Anti-Racism As Slave Morality

There are arguably two strains of moral values observable within systems of slave morality — those which arise organically from the masses to satisfy psychological needs of theirs, and those which are imposed upon the masses to keep them adrift, docile, powerless, and thus easily ruled over. Anti-racism is of the latter type. It is a moral value inculcated into whites by white-haters and specifically designed to keep whites enslaved.

Examples of the former type of slave morality are values like meekness, altruism and “body positivity.” They are values and movements that the weak buy into largely on account of their status as weak links and degraded members of a society. These values are an inversion of reality (a re-sentiment in Nietzsche-speak), a way to make their obvious shortcomings and incontinence seem noble or good, an illusion that magically transforms failure into success (much like the way the left has turned bad decision making, poverty and/or habitual criminality into commodities based on faux victimhood). Most Marxist values have a similar dimension and are rooted in a kind of learned helplessness or culture of loserdom. It is easier to deny that good things are good, or to claim that bad things are good, than to put in the hard work necessary to actually succeed or prosper. The logic is that since one is a loser and will always be a loser, instead of rising up, adapting to one’s circumstances and improving oneself, the solution is instead to change the world around you, by removing all those systems and standards which make one’s loserdom so unmistakable. If there is no wealth, no one is poor (not really true), if there is no beauty, no one is ugly (if only!). The Marxist (and Cultural Marxist) values of hard equality and anti-hierarchy are at least partially rooted in this kind of reality-inversion driven by deep psychological need.

The problem is not me, it’s the system! Ergo, we must completely remake the system!

Anti-racism on the other hand is top-down. It is a way for out-ethnics (white-haters) to keep whites down, and ideally to eliminate them altogether. It is a morality taught to the slaves to keep them submissive and powerless. The slaves can’t organize if you tell them that slaves are not a group of people with common interests, but an illusion, a social construct. And no group organizes or revolts if its members are broken, dispirited, or ashamed of themselves and their history. So whitey, make no mistake about it, you are not a race, you are not a people, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a white supremacist fascist lunatic. You’re just afraid of a changing world and haven’t got the skills to survive in that brave new world. Got it, loser? Signed, your anti-asperistic Cultural Marxist overlords.

It is time for whites to overcome the “anti-racist” mindset which serves as the moral foundation for our dispossession. Let it go and the folly, the sheer insanity of letting our lands be overrun by hostile out-ethnics becomes undeniable. We are being conquered and destroyed by people who take their tribal and racial interests very seriously. Very seriously. To those conquering us, “anti-racism” is just a means to get their hands on our lands, our money and our women, nothing more. Ethnic networking, out-group discrimination and tribal thinking are all ubiquitous in the Jewish, Muslim, Hispanic and black communities. Peddling anti-racism is a kind of psy-op, a way to break down the white enemy’s sense of self and community, nothing more. It is for those foolish, idealistic, Middle-American whites (translation: gentiles) to practice, no one else could be that self-denying (translation: maladapted). It is a morality for the other, not for oneself. Furthermore, it aligns perfectly with the anti-white Western power class’s interests & worldview. All of you cheap, disposable, substitutable peons on the bottom rung of society are equal, we at the top are less equal. Anti-racism is also a moral standard only applied to whites, and only whites take it seriously. They have turned our magnanimity against us, and we have submitted half-willingly.

We have thereby shackled ourselves by a false morality, a slave morality. We are fighting with two hands behind our backs as our enemies pummel us into extinction.

The surest way for whites to overcome this “anti-racist” slave morality is to finally see it for what it is, namely a weapon wielded by peoples who hate us, specifically crafted to destroy us and the wonderful civilization we have built. That’s what it is. That’s all it is.

Racism for many successful peoples is normal, natural and healthy, especially in moderation. The only alternative is open-borders, dhimmitude, brownification/blackification and our wholesale self-destruction. The evidence for this viewpoint is overwhelming. Anti-racism, especially as applied, but even if unselectively applied, entails disaster for white people. Anyone telling you otherwise is trying to harm you and deep down probably hates you. It’s obvious. You know this by the way the non-whites and anti-whites telling you this typically behave. These folks, especially non-white “anti-racists” take their own racial interests quite seriously. Indeed, they often put those interests above all else.

