The Divided States Of Weimerica

The center has not held.

25 percent of Americans are committed leftists. At least half of that 25 percent is comprised of borderline imbeciles who belong in the 3rd World. 35 percent of America is comprised of so-called conservatives, most of whom are mindless sheep in denial about the state of the country and the criminality of the Washington establishment.

If we are being generous, about two-fifths of that 35 percent is comprised of moderate Republicans who occupy what might be termed the political center.

They are actually not so moderate generally (they are essentially neo-feudalists) but they know how to get along with the left and more than anything else they know how to get their way (usually through graft). They are labeled “moderate” because they serve the interests of the power structure and so in return, the power structure gives them favorable press, in this case, a pleasant albeit inaccurate label which makes them seem reasonable and safe to the average voter.

12-15 percent of the country is comprised of left-leaning centrists who generally vote Democrat but will also vote for more moderate Republicans. This is a rapidly disappearing species of citizen because the totalitarian hard-left, which has come to dominate and control the political left, no longer tolerates dissent. The other 25 percent or so of the nation is so damned pissed off and disillusioned with American politics that they don’t vote and they don’t believe there is any real or democratic solution to the nation’s most critical problems.

Their politics by and large aren’t worth pinning down or accurately describing. However, what can be said definitively about that 25 percent of disillusioned Americans is that their numbers have grown over time and they are not moderates, by any stretch of the imagination.

The true center has shrunk and is continuing to shrink. Much of the right is moving away from the artificial center dominated by the interests of oligarchs, lobbyists, and special interest groups, and toward the paleocon right and the Alt-Right, factions of the right more concerned with the interests of ordinary people and less willing to play nice with a power structure deeply hostile to white people.

At the same time, the political left has become more extreme if you can believe it.

The number of radical leftists, antifags and bona fide communists that is, is continuing to grow, and their tactics have become increasingly radical, violent and shocking. The left-leaning centrists in the middle (the 12-15 percent mentioned, think the Dave Rubins and Peter Thiels of the world) are increasingly under siege. Very few Americans seem to even possess the intellectual firepower and acumen to be able to hold their ground in the middle anymore. To the radical left, which dominates the media and the American sociocultural zeitgeist, left-centrists (AKA actual “liberals”) are now seen as simply “enablers” of white supremacy and a bunch of other fictive hobgoblins that only exist in the wildest imaginings of mentally disturbed Cultural Marxists.

Our society is tearing at the seams. We are not held together any longer by shared genes or shared values or shared interests, or anything shared really. We have fewer and fewer natural bonds. We are a society increasingly at each other’s throats, a society of the polarized and the disaffected. Most Americans understand somewhere in their tortured, shallow souls that something is deeply, horribly amiss with our society. At one point the chiefly contented centrists likely constituted a solid 50 percent or more of the American nation. That is no longer the case. Now their numbers, when aggregated (comprised of moderate Republicans, 14 percent, and center-leftists, at most about 15 percent of the country), are under 30 percent of America, and that number is shrinking by the day.

Truth be told, America is now held together by government force and political inertia, which is to say that we have been a nation and so we continue to be a nation. It is not in the interests of white people that America continue to exist in anything resembling its current form.

That is because the Cultural Marxist left took over America many decades ago, in the 1960s to be precise. Since then whites have essentially been hostages in the nation our ancestors built.

A diverse society is an un-society. A society is about shared values, shared genes, a shared worldview, etc. A society defined by opposing worldviews and divergent, hostile races is not a society. It is a society begging to be and in all likelihood soon to be broken up. A house divided against itself can not stand. Nation-states are coordination agreements, alliances between people. We enter into them when we think allying with this person or that group gives our genes the greatest likelihood of survival. It is virtually impossible to see how the modern West does that for whites. How does importing hordes of hostile, unskilled 3rd world primitives, completely unfit for the modern world, increase our probability of survival? People who are genetically unlike us don’t want our genes to survive, they want their genes to survive.

We also enter into these agreements when we believe other people or groups share our vision for tomorrow. This ensures domestic tranquility and maximizes the likelihood that our vision of the ideal society will be the society we find ourselves living in later.

To tether one’s destiny to those who share nothing with you is not rational, it is to destroy oneself by design.

A functioning society needs a center. It needs some axis that keeps it stable, balanced. A healthy society must be able to handle some disagreement, but no society can handle too much of it and remain a society. Too much diversity, ethnic or ideological, is inherently destabilizing. There will always be outliers and dissenters to be sure, but when radicalism becomes the norm you have a problem. The distribution of ideologies in a stable, healthy society should look something like a bell curve, not a bimodal (double hump) curve with extremely prominent peaks separated by an empty center. Ordinary Americans never truly believed in the center the left was striving to create, but acquiesced to the artificial center of the Cultural Marxist left so long as America was economically and socially stable.

