The Transatlantic Pact — Ep 6: The Top 10 Alt Right(ish) Voices of 2017

Chris and Evan discuss the year that was and each share their lists of the ten figures and voices in and around the Alt Right that most influenced them in 2017.

Lists are fun to discuss and debate. Ours certainly aren’t definitive and aren’t intended to be–they are simply the people who had the greatest effect on us, within the context of our Alt Right activities. But since so many people are new to the Alt Right, perhaps certain readers will find names here with which they are unfamiliar, and whose work they can then explore.

Love our lists? Hate them? Leave yours in the comments.

Here is Chris’s top ten:

  1. Richard Spencer — The best-known leader of the most heretical ideological movement in the current year and its strongest brand, Richard’s stoic demeanor in the face of attack and subversion from all sides is an inspiration.
  2. Mike Enoch — After experiencing a historically vicious doxxing of his personal life, Mike had one of the strongest, most aggressive years ever for any Alt Right personality.
  3. Daniel Friberg — In 2017 Friberg’s Arktos publishing company broke its own personal record for number of books released, and also launched and the Nordic AltRight (co-led by Chris).
  4. Jazzhands McFeels and Markus Halberstram (Fash The Nation— Among the best-known Alt Right brands, McFeels and Halberstram explain American realpolitik and political theater every week on their must-listen podcast.
  5. Alt Right YouTube (Ryan Faulk, Jean Francois Gariépy, and others) — The Alt Right YouTube community set the stage for the demise of Kraut And Tea, which led to a more complete downfall of the skeptics in 2018.
  6. (Gregory Ritter, Don Camillo, Vincent Law, Andrew Joyce— The movement hub produces consistent, digestible content with little or no financial resources.
  7. Andrew Anglin — The propaganda genius and most banned man on the Internet.
  8. Jared Taylor — The first to be purged from Twitter, which says a lot about his impact.
  9. Millennial Woes — Among the most productive Alt Right content originators.
  10. The Golden One — Singlehandedly reviving the warrior-priest caste.

Chris’s Honorable Mentions: Alt Right women (Tara McCarthy, Brittany Pettibone, Bre Faucheux, and others)

Here is Evan’s top ten:

  1. Richard Spencer — Observing and working with Richard while he leads the continued development of a serious, professional, influential movement for white identity is a rare privilege.
  2. Daniel Friberg — Daniel combines obvious intellect and deep insight with hilariously blunt delivery. (Q: “Tell me what you believe to be wrong, currently, with Western politics.” A: “Everything.”)
  3. Mike Enoch — Mike’s rally and recovery from his savage doxxing experience was a critical turning point for the Alt Right.
  4. Steve Sailer — Steve might be the sharpest mind anywhere, period, and his daily send-ups of multicultural orthodoxy, frequently using little more than its adherents’ own words, are simultaneously clever and deep.
  5. Kevin MacDonald — Dr. MacDonald represents a demystifying of an area of orthodox liberal mythology to which the academic-media priesthood lacks a serious, humane response.
  6. Varg Vikernes — Varg professes to despise the Alt Right. Will his inclusion on this list irritate him? Let’s find out!
  7. Eli Mosley — Eli’s entry onto the Alt Right scene, beginning in 2016, represents a new level of our movement’s readiness for action and real-world activism.
  8. Andrew Anglin — The effect this divine madman is having on the consciousness of Generation Z cannot be overstated.
  9. Jared Taylor — The man who first red-pilled me continues his polite demolition of racial-political correctness.
  10. Nicholas Fuentes & James Allsup — Two young, strong, articulate voices represent the quality of new talent on the Right. At his best Nick demonstrated impressive independence of thought, particularly when he found himself at odds with the greater Alt Right, while James’s removal from Twitter speaks volumes about the threat he poses to our ideological opponents.