I have never, not even once, engaged in an internet debate with a self-described “anti-racist” which didn’t culminate in them throwing around anti-white racist slurs and invective. Not even once, in hundreds of debates. Anti-racists are always and everywhere deeply, committedly anti-white. If anti-racism as a cardinal moral value was good for you, they wouldn’t believe in it, nor would they jam it down your throat. “Anti-racism” is harmful to whites, to our material interests and to our communities.

Indeed, to anti-white leftists and the anti-white Western power class, that is its most cherished feature.

The enemies of the white race (like Tim Wise and Noel Ignatiev) don’t believe in practicing anti-racism toward you, they believe in you practicing anti-racism toward them! A morality meant only for you, taught to you by your enemies but not practiced by them, is not a true morality, it is not universalizable, it is a slave’s morality. They teach you that slave morality because they know it hurts you as much as it helps them. If you buy into it you’re a damned fool, you are effectively an Armenian day-laborer paving the road to Deir ez-Zor in the years preceding World War I.

It is time for whites to adopt pride in our race and our accomplishments, to prize once again nobility and strength of will, as our ancestors did, to reinstitute a master morality as it were. Slave morality isn’t good for anyone. So the choice is yours: cower before your depraved, anti-white masters who would whip you for micro-aggressions and for loving and standing up for your heritage, or get off your knees and pick up the whip white man, the future is yours to tame.


  • Slave morality begins with what is conceives as bad and defines what is good as its opposite. Master morality begins with what is conceives as good and defines what is bad in contradistinction. This is the key, the beginning premise. Is your first instinct to conceive of the bad, or conceive of the good?

    Furthermore, the logic of master morality is as follows: what is good is anything that enhances me, what is bad is anything that diverts me from enhancement. In a sense, master morality is highly “individualistic.” It does not justify itself in the name of others.

  • Here’s the thing….when people talk about “slave morality” without acknowledging that it’s a subjective and ideologically-loaded term that *only has meaning within a very narrow, parochial system of thought* they end up sounding like Marxists who blather about the “proletariat” or “alienation” as if these terms represented objective, observable phenomena. There are objectively observable phenomena that correlate to the content of what people mean when they say “slave morality” or “alienation”, but those concepts themselves are just ideological lenses laid over the phenomena which cause them to be seen in a certain way, and saying that this way represents something “true” is just another way of saying, “I am a Nietzschean” or “I am a Marxist”; they’re not arguments that prove Nietzscheanism or Marxism are right. If you have to assume “slave morality” is a valid, self-subsisting concept in order to prove Nietzscheanism, then your argument is circular and without foundation.

  • “In the evolutionary ‘arms race’ between cuckoos and any host species, there is a sort of built-in unfairness, resulting from unequal costs of failure. Each individual cuckoo nestling is descended from a long line of ancestral cuckoo nestlings, every single one of whom must have succeeded in manipulating its foster-parent. Any cuckoo nestling that lost its hold, even momentarily, over its host would have died as a result. But each individual foster-parent is descended from a long line of ancestors many of who never encountered a cuckoo in their lives. And those that did have a cuckoo in their nest could have succumbed to it and still lived to rear another brood next season. The point is that there is an asymmetry in the cost of failure. Genes for failure to resist enslavement by cuckoos can easily be passed down the generations of robins or dunnocks. Genes for failure to enslave foster-parents cannot be passed down generations of cuckoos.”

    The Gene Pool of the White European Peoples is definitely going to change in the Future………

    It’s 100% Guaranteed……….

    Will Alt-Right Predisposed/Inclined Neurotypes become more Concentrated??

    Without a Doubt…….


    GREAT READ……..


  • Very good article. Here similar thoughts:

    What does racism, sexism, age-sim, look-ism etc. have in commmon?


    All that´s about is to prohibit Whites tro be a GROUP.
    Why? Because a group is strong, an individual is weak.

    That´s all there is to the jewish war on Whites.

    I.e.: if you look at all the campaigns… what does it all come down to?: Whites are prevented to act as a group. That is why we are not allowed to have a White identity: we would form a group based upon that quailty. We are inundated with the propaganda to emphasize the individual; cf. good old Sargon.

    Whereas EVERY other group that is NOT: white male hetero christian, is PUSHED to be a group: black-pride, homo-pride, women´s whatever, fat-pride, etc.

    So: Whites males as a group are the strongest power on earth: ergo, all the others: niggers of all colors, females, misfits of all kinds, need to form an alliance to balance this Whtie male power. And one of their strategies is to destroy the cohesion of White males.

