Northern League Brings Hope To Italy In Election Year

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Italy’s Lega Nord (Northern League) party has set out its vision for Italy, ahead of the country’s General Election later this year. Matteo Salvini, the federal Secretary of the party, who has always taken a tough line against migration, has promised to triple deportations and secure the border.

He also stated that, given the powers, he would allow authorities to castrate and expel migrants who had committed gang rapes. The party is also unapologetically against Islam, describing it as backwards and a threat to Europe’s stability.

Lega Nord used to be known for their desire to break Northern Italy away from the south and form their own independent country. However since the migrant smuggling route opened up between war-torn Libya and Sicily, their political focus has shifted dramatically. The Party was the first political organization in Italy to push back against the migrant crisis of 2015, and has since risen in popularity.

Although Matteo Salvini and his colleagues describe themselves as ‘populists’, there has always been a nationalist spine to the party. Lega Nord was well known for preferring Northern Italians to Southern Italians, believing the residents of the south were lazy and prone to criminality. However, these views have softened in recent years, with Salvini forming a chapter of Lega Nord in the south of Italy, which is called ‘Us with Salvini’.

As readers may be aware, the current Italian government are populating empty Italian villages with African migrants, which is essentially creating a new rural underclass in the country. It is not uncommon these days to see groups of African migrants wandering the countryside. This policy is why Lega Nord is gaining more and more popularity in the south, which would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

The most important comment the party has made over the years referred to the migrant crisis. They have openly stated that the current waves of immigration to Europe are being orchestrated by the elites, in order to replace the native population. They even went further and accused those same elites of secretly funding Islamic terrorism and people smuggling networks.

The likelihood of the Lega Nord winning the general election on its own is near-impossible. Yet their rising popularity in the polls means they have a good chance of forming a coalition with whoever comes first.

Italian politics is notoriously chaotic, there have been over 60 governments since World War 2, and embarrassing corruption scandals often prevent legislation from passing. However, as things currently stand, there does seem to be changes happening on the ground, which provide a glimmer of hope for Italy’s beleaguered people.

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  • 6 feet 3 Greek guy here with brown hair/eyes.
    I wonder if you actually see why this movement will fail before it will even start. Its not a PanEuropean movement, its a WASP circle jerk, where the palest of the skins and the blondest of the hair is worshipped like some weird cult.

    Im a Greek Nationalist and a PanEuropean Union supporter, a firm believer in Racial Purity and Eugenics, but I know the reality of race and genetics of Europe, which is diverse as it always was. Thats the beauty of Europe. Its not a bunch of blondebluehaired people running around from Mediterranea to Scandinavia and Urals to Atlantic. Its the Med, Nord, Slav, Alpine, etc peoples, whoI created different cultures.

    Thats Europe. Not some WASPy circle jerk worshipping muhblondeblueeyes.

  • Those “elites” and their political lackeys must hang. New Nuremberg trials are needed, with the same punishment for the guilty.

  • Italy hasn’t been subjected to decades of multi-racial propaganda so I believe they are in a better position to resist the current invasion…Italy is the birth place of European civilisation…it cannot fall.

    • Progressive AND specifically multi racial propaganda no stop coming from the Italian media ,schooling system etc. in the last few decades , believe me.
      I have a feeling only the youngest and the stupidest is influenced by it now.
      Particularly males are rejecting it in droves.
      But a huge number of females too by now.

    • The Church has always taken the position that it can’t sell it’s artistic treasures because they are held in trust for future generations. I agree, but then they advocate turning the whole country over to Muslims, including the Vatican treasures.?

  • There’s some pussies on this forum who cannot except that some Italians look identical to Mestizos. Most look white, yes but some of them you cannot tell the difference between if they are Italian or Mexican. The truth hurts but if we’re cool with brown people, why don’t we allow all the illegal Mexicans to stay here.

    I’ll repeat most Italians are white. Some are not white and look identical to the Mestizos I see everyday here in the SW. Swallow the red pill.

    • A blatant non-white with an Italian passport is not white and shouldn’t be treated as such. A dark skinned Sicilian is white and should be treated as such.

      This is exactly why I don’t call myself a WN. There is no “white” identity, there are several. I’m not bothered by darker skined Southern Europeans at all. To me their just as European as the Scandinavians. Their just a different breed.