However, as the sick Cultural Marxist vision for America has come to fruition, with all its manifest evils and absurdities, as our moral compass has begun to spin uncontrollably, as the middle-class has disintegrated, and as America has slowly devolved into a soft totalitarian, dystopian nightmare, passive resistance has become increasingly untenable and unacceptable to many on the right.

Things have gotten too ugly and too awful for many to remain quiet any longer. Many Americans are now openly questioning the very legitimacy of America’s institutions of power and certainly the moral legitimacy of our anti-white, Cultural Marxist overlords. After all, who wouldn’t accept the moral legitimacy of a bunch of Marxist psychopaths who want your son to lop off his penis?

The reality is, a solid quarter of the country is intensely unhappy at all times! Furthermore, every four years, after one side loses the presidency to the other, another 30 percent or so of the nation isn’t just unhappy with the outcome, they’re crestfallen over it, and some find themselves in a genuinely revolutionary frame of mind. And only a fraction of those who aren’t utterly miserable about the outcome are truly happy about it! Most voters choose someone they can stomach nowadays, not anyone resembling a good candidate or a true leader.

What’s more, there is a fundamental difference between being unhappy with the current governmental situation and being downright apoplectic. The left doesn’t merely view Donald Trump’s victory as bad, it views it as completely intolerable, unacceptable, illegitimate. The same was largely true for the right when Obama was elected and then reelected, albeit to a lesser extent. What’s more, much of the left would be quite fine with a staged coup against President Trump, military or otherwise. That is a perfect recipe for political instability. This is precisely how democracies break down.

At any given time in contemporary America, a majority of Americans are in dormant revolt against their own government! We are without question a completely unmoored society, broken, ruined by our greatest strength, diversity.

It does not need to be this way, for those of us on the left or those of us on the right, for those of us in Idaho or those of us in New York. A less diverse nation is typically a more stable nation, not to mention a more trustful, tranquil and happy one.

It is an organism with a vertebrae.

Right now we are a nation with a right and a left leg running in opposite directions. We have no spinal column, we have no command center, we don’t know what kind of nation we want to be and the differences between the competing visions/goals of America’s constituent brain cells are too wide to keep us sane. We are the Norman Bates of nation-states.

We would all be better off if the US Government was dissolved post-haste and split up into its constituent regional or ideological personalities. Each personality would then be free to flourish in its own way, according to its own will, its own individual character free to truly actualize. We would be governed by those that share our interests and our worldviews, not by those we consider fools or by hostile out-ethnics who hate our history, who hate our ways, who consider us fools, who, to be frank, want us destroyed, eliminated.

Nobody should have to live in a society in which one’s culture and history are denigrated daily, in which one is considered everything standing in the way of social progress, which is precisely how diversity-worshipping modern America views the mere existence of white people. The American experiment has failed. It is high time we accepted that. We need to start discussing what the post-American world should look like and how we might bring it into being.


  • I do not want the United States to divide. If states want to secede I think they should be allowed to do so peacefully. There is no overriding moral issue like the abolition of slavery that would justify another civil war.

    I can see a division between what I will call “the Restored Confederacy,” and what remains of the United States. The Restored Confederacy would include the South, minus Virginia, and most of the Midwest and Mountain states. The United States would retain the West Coast plus Nevada, Virginia to Main, and a few states in between.

    The United States would have most of the best universities most and the more successful corporations.

    There would be a continual brain drain, as most of the more intelligent young people born in the Restored Confederacy would go to the United States for university education. Then they would get a job in the United States as a professional or with a successful corporation. They would return to the Restored Confederacy for high school and family reunions, stay long enough to remember why they left, and return to the United States.

    Young, well educated whites usually enjoy diversity. They are fascinated by other cultures. They like the sight and sound of foreign languages. They dine in ethnic restaurants. They often become fluent in at least one language in addition to English. They frequently travel abroad for vacations. They have friends of other races, some of whom were born in other countries.

    Over time the United States would thrive economically. The Restored Confederacy would decline.

    • Not what would happen. At all. I actually suspect the brain drain would go the other way. Diversity stopped paying dividends long ago. California & New York have some of the highest exodus rates in the nation. Very few people want to be stuck in those places. And in 20, 30 years time, even fewer will. All that “I love diversity” talk, is mostly just talk.

  • It’s getting harder and harder to disagree with this line of thinking, but I am going to reserve final judgement on the political process until the mid-terms shake out. If by January 2019 the campaign agenda is not back on the table and being implement, I will finally read Siege.

  • There will never be true separation as long as jews are amongst us. Any major political revolution will always be controlled. We could and should have the whole country and should. Because it’s ours.

  • I for one have absolutely no interest in surrendering half of my people’s nation to the savages of who’s tribal ideology and cultures were conquered at the cost of my forefathers’ mortal sacrifices.

    This is our country, period! I love my fellow Anglo-American brother and sister patriots. But, we have enjoyed the inheritance of luxury, freedom, comfort, and civility somewhat irresponsibly for too long now. Our submissive silence and passivity to the multiple attacks against our way of life, heritage, and future existence has allowed these issues to fester and proliferate to the catastrophe it has become today. We have some accountability in this, and we have an outstanding debt to our nation as a result.

