AltRight Politics: Immigration, Hawaii fiasco, H&M, Senator Manning, Elon Musk, MLK

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Mike Enoch joins Richard, Don and Greg for a discussion of Trump’s immigration policy (esp. from El Salvador), Hawaiian emergency, H&M scandal, Bradley Manning for Senator, Elon Musk fails again, AND Martin Luther KANG Day celebration!

AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.


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  • Mike Enoch doesn’t belong in this podcast. I tune in to hear intelligent analysis and discussion. Mike Enoch’s middle school vocabulary cheapens the podcast. “Uh faggot shit uh uh, bullshit, uh uh faggot, um, like, um like, faggot shit.” He’s a mouth breather.

    • Mike Enoch is much more intelligent than you. His insights in to jewish thinking and strategy are invaluable – and wrapped in his own abrasive style.

      Perhaps you take offense to faggot because you are a faggot. Go back to Counter Currents.

      • “His own abrasive style” sounds like someone who vomits on their balls in a dive bar shitter. He’s no smarter than me and neither are you. “His insights into Jewish thinking” are so plain they should be toasted and smeared with cream cheese. It takes him minutes to point out the obvious.

        I am not saying he doesn’t have a role to play, it’s just not on this podcast. If you think he’s useful, good for you, but to regular listeners he elucidates nothing.

        Man, you honed right in on faggot.

    • So true. Enoch is lucky he didn’t come on the 1st part of the show, he would have been totally BTFO’d intellectually during the dick pic debate.

  • Trump allegedly said Haity and el Salvador are shitholes and the whole world crumbles…MEXICO kills, rapes, tortures, dismember central americans and Haitians migrants and the world remains mute, why???

  • I can’t watch this garbage. It’s nothing but shilling for jews. You can’t trust any Jew. So much for not abandoning our values

  • Glenn Miller’s wiki bio doesn’t make him sound very Jewish: “Miller was born in Clarinda, Iowa, the son of Mattie Lou (née Cavender) and Lewis Elmer Miller.[6] He attended grade school in North Platte in western Nebraska. In 1915, Miller’s family moved to Grant City, Missouri. Around this time, Miller had finally made enough money from milking cows to buy his first trombone and played in the town orchestra.”

  • Who was it on the podcast that whites created the entirety of the modern world?

    I think not.

    Whites don’t have much say in anything. Dan Roof failed to recognize that.

  • The details are all Stephen Miller. And he’s doing a good job of avoiding the spotlight — giving him longevity.

    Chain migration and mandatory e-verify are the two most important things that can come out of any of this. Looks like status quo….if only God-Emperor could be triggered.

    Trump’s a street smart pragmatist from Queens. He’s highly intelligent but has surface level thought process. The shithole comment comes from the same place as his rental practices in the 70s (where he avoided renting to blacks, etc.) — “it brings down the value in the neighborhood, obviously.” It’s that bottomline mentality, which can be wonderful.

    Mestizo mercenaries — Guatemala, easily. Ex-Kaibiles. Members of former right wing death squads. Currently providing security for Mexican cartel operations. One can surely find white Spaniards. Same European descent per capita as Mexico (highly stratified society, majority indigenous with mostly white/white-presenting ruling class).

    Or Colombia, if South America. Former right wing paramilitary fighters (AUC). Heavy Spanish descent, especially within AUC (much more so than FARC). This….only because Chileans have lost fash panache.

    • …speaking of Mexico…one of the best things to have come out of Trump administration (aside from recent comment) is the radical change in dialog towards Mexico from day one. Not catering to their absurd foreign policy and economic positions of exporting humans north is a very big deal. Explicitly and directly acknowledging that the entire bilateral conversation is one that we don’t need — they need it.

      His antipathy is likely surface level, driven by personal reasons — he had a bad experience with the Mexican legal system (‘legal system’ is almost an oxymoron).

      They have a sophisticated ruling class that bears little semblance to the day laborers Americans are accustomed to seeing. German, Spanish, Jewish and Lebanese Christian admixture dominate the power structure. They have long histories of nationalism and authoritarian corporatism — the modern world’s longest running single party ‘democratic’ rule. They don’t hide their disdain for darker skin. Black face comedy was still a thing until very recently.

      Back in 2005, Vicente Fox made a ‘political gaffe’ similar to Trumps recent one. “There is no doubt that Mexican men and women, full of dignity, drive and a capacity for work, are doing the jobs that not even blacks want to do there, in the United States.” Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton screamed racism, of course. All of the regional specialists in the U.S. came to Fox’s defense immediately, basically saying that he had chosen poor language but was describing an underlying truth, etc. Fox didn’t cuck; he refused to formally apologize.

      Now Fox is screaming racism regarding Trump’s latest comment. Funny how those same political scientists would never extend the same courtesy to an American president for a comment that describes an overlying, obvious truth.

  • Swedish company fjalraven was advertising all over the Boston train station this past Christmas.
    Our Uber driver named Mohamad. Decent driver. Nicer car. Second Uber driver named Matthew, giant Ethiopan wooden Cross hanging from his mirror. crappy car, better driver.
    A somewhat established swedish company seeling winterwares in the cold northeast for the Africans who are just now experiencing winter…I was glad to get back to the warmer weather where I live but I miss the hardness conferred by simply living life in conditions of extreme cold.