Evan’s honorable mentions: Henrik Palmgren & Lana LokteffJazzhands McFeelsVincent Law, the Golden OnePaul NehlenJean Francois GariepyMichael Tracey (a not-entirely-unserious troll selection)

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  • 1. Spencer (Wears so many hats. An impressive man doing much and always composed. Charlottesville was NOT a failure. It brought publicity and interest. The college tours were great. Every time you watch a Spencer video, he’s seems so affable that you forget why a tweet by him pissed you off.)

    2. Anglin (Made the cover of Time. International bad boy banging thicc Nigerian chicas.
    3. Enoch (Makes very astute observations wrapped in his own style of humor. Brave man).
    4. MacDonald (brave and stubborn man that will not cave to J00ish pressure)
    5. Nehlen (exposing millions to the works of MacDonald. “We need a lot more Nehlens”.)
    6. Friberg (“Mace doesn’t really effect me”. One of the founders of this site, publishing Evola)
    7. Fuentes (not including Allsup because of the beta defense of Southern)
    8. Joyce (my favorite Alt-right writer)
    9. McLaren (working very hard behind the scenes.)
    X. Ritter (for looking cool AF and being a quality guy in every aspect – awesome all around)

    Honorable Mentions:

    Mosley (standup guy, stepped up to the a position on short notice)
    Kyle Bristow (we need a lot more Kyle Bristows
    Mosley (standup guy, stepped up to the a position on short notice)
    C. Rex (for his invaluable work helping to keep #1 safe and bravery in coming out)
    Don Camillo for great work on pods.
    RooshV (Jorjani who?)

  • 10) Greg Johnson (bad year for him)
    9) Jared Taylor
    8) Larry David
    7) Steve Sailer
    6) Ryan Falk and JF
    5) Enoch *honorable mention Striker/Sven
    4) Spencer
    3) Ann Coulter
    2) Anglin
    1) Weev – no one has given more for, or to our movement.

  • Anglin should be #3-4 since you’re talking about 2017.

    PS: Chris, next pod can you say,

    “I do swear my blood and honour to the service of Ulfric Stormcloak!”

  • Call me a girl, but muh list is based on muh feelings (Weimar Republican might have a field day if he reads this). There are AR personalities that I think I would like and trust if I met them in person, regardless of their influence or visibility in the movement. Of course these are all projections and mere guesses but here goes:

    1. Richard Spencer because he is an inspirational and convincing leader who is always interesting to listen to. (He may or may not qualify for my above stated criteria but he just cannot not be the first.)

    2. Red Ice because they produce high quality content which I find the most digestible for me personally. Henrik seems like a really good guy.

    3. Millennial Woes because he seems like a really decent human being who has experienced life and who understands human psychology with compassion and sensitivity. “To know all is to forgive all.”

    4. Sven because he seems to wear his heart on his sleeve which is endearing to me. I also love his dorky sense of humor.

    5. Mark Collett, the tireless warrior. He is a friend to have if you tend to slack off and need a reality check from time to time.

    6. Jared Taylor. No comment needed. The blue-eyed samurai as someone called him.

    7. David Duke because he was fighting the fight before I was even born.

    8. Colin Flaherty is not AR, at least not officially, but like a humble worker bee day in and day out he makes those Black-on-White violence videos, gets his channel taken down every few months, then jumps back on his feet and gets back to it – undoubtedly sending hordes of normies our way.

    9. Faith Goldy because she is a hot bad ass and I envy her command of the language.

    Honorable mention: DL aka NK because I met him and he was quite reserved but such a gentleman.

  • The indisputable triumvirate of the Alt-Right: Spencer-Anglin-Enoch

    The secondary troika of the Alt-Right: Trump-4Chan-‘Austrian Economics’

    Everything and everybody else is a derivative/ancillary.

  • Eli Mosley seems to have vanished.

    Too bad Jason Jorjani didn’t make the list. I smirk whenever I see one of his articles on the sidebar. 😀

  • 10.) Erik Striker
    9.) Andrew Joyce
    8.) Mark Collett
    7.) Kevin B. MacDonald
    6.) Mike Enoch
    5.) Richard Spencer
    4.) Sven
    3.) Christopher Cantwell
    2.) Andrew Anglin / Weev
    1.) Jason Kessler. Say what you will but, no Kessler, no Unite The Right, which will go down in the history books.