    Time has run out to stiffen our spines and pay up lest we leave our children socially bankrupt, outnumbered, and disenfranchised in the country their forefathers died to pioneer, tame, develop, and defend. It’s an ugly reality folks; but, if we don’t close our ranks, unite, and go on the offensive aggressively, we will lose this country, and soon.

    We have evolved from a brave, free, and dignified people who created the greatest society man has ever known, to a people unable to so much as express a sense of pride for our nationalism or heritage without being subject mass ridicule and persecution by our anti-American invaders, multi-culturist-minority enemies, and the weak self-loathing whites who shamelessly support and empower them. Make no mistake, their ranks are closed. They are united against us.

    We are far too fractured currently. Everyone from from the alt-right, the stormer, national alliance down to your local elk’s lodge needs to close ranks and unite beneath a single organized information and collaboration chamber. We need to focus on the single objective of preserving the Anglo-American race as the sole proprietors and driving force of our society and national policy. Your support and membership of other movements and agendas (i.e. religion, naziism, conservatism, classical-liberalism, etc.) needs to be secondary to this cause or, we will remain fractured and ultimately, conquered.

    Be it a website, organization, national network of local clubs–whatever. It needs to happen for the purpose of cooperative efforts to pressure government with a focused effort. We need to fund legal representation for those brothers and sisters who are being martyred through the press or minority run leftist judiciaries both civil and criminal alike.

    We need to re-assert and re-establish our social standards as a unified nation historically open to legal immigration and multi-ethnicities but according to a single culture–white American western traditions, language, beliefs, and culture should always remain the prevailing social force and largest population

  • I agree with the thesis of this article: America wants to come apart. The author presents a lot of evidence to support the self-evident facts: we don’t have anything in common, don’t get along well as groups, aren’t blood-related to each other, and don’t want the same outcomes for the future.

    America wants to come apart. The real question is how do we help it? Further down in the comments someone gets to “race war”, which it may come to, but that would inevitably result in millions of white people dead. We already killed off a lot of our bravest and best in the two large fratricidal wars of the 20th century. Surely we can do better than a replay of that, with white brother once again fighting white brother.

    Which is why I think we should be working towards some sort of political settlement. One that is discussed a lot is one or more states seceding from the Union. That’s worth working on, and more real planning to make that happen should be taking place.

    A more radical plan is to force the dissolution of the Federal Government entirely, reverting to the pre-Constitutional situation of 50 independent countries. I believe that if this occurred things would get sorted out pretty quickly.

    We owe it to ourselves and our progeny to attempt to resolve the issues outlined in this article in every peaceful way that we can. If it comes to armed conflict, we will at least leave for a history our record of sincerely trying to resolves things peacefully.

    (PS: My previous comment seemed to get stuck in “awaiting moderation”, so I’ve re-written this.)

    • Well thought out. You should visit this comment section more often.
      I have another hypothetical I would like your opinion on.

      What about building a new political party based upon true traditional right wing values. Struggling day after day like the NSDAP did in order to gain members. We would definitely win a few state and fed seats along the way but the main goal would be to gain enough civilians and enough military and law enforcement in order to stage a successful coup. Then we purge the filth, all of it.

      I personally think this is the best option, what say you?

  • As Nehlen proposes, halt all immigration (including legal) for 10 years. This will give us time to wrap our heads around the immigration crisis that has finally caught up with us.

    • That’s Freudian Jew “psychiatry”. Their entire though system can Summed up by, “nothing anybody thinks or believes is based upon logical and rational reasoning. Every belief, thought, or desire is a product of an emotional complex stemming from childhood trauma or stems from latent sexual desires for your mother/father. That’s kick bullshit, we don’t buy into that anymore.

      It’s called Jews projecting their own fucked up psychosis upon genitles.

      • That’s a pretty uncharitable description of psychoanalysis, not to mention the fact that your explanation for why it is invalid relies on a psychoanalytic notion (projection). Good one.

        • Psychoanalysis as an objective tool used for finding motivations in a human mind is not bad in and of itself.
          Carl Jung is an excellent example of such a practitioner.
          My beef is with modern psychoanalysis which mainly derives from Freud, like the article you linked, which disperses with any notion of a man who’s motives and desires are free from emotional baggage and are purely rational. Freud was a Jew, his legacy is Jewish as is majority of the modern Pysch field.

          • There is a reason for that: human animals are not purely rational creatures. For example, your argument is that Freud was Jewish therefore psychoanalysis is wrong. That is quite irrational.

          • I’m thinking your a kike now. My argument was deeper than he’s simply a Jew end of story, that was just my summary as to why the flaws arouse in his system. Nice try though.

          • And I responded to your other objection to psychoanalysis.

            Also, you said it yourself in this last comment: the summary as to why the flaws arouse in his system is that he is a Jew. Is it not?