    Ok: so this is simply war between different groups. God knows, there is nothing special to it. The ONE EFFING SPECIAL point at it is that WE DON´T UNDERSTAND THAT WAR IS WAGED AGAINST US! It´s clear in the wik of an eye that when White males accept the declaration of war against them, trhe war is already won by us. But by dissolving us as a group, i.e. denying our identity, and by obscuring that ut´s just a power battle but claiming that it´s about morals, we have been paralysed.

    Let´s just pick up the gauntlet and finish this war… or rather, this miserable little revolt of the misfits… already!

  • People like “site665” in his comments below are, deep down, afraid that they will be kicked out of Western countries, and that’s why they come to pro-white sites like this to argue. They are terrified of white unity, because they are terrified of the remotest prospect of being permanently removed from the Western world. They know the destiny of their progeny will not be a good one outside of the Eurosphere.

    Well the fact of the matter is it’s a zero-sum game. It’s us or them. Either they thrive at our expense and we die out, or we save ourselves and exclude them physically and culturally until they are no longer among us. I’m sure on some instinctive level they will understand and accept that we are going to put our own survival first. To not do so would be unnatural and fitting of extinction.

  • Well said. We need to rebuild a sense of brotherhood. We need to change political systems in the West – liberal democracy has failed, led us to destruction. We need to create new constitutions, rebuild the notions of social hierarchy, order, values and morality.

  • Nietzsche on slave morality:

    “Only those who suffer are good, only the poor, the powerless, the lowly are good; the suffering, the deprived, the sick, the ugly, are the only pious people, the only ones saved, salvation is for them alone, whereas you rich, the noble and powerful, you eternally wicked cruel, lustful, insatiate, godless, you will be eternally wretched, cursed and damned.” (On the Genealogy of Morals)

    • I am not defending “slave morality” here, but from the Christian point of view, this attitude could be explained like this: this world is currently in the hands of an illegitimate tyrant (Satan), and therefore those are “doing well” under this false system are showing their disloyalty to the true king (God). In such a way, the loyal Cavaliers regarded those who decided to serve the new regime after Cromwell’s victory, and the Jacobites after the Glorious Revolution, as dishonorable sellouts. Those types might have much money and official glory, but they have lost their honor – “sold their souls,” so to speak.

      And when the true King would return, those traitors would pay dearly – “When the king enjoys his own again“.

      Also among pagan Romans, republicans like Brutus loudly denounced those who would like to be happy and fat under the usurped monarchical power, instead of going through righteous sufferings for liberty.

    • Even the ideal of meekness can be given a more masculine interpretation; instead of seeing it as feminine sentimentalism, it could be understood as similar to strict army discipline: in the Spartan order (or in the old British navy), a good soldier is supposed to “meekly” take even flogging as punishment, instead of growing rebellious. “Thank you sir, may I have another.”

  • Oh, enough with the drama! Noone’s saying that Whites aren’t a race or that they their heritage is disgraceful! Society’s telling you only one thing – Today, and forever more, you must compete for civil, academic, economic, and domestic esteem. Adapt to it, and quit threatening to go Nazi. That won’t make your boss promote you ahead of Chan, and it won’t make the “it” girl pick you instead of Juan. If you want to thrive, you must do it by merit, and not by force.

    • Should Asians compete against the world within China

      Blacks against the world in Nigeria?

      Arabs against the world in Saudi Arabia?

      Your entire premise is false and it hinges entirely upon the dissolution of the nation state in favor of a complete global market place. No nations, no people’s, no traditions. Just a world of useless eaters fighting over the same pie. All controlled by a small ((( elite))).

      Of course we all know that only applies to white western nations and that the non whites can keep their ethnostates.

      • This entire continent WAS nonwhite . . . until Whites invaded it and killed off most of its indigenous people. Globalism has always been a reality. And you’re butthurt over its effect on your dreams and lifestyle. Not because its actually “unfair”, that is to say, unfair for ANYONE. What can I say? It’s a sh*tty time to be an #altsnowflake .

      • Well, looks like my comment got deleted. I guess one of the admins is a “BIGLY” #snowflake .

        Let’s try this again.

        This whole continent was nonwhite . . . until Whites invaded it and killed off most of its indigenous people. Globalism has always been a reality. You’re only butthurt with it now, because its tanking your dreams and lifestyle. No way do you care about its negative effects on other groups.