  • Let’s not be fooled by one “based J00”. If that is all it takes to redeem a race, then we would have to consol ourselves with the idea of “the talented tenth” redeeming all Africans. We believe in race differences – and indeed j00s are a race. Exceptions prove the rule, they aren’t the rule.

    It is in our DNA to look for the good in others – to be empathetic. We don’t like to think that it’s true that there is a group of people so poisonous. But this is the case – hence the EVERY SINGLE TIME meme. These people are diametrically opposed to our interests.

    It is easier for J00s to play upon this weakness of ours (weak on the field inter-racial conflicts), because some are white presenting. But when amongst themselves, where they have nothing to gain by hiding their traits, they are vulgar and laugh about how naive goys are.

    And they are not white. They are Middle-Eastern exiles – and identify a such. Their thoughts are alien, their motivations are perverted and mercantile, their art is non-representational, and their architecture is modern and not rooted in civilization.

    We can’t be grateful goys—so happy that a J00 ‘sort of’ ended up on our side because he’s reliving some high school trauma—after being shoved in the locker by Squatamalans from Santa Monica. We need to keep building our institutions: NPI, ALTRIGHT.COM TRS RADIO, RADIX, FREEDOMFRONT

    • It’s not it that we will allow Jews into the group and it’s not that our understanding of Jews changes. It’s understanding that if we can’t make allies along the way there will be no victory at all

      • We have to make allies, but some of the language goes a bit far. “There’s a lot of these J00s…

        Someone less astute, or a new listener, might not get your point. They might get the impression that it’s a good idea to cozy up with these criminals.

        *J00s overwhelmingly vote democrat regardless of class/status. They vote as a people.

        *Almost all big j00ish donars contributed to Hillary.

        Note that when I say overwhelming or almost, the numbers are rediculous – like 90%+.

        They ARE a monolith.

        J00s we’re instrumental in throwing open the immigrant floodgates(they did this in Spain too-during the Middle Ages). The main man behind the repeal of non-white immigration restriction called it, “his obsession”.

        J00s were directing Martin Luther King as newly released information reveals.

        J00s politicize and weaponize preciously harmless groups-faggots, trannys, Megachurch Christians (postbellum). Before, we the previously dominant culture would just marginalize these weirdos.

        J00s produce and write most of the material on tv, Netflix, which depicts white “males” (they don’t call them men) as weak, inept, literally cucked, bafoonish. They also frequently pair white women with black men on such programs.

        J00s run the high production value pornographic site blacked, and are trying to mainstream an unprofitable, fringe genre.

        J00s hypocritically take billions from American tax payers to commit murder for their national socialist state, while they simultaneously work unceasingly to deny us our history, and murder us with opiates.

        J00s do all of these things-and more. They gloat about it too.

        Blacks can’t do much of anything without help—except make music or dance around.

        They are violent and impulsive, but who was doing there with them during the freedom marches—making sure that we have these animals in our schools. Who was behind MLK promoting integrations (for whites), but curiously not backing Malcolm X?

      • We have to make allies, but some of the language goes a bit far. “There’s a lot of these J00s…”

        Someone less astute, or a new listener, might not get your point. They might get the impression that it’s a good idea to cozy up with these criminals.

        *J00s overwhelmingly vote democrat regardless of class/status. They vote as a people.

        *Almost all big j00ish donars contributed to Hillary.

        Note that when I say overwhelming or almost, the numbers are rediculous – like 90%+.

        They ARE a monolith—don’t let them convince you otherwise. They would be powerless if they weren’t.

        J00s we’re instrumental in throwing open the immigrant floodgates(they did this in Spain too-during the Middle Ages). The main man behind the repeal of non-white immigration restriction called it, “his obsession”.

        J00s were directing Martin Luther King as newly released information reveals.

        J00s politicize and weaponize preciously harmless groups-faggots, trannys, Megachurch Christians (postbellum). Before, we the previously dominant culture would just marginalize these weirdos.

        J00s produce and write most of the material on tv, Netflix, which depicts white “males” (they don’t call them men) as weak, inept, literally cucked, bafoonish. They also frequently pair white women with black men on such programs.

        J00s run the high production value pornographic site blacked, and are trying to mainstream an unprofitable, fringe genre.

        J00s hypocritically take billions from American tax payers to commit murder for their national socialist state, while they simultaneously work unceasingly to deny us our history, and murder us with opiates.

        J00s do all of these things-and more. They gloat about it too.

        Blacks can’t do much of anything without help—except make music or dance around.

        Blacks are very violent and impulsive, but who was down there with them during the freedom marches—making sure that we have these animals in our schools. Who was behind MLK promoting integrations (for whites), but curiously not backing Malcolm X? The same people that that think it’s a bad idea to import Africans to their own country. Good enough for me, not for thee…

        These aren’t people using their big brains for success. They are using their energies to kill you.

