UK Announces Plans To Islamify Their Army

I remember hearing several conspiracy theories regarding the Muslim invasion of Europe from my conspiracy-minded professors in Russia.

One was that Europe was letting in all these migrants to create a sort of Hegelian reaction. The Muslims would create a surge in right-wing sentiment among the populace and the pent-up energy would, of course, be redirected and invariably aimed at Russia when the time was right.

When it became clear that Europe was not going to fight and no mass right-wing movement was in the works among the dastardly European elite, the narrative changed.

These migrants were to form the basis of a new EU army… to be thrown at Russia of course. Well, on the face of it, it seems like something resembling that theory is indeed coming to pass.


The British Army has been slammed for bowing to “political correctness” after spending £1.6 million on a campaign engaging with gender and racial identity politics and encouraging troops to be more emotional.

Army representatives say they want to encourage diversity of religion, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity with their ‘Army Belonging 2018’ campaign, as well as telling recruits its okay for them to cry.

In promotional videos, voiced by serving soldiers, recruits ask: “Can I be gay in the Army?”, “Do I have to be a superhero?”, and “What if I get emotional in the Army?”

In another, a Muslim soldier explains how the Army has allowed him to practice Islam, but Christian soldiers are not given the same reassurance in the campaign.

However, General Sir Nick Carter, head of the Army, said trying to appeal to minority groups was a good idea as fewer white men are expected to join.

He told BBC Radio 4’s the Today programme: “Our society is changing and I think it is entirely appropriate for us, therefore, to try and reach out to a much broader base to get the talent we need in order to sustain combat effectiveness.”

Here’s the new, rather Dystopian promotion campaign:

A few thoughts though:

  • does the army really want Muslims in its ranks when they are fighting wars in the middle-east?
  • won’t Diversity ensure that the UK’s days being able to project force abroad are numbered?
  • are they just being forced into this by PC politicians?
  • is there another reason for all of this?

At this point its just idle speculation… but someone needs to be doing the speculating.

I can’t help but wonder what the real goal for diversifying the army is.

Adding Diversity into the mix will decrease combat effectiveness. This is pretty basic stuff. Hazing and racial tension will simply build up among the ranks. Also, most Muslims are only good for cannon fodder the infantry and would be out of place in most high-tech Western armies. Don’t the people running the organization know that?

Also, why would Muslims even want to join?

The US and the UK are constantly bombing other Muslim countries and most Muslims resent them for it. Are UK Muslims really going to suddenly become proud British patriots willing to fight and die for British Liberal values?

And barring that, isn’t collecting welfare, running kebab shops and dealing drugs more than enough for them to get by financially?

So many questions come to mind. None of this makes sense.

So, now we have the Russian conspiracy theory – UK deliberately inviting masses of young Muslim men to create huge army to use abroad.

Not a bad explanation, I suppose.

And then there’s the old Alt-Right take on the situation, which I used to believe was the correct one: the West has gone insane. Totally poz’d. AIDs in the head. Critical levels of gay. Soviet-style convoluted logic to prop up an ideology with no basis in reality. No one even stops to ask these questions because they are afraid that asking them will cost them their job.

In other words, the top brass and the politicians really do believe that “Western values” and cash are enough to marshal these hordes of barbarians and use them in place of their own native men.

Occam’s Razor tells us that this is the most probable explanation. They don’t ask these kinds of questions anymore because they really do believe that Diversity is Our Strength.

But I’ve started thinking there might be a third, more sinister explanation for all of this.


What if the army is actually intended to suppress the native peoples of the British Isles when the situation goes critical?

The answer to that question depends on how anti-White you believe our ruling elites really are. A few years ago, I would have sniffed at this kind of thinking because of its “conspiracy” tint. I would have agreed with the paranoid Russkies that this was part of some logical, diabolical plan to train more Mujahadeen and then send them at Russia. Or I would have agreed that we really are just ruled by idiots that have drunk their own Kool-Aid.

But now, I really do wonder.

Perhaps there is a method to their madness. None of this makes sense in terms of building an army with force projection abroad.

But it makes a lot more sense when the goal is keeping the native population suppressed as you introduce more and more draconian measures against it.

