Meghan Markle And The “Dark Lady” In The Western Imagination

Submitted by Norman Burgundy

The world’s most famous ginger – Prince Harry of Wales, fifth in line to the British throne is unique among British royals in many ways. A decorated combat veteran of the (21st century) British Afghan wars and accomplished sportsman noted for his boxing and rugby playing–he, in fact, has combined both his military and athletic endeavors into the Invictus Games for wounded vets, which Harry himself honorably founded. Prince Harry is known for his charm, and despite youth marked by erratic and debauched behavior, Harry has largely cultivated the image of a generous and kind mild-mannered gentleman, making him a particular desirable catch for many a pursuant English lass.

Harry’s courtship, despite his trespasses into degeneracy, initially seemed promising. Harry’s most famous attempts at currying favor with the fairer sex included two lovely Anglo-Saxon and very Germanic looking blondes, Chelsey Davy, ironically (as we will see), the daughter of white Zimbabwean farmer Charles Davy, and English fashion model Cressida Bonas. However, Harry has recently shocked the world by announcing that he is marrying an American mulatta actress and divorcee, Meghan Markle.

There have been two predictable responses from the world press. The first response among leftists and black nationalists alike is a celebratory adulation that finally African blood has broken into the European royal bloodline, and that the inevitable conquest and subsequent destruction of Europe and the European people is that much closer.

However, the second response has been one of uneasiness, embarrassment, and even anger. Meghan Markle may claim to be half black, but her mother is, at best, a light brown skinned American woman. Markle herself is by no means, “half black” and has spent what appears to be a very large among of money to straighten and style her hair to look like a raven-haired white woman.

This frenetic response paradoxically has been matched with a desperate narrative attempting to normalize the marriage as nothing special. Perhaps as an effort to stave off the increasingly strong  backlash from the British people and Westerners at large to the constant Orwellian multicultural propaganda with which we are inundated, the world press has gone into overdrive, emphasizing how passionately in love the two are and trying to quash rumors that the royal wedding will be what is euphemistically called a “shotgun marriage” due to Markle’s alleged unplanned pregnancy.

Prince Harry and l’affair Markle thus raises one of the most unsettling racial questions of our time, namely why White men (or Arab or Asian) don’t find black women attractive.

The immediate answer to this question is that European men have always found black women very attractive, and it has only been since the emergence of “racism” in the Enlightenment and post-Enlightenment periods that has created a foggy prejudice obscure the ebony beauty of African women in the eyes of European men. As irrefutable evidence of the unchained desire of European males for African females, diversity apologists marshal together the many cultural artifacts of Western geniuses who celebrate dark and sultry beauty in their art and, especially poetry.

However, a brief and careful examination of these texts reveals two very important characteristics that are buried under contemporary literary and racial discussion. The first is that it is nearly impossible (outside of a few notable exceptions) to find positive depictions of black sub-Saharan beauty in Western literature. The second revealing point is that black beauty in Western art is used to symbolize spiritual and moral decay.

The most famous woman, who, in many ways inaugurates the trope of the Dark Lady in Western literature is found in the lines of the greatest poet of the English language: William Shakespeare. In his famous “Dark Lady Sonnets” (127-154), Shakespeare depicts his love or, rather, his lust for a woman with “raven black” eyes or, in his famous phrase, eyes that are “nothing like the sun” (hence dark). Her hair, further, contrary to the Indo European ideal of blonde tresses,  is decorated with “black wires.”

However, Shakespeare’s dark lady (whether fairly or not) serves as a symbol of the moral and spiritual degeneracy of the poet who is overcome with desire for her. Described as being “black as hell” and “dark as night,” The Dark Lady symbolizes the “frantic-mad” thoughts of a man overcome with a lust that he describes as being like a “disease.” The Dark Lady who is brought to Shakespeare by his “bad angel”  inspires in him a love that he describes as a “sin.” Throughout his muses, Shakespeare confesses to the danger of losing his soul and his mind through his love for this Dark Lady.

I do not wish to suggest that there is a specific objective moral quality attached to black beauty. On the other hand, in his image of the Dark Lady, Shakespeare is intentionally trying to reverse the traditional Western ideal of sexual continence and purity matched with modesty, courtesy, and devotion and symbolized by fair skin and blonde hair. Furthermore, this trope of the black woman as a (perhaps unjust) image of lust and spiritual decay is a trope that, as we will see becomes common among later poets seeking a physical image to depict degenerative love.

