Alt-Right Politics: Iranian Insurrection, Marijuana, Bannon Burned, and Skeptopocalypse

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Richard, Evan, Don and Greg discuss: ISSUE 1) Iranian Insurrection: Are the protests in Iran a sign of genuine discontent, or outside meddling? AND, Eli Mosley joins us for ISSUE 2) Take the Green Pill: Marijuana-use is becoming more and more accepted. Is it worth our energy to fight this pernicious trend? ISSUE 3) Bannon Burned: Steve Bannon can’t seem to pull out a W. ISSUE 4) Skeptopocalypse: The great debate between Sargon of Akkad and Alt-Right Politics’ own Richard Spencer ends in disaster for the radical centrists. The Alt-Right welcomes its new adherents.

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • Could you put those podcast on youtube, with the automatic translation ? I can read english, with sound, but alas, it’s very difficult for me to listen only english talk sound, because I’m french.
    I think there are lot of people like me, so I hope you could access to my request.

  • You can be cattle to the Jews or you can do battle with the Jews.

    Cattle or Battle? That’s the choice.

    Catts vs Batts. Cucks are Catts.

  • One thing for sure, the reason why Syrian War got out of control was because the government lost control of borders. With the aid of Israel, US, Saudis, Turkey, & Qatar, all sorts of Jihadis were equipped and sent across the border into Syria to mess up the nation royally.

    Given that Syrian mess was caused by loss of border control, did it make sense for EU to let its borders to violated by millions of ‘migrants’ and ‘refugees’? How can any social order survive unless it can prevent invasion and colonization by aliens?

    Of course, the biggest tragedy of a people resulting from loss of border control is that of the Palestinians. As Palestine was under British rule, Palestinians had no control over their own territory. So, when Brits made a pact with Jews and allowed in tons of Zionist migrants and ‘immigrants’, Palestinians were powerless to say NO(just like whites are powerless to say NO to mass invasion because their elites are cuck-collaborators of Jews and because so many whites have been brainwashed into Antifa Janissary or Antifanissary thuggery for globalist Jews). Since Palestinians had no control over their borders, more and more Zionists came and eventually triggered a war, expelled Palestinians from their homeland, and replaced Palestine with Israel.

    This tragedy is called Nakba by Palestinians. And it was a test-run for what Jews have in store for whites in the West.

    If Jewish immigrant-imperialist-infiltrators arrived in huge numbers and replaced Palestinians, the White Nakba is engineered with the help of Third World invasion of the West. Jewish elites forged a partnership with the Third World. Jews aid Third World entry into the West, and the invaders vote for political parties that are servile to Jewish supremacism. So, even though Third World mobs don’t care for the Homo Agenda or Jews, they vote for Homomaniacal Parties(like that of Justin Trudeau) since they keep the door open to Third World invaders.

    And so, White Nakba is upon us, and whites better wake up and start pushing back. Whites are mostly angry at the migrants and immigrants, but they really need to be looking at The Power: The Jews who’ve brainwashed many whites into Antifanissary pitbulls(who attack their own race) and who not only let in tons of Third world masses into the West but use PC to turn them into Anti-white rabid dogs. Notice that these yellow Asians and brown Hindus in the US come under the spell of Jew-Homo PC and use their positions to defame whites.

    Jews also promote ACOWW or Afro-Colonization-of-White-Wombs so that white-babies-that-could-have-been will effectively be killed and be replaced by black-babies-that-grow-inside-white-wombs.
    Just like cuckoo bird has its hatchling push out the chicks of warbler birds, ACOWW has black babies effectively pushing out and killing white-babies-that-could-have-been from white wombs. Just imagine if Colin Kaepernick’s mom had a kid with a white man. Her child could have grown up to be a white patriot. But her white womb produced his hideous pile of trash Negro who shits on the white race. Her womb was colonized by black seed.

    Anyway, White Nakba is upon us. It is 2018, the 70th anniversary of the terrible event that destroyed the Palestinians. White Gentiles of US and USSR aided Jews in this destruction. And white Americans have been mocking and belittling Palestinians all these yrs while supporting Israel 100%.

    But who’s laughing now? Jews who destroyed Palestine are now working so very hard to destroy the White West. Whites are discovering they are the New Palestinians. It sure isn’t fun to be dehumanized and replaced and destroyed.

    70 yrs ago, 1948, entire people were ethnically cleansed & entire nation was destroyed by Zionist migrant-imperialists who invaded by boats & planes with full backing of 2 superpowers, US & USSR. Today, 70 yrs later, Palestinians still lose land & live under apartheid.
    What Zionists did with Palestinians was a test-run for what they intend for all of the West. If Zionist ‘immigrants’ took over Palestine and replaced Palestinians, Zionists are now using the Third World to invade and replace white people in the West.
    Resist. Fight back. In 2018, Palestinians are a totally defeated people. But we are all Palestinians, and White Nakba is upon us. Wake up!

    Alt Right should demand that Donald Trump declare Nakba Remembrance Day in this 70th anniversary of that awful tragedy. And since US was complicit in the destruction of Palestine, it must offer apology and condolences and STOP aiding and abetting the Zionist Imperialism in West Bank.

  • I think we need to be as idealistic, expansive and visionary as we can, and I really like that Spencer has been doing that in his speeches. He can sound very inspirational.

