Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures during the first Republican presidential debate at the Quicken Loans Arena Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

President Donald Trump today released a ridiculous, over-the-top tweet (even for him) denouncing Steve Bannon and reacting wildly to the recent book by Michael Wolff.  Trump’s overreaction again signals to the MSM that with the publication of this book, they have found their very own “lolcow” in the Commander-in-Chief, but such a violent rejection of the man once touted as the champion of a new populist nationalism also speaks to the deteriorating condition of the Trump presidency.

Steve Bannon was always a reactionary boomer opportunist, a Goldman Sachs/Hollywood shill trying to position himself as the driving force behind a wave on which he was merely riding, like Milo and so many other charlatans in the past year.  Bannon was briefly useful to the Alt Right, as we were useful to him, but our relationship with him was only ever transactional at best.  His cowardly denunciation of genuine American hero Paul Nehlen, only days before Bannon’s own humiliating denunciation by Trump, will stand forever as an example of how little one gains by cucking to the Jews.

But Trump’s buffoonish behavior towards Bannon in recent days suggests to what extent Trump himself has become a gigantic orange puppet dancing on the strings of the Jewish globalist cabal running the White House.  Even Wolff’s own book quotes no less than that distinguished fellow of the Sanhedrin, Henry Kissinger, declaring the internal feud between Bannon and the Kushners as “a war between the Jews and non-Jews.”

The Forward has since tried to contextualize that inflammatory quote, perhaps to tamp down some of the anti-Semitic implications, but only managed to pour fuel on the fire:

Perhaps Kissinger saw in the White House scuffles a sort of battle for the soul of the Republican Party:  Between a Jewish-inflected moderate wing, and a culturally non-Jewish hard core.


“Jewish Republicans have been different from the kind of paleoconservative Republicans, and that battle goes back a long way,” Sarna said.  “What none of us know is whether the neoconservatives will come back to the Republican party if there’s a different man at the top.”


But some close observers of the White House question the former Secretary of State’s analysis even as they giggled at zinger.


“There’s so many Jews in this administration, you can’t really have the Jews and the non-Jews,” one friend of the president told the Forward.


While it’s true that Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s perceived allies, among them Trump’s chief economic adviser Gary Cohn, are largely New York Jews, the Bannon team, both inside and outside of the White House, is similarly heavily Jewish.


Stephen Miller, a senior Trump advisor seen as the last remaining Bannonite in the White House, is Jewish.  So are many of Bannon’s post-White House colleagues at the news organization he now runs, Breitbart Media, including Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow.

Since the passing of the “Plutocrat’s Dream” tax bill, there has been a noticeable shift in the attitudes of the establishment towards Donald Trump.  This attitude is best encapsulated in the recent National Review piece “Conservative Policy, Populist Attitude” by outstanding member of the tribe Ben Shapiro.  His article might as well have been titled “Jewish Policy, Goyim Attitude” for the way it gloats over the increasing co-opting of the Trump administration by Wall Street globalist elites:

Conservatism had seen its heyday – it had become old, decrepit.  A new governing philosophy had made itself manifest:  nationalist populism.  Or, as Trump’s advocates put it, Trumpism.  This philosophy would mash up protectionism with a quasi-isolationist foreign policy focused on placating dictatorships such as Russia; it would combine big spending on infrastructure with a crackdown on immigration.  Government would subsidize manufacturing and look to restrict companies like Facebook and Google.  Wall Street would be put in the dock.  The “elites” would pay.  Nationalism would take precedence over patriotism based on founding ideals….


Then it came time to govern….

Shapiro goes on to argue that the essence of Trumpism is merely a “doesn’t take crap” attitude, applied to the same (((conservative))) policy goals as a Mitt Romney, or a George W. Bush.

An excellent if very sobering analysis of the present state of the Trump administration was recently published by Nathan Karlsen on Fash the Nation, titled “The Low Price of Conservatives.”  Writes Karlsen:

So what did all this winning look like?


Paul Ryan got his Chamber of Commerce tax bill through.  Now companies that have made a spectacle of purging crime-thinkers from their jobs and stifling free speech will pay less in corporate taxes.  These changes are written as permanent, while the cuts that might help working people are set to expire.  There was no simplification of the byzantine tax code.  Too many bureaucrats might have become obsolete and been forced to get real jobs.


U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nimrata Haley groveled to Israel at the UN in the most nauseating show of sycophancy since Trump’s visit to the Wailing Wall.  She even had the nerve to claim the embassy move was somehow an expression of the will of the American people.  Since when has that mattered?  Was it the will of the American people when this rootless cosmopolitan helped launch a jihad against Southern history and symbols?


Talk of better trade deals has gone by the wayside – it’s a global economy, goy.  Immigration, legal and illegal, hasn’t stopped.  The refugee resettlement racket continues.  The Muslim ban that isn’t a Muslim ban is the best we got.  Trump’s military tranny ban has been reversed.  More troops are going to Afghanistan, for what purpose no one knows.  Meddling in Ukraine to irk the Russians continues….