I never thought I’d seriously start entertaining the possibility that the Western Elites are hell-bent on creating a Mad Max-style occupation force of insane trannies, gays and Muslims to keep us all in line…

But here I am. Let’s just all hope I’m wrong.

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  • This is going to be irrelevant to the topic, but it’s relevant to the U.K. well ladies and gentleman you all heard about the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and I am spreading word of a petition to prevent Miss Markle from obtaining a title/role within the British royal family. If interested please feel free to sign it and spread the word. Thank you so much.

  • Have we all forgotten the role of Britain in India and elsewhere? What about the concerted efforts of the Prime minister at the start of WWII at appeasement! It all started when they caved to Ghandi and has exponentially snowballing since. However the greatest threat to sovereinity is the Trilateral Commission which has run the UN Agenda 2021/2030 since it’s inception. These Jews have a diabolical plan which liberals and Rhinos and dutifull footsoldiers the globe over run with. Is it any wonder that TV anchors make as much as 20 million dollars a year? “I hates um What has they got in their pockets?”

  • Hasn’t Sweden been offering firearms training to its Muslims? I think you are right. Their new mongrel army is to protect them from us.

  • “What if the army is actually intended to suppress the native peoples of the British Isles when the situation goes critical?”

    Yes, that is almost certainly correct. The elites know that eventually the native British will try to get rid of them, and they are assembling a protective force of foreigners who will be loyal to them and protect them when the inevitable uprising occurs.

    The same thing is happening in America, the armed forces are full of Hispanics who will not hesitate to open fire on Whites.

  • i thought this was established as fact 18 months ago. trojan horse obviously. that why i dont understand why we are still talking. i guess its the fluoride. god help the young if you cucks dont learn to filter it out

  • The UK is no longer a serious country. It’s going to be up to Germany to fix Europe, they have an actual nationalist movement there, not a false front like UKIP that wasted time and energy on Brexit.

  • I am not sure I’d agree with any of the options being put forward as theories, other than the one about the establishment being insane, but even that one is not quite right. I think it is even more basic than this.

    The army are not and have not been defending the British people. I think the Falklands war in the 1980s was the last legitimate use of our armed forces to actually defend British people and British territory.

    The establishment and its organs in the armed forces do not think, nor consider, that there even is a ‘native indigenous population’ and that such a population is to be defended. If by miracle any of them do, they certainly wouldn’t say as much or act on such a basis. ‘Indigenous’ to these institutions now means any biped from anywhere who happens to live on the landmass.

    Britain has become lobotomised, losing all idea that it is “a people”. It has long been just some land mass with institutions, rules, and “values”. It is now a “way of life” to be British, a ‘way of thinking’ to which anybody from anywhere can apparently join, be involved…and in theory be a part of ‘defending’.

    If this ‘machine’ of Britain PLC needs footsoldiers to help the IMF loot some sandy hole in the arse end of Sandistan or destabilise the country so it cannot be a threat to Israel, or chop a few billion quid off the prices of oil and gas for a while, then are going to need recruits from this new population so that the whole Britain PLC can keep functioning.

    Liberals and ‘progressive’ thinking see’s no reason why Muslims would not be hooked into this. They are narcissistic enough to believe in their own sense of grandeur – that these “values” and “liberal progressive” thinking will win out in the end….and that, you know, Muslims could be good interpreters or middle-men to achieve interventions around the world.

    Training Muslims to be “British Soldiers” is of course madness. It is off the scale ridiculous.

    ……But it is only so if anybody considers that there are rightful owners of this land, a native population, something worth defending that falls outside the matters of structure, institutions, abstract values.

    In my opinion, our official armed forces and establishment do not consider this, do not think this, so they have to act accordingly and do ever “more” to manufacture the kind of results they want – so that the institutions and establishment can ‘transition’ and continue running in the future.

  • OK, bet time, who’s gonna be the first Caliphate in Europe?

    1. France

    2. Sweden

    3. UK

    I bet for Sweden.

  • Close enough. They don’t want the Army overthrowing them in the event of a popular uprising, so they’re trying to break up its implicit whiteness and turn it into a balkanised janissary-style force. Obviously a few rank-and-file squaddies are going to end up blown to bits, Ford Hood-style, in the process; but why should that bother a ruling class that “doesn’t have the resources” to monitor Syrian-trained terrorists in London but sees fit to pay Saatchi and Saatchi £60m to counter-signal the Alt-Right?