          • Correct. Because he is a Jew he suffers from all sorts of phycosis and mental complexes Jews are known to posses. This skewed his view of the human mind and instead of accepting that some don’t share these issues he projected them.

            Did You even take the red pill?

        • Draintheswamp, to be fair, Barnabas was commenting on Freudian psychiatry, which is rarely mentioned these days in serious psychology texts, as it has been relegated to an oddity in history. He is commenting on a school of thought that arises merely by consensus of a few influential individuals.

  • The fact that you think the radical left dominates the media demonstrates that you have no idea what a leftist is.

    • …LOL.
      The MSM has a corporatist bent on economic issues (“rightist” media more so than the left, because the left’s true economic values serve to counterbalance this systemic prejudice).
      That said, on non-economic issues (cultural issues, moral issues, cultural issues, racial issues) the MSM is pure, unadulterated leftist (Cultural Marxist) in orientation.
      Even supposed right-wing media outlets like Fox News accept all the principal values of the political left, which came to dominate American society & American business culture in the 60’s.

        • They are not Cultural Nihilists, they are Cultural Marxists. They are obsessed with racial & social discrimination & inequalities & with eradicating both, everywhere, at all times, no matter how trivial the discrimination or predictable the inequality. Obsessed. They are left-wing fanatics when it comes to social issues. Fanatics. The very opposite of nihilists. They are fanatical, totalitarian Cultural Marxists.

      • Since the 1960’s the United States has moved to the right on economic issues and to the left on social issues. I dislike both movements.

        • Agreed. But what else would you expect from a Semitic/Philo-Semitic, extractive, Cultural Marxist oligarchy?

  • Yes, think locally identify the enemies in your A/O study their habits, their movements, those close to them.
    Practice dry runs on random people
    Work out the bugs and adjust your plans. Realize and accept that you will not survive the inevitable caticlizem.
    Pray that the actions you take will contribute to victory for your brothers.
    And life in the sun for your decendants.

  • If Trump fails, especially on immigration, I’ll be one of the 25% so disillusioned with politics that I won’t vote anymore.

  • Great article, but hard to get to the NEXT point. How to effect the separation?

    One helpful thing that the Founders left us as part of our heritage is the States. Which are functioning governments. The simplest way to break up the USA would be to dissolve the Federal Level entirely.

    Be it resolved by a vote of 2/3’s of the States that the Federal Government is hereby dissolved.

    ABOLISHED as of the effect date are the offices, departments and institutions of:
    Supreme Court,
    US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marine Corp, US Coast Guard,
    Customs, Immigration
    EPA, DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, HUD, Agriculture Department, HHS, DOD, Interior, Energy and all other components of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the Federal Governemnt, along with all regulations, Federal Laws, Federal Courts and their orders.

    All federal lands and properties shall revert to ownership by the State in which they are located.

    The District of Columbia is hereby given to the State of Hawaii.

  • the libertarian claim to be on the right because of the left’s attitude of just obey and go along but they are actually the center. still it is rapidly shrinking like you said. ty for this write up

  • The radicalization of left is actually a good thing, since it will scare middle class people over to our side.

  • Spraguer (Not your real name, I’m sure.), those immigrants AREN’T “third-world hordes”. They’ve built your home and business, produced your food, served you in the military, and much more. Their success in this country is precisely why you’re desperate to deport them. You’re “envious”, as your preferred 2012 candidate would say. You also denigrate other cultures and admit to caring *only* about *some* White Americans. (No way do you support the rights of White women, Democrats, disabled, gays, or Boomers.) We’re definitely a divided nation, but that’s partly your fault. Next time, don’t attempt to reflect upon a problem *before* you’ve quit creating it.

    • Hey buddy, go down to your local Home Depot, pull your vehicle up to the group of beaners in the far end of the parking lot, roll your window down and tell them that you will pay them for you to wash there balls off, afterward kindly take them to your house let them inside to eat your food and fuck your wife.

      Once all that is over kindly put a noose around your neck please. This way you can serve your third world hordes honorably.

        • You lefties always resort to pseudo sexual fetishes. Why is that? Here you have checked all boxes. Racist loser, because only a neck beard who lives at home could be against be displaced by foreigners. Hitler worship, because only that makes sense to your little mind, no way anyone could admire a strong leader without worshipping him lol.
          Lastly you throw in sucking dick, because I’m sure you have always wanted to but are afraid.

          It’s cool Goth most people accept it nowadays, go pucker up.

          • “You lefties always resort to pseudo sexual fetishes. Why is that?”

            Half of the Alt-Right are secretly gay or whiny incels, just look at Gregory and the White Sharia crowd. But you’re too homophobic to admit it!:P

          • Here we go again.

            Awww…anyone who disagrees with me is a secret fag ahhhhh….

            And for the record I am not afraid of homos I simply do not like them. Run on back to Salon.

          • Sure bud, so unless someone is Pro Homo they must be gay. That logic sounds very gay if you ask me and something only a faggot would say.