When Trump called out the Bushes for their disastrous blunders in the Middle East and took on Goldman Sachs, it felt for a brief moment that the old Right had finally shown the Neocons the door.  In reality, Trump is repackaging the same policies that made Bush one of our least popular Presidents.  Instead of following his gut instincts, Trump has surrounded himself with the same Jewish financiers and warmongers that doomed Dubya….


Most conservative White Americans are back on the reservation.

Trump’s warmongering on Iran, cruelly cutting off the meager aid we give to the Palestinians while doubling down on free gifts to Israel, and his offer to legalize the almost one million DACA immigrants “in exchange” for a border wall, complete the picture of a man who is completely held hostage by the likes of Cohn, Kushner and Mnuchin.

How can we escape the conclusion that Trump has irrevocably cucked?  That smarmy, pasty worm Jared Kushner, of 666 Fifth Avenue, the son-and-heir of a hideously corrupt Jewish real estate developer and convicted criminal, literally takes Trump’s beautiful blonde daughter into his bed every night, while Trump meekly stands by and watches.  And this literal cuckold is supposed to be the Great Man who is going to stick it to the globalists?

An extremely cogent leftist analysis of the Trump administration was recently published on the website Medium by Caitlin Johnstone, which almost could’ve been written for the Alt Right.  It’s title was “Trump Isn’t Another Hitler.  He’s Another Obama.”

…[A]fter hundreds of thousands of human lives had been snuffed out in Iraq and Afghanistan and an entire region horrifically destabilized, Obama campaigned against Bush’s interventionist foreign policy, edging out Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries partly because she had supported the Iraq invasion while he had condemned it.  The Democrats, decrying the warmongering tendencies of the Republicans, elected a President of the United States who would see Bush’s Afghanistan and Iraq and raise him Libya, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia, along with a tenfold increase in drone strikes.  Libya collapsed into a failed state where a slave trade now runs rampant, and half a million people died in the Syrian war that Obama and US allies exponentially escalated.


Eight years later, a reality TV star and WWE Hall-of-Famer was elected President of the United States by the other half of the crowd who was sick to death of those warmongering Democrats.  Trump campaigned on a non-interventionist foreign policy, saying America should fight terrorists but not enter into regime change wars with other governments.  He thrashed his primary opponents as the only one willing to unequivocally condemn Bush and his actions, then won the general election partly by attacking the interventionist foreign policy of his predecessor and his opponent, and criticizing Hillary Clinton’s hawkish no-fly zone agenda in Syria.


Now he’s approved the selling of arms to Ukraine to use against Russia, a dangerously hawkish move that even Obama refused to make for fear of increasing tensions with Moscow.  His administration has escalated troop presence in Afghanistan and made it abundantly clear that the Pentagon has no intention of leaving Syria anytime soon despite the absence of any reasonable justification for US presence there.  The CIA had ratcheted up operations in Iran six months into Trump’s presidency, shortly before the administration began running the exact same script against that country that the Obama administration ran on Libya, Syria and Ukraine….


A year into Trump’s presidency, and… he’s not even deporting as many immigrants as Obama.  He is, however, out-bombing him.


We were promised another Hitler.  Instead, we got another Obama, who was himself another Bush.  The march into corporatist Orwellian police state at home and globalist oligarchic hegemony abroad continues unhindered for the United States of America.

It’s time for the Alt Right to start thinking beyond Trump.  This author, at the age of 18, was a Buchanan delegate to the Reform Party national convention in 2000.  These days everyone forgets that it was the white nationalist, populist Right which delivered to Donald J. Trump his one and only defeat in his entire political career.  In that year, Trump also vied for the nomination over the remnants of Ross Perot’s political movement, and had dismissed rival Pat Buchanan on national television as “crazy”…  “a Hitler lover… anti-Semite.  He doesn’t like the blacks, he doesn’t like the gays….”

Yet it was the organizing fervor of the Buchanan brigades, and the indomitable passion of the many hundreds of white nationalists who poured into his campaign, who thwarted Trump from even officially contending for the nomination, where he would certainly have suffered humiliating defeat.  Perhaps this is why, 16 years later, he sought to enlist this highly motivated force into his own campaign, rather than work against it.  But the fact remains that the nationalist, populist Buchanan supporters beat Trump before he even started, because we were stronger and more highly motivated.

Trump’s presidency may enjoy more “success” in the short term, now that he’s eagerly begging on all fours to do Cohn and Kushner’s bidding.  Mitch McConnell is loving him right now, along with the rest of the Republican establishment.  With Bannon’s humiliating fall from grace, only Paul Nehlen stands strong as the last champion of true American nationalism.  The Alt Right will be easier than ever before to scapegoat and marginalize.

But we’re a lot more resilient than our enemies think, and we’re still growing.  We’re also used to being forced to swallow black pills, and we’ve swallowed so many of them at this point that we’ve built up an immunity.

Trump could still redeem himself by defying his Jewish handlers, but it’s looking increasingly unlikely.  It’s much more likely that he will continue to divert whatever is left of MAGA boomer enthusiasm into nakedly plutocratic and neocon objectives.  More importantly, whatever success he enjoys right now will be temporary, because by doing the bidding of the globalists, Trump is doing nothing to alleviate the causes of the distress which propelled him to office in the first place.

