The Transatlantic Pact — Ep 6: The Top 10 Alt Right(ish) Voices of 2017

Chris and Evan discuss the year that was and each share their lists of the ten figures and voices in and around the Alt Right that most influenced them in 2017.

Lists are fun to discuss and debate. Ours certainly aren’t definitive and aren’t intended to be–they are simply the people who had the greatest effect on us, within the context of our Alt Right activities. But since so many people are new to the Alt Right, perhaps certain readers will find names here with which they are unfamiliar, and whose work they can then explore.

Love our lists? Hate them? Leave yours in the comments.

Here is Chris’s top ten:

  1. Richard Spencer — The best-known leader of the most heretical ideological movement in the current year and its strongest brand, Richard’s stoic demeanor in the face of attack and subversion from all sides is an inspiration.
  2. Mike Enoch — After experiencing a historically vicious doxxing of his personal life, Mike had one of the strongest, most aggressive years ever for any Alt Right personality.
  3. Daniel Friberg — In 2017 Friberg’s Arktos publishing company broke its own personal record for number of books released, and also launched and the Nordic AltRight (co-led by Chris).
  4. Jazzhands McFeels and Markus Halberstram (Fash The Nation— Among the best-known Alt Right brands, McFeels and Halberstram explain American realpolitik and political theater every week on their must-listen podcast.
  5. Alt Right YouTube (Ryan Faulk, Jean Francois Gariépy, and others) — The Alt Right YouTube community set the stage for the demise of Kraut And Tea, which led to a more complete downfall of the skeptics in 2018.
  6. (Gregory Ritter, Don Camillo, Vincent Law, Andrew Joyce— The movement hub produces consistent, digestible content with little or no financial resources.
  7. Andrew Anglin — The propaganda genius and most banned man on the Internet.
  8. Jared Taylor — The first to be purged from Twitter, which says a lot about his impact.
  9. Millennial Woes — Among the most productive Alt Right content originators.
  10. The Golden One — Singlehandedly reviving the warrior-priest caste.

Chris’s Honorable Mentions: Alt Right women (Tara McCarthy, Brittany Pettibone, Bre Faucheux, and others)

Here is Evan’s top ten:

  1. Richard Spencer — Observing and working with Richard while he leads the continued development of a serious, professional, influential movement for white identity is a rare privilege.
  2. Daniel Friberg — Daniel combines obvious intellect and deep insight with hilariously blunt delivery. (Q: “Tell me what you believe to be wrong, currently, with Western politics.” A: “Everything.”)
  3. Mike Enoch — Mike’s rally and recovery from his savage doxxing experience was a critical turning point for the Alt Right.
  4. Steve Sailer — Steve might be the sharpest mind anywhere, period, and his daily send-ups of multicultural orthodoxy, frequently using little more than its adherents’ own words, are simultaneously clever and deep.
  5. Kevin MacDonald — Dr. MacDonald represents a demystifying of an area of orthodox liberal mythology to which the academic-media priesthood lacks a serious, humane response.
  6. Varg Vikernes — Varg professes to despise the Alt Right. Will his inclusion on this list irritate him? Let’s find out!
  7. Eli Mosley — Eli’s entry onto the Alt Right scene, beginning in 2016, represents a new level of our movement’s readiness for action and real-world activism.
  8. Andrew Anglin — The effect this divine madman is having on the consciousness of Generation Z cannot be overstated.
  9. Jared Taylor — The man who first red-pilled me continues his polite demolition of racial-political correctness.
  10. Nicholas Fuentes & James Allsup — Two young, strong, articulate voices represent the quality of new talent on the Right. At his best Nick demonstrated impressive independence of thought, particularly when he found himself at odds with the greater Alt Right, while James’s removal from Twitter speaks volumes about the threat he poses to our ideological opponents.

Evan’s honorable mentions: Henrik Palmgren & Lana LokteffJazzhands McFeelsVincent Law, the Golden OnePaul NehlenJean Francois GariepyMichael Tracey (a not-entirely-unserious troll selection)

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