    Honorable mention, Patrick Slattery

    • 4) Sven – which Sven are you referring to?? Sven (Seventh Son) from TRS or Sven Longshanks from Radio Aryan??

  • Cool it with the anti-Varg remarks Gentlemen! I think his perspective on native European culture/history, race/anthropology, disillusion of Christianity & pro-white environmentalism make him a valuable part of the broader conversation. Remember, your #1 pick Richard Spencer has an environmentalist streak & has said that our vulnerability to the joo’s subversion is largely due to the fact that we worship their god! As to his criticism vs alt-right: you’re big boys, you can take it

  • Aurelius quotation much appreciated. Before I even knew there were non-bommercons on the Right, I was reading Aurelius in strange unknown preparation for these times, stoking a longing for a heroic world.

  • White pill for all you naysayers saying “Europe is finished.” Huge rally in Rome to commemorate fallen comrades. Saluto Romano!

    • Obviously I’m biased but CasaPound is my favourite far-right activist group. Thanks for posting this. Can feel the energy at 1:40.
      Obviously this video is flagged by Jewtube.

  • Can’t argue with Richard Spencer as the most important personality, thinker and strategist for the Alt Right in 2017.

    The Alt Right site has done pretty well too. How about some stats? Alexa rank today is #28,011 in USA. American is approx #4,000. Amren is approx #19,000. Counter-Currents is #44,000. Not yet the biggest site on the dissident right, and a long ways to go to get as big as a mid-tier established Conservative site. Not to mention Breitbart, which is #53 in the USA.

    As for influence. Anglin and Spencer got the most news, most of it was negative. Spencer got a few almost sympathetic interviews in the MSM, but “heilgate” has made both the Alt Right brand and Spencer poster children for “evil racists”.

    None of these lists mention Trump. He’s a third-tier intellect, but he has power and reach. His Charlottesville comments were the main appearance of the Alt-Right in context in the news for most normies this year, along with “Heilgate” and Charlottesville itself.

    Most of the rest of this is “inside baseball”. Anglin and Cantwell “the crying Nazi” were the sort of cartoon Nazi’s that WN 2.0 set out to get rid of, but can’t seem to shake.

    So that’s the outer view, what normies saw.

    Inside you have a lot of the same people doing the same stuff. All very good. Greg Hood’s fantastic articles, Kevin McDonald’s talks (AmRen 2017 was great.) Jared Taylor, etc. But this is still somewhat self-referential.

    The way forward is unclear. The AltRight is more visible than in 2016, but less influential. The AltRite / AltLite divide is here to stay. The value of the AltRight brand as a vanguard brand is well established. It’s great that no one associates it with Milo anymore.

    But that still leaves the larger dissident right without a organizing theme, we are weaker compartmentalized and internally warraring, as something as ridiculous as Cernovich saying he will punch Spencer sort of symbolizes. (Yeah, he’s a retard, but he was given a full 15 minute “60 Minutes” segment.)

    The limits of past tactics are now obvious. The “Three T’s”: Trolling, Trump Support and Torches all seem not only passe’ but counter-productive.

    2018 looks to be a transformative year, or not. Which in turn will determine how the movement grows from here.

    The Counter-currents / Alt Right rivalry is unfortunate, in fact the two groups are complementary. I think the Counter Current’s critique of AR are useful ones, I’m not sure how CC can do much about the AR critique of them, as it’s mostly about the personal failings of Greg Johnson. Hopefully he takes some of it to heart.

  • What about Chris Cantwell? he went to prison for the movement and is set to gain massive funds due to the miscarriage of justice brought on to him by the courts.

    • Good point, and one I thought of after doing this writeup. Potentially my biggest omission, and what I’d revise if I were to republish the list, was my failure to acknowledge Cantwell, and others who put themselves and their reputations on the line in Charlottesville and suffered major setbacks as a result.

