel was difficult and expensive prior to modern technology, today even third world peoples can arrive in the millions by boats and planes to the West. As ‘new christians’, they fundamentally alter the meaning of Western religions.

    With fading of faith among whites, a lot of new Catholics are non-whites. Oddly enough, you’re likely to find more conservative Catholics and Christians among non-whites than among whites. You will find more conservative African and Asian Catholics than conservative white Catholics.

    So, we got white Catholics pushing homomania while the Church tradition is more likely to be defended by non-whites. But then, if non-whites take over the Church, it is no longer a traditional European institution even if those non-whites are more respectable of conservative canon. There is no way the white race can win with Christianity any more.

    Catholic Church should remain only as a museum. It’s over as a positive force.

    At this juncture in history, white people need a new prophecy.
    What is this?
    White people must seek their own Covenant with the Ultimate Power.

    Because of the Judaism vs Christianity dichotomy, we tend to think there is only two ways of God. God’s covenant only with Jews or God’s covenant with all of mankind under same church.

    But there is a third way. There is the hope of a special covenant for each people/nation/race/tribe. One for white race, one for yellow race, one for red race, one for black race, etc.

    So, let each group seeks its own covenant like the one that Jews have with God. Why should all gentiles have a generic covenant that applies to them all? Why shouldn’t each gentile group seeks its own covenant with God? If such is good for Jews, it should be good for any gentile people.

    Jews and Christians all believe in God, but Jews also believe they have a special Covenant with God whereas Christians believe they have a generic covenant with God.
    Special Covenant is more powerful and precious. It makes a people feel special. In contrast, Christianity makes all Christians feel genetic and bland since all the various and diverse Christians must learn to ‘get along’. Jewish Covenant is like the one and only ring that only Jews possess. The Christian covenant is like generic mass-produced rings that go on fingers of all peoples.

    White people must seek their own covenant with God or the Ultimate Power. It will require visionaries, seers, and prophets. It will make religion and history come alive once more.
    Christianity tells white people, “You are brothers and sisters with all other Christians of all races and colors, and you must join and identify with them.” But if white people had their own kind of white zionism or white covenant, the message from the Ultimate Power would be, “Your people are special and unique, and you have a particular destiny that is unlike those of all other groups. You must preserve and defend what is unique and special about you people. The Ultimate Power created you differently to serve a different cause.”

    Not for nothing has Alt Right been characterized as Zionism for European Folks.

    And no movement is as powerful as a religious movement.
    Political movements come and go, but religions and spiritual movements can last for centuries, millennia.
    But spiritual visions can only be realized by prophets and visionaries.

    White people need a covenant with the Ultimate Power by invoking and weaving the mythic, iconic, and legendary threads of the white race.

    Think of the sun as the ultimate power. We cannot look directly at the sun since it will blind our eyes. But the sun’s rays illuminate the surfaces of the earth. Paganism was like the light of the sun that spread over earth and made visible the forms of beauty and majesty. Pagan gods reflected the distinct forms of beauty, utility, and strength seen on earth. And Western paganism was distinct from other paganisms.

    While all places are illuminated by the Sun, each people responded to and used that light differently. Thus, each people have their own interpretation of the light… and that could be the basis of a special covenant for the white race.

    There is one source of light, one sun, for all peoples, but each people weaved that fabric of light differently in thought, creativity, and inspiration.

    • The Catholic church has a lot do with the fact that 90% of Latin America is mixed race. There was far less race mixing where Protestants settled. Now they’re mostly concerned with pumping as many of these mixed race Latinos into the US as they can. The Catholic church is beyond useless.

    • Interesting comment! Real Christianity is a lot more race realist than people realize. Look up the meaning of the word Adam. Read the description of Noah in the book of Henoch. Study the usage of the word fornication in the old testemant. If you consider these things then the difference between the Church and believers will become apparent. The descendants of Adam need to be seperate (the meaning of the word Holy), without blemish. The nations are the Adamic nations vs the other peoples. You can utilize the e sword app to look up the root words in Scripture.

