A Breaking Point In The Immigration Debate

Richard Spencer talks about DACA, Chain migration, and the prospects for immigration reform.


  • I beg to differ from the ” shitholes ” expression.
    Just look at them :
    They are not ” shitholes” at all !
    They are more like shitplains with some shithills and some shitdeserts , shitvillages inhabited by shitpeople.

    • No, seriously :

      With this DACA thing I was so close to the edge of dropping him 100% , forget him forever , thrown in the cauldron of utter irrelevance ,together with any other republican that has ever existed and ….The DON comes up with THAT ??
      .. here I am , ust one day has passed ,hopelessly, phisycally in love with Bigger Hair .

    • I noticed that CNN yesterday showed a twit from Richard Spencer which was pretty much a condensed version of my post above, along the lines of ” not being shitholes but inhabited by shit people”.
      I am pointing out exclusively to say that IF I have been of any help or inspiration then I am only happy and proud of it.
      …and that my lawyer does not ask for much in copy rights, not much at all.

  • It is not a stretch to say that there was a direct road from the US intervention in the Korean Civil War to the passage of the 1965 NON WHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT….

    COLD WARRIOR Harry Truman got the proto-Civil Rights Movement going back in 1946….

    Stay out of the KOREAN Civil War in 1950….let North Korea invade and conquer South Korea=no KOREAN “Americans” voting Whitey into a racial minority on Nov 3 2020….And wouldn’t that have been great!!!!

    • Our fate turned south the day Patton was murdered. Had he been put in charge like he well deserved, the Communist scum would have been eliminated, Holohoax would have been shut down before it started, and the White countries of the world would have been united by now, and the Jew filth would be on an island somewhere inbreeding themselves to destruction.

      • Patton would have mass murdered millions of Christian Russians and Vladimir Putin would never have been born neither would the BEAUTIFULL Maria Zahkorova……or Richard Spencer’s wife and daughter…

        Patton was a DEATH SQUAD against the NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS….this is what he did post-WW1….

        The Nazis and Franco waged war against European People….and that’s a fact..

        The Neo-Nazi Coup in the Ukraine is another example of this….

        The US should have stayed out of the Korean War….


    I want the 1888 Chinese LEGAL IMMIGRANT EXCLUSION ACT brought back…

    Trump wants to continue the demographic race war against NATIVE BORN WHITE MALE ENGINEERS in tech labor markets…..

  • The George W Bush Whitehouse….the place where men in the Bush Administration fucked each other in the shithole….men like Karl Rove and John Brennan who used his mouth as a shithole for James Clapper…

  • ” A wall ” at the end of the day could be reduced into just a concept , an idea to sell ,not necessarily an anti -immigration “Done ” , a product now.
    Rejecting DACA and start kicking them all out NOW instead would be something factual , substantial ..” a done” now.
    So , a clear position on DACA right now would be a lot more fundamental than ..” the wall later” ..whatever that means.

    I very much subscribe to the appreciation of the uniqueness of Stephen Miller.

  • The consequences of the passage of the 1965 nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT:

    America 2020=TURDISTAN…..

  • Nigeria…a lovely bucolic place where rivers of fecal matter flow merrily merrily merrily merrily down the streets of Lagos….

  • Trump’s zigzagging gives me a headache. Sometimes he’ll do something fucking dumb and ridiculous like call amnesty a ‘bill of love.’

    Then he’ll swing around and go fully 100% /ourguy/ and say something like ‘why are bringing in all these people from shitholes?’

    Just wow.











  • Shall we add lemon to our new CURRY TURD AMERICA SHITHOLE?

    Lemon curry? Who ordered the lemon curry?

    Lemon curry anyone?

  • The bucolic Shenandoah Valley






    You know…it would have a much better idea to keep the Engineering Departments of Virginia’s University and Colleges curry turd free….back in the day…. these were 100 percent NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICAN MALE DEPARTMENTS…..I mean who was opppsed to this?