As a second key point in our discussion, Shakespeare’s dark lady was not a black, sub-Saharan African woman. If not simply a dark complected Englishwoman, Shakespeare’s “black” beauty was possibly an Indian (dot, not feather) prostitute. Even more embarrassingly for cultural Marxists looking for evidence of European male desire for Africans, some scholars have recently suggested that the Dark Lady was, in fact, Italian.

We thus see the first misconception among contemporary propagandists for male European love for black women: the dark women of the Western imagination are almost always Spanish, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Algerian, or just simply “dark” Celtics, Germanics, or Slavs.

Shakespeare’s Dark Lady, while largely going underground in the Neoclassical period, reemerges in the 19th century as a symbol, again, of spiritual and moral transgression.

In the revolutionary and in many ways very spiritually dark Romantic period, dark women make frequent appearances, peeping in on many of the paintings as well as verses of the period. In his popular novel, which nonetheless has a number of intellectual merits, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, French novelist and poet, Victor Hugo depicts Esmeralda, who initially appears as Gypsy who dances banging a tambourine in tune with her pet goat for money. Very tellingly Esmeralda in The Hunchback  is, like Shakespeare’s Dark Lady, associated with sensuality, vice, degeneracy and thus spiritual and moral rebellion against the authoritarian and patriarchal European Christian establishment symbolized by Claude Frollo and the Cathedral of Notre Dame itself.

However, contrary to the depiction of Esmeralda in the Disney film and to the disappointment of left-wing racialists, Esmeralda in The Hunchback is, in fact, French girl named Agnes who was kidnapped by Gypsies.

Another Romantic poet, the English Lord Byron also famously writes of a dark lady in his “She Walks in Beauty.” However, this beauty in whose eyes “meet” “all that’s best of dark and bright” and whose head is decorated with many a “raven tress” is not a black woman.  She is, in fact, English, a Mrs. Beatrix Wilmot who was dressed in black when Byron met her in 1814. Thus this dark lady is, again, a symbol of spiritual morass, not a celebratory image of progress and racial harmony.

While the most famous dark women of the Western imagination were almost always Mediterranean or Middle Eastern women, a black African woman does appear in the celebrated verse of Charles Baudelaire. Throughout his, again, very morally dark and degenerate poems of the appropriately titled Les Fleurs du mal, Baudelaire celebrates his Haitian mistress Jeanne Duval as a black Venus or Vénus Noire whose frizzy locks are commemorated as a “black ocean” that sends the poet on an imaginative journey to “Languorous Asia” and “burning Africa.”

However, like the dusky beloveds of Shakespeare, Hugo, and Byron, Baudelaire’s Vénus Noire is a symbol of spiritual and moral rebellion and narcissistic fantasies more than she is a real woman. Baudelaire Fleurs du mal is full of spiritual rebellion and suffering–as Baudelaire himself notes in his famous “Au Lecteur” that introduces the poem, it is a work marked by “Infatuation, sadism, lust, avarice.” Furthermore, Baudelaire’s own tempestuous relationship to the real-life Jeanne Duval was marked by infidelity, disease, and unhappiness.

Finally, in an ironic twist, Jeanne Duval was, like Prince Harry’s own Meghan Markle, only half black, her African blood was mixed with French, and Baudelaire’s friend painter Édouard Manet depicts Duval as very creamy white in his famous portrait of the Haitian prostitute.

In the end, we see that, contrary to claims by contemporary critics, the dark lady of European poetry, who herself was usually simply a dark complected European woman, was a largely a symbol of spiritual rot in the Western soul.

Ultimately, Harold Albert Charles is free to marry whomever he wishes, but Prince Harry of Wales, the heir to the British throne, is a representative of not only England and the Anglophone world, but of European people the world over, and his choice of a wife should affirm European identity not insult it. Moreover, regardless of whether or not Meghan Markle is currently pregnant, she, like the literary depictions of the dark woman in the Western imagination ironically represents the moral and spiritual decline of the West. No longer are the royal marriages arranged between the future leaders of European countries; they are the products of lust and social engineering schemes. With due and sincere respect for the royal families that have shepherded our people and our civilization for, in some cases, almost two thousand years, it is time, as Thomas Jefferson wrote to John Adams in his famous October 1823 letter, for a new “natural aristocracy” to arise and lead our people out of this spiritual morass into not simply an American, but a Western Renaissance.