We are still dangerously close to an escalation of any number of foreign policy conflicts which could rapidly kick the entire Republican Party, and much of the pro-war Democratic Party as well, into full Iraq War mode.  Even worse, the unrestrained greed of Wall Street along with consumer debt at an all-time high means we are in all likelihood headed for a burst of another economic bubble.  If Trump continues to emulate the presidency of George W. Bush to win globalist establishment favor and Jew approval, then Trump will also face the responsibility for the same consequences of George W. Bush-era policies.

We need to keep building up our strength, creating new propaganda, engaging in new forms of activism and, where possible, running Alt Right political candidates.  We need to continue demolishing the Alt Lite and making inroads into the anti-corporate, anti-war Left.  We need to keep up our presence at college campuses and appealing to the most courageous and idealistic of our youth.  Our movement will outlast the present Cuckmander-in-Chief Donald Trump, and if we take the appropriate actions between now and his inevitable downfall, we will be poised to rally the remnants of his disillusioned followers and incorporate them into a new movement which is far, far harder.


  • His cowardly denunciation of genuine American hero Paul Nehlen” i would watch out. he might be our glen beck. we give him the reigns and he pulls a “whats aleppo” on us we will start from square one. maybe bannon learned white genocide and used what he did to put him in position to do something about it. now they are going to make an example of him to any other who might dare what he did. both just hypotheses but i havent been able to rule it out

  • You guys do realize that by coming to this conclusion about Trump, this early on, means we’ve spent two years dicking around when we could’ve spent building an actual movement. And I hate to break it to you, this will continue to happen even if we get one of /ourguys/ in office because unless there’s a crisis worse than the civil war, this is the game in current year Weimarica.

    • I wouldn’t give up on Trump yet. He may still get the DACA freeloaders out of here if the knuckleheads don’t agree to DACA amnesty in exchange for the wall. They seriously don’t want the wall and if they screw around long enough, March 5 will come around and DACA will be finished. I would forgive him anything if he can pull this off. My hope is waning but I’m hanging in for now.

      • A wall that does not go all the way, continuously, from the Pacific to the Gulf is as good as a Hurricane Katrina levee in Louisiana that has a hole in it. Trump’s big, beautiful, INCOMPLETE wall is a huge distraction. The current border, with smart, efficient fencing and lots of technology to catch folks once they have scampered in, is actually pretty good, and the birth control that the Mexican woman started to use 20 years ago is finally paying demographic dividends such that those folks are no longer desperate to go to El Norte. The problem is the ones that are already here and seem destined to join the American people with another Reaganist AMNESTY.

        • He is building the wall the whole way across except for where there’s natural barriers like large rivers and mountains. If they weren’t still coming, small towns wouldn’t be going bankrupt in Texas where by law they have to do autopsies and where they keep finding bodies in the desert.

  • It’s tempting to give in. Those in the AltRight who still have God should be including prayer in their reactions. Pray for Trump and his administration and that they are protected and keep their promises to the American people.

  • Have I come across a leftie raid? “Excellent goy Ben Shapiro”? He’s literally a kike himself. Also, with all the left-wing propaganda against him, don’t you think Trump is doing something right?

  • I don’t understand why the article author is hitting the panic button. Jews are gonna get into any administration, only difference is that right wing Jews are not as toxic as left wing ones. If Trump is tough on immigration and chain migration that’s good enough for me. These wetbacks mostly from overstaying their visas, not crossing the border. Wall is great but it isn’t everything.

    • I live in San Diego and have been around long enough to have seen the change. I actually was married briefly to someone who stayed on a visa but I was unaware of it because I had never heard of such a thing. Most of the illegals who were a part of the Reagan amnesty walked across the border. Sometimes they used fake papers, etc., but the government has hidden for years the number of dead bodies found in the desert. You might want to listen to The Savage Nation of January 9, 2018 to get greater insight about the Dreamers.

  • Let´s face it, Trump is clueless and always has been. It didn´t even take a clue for him to recite themes in the campaign that were obvious even to the purblind. It never ceases to amaze how even merely verbalizing an obvious solution or two to what is destroying the US garners raucous praise, unlimited hope and enthusiasm. Which is a symptom of desperation. Understandable…but pathetic.

    • Trump is not one of us. He is an elitist and a cosmopolitan, anything but a nationalist. He is the kid of an immigrant (on his mother’s side). They almost always have some kind of mental disorder that makes them want to empathize with even illegal aliens. Trump has no investment here. His mother merely came for the opportunities. He has not served in our military and n either have his two cowardly sons. Their direct relatives did not spill blood for American soil, nor did they participate in creating the greatest country in the history of the world so it’s easy for them to squander what we have. I am anti-immigrant all the way. I hate all of them, especially for what they believe about the Confederates, the greatest fighters in the history of the world.

  • When people start to see more money in their paychecks next month because of the tax cuts, Trump is going to be very popular, it all hinges on what he does with that popularity.

    The mentally ill, and people who don’t work for a living, or are unemployed or unemployable, may not appreciate the tax cuts, but, everyone else should be pleased with them.