    Answer:(((EMANUEL CELLAR)))….(((JACOB JAVITTS)))…..(((ADL)))…(((AIPAC)))….(((CHUCK SCHUMMER)))……(((THEM)))….(((DAN GOLDEN)))…

    Oh Shenandoah!!!1….my lovely encrusted tendrils of curry turd shit Punjabi toilet bowl!!!..You have heard of this classic American song …right?

  • How to prevent our America from becomming a shithole:


    Anyone who saw a very recent issue of National Geographic Magazine:photographic evidence that HINDU INDIA IS A FUCKING REEKING STINKING GD FUCKING SHITHOLE!!!

  • Two other classics on the topic of immigration:

    Lawrence Auster’s booklet: “The Path to National Suicide: An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism” which was published in 1990, and is still just as relevant today as when written.

    Available for download here:

    The other is Peter Brimlow’s “Alien Nation: Common Sense about America’s Immigration Disaster” which was first published in 1995.

    The nature and scope of the disaster have been known for at least 25 years, during all that time we’ve been allowing in more and more people. We’ve accelerated the destruction. It’s not clear now that even completely stopping all immigration would be enough to restore the cultural and ethnic strength of the nation.

  • Trump was obviously in this for himself, and we simply had an alliance of convenience with him. However, if everyone keeps backstabbing him, he could be forced into a corner where he would consider going full God Emperor with executive orders backed up by his loyal base. His personality is narcissistic, and this could work in our favor if he sees his close associates cucking one by one or going full traitor, and with doubts looming about his re-election, especially so if he is forced to go through the humiliation of impeachment proceedings. If he can’t get re-elected, he would have nothing to lose except his family’s chances at politics.

    He probably thought that by appeasing (((the establishment))) with tax reform and foreign policy that they would then reciprocate with him on immigration, even if it was only a few token gestures that would ultimately not impede white genocide by very much. However, they where probably planning to ditch him the moment they got what they wanted. This will hopefully spark a sense of outrage in him that will lead to ‘erratic’ (effective) behavior.






  • Joe Strummer was a fucking fraud….Strummer was an upperclass rich kid slumming with the English Working Class while boogying down the street with a giant boombox up by his ears that blared out the speeches of Martin Luther Negro…..What was Bernie Rhoades ethnicity?

    Paul Simmonon was married to the PHILLIPINO WHORE Pearl E Gates…..that’s gotta be fucking incurable clap don’t you think?

    The Clash should have been turned into lampshades…..WHITE POWER!!! BY SCREWDRIVER….NUMBER ONE ON TOP OF THE CHARTS!!!!

  • Since when the fuck were severe labor scarcities ever a bad thing for THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS?


    Who the FUCK would be opposed to this?

    Answer:Donald Trump….


    God Bless Denis Kearney and Samuel Gompers!!!…Two Socialist Labor Leaders….


  • The existence of the Democratic Party is a violent RACE HATE CRIME!!!!!……against the HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY…



    This is what the points based Nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT policy is all about…The policy wonk policy much beloved by filthy English Foreigner Peter Brimelow who I fucking hate…Brimelow has been pushing the points system for years…well, now we got it…in come the HINDUS!!!

    • The way I see it he could deport all illegals and deport all HB1s by his hand alone under national security pretexts. Let it go to the Supreme Court that’s why we have Gorsich and if Roberts want to bitch up and block it, that’s fine let us polish the hardware.

    • Yeah. The points system results in Canada. Less blacks and hispanics. More Pakis and Chinks. Less crime I suppose, but for Canadian workers its probably worse.

  • VDare just reported about Trump´s asking ¨Why are we inviting people in from all these shit-hole countries?¨ And then, of course, he invites them in. Let´s at long last get the CLUE that Trump is a walking contradiction AND WILL DO NOTHING FOR THE PEOPLE (WHITE PEOPLE) WHO PUT HIM IN THAT GOD-FORSAKEN OFFICE.