        We can’t project our good nature and sense of honor on people that are masters of deception. Their survival strategy is totally different from our own. We should learn from our ancestors and understand why these people have been removed from so many European domains. We believe in the greatness of our people after all.

  • Great pod. Had me laughing quite a bit.

    I have been saying for some time on these comment sections that Elon Musk is doing what j00s always do, to wit, use our governments for profit and to further their own interests. And yes, he is a J00.

    I believe it is bigger than that though. I think Musk is part of a long term plan to build leverage over the Saudis. The way they will do that is by creating a “cheap Tesla” or “peoples car”, and have it subsidized by the governments of growing economies. I’m not sure the US will be the first place it will happen. More likely he will use the success of Tesla to impress the nouveau-riche in poorer nations first. Then, there will be a reverse “colonization” of mid-priced Tesla cars back to America.

    The reason J00s are allied with Saudis, is, of course, because they have a mutual enemy in Iran. But ultimately, J00s believe they can contain the Saudis and cut the rug from underneath them. They are laying the groundwork for that.

    The J00ish way of thinking is to accomplish multiple long term strategic goals with single tactics: I.e. — profit of US government, while simultaneously undermining Saudi oil. Or also, putting pressure on European J00s via immigration to create more right of returners, and also to create a time bomb in Europe for native Europeans.

    It’s Chess strategy. When the likes of Morphy and Capablanca were dominant in Chess, tactics reigned – and in fact is was impolite to not accept a straight forward exchange of pieces—provided they were of equal value. What j00s introduced to chess was grand strategy – grinding the opponent down while exercising great patience. Straightforward exchanges were avoided if they did not advance the overall strategy. The point was to win at all cost. They removed the gentlemanly quality from the game. And the best strategists ended up beating the best tacticians. This is emblematic of their (j00ish) thinking.

    And btw, the current and probably best chess champ of all time is a young Norwegian (hey hey). He is a strategist (red pill in there).

  • Wow just found out my German teacher moved down South and has married an African medical doctor. She was a young conservative too. Unfortunately this is what happens when women waste their youth pursuing their hobbies and pretending to have a career.
    He has a German first time, so I guess it’s not all bad. lol

    • Teaching IS a career, you ingrate! And, trust me, I’m sure she’s glad to have a loving, prosperous, brilliant husband. Who wouldn’t want that?

      • She has been a TA for well over 10 years. That is not a career. Nobody wants mulatto children. NOBODY, aside from you blacks who seek to climb the evolutionary ladder since you occupy the bottom rung and have nowhere else to go but up. The sadness I see in the eyes of a well-established old lawyer taking his nappy-headed grandchild out for quality time is the toughest example of this. You can just see it in his body language that he worked hard his whole life, was a good provider and then his nigger-loving daughter had a quest to ‘be different’ and shacked up with Tyrone. Mixed grandchildren is just like a gay son….you learn to accept it. Your argument for peaceful white genocide is at best a spoonful of vinegar, not sugar. Nobody wants this and you know it. It’s unnatural. White genes are so invaluable because they are so rare. Just because your genes are plentiful in all the low places does not make them dominate. You are just like cockroaches because you will outlast us all since you can survive nuclear fallout just because there are so many of you so adapted to the lowest shithole form of existence.

        • Weimar, most teaching assistants have undergraduate and graduate degrees. Schools – particularly public schools – are too cash-strapped for surplus staff. TAs generally work with ESL and disabled students, or as specialty staff for the arts, sports, or AP curricula. Your teaching assistant was highly educated, indispensable to your school, and put many years into YOUR life. Quit tearing her down.

          And, it won’t be the end of the world, if her parents don’t accept her children. They’re free to go #deplorable on their grandkids, and free to join the dregs of lonely, bitter Boomers. Meanwhile, their grandkids will enjoy two happily-married parents and, possibly, their other set of grandparents. Personally, I wouldn’t squander a chance for love-filled golden years, but some people are just that stupid. God help them.

          • Once again you live in the twilight zone glossing over my points. These are not her golden years. She is probably in her 30s. She is well versed in German and literature, but guess what? It does not translate into money. Justify this tale of miscegenation all you want. This is not a way to have a real career. She was my teacher for two semesters and one summer course. That is not a great investment in my life even though I got an A-. Just stop. I liked her. She was very helpful, but I am just calling what I see. She obviously had to settle. She was kind of a loner when I knew her and it cost her. She does not have kids as far as I can tell. Being a TA means there is not much demand. I think it is sad all around.

          • The Boomers are your teacher’s *parents*. (“And it won’t be the end of the world if her parents don’t accept her children.”) And there’s more to life than money. If she’s good at her job and happy in it, then she’s doing the right thing. Besides, she’s landed on her feet anyway. As a doctor’s wife, she could afford to quit teaching in schools, and just tutor kids from home. Her choices have “cost” her nothing the #deplorables’ approval, i.e. she’s lost nothing.

          • You are just giddy because it just means less whites born and more mulattos like you. I see the glee in your comments. You want the world brought down to your confused existence, only it’s moving too slowly for your high-time preference. She doesn’t appear to have children, so there goes your momentary joy.