      • Alright fair enough John. I’ll get off the pot. We need all the man power we can get. No sense in fighting over shades of gray. It’s negroes, arabs, and Mestizos I’m worried about.

      • There is a White identity here in America, though Johnny. I have no wish to impose it on Europeans, though. Obviously, I’m delighted when Europeans celebrate their own unique national identities. White Americans don’t really think of ourselves that way, though? Reading Tolstoy, I don’t feel like I’m reading something alien, just that it is written by a man from the Russian branch of the family tree.

          • I still feel the American experience is different for post-WWII immigrants than it is for Anglos who have been here for 10+ generations. Regardless, the enemy views us all as the same and we face a common existensial threat so we should be able to put our differences aside. Picking hairs over who the purest whites are or if certain groups should even be labeled white isn’t helpful.

      • Nonsense. The darker the skin, the lower the IQ and the higher the criminality. It’s a useful proxy, it’s empirical. Ancient Greeks & Romans were mostly fair skinned, certainly Alexander the Great and the great emperors. The only useful Sicilians are the Norman- descended ones, the rest is North-African scum. Whites are called whites for a reason, and your “doubting” just stinks. You’re a liberal in disguise.

      • What kind of horse shit are you linking to. Those are either recent immigrant spawn post 1960 or age old miscegenated mongrels who would’ve been slaves in the Middle Ages.

        Are you a Kike? Trying to push what you are a legit is a little funny. Every body knows what a Nordic looks like.

    • You’re absolutely, 100% right. The ones you’re referring to are the ones the Lega Nord used to want to seprate from – they’re the Southern, Mediterranean stock which is lazy, dishonorable and dishonest. They’re the people who ruined Ancient Greece, previously fair-skinned, who degraded Ancient Rome, Western and Eastern. They’re related to Arabs, and definitely more non-European than European. But now, to do well in the election, the Lega Nord is courting these subhumans’ votes, too. Many Northerners see it as a full betrayal. On the other hand, you can see it as real politik – the art of the deal in a real world.

  • Oooooo…all italians are white!!

    Don’t kid your self MOST italians are white but there’s a sizable minority who are non white like this guy. He’s no different than a mestizo and if he’s considered white and we would include him in an ethnostate, then we should be happy with are “white” mestizo cousins are coming north.

    Honesty is key.

  • There’s also Casapound and Forza Nuova. Casapound are bringing in all the new blood as they have been doing youth outreach and community building all over Italy for over a decade now. Forza Nuova are good too, and I recommend their US site ( for Italian/European news in English, but their kind of like the old guard and are a lot more conservative than CP.

    Personally I don’t want to see Italy get broken up and I distrust Lega Nord as the probablity of their going back to treating southern Italians with contempt after obtaining power is high. The North/South rivalry is nothing new, but now isn’t the time to add fuel to that fire.

    • I hope they pull through. I’m a quarter Italian and have ancestors from both north and south. I’ve always been fond of Italian history. Will be watching closely. The’re getting hit the most worst with negros from Africa, especially Sicily. It’s a damn shame.

      • Yeah. It’s infuriating. Like Jack Ryan said below though, most of these migrants aren’t trying to stay in Italy. They want to be in wealthier European countries in the North, and when given the opportunity to most of them leave.

        • So many people seem to think Italians are marginally White. I think of Italian culture (art, cuisine) as absolutely central to European cultural heritage and pride. I am just broken-hearted at what is happening there.

          • “The “progressive block,” on the other hand, comprising social democrats, reformers, environmentalists, anti-fascists and radicals, has fallen dramatically in the same period. In 2013 the “progressive” group had a constituency of 30 percent of the adult population but now has fallen to just over half of that—or 16 per cent—today.”

            The cucks eventually fall in line as reality becomes unavoidable.

          • Yea and she should be allowed into a white
            Ethnostate but if you ran a DNA test I’m sure you’d find anywhere from 2 to 5% Arab or Berber DNA. With the proper breeding that admixture would disappear. Which is no big deal and I’m no type saying I don’t count her as white, I do.

          • It is what it is. I’m a quarter Italian and half of that is southern Italy. I’m not going to kid myself and believe that there is no chance that I don’t have 1 to 2% Arab or Berber blood. It’s possible. Is it irrelevant? I think so but the truth is the truth and berbers mixed with some italians.