  • I am going with Door # 3. I wonder if it would help if the “dreamers” (ludicrous name), though still being shielded from deportation, were barred from ever gaining citizenship and were merely given a kind of permanent “Green Card” status. I put this down as a suggestion on the survey the President sends out. I realize the prize behind Door#4 (No DACA AND the wall) is what everyone wants, but what are the odds?

    • Why Tina? Trump has the power to deport any and all illegals. Why keep any here. If compassion is your reason send them back with education and experience so they can benefit their people, their race back home. Operation Wetback, check into, it’s been done before.

      • To be honest, I’m more worried about chain migration than citizenship for the DACA recipients themselves.

        This is really the issue that shows the anti-Whites for what they are. We could easily accommodate the “dreamers” without adding to already existing inflows. You just preclude chain migration and deduct the dreamers from current visa allotments.

        This would be eminently fair, because if a “dreamers” has extensive contacts Mexico, it’s not an undue hardship to send them there.

        Nobody is talking about this, because the Dems don’t care about these people, only their votes. They will not entertain any measures that would slow our replacement.

        The vast majority of normies Whites would consider this perfectly reasonable. It probably won’t happen.


        • Ya the’re just a bunch of pandering pieces of shit. The republicans are no better though. To them it’s all about cheaper labor. Look at Jeff flake and his “sob story” which was really just a story of his rancher dads greed.

          Two sides of the same coin. Deport all 30 mil illegals and let Mexico figure it out. My compassion has reached its limits.

          I’d go further and say that the majority of normie whites would support deportation of atleast 10 mil wetbacks. After that we’re a hop n skip from 30. Trump doesn’t have it in him to initiate Operation Wetback 2.0 of though.

  • Personally I think Richard’s job is to put forward propsals. Not to act like a pundit and guess what will happen.

  • I’ve said this on other comment threads, but I’ll say it here. Giving up the abiity to deport infiltrators in the here and now in return for reforms in the future. A RAISE Act passed by this Congress can be repealed by a subsequent Congress, and probably will be once Democrats take House, Senate and the Administration as a result of the demographic transformation of the United States. Trump should have started deporting DACA colonists in January, 2017; he would now be in a position of strength. Instead he finds himself in a position of weakness. He may have negotiating skills, but he seems unclear as to what the true objective is.

    • In 2016 his true objective was to obtain power. He found an angle to campaign on that proved successful for him, and then abandoned all that nationalism shit when he accomplished his goal. He’ll probably throw some red meat to the dogs when election time comes around. Don’t take the bait. Trump does not represent us or our interests. He’s a con artist. His campaign had cultural significance but his presidency does not.

      • Ya if anything he was a testament to white americas willingness to stick up for their own racial interests. Nothing more.

      • “‘Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?’ The astonishingly blunt question Trump asked in Oval Office immigration meeting (but he’d welcome more from Norway)

        Sounds like he is our kind of guy in what he really thinks but surrounded on all sides by leftists cucks.

        • Remeber that red meat I mentioned? It looks good, but it’s been poisoned. I wouldn’t eat it if I were you.

      • You are absolutely correct. I knew it from the beginning but in my desperation hoped against hope. But that he is a lying bastard like all the others is CLEAR AT THIS POINT!!! Hello………..

  • Excellent point on status quo shitburger — likely, unfortunately.

    Also likely is #3 — trading DACA for RAISE act and some form of wall (scaled down, more monitoring, etc. etc.). I don’t see Dems giving him carte blanche on wall. They would need more than DACA, IMO. Wall is as much symbolic for them as it is for him. And like you said, he’s coming in weak.

    I see substantial horse trading on nitty-gritty details of wall — a face-saving mutation emerging for both sides. He will give them DACA. I see #3 as a form of Wall, RAISE act, end of ‘Diversity Lottery Visa’ program, and possibly mandatory e-verify paired with new visa point system for high-skilled tech workers (e.g, Indians, Chinese, etc.).