        • 1) Where whites go, human progress follows.
          Where certain other groups go (blacks/Arabs), human misery follows.
          There is therefore no moral equivalence whatsoever between white conquest & Muslim conquest or African conquest or (to a lesser extent) hispanic conquest. You don’t seem to understand this. When certain groups spread it is a net positive for humanity, for human flourishing, for technological progress, etc. When other groups spread it is bad for those things. That’s a fundamental moral reality/distinction. To ignore it is to ignore what matters.
          2) Whites won in open warfare, yes. They acquired most of North America by being superior in every way in military affairs. They didn’t sneak into a sovereign country through underground tunnels built by drug cartels & then hide behind its people’s civility & the protection of its laws! LOL. Whites won in open warfare. We earned the land in an essential sense. We buried our children as we tamed the West. My ancestors subjected themselves to unimaginable savagery & risk to pass their gains onto their progeny. How is that at all comparable to what 3rd Worlders are doing today? It’s an idiotic argument. These folks aren’t building a nation. They’re coming to exploit the wealth of a nation that has already been built. They live off of taxpayer dollars & enjoy the fruits of white genius, that they themselves are completely incapable of replicating or generating by their own natural abilities. This whole line of reasoning is beyond nonsense.
          3) Globalism has not “always been a reality”. There have been periods of much globalism & migration & periods of much insularity, nationalism & stasis. There are regions & nations that are globalistic today & regions & nations that are not. Globalism is not inevitable, nor is it desirable in all degrees.
          4) Nobody deleted your comment, you worthless fuckwit. Your original comment is still visible. Good god you’re lost.

          • Spraguer, people of color have (Yes, I know you hate this word. That’s why it’s a treat to use it.) enriched White nation’s from day 1. Hell, even one of the Wise men was African. No claimed “achievement” of Whites would have existed without nonwhites. Their dedication, effort, intelligence, and bravery has built much of Europe and ALL of this continent. The first White Americans had, literally, “built” their colonies on Native American’s welfare and Native American’s life-support. Slavery enabled feeble Whites (disabled, elderly, drunks, spendthrifts, etc.) to prosper. Chinese-Americans turned the seed of our Industrial Revolution – the railroad – from a dream, into a reality. Hispanic-Americans spent centuries cultivating the southwest and Florida, easing Anglos’ path into those forbidding lands. Today, all of those groups run businesses you shop in, teach at schools you attend, govern you, care for you during illness, and on and on. Your denial of their contributions is greedy, insecure, dishonest, and petulant. And none of your alt-facts can blind you to the truth you live in every day – we ALL sustain America.

          • Nogs built absolutely NONE of Europe and have been a constant burden in NA. Slavery did not build America. It held the South back. Go peddle your lies somewhere else faggot.

        • Look nigger. I want my reperations for the barbary slave trade, the 700 year Moorish occuptation/enslavement of Spain, the Ottoman slave trade and Crimean Khanate. Until I get some ackowledgement and restitution I don’t give a shit about your fucking whining. It’s not our fault Haiti genocided all the white people from their country and things inevitably turned to shit afterwards. We don’t owe them a goddamn thing. They made thier bed, now they can eat shit and die in it. Fuck off.

        • We are Awakening, Coalescing, and Building STRONGER each day……..

          And you FEAR us…….

          And you Should…….

          Your Tactics are similar to a Beach Tent withstanding a Tsunami……..

    • Unless you’re a non-white person, then you get diversity preferences in hiring & school admissions because “oppression”.
      Unless you’re a non-white person, then you can say whatever you want, in particular about white people, and whites can’t respond because “whining” & “privilege”.
      Unless you’re a non-white person, then you can ethnically network with impunity because we must make up for “historical wrongs”.
      Unless you’re a non-white person, then you can celebrate your race & its accomplishments because you have to combat muh “white supremacist power structure” (doesn’t really exist).
      You’re a fool. An actual fool.
      Everyone (certainly everyone in the US power structure) is saying “race isn’t real” but only have a problem when white people say anything on the subject or advancing their own racial interests, democratically or otherwise.
      Everyone (certainly everyone on TV) is saying the world will be a much better place when white people are finally gone. Because “racism” or something.
      In fact, it’s the only thing you’re allowed to say in the West. You can’t say anything but that without being accused of Nazism.
      You clearly live on some other planet. Please come back to this website when you touchdown on Earth.

    • Compete with us in your own shitty countries, instead of parasiting off of what other people built, and feeling like we owe it to you.