  • Every one of us is a White Rose member in the face of our tyrannical jewish overlords.

    I take exception to his idea that we should not have anger towards jews as a whole.

    Recently watching a dancing jewess grin like the evil goblin she was as she spoke about “trans rights” in my industry has convinced me that none of them are worth saving.

  • It’s nice the Alt-Right is getting positive press. The only minor gripe is that we have to rely on a publication stationed in Russia to get it since America media is totally jewed and will be until things collapse and (((they))) flee like rats on a sinking ship. He might overestimate our numbers a bit but they are much higher than the mainstream U.S. and cuckservative media outlets claim. The cucks, like (((Dennis Praeger))) claim we number at most 500 strong, a claim that’s laughable given the amountof ink they’ve spilled and videos they’ve produced denouncing us.

    Normie whites are becoming interested and intrigued and I don’t expect that to change. The (((media’s))) hate offensive post Charlottesville seems to have backfired.

    • You are right. The Media’s incredible hate offensive post-Charlottesville has backfired. The Antifa is keeping a low profile right now, despite their endorsement by Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney.

      And more people now support the ideas of the alt-right, including our opposition to mass immigration and to Neocon war-mongering.

      However, Trump does not fool me. He has chosen to side with the globalists, against the nationalists.

      • I don’t think Trump ever consciously made that decision. Certainly, he has stacked his deck with ‘globalists’ by default. At the policy level, he supports some ethnic nationalist policies. He is more of an ethnic nationalist at heart than he would ever be willing to admit.

  • ”Finally, I don’t think that this is a sign of imminent Kremlin funding and Russian bombers flying over the US dropping stacks of cash and weapons to Alt-Right activists. It would be nice for the Alt-Right/Russia collusion stories to be true, but alas, they are not.

    If the Russkies heard that there was a movement willing to give their country a fair shake, they might suddenly have a better opinion of Americans and understand that not everyone in America is a Neocon or an SJW.”

    So just to be clear, we are not going to mention the firm grip (((they))) also have on Russia? :

    ”Abramovich was the first person to originally recommend to Yeltsin that Vladimir Putin be his successor as the Russian president.[44]:135 When Putin formed his first cabinet as Prime Minister in 1999, Abramovich interviewed each of the candidates for cabinet positions before they were approved.[27]:102 Subsequently, Abramovich would remain one of Putin’s closest confidants. In 2007 Putin consulted in meetings with Abramovich on the question of who should be his successor as president; Medvedev was personally recommended by Abramovich.[44]:135, 271”

    • How do you explain the hostility of many American Jews to Russia? The Neocons like Max Boot and Bill Kristol lust for war against Syria, Iran and Russia.

      You may be right that Putin also consults too much with Jewish Oligarchs. However, unlike most US politicians, he has not outsourced his patriotism to Israel. His policy is one of Russia First. That is a good policy. We can support that. It is much better than the policy of Israel First, which the US Congress and President are following.

      We should support Putin. Our enemies hate him and hate Russia. Russia is a force for peace in the world – they aren’t invading or threatening anyone, not even in the Ukraine. The Altright should support Russia.

      • “How do you explain the hostility of many American Jews to Russia? ‘

        Easy. The same way we explain the hostility of neocon republican jews to leftist-liberal democrat jews. The conflict is phony. jews control both sides in any conflict so that whichever side wins, jews win. This is why kwans accuse Russia of being a racist, fascist, neo-Nazi state and why Russians accuse kwans of being the exact same thing: because both countries are controlled by the same people.

        “We should support Putin.”

        We should support a guy who compares (((Vladimir Ulyanov))) to a saint and throws anti-semites in jail?

        • Good response. I upvote your comment.

          I trust no one, certainly not Putin and not Trump either.

          However, both are useful to the alt-right and its goals. Putin is useful to us, because he opposes the efforts of the globalists. Putin is a Russian nationalist – that is good.

          Trump has adopted the Neocon foreign policy, but it doesn’t help him much. The Neocons still hate him. But he is very popular in Israel.