    Mandatory e-verify is a nonstarter for corporate lobby. It was left out of the discussion but could return vis-a-vis Miller if Trump isn’t getting close to full wall. The GOP would love to reduce Miller’s influence in these negotiations.

    God-Emperor option would fulfill the dream. Trump knows immigration is a core, pillar issue. Unfortunately issue of birthright citizenship has been absent thus far.

    I fear the liberal backlash in 2020.

    Every liberal will vote — in droves — for anyone who isn’t Trump. Trump’s base will be less enthusiastic if he goes weak on immigration. Now is the golden opportunity. The economy must be roaring during the next election cycle and he must have a strong immigration win. The thought of the next President trying to socially engineer global forgiveness for Trump’s ‘sins’ keeps me up at night….

    • Let it happen. Another 8 years or liberal democrat rule is exactly what is need to wake up all the conservative and alt lite whites.

      Forget about short term gains. We need our eyes in the long term. We have three decades until whites are under 50% and only a radical change in white conservatives minds will save us from that.


      • …this is good point. If there is a backlash, the media will amplify it as a grande refutation writ large of ‘racism’, Trumpism, etc. to the point that even moderate conservatives will constantly be throwing up in their mouths anytime they open their newsfeeds.

        It could go the other direction. If he doesn’t at least prove himself this cycle, conservatives may sacrifice him to the gods of social justice after his loss, virtue signaling along the way to regain their political high ground in the eyes ‘acceptable political culture.’

        He must prove himself through policy wins, prove that his methods ultimately work in mainstream politics, to show the timid, careful conservatives that their is something to be gained in this direction. We want later conservatives fighting for his base, not being partially dismissive of it.

        Immigration is, excuse the pun, the white elephant in the room. It’s been talked about for decades. If something truly good magically comes out of this negotiation, he will have done what every other supposed conservative has given lip service to for as long as any of us can remember. That’s a big deal.

        And this matters long term. I don’t care about any other policy that comes out of this administration — strong immigration must be shown to be a winning factor for politicians, a factor that provides greater incentive than what lobbyists provide. If it gets pushed off another eight or 12 years under some type of social justice reversal/ open door policy, we become present day Europe in 20 years, albeit with fewer Muslims.

        • We become S Africa in 40 years but with Mestizos instead of nigs. The way I see it we’re 5 minutes to midnight and If it’s true that Trumps iq is 155 he has to know it.
          Operation wetback 2.0 is at the very least, what he needs to accomplish during this term. Let all the rhinos burn him good, they can show these conservatives their true colors, once and for all.

          No ballot and no elected leader are fixing this nation. We either start organizing ourselves or we enjoy the decline.

    • I don’t think he is consciously one of us, per say. There’s no question that he serves and has served Jews. What his motives are for dong so are up for debate.

      Trump is a man of time, to quote the high priestess of hitlerism. He’s a great man who takes action and makes moves. He ‘ll do what needs to be done to accomplish HIS goals.

      He damn sure is not about to stage a coup. Implement right wing death squads. Purge the Jews and crypto Jews form the banks, the corporations or the media. And that is what eventually has to be done.

      At best he is a forerunner of the white consciousness and a steppping stone towards an Augustus. At worst he’s a puppet to quell the growing racial conscious and patriotic spirit with tax cuts and a few Fortune 500 factories. If it’s the latter we may need a hardcore leftist to win next election just to keep conservatives frustrated and p ready for more drastic solutions.

      All and all we will not vote our way out of this mess. That much is certain.

      • I don’t quite get the perfectionism going on around here. At first I thought it was just tactics, but it really does seem to just sperg out into unoriginal No True Scotsman fallacy ripostes. As if people really like being unhappy at the world as end in itself because no politician will ever be good enough for muh principles, which is not respectable but amateurish.

        Trump has had the entire Jew media lined up against him from day 1. He plays them and SJWs like a harp. He angers them, builds up their false hope, and then tears it all down. Again and again and again. They will never catch on. They are exhausted.

