Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures during the first Republican presidential debate at the Quicken Loans Arena Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

President Donald Trump today released a ridiculous, over-the-top tweet (even for him) denouncing Steve Bannon and reacting wildly to the recent book by Michael Wolff.  Trump’s overreaction again signals to the MSM that with the publication of this book, they have found their very own “lolcow” in the Commander-in-Chief, but such a violent rejection of the man once touted as the champion of a new populist nationalism also speaks to the deteriorating condition of the Trump presidency.

Steve Bannon was always a reactionary boomer opportunist, a Goldman Sachs/Hollywood shill trying to position himself as the driving force behind a wave on which he was merely riding, like Milo and so many other charlatans in the past year.  Bannon was briefly useful to the Alt Right, as we were useful to him, but our relationship with him was only ever transactional at best.  His cowardly denunciation of genuine American hero Paul Nehlen, only days before Bannon’s own humiliating denunciation by Trump, will stand forever as an example of how little one gains by cucking to the Jews.

But Trump’s buffoonish behavior towards Bannon in recent days suggests to what extent Trump himself has become a gigantic orange puppet dancing on the strings of the Jewish globalist cabal running the White House.  Even Wolff’s own book quotes no less than that distinguished fellow of the Sanhedrin, Henry Kissinger, declaring the internal feud between Bannon and the Kushners as “a war between the Jews and non-Jews.”

The Forward has since tried to contextualize that inflammatory quote, perhaps to tamp down some of the anti-Semitic implications, but only managed to pour fuel on the fire:

Perhaps Kissinger saw in the White House scuffles a sort of battle for the soul of the Republican Party:  Between a Jewish-inflected moderate wing, and a culturally non-Jewish hard core.


“Jewish Republicans have been different from the kind of paleoconservative Republicans, and that battle goes back a long way,” Sarna said.  “What none of us know is whether the neoconservatives will come back to the Republican party if there’s a different man at the top.”


But some close observers of the White House question the former Secretary of State’s analysis even as they giggled at zinger.


“There’s so many Jews in this administration, you can’t really have the Jews and the non-Jews,” one friend of the president told the Forward.


While it’s true that Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s perceived allies, among them Trump’s chief economic adviser Gary Cohn, are largely New York Jews, the Bannon team, both inside and outside of the White House, is similarly heavily Jewish.


Stephen Miller, a senior Trump advisor seen as the last remaining Bannonite in the White House, is Jewish.  So are many of Bannon’s post-White House colleagues at the news organization he now runs, Breitbart Media, including Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow.

Since the passing of the “Plutocrat’s Dream” tax bill, there has been a noticeable shift in the attitudes of the establishment towards Donald Trump.  This attitude is best encapsulated in the recent National Review piece “Conservative Policy, Populist Attitude” by outstanding member of the tribe Ben Shapiro.  His article might as well have been titled “Jewish Policy, Goyim Attitude” for the way it gloats over the increasing co-opting of the Trump administration by Wall Street globalist elites:

Conservatism had seen its heyday – it had become old, decrepit.  A new governing philosophy had made itself manifest:  nationalist populism.  Or, as Trump’s advocates put it, Trumpism.  This philosophy would mash up protectionism with a quasi-isolationist foreign policy focused on placating dictatorships such as Russia; it would combine big spending on infrastructure with a crackdown on immigration.  Government would subsidize manufacturing and look to restrict companies like Facebook and Google.  Wall Street would be put in the dock.  The “elites” would pay.  Nationalism would take precedence over patriotism based on founding ideals….


Then it came time to govern….

Shapiro goes on to argue that the essence of Trumpism is merely a “doesn’t take crap” attitude, applied to the same (((conservative))) policy goals as a Mitt Romney, or a George W. Bush.

An excellent if very sobering analysis of the present state of the Trump administration was recently published by Nathan Karlsen on Fash the Nation, titled “The Low Price of Conservatives.”  Writes Karlsen:

So what did all this winning look like?


Paul Ryan got his Chamber of Commerce tax bill through.  Now companies that have made a spectacle of purging crime-thinkers from their jobs and stifling free speech will pay less in corporate taxes.  These changes are written as permanent, while the cuts that might help working people are set to expire.  There was no simplification of the byzantine tax code.  Too many bureaucrats might have become obsolete and been forced to get real jobs.


U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nimrata Haley groveled to Israel at the UN in the most nauseating show of sycophancy since Trump’s visit to the Wailing Wall.  She even had the nerve to claim the embassy move was somehow an expression of the will of the American people.  Since when has that mattered?  Was it the will of the American people when this rootless cosmopolitan helped launch a jihad against Southern history and symbols?


Talk of better trade deals has gone by the wayside – it’s a global economy, goy.  Immigration, legal and illegal, hasn’t stopped.  The refugee resettlement racket continues.  The Muslim ban that isn’t a Muslim ban is the best we got.  Trump’s military tranny ban has been reversed.  More troops are going to Afghanistan, for what purpose no one knows.  Meddling in Ukraine to irk the Russians continues….


When Trump called out the Bushes for their disastrous blunders in the Middle East and took on Goldman Sachs, it felt for a brief moment that the old Right had finally shown the Neocons the door.  In reality, Trump is repackaging the same policies that made Bush one of our least popular Presidents.  Instead of following his gut instincts, Trump has surrounded himself with the same Jewish financiers and warmongers that doomed Dubya….


Most conservative White Americans are back on the reservation.

Trump’s warmongering on Iran, cruelly cutting off the meager aid we give to the Palestinians while doubling down on free gifts to Israel, and his offer to legalize the almost one million DACA immigrants “in exchange” for a border wall, complete the picture of a man who is completely held hostage by the likes of Cohn, Kushner and Mnuchin.