            Red pill is about hard truths.

          • And Evola is correct here but don’t forget that evolas views were a lot more nuanced. He did after all admit the superiority of the Nordics and has even stated that the race of Rome and the race of modern Italy are different. Going so far as to say that modern Italians are both a Biological and spiritual degeneration from ancient Rome.

            Evola believed that individuals could rise up to an aristocratic spiritual state no matter their race. But he freely admitted that a Nordic individual has a better chance and that the Nordic populations as a whole are more pure and less degenerated. He thought the nordics were closer to our hyperborean ancestors much as the ancient romans and that modern Italians had degenerated biologically due to admixture and spiritually.

            Evola never shunned the biological for the spiritual. They were both equally important to him.

            Here I see an essay that website under the very same section entitled racism

          • Excuse grammar. Last paragraph should read:

            Here is an essay from the very website under the section racism

          • All that is very true. The point is that spirit is and should be treated as an integral component. I would rather have someone with up to 20% non-white DNA in the ethno-state, who is spiritually and culturally European, than a single white liberal and I don’t care how pale their skin is. Liberalism and Capitalism are what America was founded on and it seems almost like the existing system was designed specifically to cater to the strengths of the Jews. As a result there are no shortage of white people there who are essentially spiritually Jewish though they might identify as Christian or Atheist. Too many people approach race from a purely biological viewpoint and doing so would allow in all kinds of subversive elements. The spiritual approach comes in handy when deciding what to do with a) white liberals and b) hispanic groups who are high in European DNA, and easily pass for white. I’ve talked to a lot of WN types who have a “no spics” or “Italians and Greeks aren’t really white” mentality which is just dumb as far as I’m concerned.

          • I somewhat I agree. I think 20% is too high though. The average olive skinned Italian probably only has 1-5 tops, which is insignificant.

            I agree that the “Italians and greeks are not white” crowd is retarded. The truth is majority are WHITE. Olive skinned people are white too in my book, all day long. Thise purists are black Andy white thinkers who can’t handle nuance. Same as those 100% Bavarian phenotype fags. I’m pale even ruddy with blue eyes yet my hair is dark and curly, to some of these fools I’m not white because white people only have straight, like we’re asians or something.

            But yes, the inner character is important, undeniably so, as is the biological.

            Ultimately though Johnny, when shit hits the fan considering in the the SW if a lighter skinned mestizo decides to join us WNs ill consider him a brother and ideally he should be allowed in the ethnostate. That’s one one only though, we gotta draw the line on race, or ethnicity.

            An olive skinned Italian is white in my book, not just white enough but white!
            A brown Italian on the other hand is not white, imo.

          • Forgive my grammar again I type too fast on this iPhone. Need to double check.

            Second last paragraph should end in:
            That’s only one man though, we got to draw the boundary on racial lines, not ethnicity. Mestizos must as a whole be rejected.

          • What about Cubans, Argentinians, Chileans etc? A lot of them are physically whiter than I am.

          • Damn Johnny how dark are you?!?!?

            Just kidding man. Your a North American Westerner of European descent. So what if your a little tan, your white dude, through and through. If you knocked up a blonde Swedish chick your child would be PALE with a pink undertone, most likely blue eyed, maybe even blonde. No negro, Arab, mestizo, Asian, or Amerindian could reproduce that no matter the whiteness of the female.

            Light South Americans are just that South American. They belong there. If an ethnostate is established an we want to admit a select few pure European SAs that’s cool, but that’s waaaaay down the road.

            This guy was considered swarthy and his updated “color” pictures are probably inaccurate. He was Italian and southern French. And he was a PATRIOT who reaped the south and commanded blue eyed Anglos.


          • lol My skin tone is comparable to Michael Imperioli I guess. Hispanics have assumed I’m one of them many times though. I’ve even been mistaken for Arabic a couple times, but only when I let my beard get too grizzly.

          • Dude your white. Wtf are you tripping over. Christopher from the sopranos would be welcome on my street in the future white ethnostate. Granted your no “pure Bavarian phenotype” most aren’t but your one of us all the same.

            Here’s another civil war general who Abraham Lincoln himself called Swarthy and Short, he was a 5’5″irishmen( the can be olive toned also). Granted he should have fought for The South, he was a giant of a man.

