Shithole People Deserve our Respect

It’s time to have an honest discussion about shithole people and all the various biases surrounding them.  These people come to our country, not just to spread their shittiness, but also to benefit from our resources.

Who are you to stand in their way, bigot?

You have to understand that their indigenous lands are shitholes, and they are therefore most comfortable in that environment.  Instead of immediately being judgmental, try to understand their culture.  And indeed, we need to be tolerant of that culture if we are really going to be the multicultural country which we claim to be.

If you are from a first-world, non-shithole country, you really need to check your privilege.  Ask yourself, are you taking a non-rapey environment for granted?  There are all kinds of assumptions that need to be unpacked there.

Did you know that MSNBC personality Joy Reid is a shithole person?  That’s right, she’s from Haiti. If she hadn’t come to America, who would be telling us about when we’re racist and how it’s unacceptable?  Not just anyone can frown into the camera with that sense of entitlement and aggrievement. It’s simply not something that comes naturally to non-shithole people, with all our privilege and civility.

When Joy Reid notices non-shithole people getting a little too uppity, she puts them in their place. Here she expresses her resentment of Trump’s use of the word “merit” in reference to immigration policy:

I personally think we could use about 10,000 more Joy Reids just to keep us in check, and make sure that White people are behaving in ways that comport with the whims and the rather imperious demands of shithole people. Has Trump even considered this in rejecting Lindsay Graham’s DACA compromise proposal? Apparently not:

Despite this kind-of denial, Trump began taking friendly fire.  We happen to have a shithole person in Congress, a Haitian-American to be exact. And although Rep. Mia Love is a Republican, she is not happy with President Trump’s comments vis-à-vis shithole countries (in his usual ignorance, Trump expressed disapproval of Haitian, African, and other immigrants).  Don’t expect shithole people to take your side just because they happen to have used your political party as a stepping stone in their personal advancement.

Mia Love, congressperson from Utah, was unequivocal:

I can’t defend the indefensible. You have to understand that there are countries that struggle out there. But their people, their people are good people and they’re part of us. We’re Americans

Do you hear that, racist?  Shithole people are Americans too.  They’re part of us.

There is such ignorance on the part of those defending President Trump. That’s all I can say really.  Everywhere I see ignorant people, and what can I do but call it out?  Ignorant!  You’re ignorant!   I rest my case.

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  • Dis shit is raciss yo. You KK Krackas got nerve postin dis shit on Martin’s birfday! Yous askin fo’ a drive by raciss mu’fuggas! Ain’t gonna be laffin when I pop a cap in yo cracks ass. Mista Millimeter is one bad ass nigga eater.

    • Hmmm, but you’ll have to get by all my white neighbors with safes chopped full of semi-automatic weapons, alive. Good luck w/ dat. 😉

  • Points well made and very witty. My biggest concern is not the detractors from the left, however, but the shithole ppl, sp. blacks who are going to smile widely and try to sidle up to the cuckservative side and gain their support. I was listening to cuck radio last night where this black politician (can’t remember name, I was almost asleep) was smacking up to the notion that they (blacks) have more in common, (and every bit as much to lose, if not more economically) w/ the cucks than the invading Mexicans from the southern parts of the west like CA and should likewise fight immigration. Total understanding of their (black’s) improved lot in life for having been brought here from essentially a slave condition in Africa. I almost couldn’t believe my ears, but I had heard this type of mentality before a few times. The position seems agreeable, but the strategy is obvious viewing it from an AR perspective. They see Whitey wanting to ‘get away’ and that makes them really nervous. This movement has made them really nervous. LOL! Good, because they deserve it. I’ve heard it in their voices before. The sound of serious back peddling, and almost apologizing. They will pull on the conciliatory strings and keep those fence post white conservatives in the middle to prevent a complete POC v. White racial divide. Christianity can be a good leash for controlling whites and it’s that aspect of the cuckservative party I see POC pander to the most. Of course it will ultimately keep us whites dealing w/ in-fighting and divided to the black’s and other shithole ppl’s benefit. They would rather see a healthy cuckservative party than a powerful Alt Right one for certain.

    • Exactly. Even on a more micro level, negros and wetbacks have an innate ability to switch their faces when in the presence of white folk.
      They’ll do this as a collective as you stated or individually when interacting with whites in their daily lives.

      Never trust a negro or a spic, they see you as the enemy and there’s no doubt about that.