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  • When will folks ever learn. When i say folks, I mean people who literally come to these websites, so they can spew their unfiltered hate. But will never and I mean never, walk up to any of the people they talk about online and say these things out right. Seriously, if you are going to “expose the truth”, expose all of it, not just pieces of it to fit your agenda.
    I mean long ago the same “super smart, “Ayran” race came to Africa to GAIN knowledge. I mean Timbuktu was the center for wealth, culture, art and higher learning, astronomy,music (fact check if you really want to know).
    Please, please, please, do not let the MEDIA do the thinking for you. The world is filled with books & essays waiting to be read. Form your own opinions.
    Besides, think about it, you’re letting a man who hates the media, tell you “the media is fake”, but he is constantly in the media and has been in the media for the absolute longest. Just let that sink in. So is he fake? Hmmm

    Here’s a few examples on why we all should just get along and live peacefully:

    There are billions of people on the planet, together we conquer, divided we fall.

    Natural disaters don’t discriminate either

    And if that doesn’t convince you and you believe in aliens, do you really think they are going to care if you are white when they blow up the whole planet?

    If you are Christian: if your neighbor is anything but white, and you hate him/her, are you really following the likeness of Jesus Christ? I mean globe wise, we are next to Japan, Europe, Africa, Asia…..soooo?

    Lastly, what tickles me so, if the first thing you tell black people to do is “go back to Africa” (like in 2018 97% of black are physically from there), But there are white people living in Africa… so can Africans tell them to go back from whence they came? Can Native Americans tell alllll the white people here, to go back where they came from?

    Its just all ridiculous to me.
    Just be at peace with yourself and stop making war with everyone and everything around you, thats how you get high blood pressure, followed by a heart attack and ending up in the hospital being saved by a black doctor lol the irony.


    If you truly hate all black people and everything we have ever done, make sure you remove everything invented by black people and people of color,

    Traffic lights: Garrett Morgan
    Closed Circuit TV: Marle Van Brittan Brown
    Mailbox: Phillip Downing
    Laser Cataract Surgery: Patricia Bath
    Touch Tone Phone: Shirley Ann Jackson
    Super Soaker: Lonnie Johnson
    3D Graphics: Marc Hannah
    Blood Bank: Charles Drew

    This would also include, japanese foods and any variations, mexican (including tex-mex) chinese and Thai. Also, all seasonings that are not from america or Europe. (If you want to be 100% white and all that is make sure you take everything that isn’t out. Just FYI 20% of the worlds cotton comes from Africa and leads 26% in coffee for you Starbucks lovers)

    So long story short, if this White prince decides to marry and love on this half white, half African American, half black, whatever you want to call it, let him. It’s not affecting your bills, it won’t change the weather I promise and if it is a sin in your eyes, you are not God and God will judge accordingly and he will judge you for judging.

    Start a conversation and gain your own understanding. When is the last time you spoke to someone who didn’t think the way you did or lived the way you lived? Don’t worry I’ll wait. I would love to have a civilized and intelligent conversation with you.

    And when the 45th President is out of office, guess what, Prince Harry will still be married to Meghan Markle, there will still be poor white people and black people alike, I’d be surprised if there was a wall and eventually most of you will be mad His tax plan you thought you’d like doesn’t apply to those making under $250K

    Blessings to you and yours regardless of what you think of this post. I’m off my soapbox. Just know there is a non-white person who just might one day save your life. Or be a blessing in passing but due to ignorance, you’ll never receive it. Proverbs 6:16-19, 1 John 2:9 or Titus 3:9-11

    Im on snapchat, instagram…even email. I’m willing to listen if you are ?

  • “as Thomas Jefferson wrote to John Adams in his famous October 1823 letter, for a new “natural aristocracy” to arise and lead our people out of this spiritual morass into not simply an American, but a Western Renaissance.”

    As a non-American, the more I hear of Jefferson’s ideas the more he seems like a truly great and historic man. Anyone have a book on him that they would recommend?