            Joe Wheeler ( the first guy was PGT Beauregard, if you didn’t know)


          • Excuse me guys , but “South Americans ” in racial an cultural terms means nothing .
            Argentina, for example, where they historically got rid of all the native Americans since the foundation of the country and they had no black slavery , is altogether a LOT whiter than the US of A and most of Europe nowadays.
            They are mostly racial Spaniards ,Nothern Italians and Germans .
            Now they have gotten some immigration flows and some mixing of various kinds too, BUT..
            Until a few decades ago in Argentina they would stare at anybody non white ,even slightly brown , as if he was a strange and scary individual .
            And I am not kidding or exaggerating.
            It was one the few literally “all white ” countries left in the world.

          • Only a tiny minority are pure white, most who claim white down there have some Amerindian in them like Messi does. Pull up google man.

          • Yes ,
            Go ahead :
            Search ” Argentina ethnic groups ” and they will ,of course define it as a “melting pot ” and ,” product of multi racial immigration” and all that jazz .
            Then you go to the bottom line and the “ethnic composition of Argentinians ” is actually nothing but ( literally nothing but ) a long list of white European countries.
            Argentians are nothing but ( ok 99, some % ) substantially nothing but white Europeans.

          • Idk man. Even images online of so called pure European argentines look a little off to me. I can see some native Indian in em. I’m sticking with 50% pure Euros tops.

          • I know Argentina is overwhelmingly white, and I have a lot of respect for the Argentinians, but unfortunantly we’re still arguing over whether Sicilians should be considered white or not. (Of course they should be!)

            Canada and the US were founded by WASPs, and a lot of Americans and Canadians still view “whiteness” through that lens. To them “white” will always be a predominately Western European thing, with Southern and Eastern Europeans being welcomed based on their ability to blend in to that. It is what it is, I guess.

          • Man I never said all Sicilians are not white.I was Just saying some don’t look white to me that’s all and at that I mean like a handful, you know, snookie types maybe. But I’m no damn expert and I sure ass hell don’t expect to be PurityFuhrer in the coming ethnostate.

            I’m English, Scottish, Italian and German. I’m not pure bread either. I have cousins and second cousins on my German/Italian side who are brown hair, brown eyed, olive skin med types who I’ve always consider white, never even thought of it any other way.

          • lol Ironically Snookie is from Santiago, Chile, and was adopted by Italian Americans when she was young. There are a lot of Italians in Chile, but I’d rather not accept responbility for Snookie.

          • She’s may be a tad lighter complexed with lighter brown hair. Still no pinkish nord tho.

          • Yes , but fact is :
            The medium Argentinian is whiter looking than your medium Sicilian ,even by those wasp standards.
            And the amerinda influence is a side minority .
            ” Argentinians look like Italians and Spaniards ” it’s the general answer to the Agentinian race and it generally applies well ,except a number , a good chunk of them look even whiter.
            The German and central european influence there is pretty solid too.

          • It can be more complicated though. I used to work with two Mestizos. They were cousins. One was dark as a Dravidian and his phenotype was 100% Amerindian. The other was white, and I mean pale, light brown hair, hazel eyes. When I first met him I thought he was pure white. This guy could pass anywhere in europe excluding Sweden of Denmark. But it turns out they are first cousins Andy the white Mestizos mom looks almost identical to dark cousins. So this guy has atleast 20-30% Amerindian.

            Out here in the SW I see them frequently. They look pure white. Then once you observe closely you can see the minor features that are off. Like the aforementioned fellow. Once I found out it became somewhat noticeable, eye shape, nose, etc.

          • They are a minority between the Argentinian born.
            In Buenos Aires until a few decades ago an almost non existent minority.
            One after the other they will trace for you their exact European ancestry ” Spaniard…Italian …polish. ..German ..Lithuanian ” in the exact percentage , just to make sure and to point out just exactly that.
            And they will look exactly that and nothing else.

          • Seriously , you pull up google man .
            Between many other things I already knew ( like over 97% of ” general whiteness ” in Argentina ).Searching just helped me find out some things I didnt know for sure ,even thou I suspected them :
            And even more interesting, curious things.
            Argentina has now a much higher level of ” whiteness ” ,white DNA ,than the European Union population.
            ( and of course WAAAAAAAAAAY higher than the United States of America ).