        What more do you want?

        He can’t do everything.

        I am happy that ex-con creepy baby boomers like David Duke, Don Black and all the other cartoonish Derek Vineyard types are not the faces of white nationalism anymore. They are unserious losers. I am sick of the LARPing.

        I’ll gladly take a billionaire businessman born into extravagance to actually get things moving. Alexander the Great was the son of Philip II, so this eternal rags-to-riches saga is unnecessary.

        As much as I despise leftists, at least they find their leader and stand by him. That’s why they have dominated the culture war for so long.

        Just remember that when you criticize him, you are doing it alongside all the Jews, nonwhites and cucks, who will always be there to criticize him, readying his dethronement.

        • Pissing off libtards is all well and good, like eating candy is all well and good. Eventually you get sick of it though and want something of real substance and nutritional value.

          You say you’re sick of LARPing. Me too. We aren’t going to take power the way Hitler and NSDAP did in the 30’s. The situation we’re in is infintely worse than Weimar Germany, and the Jews have wrapped their tentacles around every level of the system, which will prevent any genuine nationalist from obtaining power. We can’t turn back the clock and recreate the third reich in a completely different country, and those who think we can need a reality check.

          This is why I label myself a Futurist and not a Conservative. I don’t want to conserve anything about this system. I want it to burn and I want to build something better above the ashes. Bring on the accelerationism. Oprah 2020.

          • Agree full blown accelerationism. We need a Fascist government and that’s the only way we will get one.

          • With Whites at 49% and and 90%…of them…pozzed out of their minds, the 10% will need Divine help in their existential ¨civil war.¨ No?

          • We already have accelerationism in every direction. If we had a Democrat right now, the memes would go back to being ‘Kony 2012’ and ‘The Bible devil character purposely looks like Obama.’ Instead we have Paul Revere sounding the alarm, but also having a good time doing it. I would rather have as many whites as possible Red Pilled before the demographic countdown clock hits 49.9 majority-minority, when America will officially be declared Apartheid, instead of the dismissive jokes of ‘hey, maybe we’ll get benefits now’ from the defeatists amongst us. I don’t give a shit about land or soil or institutions. All that regularly runs fallow from mismanagement. Blood unity is all that matters. All these different confluences of poison are emptying into the same reservoir…there are going to be chemical reactions. Some you can see, some you cannot.

          • Accelerationism rate of change increases the longer the stock market remains at records highs and private equity desperately searches for avenues of return. In that sense, Trump increases accelerationism faster than Oprah.

            Capitalism accelerates technology, which destroys capitalism at some point. This is not the industrial revolution where human muscle is being replace by machine — the human brain is being replaced. Technology will end up sustaining a new system. The question is what this system will look like socially.

            I see a potential for a return to the classics. STEM is important, but more so in the interim. Once humans are free from labor, and once much of the technology automates itself (machines programming machines, etc.), majority of humans will be left with identity (and a ton of free time).

            To me, identity becomes even more important in this new world, a world that will likely be more hedonistic than any previous world. It makes sense that aesthetics and beauty would become increasingly important in a world unconstrained by much of the scarcity we have now. When genetic coding is no longer a scarce commodity? There are so many avenues of thought to go down — way too much for a comment section.

            It is very interesting to relate accelerationism to identitarianism.

          • I disagree. Every thing is already propped up to such an extent that they can probably keep floating it for another 100 years. Tech will only help, imo. As contradictory as that may sound.

            We need leftist Marxism to wake up the sheep. Oprah will provide it.

          • Yeah, I was talking Accelerationism more in the social context, like letting white normies see what the systems multikulti future is going to look like for them.

            The questions of capitalism as it relates to technological growth and what this means for real communities is definently an interesting discussion though. Personally I think oil depletion will throw a wrench in any ultra technological/transhumanist utopia, that technophiles envision. To me the future looks more Mad Max than Blade Runner, and not waiting until the collapse to learn how to grow your own food and build things with your hands is probably a good idea.