    Naturally, we are interested in White Americans, the people who founded this country. We are not interested in Jews, Blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Asians of all sorts, but in White Americans, and we need to keep asking all politicians, including Trump, what they are doing for White Americans.

    • Those cuts are TEMPORARY, Krafty. And Cheeto “paid” for them by terminating most of your other tax deductibles. The super-rich are the only long-term winners of his #TaxScam

  • “That smarmy, pasty worm Jared Kushner, of 666 Fifth Avenue, the son-and-heir of a hideously corrupt Jewish real estate developer and convicted criminal, literally takes Trump’s beautiful blonde daughter into his bed every night…”

    Shit… Do you think he sodomizes her with his big Jewish nose or his tiny Jewish prick?

  • The Alt-right has enough influence to make or break Trump at the ballot box, But not enough influence to implement Trumps policies. Only the Jews have that power. Trump’s 2016 was a Shock to the world and a miracle to the Alt-right, it wasn’t suppose to happen, but it did. That miracle most likely won’t happen again in 2020 as Trump’s re-election hangs on a string, yet again.

    Trump promise of a wall most likely won’t happen and is taking far too long to implement into policy. He has in true sociopathic style left the wall for the end of his term for the 2020 election. At this rate, the wall construction will be far too slow before the democratic party defund it when they take power in 2020 or 2024.

    The US government is too bi-polar to get anything done and Trump will turn out to be the oligarch that handed the US onto a silver platter for his daughters (((tribe))). The question is, does the alt-right make or break Trump at the next election, that much is in the Alt-rights hands and Trump knows it, otherwise he would have thrown the alt-right under the bus along time ago. Do we go along with a sociopath who is only nice to us until we are no longer needed for his final term or do we cut him loose and endure democratic rule?

    Everything hinges on that promised wall and he’s clearly dangling that carrot in front of us. One thing is for sure, if that wall does not go up, it will surely demonstrate that no president nor party is worth a turd. After all, how can we go to Mars if we can’t even build a wall.

    • “Trump” policies are already sufficiently popular, they got him elected after all. What’s missing isn’t so much influence but means; we do not have the institutional resources (think tanks, etc) necessary to staff a government that can implement a Trumpian, let alone an Alt Right, agenda………yet.

  • the recent protests in Iran have died down and i dont see any proof they were anything but organic. and does anyone seriously believe there’s going to be war with Iran? No one wants it. 1/5 of the words oil supply goes through the straight of Hormuz, Hezbollah would go straight for Israel in retaliation, meanwhile there’s Russians still in Syria. it would be a clusterfuck of monumental proportions. They couldn’t even get a no-fly zone for Syria ffs.

    • “the recent protests in Iran have died down and i dont see any proof they were anything but organic.”

      Funniest thing I’ve read so far this year. Is this you, Jason Jorjani?

      What will lead to war with Iran is another 9/11. Even though Iran will have nothing do with the attacks, false flag or not. That’s how the Jews got their Iraq War, they started planning it in 98 and seized the moment when it presented itself.

      • Jorjani’s dad was tight with the shah, Jason wants his country back, his birthright stolen!
        I consider Jason an unofficial dual citizen more loyal to the spirit of Iran than the US

      • Sorry do you have some insider intelligence knowledge you want to share? Do you acknowledge that an insurrection or protest can happen on planet Earth just because people are mad, without the CIA or Mossad telling them to?
        PNAC was full of Jews but it’s more of a Deep State thing. Israel had closer enemies than Iraq.
        Even if a terrorist attacks happens, nobody wants war. You have to believe that it’s rational actors at the high levels. Iran isn’t Iraq. A shooting war with Iran would fuck up the entire worlds energy economy and set the region on fire. And as I said, if ZOG runs the US, why couldn’t they pull the trigger on little old Syria?

        • “Sorry do you have some insider intelligence knowledge you want to share?”


          American intervention in Syria did not happen for the same reason that the Iranian CIA/Mossad coup failed in Iran. Why are witnessing the tail end of an American unipolar world. Spencer mentioned this recently in one of his podcasts, and Samuel Huntington said years ago that America can’t expect to remain the only Great Power ad infinitum. Russia and China told America to fuck off in Syria, and likely did the same in Iran,

          • I’m not ruling out Western involvement, but you know they’re gonna blame any unrest in foreign meddling instead of ppl having legitimate grievances.. everyone does it.

          • Meanwhile, California is falling and nobody cares. We are being run by the CFR and the United Nations. Jerry Brown is a Jesuit and our next governor, Gavin Newsome, is too. We are largely being run by Mexico and I see little reason to worry about what is going on elsewhere. Trump thinks we simply voted for the wrong people when our votes haven’t counted for quite some time.

  • Trump was/is a con man. The word “con” is short for confidence and that’s exactly what Trump is about. He gains your confidence by promising you the world and then betrays you. His own confidence too is a sham. He always speaks with such great confidence but ultimately it turns out to be fake as he delivers promises he cannot keep or perhaps has no intention of keeping.