            Also I found a few more links on the major influence of Argentna over the “Nazi ” movement and the general ,various white nationalist philosophy, even after WWII.
            Also , by far ,like most of us know , it was the favorite hiding place for ex nazis and ex fascists and even for more modern right wing , nationalist “terrorists”.
            You can find a lot also on the influence of Italian fascism on the Peronista movement ,which held power in Argentina till the 70’s.
            My point is ,dismissing Argentina as this ” nothing ” for any white movement , just this “amerinda thing ” ( which is NOT at all) it is ridicusly limited and completely off.

          • I wonder why did someone outvoted this .
            It is a simple fact and I thought it may be an interesting one, to let people know where his heart was:
            Peron had the good idea of refusing Jews who were self defined ” holocaust survivors ” into his nation.
            If you think it’s not a fact we can investigate it together ,I ‘d like to know.
            But he did refuse to let them enter Argentina .
            Anyone can find this historical fact.

          • Maybe tiny minority is pushing it but there is no way white argentinians exceed 50 % of argentine. Maybe in the 60 s but not today.

          • Total B.S.
            They killed most Indios when they arrived ,or pushed the remaining away, at the outskirt or outside the country .
            They had no serious, substantial mixing ,of course some can happen ,but in Argentina it was a small , minority phenomena on the side and only the lowest class at the outskirts of the country.
            They never had any blacks.
            Little or no immigration till a few decades ago.
            Matter of fact …they all look white European period.
            If you don’t know that , you don’t know Argentinians , I do.

          • Dude they have let in a shit ton of Amerindians from the north in the last 2 decades. I know a couple argentines online from SF. White Nationalist argentines and they tell me that whites are dwindling and do not exceed more than 50%

          • And just to complete the thought on Argentina being dismissed as ” just South America.. nothing to do with white culture or an eventual etno-state ”
            The Peronista party which took over the country well after WWII , so ,we are talking pretty modern times was said to being inspired by the Italian Fascist Revolution and of having friends in the ranks of both and still living German Nazis and Italian Fascists .
            Eva Peron actually is buried in Italy because she was apparently brought there when dead by Italian powerful families of nostalgic Fascists.
            Also :
            The Peronista movement had some ” keeping Argentina white ,or at least “Argentina for Argentinians ,no third world immigration” racial undertones.

          • I do have to correct myself on this one , they did have some black slaves ,in the thousands no more ,they abolished slavery in 1813 and “gave them freedom ” …uhhmm … freedom to be used as the front troops of their war of the times .
            Over 90 % of the black males of that already small minority died within 2 years.
            Then the “black Argentinian born” thing almost completely disappeared in the years to come for a couple of more reasons..

          • They’re both necessary.
            Evola goes into a rant about modern Swedes and how despite their relative racial purity, they are completely lost spiritually. Their racial quality is insufficient on its own for realizing an Aryan way of being. In real-world terms, they can’t even manage to deal with a handful of Arabs.

          • Agree. Although I personally don’t think swedes are the purest Aryans. Even the third Reich put the Dutch, the Danes, the Norweigians, and the English before them. The reason being that they brain drained all of their top stock during the dark and early Middle Ages and have also mixed with the finns to a good extent.

            Anyway, your right Clark. Now a days I’m not sure your can find a pure Nordic population in this world if you tried. Ww1 and ww2 pretty much saw to that. Even so, there is a reason why the romans and the germanics placed such a high value upon the inner life. They knew it’s importance and how even a pure specimen could degenerate internally if not careful.

            I do think biology plays a good role in determining the soul’s potential and capabilities. Not that it comes before the soul only that the purity and strength of the genes in the body determine the potential power the soul can harness within it.

            But nowadays I would agree with you and Johnny on that any individual of the white race whether Nordic, Alpine, Dinarid, or Med has roughly the same potential for greatness. It doesn’t matter if your eye should are blue or brown, hair blonde or black. Skin pale, rosy, or olive.