      • Absolutely, and thank you!! I’ve experienced that a few times on a personal level. It’s a wonder it took me so long to ‘wake the fuck up’. That urge in white Christian society to be a ‘good color-blind person’ is so powerful it causes us to foolishly put ourselves in actual physical danger when we don’t want to see the real racial truth of the matter coming from their perspective. We think our niceness is going to change the world for the better when in fact there are many people of the 3rd world (and their relatives here) who are just not capable of that higher moral thought probably related to malnutrition, poor upbringing and genetics. This turns our whole immigration program into one big boon for cons.

        Few years back I invited a homeless black man with a couple of hippy friends to my house for a couple months as gardening help for a summer. (Yes, I know, really stupid) They seemed nice and were traveling through the area and I was willing to give them a place to hang their hats for a little while. It was a nightmare and ended up in a restraining order. (They actually mistakenly told me about a plan they had to take over a 40 acre lot in AZ which was owned by an elderly man. I asked them what about the man, and the black guy said, “Oh, we’ll take care of him.” He wasn’t talking about elderly care.) I’m lucky I didn’t get physically assaulted, raped, or worse. Throughout my life I’ve had many other things happen. I’ve had money stolen, and new coats stolen, gardening equipment stolen, and so many other bazaar things happen in my life involving PoC, it is a flipping wonder I didn’t see the light of day earlier. (originally from the Gay Area, lol) I tried to hold to the notion that judging the individual doesn’t depict the character of an entire race. That is so wrong. There is no other race on the planet that feels that way, esp. about white people.

        That is why I wholeheartedly believe this movement is what our white society needs to help each other wake up, protect each other and do something about this slow trajectory into a degenerate PoC ruled hell. Aside from intellectual deficits, they’re just not capable of the level of benevolence or graciousness we demonstrate to them. In fact they’re just plain dangerous (as noted in the post above this). It has gotten to an ‘us or them’ situation and I definitely know what side I’m on. I finally learned, and hopefully it’s not too late for all of us.

    • Yeah well, America has made a point of sticking its hooked nose in everyone elses business, so it is what it is.

  • Countries that have been the recipients of Jew revolutions undergo a normalisation transition to ‘shithole’. This is when they throw down the Jew bank on top of the new normal. Nothing can happen for these nations until they cancel the debt incurred by the Jew revolution and get out from under the Jew bank and its loans.

    Only an international order can defeat the emerging NWO of the Jewish banking cartel.

  • When did Haiti get on the road to shitholeism? Was it after they slaughtered the white landowners which were making their country great? Yes, and the hole just keeps getting deeper!

  • I know of one shithole place personally, King county WA. full of muslims and filthy middle east people. won’t say hello or acknowledge your existence.

  • Oh definitely they deserve respect because the inhabitants of shithole cultures are so ‘motivated’, so ‘goal oriented’ ……. not at all lazy or backwards or mentally deficient.

  • Please explain the meritorious aspects of your immigrant mother, paternal grandfather and wife’s backgrounds which would have qualified them under your proposed standards. We’ll wait.

    proposed reply for Mr. Trump:

    The meritorious aspects of my ancestors and family are obvious.
    1. Each fulfills the criteria as set forth in the Constitution
    2. and my ancestors and family are productive citizens,
    3. we build useful things to a very high standard

  • What a circus and what a deflection from the heart of the matter. Empire and constant military adventurism devastates far-off places, creating refugees who then flee to the imperial homeland. They come here because we went there. Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc. ad nauseam. The American citizenry in general, and the Alt-Right in particular, need to aim a laser focus on the establishment politicians and ‘defense’ corporations who are continuing to perpetrate these crimes against humanity. Stop basing the U.S. politico-economy on weapons sales to foreign buyers, security tech, and resource extraction, which all add up to chaos and dislocation for an increasingly-large swath of the world.

    • So White countries oughtn’t to stretch our limbs and seek resources and room to live, because shithole natives might become restless? Would you give the same advice to Israel, Mr. Jacobson? Save the lefty bullshit narrative for the usual boobs.

      • I don’t get the distinction you’re trying to make. Israel and America are so intertwined at this point that the two are practically one and the same. Save the Right wing faggotry for the Alt-Kike. American imperialism needs to stop.

      • “Room to live” is disingenuous. The US isn’t trying to expand it borders and there’s plenty of space here already. The neocons want to project power, extract raw materials, and have the benefits of empire without its costs.

