America Should Focus On Making The World Safe For White Nationalism

Pat Buchanan might yet live to write America’s obituary.

He’s getting up there in years, but the rot in America is spreading faster than he’s able to blow out birthday candles it seems.

As usual, wrote an excellent post the other day. In it, he tried to make sense of the US’ bizarre behavior abroad. He concludes that America has no moral or ideologically consistent or even coherent strategy:

Among the reasons U.S. foreign policy lacks consistency and moral clarity is that we Americans no longer agree on what our vital interests are, who our real adversaries are, what our values are, or what a good and Godly country looks like.

Was JFK’s America a better country than Obama’s America?

World War II and the Cold War gave us moral clarity. If you stood against Hitler, even if you were a moral monster like Joseph Stalin, we partnered with you.

From Winston Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” speech in 1946 to the end of the Cold War, if you stood with us against the “Evil Empire” of Reagan’s depiction, even if you were a dictator like Gen. Pinochet or the Shah, you were welcome in the camp of the saints.

But now that a worldwide conversion to democracy is no longer America’s mission in the world, what exactly is our mission?

“Great Britain has lost an empire,” said Dean Acheson in 1962, “but not yet found a role.”

Something of the same may fairly be said of us today.

Pat makes a good point, if the US is losing its empire and its whole raison d’etre, what will keep the whole project going in the future?

It seems that now America’s only real role now is to be the mailed fist of Israel in the Middle-East, an occupation army in Europe, a battering ram against Russia and a global enforcer of POZ.

Sucks, but that seems to be the US as it is, when all’s said and done and we strip away the veneer of pro-Democracy and pro-Values and all that sort of thing.

If Pat is right and this not a viable raison d’etre to keep the whole project together, that means that America will need a new vision going forward.

Why not let it be White Nationalism?

I don’t want to mince words here. America should become what it was always intended to be: a White nation welcoming only other White men of good character into the country.

Abroad, the US should seek friendship and cooperation with other White countries.

The US should be a model – living proof that cooperation and friendship among different ethnic groups of Whites is possible.

You want a vision for the future? Why not instead of making the world safe for democracy, making the world safe for White people again?

There will be no shortage of besieged White communities to intervene on behalf of in the years to come. If America needs a new vision to refresh and rejuvenate its flagging understanding of her mission in the world – let it be this.

Could you imagine how White people might react? To hear that some country had their backs? That they’ve got their sort of Israel championing their cause and their rights?

I could see the silent outpouring of relief and goodwill to that country changing the entire political landscape overnight.

Maybe not right now even, but soon.

The first country to raise the banner of White pride worldwide will become a lightning rod. So what better country than the US to do it? Protected by two oceans and with a powerful military – the other Occupied White Nations could do nothing to stop the US from pursuing its new White Destiny.

In fact, it seems that the only place in the world where this project can take off IS the United States. The rest of the White world is under siege or outright occupation.

Which is fine, because the US is unique in that sense. White Nationalism was the founding principle of this country and it must become so again very soon.

I only hope we all live to see that day sooner rather than later.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • It seems that now America’s only real role now is to be the mailed fist of Israel in the Middle-East, an occupation army in Europe, a battering ram against Russia and a global enforcer of POZ.”
    powerfully brother NJ

  • The country will be Greece. They have a powerful Muslim neighbor they have to face in daily basis. Greeks are white Med with a Slav touch: people with really lack of white guilt.

  • This obsession with “white men” only (excluding white women) is getting old. It is immature and destructive. The 1790 US immigration act offered citizenship to “free white persons of good character,” not just to men. There is no white nation without white women. Grow up, frat boys. Real men don’t hate or fear women writ large. Take the example of the real men on the AR–Millennial Woes, Mark Collett, Steve Franssen, the Golden One, and others. Richard Spencer himself is alright, but he hangs out with and panders to too many mediocre, low-brow, immature, woman-hating frat boys and dregs. These men are emotionally small-hearted, mentally pinched and unattractive. Don’t be like them. Open your heart.