          • So, you aren’t moved by beauty and hope of a young, new family? Instead, you call that triumph “confused” and “diminished”. You’re a very sad person, Weimar.

            Also, what will you say, when they procreate? Would you revile a living biracial child, as much as a hypothetical one?

          • Sure, a small child is cute because of its innocence, but it doesn’t last when it’s biracial. Maybe one out of 100 makes it without being corrupted by blackness, but then his quadroon offspring will see a JayZ video when he is in middle school and then bada bing it’s back to the jungle for that lineage.

            Last week I saw a tall, unattractive white woman carrying a baby car seat, ogling what I thought was beautiful white child. Then she took it out and it was black. I was taken aback, as if it were a live-action version of Rosemary’s Baby. Totally not what I expected.

            You know what’s funny? A few months ago I overheard a middle aged white woman discussing ‘hybrid vigor’ with what looked like a young Afghan man (maybe Hispanic?) about how mixing races improved genetic stock. The guy hardly spoke any English. He was only there because she was buying him food, but it was so obvious she just wanted to get laid.

            I wanted to correct her that white female miscegenation is actually ‘chimera.’

            The frizzy hair, the strange freckles, the diarrhea skin tone. Yep, adorable….if you say so.

            So I would definitely not call your version of family planning to be beautiful and hopeful. Like I said, the white woman SETTLES for the nonwhite. She is juggling her few remaining eggs left in her worn basket and auctioning them at fire sale prices as a last gasp for motherhood.

            Women do not practice eugenics, especially in the 11th hour.

            Go to a Latino nightclub and witness an amazing phenomenon….it’s a choking mustard gas cologne ambiance of oompa loompas in their silly getups and chains all liquored up and ready to rumble. But then the only white people there are a handful of older/rotund white women who let these little creatures prance around with them because nobody else wants them. A white woman of any age is a status symbol (conquest) to nonwhites, while the nonwhite is but a settlement for the undesirable white pig. Not a happy recipe.

          • Wow. There’s too much hate for me to grapple with in that comment, so I’ll just say one thing: You never know where life will lead you. All of your hate might one day imperil a relationship you’ll need. Consider those facts, even if you don’t discuss them with your alt-buddies.

          • Hate, when used as an insult or in a descriptive manner has no meaning on these threads. You should no that by now Site.
            “Muh feels and much hate” is no argument.

          • No, you are trying to shame me for having situation awareness, which saves lives. That is why whites get killed in the city. That is all this is about. You don’t know shit. You want me and all whites to eschew the everyday dangers of the negro, who is more ‘outgoing’ for a reason. Only Negroes approach my car in the subzero temperature looking for a ride when I am sitting in the parking lot on my break reading this very page. I have to just drive away and they still find me down the road. They approach me, the only white, on public transit begging me to buy stolen batteries like its 1995, but don’t bother other blacks because they know niggers would not tolerate that shit.

            It’s ironic, I bet you live in an all-white area with only whites in your life. You are the black sheep living a privileged existence. I actually live in a world of nonwhite. I have said that I probably get along with nonwhites better than I get along with whites because I have zero expectations for them since I know exactly what they are. I have even had sex with their women. So I know what I am talking about. How do you call that hate? My closest white friend is deaf, my family is atomized and distant, and everybody I communicate with all day/night speaks mangled English at best, so I have to speak their language in my own country. I am deprived of even having a straightforward conversation anywhere, let alone a political one.

            And what is it that you do besides counter-signal ‘hate’ and virtue-signal the type of existence you have been rescued away from by the white half of your lineage?

          • I’m not trying to shame you. My questions are relevant for anyone. Money cannot build a bubble, Weimar. People will always need some things that are priceless – charity, love, someone to confide in, rare skills and talents, etc. . And everyone – even you – should receive them, even from a nonwhite person.

            Also, there’s zero truth in your anecdotal “proof” that Whites are “better” than African-Americans. Where I live, there are many homeless White men, and I usually give money to one each week. I never think twice about it. That population seems to have sprung up overnight, perhaps due to the opioid crisis. But, I still choose to believe that my money wound up in the hands of a grocer, a waitress, a Walmart cashier – anyone but a dealer. Hoping for the best in people is one way to squash racism. I do that, and you can too. With your “zero expectations” for African-Americans, you’ve literally admitted your misperception of them as “worthless”. All of us can recognize when we’re being devalued, including the African-Americans you know. You’re only coexisting with them, because they’re too polite (or too afraid) to stand up for themselves. Your satisfaction with that is chilling, Weimar.

            I neither need nor seek a “rescue” from African-Americans, White Americans, or any other Americans. And, you don’t seem to need that either. Family strife is a major contributing factor to ALL racist ideologies. Child abuse was exposed in the New Yorker’s story on Enoch’s family and the Atlantic’s story on Anglin’s family. Malcom X was raised by an abusive father, as well. Some people would become less racist, if only they found some peace or escape from their violent pasts. You might be one of those people. Have you heard of Derek Black? Google him, if you haven’t. He’s proof that hate is not a final destination in life. Take care, Weimar.