        But the human toll is unavoidable. There are an estimated 60 million+ refugees in the world. Yes, they are restless for a place to live securely and thrive. Because we ruined their homelands. We can expect their numbers to only increase as long as US foreign policy remains in interventionist hands.

        Israel would be wise to stop its odious settler colonialism as well. The US military support & material aid they’re dependent on won’t last forever.

  • Just had my own #shitholegate. A lukewarm 10-minute discussion about whether or not Haiti is in fact a shithole concluded an otherwise nice evening of live performance of Rachmaninoff’s Second symphony – and ended a budding friendship. It hurts that many Whites choose to cuck for brown people and reject their White sister.

    • A friend’s girlfriend recently went on about how multiculturalism and mixed-race people are better than closed-minded bigots. It sounds ridiculous but she was really saying that.

      So I asked her if she’d rather live in Brazil, Pakistan, or Norway.
      Then I asked her if she thinks central Indians are more attractive than Ukrainians.

      Needless to say she doesn’t like me very much anymore.

    • Your new friend didn’t ”cuck” for anyone. She probably has nonwhite friends and wanted to keep them, as she became friends with you. If you had *really* cared about her, you would have been okay with that. And, I’m sure no one has friends who all like each other. You’re hurting because of your hatred and your unrealistic expectations. Stop ranting and controlling people, and they’ll stop rejecting you.

      • If you really are a “talented tenth” nigger, this only means that you are as intelligent as the lowest tier whites.

        Translation= Although you may in fact be smarter than 90% of the other niggers, you are still dumber than the VAST majority of whites.

        So yes, you may be smarter than the rest of the world, which is not saying much, and only means that your a tad bit brighter than the shitheads occupying all of the shitholes.

        Not quite smart enough to compete with whites without Gimme dats.

        • I’m smart enough to write a comment you can’t refute. And, unlike you, I’m smart enough not to alienate people before they get to know me. If there’s “competition” between us now, I’m 2 (me) and 0 (you and “Vodka”).

          • We’ve already established that your a mulatto nog from a broken hope, Site. The jig is up. You’re not dealing with morons here.

          • I think Site may actually be a female larping as a male. The writing style seems feminine to me. Not sure what persuasion she is though.

          • It’s because he was raised by his mother and never had a male role model to look up to. It’s common with blacks. Why do you think they enjoy dancing and shoe shopping so much?

          • That’s true. They also never shut the fuck up when there’s two or more together.

          • You’ve “established” squat, Johnny. I’ve never disclosed my race or gender. I’ve never confirmed any of your speculations. And, even those are all over the place. I’ve been called a “kike”, a “chink”, a “cuck”, and a “nigger”. I’ve also been called a “cat lady” and a “dude”. Hell, for all you know, I could be a bot, like one of Cheeto’s Twitter followers! Fortunately for me, you’ll never know for sure.

          • Your comments are mere Marxist drivel. What is there to refute?

            I wouldn’t be surprised is you copy pasta your replies from the cultural studies department of the Berkeley website.

            Go take an online IQ test, screen shot your results, link the page, and then I’ll do the same. This way you can see how even a blue collar country boy has 30+ IQ points over you.

    • It’s probably because those people give no challege to her. She can be as less as she wants to be not the best she can be & they’ll still like her. White sisters challege! Set the bar high!

    • What is the pertinence of Haiti to you or her? Why would you end a friendship over the exact level/provenance of its decrepitude? Some tact and civility would have been well in order, it seems.

  • Why should we respect people who disrespect us due to our race, religion, and national origin? They deserve what they themselves deliver. We owe our enemies no respect. If they are interested in being something other than our enemies, let them act like it.

  • Would it have been better to say “Asshole countries…”?

    This was a private meeting and the Democrats leaked the conversation, as usual.

  • Have you notice how are enemies like using certain insult words when ever we exchange with them?? It is getting to the point where I can tell weather or not a person is a black or a Jew just by the insults they throw at me. Boons love calling us all ignorant. But when you ask them to explain themselves they quit the conversation pretty quick. Jews have there favorites, Nazi, racist, trailer park, but also like retard idiot and stupid too.

    • …oh I forgot bigot. And I don’t know about you but to me, all these insults mean is that this person hates whites. They are anti-white slurs, that is all.

  • The History of Life on Earth existed LONG LONG LONG before Cultural Marxist Jews…….