    • I agree partly. Our struggle is just as much about defending the honour of our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives etc. as it is about men. That being said the aggressive women bashing that goes on in these circles seems to be a mostly an American trend. Most of the men you have listed happen to be European. So what have American white women been doing to make white men hate them so much?

  • I think this is a pretty unreal fantasy for a country with more Jews than any country besides Israel. I also wonder if Vincent realizes that it was America and it’s Jews that set the trends of mass immigration for all other white countries.

    • Ideally our ethnostate would operate with its own unique currency. So we wouldn’t be beholden to any central bank. Nobody can control a people if we have our own sovereign currency and sustainable food supply.

      • The National Socialists had the best solution imo.
        Currency being in exact proportion with products and labor. Nothing more, nothing less.

        You know, the real free market. Try telling a conservative that. They’ll call you antisemitic.

        • The problem with that now is that our world is so much more technically advanced and everything is run by computer programs which Jews have so much control over. Also we have mass globalisation of labor to the point where we hardly manufacture anything anymore. So unless you plan on goin back to the primative, simply creating a new currency will not solve our (((problem)))

      • We would also have to obtain our own resources and create our own products from scratch as they also have their mits in everything that is mass produced in the U.S. and all western countries along with many of the raw resources we use. To free ourselves from them will take a multi pronged and highly elaborate approach I’m afraid

  • The U.S. is also under siege by Leftist tyrants and their nonWhite foot soldiers. If it comes to an actual fight against actual enemies, it will be a civil war within the U.S. That is exactly where we are headed. Until that war is resolved and the Leftist pathology is stamped out in all of its manifestations, we will be in no position to lead or help Whites anywhere. Without a successful conclusion of our next and looming civil war, the U.S. will have no chance at all of being an advocate for White Nationalism. The other White countries are perfectly capable of following our example and working with us, but we in the U.S. are actually in worse shape than the other White countries excepting South Africa.

  • I believe that race is an important biological classification. I believe that the races differ significantly and durably in average intelligence and criminal behavior. I believe that these differences are the result of evolving for thousands of years in response to different population pressures.

    Those beliefs make me a race realist.

    On the other hand, I have known many non whites I have liked. I have known a few whites who earned my hostility. I fail to see why I should care about the second group more than the first. That is why I am not a white nationalist.

    Orientals tend to have more of the qualities I admire – including intelligence – than whites. That is why I am not a white supremacist.


      Your brother over at World Watch looks half gook in the photos…Did your father fuck your stepmother in Shanghai whore houses during the War?

    • Agreed. The fact is, if you care about all races and a conservationist cares about every amimal species, the European race has been on the endangered list for a long time and won’t be on any list soon enough. This is not a fight for supremacy, but for survival. And if you care about the quality if your race, will you not support a sea change which would include eugenic health?

  • Let’s see first if we can get America to give white people equal rights. For once in my life, I would like to live in a country where I am not discriminated against because I am white. Is that asking too much?

    • Whites are not discriminated against. Whites who cannot compete with non whites are denied opportunities that were once given to them as birth rights when non whites were discriminated against.

      • Your full of shit. AG ERIC HOLDERBmade it very clear that White Males would recieve 0 Civil Rights protection during the Obama years….after which the polar bear knock out games commenced in Baltimore 7 years ago.

        Generally speaking, Native Born White American Males know from personal experience that they are being discriminated against…whether you think this is true is irrelevant…..

        When White Males engage in a full-blown race-revolt against their racial dispossession…..what are you gonna do about you creepy fucking girly boy….


        The kind of racial discrimination the Alt Right supports!!!

          Professor J. Philippe Rushton
          University of Western Ontario
          London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5C2

          Modern science shows a three-way pattern of race differences in both physical traits and behavior. On average, Orientals are slower to mature, less fertile, less sexually active, less aggressive, and have larger brains and higher IQ scores. Blacks are at the other pole. Whites fall in the middle, but closer to Orientals than to Blacks…

          Race differences start in the womb. Blacks are born earlier and grow quicker than Whites and Orientals. The three-way race pattern occurs in milestones such as sexual maturity, family stability, crime rates, and population growth.