          • I am impressed that you seemed to finally hint your racial group AND that blacks can and are (Malcolm X) ‘racist.’ I refuse to recognize that pseudo-pathology that was coined by Trotsky circa 1930. It is like I said…. a phrase meant to only shame whites and blind them from basic self-awareness that no other race is even eligible to be called because of ‘white privilege’ and ‘structural racism.’

            I also refuse to recognize your black identity de jour ‘African American.’ Three decades ago it was Afro American, a decade prior it was Negro/colored for hundreds of years.

            Literally just today, again, as I was taking a break in my car, that same wandering negro approached me, despite the other two times I drove away. Persistently not taking the hint. I started the car again, but then got out and harangued him about the story of how I got the shitty, duct-taped phone I currently possess. I am not going to get into nitty-gritty details here because I am going to post it on another thread that will get more eyeballs and save my trademark originality. But basically, a negro pick-pocketed my $700 phone, despite my safeguards, and a whole bunch of other blacks in power mocked me for it. An impossible sequence of events that I call the black singularity, which prove everything I say is true and unchangeable.

            Basically, he backed away slightly because he saw that I am a big white guy and pleaded with me to give him money to see his 5 kids. I said I am all out of charity and pity.

            Like I said, I know exactly what blacks are, and stereotypes yield situation awareness, while individualism produces affinity. That is why, also tonight, I was informed that two older black women I had as clientele were upset they did not get to say goodbye to me when I had to run an errand because I took care of them. I have a certain charm that somebody like you assumes is a psychopathic trait, but I call it just being honest. I tell them exactly what it’s like to be the only gringo there in its upsides and downsides and they took a liking to my sincerity, just like you have. Why? Because blacks either respect (fear) you or resent (prey upon) you. Laws of the jungle.

            There is this thing called the Bell Curve. The same reason why so many whites and (((whites))) seem to run everything is the same reason why so many of them are also druggie derelicts.

            Also the tabloid stories you referenced are the shittiest exposés ever. I have corresponded with Anglin. He is a stable, standup guy.

            I guarantee you believe me to be the most interesting person here. I say vile things and you are still drawn to me, just like the women are drawn to my ‘misogyny.’

            The problem is all you ‘oppressed’ people can literally commit crimes against white men, but then you gaslight us and put the spotlight on us immediately afterwards to shift the burden of proof that we, the victims, are not ‘racist’ rather than accepting blame for your actions. THAT is why I don’t like you people. I am made a victim, and then the homeless black shames me not to judge all black men because he wants something from me (money), despite the sequence of different blacks mocking me and not helping me afterwards that I referenced.

            Statistics do not lie. You and I would bet our lives on the predictability of blacks over any other group in having identical voting patterns, favorite sport, favorite music etc. That is why stereotyping is so accurate. You even know the Jesse Jackson quote about black footsteps.

            You act as if all of us love saying this shit. I would rather our respective peoples just go our separate ways and make peace with it, so we can build a utopia. But people like you keep trying to ruin that because you love this dystopia. You love white suffering. It is revenge for slavery. And you know that even a minority of angry white men are the most methodically violent, destructive and adroit malcontents the world has ever seen when pushed in a negative direction for too long. So that poses an immovable roadblock to your plan for white genocide. There are millions of Dylann Roofs just a hair-trigger away. Creative destruction brought by multiculturalism.

          • Of course African-Americans can be racist. Anyone can. But, my admission of that is no “evidence” that I’m an African-American. It’s just an indisputable fact.

            Also, it shouldn’t shame you to be presented with the harmful and untrue consequences of racially-based hatred. We are all unique individuals. Stereotyping is generally NOT accurate. Even within the “echo chambers” most people inhabit, you can find “exceptions” to ANY kind of stereotype. For instance, I know African-Americans who love country music, hockey, and President Cheeto. In fact, you break many stereotypes of a White supremacist. That’s why you are so interesting. Everything you say is NOT vile, and you don’t try to hide or deflect your vulnerability, your misogyny, or your history of intimate relationships with nonwhite women. Even the powerful White supremacists (Strom Thurmond and Thomas Jefferson, anyone?) aren’t that strong. Treating people how you would like to be treated is an ongoing project. Sometimes, we don’t complete it. But, we have to keep trying. It isn’t “disgraceful” to improve your interpersonal habits. That’s a normal part of life.

            I don’t know how the “Blacks want revenge for slavery” myth began, but it seems to be a popular, though infrequently discussed one. I can assure you, however, that it’s FALSE. Historically oppressed (Not “oppressed”. Slavery, colonization, the Holocaust, etc. really WERE evil.) groups are just like any other. They do NOT want to see Whites needlessly suffer. And they blame ONLY the individuals who’ve ruined their lives or the lives of their ancestors. If your phone got jacked by a White man, you wouldn’t blame all Whites for your plight. So, why not hold African-Americans to the same scope of accountability? That’s a very modest change, as it’s only doing more of what you’re doing already. Give it a try.

          • It’s one step forward, two steps back with you. Just admit you are part black. You are already pretending to think for them. Not fooling me. You keep hinting, then dancing, or should I say breakdancing, around it.