    People generally like a person who speaks with confidence rather than a humble speaker who doubts his own abilities or questions his own competence. And it makes sense, in most cases, to trust the person with the most confidence. You wouldn’t trust a dentists who doubted his ability to fill a cavity on your tooth. But con men are confident even when they shouldn’t be. Ultimately they don’t care if they can do what they say, they just want you to give them what they want.

    And that’s what Trump is. He promised a wall, among other things, but so far it looks like he won’t be able to deliver even on that. And does he care? No. You already elected him. He got what he wanted, so f— you. It’s no coincidences that he waited until after the election to denounce the alt-right.

  • One must not play loose with the notion of rights.

    Rights should be basic protections of freedom, liberty, and property. Rights must not be demands. When rights turn into material demands, people become lax and lazy. So, people have a right to be free and right to seek work and right to accumulate wealth and right to purchase and hold property. But people don’t have a right to own a home. They have a right to be free to work to buy a home. They have no right to demand a free home as a right.

    Rights used to mean freedom and protection under the law. They didn’t mean a right-to-free-stuff without having worked to pay for them. But socialist thinking makes people lazy. It makes people feel, “I have a right to free home, free clothes, free food, free medicine, free everything…. because they are my rights.”
    If people have all such rights, why should anyone work for a living? They should just demand whatever they want as rights. My right to a computer, my right to a cellphone, my right to a car, my right to this and that and etc.

    Rights must protect freedoms that allows a person to strive, work, achieve, earn, and buy stuff. Rights must not be about how everyone is owed free this or that without any input on his or her part. Such breeds laziness, and this is why current socialism is so lousy.
    At least Past Socialism was about hardworking laborers deserving better pay and working conditions. It was to make work more humane. But current socialism says bums and freeloaders have ‘rights’ to free stuff.

    This is why we should treat healthcare as a Need, not a Right.
    Yes, we all people need healthcare, and most people should be expected to pay for their own. However, for the needy who can’t afford it, the state can provide basic services. This wouldn’t be a right but taking care of a need. Need is not a right. State acts on certain needs only when those people cannot afford them.

    If something is a right, it must be offered to ANYONE regardless of wealth. After all, the right to vote means the richest person and poorest person has equal right to vote.
    If health care is to be a right, even rich people should be able to afford it for free. After all, rights must not discriminate between rich and poor. If food is a right, then rich people should qualify for food stamps too. After all, rich people are citizens too and have right to free food if indeed food is a right. Nuts.

    There is a better way. Most people should be expected to purchase health insurance on their own. It should be regarded as a consumer service for most.
    As for those who can’t afford it, their basic needs should be met by the state with certain conditions.

    Take food, clothing, and housing. They are more essential to life than medicine. Many people are healthy even though they have’t seen a doctor in yrs. But try going for a week without food. Trying going without clothing in winter. Try living without a roof over one’s head. So, those are more essential to life than healthcare.
    But we don’t treat them as rights. We treat them as Needs. We expect most people to be able to work and pay for their houses, food, and clothes. If food, housing, and clothing were rights, even rich people should be able to demand free food, clothing, and housing as their ‘rights’. But they are NOT rights, and they must work and pay their own way. However, some people can’t afford those things, and the state provides them as basic needs.

    Communist nations argued that housing, clothing, and food are essentials of life, therefore it is wrong for anyone to profit from them. Communist nations said those goods/services should be controlled by the state for the good of humanity. Well, how did that go? Without incentives of profits, economic production and distribution lagged in communist nations. In contrast, it was the profit-motive that led to abundance of food, clothing, and housing in capitalist nations.
    Communist nations suffered from shortages, whereas capitalist nations suffer from over-production and glut. So, capitalism and profit-motive increases production and services. Because incentive-and-profit-driven capitalism leads to over-production, the needs of the poor can be met. But as needs, not as rights. If you tell the people that they have a ‘right’ to all sorts of free stuff, you spoil and corrupt them into lazy parasitic bums.

    People say it’s perverse for people to profit from healthcare. And yet, they have no problem with people profiting from food and housing. Aren’t food and housing more essential to life than medicine?

  • My guess is that Kushner is banned from nude beaches because his dick drags on the ground. Don’t forget Kushner is a potential Jew messiah, moving the capital of Jewland to Jew-rusalem put a big bagel in his yarmulke. You are just jealous because an ultra Orthodox Jew is running U.S. foreign policy, and may be the next Messiah.

  • Dear God can people just let a typical news cycle run its course before sperging out? Have you not gotten used to Trump’s trigger-bait that SJWs so easily take?

    He does this outlandishness to take all of the blame and spotlight off anybody and everything else and put it square on his shoulders, just like he said he would. How many others are willing to do that? Who is better suited?

    Let me guess…David Duke? Give me a break.

    I was depressed the first few months of the year because I thought Trump would be impeached and that we were entering another war with Syria. But guess what? Neither happened because Trump never lets up against the Jew media, feminists, leftists and cucks. He lives for it.

    Bannon and Trump both come from showbiz backgrounds, so chances are some of this is just theatrics.

    I see his mischlinge grandchildren as being a pay-to-play personal sacrifice to enter into business ventures.

    Trump’s savant autism is so obtuse that nobody ever picks up on it. He survived #MeToo because of it, while everybody else has fallen.