          • Bullshit, Barnabas! draintheswamp doesn’t “need” to hate gays because he’s comfortable with his orientation. Meanwhile, your Haggard-esque (Remember Ted Haggard?) comments have put you under Homo-suspicion.

          • lol I don’t need to hate gays, I choose to. It’s a belief that I have cultivated through logic and reason. Why can’t you simple minded faggots get that through your head.

          • Oh I forgot about you liberal faggots favorite retort, small dick. Lmao because the only way a man can be a man and take charge is if he has a small cock.

            Go obsess over your Oedipus complex elsewhere your Freudian faggot.

    • America was in much, much better shape while it was 90% white, circa 50 years ago.
      Most Americans, even most Alt-Righters, tolerate skilled immigration from parts of of the world which are not hotbeds for Islamic radicalism or from populations which are incapable of assimilating into Western society on the group level.
      I’m talking about unskilled immigration from Latin-America, Africa & the Middle East.
      Over the course of the last 50 years the vast majority of immigrants to America have been unskilled, well below the American mean in intelligence & from these regions (circa 90%). These populations drive up crime rates, reduce social trust, vote for Marxist kleptocrats & drain the public coffers. They are in every sense “3rd World hordes”. They are overwhelmingly a net loss to the country in virtually every relevant category, not a screaming success, as you would let on.
      If Indian doctors & Chinese physicists were the problem, Alt-Right animus would be directed toward them, but it’s not. Your whole argument is a giant straw man. As for immigrants, they are not a monolithic block. The differences between immigrant populations are vast. However, If the problem populations which are the target of Alt-Right animus were so wonderful & successful & such a boon to the country, the country wouldn’t be in the shape it’s in, now would it?

      • My God, you are dense, Spraguer! It’s no coincidence that “third world” immigration spiked when the “White working class” got suburb-wages on a trailer-park skillset. During the 20th century, those #deplorables became entitled to a life beyond their means, so America has to import its REAL working-class – immigrants who work for next-to-nothing and DON’T “game”, “troll”, divorce, bail on church, or quit school/work because it’s “too left”. Your great-grandparents would be horrified at your mendacious, destructive self-pity. #ScrewBrownPanic

        • 1) That’s actually not when immigration accelerated. It accelerated well after wages increased dramatically post-war. This was not an economic consequence strictly speaking, it was a consequence of deliberate policy choices. Indeed, you can make this same argument about much of Northern Europe where wages have been buoyed by guilds, unions & robust worker protection & wage regimes for a long, long time. Yet immigration is a rather new phenomenon into most of these European nations, demonstrating that the relationship between these variables is a complex one & certainly not a “causal” one.
          2) The only thing you’ve gotten right is that crooked, parasitic Western oligarchs wanted cheap labor & didn’t want to pay lower & lower midde-class workers anything close to a living wage. Which is one of the main reasons they have imported hordes of 3rd World savages. Yes, you’re right about that.
          3) It is partially true that the rise in wages for many lower-class workers was the consequence of wage floors set by government & by a major economic boom in mid-century. But so what? I still don’t see how this helps your argument. Importing low-skilled 3rd Worlders en masse still drives down wages for the poor, the young, the unskilled, etc. Why is that good for the country? The answer is it’s not. It’s really only good for a small subset of the country, namely those setting policy, the rich. It’s bad for virtually everyone else & highly destabilizing for the nation as a whole. It’s a parasitic policy which destroys 42,000 things, harms the nation in a myriad of ways, but makes the really, really rich, an eency weency bit richer. Bad policy. And make no mistake about it, it is a policy. Not economic law, policy.
          4) Shoot, even if you took away most of the economic factors that drive 3rd World immigration into the West, many would still want to come, whether there were jobs here or not. The perquisites & advantages of living in the West (really the former West) compared with the hell-holes they come from are too numerous to list here. Many of these immigrants have literally destroyed their own countries, many are in civil war, others in famine. They come to the West for free stuff, for political freedoms, for free food, for slutty, deluded crypto-Marxist white whores, etc. Many if not most of the invaders aren’t even working now in many Western nations!!! The unemployment rate for migrants in certain Scandinavian countries is over 50%. We don’t need more. We would do well to remove most of those here already.

          • Oh, my! You tantrumed “bigly” and said not one word about the wounds that “White working class” have inflicted upon themselves! What a shock! Now, let’s hear an account of the bad choices that population has made, since, presumably, you’ve had your fill of blaming the “browns and billionaires”. Did immigrants order the “White working class” to bust up their families? Abandon their faith? Blow their dwindling incomes on crap like video games? Drop out of school because their professors “offended” them? Drug their brains out? And why should any billionaire assume the risk, burden, and, possibly, danger of that #deplorable workforce? Because they’re White? How is that not toxic entitlement?

            Rates of unemployment have soared among the “White whining, er, ‘working’ class”. Among youngest of those people, they match and, sometimes, even EXCEED the unemployment rates of newly arrived immigrants. (And by “new”, I’m talking *literally* fresh off the boat. That’s the only group of immigrants with sizeable rates of joblessness, for obvious reasons.) So, why no condemnation for them? Surely, they genuinely deserve it, having had a load of advantages from day 1.