            A NIGGER (bad black person, right?) stole my phone, as another diversionary negro assaulted me. Then a negro cop I flagged down, halfheartedly frisked him, let him go and told me to file a report. A fucking joke. Then I went to the station and the BLACK police chief told me I was being a baby because I was so frustrated and shocked that I actually had tears in my eyes. Then to top it off as I walked outside, a BLACK transvestite told me I had ‘white privilege’ because I was allowed to make a report. Keep in mind this was the same week that TWO nigger trannies were gunned down in separate incidents in this very city. I wonder by whom?

            This sequence of events was like a black solar eclipse of Nat Turner revenge directed at me and I shan’t forget it. So your divide and conquer charm offensive is not going to work on me.

            I am not living a ‘double life’ as you are suggesting. I didn’t have any ‘relationship’ with a nonwhite – I had colonial CONQUESTS actually AFTER I officially became alt-right because that is what conquerors do. I even puked the first time because they are so grotesque, but such is life. I have always been a white nationalist before it was hip and strictly against miscegenation until I realized the humiliating value of it being used entirely against us. So I give you a taste of your own medicine and boy do you guys hate it too.

            Immediately after my phone was stolen I had so much rage I was thankful I didn’t have a gun because it very well could have been DyRo II. So I did the next best thing….walked into crowds of negroes and let their women pull my dick out and kiss them right in front of their boyfriends. There is nothing more humiliating than that for a man to experience, especially black men from white men because it is so unheard of since we are not into negresses.

            I proved what cheap hoes black women are and what pussies black men are with one move. You are all talk. ALL of you. Black women have the same rapist affinity for white men as black men have for white women. They LOVE white dick because ‘muh big black dick’ is a myth. I have heard them explain it. You aren’t any bigger than whitey.

            I am not whatever handicapped advocate you are trying to paint me. I have a good friend who happens to be deaf from an early childhood infection. Big deal.

          • Ah, so those weren’t intimate relationships or even “booty calls”. They were just “Portnoy’s Complaint” moments – use of “consensual” (And, I use that word VERY loosely.) sex as a means of revenge (for God knows what) and a “safe space” to hate up close (REALLLLLY CLOSE). Yep. I’d call that a regression.

            And why does it matter what race I am? Why such a “critical” need to know? I’m not “hinting” at anything, and I never will. I will never disclose my race or gender on this website. Certainly, you can understand why.

            It’s also disingenuous to slut-shame your African-American hate-objects. Think they’d participate in sex acts with you, if they knew how you really felt about them? Get real!

            On an uplifting note, you’re better than a “handicapped advocate”. You’re a genuine friend to a disabled man, without reservation or self-aggrandizement. In the “alt” world, that’s a tremendous break from your professed values – many of which revolve around Hitler’s “master race” (i.e. no “cripples”).

          • Ah, the old ‘da white boy fucked her so it must be rape’ gag. Newsflash, NIGGER….there’s this thing called Briffault’s Law. Most of them come to ME, as you know black women are extremely proactive, even more so than men of other races. I have had black women leave bars with me in Miami, after a simple ‘hi’ and ‘cheers’ with their jealous Tyrone storming out in frustration so much so I thought I was being fleeced, but no….black women want white men MORE than they want their own kind…just like all other races. It’s the world’s biggest secret that you dumb cattle races have kept going for so long ONLY because it has been a never ending offensive unleashed on white men in every direction.

            I am here to sound the alarm after what I have learned.

            Don’t you ever call him ‘disabled’. He lost his hearing far earlier than everybody else will anyway if they live long enough. He bangs more bitches than you and I put together. He has no troubles and certainly doesn’t need your disingenuous ‘intersectional’ virtue-signaling puke-post.

            Yes, to answer your question. They WOULD indeed want me even more because women are BDSM freaks. Yep that’s right, even your Auntie wants to be whipped by a white good old boy in cowboy boots like she was a slave. They even tell you in all their songs.

            LOL here’s to your false hope.

          • Please don’t call me a “nigger” or a member of a “dumb cattle” race. It’s cruel, and you don’t even know what race I am.

            And, again, it takes two to screw. African-American women are no more provocative than women of other races. Societal scrutiny and scorn are the only differences between the sexuality of Whites and the sexuality of nonwhites. The latter cannot veer the slightest bit away from our current sexual norms. If they do, they’re harshly criticized and/or punished by racists like you. Whites, by contrast, can act out for YEARS before getting savaged by the “moral majority”. Just ask Weinstein, Spears, and Gibson.

            What on Earth is so offensive about calling your friend disabled? That word has no pejorative intent. It’s simply a generic reference to somebody’s physical or psychological limitation – a hearing impairment, in this case. That’s all. The word “disabled” makes no judgements about a person’s life or overall functioning. Of course, this should be obvious, but I meant no ill will.

            Nice try on that video, but you ignored those song lyrics, or else never read them. Rihanna’s song was about rough sex, not dehumanizing sex. In fact, it had ZERO racist themes. Some women enjoy to “LARPING”, as you like to say, in submissive sexual roles. Only an incel would misinterpret that as a green-light to debase a female sexual partner. WTF is wrong with you???