          Lenin was no saint – if Putin said that, he’s wrong. Politicians need to say all kinds of crazy things to appeal to the masses, but that goes way too far.

          Many Russians still visit Lenin’s tomb, which is very bizarre. However, it might now have evolved into some kind of tourist attraction, like Dracula’s Castle in Rumania.

          Last year, Oliver Stone released a documentary of his interviews with Putin. I read the book of the transcripts, published in May 2017 by Skyrose Publishing. Putin is definitely anti-Communist. He disagrees with Stone when the latter describes the USSR as a workers state.

  • I saw this on the DS…….

    It was GREAT to see and read……….

    Instead of having Paranoid Schizoid Fears and Delusions like some below…….

    Besides Paul Nehlen…….

    What other significant Non Alt-Right Individual/Camp has said anything nice about us??

    Take the compliment, be gracious, and continue to Fight back against this Anti-White Race War for ourselves and our posterity…….


  • Jewish media is pro-Israeli. If Russia supports the unity of Syria and the Asad regime, which, obviously, goes against the plans of Greater Israel. No wonder, the Jewish media is all against Russia. But I have noticed the same with Turkey and Iran.

    Is Russia more independent from the Zionist influence when compared to Western Europe and US? My answer would be yes. Putin has managed to neutralized most Zionist oligarchs meddling in the country’s affairs such as Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Khodorkovsky etc. long time ago. The remaining Jewish business elite like Rotenbergs, Mikhelson, Fridman, Vekselberg largely stay away from politics and mind their business interests.

    I can hardly imagine people of magnitude of Kushner, Chuck Schumer, you name it, in Russian politics.

    • Roman Abramovich, a member of the satanic Chabad cult and close associate of both Kushner and Trump, chose Putin as Yeltsin’s successor and set up the marriage between Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Jews still control Russia with an iron fist.

      • I assume this is sarcasm. Roman Abramovich is a member of a power group comprised of benign oligarchs who did not cross Putin. Putin is quite literally the shrewdest political operator on the planet. One must him give full credit…

        • Abramovich is far from benign, no Jew is anything close to harmless, and if you actually read the protocols you would know that Abramovich fits perfectly into the mold of the puppet master masquerading as an adviser.

      • And Abramovich did not choose Putin. He advised Yeltsin in the same way that he advises Putin — not so different from Trump calling his close friends for advice on various matters. They respect his wily intelligence.

        He is a close ally of Putin. And he is a powerful person, yes. He can pull a few strings but he is not the one pulling the strings.

        Power players are people like Igor Sechin, etc.

        • Yes he did choose Putin, this is a fact, whether you like it or not. No one gets to the top in Russia without the oligarchs, who are all Jews. It is a fact that Abramovich introduced Putin to Yeltsin, it is a fact that Abramovich advocated for Putin to take top positions in St.Petersburg and Moscow which conveniently made him a big time millionaire and thus totally beholden to the corrupt system, it was Abramovich who convinced Yeltsin to tap Putin as his successor due to his loyalty to the corrupt mafia-state system which he was totally engaged in on every imaginable level, and it was Abramovich who then set up the false flag apartment bombings in Buynaksk, Moscow and Volgodonsk in order to manufacture a crisis so Putin could step in as the unquestionable strongman/hero.

          “He advised Yeltsin in the same way that he advises Putin — not so different from Trump calling his close friends for advice on various matters. ” – That is exactly what the protocols of the learned elders of Zion say Jews will do – they will be the ‘advisers’ that the ‘leaders’ go to, but in reality the adviser is the real power. Do yourself a favor and reread the protocols.

          • He was one of a small group who pointed to Putin. He was what, around 30 years old? He was in his 20s when Putin was in St. Petersburg.

            Boris Berezovsky introduced Abramovich to the group surrounding Yeltsin. Boris Berezovsky played a dramatically larger role in maneuvering Putin into power. Berezovsky was a Jew, yes. What happened to this ‘super powerful’ Jew? Putin cut ties with him, possibly had him killed (although it could have been suicide I suppose — and sure, perhaps you will say Abramovich was involved….who knows?).

