The Lost Kingdom Of Tartaria

An acquaintance of mine was looking for cars, and decided to let me tag along with him. Personally, I wanted to see how much a used tachka would set me back. Not that I really need a car, public transportation suits me just fine here, but it’s still interesting to see what’s on the market and my buddy isn’t going to some old used car lot to do his shopping.

Turns out he has a friend from his days hanging out and smoking on the playgrounds of the commie blocks who started his own car business.

From what he told me, I was already impressed by the guy.

His story in a nutshell: no higher education, just finished high school, knew he liked cars and started fixing them up even before he graduated. He’d raise some money from among his buddies and then they’d fix up old German cars and resell them.

As we’re driving over, my buddy tells me that apparently, he got big enough to just do this thing full-time and that he still does favors for his old pals.

It doesn’t take long for us to meet the guy. He doesn’t keep us waiting like a big bossman is often want to do. He’s already outside his apartment, staring at his phone, sees us pull up and confidently swaggers out to greet us with genuine enthusiasm.

We return the favor.

I take one look at him and I’m already in the mood to start liking him. He’s open and easy to chat with, but not especially extroverted. Like a lot of Russians, he’s much quieter than the average American and has this reserved quality about him.

I also notice that he’s quite handsome.

I don’t want to get into Oscar Wilde levels of literary description because, in our day and age, that just raises eyebrows about the sexual orientation of the author, but for the sake of the story I think it’s worth highlighting that I don’t he’s ever had a problem with the ladies.

He’s well-built, high-T, and has shock of blond hair that looks like it has highlights in it, but which clearly doesn’t.

On closer inspection, I realize that he’s actually a bit short. It takes a few minutes for me to notice this because he doesn’t have that overcompensating aggressive streak that a lot of manlets have. Without it, you almost forget about the long-raging, but seldom talked about civil war between short men and tall men that has plagued mankind throughout the ages.

In general, it seems that a lot of above average-looking men tend to be shorter. It’s rare for a man to both be tall, well-built and handsome. Still, he’s got two out of the three, which is more than enough.

All is going well, and as is typical for any Russian conversation, business seems to be the last thing on either of their minds. Getting a few minutes to step out and chat is reason enough to have a business meeting and a couple of smokes while you’re at it.

“Hey, listen to this story, Vince, I know you’ll like what Vlad has to say,” my buddy suddenly tells me.

Vlad looks at me and then looks away as if to say, “gee, I don’t know, I need some convincing to tell you this sweet story.”

But my buddy encourages him, “don’t worry about Vince, he’s conspiracy-minded like you,” he says and laughs.

Vlad looks at me and nods slowly. It didn’t take much convincing.

“Ever notice how all the buildings in the downtown are…sunken?” He asks.

I figure my Russian isn’t good enough to catch what he’s saying. “Sunken?” I repeat.

“Yea, sunken.” He reiterates.

Turns out Vlad thinks that there was a great flood about 2 or 3 hundred years ago. That’s why the buildings in the downtown have these half submerged windows that are basements now. He thinks that this used to be the 1st floor and that its now the basement window because of the flood.

Well, thats a little bit out there – I start to feel some doubt about Vlad creeping up inside of me.

But he keeps going.

According to him, there’s been a massive cover-up of this flood by the authorities because they don’t want the people learning the truth.

“What truth?” I ask and immediately regret doing so.

He puffs on his cigarette and says:

“There was like a super-kingdom of super people called Tartaria that used to exist here in St. Petersburg.”

At first, I think that he’s talking about the Tatars. And so I listen for a bit. But then I realize that he’s not, and then I start to get worried.

At this point, I’m staring at the guy real intently, but trying to mask it because I’m really trying to figure out if he’s for real or not, but don’t want to offend him.

See, I have a bad habit of assuming that people are much smarter than they really are. They’ll tell me some really stupid shit right to my face, and I’ll start laughing and then they’ll start laughing too and I feel reassured that they were intentionally being stupid – only pretending to be retarded basically – and then I’ll chalk off their inane comments to them having a good sense of humor.