  • Muh submission:
    1) Richard Spencer: The most visible face of the Alt-Right, and the man who coined the phrase Alt-Right. He has devoted his entire life to the movement, leads a cadre of talent (Evan McLaren, Greg Ritter, etc.) with Alt-Right.Com and NPI, organizes and headlines events, and takes a ton of flak from both the media and from within our movement and keeps going without much flinching.

    1) Andrew Anglin: @Andrew_Anglin is the founder and leading voice of the Alt-Right’s most popular website. The greatest satirist of the 21st century. The man who red-pilled hundreds of thousands of Generation-Z. The most censored and deplatformed man the world has ever known. I couldn’t put him at #2, so unfortunately it has to be a tie for the #1 spot.

    3) Mike Enoch: Founder of TheRightStuff.Biz. @mikeenoch’s style of blending humor with pro-white intellectualism defines what it is to be Alt-Right. TRS has brought us the Echo Meme, led troll attacks on enemy platforms, and revolutionized pro-white podcasting making the platform one of the most important weapons in the Alt-Right arsenal. After Doxgate, he came back stronger than ever, lending his voice and presence to the most historic events in Alt-Right history. He’s also developed invaluable methods for deflecting and dismantling leftist arguments. His hard work has also brought together many other great leading voices, like @SeventhSon, Jazzhands & Halberstram, Jayoh, @Alex-McNabb, Lawrence Murray, and many others.

    4) Kevin MacDonald: The Alt-Right’s answer to (((leftist academia))), and the author of the Alt-Right’s greatest monograph, the Cutlure of Critique. He has provided the strongest, most in-depth answer to the Jewish Question, and all while maintaining a granfatherly calm. Our enemies don’t have an answer for him, and so they don’t even both trying.

    5) Daniel Friberg: Leads Arktos, the #1 publisher for the Alt-Right. Co-leads Nordic Alt-Right. He, in many ways, embodies what it is to be Alt-Right: He’s a chad intellectual; nothing but love for our people, but brutal and merciless with our enemies.

    6) Weev: After being persecuted by the American (((judicial system))), @weev is equally motivated by love for our race and a lust for revenge against our enemies. The most notorious hacker in the world defending our websites from hacking/DDOS attacks, producing podcasts and YouTube videos, leading troll campaigns, and striking fear into the heart of worldwide Jewry? Feels good fam!

    7) Jazzhands McFeels & Marcus Halberstram: Hosts of the #1 Alt-Right podcast (meme or not a meme), these political experts provided the best coverage of the 2016 election of anyone on the planet, and continue to accurately prognosticate about the goings on of American politics.

    8) Henrik Palmgren & Lana Lokteff: A media expert viking + the avatar of trad femininity? What a team! Red Ice revolutionized the Alt-Right paywall, proving that, with enough dedication and tenacity, you can dedicate yourself to the movement and be able to survive without having to worry about Globo-Gayplex cutting off your income. Their on-the-ground coverage of Alt-Right events and professionalism make them the Alt-Right’s answer to cable news.

    9) Millennial Woes: @Millennial-Woes is a passionate, sensitive, poetic orator, and the glue of the Alt-Right’s YouTube community. He is also the Alt-Right’s ambassador to the rest of the YouTube political community, drawing skeptics and special-snowflake individuals into debates and discussions that end up turning their shitty YouTube accounts into vessels through which new Alt-Right recruits flow. He’d be higher on this list if he had a half-decent wardrobe :p

    10) Christopher Cantwell: Chris’s journey from AnCap sperg to racist libertarian to Alt-Right martyr is emblematic of the progression of our movement. Thousands of intelligent, dedicated people were brought along for the ride by Chris, and it was his fiery monologues, sharp wit, scathing humor, and high-T presence that drew them in.