  • The English are the lesser sons of greater men and they will lose their Empire. Indeed, it seems they already have.

  • Yes, clearly Muslims in the police and military forces are part of the Islamization of Europe, and clearly many European politicians and voters are in favor of that. And those Muslims will be, and are already being, used to oppress the Europeans fighting the Muslim invasion. I am thinking specifically of a 2017 White Nationalist protest in Sweden where Muslims in the Swedish police abused Swedish White Nationalists while the other cuck police stood by and laughed. It is infuriating beyond words.

    • Swedes don’t make me suck but bring me enormous sadness like seeing a child bullied by a older kids with zero sympathy.

  • As an Eastern European living in the UK, I can say (from my point of view) that the West is simply too cucked and I see no hope of institutional change. There might be some change if a Civil War breaks out, like it did in the former Yugoslavia. Only then will White people wake up. The problem with that is, aside from the fact that it would result in the deaths of many people and in the rape of many girls and women, that Whites would not be guaranteed to win a Civil War. There simply would be no guarantee. They might lose.

    And I want to say very clearly that I am NOT calling for violence. I am NOT supporting violence. I am NOT calling for any kind of Civil, or Ethnic, or Religious, or Racial wars.

  • The Bolsheviks were so freaked out by the possibility of White rebellion in the Red Army that they instituted their commissar bureaucracy. Commissars had to review and cosign all acts by officers. Later, as the officer ranks were filled with the next generations of brain-washed kids, they backed off the commissar control system. But they are obviously very concerned that the British could rebel. I don’t doubt for a second that they want to create non-white ethnic enclaves in the military that will have no problem attacking whites. Heck, it’s what I would do in the same situation.

  • Whatever ethnic group controls the police and military controls the country. Look at Yugoslavia. When tensions explode whoever grabs the military gear first is going to be the champion.

  • Muslims won’t have any problem killing natives. Heck, they are already doing it but now they gets thrown into jail – occassionally. But as military it will be completely lawful for them to kill any white people they want. They will only be snubbed off if they kill the wrong white people at the top.

  • I’m pretty sure the Royal Artillery have tactical nuclear weapons for the guns and that the RAF has nuclear warheads too. You can’t have Muslims and a bomb.

  • The insanity of the Western elite is clearly there, however the influence of the international jew is the ultimate cause. It was the post WW2 order of making the holocaust the most sacred event, the pop culture from Hollywood and the music business, the control of academia and the easy to corrupt politicians that created what we have now, in all of these the jews played the central role.

  • You know how all of this started? That Faustian spirit.

    Labor is actually a very conservative force. It talks about limits because it is in constant contact with the physical world and it knows first-hand what it takes to get the job done.

    Labor was telling the ruling classes that this was it. This was all that there was, that could be done by the limits of human endurance.

    The ruling classes, large numbers of them, refused to be bound by gravity. This did lead to many advances. But it was also haphazard and often ethically dubious, such as hooking the Chinese on opium.

    Or importing Paki laborers.

    So yes, the Pakis living in southern England are a result of that Faustian spirit which the English ruling class possessed.

    • …what in god’s name are you talking about?

      Maybe the capitalist class simply realized there was more money to be made by importing scab labor.

      Don’t use terms like “Faustian spirit” that you don’t understand.

      • The Elite in Britain lost the 400,000,000 Indians so they just decided to import them into the home islands to boost GDP.

        • Unfortunately it boosts GDP but not GDP PER CAPITA, which it drives down, making the country poorer. But the rich get richer from the bigger market for their goods. That’s the story of globalization. Making the rich richer and the jews more powerful.

    • Well said, maniac! Indeed the capitalist-masonic-humanist West has a Frankensteiniac-Promethean-Faustian spirit. That is the demonic spirit of the cult of succes leading to blind hubris and ultimate doom.

    • I actually agree that this is one factor in the story… I can easily see that if someone wants to realize a project, economic in that case… and everybody around him is like, noo, we can´t do that that way… noo… it´s not possible because… blah blah: then one may well want to resort to other means to get things done.