But a few rather embarrassing recent episodes with close acquaintances have made me far more suspicious about believing the “just pretending to be retarded” people. Most of them really are literally retarded, which is a sobering revelation, to say the least.

Anyways, I don’t laugh and I don’t play along this time.

I just choke a bit on the smoke in my lungs and cough out a weak, “really?”

“Think about it,” he says. “Have you seen Kazansky Cathedral? There is no way that regular people could have built that.”

My buddy doesn’t seem to think much of it. He’s one of those, “go along to get along” types. He strokes his hipster beard thoughtfully and grunts (approvingly?). Besides, I bet he wants that sweet deal on a used German car and he’s not going to start a fight over fuckin’ “Tartaria”.

And it turns out that this guy’s friends don’t seem to mind this pet theory of his either. They don’t give him much shit for it. He doesn’t really suffer socially for believing a race of super-people that were kind of like giants, but not really, built St. Petersburg, but then died in a flood and that the government covers it up from the people who live there now.

They just kind of go with it. This is probably because conspiracy theories fall into two camps: those that are real and people feel that there’s some truth to them and therefore they are dangerous and should be shunned. And those that are so ridiculous that no one is afraid of believing in them because they feel deep down that they are harmless.

So naturally, the question arises: what did he think about those Alt-Right “conspiracy theories” concerning race?

Well now, turns out that’s a tad step too far for him (and probably his friends). Can’t go believing in tin-foil stuff now, can we?

Russia is no different than America in that sense. There are so many people eager and willing to believe in the most outlandish conspiracy theories surrounding their own government and history and outer space. And there is little social cost for believing in UFOs or the Lost Kingdom of Tartaria.

People can convince themselves of races of supergiants building baroque-style cities, but feel squeamish about noticing that White Genocide might be a real thing.

As for Vlad, the saddest thing about his Tartaria theory is that he assumed modern people were simply incapable of building anything resembling what was done in the 18th century. It was easier for him to think that a race of giants built Kazansky, than to think that modern day Russians were capable of the feat.

I mean, isn’t that the most depressing shit you’ve ever heard? It’s like hearing a child innocently inquiring why the emperor has no clothes… Maybe my metaphor is a bit off, but the retard simplicity of his logic is shocking.

Living in the commie blocks for as long as he did, and seeing the new glass and steel monstrosities springing up everywhere around him left this guy thinking that the people who exist now are literally a different species or something and clearly inferior to the Tartarians(?)

I mean, what kind of an underlying opinion of modern civilization does that unintentionally convey to you?

Depressing stuff.

And I suddenly felt a deep pang of sympathy for all those poor monks and priests in the dark ages tracking down witches and cult leaders and burning them at the stake. They got no credit for their work.

People will believe anything. People are so easy to lead astray. People can be convinced that their own disenfranchisement is not only necessary, but part of some great cosmic apology for perceived sins against the non-White world.

Just an example.

Anyways, he didn’t really convince me of his theory and I didn’t really convince him of mine. Yet something tells me that as time goes on, evidence for my theory will accumulate and speculation over Tartarians will simply become an unaffordable luxury.

Let’s hope that Vlad and the entire conspiracy-minded community isn’t so open-minded that their brains haven’t fallen out. Let’s hope that every single UFO hunter, flat earth activist and Tartaria researcher pulls their heads out of their asses before its too late.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • “And I suddenly felt a deep pang of sympathy for all those poor monks and priests in the dark ages [Dark ages?? I thought you were woke dude.] tracking down witches and cult leaders and burning them at the stake. They got no credit for their work.”



  • “those poor monks and priests in the dark ages tracking down witches and cult leaders and burning them at the stake. ”

    to be honest, the burn parties were more for the 16th century (the so-called “renaissance” than the middle ages (so called “dark ages” by evil pro-Rome team)

  • >>Living in the commie blocks for as long as he did, and seeing the new glass and steel monstrosities springing up everywhere around him left this guy thinking that the people who exist now are literally a different species or something and clearly inferior to the Tartarians(?)<<

    Living in London, I feel that way about the Victorians.