    Trump was never Hitler. He is Bismarck – the egotistical, eccentric pragmatist forging new alliances and constituencies in the only way he knows how…thus paving the way for an eventual Hitler.

    He has never even counter-signaled white nationalism or the Alt-Right, with the exception of one time that he was goaded into for days by the entire world after first defending it during Charlottesville…THEN he walked all of it back the next day and embraced it by decrying the Antifa iconoclasm, igniting the statue defacing campaign against all former ‘white slavers.’

    There are a few things I really do not like about him, namely he does not seem to defend his loyal soldiers (Lewandowski), but who knows, maybe he subsidizes them behind the scenes.

    His eccentricity and schizophrenic policies are part of his leadership persona that so few are cut out for. He A/B tests most things, but if you check his interviews dating back to the 1980s, his main points that got him elected have never changed.

    I like Nehlen, but he is not going to be President, Senator or Congressman. Being ‘woke’ does not mean being a leader.

    Bannon shot his wad. Roy Moore was his Waterloo. He does not like Jews either, just like his ex-wife said. All of that was obvious posturing, but he likely was just an opportunist and a failed screenwriter. Though he did make (((globalist))) mainstream. Oh well.

    Everybody plays a part and then outlives their usefulness, like MILO, who was effectively Ernst Rohm and promptly purged.

    Breitbart was useful and still is even though it banned me when I was sounding the alarm on Syria. Its Boomer constituency swarmed me like a school of piranha with, ‘He only has 45 comments and 20 likes. He is a Hillary bot. Block him!’

    But that’s ok. I like how united they are. We need this new coalition that Trump forged to be the inveterate shills they are. They are our auxiliary.

    All we can do to control these people is feed them Boomer chow (bite-sized Red Pills) and sugarcoated, artificial-flavored placebos (anti-American NFL protests) like the children they are since they get indigestion with the Red Pill quantities we regularly consume without flinching, as in ‘the NFL is anti-white sweaty niggers in tights chasing a ball…woo.’

    This is not the original (((Breitbart))) crowd where the Jewish-convert namesake would go around on dumb crusades about black farmers, and dispatch James O’keefe to picket ‘racist’ abortion clinics back when Breitbart was getting 8 million views a month circa 2010 for years before Trump, and then ballooned to 131 million in early 2017 because this is a new group of former Democrats, not cuckservatives.

    They gobble up every piece of meat thrown to them. Oddly enough, most of the Israel articles are the least commented on by far. The Evangelical coalition has evolved. Nobody gets gooey-eyed and orgasmic over Zionism like they used to just a few years ago, so ready to send their sons to a sandy death because they literally worshipped the Holy Land, not the Jews.

    All the Alt-Right has to do is survive and remain a nuisance. We need not win elections to have power…just look at the Taliban. They have never won an election, but they control most of Afghanistan. Republicans control every branch of Washington, including the Supreme Court, and virtually nothing has been done. That means nothing ever will in the way we expect it.

    Actually, Trump eliminated the Obamacare mandate penalty that the vast majority of us have been worried about for years, hastening the collapse of that monstrosity and saving our money in the meantime.

    I have wanted Trump to be President since January 10, 2011 when I heard this live.
    Months before I even became a Ron Paul LOLbertarian, but I never thought he would actually win because the zeitgeist (meaningless political footballs) had not changed…even up until Election Night…and he was unfocused with the Obama birther thing.

    But he changed all of it alone with Realpolitik, many years before it would change eventually.

    This too shall pass.

  • All I know is that Trump defended us after Charlottesville. He was the ONLY person in authority that bothered to actually look at the facts and to tell the truth that there was violence on both sides, and even said there were “really great people” on the Alt-Right side. That has to count for something…He certainly is not perfect, and he is not Alt-Right. However, whether intentionally or not, he has helped our movement grow and brought awareness to major issues that otherwise would be ignored.
    I mean, of all the things to criticize him for, the fact that he is defending his family in typical haughty Trump fashion is not one of them…

  • >literally takes Trump’s blonde daughter into his bed
    >father has daughter
    >daughter marries man
    >cuck memes
    It’s called having a son-in-law. What is this an argument? Get real.

    You could’ve simply argued that he is a supposed Christian (Presbyterian?) married to a Catholic woman and allowed his daughter to marry a Jew. Pluralism. He’s Americanian with Christianity just tucked under.
    An old Catholic pater familias would not allow such treasonous shenanigans without disowning.

    The pluralist-civic-patriot American public gets the President they deserve. Trump was not hawkish in the elections says your liberal source, ‘which almost could’ve been written for the Alt Right.’??? What about when he was bellowing about renewing the military about having such a strong military, so strong that ‘nobody’s gonna mess with us’? The US military as an entity itself is interventionist, ‘strong military’ means ‘we deal arms to fishy people to prop up the economy because we just cut the taxes’.
    HE SAID IT BACK THEN. THE GUY IS DOING EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO. His position on taxation was also public.
    Why do you insist on attacking Trump like he betrayed the Right or something? Like he jumped ship or something?