            Bottom line, nobody’s going anywhere, Spraguer. America WILL NOT bear the cost and violence of a FUTILE effort to exile immigrants, many of whom have labored to give Americans a cushy life.

          • 1) Again, you seem incapable of distinguishing between immigrant types. Because you’re a stupid person. Also, who said anything about exiling immigrants? I want my own country, cuck. This country is done. We’ll do what we have to do to get it.
            2) Abandon their faith? Busted up families? Where did I say anything about these things? More strawmen arguments. Who taught white people to hate themselves? That’s the better question. And the answer is (((anti-white psychopaths))) on TV, in academia, etc. Whites are more vassalized than ethnic Germans during the Weimar & almost as vassalized & decimated as Native Americans.
            3) In terms of the afflictions mentioned, some of them like drug use, are problems often seen amongst vassalized, conquered, destroyed populations. If whites were ruled by whites & their interests were considered at all by those who ruled this country, they wouldn’t be in the shape they are in.
            4) You are a seething, vicious anti-white propagandist. If Genrikh Yagoda was still around, I suspect he’d sound a lot like you. “Toxic entitlement”, “whining”, “drug their brains out”. Your white hatred is palpable & impossible to ignore. That said, when it comes to most of the issues you mention, whites still generally experience those social afflictions at lower rates than many other populations. Despite all the damage & brainwashing our anti-white Cultural Marxist overclass has inflicted upon whites, whites as a whole still outperform by virtually every relevant social & economic metric the vast majority of the immigrant groups you like to fellate so liberally.
            5) Most whites in America are not particularly privileged. You’re peddling Marxist propaganda. If you are interested in highly privileged populations, look to Jewish-American, Indian-American & East-Asian-American populations, especially those in large population centers.
            6) To the extent that some generally less intelligent & less gifted ethnic groups perform comparably to poor whites, it is because in America there are endless programs to uplift, enrich & favor these groups in hiring & promotions. That said, much of America, especially the increasingly less white parts of America, are rapidly ghettoizing. A few very diverse major cities are the exception, not the norm. You can only feed on the dead carcass of white wealth & ingenuity for so long. Eventually you have to create things for yourself, & many of these populations can’t & won’t.
            7) Migrant & refugee unemployment rates are through the roof in Western nations. Again, you are completely failing to make essential distinctions between immigrant groups, ethnically, regionally, in terms of their skills, their grounds for entry into the country, etc. The devil is in the details & propagandists aren’t interested in details.
            Enjoy the redpill, cuck/Jew/asshole.

          • I am NOT stupid! You’re a whopping LIAR! Your whole “movement” is aimed at finishing what Hitler began and failed MISERABLY at! Was there even one Jew, Gypsy, disabled person, or openly gay leader in the Third Reich? No, there WASN’T! Did it allow any of those folks to live? To buy their way out of the concentration camp? To trade their skills and goods for their freedom? Again, you KNOW the answer is “no”! That sociopathic limp-dick slaughtered them ALL! Not one person believes you’d welcome ANY non-white immigrant to this country! So, fuck your “merit” immigration dodge. You’d be fine with “hordes” of #deplorable immigrants, so long as they’re White.

      • Third world immigrants escape the dysfunctions of their societies and bring those dysfunctions with them when they move to first world countries.

    • I’ve built my own home, three of them.
      I served in combat arms with overwhelmingly fellow white boys.
      I am a boomer,I have done all the jobs Americans won’t do. The overwhelming majority of the invading third world hoards are not contributing in any meaningful way and are in fact parasites bleeding the hard working white people to early death
      Including our precious women.
      I swear on the graves of my ancestors that I will die with my boots on after seeing the light go out of your traitorous eyes, if not you another of your ilk.

    • You are another creepy Libertarian with the typical creepy Libertarian argument that “you couldn’t survive if the brown horde wasn’t in US labor markets”…..Well you are a bold face liar…There is no economic case for race replacing THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY WORKING CLASS….There is no debate._we reject race-replacement immigration and THE US CHAMBER OF COMMERCE should sealed in a vat of car battery acid.

      Their success is at the expense…demographic expense….THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS did nor consent to voted into a White racial minority…within the borders of America by Mexican..Chinese… Muslim Legal Immigrant Scab Labor….

      After WW2 and the Korea War…the White vets built the Homes…and were a racial majority in the construction industry….This apparaently really bothers the filthy Jewish mother fucking tapeworm parasite worm Ben Shapiro…

      • The business community agrees with me that immigration inflates prices and deflates wages. Businessmen disagree with me by thinking that this is a good thing.

    • Homosexuals are filthy diseased feces humping pedophiles…why should we care?