    ……created ‘Racist’, ‘Bigot’, ‘Xenophobe’………

    ……to Conquer and Control their Host Nations Native White Population………

    White People: “Our Country is being Invaded by Foreigners who are affecting the the Quality of Life for us and our Descendants”

    Jews/Blacks/Latinos: “You Stole this Country from the Native Americans, it’s not Yours, and you have No Right to say anything about who comes here”

    White People: “There was no Country or Nation here before our White Ancestors created, settled, engineered, innovated, and invented it”

    Jews/Blacks/Latinos: “That’s Racist and White Supremacist. The Law of the Land, our National Purpose, and Founding Documents are a Poem by the Jewish Emma Lazaraus found at the Base of the Statue of Liberty”

    White People: “What? Huh? What are you talking about?”

    Jews/Blacks/Latinos: “Be quiet, Racist White Supremacist! Who gave you the Right to Think for yourself? How dare you violate the Laws of Political Correctness! How dare you think you can Identify as a White Person and collectively organize with your Fellow Whites? How dare you Fight for what your Ancestors built?!? Say one more thing and we’ll Destroy your Life by getting you fired and put in prison for a Hate Crime!!”

    White People: “Zyklon Time”

  • I disapprove of Trump’s terminology, but I agree with the ideas behind it.

    Third world races escape the dysfunctions of their countries and bring those dysfunctions with them, spreading crime and terrorism and burdening our criminal justice and welfare systems.

    Because the least desirable races have the highest birth rates, the third world is an area of vast and growing misery. Many of these people are illiterate in their own languages. Many have never had a doctor’s examination. They come here with their diseases.

    It is in our interest to keep them out. The first world lacks the responsibility and the ability to serve as the third world’s social worker.

  • Make Haiti Saint Domingue Again! The Jewel of the French Empire, a Royal Colony and greatest commercial asset in the world from 1650-1790…

  • A.B.A = Anything But African. These people hate themselves with a passion and they hate us because they ain’t us. They imitate everything we do and they would rather live anywhere and be anything, but themselves and it isn’t our fault. It’s a product of very, in fact perhaps the most unsuccessful value system in history. Their ancestors left them in a jackpot and like most people who are angry at their parents, they take it out on society. They wear our clothes, play our sports, speak our language and want to take part in every aspect of the lives of their “oppressors”, but it has nothing to do with opportunism, noooo it’s a moral struggle, right?

  • The funniest part about all this is that the media probably just made this up. Trump may have said the word shithole, but in a different context.

    Trump may not save America, but at least he’s making its destroyers look ridiculous as it dies.

  • It’s beautiful. There isn’t going to be a nigger alive that white people will listen to by the end of Trump’s first term.

    Their ingratitude, greed and arrogance will melt all but the hardest cuck’s fluoride brain spiders, freeing them to see the truth.

    • So, Joy Reid should “thank” you for calling her a “shithole” person, simply because she’s a Haitian-American who’s brave enough to speak WITHOUT the crutch of a screen name? That makes her a “nigger”? And you think people will trust her less than a hateful, invisible troll? Wow. Talk about a “bigly” projection of YOUR major failings. I’ve got #realnews for you, Absurd – three years from now, Joy Reid, Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey will STILL be wealthier, more celebrated, and more trusted than you are. So, brace yourself for another disappointment of your Eurocentric grandiosity.

      • “So, Joy Reid should “thank” you for calling her a “shithole” person, simply because she’s a Haitian-American who’s brave enough to speak WITHOUT the crutch of a screen name?”

        No, she should thank us for allowing her fat parasite ass to live in a White country and spew her anti-White bullshit.

        “That makes her a “nigger”?”

        No what makes her a nigger is that she’s a nigger.

        • Site is clearly a talented 10% darkie with that one. Blacks tend to separate out good blacks as black and bad blacks as Niggers.

          • I’m segregating no one, Director. All African-Americans are valuable, as is everyone else . . . Or at least those people who *don’t* want to kill, exterminate, or exile anyone.

      • If Joy Reid, Barck Obama and Oprah Winfrey were still in their shithole countries of origin they wouldn’t be wealthy or celebrated. They’d be rolling around in the mud, banging rocks together and chanting at the moon. And instead of being appreciative all they do is shit on the dominant culture. They can all go fuck themselves and so can you. Get a real job, and stop spending all of your time here making shit tier arguments.