          • You implied I am a rapist with an oedipal complex, like a NIGGER. All of you think whites practice consanguinity, even though you are the ones that go on dates with your cousins. Just TONIGHT two black cousins were on a date where I work. We whites don’t even know our cousins. We are atomized, so inbreeding is not even a possibility.

            Oh by the way, ‘racist’ is the white version of NIGGER because only whites can be ‘racists,’ just as only blacks can be NIGGERS and only blacks can say NIGGER or its other bastardizations ‘nigga’ as a bizarre Stockholm-Syndrome term of endearment.

            So if you hint that I am an inbred, rapist ‘bad white person’ (racist), then I will call you the worst things possible. You aren’t getting special treatment from me. I am egalitarian in my insults. I don’t care who you are.

            You did not just call (((Weinstein))) white. Wow.

            She is not LARPing, you black beta, she is telling the world she wants to be sexually beaten into submission. That is why she went back to Chris Brown. If you ever had sex, you would know that is what women want. There is a reason they want their throat grabbed and their hair pulled. That is not ‘LARPing’ or even a metaphor…

            They are crying out for it and too many cucks like you plug your ears because you can’t handle that women don’t get off on being demure.

            When is the last time you had sex? Exactly.

          • I never implied you were a rapist, Weimar. Regressed was what I called you. You aren’t forcing yourself on any woman. Manipulating sex out of them is your M.O. . Usually, that’s the last step on the trajectory of full-blown rape. Maybe you know this already, but you’re a ticking time-bomb.

            And Rihanna was VERY ambivalent about her IRL domestic beat-down. Yes, she forgave Brown. But, she didn’t downplay what he did to her, and she cooperated with the police, who are partly to blame for her return to Brown. All male celebrities get a break from the PD – Shia LeBeouf, Mel Gibson, Chris Brown, Ray Rice. That demoralizes women enough to stay with battering partners.

          • Especially since there are so few decent white men who want and pursue marriage. So, since white men are generally so nihilistic and passive, white women don’t have many choices if they want a family.

          • Vicky, cut the shit. Most early to mid 20s white women are whores, plain and simple.

            They average 10 cocks by the time their 25. What sane man wants to marry one of these.

            Why else do you think 30 year old women are always seen waking with their 2 year old baby and their middle aged dough boy beta husband.

            The reason being is that any worthy man has already seen their nature and knows their past. Hell he ran through 40 of these empowered, “wholesome” girls in college alone and knows that his buddies did as well.

          • Hey, Vicki’s just telling it like it is! Women are choosy. And good men aren’t “overwhelmed” by their demands. That “beta male” is FAR more advanced than his alt-incel counterparts. He’s got love, his own sexual partner, and a cute little child to carry on his legacy. What do you have? A ‘YUGE debt to your divorce attorney, like Enoch has? I’d hardly call that #winning , Barnabas.

          • I see you ducked my comment on the other thread.

            Too scared?

            Never been married. I’m fucked enough of these “respectable conservative” white girls to know there all whores.

            Your a woman larping as a man. You’ve been outed butter cup.

          • Ding ding ding!!!!!

            Be very wary of ‘principled’ women. ‘Aw, I just need to meet a good woman whose views match mine,’ said the guy doomed to involuntary celibacy.

            It’s just like the old joke about Catholic schoolgirls. Women are surreptitious. They get off on sleaziness and danger. The whack job cat lady feminists are ironically more faithful than ‘muh conservative women’ and less race traitors. I have seen statistics and observations on this.

            So sad that so many inexperienced guys have anthropomorphized women as their intellectual equals, and added matching political views to their sexual dimension.

          • Your spot on. Other than Jews our next biggest threat within the WN movement is faux traditional women and their beta enablers.

            The reality is that we don’t need women in order to have success in destroying Jews and Jewish hegemony( white traitors and Jewish puppets included).

            The only thing we need is for women to accept their natural role, get behind a good white man and start reproducing his genes.

            If they won’t readily to this on their own, then so be it, we can re conquer our land without them and then force them back into breeding machines once the job is finished.

          • There is absolutely zero benefit for a man to participate in the bastardized bigamist union called marriage (man weds woman + state). He can get every positive benefit outside of marriage because women give it up on the first date (actually even dating is unnecessary these days without the hypergamous pitfalls of women leapfrogging from ‘higher-status’ cock to cock).

            Once he does sign that zero-sum contract of feminist entrapment, he already owes her reparations AND indentured servitude if she gets bored and cheats. Nope, not doing that. I have seen too many good men destroyed by these gynocentric laws. This is brinkmanship that men will win. Chivalry will be annihilated, especially from the deputized white knights in blue.

            Physical discipline will be instilled in women when they are acting hysterical just as it always was, unlike now where it is called ‘assault.’ We are winnowing out all the shitty women just as they have done with their market share monopolization of a small percentage of chads. Millennial women are not worth procreating with. Let their tatted, pierced, ravaged wombs whither, while we wait for the Lolitas of Generation Z to grow up and be the less slutty version of you pussy-hatted harlots.