How can we escape the conclusion that Trump has irrevocably cucked?  That smarmy, pasty worm Jared Kushner, of 666 Fifth Avenue, the son-and-heir of a hideously corrupt Jewish real estate developer and convicted criminal, literally takes Trump’s beautiful blonde daughter into his bed every night, while Trump meekly stands by and watches.  And this literal cuckold is supposed to be the Great Man who is going to stick it to the globalists?

An extremely cogent leftist analysis of the Trump administration was recently published on the website Medium by Caitlin Johnstone, which almost could’ve been written for the Alt Right.  It’s title was “Trump Isn’t Another Hitler.  He’s Another Obama.”

…[A]fter hundreds of thousands of human lives had been snuffed out in Iraq and Afghanistan and an entire region horrifically destabilized, Obama campaigned against Bush’s interventionist foreign policy, edging out Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries partly because she had supported the Iraq invasion while he had condemned it.  The Democrats, decrying the warmongering tendencies of the Republicans, elected a President of the United States who would see Bush’s Afghanistan and Iraq and raise him Libya, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia, along with a tenfold increase in drone strikes.  Libya collapsed into a failed state where a slave trade now runs rampant, and half a million people died in the Syrian war that Obama and US allies exponentially escalated.


Eight years later, a reality TV star and WWE Hall-of-Famer was elected President of the United States by the other half of the crowd who was sick to death of those warmongering Democrats.  Trump campaigned on a non-interventionist foreign policy, saying America should fight terrorists but not enter into regime change wars with other governments.  He thrashed his primary opponents as the only one willing to unequivocally condemn Bush and his actions, then won the general election partly by attacking the interventionist foreign policy of his predecessor and his opponent, and criticizing Hillary Clinton’s hawkish no-fly zone agenda in Syria.


Now he’s approved the selling of arms to Ukraine to use against Russia, a dangerously hawkish move that even Obama refused to make for fear of increasing tensions with Moscow.  His administration has escalated troop presence in Afghanistan and made it abundantly clear that the Pentagon has no intention of leaving Syria anytime soon despite the absence of any reasonable justification for US presence there.  The CIA had ratcheted up operations in Iran six months into Trump’s presidency, shortly before the administration began running the exact same script against that country that the Obama administration ran on Libya, Syria and Ukraine….


A year into Trump’s presidency, and… he’s not even deporting as many immigrants as Obama.  He is, however, out-bombing him.


We were promised another Hitler.  Instead, we got another Obama, who was himself another Bush.  The march into corporatist Orwellian police state at home and globalist oligarchic hegemony abroad continues unhindered for the United States of America.

It’s time for the Alt Right to start thinking beyond Trump.  This author, at the age of 18, was a Buchanan delegate to the Reform Party national convention in 2000.  These days everyone forgets that it was the white nationalist, populist Right which delivered to Donald J. Trump his one and only defeat in his entire political career.  In that year, Trump also vied for the nomination over the remnants of Ross Perot’s political movement, and had dismissed rival Pat Buchanan on national television as “crazy”…  “a Hitler lover… anti-Semite.  He doesn’t like the blacks, he doesn’t like the gays….”

Yet it was the organizing fervor of the Buchanan brigades, and the indomitable passion of the many hundreds of white nationalists who poured into his campaign, who thwarted Trump from even officially contending for the nomination, where he would certainly have suffered humiliating defeat.  Perhaps this is why, 16 years later, he sought to enlist this highly motivated force into his own campaign, rather than work against it.  But the fact remains that the nationalist, populist Buchanan supporters beat Trump before he even started, because we were stronger and more highly motivated.

Trump’s presidency may enjoy more “success” in the short term, now that he’s eagerly begging on all fours to do Cohn and Kushner’s bidding.  Mitch McConnell is loving him right now, along with the rest of the Republican establishment.  With Bannon’s humiliating fall from grace, only Paul Nehlen stands strong as the last champion of true American nationalism.  The Alt Right will be easier than ever before to scapegoat and marginalize.

But we’re a lot more resilient than our enemies think, and we’re still growing.  We’re also used to being forced to swallow black pills, and we’ve swallowed so many of them at this point that we’ve built up an immunity.

Trump could still redeem himself by defying his Jewish handlers, but it’s looking increasingly unlikely.  It’s much more likely that he will continue to divert whatever is left of MAGA boomer enthusiasm into nakedly plutocratic and neocon objectives.  More importantly, whatever success he enjoys right now will be temporary, because by doing the bidding of the globalists, Trump is doing nothing to alleviate the causes of the distress which propelled him to office in the first place.

We are still dangerously close to an escalation of any number of foreign policy conflicts which could rapidly kick the entire Republican Party, and much of the pro-war Democratic Party as well, into full Iraq War mode.  Even worse, the unrestrained greed of Wall Street along with consumer debt at an all-time high means we are in all likelihood headed for a burst of another economic bubble.  If Trump continues to emulate the presidency of George W. Bush to win globalist establishment favor and Jew approval, then Trump will also face the responsibility for the same consequences of George W. Bush-era policies.

We need to keep building up our strength, creating new propaganda, engaging in new forms of activism and, where possible, running Alt Right political candidates.  We need to continue demolishing the Alt Lite and making inroads into the anti-corporate, anti-war Left.  We need to keep up our presence at college campuses and appealing to the most courageous and idealistic of our youth.  Our movement will outlast the present Cuckmander-in-Chief Donald Trump, and if we take the appropriate actions between now and his inevitable downfall, we will be poised to rally the remnants of his disillusioned followers and incorporate them into a new movement which is far, far harder.