        • Ummm . . . Johnny? It’s Sunday. And you’re here, too. Think you’d be better off, if your ancestors had never emigrated here? Then YOU scram! Either that, or accept everyone’s immigration. (FYI, Joy’s parents arrived here LEGALLY!)

          • Yes, I would be better off if the (((allies))) hadn’t destroyed Italy in WWII, then my grandparents wouldn’t have had to move to this multikulti dystopian nightmare. Before the war Italy was the most homogenous country in Europe. Today there are boat loads of nogs arriving everyday and if Italy begins sinking these unwanted invaders before arrival the giant satan will drop a bomb on them.

          • Exactly! If Italy resisted the Nigfestation by sinking boats, as any self respecting nation should the United States would Bomb Rome.

          • Your reading comprehension skills are as shit tier as your argumentative skills. Kill yourself.

          • My reading comprehension is fine. You’re just ashamed to be a #snowflake , who’s reduced themselves to spewing empty threats. That’s your fault.

            And ordering me to “kill myself”? God! Somebody find a piece of ass for this kissless virgin!

          • The entire western world is under Zionist/American occupation. So there is no home to return to until the beast is slain. My fight is here. Theres no escape from the die-versity in Europe. This isn’t that hard to understand.

          • We’re white, this is a white nationalist country, was so at the founding and stayed one until 1965.

            You gotta leave though bud. No worries, you can still tell your monkey tribe members some campfire stories about the “evils” of the white man when your an old timer sourrounded by shanty wood barricades used to keep the lions at bay

          • No dice, Barnabas. My family has lived here since at least the early 1800’s. And you don’t know what race I am. So far, I’ve been called a “kike”, a “cuck” (Which, I presume, refers to the Whites who’ve inconvenienced you.), and a “nigger”. You’re just throwing “shit” on the Internet, hoping some of it will stick.

          • Your either a nigger or chink. Either way your a shit skin and your time of mooching off of what my ancestors who came in 1630 built, is coming to a close.

          • Asian and African-Americans aren’t “moochers”, Barnabas. Enslaved Africans built the “dump” that houses Cheeto and his family.

          • My guess is he’s mixed race. His pops was never really around, and he was raised by his white mother and her family, but always felt like an outsider. He went to a decent college and internalized the cultural marxist teaching, and now comes here to to spew all the familiar talking points we’ve heard a thousand times before, thinking we’re all from the trailer park and are racist due to lack of education and growing up in poverty. Apparently his mother never taught him not to stereotype others lol.

          • Ugh that is brutal….but I think we have our own problems to deal with. So I’m a little low on pity, especially for people who want to bring us down to their level. Just a basic lack of respect. I think that is what the Alt-Lite and Skeptics are all about….mixed-race supremacy. They have their own representation, so why can’t they just leave us alone?! It’s bad enough being a mutt European-American!

          • Yeah. The Alt-Lite and Skeptics need to understand that most of us are not trying to take anyone else’s rights away. We just want to establish our own nation where we can preserve our own race, culture and traditions, without contamination from outsiders. I support the same thing for Black Americans and would be happy to work with Black nationalists to obtain this goal. Europe should remain pure and I’m against all US foreign policy that destabalizes Africa and the Middle East, which is what creates refugees in the first place.

          • I am now ashamed to admit my yahoo handle was the harmless ‘skeptic’ 5 years ago because I have never even heard of ‘the skeptics’ until recently. I guess that is where Sargon, ‘kek’ and ‘pepe’ all came from? I thought it was just some meme that floated from the sewers of 4chan. Oh well. I think that this is the difference between infighting and cannibalism. They hold such similar views that they are de facto fellow travelers, so they do not need to exist as separate identities, just like the Christian Democrats and monarchists in the Third Reich. All those groups were gobbled up, and all these groups should be as well. Not sure whether MGTOW should be or if it is a natural confluence, since there do not seem to be any leaders. All the Alt-Right needs to do is take out the chieftains of these so-called movements, and the flock will assimilate to the Alt-Right. It worked with the followers of Jeb Bush during the primaries, and it worked during the recent assassination of the former president of Yemen, and functions exactly as women of conquered lands. Makes no sense, but such is life.