  • When I first heard the news about Harry and his mulatta, (by the way, her mother definitely looks African to me with dreadlocks and all in the photo I saw) the lyrics to the song “There’ll Always Be an England” came to mind with sadness. By welcoming this marriage, the royal household is welcoming the demise of England and its stock. The royals are not just neutral bystanders doing charity work, they are strident leftists.

    Thanks for the thoughtful article.

  • First, let’s put the blame on the demented, old biddie, the Queen and Prince Chuckles. They need to be guillotined. Then the monarchy needs to be overthrowned and the remaining family members exiled to the Congo.

  • In a life-long lifestyle marked by controversy, it hardly surprised anyone that Harry would pick a controversial bride. He is only 5th in line to the throne, and while his bride may have African blood, at age 36, it is unlikely that more than one child will be born to the marriage. Meghan Markle will likely find the stuffy, straight-laced aristocracy not to her liking very quickly. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see the marriage dissolved before she is 40.

    • It’s a sure thing thing in my opinion that She will divorce Him.
      “Divorced once She will divorce again” as my Mother said to Me when I dated a divorcee.
      Plus She is an extremely fake person.
      I can’t find betting odds on her divorcing Harry anywhere, anyone seen where?

  • Even without miscegenation I don’t understand how any of ‘our guys’ can look up to the Windsor family. They’ve been reduced to an Hollywood-type celebrity family in the 20th century and look set on becoming royal Kardashians in the 21st. They need to go.

  • From TJ, “for a new “natural aristocracy” to arise and lead our people out of this spiritual morass into not simply an American, but a Western Renaissance.”

    I think that’s correct in concept.. My question is, in what sense did the current aristocracy not also in some sense arise out of the same “natural” order originally, then become misguided.

    There is a sense I see in wealth or aristocracy that it always falls to the heirs, and then it’s natural only in the hereditary sense not the “cream rising to the top”…

    Presumably not a de jure aristocracy (monarchs), but even in a de facto sense the issue remains.

    Perhaps its just a better than situation, regardless of critique, it’s better than the Status Quo.


    Thank you,

    • Allowing power to pass to descendants via a monarchy is as absurd a notion in modern day as allowing inept citizens to have a voice in selecting the leaders of a republic.

      • I’d say it much less absurd, especially if we assume a worthy and noble family is the starting point.

        What would you suggest?

        • If I know a man who’s honorable, intelligent, and loyal I’m going to assume his son will be the same. I’d say 8.5/10 times he is. Hereditary rule is really the only thing that makes sense. And until a family line proves itself degenerated over the course of multiple generations, not just one bad apple, they should maintain power.

          A prominent realization of the red pill is the power genetics plays in both the potential and actual qualities of humans. Both as a racial group and through familial blood, from generation to generation. After all intelligence, morality, courage, compassion are all known to be passed down through blood.

          Why would you not want the top genes to rule? As long as they stay composed of top genes of course an drew don’t degenerate wehether biologically or spiritually.

          • Yes. But, history does show a “regression to the mean” meaning the apple in many notable historical cases does not fall close to the tree….l meaning the children aren’t as competent as th parent by a wide gap. How do we solve for that, I think it could be solved for, actually….whereas perhaps before it couldn’t? A simple IQ test, etc.

          • That certainly the Windsors out then. Edward VIII was a fool, Margaret was a slut and all the Queen’s children have divorced. That’s 3 generations, each just a heartbeat away from the actual throne.

            Time to get rid of the Hanoverians and bring back the Stuarts.

      • And yet, God’s favored form of governance, is the King- and NOT the ‘democratically- elected commoner…. England needs a King Arthur, now more than ever…

  • The African race is the farthest apart genetically from white Europeans out of all the races currently bunched up by anthropologists under the ‘homo sapiens’ category. Aesthetics aside, the general uneasiness and repulsion at the mere thought of ‘our people’ interbreeding with them is due to that difference. It’s a form of beastiality that’s caused and enabled by pure degeneracy. A white man or woman longing to have intercourse with a black woman or man is no different from a zoophile and one that actually breeds with one should absolutely be punished for helping create a twisted subversive half-breed class. Were our societies sane by any measure this would be recognized as a great evil.

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