      The US has devolved into two Nations…ONE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN…the other Chinese..Korean.Hindu…Nigerian…. Mexican…it will be settled in a Race War….a direct consequence of the PASSAGE OF THE 1965 NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN EXTERMINATION ACT!!!

  • Liberals like gothic how who visit this site just to leave comments like “you’re scum” proves the point of this article. My only wish is for physical removal of liberals. To camps or Africa

  • “After all, who wouldn’t accept the moral legitimacy of a bunch of Marxist psychopaths who want your son to lop off his penis?”

    The parents of a 100 Million American boys already

    accepted the legitimacy of having his penis lopped

    • I don’t understand. Even if I was born 40 years ago and had no access to the information I now do, I wouldn’t never buy into my son needing the tip of his cock chopped off a birth. for health reason? Lmao. Your telling me that God is that much of a fuck up that a boy upon entering this world needs one of his most important parts reconstructed. Common sense should stop a parent right there. Fucking boomers.

  • According to public opinion surveys the United States is moving to the left on economic and social issues. A growing percentage of Americans prefer socialism to capitalism. Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the United States. Donald Trump is the most unpopular recently elected president on record. His tax cuts for the rich are also unpopular.

    On social issues, most Americans approve of legalizing marijuana and gay marriage. The approval of interracial dating and marriage is nearly universal among the young. The vast majority of everyone else also supports interracial dating and marriage. In recent decades the practice of both has been growing.

    I doubt the Trump presidency will reverse the move to the left. It is more likely to provoke a backlash that will hasten that move.

    If the country continues to move to the left those on the left will be disinclined to secede. Those on the right will become increasingly isolated and politically irrelevant. .

    • 1) John f’ing Engelman! I miss you from my old Amren days. Good to see you here.
      2) The future you’ve laid out is certainly a possibility. That said, most of the issues you bring up are relatively minor. I’m also not convinced most of them indicate a “move to the left” at all. I’ve always supported gay marriage rights & the legalization of marijuana, but these are not the issues that will define American politics for the next 50 years. To me they’re issues of minimal significance.
      3) If America does devolve into what is essentially a one-party state where whites & righties are completely politically irrelevant, things could get very messy in the good ol’ US of A. Firstly, because a marginalized group is usually an angry & embittered one, & secondly, because the political left is increasingly made up of imbeciles & 3rd Worlders who understand very little about the world. They will create more problems than they can even hope to manage.
      4) I’m not so sure about the direction the country is moving in politically. I think the political left has crested, especially in the social realm. There is a huge backlash in the Western World against leftist ideology right now, on many, many issues, & those issues are major ones, not minor ones (think immigration & trans lunacy). I expect that backlash to accelerate as the Cultural Marxist dystopia becomes ever more dystopian.
      5) I’m not at all convinced that any of these trends will render America a more stable or civil nation. There is every reason to believe things will get worse. The only factor on the side of social stability is the fact that Western governments have more & more tools of social control (technology), which serve to keep citizens docile & powerless.

      • I got banned over at AR by Jared Taylor for demolishing Engleman over and over again…then I just ignored him out of boredom. Engleman has a Half Asian half brother…World Watch CEO…whose mother was a filthy fucking Asian Whore…

        • Your insults do not constitute a rational rebuttal of my arguments. They demonstrate that a rational rebuttal is not possible.

        • LOL. Well be that as it may I often enjoyed debating John.
          Yeah, over at Amren they can be somewhat stuffy with the tone & content restrictions. Still, once upon a time it was the only pro-white online community around.

    • Don’t trust those surveys John. After all they did claim that Trump had no chance of winning all the way up to a couple days before the election. I mean they even claimed Obama had 60 something percent approval all the way to his last days.

      Their bulshit. Used in order to condition people to follow pre conceived “public opinion.”

      • The surveys indicated that it would be a close election, and that Hillary would probably win narrowly. She did win by 2.9 millions votes in the popular vote.

        If one feels something strongly it is easy to over estimate those who feel the same way, and to underestimate the difficulty of converting others to one’s persuasion.


        Newsweek January 8, 2018

        Presidents generally have had an average approval rating of 53 percent since 1938 to 2018, according to historical comparisons compiled this week by Gallup. But Trump’s approval rating dropped to 37 percent this week, down from 39 percent in December.

        The president was at his most popular shortly after taking office in January 2017, with 45 percent approval, but as his popularity has tanked after 12 months in office, he has fallen far behind other presidents’ approval ratings.


        Gallup December 27, 2017

        WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans once again are most likely to name Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as the man and woman living anywhere in the world they admire most, as they have for the past 10 years. The pair retain their titles this year, although by much narrower margins than in the past. Obama edges out Donald Trump, 17% to 14%, while Clinton edges out Michelle Obama, 9% to 7%.

    • John

      Your brother…World Watch President…is the son of a filthy Asian whore….how do you feel about this? John’s brother was Jared Taylor’s classmate at Yale…

  • This may be a creep site of scum and villainy, but part of what this article says is true. People are happier when they are with people who share their ideology. Liberals and conservatives avoid each other like the plague when it comes time to making friends, and ESPECIALLY on the dating scene. I would never date a woman who wasn’t liberal and feminist, and feminists would never date a conservative.