            While a post-work future would free peoples time up to pursue more creative endeavors, for most people it would lead to drugs and sex bots. People would be miserable, and I don’t think anyone really wants to live that way. We need real organic communities again.

        • Our ideas on what needs to be done for this country may differ dramatically then.

          Why should we settle for these little Bommer treats he’s throwing at us.

          One party state. Fascist government. Complete purge of all Jews and traitors in gov, intelligence orgs, banks, business, Wall Street, media, hollyweird. Deportation of ALL 30 mil illegals, not just “criminal ones” ( they’re all criminals even my mailman”. Occupation and purge of Jew York City. Occupation and purge of California and the entire northwest. Relocation of 80% of all niggers to Africa. Open immigration to white Europeans especially the women. Complete shutdown of all immigration. Deportation of all HB1 visas. Purge of Silicon Valley. Restoration of middle America. Lifetime alliance with Iran and Syria. Full Economic war with China and alliance with NK against china. Destruction of the FED.

          Now all that may sound like a pipe dream but I imagine a lot of people that the same thing when Adolf and his NSDAP buddies began their journey.

          We have 30 years until whites are less than 50%. Were there a will there’s a way.

          • Of course. We need all that to happen within the next 2 decades or were fucked. Just adding some plausible deniability for the Mods. Seemed a little forthright for the interwebs.

          • With these benign statements Trump manages to slip into the most professional atmospheres, he Red Pills 10,000 people every single day, from all walks of life, who would otherwise be unconcerned with politics until the end of time. They would just go back to hobbies and escapism. He is irreversibly changing protocol. He is taking away everybody’s toys.

            He forces these conversations to be had, which break away at the foundation of Jewry in a way that no piece of legislation could ever.

            Nobody can defend Haiti not being a shithole. An earthquake happened eight years ago this week – 200,000 people died instantly, with an outbreak of Cholera and voodoo lynchings following immediately afterwards on one side of the island of Hispaniola, and then exactly ONE death on the other side (Dominican Republic), with no voodoo or cholera. Why? Because Haiti is a shithole. It has produced Wycliff Jean as its number 1 export.

            Trump is a pacesetter. That is why I love him. He does not disavow anything we say. His job is to thrust through the phalanx. We, the shitposters, are the infantry that follows in his wake. But he has to do it first. None of us can.

            Look at all the memes post-Trump. None of them are going back.

            I am convinced there is literally nobody else alive today that can do this job. Not even the Slavic charm of Putin could function under democratic, Cultural Marxist rule. It requires a special kind of egomaniac so cartoonish that everybody stands flatfooted, including his own allies, as he makes his point.

            Bismarck had to unite the German Confederation/Holy Roman Empire into one Germany, with its millennium of warring fiefdoms and principalities, and he had to usurp all of this unity under the writ of Junker Prussia before Alsace-Lorraine could be taken. That involved exhausting pragmatic politics, charm offensives, eccentricity, petty wars with neighbors and allies to annex little bits of seemingly pointless gains. But it worked, despite the endless Marxist revolutions taking place from liberated, uppity Jews fearful of a return to the ghetto.

            Trump is arguably the most important figure that helped rebuild Manhattan back when all those doomsday films were centered around what a dystopian SHITHOLE NYC was in the 70s and 80s.

            NYC has perhaps the worst ‘red tape’ in the entire world. All of the unions, corruption, gangsterism, regulations, historical zoning etc. Every skyscraper is a testament to ‘compromising’ and being a powerbroker.

            He made that grassless, concrete shithole back into the greatest city in the world long after it was written off as Detroit. There was a time when you could not leave your car parked on certain street for the time it takes to eat lunch without niggers and hispanics stripping it down to the skeleton, like starving Bangladeshis stripping an abandoned freighter to its studs.

            This cultural rebellion would absolutely not be happening under Hillary. It would just be another neocon reawakening about how Republicans would do a better job at stopping global warming and protecting Israel. Everybody would be watching the NFL with increased ratings. There weren’t 100 million eyeballs watching the Super Bowl each year until the Obama Era. What does that tell you?