    Buchanan is solid. But would the American public vote for one Pat Buchanan or would they rather have the Trump?
    The swamp is not WDC, it’s the soul of the general public. Be thankful the swamp did not elect Hillary. By a narrow hair it almost did.

    • My guess is that Kushner is banned from nude beaches because his dick drags on the ground. Don’t forget Kushner is a potential Jew messiah, moving the capital of Jewland to Jew-rusalem put a big bagel in his cap. You are just jealous because an ultra Orthodox Jew is running United States foreign policy, and maybe the next Jew messiah.

    • “It’s called having a son-in-law. What is this an argument?”

      Because letting a jew rail your White daughter is every bit as obscene as letting a Muslim, black, or any kind of non-White doing it. In fact’s worse with jews because they have a specific, genocidal hate for White people.

      “An old Catholic pater familias would not allow such treasonous shenanigans without disowning. ”

      BS. I’m a Catholic and we’re just as cucked as the protestants.

      “What about when he was bellowing about renewing the military about having such a strong military, so strong that ‘nobody’s gonna mess with us’?”

      Having a strong military so that no one would mess with us is not synonymous with policing the world and messing with everyone else on the orders of jews.

      “The US military as an entity itself is interventionist,’

      The US military is whatever the US leadership says it is. Since jews lead America, our military might is used to fight the enemies of jews, and it’s been that way since WW1.


      He said he’d end DACA. He said he’d shut down Islamic migration. He said he’d fight China’s currency manipulation. He said he’d end NAFTA. He said he’d be fair on the Israeli-Palestinian issue (not that I ever believed him there). He went back on all of that, and we still don’t have a wall.

      Stop making excuses for this guy.

      “Buchanan is solid. But would the American public vote for one Pat Buchanan or would they rather have the Trump?”

      The American people would rather have Buchanan, if only they knew (((who))) holds the reins of power in this country.

      • You’re absolutely right, Riopel. Donald the con is either a traitor or a puppet, probably a combination of both.

    • If my daughter married a jew i would denounce her, and if i was the president I would certainly not bring either her or her husband into the white house.

      • Trump loves money and success more than anything and the Jews have plenty of it. That’s why the WASP elites disappeared as any significant cultural or political force. They, all of them, at the end of the day love money and success and that brought them into contact with Jews and the rest is history.

        • America wasn’t built by Jews. It was built by Anglo-Protestants and if anyone doesn’t like it, they are welcome to get the hell out and take the Dreamers with them.

        • Sure, only racists want to keep their bloodline pure. GTFO
          Plenty or normal non racists folk want their children to marry not only with in their race but within their ethnicity. It’s called nature Soy Boy. Get your T up.

          I am racist as fuck btw.

    • thankful cucks have an excuse to continue along acting like politics can change the situation? i wish hillary won it is time to act. all of our nations get weaker and browner by the day. the way trump talked for years up until the primaries was totally anti intervention. saying tough on terror seemed like obvious lip service to the normie republicans but like you said he barely won. in his defense, i think he did give a real try, he just didnt truly understand what he was up against and has since folded

  • Its like Roger F Devlin said in his speech at the Erkenbrand conference, in his time it was Ronald Reagan who was the Trump-figure, and we know how that ended.

  • Trump likely won’t defy his Jewish handlers. The fact that the establishment is warming to him is not a good sign and his move to the center and embrace of (((neo-conservative))) interventionsim is calculated to avoid impeachment.

    Immigration has been put on the back burner as now he’s talking about infrastructure instead of drastic reductions to legal immigration and an end to chain migration and the diversity lottery. I believe Mitch McGobbler and Paul RINO are purposely delaying a debate and vote and hoping that they lose the Senate in 2018 so any hope of populist immigration reform will be DOA.

  • In 2000, Trump proudly billed himself as a moderate and was practically booed and hissed offstage by the Buchanan brigades. His Reform party candidacy flamed out in a matter of days. We weren’t interested.

    I thought Trump was a total joke and loser and didn’t start to take him seriously until about six months after he declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination in 2015. I thought his move to the right seemed genuine but his administration is filled with social shitlibs, neo-cons and Wall Street kikes, so I’m beginning to think we’ve been had.

    • That’s is exactly how I reacted in 2015. At first, I thought Trump was a just another vanity candidate, who would get zero delegates at the GOP Convention. Then I read Gregory Hood’s column (July 2015) – Why We Need A Troll As President.

      It was useful that he was raising the immigration issue – maybe a serious candidate would take over the issue and raise him. Anyone could win by promising to reduce immigration levels – as Trump’s election in 2016 has demonstrated.

      No such luck. They all supported open borders and perpetual war. However, they all know the voters don’t want either, and you could win by doing what Trump did in 2016.

      By now, Trump has completely betrayed his own voters. However, the globalists should be happy. I hope they impeach him anyway, on some ridiculous & bogus charge. That would help to undermine The System.

    • yeah and it even looks like it could have been a true con the whole time. not that familiar with flynn but he seems like he is in dire straights now. i wonder who else may have been brought down that actually may have been our guys with actual power. bannon seems joo as they come but maybe he was setting up a double cross and made the mistake of trusting trump

    • It’s not like he has much of a choice. All of the people who are “qualified” are establishment types. If he appointed some random guy like Paul Nehlen or Richard Spencer, do you think the media would ever shut the fuck up?