  • Vince hitting his stride again. Good stuff. If Merica wasn’t a jew-ruled mess of mental munchkins, articles like this would make “The New Yorker.” It is not to be.

  • Slavs love conspiracy theories. Perhaps its because so many were ruled by a Jewish conspiracy for so long that its second nature for them.

  • “People can convince themselves of races of supergiants building baroque-style cities, but feel squeamish about noticing that White Genocide might be a real thing.”

    People can convince themselves of races of supergiants building baroque-style cities, PRECISELY because they feel squeamish about noticing that White Genocide might be a real thing.

    In other words, sometimes a person feels something. But can’t be sure of the source of the feeling.

    For example, someone has crazy thoughts. So they knows there is craziness in the air. But they don’t want to accept that they’re the one thinking crazy. So they accuses others of being crazy.

    In this case, the implications of White genocide are so profound AND so overwhelming, that it can be too much to handle. Yet, a person may feel that there is a conspiracy percolating SOMEWHERE.

    So they manufacture a conspiracy theory. Now feeling and “reality” line up. And the beauty — to them — of a fake conspiracy is that it has the added benefit of not requiring the person to ACT and actually DO something.

  • The Tartaria hypothesis seems sensible when you apply it to the United Kingdom

    The Farewell to Alms Theory was that the British eventually ended up mostly descended from the upper class, due to the harsh selection pressures created by their society. And that was why they were so awesome back then.

    Maybe those pressures somehow reversed themselves and the modern British are mostly descended from a despised outcaste like the British version of the Burakumin. Proto-Chavs or something.

    IE: The good race of British people have sunk beneath the earth, while the bad race of British people has taken over a civilization they couldn’t build. Or maintain.

    The time scale is a little too short, but something like that is possible, as abundant wealth reverses the selection pressures. Of course what’s actually happening to us with immigration is even worse. But you do have to wonder what happened to the British.

  • Ideology is secondary to the Power that gets to steer the ideology. It’s like a gun has meaning only in relation to the gunman who sets the target. Thus, Christianity can be used to justify or vilify any side depending on who has power over the Church. Communism can be used to favor any personality or any nation against any other. Yugoslavian communism was anti-Soviet, and Soviet communism was anti-Titoist. ‘Democracy’ can be used to justify any side that wields the power. US invoked ‘democracy’ to invade and destroy Iraq. However, other democracies opposed US actions, but US had the power to override their opposition. Every ideology has its distinct set of values and priorities, but in the end, the Power gets to decide how those values and priorities are used, distorted, suppressed, or betrayed. Maoist ideology didn’t prevent Mao from thawing relations with the US, a nation that had once been vilified as the biggest enemy of China. And of course, Jews play fast and loose with any ideology to their self-aggrandizement. So, Jews say American Democracy is anti-tribalist; therefore, whites mustn’t think of white interests, but then… whites must go out of their way to favor Jewish tribal interests.

    Incidentally, Christianity doesn’t necessarily instill guilt, atonement, and self-abnegation in all peoples. If anything, it can make a people feel righteous and justified in their violence. More crucial than any ideology is who-gets-to-steer-the-ideology because any credo can be redirected to be for or against anything. Take communism. It could be steered to serve Russia against China or to serve China against Russia. It could be steered by Stalin against Trotsky or by Trotsky against Stalin. The result can be credo to birth or credo to grave. It is human agency and wit that controls the crosshair of any ideological gun. Most Negroes in America are Christian, but did Christianity make Negroes humble, self-critical, apologetic, introspective, and contemplative of their sinful natures? Once upon a time, yes, when whites controlled the Narrative and made blacks feel like savages who needed to be a credit to their race to prove their worth before white folks. But since the change in Narrative that made MLK and Civil Rights the scions of virtue while burdening whites with historical sin, Christianity has made Negroes feel morally arrogant and judgmental. Today, Negro Christians just want to howl and shake their booties, act like they’re utterly blameless and holier-than-thou, sermonize as if they’re a race of saints who can never do no wrong.