          • Some of the highest ranking German generals in the Wehrmacht were of Slavic-German origin. Their family names are clearly Slavic and their skull morphology points to a large variety of all European subracial types, from the Alpine(“ostisch”), the Mediterranean (“westisch”) to the Nordic: Hans Hellmich, Curt Badinski, Bruno Chrobeck, Emil Dedek, Heinrich Domansky, Walter Dybilasz, Erich Glodkowski, Kurt Mierzinsky, Adalbert Mikulicz, Bronislaw Pawel, Georg Radziej, Hans Radisch, Franz Zednicek, Walter von Brauchitsch. So were the other high German officers such as the master of panzer warfare, the round-headed Heinz Guderian, who was of distant Armenian origin, or the tall and big-nosed Wilhelm Canaris, who was of Italian/Greek origin. (See the important book by Christopher Dolbeau — practically unknown in France — Face au Bolchevisme: Petit dictionnaire des résistances nationales à l’Est de l’Europe: 1917–1989. (Against Bolshevism: A Little Dictionary of National Resistances in East Europe: 1917–1989).

            The Beautiful Beast?

            Pure Aryan types?….in the 1840s there was 400000 Irish in England…millions of English today have Irish ancestry. There was a large influx of Russians into France in the 1920s…Spanish in the 1940s and also from Italy.

            The obsession with racial(or more accurately, ethnic) purity is self defeating as it’s near impossible to achieve.

          • For the record Johnny. I a man not bashing Italians and am in no way insinuating that they are not white. I am myself a quarter Italian, my mother I said half, and my grandfather is full Italian. My Italian genes are no matter of shame for me.

            Some Italians are non white. Maybe 10, maybe less maybe a little more. I’m not an expert. There are more non whites in the south but there are some in the north.

            Italians are European and most importantly are WHITE, but they have elements of there country who are non white. Just like Greece, Romania, balkans, Russia, Spain.

          • What are you trying to pull here?
            He’s a half White, half Indian who lives in Cantifa.
            Nothing Italian about him.

          • Ya dude. His phenotype is similar to the girls picture below. Here pic was meant to paint a brush for all who have light olive skin and dark features.

          • That dude in the pic you posted is just ugly, and doesn’t prove there “non white Italians”. George Clooney is pretty “brown” for a northern euro but that doesn’t me he isn’t Caucasian

          • Dude that guys skin is brown, whether he is attractive or not is irrelevant. He’s darker than a a lot of Mestizos I see here in the SW.

            Non white italians exist. Are they a minority? probably but don’t kid yourself. There a italians who have 20 plus % Berber or Arab DNA.

          • Except for southern Spain and Sicily. Those are prehistoric markers, you can even fine that much in Greece and most other Balkan nation. Which didn’t have any Arab presence.

          • East and Southern Europe have people who are mixed. Whether Arab or Berber for the south, or mongol and Turkic for the east. That doesn’t mean that all are mixed and even some with a little admixture are still White. But there is a proportion who are non white. I thought you took the red Pill?

          • You don’t understand how population genetics works it is very complicated, haplogroup markers do not nessecarily correlate to ethinc groups. Even if you had haplogroup markers associted with arab population, not unless there is some connection with historical events like Spain or Sicily then more likely than not the marker is prehistoric. Remember the mainland of Italy was not colonized by Arabs unlike Sicily or Spain.

          • Your in denial. The truth is there are Italians, spaniards, Portuguese, Greeks, Romanians, Russians, Ukrainians, just about every Slav group, who are not white. Most of all these groups ARE white but some simply are not they are just like mestizo Mexicans.

            We do no favors for ourselves here in the states if we do not accept the truth. We cannot believe that every single eastern or Southern European is white. Most are.

          • Anyone who down votes this comment is either a non white italian, mixed race , unsure of their genes or retarded. Say what you will

          • I am Italian ,that must be , by far , the darkest Italian I have ever seen.
            Matter of fact I have never seen one that dark in a real Italian street, only in this picture.
            And sometimes the light ,type of picture united with the typical summer Italian habit of sitting in the sun all day and do nothing but that can pull a bit of a trick on you.
            Matter of fact I am pretty sure it would be hard to find an Italian in Italy during WINTER that you would call anything but white .
            Maybe a couple ..but you have to really really look for those two out of a million…

          • Alright man. I’ll take your word on it. Having never been there myself I’ll concede to an expert.