      However: in my view, these “faustian” qualities, and their consequences, are only instrumentalized by the you-know-who, for a yet entirely clear objective: the extermination of the White Race.
      So… that “faustian” aspect is all but secondary in the bigger picture

      (I need however to add that IMO, the “jew-problem” is, in an existentialist sense, even more incredibly complicated than it may seem: because… while I fully posit that they are just malign and hostile… in order to be powerful, they strive to be, and actually are, the best. That is why so many good things are connected with jews. Yet they are hostile and want to exterminate us. It´s the same structure as the ouroboros… and it even has the same origin: the problem of duality… but that is impossibly difficult to gasp for most).

      • I partially view the faustian spirit as similar, if not originating, from the Jewish religion. The Jews really impressed the Romans with their fanaticism–fanaticism which could only come from their peculiar religion. This is why Jews were given privileges in Roman society, and why Christianity came to take hold in Roman society.

        Say what you will, but it really takes fanatical devotion for the ultra-orthodox to be as they are. They were the bitter clingers who were so fanatical that they changed from mad warriors to these crazy scholars who argued over everything.

      • Best in what sense though Peter?

        Their methods of gaining power are wholly feminine and repulsively degenerate.

        They’re just the only ones willing to use these dishonorable tactics as a collective.

        When whites want power they take it heroically, face to face, Mano e Mano. The Jew is a snake. He sneaks in the back door, steals your wife’s wedding ring and then tries to sell it back to you.

      • “That is why so many good things are associated with Jews”

        What would that be? Usury? Gay marriage? Women’s Lib? Hollyweird? Usury? Multi national Corporation Monopolies? Rap music?

        Jews have done no good for the world. Their the embodiment of what Christians call Satan.

    • Wow, someone else who understands that the Faustian spirit- selling our souls to expansionism and technics- is not a good thing. Too bad Spencer doesn’t get it and keeps babbling about it like it’s something we need to continue.

  • ? How is that even unclear? Every ruling class has as its main enemy the own people-cattle, as a simple question of arithmetic of power (groups battling for power, here: 1 group = ruling class, other group = ruled class of cattle-people). So how do you control your enemy? By fostering the enemy of your enemy. That is what the western ruling class does: importing hordes of murderers to keep any dissent in check. Add to that the secular jewish hate and genocide campaign against Whites and the fact that the jews have taken over the western ruling class…. -> ? where is the question? They are planning to exterminate us, period… “duh”.

  • White men are no longer willing to risk their lives for the globalist agenda. Hell i don’t want to die in Afghanistan or some other shithole so these bastards can continue importing the heroin and destroy the mid east for Israel

  • The US Air Force describes diversity as a ‘military necessity’ in one of its many asinine publications. From what I see across the various branches, whites do the jobs that require bravery or intelligence, while ethnics flock to ‘support’ roles that are usually dysfunctional.

    Historically, the more monolithic a fighting force has been, the more effective it proves in battle. The Hellenes had trouble keeping their various city states committed to the war effort during the Persian invasion, and this was a difference in city states, not races. The Auxiliaries of Rome are an exception that proves the rule, as at first these where fellow Latins, and latter on they where subservient to proper Roman legions. The Germanic Foederati proved to be a disaster in the long term, as Germans learned Roman tactics, and eventually Roman and Germanic armies became nearly indistinguishable.

    • Diversity is a military necessity=bold face lying….The US Military wants a majority nonwhite Military=US Military is waging a race war against the HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY…..

      What did three star US Army General Robert Casey say after the Fort Hood Massacre by a Muslim “American”?

      North Korea is not our enemy….The US Military is our enemy…

  • My question is do the European leaders think they’ll be protected once all of their own people are exterminated? Are they promised life & luxury? If they believe they will avoid any form of slavery or torture then they are obviously idiots.

      • and most dont have kids to begin with so they dont have to think long term. i dont either but i have 750,000,000 brothers and sisters. dude we have all we ever will. want me to give the battle plan ive been working on the last 12 years?

    • Whites are extremely adept at abstract thinking and deferred gratification. Both of these are ways the technical side of the brain controls the more animal, instinctive side. This is great for cold-climate survival and developing technology, but horrible when dealing with Middle Eastern peoples, who are steeped in tribal and psychological warfare. Whites, more than any other people, can deny what their own body and instincts tell them.