            Roman had a very tough childhood — he does not have some elite, pre-destined background. He’s a serious player, for sure. When Berezovsky apologized, though, he had Roman personally take the letter to Putin, asking Putin for forgiveness. The buck stopped with Putin.

            Who do you think is the biggest oligarch in Russia? Putin. He’s probably the wealthiest person on the planet. He is almost certainly worth in excess $100 billion. He could buy and sell most of the other oligarchs several times over and has the full power of the state backing him. Not a string or two — all strings. He has created oligarchs who are wealthier than Abramovich — people like Gennady Timchenko (and Igor Sechin is surely and privately an unofficial billionaire).

            You discount the siloviki in Putin’s rise. There was a very serious, internecine turf war in the mid-2000s between several competing power groups. The siloviki, the St. Petersburg group, moderate reformers, and a few oligarchs. Putin played 3-d chess with the competing power groups.

            You act as if Putin is some separate entity that somehow sprang from the bosom of the oligarchs. The people were rising together out of the same interconnected, fluid environment that, itself, grew out of the existing Soviet relationship structures. And remember, the Soviet system actually had a history of anti-semitism up until a certain point.

            I don’t dispute that in today’s Russia, there are powerful Jews. I won’t even dispute various conspiracies. Sure. But — Putin is, himself, the biggest oligarch.

  • While I believe that we should advocate for more amicable relations with the Russians we must also remember to be wise and careful! If we get too friendly with the Russians the media Jews will shriek that we are traitors and shills and use that as a pretext persecute us. We must also not forget that Russia is still under the thumb of a crypto-Jew Bolshevist KGB operative and his gang of Jew terrorists. We aren’t simply against ‘the deep state’ or ‘the government’ or any such individual entities, we are against the Jew world order as a whole and all that it stands for and encompasses, which includes the traitorous anti-Aryan regime of Jewtin.

  • The Russian insider team in 6 women one black guy and 3 white dudes. I’m not sure how redpilled it’s going to be

  • If alt-right leadership was contacted by the Russian gov I’d urge them to remain pragmatic. Putin may care more about white Russians than say Trump does about white Americans but that doesn’t make him a white nationalist.

  • Thanks God we have an ovwewhelming Russian and Ukranian inmigration in my country. They built a beautiful Cathedral a few years ago in the capital. The Catholic Church gives them abondoned churches and they rebuild them and turn into Orthodox churches. They do not re-convert abandoned temples into nighclubs like they do in some North European countries. That is sacrilege.
    They are hard workers, they respect the Law and local costumes, they take care and improve their neigborhoods, they open fantastic Russian cusine restaurants, they even protect Catholic local traditions which local hardcore progressives want to ban, such Easter parades, they feel concerned about that kind of issues even when they are not Catholics.
    Who says we Western European altrighters don´t want inmigration? We embrace Eastern European inmigration!!!!
    White is beautiful.
    Christian is beautiful.

  • California belongs to OUR PEOPLE!!

    Not to the Chinese…Koreans…Iranians and Hindus….



    • That’s what an White Ethnostate is…being surrounded by Greater China…and the IDF…and if it’s not explain why….IDF Youth Organizations have regular outdoor activities in the San Gabriel Mountains….

      • As a Chinese, I all for white-majority USA. Stop all immigration! Believe me, majority of Chinese American side with white brothers.

  • The Alt Right needs to be careful with this. Jews run both America and Russia, and this could be a form of entrapment; coaxing Alt Righters and White Nationalists to go full “Russia is our friend!” at which point the jew media in this country can accuse them of treason.

    Just use your heads. Fagimir Jewtin is no friend of ours. He recently compared to the Christian-hating jewish terrorist Vladimir Ulyanov to a saint and compared bolshevism to Christianity. Russia is the only Eastern European nation where we never hear of anti-semitic incidents. Ask yourself why that is.

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