          • It’s amazing that some alt-righters think that Italians are not White. If they effectively are not, well, then a lot of science, art and music normally attributed to the White race as a whole would now be exclusively merit of the “Italian race”. Is that what you anglos want? Then forget about the Roman Empire, the Renaissance, the Opera, and a good chunk of Mathematics, among other things.

          • I can’t speak for anyone else. But some Italians do not look white to me. A small minority have decent amounts of Arab, Semitic, or Berber blood. Most don the though. The majority of Italians do look white, are white but there’s a small amount who resemble Mestizos too closely. That said it would be idiotic to lump Italians into the non white group like some WNs. I myself am 1/4 Italian And I certainly don’t consider my self 1/4 non white.

          • So true. I can’t even imagine the idea of White identity without the Renaissance. I think they just haven’t thought it through. For what it’s worth, I think it’s probably mainly an East Coast Anglo elite view. Working class city Whites in flyover country who lived around and often went to Church with Italian-descended Americans never, ever thought of them as anything but White.

          • I don’t think most people seriously still think that.
            And it would make zero sense under any possible ,imaginable viewpoint:
            Raffaello was a ghostly fair skinned BLONDE.
            Giotto pretty much also,an almost blonde .
            Whiter looking than the majority of anglos.
            (Go ahead search it).
            But even the rest , Leonardo Da Vinci or Lorenzo De Medici were browned hair whites ,white enough even for an ” anglo standard ” of whiteness .
            Not even an olive skinned black haired Sicilian in that crowd.
            Actually even less and more clearly:
            Not even a black haired one in that crowd ,period .
            Maybe the closest thing to a stereotypical ” not that wasp-white Italian ” between all the famous ,influential Italians that this forum may care about would b….
            Giulio Cesare Andrea Evola !!!
            They would have to drop Evola to follow that logic !!
            Not that Evola wasn’t technically white, he was 100%, but he was a racial Sicilian so yes he had a little bit of that swarthy,slightly olive skinned Sicilian look.

    • I believe lega nord also celebrated having a black politician in their party elected. I don’t trust them completely

    • You are certainly right: by the standards of the Alt-Right, Forza Nuova, and even more Casa Pound, are both preferable to the Lega. But the Lega has a single, and not inconsiderable, advantage over both: it really might win. And its policies are certainly more congenial to us than the vast majority of mainstream European parties in the present day.

      I would not be too worried about a North-South rupture coming out of a Lega victory. Even if the Lega were inclined to press in that direction, it would have a plethora of far more pressing battles to fight through, before it could ever so much as touch the question of the South.

      • I don’t know .
        Yes, apparently ,yes , if you wanna think on a strictly , necessarily and only ” nationalistic -fascist ” level…
        Then yes ,clearly :
        The original Northern League base does NOT worship Rome and the Italian flag , not a bit, that’s for sure.
        The Northern League is turning into something like… the Dixiecrats.
        ( ..they certainly did not love and worship DC and the modern American flag.)
        Matter of fact you will never see as many Rebel Flags as avatars as in a Lega Nord discussion forum.
        But now they MIXED positions quite a bit on that.
        They are developing into something like a “paleo -con-libertarian “movement , the Paleo coalition that Murray N. Rothbard was trying to develop in the USA .
        Except successful in Italy this time , apparently.
        Lega Nord may possibly be the largest party in Italy right now .
        The funny thing is that Lega Nord is now often tougher and even more unreasonable than the neo-fascists Italian movements in many of their reactionaries ,specific positions .
        The declared neo-fascists in Italy suffer a bit of their own eternal tradition of being …. ” the good and compassionate after all and always merciful and in defense of all the poor people of Italy and the world” a very distinct trait of Mussolini ‘s personality and the fascist movement, trait for which Mussolini was so beloved by Gandhi but in the other hand was very often criticized by Giulio Evola for being , I quote :
        ” Plebeian “.

        • I find the whole Rothbardian Libertarianism thing to be totally lacking in honour and moral fibre. Knowing that, I’m starting to like Lega Nord even less tbh…

          If their good on immigration and the EU question then they’ll do for now I guess but it’s far from ideal.