          During the 1960s, Chinatown was the part of San Francisco with
          the most unemployment and poverty, the highest rate of tubercu-
          losis, the least education, and the most substandard housing.
          Nevertheless, in 1965, only five people of Chinese ancestry went
          to jail in the whole state of California. 377

          – Jared Taylor, “Paved with Good Intentions”

          I think Asians are objectively superior to whites by just about any measure
          that you can come up with in terms of what are the ingredients for a successful

          – Jared Taylor Interview


          • So, Orientals are l less aggressive? That’s good news for all the victims of Genghis Khan, and Attila the Hun. Have you ever heard of the Rape of Nanking, or the Bataan Death March? How about the 77 million Chinese murdered by Mao Zedong during the Cultural Revolution?

            I haven’t even mentioned that rice ball in North Korea, or Pol Pot, who murdered two million Cambodians, just for having an education, or wearing eyeglasses. Go sell your gook loving crap somewhere else. No one is buying, here.

          • My ancestors came from Scandinavia, England, Germany, and the German speaking part of Switzerland. I am a Nordic Gentile.

          • You would be wrong Mr. (((Engelman))). Asians are painfully uncreative and their societies are prone to stagnation. Japan was still in its medieval period when Commodore Perry sailed iron steamships into Edo bay. Their high IQs have only been utilized to make things created by Whites smaller and more efficient. On the battlefield their tactics are predictable and unadaptive. Even Asian beauty products are designed to make them look more European.

          • Thank you for mistaking me for a Jew.

            So far what you say is largely true. Orientals have not created original inventions equivalent to the telegraph, the rail road, the radio, the automobile, the television, and the computer. Nevertheless, Japan produces better consumer goods. China produces them cheaper.

            The Chinese owe their high IQ averages to the Imperial Exam system. Men who could pass were given high incomes. They were expected to have more than one wife and many children. Nevertheless, the Imperial Exam System was based on classics written before the time of Christ. Rote memory and conventional interpretations of the classics were valued. Original insights were not.

          • With Japan being the exception, everything made in Asia is pure junk. At least things made in Japan stay together, and last for 20 years.

          • The next time you go to a department store, look where the stuff is made. Over half is made in China. The computer I am using, the screen, the key board, and the mouse were all made in China. they work fine.

          • This John NotanEnglishman breed would replace us with a higher intelligent alien invader to fit his retard nottherealworld model of ideals. Libertardian for sure. Go back where you came from you breed.

      • You don’t know me. You don’t know the discrimination I have faced. I had an employer tell me, “We’re looking for an Asian woman.” When I was a child my family was homeless. My mom tried to get welfare and was told, “you white, you don’t get no welfare.” In college I was denied use of a career center that was available only for minorities. I had gone in there to look for a job. The head of the center called me into her office, sat me down, and angrily told me and in no uncertain terms that white people were not allowed to use that center. I could go on and on with even worse examples, but I am not going to argue with you about my life. Your very statement is racist, because it is based on racial stereotypes about white people. F you you racist piece of shiite.

        • As a computer programmer I have worked with about 200 computer programmers. Four were black. Two of those owed their position to affirmative action. One was fired after six months. The Orientals I worked with performed very well.

          • Who cares? They can perform well back in China, or Korea. We don’t want or need them. Remind me, who invented the Airplane, the Electric light bulb, the Steam Engine, the Telegrapgh, Morse Code, the Telephone, the Phonograph, the Railroad, the Automobile, Assembly line Manufacturing, Indoor Plumbing with that convenience, the Toilet, Elevators, Escalators, Fire Escapes, Helicopters, Jet Engines, and Space Exploration, to name only a few items? Who walked on the Moon? Two White American Men, or two Egg roles from China? We can get along just fine without the rest of them, as we have throughout our American and European Histories. Those that don’t think so are welcomed to vacate the White nations where they live, and move to one of those Asian gems.