            Just have faith. You have to love something and take what you can get from it. There is nothing better than watching these vile pieces of shit suffer because they know the worst is yet to come. Trump is just the beginning.

          • Luke warm conservatism, triggering leftists, and calling shit holes shit holes doesn’t do it for me.

            I understand this is a generational process and Trump I’d certainly not Bismarck lol.

            It unitl I see Trump find his balls and start deporting significant numbers of illegals, give me the accerlerstionism.

        • Cut it out already. How low does your IQ (not meaning yours) have to be before you do not understand that your strength, hope, and integrity depend upon your keeping your promises TO THE PEOPLE WHO PLACED YOU WHERE YOU ARE? Trump has kept not a single promise and shows that he has no intention of doing so.

          • Come on man nodbody said we expect him to accomplish everything in a year but he could have deported a shit ton a beaters this year operation wetback 2.0 style. Since he hasn’t done that he’s a phony, plain and simple.

          • Weimar Republican, he had opportunities to do a lot of stuff on immigration without going through congress, he didn’t do that stuff.

            His strategy is bizarre, he knuckles under again and again, not using his power, then he says something super polarizing like this.

            He is good for generating polarization, but he’s not using the presidency the way he could.

          • If he fought every single battle full blast without concession he would be impeached, executive orders would be shot down by activist judges, political gridlock from the checks and balances system.

            The executive branch has only so much power. That’s our government.

            You guys are not being realistic here.
            I was just like this until about April.

            He has to appease all these various powerful machines a little at a time or else they would all close ranks and attack him. All of the show trials and mock trials can get a lot worse.

            He drops a few bombs on empty Syrian airports, but promises a few more that never come, check. Military industrial complex is sated.

            Talks about ‘DREAMERS,’ stirs up actual conversation about concrete solutions to get the wall, forms new alliances, and proves different politicians to be liars, check.

            I’ve said it all along that pieces of legislation are not going to change shit. We have too many lawyers and states rights and rogue cities to enforce substantive change.

            I work with homesick illegal aliens. They are terrified of Trump. Fear, not laws, is what governs these people. I’ve met one who has been deported 9 times. They fear a white awakening, which can only happen as a meme culture, not law.

            All I am concerned with is the culture. Laws go unenforced and disobeyed without consequence all the time anyway.

            Who else can even win as a republican? Do you really want another democrat raising taxes? We have so many resources/industrial whites that this country can limp on another 100 years. There is simply too much money.

            We need to use the Trump years to keep radicalizing the Republican Party until every scintilla of Judaism has been purged. Even if we no longer have a ‘silent majority’ it won’t matter because we will be a major problem for Leftists at that point.

            None of us even have a unified end game, but it doesn’t matter as long as we have a significant minority of intolerant whites who agree on the basics of white nationalism, eschewing all cultural Marxism. I’m clearly not doing a good job explaining this.

  • Spencer isn’t edgy anymore it’s all about Liberalists, the reassertion of classical liberalism be reasonable come on an ethnostate can’t come in to existence Israel is already created you’re scared of the Liberalists running roughshod over you nazis why are you scared of the Mexicans you should listen to Styx we must convince people with arguments about classical liberalism this is the way forward. I’ve got big ideas that will take the world by storm we’re a bunch of individuals coming together to form a collective you nazis can’t handle my arguments I’m too smart for you collectivists like Spencer be reasonable we’re individuals.

  • propping up miller? is he anti israel and asian wars? if you are not anti more brown people AND anti israel, you cannot be considered in any way a positive. repeating what we do on one issue and being the opposite on others is how controlled opposition works

  • We don’t want people from shithole places like Africa and Haiti what we really need is more immigrants from Norway if you as me.