          • No I meant that there is some similitude with the “paleo ” right wing coalition Rothbard was trying to mediate .
            Strong conservatives with nationalists with right wing libertarians all in one electoral anti-republican establishment basket.
            I meant the mixing in particular ,the mixing of States Right and decentralization of powers proponents (tipical Lega Nord base )with the strong nationalists , all against the common enemy.
            That is a good idea.
            After all that whole ” paleo” thing was nothing but an attempt to an active ,electorally strong “Alt Right “.
            Don’t forget that ,in practical terms , Rothbard has always backed up any possible right wing white movement:
            The Dixiecrats , the Africaneer apartheid regime in South Africa. he was even an active campaigner for Pat Buchanan ‘s presidential run.
            He never missed one .
            And he has my respect for that.

          • The Right-wing coalition model is good for electoral politics, especially in Europe where there are so many different parties competing against each other. It’s a smart tactic, just so long as it is temporary, to push things in a certain direction.

            Rothbard himself definently had some good ideas, but he also had a lot of ideas that I just don’t agree with. I’m a Fascist/Collectivist not a Capitalist/Individualist. I respect people like Buchanan and Rothbard to a point, but my vision of the ideal world is radically different from theirs, even if I do agree with them on some points.

          • Anyway ,
   simple thing Forza Nuova and Casa Pound are clearly missing is the charismatic figure , the obvious leader who stands out and remains imprinted into people minds as “The One”.
            They have a couple of deep intellectuals ,extremely well prepared ,slow talkers, about whom everybody thinks “THAT is one well studied ,intelligent man !” …but …also, just a few hours later .. nobody can remember who the hell they are….lol .
            It is a bad thing for anyone political movement ,but for a neo fascist movement not having ” a Mussolini ” is particularly damning.
            Salvini instead ,one may like him or not, he DOES have charisma and he does have A LOT of energy.
            Marine Le Pen on Salvini :
            ” He is my inspiration , I wish I could have half of his energy , I wonder sometimes how the hell he does it !”
            He is objectively ” The Thing ” now , he is the leader.

          • Fair enough. Honestly, I’ll be happy if Lega Nord win, they just aren’t the final solution to me. I don’t expect CP or FN to win this time around, if they make some inroads into parliament I’ll be a happy camper.

    • Up to a point Salvini awas llied with Casa Pound and Forza Nuova .
      Then there was a bit of a clash of personalities and a couple of differences , ( and there) are some , but I believe they are trying to pull it together again for the election

      • Good to hear. The important thing is someone wins who is going to be hardline on immigration. This 3 year long open borders free for all has to stop.

  • I’m happy to see the Northern Italians reaching out to the South in the current geopolitical climate. Northern and Southern Italians might have their ethnic differences and conflicts, but sacrificing the South to Africa would be a cuck move that would disgrace all Italians the world over.
    It’s still too early to take such drastic measures.
    Bravo Lega Nord.

    • The Arab and Black African migrant invaders don’t tend to stick around in Southern Italy or in Greece – they want to move on to wealthier Northern countries like Germany, Sweden or England.

      It’s the same with the Southern migrant invasion of the USA – the migrant invaders don’t tend to hang around in San Diego or South Texas, Arizona where they can be spotted and deported – or else the migrants and the migrant smugglers think that could happen. Instead the migrants try to move on to places like my Chicago which is a sanctuary city where laws against illegal immigration, drug trafficking, murder are not enforced by the LaRaza, Zionist mayor Rahm E.

      • There are plenty invaders in all of those areas, but the ones that have just crossed move on to where they can get jobs, which is all over the country. They don’t cross to be homeless. When they cross they already have relatives or contacts on the US side that have jobs lined up for them. If the feds went after the employers, then the wall wouldn’t even be necessary.

    • It’s sickening watching videos of Africans shitting all over what was once Greek, Roman, and Norman land.

    • We are not reaching out to the Siculo-Neapolitans which are our butchers excactly like the Jews.

      The Lega Nord has simply declared an unilateral, unconditional surrender to the Siculo-Neapolitans. For Lega Nord is a given fact that the Lombard peoples are doomed to disappear from history.

      We are only 15 millions then our ancestral homeland and have been submerged by 10 milion Siculo-Neapolitan colonists of settlement in the last 60 years and then by another 5 milion third world invaders in the last 30. So, we are already a minority in our own territory.

      Lega Nord is the party of the euthanasia of the autoctonous Lombard peoples. The move of the current leader of the party has simply pushed the envelope of our genocide a little further.

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