      If whites finally wake up, they are formidable. But it may be too late.

    • No, they’ll convert to Islam and marry into wealthy Muslim families. Just look at the royal family. The House of Windsor is about to get blacked.







  • At the moment..table in front of me….down the road from Mr. and Mrs Derbyshire….Rice University Recruiter interviewing a high school student…very elite high school….wants to work in Silicon Valley.


    This is real time reporting to my AltRight Comrades….

    Would you like to hear more?

    • You should have heard the interview with the Duke University Recruiter in October…thought he was a KHARZAR….turns out to be an Irish midget who went through the Duke Navy ROTC Program…lands at Goldman Sachs..


  • The English Elite want to murder their own kind…..

    The English Elites realized that if any dissent is permitted against the policy of importing muslims….there will be a direct road from this to hanging Theresa May from a street light…..Therefore to prevent any dissent from the Natives…..The Natives have to be murdered…’s all very logical and rationale from their perspective….

    • If I can venture a prediction:

      At some point in time the English Elites will call for the out-rignt mass murder of the NATIVE BORN ENGLISH WORKING CLASS…I believe that they can be triggered to do this by going through the sequence:THEY DESERVE TO DIE…_onto:EXTERMINATE THE ENGLISH WORKING CLASS!!!…KILL THEM!!!….KILL THEM!!!

      Don’t underestimate the role that English Boomer Normie sex drugs and rock and roll culture in all of this….

      PEDERAST Pete Townshend deserves to be sealed live kicking and screaming in a vat of car battery acid along with Roger Daltry….

  • I doubt this is the case, but it sure does make a person think doesn’t it. Especially when you take into consideration those odd questions they had for the military a few years ago. ‘Would you fight/disarm civilians in the US if you were asked to do so’. They really don’t have the numbers to pull this off effectively….for now. In any event, it’s a scary thought, and one more reason we need to get these people out asap. Thanks Vince, you asshole.

  • Britain is a fucking engine of evil at this point. They’re not putting Muslims into the army to wage a war against Russia, they’re putting Muslims into the army so they can exterminate the last White Brits one day.

    • Spot on The British Empire’s German Nazi Roots from the Saxe-Coburg Gotha Germanic bloodline will be the tombstone of the UK. Now with their new angle to bring in a Negress to the family line. They probably regret offing Dianna as she would have introduced a Muslim line in with Dodi Fayed.

      • Because we all know how much Nazis love muslims and negresses, right? Your precious “Germanic” royals are crypto-Jews and you know it. And if the Third eich had won, this madness would not be happening.

  • Remember how white genocide went from ‘you are being a conspiracy theorist’ to ‘there is nothing you can do to stop it’? Same thing here. At the start, there is no plan. Eventually as things proceed a plan comes into being because if you give a bunch of evil people power and a tool for hurting others they will figure out how to combine the two to maximize the amount of pain inflicted.

      • They are trying hard. Look at the latest Japanese Miss Universe candidate, Ariana Miyamoto. She’s a negress.

        After Europe and the US succumb, then Japan will be simply a mopping up operation. China may hold out longer. These elites think very long term, and they are relentless. They bite off a chunk at a time. Their control of the US and European media allows them to suppress any opposing voices. In the more ‘dangerous countries’ like Germany, they quietly institute massive control over the courts.

      • thats y i say why give them the initiative? lets get this going. summer will be in their favor. we can just shut off the power and let em fight with each other for the warm spots. if they get left in the cold they wont support the deep state like they do now

    • At the start there was a plan, Coudenhove-Kalergi, as far back as the 1920s. And it wouldn’t surprise me to learn it was only a revamp of an earlier, unpublicized plan and Kalergi was merely fronting for our hook nosed friends of eons past…

  • The ecstatic vision of the Western capitalist globalists is just a sad losers rerun of Victorian imperialism.

    And so the European nations have become the last home of the failed colonial experiment.

    The corporate-judeo-masonic elite who run Britain as an absurd-banal mini-scale version of the former empire will of course seek to ride the tiger of the growing muslim populus.

    As Karl Marx said: History first manifests as tragedy, then as farce.

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