    • NO…….

      You will eventually SUBMIT……

      You will NOT Define our Morality……..

      We are RISING……..

      You seem Neurotically OBSESSED……….

      And this is just the BEGINNING……..


    • Dr. Anthony Napoleon is very accessible as well.

      I found him to be a good read, if you need something to share that is going to deliver the red pills in bite size pieces (much like Ms Coulter does in Adios America), I’d recommend:

      – The Progressive Virus

      – A Look Inside the Playbook: How Marxists Plan to Destroy America

      – Shadow Men

  • Anti-semitism must be included in anti-racism, I don’t know why a different word is used for Jews for the same natural instinct. Is racism towards Jews more important or in a different class? Yes, no one is more threatening than Jews. These are perfectly natural reactions to strangers or people who don’t belong to our community, our nation, or our race, people who are threatening us in whatever ways. Without it we are neutralized and unable to defend ourselves. This is a wake-up call, let’s all claim back our natural instincts to defend ourselves or we are doomed. Say it out loud: I am a racist and f…. proud of it. I am an anti-semite and I’m glad because if I wasn’t these freaks would destroy my race and our civilization. Great article!

    • After a lifetime of swimming through Hollywood lies, the biggest red pill to take is that Hitler was right about the kikes. Acknowledging their active roles in ruining our European societies brings sense to a senseless world.

  • Nothing says I’m white and don’t give shit about y’all or if you know it quite like cowboy boots and a nice camouflage hat. When your strutting around these blacks and browns staring them all in the eye dressed like your about to shoot a deer or lasso a cow, they know what’s up and will bow their fuckin heads.

    Throw in a rebel flag T and you’ll feel The natural power and you have over these folk. Try it out.

    If you really want to make a negro feel like his ancestors did wear all the above but tuck your shirt in and carry your pistol with you.

    Ps about to order a maga hat. Hat + rebel flag+ boots= maximum triggering.

    • You couldn’t be more correct. I’ve caused colored people and wiggers to stare in awe just because I’m clean shaven, wearing a polo tee with khakis or cargo shorts and am walking confidently down the street with good posture, instead of hunched over like some half evolved ape. I’ve even heard ‘He must be a soldier or something, his back is so straight’.

      • They don’t know how to react to a man who carries himself straight and projects white power.

        The other day at sams club I was all cowboyed up and since I’m in the SW it was full of Mestizos but I could feel the fear and resentment oozing off these guys. They feel inadequate next to white man who harnesses the ancestral flame.

        Hell, I’m only 5’8 so even in 1 1/2 in boots I’m not very tall but they still know who runs shit.

        • And what about African-Americans who wear a ‘fro out to there (extends hands) and a shirt with an “X”? Arab-Americans who wear bomb-accessible robes? Civilians who are Israeli-American or Korean-American, but choose to sport military garb? Mexican-Americans who tat up with gang symbols? Native-Americans who spray-paint AIM on their chests and smear war-paint on their faces? Whites aren’t the only guys who wag their small-fries and try to terrify the populace. You are ALL pathetic thugs!!!

          • The bar is much lower for whites though isn’t it?
            Basically if you’re a white man in public and not flogging yourself for your ancestors’ supposed wrongs or sporting a pink pussyhat or showing off your new cock cage, you’re a would-be terrorist thug.
            The truth is, 90% of black men go around strutting their stuff regularly, browbeating every beta they come across, flashing their masculinity around like King Kong, perpetually encroaching on the personal space of others, etc. It’s only when white people don’t whimper & cower before 3rd Worlders that you say anything. You’re just a pussy dude. You should consult my paragraph on the meek. That’s you. You’re not noble, you’re not good, you’re just a pussy. You tell yourself everyone who isn’t a pussy is a thug so you can feel better about being a pussy.

          • And that’s what’s it’s all about Spraguer. This little soy boy probably grew up in nice subrubian all white neighborhood and went to all white schools. He only interacts with the talented tenth ( uncles toms) or through the TV. He only sees Mexicans when he needs his lawn trimmed.
            He’s never lived where we have. He’s never seen how these animals stalk white people like there’re prey.
            He’s never had a pack a negroes walk up on him before.
            I grew up in a southern town that was split. East side white, west side black. Schools were intermixed. I fought a dozen negroes in middle and high school merely out of Survival.

            I know what keeps these feral bastards at bay. Fearless Aggression and zero fucks given.