      • The majority of the highest-scoring high school students in America are White, yet Whites are minorities in the student bodies of elite universities. That’s literally only possible through anti-White discrimination.

        • 38.7% of the student body at Harvard are non Asian minorities. They are over represented because of affirmative action, which I oppose. 22.2% are Oriental. With an average IQ of 106 they earn their presence.

        • The elite universities are for Jews, Asians, Blacks and Hispanics. If you’re white, you have almost no chance of getting in. All of the “white” students in the admission statistics are actually Jews. The remaining whites who are actually white are the children of the rich and powerful or children of the liberal elite. Whites, especially working class, middle class and poor whites are actively discriminated against in American universities. This means the new generations of the elite, with ivy league degrees are all going to be minorities and they will take all the best jobs whether deserved or not. The smart white kid that in a different age would have gotten to go to college and developed his genius and gone on to great things, instead has to go to trade school to learn to make a living in his own country. His place in the University was taken by a Mexican or a Black, an Asian or a Jew. He could have been an academic star and gone on to get a PhD, but the PhD programs now in the universities are filled with foreigners from China or Korea. Why? Because the undergraduates in America’s elite universities are all affirmative action Mexicans and Blacks, and they do not have the aptitude to do graduate studies. So there’s a shortage of qualified graduate students in America. This would never have happened if white kids were allowed to study at elite universities. It is time to take away the tax-free status of the universities, destroy the ones that exist and build new ones.

      • Bull shit! I scored high 90s, and 100 on Civil Service exams, for many years that I killed a number of Saturdays doing so, only to be told in numerous interviews that they had only two openings out of seven to be filled by White men. The rest, according to them was reserved for women, and your shit brown mosaic of “Minorities”, the ones that couldn’t pass the written test, but got the jobs, anyway. That probably sounds fair to you, but it builds an awful lot of resentment in many people.

        • i am opposed to affirmative action. Nevertheless, I have never been denied a job because of it. The difference in average intelligence between whites and blacks is such that an intelligent white man will get the job despite affirmative action.

          • 1) That’s a ridiculous argument.
            2) Affirmative Action & diversity preferences are both textbook racial discrimination.

          • I concede your point.

            Nevertheless, white and Oriental men continue to dominate positions requiring superior intelligence. Among white men Ashkenazi Jews are particularly prominent. This because what really matters in this economy is IQ.

      • In a family you don’t have your kids compete with other kids for your favor. I think I have seen this guy elsewhere and he is some kind of breed.

        • I posted my comment carelessly. I am opposed to affirmative action. Whites are discriminated against because of affirmative action. Orientals are discriminated against even more.

    • Personally I agree that Oriental Asians are just as naturally intelligent as us persons in the WHITE race. It is known that the orientals have even a slightly larger brain than our’s. Both of us are capable of and have established enjoyable societies that revolve around focuses on the needs of men.
      We all have our traitors and cowards though. These people can take a whole world down. People like John Engelman.
      Had Asians filled their ranks up with lots like this and that part of the world would never succeed.

  • I just finished reading “Eternity Beach”, the best white nationalist novel I’ve ever read – and I’ve read them all. Very inspiring! Maybe America will shake off its non-white shackles soon!

  • Mr. Law needs to live outside America for a few years. He is similar to neocons and black nationalists in his thinking. He projects his American experience and interprets Europe based on his American experience.

  • It’s going to be either the US or Russia. The only reason we have a chance in the states is the First and Second Amendments, which the (((judiciary))) hasn’t been able to completely destroy yet with their 100 page court opinions.

    • Russia is no longer a credible rival to the United States. China is. I expect China to achieve world hegemony by the end of this century, if not sooner.

      • China is impressive. I’ve always looked at China in awe. Read much about China since I was a kid, holding a favortism like. Someone should tell China to help the Europeans out, in whatever way they can. Even when nations were conquered, some folk traditions were sometimes respected.

  • Yeah it would be nice if the people who created the modern world had a super power in their corner, but unfortunantly that is not the reality. Nobody is going to give us our right to exist, we have to take it.