    Honorable mentions:

    Azzmador: With Andrew Anglin walled up in his Nigerian compound, @Azzmador is Daily Stormer’s presence on the ground, and boy what a presence! The Nazi Bigfoot has humiliated Oathcucks, Antifa, Cuckservatives, Renetards, and many others. He writes triumphant articles, producers one of the best podcasts around, and personally inspired me to be the content producer I am today. If Kevin MacDonald is the grandfather you want babysitting toddlers, Azzmador is the uncle you want teaching those coming of age how to be a man in a world that hates white men.

    Paul Nehlen: Hats off the Nehlen for going balls to the wall in his campaign to be elected as the first true Alt-Right candidate in American history. He shows that the Alt-Right is compatible with being a red-blooded, patriotic entrepreneur. This man deserves our support!

    Nick Fuentes & James Allsup: Young bucks Nick and James prove that you can name the Jew, advocate for whites, and still be normie-friendly. With their good optics, clean presentation, lack of cucking, and independent thought, the sky is the limit for these fellas.

    Eric Striker: Perhaps the most Jew-wise man of the 21st Century, @hetzer manages to be one of the most well-read men I have ever known, but also a man’s man with blue-collar street smarts. He proves that sincere socialists have a natural route to the Alt-Right if we play our cards right.

    The Golden One: The life coach for the Alt-Right, The Golden One is justified in his self-confidence and vanity. He has huge biceps, a sharp mind, the most subscribed alt-right YouTube channel, and the kind of optimism we’re going to need if we’re going to defeat our enemies.

    Greg Johnson: We all know he has numerous beefs with other people in the movement and issues with his personal life, but Counter-Currents has been one of the leading Alt-Right websites since before the term existed, and his articles and analysis on podcasts are as deep and intellectual as it gets.

  • 10. Jared Taylor
    9. Millennial Woes
    8. Gregory Hood
    7. Andrew Anglin
    6. Evan McLaren
    5. Christopher Cantwell
    4. Seventh Son/Mike Enoch
    3. Alt Right Politics
    2. Paul Niehlan
    1. Richard Spencer

  • 10. Eric Stryker
    9. Seventh Son
    8. Jazzhands McFeels
    7. Gregory Hood
    6. Alt Right Politics
    5. Paul Niehlan
    4. JF
    3. Andrew Anglin
    2.Mike Enoch
    1.Richhard Spencer

  • The quality of discourse among the cliquish AR frat boys on those weekly Hangouts is orders of magnitude lower than that available on, for example, This Week on the Alt Right with Tara, Bre, Mark and Steve. ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE. It is like comparing the discourse of 13-year olds to that of mature, intelligent, serious adults. Frivolous 13-year olds are boring for adults to listen to! The constant trolling, wise cracks, woman hate and immaturity are truly no longer interesting or in ANY way compelling.

    • Good afternoon, VickyJoy,

      “De gustibus,” as they say.

      Putting questions of taste and personal preference aside, what is it exactly that you are criticizing here? Just the other day, we provided nearly an hour of in-depth geopolitical analysis of the ongoing unrest in the Islamic Republic of Iran (in addition to other segments for which I was not present, such as Bannon and marijuana). What more would you have us do?

      The guys and I podcast from the heart, off the cuff, without pay, to give our listeners an accessible, casual, but nonetheless informative look at the issues of the day. Would you rather listen to NPR? I’m afraid that’s what our podcast would become — a soporific and self-important rehashing of stale neoliberal internationalist talking points — if we did not give free reign to our more creative impulses.

      The above questions were not simply rhetorical; I sincerely welcome any constructive input you may have for us.

      • Don’t change a thing. Your conversations are at times very in depth, but not dry. NPR is awful. “Vicky” might not like it, but for my part I enjoy the “frat boy-intellectual style”. If you sound like you’re having fun, it sounds like success. If “This Week on the Alt Right” is your jam (never heard of it) go with it – it’s there for you.

  • Someone should notify Varg about his appearance on this list. I’d like to see him collaborate with someone from the Alt-Right so we can straighten things out with each other.

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