          • I got into the Alt-Right about 3 years ago and back then it was more of a big tent movement than it is now, and to be honest I think it was a lot more effective at easing people outside of the mainstream right wing into racialist ideas. It included MRA/PUA/MGTOW, the conpiracy InfoWars crowd, Libertarians/AnCaps, Skeptics (but nobody called them that then) and so on. It worked because we all supported Trump, who seemed to be an anti-establishment candidate who could actually win. After Hillary Clintons Alt-Right speech is when things started to fragment (see Greg Johnsons “The Alt-Right is nothing if not White Nationalism’ article at CC) and the split was solidified with Heilgate a couple months later, between what is now Alt-Lite/Skeptics and Alt-Right.

            Pepe/Kek originated on 4Chan, but the Alt-Right totally owned it around 2015/2016. See Lawrence Murrays ‘Esoteric Kekism is a Religion of Peace’ article at CC.

            In 2017/2018 the fragmentation/infighting continues. Most recently with post-WLM rally optic cucking and THOTgate. Eventually ‘the movement’ will just be a bunch of warring factions fighting each other, while the Left regains the ground the lost in 2016/2017.

          • It does not appear to me to be ‘infighting’ because the little separatists squaring up against the larger umbrella coalition are losing or offering inadequate resistance, which if you ever read Mein Kampf, is essential. Compromise is a bad thing in that regard because a lot of these groups have been played out and have no message left following the election.

            I have never listened to/heard of nearly any these ‘e-celebs’ because there are too many to keep up with, like Soygoy of Cuckad, until recently…but none of it made any sense to me…his so-called message and that of his acolyte commenters. I felt very nonplussed by all of it, as if I stepped into some world of hardcore asexual porn. I could not tell you what they believe in because they were so liminal in their rhetoric, which is unsustainable without any radical beliefs. It is why you end up with ‘Kekistan’ when there is no message behind the trolling. It’s all just a big joke to them because they are unserious people.

            The ‘manosphere’ seems to have consolidated from the little confederacy (MGTOW, MRA, PUA, antifeminism, GamerGate) into simply MGTOW, which is interesting. It’s strange how trying to meet women with corny, scripted, lousy tips by Internet shysters is related to politics, but I guess it is.

            The entire conspiracy theory crowd seems to have died off too or has been entirely consolidated into ‘Trumpism,’ which is not necessarily Trump himself, but populist-naitonalism. Infowars web traffic has plummeted, despite Alex Jones going mainstream. (I stopped listening about 4 years ago during the Bundy Ranch thing because it just became the same thing every single day, which is a waste of time if you want to learn new things all the time like I do.)

            Libertarianism was vacated by 90 percent (my estimation) of its Ron Paul AnCaps into an exodus of the Alt-Right in the last 2-3 years, while the rest journeyed into Bernie Sanders socialism or remained for the poaching by the dead-end ’90s left-libertarianism (‘social liberal, fiscal conservative’).

            I think all of this is a good sign.

            It’s like a Molyneux podcast I just listened to about a guy being unsuccessful making youtube videos and Stefan is giving away his secret: A/B testing the market, i.e. shilling for the most popular ideas.

            I thought the Alt-Right was gonna die after the election, but it grew, and then after Charlottesville, but it grew again because if you follow the numbers, all of these rightists had to go somewhere, and they did not go back to their former hubs because they know there is no use for it anymore.

          • Yeah, I definently agree in regards to not compromising to appeal to faggots. Personally I don’t care about the AR reaching as many people as possible and going mainstream. It should be a revolutionary vanguard, but thats not what most people want so I have to look elsewhere for that. I still think it was more effective at pulling in new people when it was on good terms with these other groups. People are getting red pilled by reality and will continue to move in this direction regardless anyways.

            The whole Hard Right vs Alt-Right divide is more of an issue. If all the more radical people in AR jump ship, you’re left with Tara McCarthy and James Allsup and their followers. Personally I want nothing to do with this new crop of converts. If they come to define the movement I’m done with it.

          • In good faith you should do an identity reveal. It’s impossible to argue in good faith unless we know what you are.

          • Our ancestors were not immigrants. They were settlers. The difference is everything. And your post about the wealth of Obama, Reid, and Oprah are 100% spot on. I totally agree. It did, however, illustrate that the claims of racism and discrimination against blacks in America are a crock of BS. The only racism and discrimination that exists in America and Europe is directed at white people. Liberals will not stop until all whites are imprisoned, enslaved, or dead. In contrast, whites just want equality, the right to live in peace, and the right to self-determination.

      • Yes she should say thank you! She is here and not in shithole haiti where she belongs! Affirmative action worked out great for her!

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