  • Except ‘America’ is a non-entity, it’s the people and those in government who decide where it’s headed. So it’s not going to happen without a civil war. Boomers care about short term personal economic gains, not race, at least half the younger whites are apolitical and the rest are split between varying degrees of left and right. And then there’s the millions of foreigners, either illegals or citizens, who want to make America theirs.

    • Not every Boomer is a former Hippie, so let’s lay off for a change. The Xers, and who followed them were F ing strange, to say the least. Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people. They are gullible beyond belief.

  • INDIA uses a merit based legal immigrant program…and as a consequence…Hindu India imports thousands of young Chinese every year into all of India’s ITT Engineering Schools….no Hindus need apply…and the one billion Hindus in India are very very happy about this….because their children prefer to clean the toilet bowls of a Chinese Elite Techno Class in India…….

    We can certaintly learn a thing or two about immigration policy from the Hindus in India….that’s for sure!!!!

  • Orville and Neville Wright were from the Punjab region of India…I know that this is true because they said so in the Broadway smash hit Hamilton…..

    John Glenn was a Sihk who wore his turban into space….



    Trump is waging demographic RACE WAR AGAINST Native Born White American Male Engineers in tech labor markets=WHITE GENOCIDE!!!

    • I am saddened by what you said. I thought we Chinese, unlike any other ethnic group, actually embraces Western civilization. Unlikely any other ethnic groups, we came to US and majority of us become Christian. We should be comrades instead of adversary. From a tactical point of view, every one needs an ally. Even Hilter formed alliance with Japan. Accepting we Chinese also give White nationalist movement a good cover.

      • @Wei D Zhao: fair point – as I travelled in some Asian countries (Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines) I noticed the general and common appreciation towards “white people” / white/western culture. No word about that in any travel guide like “Lonely Planet” … So NOT reporting about how much Western Culture and People are appreciated in Asia is FAKE NEWS, too.
        Do you agree that (legal as illegal) mass immigration from Africa to China would stir up the Chinese people? But we all know it will never happen as no Chinese politician would allow it – they act in the best interest of their OWN people.

      • You just hit the nail on the head. The Liberals love to say how racist Hitler was, but he had Italy and Japan as Allies. Most of Europe was behind him against Communism, and he even had various Asian groups fighting against the Soviet Union, in their own Waffen SS Divisions. That’s not quite the picture of the man that School books, and Hollywood like to portray, is it?

      • I’m cool with Asians. Outside of whites ther’re most respectful and civilized people I’ve met.

        Can’t speak for Kearney but I just don’t want my country being overrun with them. They have Asia, that’s plenty of space. That said I don’t mind having a small minority of them here in the States. I’ll take a 10% minority pop of Asians over any other group.
        Wouldn’t even care if my neighbor was Chinese if the rest of my street was white.

        I have noticed that a lot of young Asian Americans are sympathetic to the alt right, especially towards traditionalist, patriarchal philosophy

        If I ever get around to creating a militia, you can join it.

        • We have already been down this road with the Indians (feather) who are Asians. We warred with them. And in their ancestral homelands in Asia they kicked us out. Race war is a never ending conflict and we need to be on the winning side. Not allowing alien races to colonize our lands is part of that winning strategy. Deport all the Asians back to Asia where they belong.

      • OK, but for every Chinese person that immigrates to a foreign country, China must accept a White person. Soon, China will have millions of Whites living, working and breeding in the birthplace of Chinese civilization.

        Or, we could just all just stay in our own countries…

        • Good point. It’s not worth it. Though they are not niggers or spic, they really should stay in their nation all the same.

    • The answer to not getting that Techno, or any other job for that matter, is to form a Corporation of your own, and brain drain the Companies that like to shit all over you, when you take your fellow White Computer Techs with you. Then, only hire the kids of those working with you, so long as they “toe the line” in your new Corporate thinking.

      I have my own Company, which manages just fine as we are. I won’t put up with the bull shit any longer.

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