            Ivory tower dough boys like him only believe what the TV tells them.

          • @site665

            Obviously you don’t have ‘small-fries’ to wag. Are you perhaps LGBTG? Or one of those folk who remove their small-fry parts?

  • Great article. Just subscribed to be a “Plus” member. Everyone else should do the same, AR will need financial support to really give our movement momentum.

  • But the ¨monster¨ DID…¨swallow him alive.” He died in a state of madness and ultimately catatonia. Mere men, no matter how greatly esteemed, are greatly limited mere men. That is why it is the greatest wisdom to trust/hope in God. Who can only be the God of the Bible.

    • There is some pussy footing going around.

      You surely can’t deny the aesthetics of a wholesome blond in a wheat field Jonny.

      Has to be earned though. No thots in wheat fields!

      • Fair enough. tbh playing the victim card does have its merits from a propaganda standpoint, but honestly it brings in people who already feel marginalized by society, not the wholesome middle class types that much of the movement hopes to attract with its optics cucking. They roll their eyes at “white genocide” because they don’t feel that their being genocided. The systems been good to them. Why would they go against it. It’s the same with women. They’ll come over to our side, when we have something better to offer them than the mainstream normie society does.


    It’s a really GROOVY tune you know…

  • In Chinese only China…it’s HAN PEOPLE POWER 365 DAYS A YEAR!!!

    And the anti-racist bowel movement and Noam Chomsky support this with no apologies….

  • The intellectual rigor displayed on this site and other altright outlets surpass anything currently posessed by their ideological rivals. Ours is an unapologetically dashing movement. Smart and strong unlike anything the establishment can offer. I’d urge our best men to actively debate and engage with rivals, truth and god are clearly on our side and there’s no way we can fail.

    • Except their is. Watch the news (No, I’m not talking about Faux News and BratBart.) this week? Cheeto’s (latest) racist brought several whites to tears. They’re deeply hurt by a “president” who reduces their friends, coworkers, and public servants to “shit”. Go figure.

        • @site665

          Leftists call everyone else racists but it’s just blatant psychological projection. Underneath the facade, they are the BIGGEST racists of all time. They have no problem with expunging White heritage at every level; societal, historical, genetic. Leftist denial is called self delusion. Together these create a state called GENOCIDAL SELF DELUSION. It’s a beautiful case of MASS SOCIOPATHY.

      • If you’re going to debate people online, you should probably try to learn the difference between “there” & “their” first. Sad.

          • Actually you made two typoes. LOL.
            The first you corrected. The second you didn’t presumably because you really don’t know the difference between “their” & “there”. Sad.
            What content? The orange cheeto stuff? Nothing you say is substantive, pal. It’s boilerplate Cultural Marxist propaganda.

          • Actually, I’ve just corrected my other typo. So, now YOU need to edit your bogus, nitpicking comment.

            Cheeto is what I call Trump. I’m loathe to use his name, and I’ll NEVER call him “President”. He’s no leader and no real man. Like a Cheeto, he’s just a bloated, orange, piece of junk.

            And the content of my articles is clear, reasonable, and impossible to refute – America belongs to EVERY American. Once Cheeto “cucks” on DACA, RAISE, and “the wall”, you’ll be reminded of that for the rest of your life. I can’t wait to see that happen, and its timing is sweet poetic justice – fair immigration reform will begin in the most racist “administration” since Andrew Jackson’s. Priceless!

          • 1) You did not edit your prior comment. It is still there in its incorrect state. Oh, & I don’t need to do shit. This is my article homo. You’re just bottom-feeding on my butt crumbs.
            2) By the way, “loathe” as you’ve used it here is another typo. What you want to say is “loath”. “Loathe” means to hate, to detest. “Loath” means to be reluctant or unwilling. The former is a verb, the latter an adjective. You meant “loath”. You are so badly overmatched my man, it’s actually sad watching you flail & flail like an insufferable fool on here. You would go elsewhere if you had any sense of shame.
            3) I don’t want America. You can have her.
            4) The “content of your articles is impossible to refute”? Good god, you are a self-absorbed, dim-witted douche canoe. Your lack of intellect is truly irremediable. You are so, so utterly lost.

          • Nope. I DO mean “loathe”. I absolutely “hate and detest Cheeto”. It’s a year into his “administration” and, so far, he’s done nothing that isn’t frightening, shallow, embarrassing, or vicious.