  • Hate to say it, but look at the great cathedrals and the sturdy brick houses of Europe, the glorious art in the museums, and the sophisticated literature written by Shakespeare and Keats. Compare these to the shoddy, flimsy architecture and the repulsive cultural dreck made in the last 50 years.

    Only the best survives over time, but there is nothing — nothing AT ALL — made in the current era that is valuable even now, never mind anything that will last a century or more. It is garbage on the day it is produced, and only goes downhill from there.

    The Tartaria hypothesis has some merit on the face of it. Hard to believe how far our race have fallen in less than a century.

  • Often times there is something to these old legends. Vlad had to hear about it somewhere, someone had tried to arouse his curiosity, and he was trying to find out what you had heard about the St. Petersburg area a few hundred years ago. Did you have any good stories or legends about St. Petersburg in your family that you could tell him?

    It’s like the French & Indian War, a few of us I’m sure, have legends in their family about the French & Indian War. But, not too many. Although, we do know from school that the French & Indian War was one of the prime causes of the American Revolution.

  • Vlad is right. Swedes built St Petersburg. And we were super-people and kind of giants but not really back then.

    Story goes like this. Sweden became a centralized pseudo nationstate before any other state in Europe. Because of the reformation handed the church over to the state as a propagandatool and because a danish king killed off all the heads of the noble families of Sweden which meant that a really ambitious swedish noble could run rough shod over everything and everyone centralizing everything. So Sweden hit way above its weight for 150 years until other states caught up with this political innovation that allowed the state to use 50% of the resources of its subjects for war instead of 2-10%. Ending up with a baltic empire during 17th centuary. But what also happened during the 17th centuary was that Russia finally came to grips with the tartar slaveraids that had until then eaten up 25% of its economy every year. And expanded further eastwards and thus grew in power. And Sweden and Prussia decimated Poland, Russias age-old rival. So when Russia made an alliance with Denmark and Poland so Russia could get a port in the baltic they managed to defeat Sweden after twenty years of war and dismember its empire. During the war many swedes ended up prisoners of war. And they were put to work to build St Petersburg. And most of them died. Vlad was right! He just got his names mixed up.

  • “In fact, it offers more evasion and obfuscation. Crime has biological roots and Blacks excel at violence for the same reasons as they fail at physics and mathematics. The explanation lies in their genetics and their evolutionary history. They are biologically different from Whites and they do not belong in a White society. But liberals refuse to admit this, preferring to deny reality and allow non-White pathologies to continue.”

    Actually, Liberals are confused on this. On the one hand, they say race is just a social construct, and there is only one Human Race.. and “we all bleed red” cliche.
    So, it doesn’t matter if tons of non-whites, even blacks, come to the UK. Blacks are just white people with black skin… or whites are just black people with white skin.

    BUT, Liberals also make the argument that UK needs these non-white colonizers because races are indeed different and whites have so much to gain from ‘diversity’.
    So, we are told that mixed-race people are more beautiful and more intelligent. On the one hand, race is just a myth, BUT mixing races somehow results in a superior mixed-race of higher IQ and greater beauty. (If races don’t exist, how can mixing them lead to superior mixed-race?)
    Mexico and Morocco are race-mixed with African, Arab, and Caucasian blood. Are Mexicans and Moroccons smarter and more beautiful than Swedes? If so, why don’t all the Liberals just move to Latin America or North Africa and live in those paradises of ultra-beauty and super-high intelligence. After all, George P. Bush is the epitome of super-intelligence and attractiveness.

    Also, the character of UK PC-pop-culture shows that Neo-Racism really prevails among Liberals. The main conflict is not between racism and anti-racism. It’s because Paleo-Racism and Neo-Racism. Paleo-Racism favored whites in the West or native majority over foreigners. Paleo-Racism not only governed Europe but inspired nations like Vietnam and Algeria that rose up against imperialism for nationalist-race-ist reasons: they said Vietnam for Vietnamese and Algeria for Algerians and YOU EUROPEANS GO BACK HOME.