  • The problem with the RAISE Act is that it only reduces legal immigration from 1.1 million to 700K and those 700K are supposed to be economically viable people but then they’ll start displacing Americans from the workforce, so the bill solves a few problems then creates news problems and keeps immigration levels ridiculously high and ensures that whites become a minority within the next 15-20 years.

  • What are the odds Trump cucks completely, dumps Miller as an advisor, and chooses Oprah as his 2020 running mate, in a doomed attempt to win California and New York?

    • Not likely! Did you see what he said today? He said: “Why do we want all these people from ‘shithole countries’ coming here?” He further said he would prefer people from Norway to come to the United States!

  • Color of Immigration matters. Why did the US develop as a part of Western Civilization, indeed as an extension of Europe? Because Europeans conquered, settled, founded, and built North America.
    If North America has been settled mainly by Hindus, Chinese, or Arabs, it would have developed as a very different kind of civilization. It could have been an extension of Confucian civilization, Hindu civilization, or Muslim civilization.
    This is true even of imperialist colonizations around the world. Why did British colonies develop differently than French colonies or Spanish colonies in Asia and Africa? Because British applied their own cultural standards that were different from those of French and Spanish. If Spanish had ruled over Hong Kong or Kenya, it would have ended up differently. Just consider the difference of Anglo-influence on North America and Spanish-Portuguese impact on ‘Latin America’.

    US developed as an extension of Europe because Europeans in American Europeanized the continent. Many European-Americans still believe in this Classic America and oppose the non-white and even anti-white transformation of America from an extension of European Civilization to some hodge-podge North American version of Brazil or Venezuela where European-ness got swallowed up by excessive Diversity and Inequality. Diversity breeds more inequality. California is most diverse and most unequal, with super-rich Jews at the top and Mexican laborers and black underclass at the bottom. NY is the same way.

    Also, European-Americans who defend Classic America believe that Continental America owes something to three groups: American Indians, Blacks, and Mexicans.
    (1) American Indians because they were here first and were conquered and displaced/replaced. So, whites owe Indians reparations through reservations and other benefits.
    (2) Blacks because they were forcibly brought as slaves. So, blacks are owed recognition for their trials and tragedies.
    (3) Mexicans in the SW territory because that area used to part of Mexico.
    So, historically, European-Americans owe something to those three groups since they were forced to live in what became the United States. But US owes nothing to any other group. The idea that European Americans built America just so the rest of world can come and leech off white achievements is obscene.
    People in other nations should learn the good lessons of Americanism and fix & develop their own nations instead of running from their own problems(that they caused) to leech off white wealth. After all, if Americanism is an Idea, any people can adopt that Idea and use it to improve their own nations.

    • Good comment. While I agree that we should tolerate Mestizos in the SW, we need to keep a strong limit upon them. I live out here in a red state( sure you can guess) and I deal with them all the time, most are decent and no where near as feral as blacks but they are almost entirely all racist. Sure they jockey amongst each other over whose the whitest and who has the most Spaniard blood. But they are overall resentful towards whites, imo it’s probably jealousy and a feeling of inferiority.

      Anyway, having 20 to 30 % of the pop. out here mestizo is okay to me but 50% approaching 60 I’d no bueno. I’m starting the see the changes asscociated with that daily. Sherrie Joe finally lost re election, which was unthinkable just 4 years ago. Our police chief is now a negress, insane. Crime is rising, bodies found in the desert, break ins. Hell, my neighborhood which was 95% white four years ago is now maybe only 60%. Couple all that with the rising negroes and it I simply going down hill fast.

      Still better the blue states but we will see how long.

  • Spencer’s particularly high energy here. Must be those Liberalist tears he’s been drinking up lately!

  • Giving in to the Dems on DACA is probably not enough to get the RAISE act and the wall. But what I think he could do, and this is probably a better deal anyways, is give amnesty to most illegals in exchange for massively reduced legal immigration and the wall. But this would require a major publicity push to pressure Democrats and explain the merits of the deal to his base, and so far Trump has been pretty inept at using his bully pulpit to help his agenda.

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