            And I’m NOT dim-witted or self-absorbed. I don’t believe that Cheeto will build me an 18-billion-dollar wall. I don’t believe we’d fund its upkeep, even if we did build it. I don’t believe he’s going to set religious or racial quotas on immigration. I don’t believe he’s going to deport million people. Those predictions will all come true, and you’ll break your promise to self-deport, though, of course, I wish you’d keep it. Perhaps you’ll flee the country, unable to withstand the humiliation of GROSSLY overestimating your level of power. Lord, I hope you’re just that big of a narcissist.

            Also, I’m not the one who wants to hog America for myself and my nonexistent “master race”. That’s ground-zero of selfishness, Spraguer. Still, I’ll be THRILLED to watch your epic tantrum over Cheeto’s immigration “cuck out”. And considering the fact that you’re a cowardly Nazi (At least Hitler didn’t write from behind a screen name.), you’re likely to silently “loathe”, yet marginally adapt to America’s newest citizens. I’m awaiting the joy of knowing that you’re out there, somewhere, collapsing from your “ethnostate” mania. Sorry #snowflakes are the most special!

          • 1) You. Are. An. Idiot.
            You may have meant to write “loathe”, but it is the incorrect use of the term.
            You can loathe Trump, but you can’t be “loathe” to use his name. Oh fuck it, I’m wasting my time on a mindless communist.
            2) I am not a Trump supporter. I voted for him because I thought there was a 20-30% chance he’d be able to follow through on some of his promises. 20-30% (Trump) is better than 0% (Clinton). I’m not going to be upset about anything Trump does. I’m not personally invested in Trump, or any politician for that matter.
            3) I never said anything about any master race, & I’m not a Nazi.
            You’re just losing a debate & lashing out like a petulant child. “Nazi” is all you clownish Neo-Bolsheviks have. Your behavior is despicable & pathetic but I expect no better from someone like you.
            4) Again, you are a stupid person. The rest of what you’ve written is sheer nonsense. If you feel the need to reply, I likely will not read what you write. If I do read some of it, I will not reply to it. I’ve interacted with you many times on this site, & in all that time you’ve never said anything interesting, profound or correct. Cheers.

          • Nope. You are a #moron. I’m sure your denial feels as great as your last drug binge. But, it’s not going to last. You NEVER had a 20-30% chance of getting what you wanted from Cheeto. Every citizen, save for the 1%-ers, is stuck with a 100% chance of getting fleeced by our #fakepresident . No one’s getting played by your defensive retreat from the orange monstrosity you voted for. And you will go down in history as one of our nation’s most dangerously stupid citizens.

          • We want to “hog” America for ourselves? Boy, you have balls. WE BUILT THE FUCKING COUNTRY! There was no country here before white people came, just land and bunch of naked savages. Slowly, white people built this country from the ground up, and once it became rich and powerful, nonwhites, who have accomplished nothing in history, want to steal the country our ancestors sweated for. So don’t tell me we want to hog america because it’s our damn country. And you and all your smug, arrogant, faggot friends can go fuck yourself!

      • Trump is absolutely correct. A lot of those countries fit the description. Any other description is simply a lie. It’s time our leaders remove their gloves.

        Sorry to hear about your deeply hurt cuckold friends. Maybe they should move out of the horribly racist US and move to Haiti to embrace the wonderful lifestyle.

  • If they don’t like White Racism…then they can go back to their fucking reeking stinking shitholes such as India and Pakistan….

    The ant-racist movement is a GENOCIDE MOVEMENT….it’s moving very rapidly towards this:the existence of White Children is now considered a HATE CRIME..

    • I second that sentiment. Especially this quote which I may use in the future:

      “I have never, not even once, engaged in an internet debate with a self-described “anti-racist” which didn’t culminate in them throwing around anti-white racist slurs and invective. Not even once, in hundreds of debates. Anti-racists are always and everywhere deeply, committedly anti-white.”

      That has been my experience too. For years I forgave leftists, especially those in my family, thinking they were just misguided. But their behavior is very similar to a psychological condition called ‘partial personality syndrome’, which I have encountered in several individuals over the years. Most experts will tell you that people with PPS cannot be cured. You cannot trust them, you cannot reason with them. They are relentless and until their dying day they will come after you with whatever their specific hang-up is. You have to entirely give up any hope of cure and just learn how to minimize their harmful actions.

      So now I just treat Leftists as PPS sufferers. There can be no mercy or forgiveness.

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