  • It is about time the alt-right decided to split off from the Trump Chumps. There was a reason it was said that America was voting for Trillary in the last election. It wasn’t the never-Trump GOP establishment who called him that. It was the never-Trump Tea Partiers: two totally different political groups. Trump and Hillary were essentially the same, at least in policy though not in rhetoric. I cannot understand why anyone is surprised Trump’s policies reflect the way he lived for over 60 years, not his campaign rhetoric for one and half years. The altright is nowhere near dead. You have the moral high ground. The only things the liberals, progressives, GOP establishment and Deep State have have are lies and tyranny. Stay the course and stay true to your principles of equality for whites, self-reliance, the right to self-determination, and peace through strength. People see the truth, they know the truth when they see it, and they will support it.

  • Damn! Even Cheeto said Buchanan “. . . doesn’t like the blacks, he doesn’t like the gays . . .” . Impressive! I really mean it. Looks like that was before his dementia kicked in. #altrightgetsCheetoed

    • You dont seem to understand what AR position on Trump was or is.
      Then agin, you don
      t seem to understand anything at all.

  • Trump is the last, dying gasp Boomer America. Tax cuts and allowing prayer in school won’t fix anything. I’m not sure Boomers can even understand that our problems are mostly racial. Off the cliff we go because a boomer is driving and he thinks cliffs are roads because Mr. Stein-blatt-berg-bloom said so.

    • Oh no, just hang the Ten Commandments in Chicongo , Detroit, Baltimore and other areas suffering from the black plague and those congoids will fear the righteous wrath of Gawd and become civic nationalists.

  • Great Read……

    If we get the Wall……..

    Then, it was still Worth it……..

    If we get DACA first and the Wall maybe built later on……….

    Then, it was all a WASTE of time…….

    The Wall for me is the Fundamental Issue……….

    Because, that was the Core Campaign Promise………..

    If it’s not built then President Trump is a FAILURE and a FRAUD………..

    • The wall would be nice but if every illegal was hunted down by ICE and prevented from working or renting or living in America, it wouldn’t even be necessary. They only keep coming back over that wall, because they can get jobs, get free healthcare, free education and all the other shit.

      • they hire them right in plain site. people brag about the ice guys eating and then arresting the staff but i didnt hear anything about the owner. should be in jail for life on 100 million accounts of undercutting american wages. we shouldnt settle for almost winning. that will get us nowhere

  • The White Right is going to sit out 2018 and 2020 and deliver the Presidency to Kamala Harris.

    10 percent of white people openly identify as NEO NAZIS. Think that’s a big enough bloc to doom Trump?

    Accelerationism here we come.

    • It doesn’t really matter if Kamala or Trump are president, both will produce equal accelerationism, at least with Kamala she will not be licking the backside of Netanyahu as severely as Trump, that being the case one might as well go for Kamala.

    • Throwing an election is pretty stupid, because it means you’re goign to have a supreme court full of Ginsbergs and Sotomayors. And then you will be royally fucked.

  • I do not really understand this assessment. We have known Trump to be brash and a counter-puncher for 2 years now. This is typical behavior and helped him become president. The fact is, things were supposedly said against Trump and his family by Bannon, and Trump is doing what most red-blooded males do when their family is attacked. In no way was Don Jr’s meeting “treasonous” or even improper. I think many of us on the Alt-Right, including Richard Spencer, are happy that Trump is helping end “Sloppy Steve’s” fake nationalist push…

    • Be careful.

      Bannon at least had Pat Buchanan’s views on immigration and trade.

      Now we get Globalist Jewish views (Cohn, Kushner) on immigration and trade, along with a neocon foreign policy.

      • Steve Bannon is a civic nationalist. Trump is not Trump because of Steve Bannon. Bannon is an opportunist who can’t control his ego which led to make one of the most ridiculous self-imposed wounds in American politics.

    • If it turns out that Trump purged Bannon for being too much of a zio-cuck, then we can all apologize to Trump.

      But most likely Bannon, zio-cuck that he is, is being purged for being “too nationalist”, as a prelude to Trump moving to the center.

  • We have the presidency on our side. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. His focus on border security is solid, he just needs time to implement it. It took a generation to get us into this mess, it will take more than a year to get us out.

  • Terrible article. One victory at a time. The only one cucking is the author of this article. ANY other major republican would cuck on the dreamers. Trump is playing the democrats by demanding everything that he wants for the dreamers, he knows the democrats won’t budge hence no amnesty for these people.

    It’s only his first year and he’s accomplished so much, why don’t you calm down and wait at least until the next presidential election before declaring Trump is a cuck. You haven’t even given him time to implement his full agenda. Trump’s focus is on economics and border security, what more can you ask for? Give him time to achieve his goals instead of cucking and hitting the panic button. It’s bad enough that Breitbart has the stink of Steve Bannon, I don’t want to see the Alt Right turning into Steve Bannon.

  • Don’t be surprised. Trump has no ideology and no principles other than the desire to advance the economic interests of himself and his family.

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