    UK Liberals are Neo-Racists. They are addicted to virtue-vanity and self-righteous supremacism as the template for neo-snobbery. They are addicted to status supremacism, and PC is like virtue crack to these people. It gives them highs of instant holier-than-thou heartgasms. They sniff PC like idiots sniff glue.

    Neo-Racism is about favoring minorities, aliens, colonizers, and esp Jews and blacks over the native gentile population. And of course, homos are used as globo-agents of Jews. If indeed these Liberals in US and UK are anti-racist, why do they favor Jews over Palestinians? Why do they favor Israeli interests over Iranian interests? Why they allow Jews to defame whites but imprison or destroy any white person who calls out on Jewish hate? Why did the US media take the side of Trayvon Martin over George Zimmerman? Because Neo-Racism favors blacks over browns. Neo-Racism bitches about lack of black representation in Stem fields but never complains about the fact that Mexicans aren’t represented in LA football and basketball teams. So, even excessive black success is to be lauded. If a team is all black, that is wonderfully diverse. But if there are no Mexicans in LA Lakers, who cares?

    There is another angle to Neo-Racism. It believes in Black Superiority(along with Jewish supremacy). Because blacks excel in sports, run faster, jump higher, shake booties faster, punch harder, sing louder, and have bouncier butts and bigger dongs, white Britons worship blacks as the superior race(sensually even if they don’t say so officially). It’s like Jewish Homo Milo saying he’s not ‘racist’ because he worships a big black dong up his bung. He is blind to his own Neo-Racism. A true anti-racist would argue that no race is better than others. But Milo’s homo bung now only accepts black dongs and shuts out all others because he deems blacks superior as sex partners. And Andrew Sullivan the British ‘conservative’ feels the same way. He got HIV by having his white bung porked by endless parade of black dongs.
    And British women are increasingly into ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs because they are into rap culture, black icons, black athletes, and black porn. British girls pay big bucks to see Ariana Grande who sings about how her poons needs endless supply of big black dongs.

    And BBC features black guy as Zeus, black guy as Achilles. So, the idea is that the Superior Icon of Manhood is the Negro. This Neo-Racist ideal says white women should go with black men and white men should graciously and cuckishly accept this inevitability.. or try to regain some of their lost manhood(vis-a-vis the Negro) by taking Asian women from yellow male soyboy losers. Inferior to black men, superior to yellow men. So, the Neo-Racist ideal is for black dongs to colonize white wombs and for white dongs to colonize yellow wombs. As for yellow boys, they can have sexbots.

    Why do Muslim men use torture and rape to get white women? They got no appeal as studs. Unlike black guys who can get tons of white poons by shaking booty, playing ball, or singing, Muslim men must use organized criminality to hold and rape young white girls. And why are so many white girls vulnerable to this? Cuz white working class have been morally corrupted and debased by hedonism, materialism, and family breakdown.

    Neo-Racism favors blacks. Why? We live in a pop culture world of sports, music, dance, celebrity, and even porn(as it’s gone mainstream). Some races have iconic value even if they aren’t talented with brains or achievement. Take Jesse Owens and Joe Louis. Blacks as a race had close-to-zero power in the 1930s and 1940s in terms of economics and technology, BUT they gained great prestige as icons of sports and music. They matter because the gods of modernity are the sports stars, music stars, and sex symbols on TV.

    Blacks never produced great scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, military generals, and etc. But they produced lots of great athletes and musicians. And MOST PEOPLE seek pleasure from entertainment of sports and music. So, even though the Western economy and technology were made and are sustained by white men, the heroic icons that represent the body-and-soul of the nation are black. Whites keep all the electrical systems going, but what do white people see on their electronic TV and computers when they come home from work? Black icons of sports and music.
    It’s like Japanese and Koreans make tons of TVs, but the world doesn’t watch yellow boys on TV. Instead, all that technology made by whites and yellows celebrate black icons of music and sports and sex industry. So, whites and even yellows are working so hard to build all this great technology… only to celebrate a dangerous thuggish race that, on its own, can’t do shit and only degrade civilizations. Look at China. So much economic development and rise made by Chinese workers and engineers. But what do Chinese boys watch on TV as their heroic icons? NBA black athletes.