        • Apparently he never bothered to teach his daughter why interracial relationships and miscegenation are undesirable.

          • There you go blaming men for the actions of women before they happen and after they happen. This is called cognitive dissonance. That is precisely why women were never allowed to vote.

      • Sad that so many AR men are such losers that they feel threatened and are out-competed even by black Africans. Make yourselves attractive and curious and welcoming toward women, men. Don’t indulge in bitterness and sour grapes. And don’t forget that plenty of white men date and marry non-white women, too. Don’t succumb to to idiot idea that “women are naturally disloyal,” which is TOTAL bunk. If anything, men are less racially loyal on average than women.

        • Nobodies threatened. We simply recognize reality as it is. Our women are irrational creatures who only ever matured to the emotional state of a 7 years old.

          Unless a women is legally owned by a men, aka coverture( which was the white mans law for millenia up unitl 50 years ago) she will be disloyal 9/10 times.

          Women are not autonomously sentient. They are herd animals. They are similar to little children who need to be kept on the leash and smacked up when they misbehave.

        • There you go again siding with a black, actually two: The one above and the anecdotal one in my story. See how easy it is for women? So it is my job to teach you not go wandering into miscegenation? Ok then.
          First lesson: I am going to disfranchise you.
          Second lesson: I am going to keep you out of the workplace.
          Third lesson: I am going to charge you with homicide if you abort.
          Forth lesson: I am going to reverse divorce settlement back to paternalism.

          You’re getting white sharia one way or another, but until then I am going to enjoy depriving women of their positive attention fix.

    • German men voted for Merkel and for Clinton and welcomed the migrants. Therefore, ALL MEN are traitors and cucks. Discernment is lacking in you, Weimar. One woman did something foolish, so all women are foolish. Look in the mirror.

  • If he’s not been assassinated MLK would have been the Democratic candidate for president around 1988 or 1992.

    And he might have won. America dodged a bullet.

  • miller retweets
    wired sources
    breaking: us and israel reach joint plan to counter iran
    america first, not our guy

  • Stephen Miller “frankly, the only way #iranianprotests can get the attention of cnn is for someone to hang up a huge ‘resist trump’ banner.” anti israel/intervention is priority one. we are not going to have our own country till we no longer serve them period. we cant settle. this guy is not our friggin guy and should be called out as controlled opposition, not praised. W T F !

  • It appears that there is a dichotomy or a discrepancy in the Jewish world: On one hand the existence and future of the State of Israel depends on the support from the West, while International Jewry directly or indirectly seeks the destruction of the West through 3rd World immigration (from shithole countries) and degeneracy. Well, it just appears to be.

    The ’90s saw a sweeping change in the State of Israel, where one million of Soviet immigrants and the emergence, implementation and subsequent dominance of the Likud hard-line policies, have significantly strengthened this country. There is no question of survival anymore, but the regional and world dominance.

    I wholeheartedly agree that Israel does not need the West to survive anymore. However, the premise is that the destruction of the West will pave the wave for Israel’s world dominance is false. Simply, because it is a multi-polar world where there are powers outside of the West and not infected by Judeo-Christian dogmas. China, India, the Moslem World, perhaps, Russia and Eastern Europe, will fight for the world dominance with the State of Israel.

    It is a false premise and mistake that the destruction of the West will help Israel. Can Israel’s foreign policy and ideological writers be mistaken? Yes, they can. The recent foreign policy blunders such as the independence of Kurdistan and ISIS, have clearly demonstrated Wise Men’s capacity for such mistakes.

  • Malodorous Haiti….that’s why the Clinton’s don’t vacation there…

    And the Scarsdale Jews keep the Haitians out of Scarsdale….

    Haitian means feces in Hebrew… betcha!!!

  • The Technion in Israel…all Jews…no Chinese……from N=1…we get N+1…that’s all the Jews in OUR FRIEND ISRAEL!!….How many Jews is that? I’ll betcha Scott Aaronson knows the answer to this question….

  • Newspaper editor…Isadore Choyinski….he supported the 1888 CHINESE LEGAL IMMIGRANT EXCLUSION ACT!!!….and he was a very good friend of Denis Kearney….

    Well…that’s three Jews….

    Denis Kearney


  • Bring back the 1888 Chinese LEGAL IMMIGRANT EXCLUSION ACT!!!

    God Bless Denis Kearney…Samuel Gompers….Steven Miller!!!…That’s two Jews…

    • Gompers was a jew. Ethnocentric peoples such as jews understand the urgent importance of boundaries, whether erecting them to protect the tribe or demolishing the boundaries of enemy tribes.

  • Good show, but Mike really needs to stop talking over people. It actually became hard to listen to for this very reason.

    • It not just mike, it’s the format that’s the problem. There is always someone raising his voice trying to talk over someone else. I gave up on this podcast when I realized hat I had to have my right hand on the volume knob the entire time while driving down the road.

      • You’re supposed to listen to it in your study, smoking a good cigar and concentrating, so you can absorb all the nuances.

        Seriously though, I appreciated Mike’s performance because the format seems a demanding one to which to adapt.

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