    Where this article gets it wrong is in its assumption that most people fit into these two ideological camps. People who are not hardcore liberal or hardcore conservative do not want to split, and they outnumber ideologues at least twenty to one. Most of these people don’t answer surveys.

      • I’m not sure if you are the editor of the whole site, or just the most prolific author (thanks for that, by the way).

        I think the owners of AR should think about what type of comment section they want to have. Do we need leftists here? Are they advancing the discussion? In some cases they are. There is some level of disagreement with ideas which is helpful. In some cases maybe they are moving in our direction, asking legitimate questions that we need to answer to bring more normies across.

        Attacking other posters and the entire AltRight with gross sexual derogatory slurs? That’s just wasting my time.

        “Gothic Joe: Go suck on Hitler’s tiny dick you racist loser.”

        There are enough places on the internet like that. Radix seemed to maintain a pretty good ratio of signal-to-noise.

        Maybe limit comments to AR Plus members, or require a login to post so that people show up under the same handle and can be shut down. Presumably people who are paying to support AR and the site, even if they disagree in particulars are “part of the solution” and not Leftists / Orcs trying to fuck with us.

      • There is nothing funnier than these self-righteous negroes (trying to hide their inner nigger by being ‘distinguished’ progressives) who ride on the coattails of all three black mandingo porn stars, pretending to have a big swinging dick, banging all the white women….when the truth is a little different..

        The Bell Curve applies to blacks too. Actually it’s even FAR worse. There are relatively few black bucks literally siring dozens and dozens of children, while there are legions of nerdy black betas with all this unspent energy that cannot even be utilized with the manliest, most simian-looking negresses.

        So these underclass of the underclass blacks think that acting confident on the internet alters reality, but it does not.

        I’ve heard stories by black whores that have been with enough black guys to know that ‘muh big black dick’ is a myth. They aren’t any bigger than white guys.

        And another thing I have been realizing….. The ethno-genesis of the American Negro did not occur via white slaver raping unwilling slave negress. I think it was very consensual. You can just extrapolate the absurdity in the lack of contemporary white-on-black rape statistics, which is ZERO (less than 100 officially). Couple that with 50 Shades of Grey box office records, assuming it’s not just a crazy white female fantasy.

        So there you have it. Black women have the same rapist affinity for white men as black men have for white women. Black women want white men more than white women want black men.

        We really really really need to exploit this. I cannot believe how much black men hate seeing a white man with a black woman. It’s hilarious.

    • You miss the point of the article if you believe it’s about the clash of two “ideologies” or political parties. Did you notice the word “genes” in the article? It was repeated several times. The apparent ideology clash is only a superstructure–it is one expression of a more fundamental reality.

        • Liberals almost don’t exist in America anymore & white leftists are a dying breed.
          When your ideology is in the way of your survival, ideology eventually gives way.
          Furthermore, increasingly “white liberals” aren’t really white at all, but are instead members of various non-white ethnic groups (mis)classified as white on the census (Jews, Arabs, white hispanics, etc).
          Political ideology has always tracked genetic ancestry & ethnicity relatively well, but in a dysfunctional, multicultural state it begins to track it almost perfectly. In such societies, people lose the luxury of being able to foolishly deny their racial interests & identities. They lose the luxury of nobility & high-mindedness generally. Every inch is that much more costly.
          Actual white people are like 70-30 right-wing radical fascist Nazis (by MSM standards) at this point.

    • 1) People in American society are increasingly hardcore left or hardcore right. That’s sort of the point of the article. It is backed up by copious amounts of data.
      2) It’s also really not accurate to say that “they outnumber ideologues twenty to one”. In fact from my experience most people are ideologues. They’re not articulate ideologues or sophisticated ideologues or learned people generally, but they’re ideologues. What they aren’t is brave. Your average person is a coward, a conformist. Thus, he won’t say “yeah, the country should be split up” so long as he lacks a critical mass behind him, even if his own logic or ideological paradigm might justify that conclusion. The American people are pretty radicalized. The power structure controls & channels their radicalism into harmless domains & endeavors (think “the resistance” or driving Bannon out of the White House for racism, because they’re not so intelligent, & thus easily controlled & manipulated. They thus quite often inadvertently harm themselves through their political activities. The real reason most people don’t do “radical” things is because they have no one behind them, or because they lack the skills or the gumption to successfully carry those actions out, or because the personal costs are too great, etc., not because they are necessarily against the acts themselves. You’re mistaking people’s actions for their ideas.
      3) What the American people need is a push, or perhaps a crisis. It is not so much ideas holding America back from insurrection or social breakdown or the dissolution of the United States as a political entity, etc. it is social control, government power, media propaganda, etc. That said, as America’s major problems continue to fester & the nation becomes more & more polarized, expect “radical” proposals to become even more mainstream & well-tolerated.

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