    Neo-Racism is about the power of icons. Whites in UK worship black icons because blacks are iconic as athletes, loud singer, bouncy-booty twerkers, and big-donged humpers.

    Paleo-Racism understood this threat and tried to keep blacks out or suppress them. But Jews took over UK elite culture and pushed the Neo-Racism whereby cucked out Brits came to worship blacks as iconic heroes and saviors.

    Also, there is the ant-grasshopper symbiotics between Northern Europeans and blacks. Brits developed their great nation with much hard work, discipline, manners, self-sacrifice, and social order. This made for a stable society but it often felt drab, repressive, and constricting. They were like hardworking ants that achieved much but didn’t have much fun.
    In contrast, blacks are like grasshoppers who be looking for fun 24/7 and having no sense of responsibility.

    So, white ants took pity on black grasshoppers and took them in. But white ants also envied the sunny grasshoppers who seemed more fun and easy-going. The repressed and inhibited ants felt liberated and emancipated by the wilder nature of the grasshoppers. It’s like a frigid person loves the sun. When British culture began to thaw from its self-discipline and inhibitions, it felt attracted to blacks who seemed sunnier and happier with their sexual and musical spontaneity. Not for nothing did 007 story begin in the Caribbean. And in time, Anglo-Saxons culturally became Junglo-Saxons as New British Music came to be about drawing inspiration from black music to come up with stuff like Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin, and etc.

    So, UK really went from Paleo-racism to Neo-racism. The current PC is not about racial equality. It’s about how blacks are superior as electro-icons of sports, entertainment, and sex industry. And since modern Western Culture is all about vanity, narcissism, and hedonism — why else are flamboyant homos worshiped? — , wild and funky blacks have an advantage over whites.

    Who’s the boxing champion of UK now? It’s some black guy. So, even though white men do all the hard work to sustain British economy and technology, the iconic heroes and gods of UK are black. People work to make a living but look to sports and entertainment for thrills, excitement, and heroics.

    Engineers and plumbers are far more crucial to an economy than athletes and singers, but do you see anyone get excited about engineer or plumber? No, they get wild about athletes, singers, actors, and stars. And black icon-hegemony is destroying UK as it encourages a people who can create civilization worship a people who destroy civilization.

    It’s not just about PC. It’s about pop culture and its rule of icons.

    Jews have prophetic power. They come up with new ideas and visions. Blacks have iconic power. They stand tall as athletes and entertainers. Together, they work to subjugate and enslave the white race in body and soul.

    • Well said. And it’s so infuriating.

      In the post employment age where even most private sector office jobs can be done by monkeys, the jobs are given to monkeys as (after the compulsory nepotism) EOE is made the highest criteria for recruiting for public and private sector.

      Noticeably the Asian managerial class is seizing the opportunity to act as the gatekeepers to exclude whites in each enterprise they find their way inside. If you ever see a doctor training a junior, the chances are the White doctor will be training a junior Asian, but the Asian will only ever have an Asian protege.

    • It’s amazing you can write do much cogently, while at the same time denying the White Christian Civilization that made it all possible. Blind guides…..

  • Now Vincent…there is no reason to offer insult to those of us who know the Earth is flat. The logic is simple. Black science guy and Bill the science goy tell us it is an oblate sphere. We know those fuckers are wrong on an intrinsic level. If you look at them on the quantum level, all of their physicality is wrong. Therefore, anything they say, the opposite is true retroactively. Prove me wrong. 🙂

  • you almost forget about the long-raging, but seldom talked about civil war between short men and tall men that has plagued mankind throughout the ages.”

    Mr. Law has now descended into the realm of unintentional self-parody. 😀

    • Who else is hoping Law writes an article describing the long-raging but seldom talked about war Catwar between blonds and brunettes? 😛

      And where are the articles about Bannon leaving Breitbart on the same day Trump stabs you cucks in the back with DACA?

      • 1. Trump was a fire and forget weapon to keep Hillary out of office.
        2. Silly faggot. Dicks are for chicks.
        3. Reddit———->

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