  • My Bannon prediction: He will attempt to revamp his relevance by writing a book of topical political philosophy so powerful that it will sling us into a new epoch and establish him as the thinker of a generation. What he will really do is drink himself to death next to a typewriter with one blank piece of paper in it.

  • Funniest two lines: (insert faux British accent)

    “Hahv you read ‘HAWton HEahs a Hoo?’ ”

    “Hahv you read ‘Ah-nimal Fahm?’ ”

  • Dummies follow people who present themselves as highly intelligent intellectuals (e.g. Dawkins, C. Hitchens). Since there are already probably thousands of dumbed-down channels on YouTube, Spencer should not become just another one. A movement must have a head. If it’s Bannons all the way down, it’s hopeless.

    Yes to more concentration on activism, no to dumbing-down our leaders. Brains leading brawn > dumbing-down.

  • Re: whoever said Bannon focused too much on economic nationalism. They were definitely taking the green pill before they said that. That’s just crazy. Bannon barely pushed economic nationalism at all. Economic nationalism would have been the infrastructure bill that never even got written while Bannon was in the White House and is only now getting talked about again after he was disavowed by Trump. Bannon said the words “economic nationalism” a couple of times but that was the extent of his push. All the primary candidates he is backing now are free market economic libertarian shills. He’s reverted to basic bitch Tea Party stuff, occasionally talking about immigration is the only vaguely nationalist thing he does.

  • Great chat. I enjoy that it always inspires the intellectual competitor in me to go out and buy a book on whatever wonky subjects you guys veer off into…

    My unedited thoughts on the subject of low brow appeals to reach the middle hump of the bell curve, which is makes sense in the sense of gaining support from the masses means your more capable in many ways ($).

    It makes sense in that Richard pushed back on that, he’s right. But, only for himself. He can’t be the one who does it. It would ruin HIS brand. Yes, that’s important. Yes, having a flesh and blood person who is airy lofty and professorial may seem trite to anyone who has had “that professor” in the University, the middle hump hasn’t. And like the feeling of being caught up in the passions of a PhD level passionate thinker, as an undergrad, we’ve all been there. Then we kind of understand that level IQ when we see it again and it’s less impactful, your brain learns to understand what’s being said, how to dissect the arguments, and the romance of it wears off.

    Most haven’t haven’t experienced that intellectual journey (many even in University can’t).

    There’s kind of two things Richard does to listeners:

    1. You’re capable of considering arguments and changing you’re mind, you’re probably high IQ:

    He either convinces you or he doesn’t. You’re smart enough to understand and you agree, or you don’t agree. It’s not an issue if misunderstanding.

    2. He baffles you because you’re not smart:

    You kind of understand, you probably were already close to the positions, a factoid Spencer mentions “really makes you think”, the positive emotion of his appeal shows he cares about the cause and that is infectious. Or, same experience but you think Spencer is incoherent and rambling because you don’t understand, the facts seem “fake and probably lying” and the passion seems misplaced and irrational. You don’t get it, and maybe don’t even care or know how to care about things you can’t understand.

    3….maybe I’ll come back here.

    The bottom line is find someone to do the mechanics of low brow that won’t ruin Spence’s “thought leader” status.

    Find the pugilistic mentality, and make that a part of your websites, but separate from Wonkcasts like this.

    Bashing Cultural Marxism in the news or SJWs like Sargon does draws people, draws the mainstream, draws people who may or may not be low iq as you guys say, buy just need soundbytes because they’re fucking busy with kids and work etc.

    Refine and shorten the axioms of your philosophy – and push it.

    Find someone who will punch down all day every day and twice on Sunday like Sargon.

    Why should that be a skeptics only category.

    It’s directly your message but it gets people onto the site and involved.

    Take their shit, make it yours. In your way.

    • *it’s NOT directly your message, but it’s bread and circuses for your most probable aligned audiences.

      Steal from “Skeptics”, steal from Brietbart (in this way).

      Throw red meat & insert the red pill.

      How much more powerful would all the wow just wow articles at Brietbart be if they could go to solution level in their articles.

    • I have to edit here “may seem trite” only at first blush, you can ultimately listen and understand and agree or disagree…No dig intended. This is a impressions to the masses context.

    • Well laid out plan. Dare I say that
      for the Alt-Right “diversity actually IS our strength.”

      1. Spencer – He is a dissident intellectual, a charismatic speaker at universities, and respectful in MSM interviews. (Bias alert: I have had a soft spot for Richard ever since I found myself completely blown away and turned upside during his UF speech.) I am still recovering! Lol

      2. Woes – He is more down to earth, but isn’t afraid to tell someone they’re out of line and ask “who do you think you are?”

      3. Collett – Serious about taking our message and presence to the
      streets. Physical fitness is important if we need to fight

      4. Henrik & Lana – They appeal to married couples and parents with young children. Also very versed in European culture, identity and mayhem. Our beautiful “Queen Bee, “her “Viking,” and their little “warrior.”

      5. Ayla (WWAP) : She is a sweet, pretty, approachable “girl next door.” Homeschooling and homebirthing champion. “Ex feminist”

      Many more are awesome reps of the Alt Right. I wanted to limit it to 5 for my post.

      2018 and forward —> our Big dreams will be attainable!


    What complete nonsense. Most Alt Right guys don’t have this ‘Asian fetish’. They are for white men and white women being loyal to one another to preserve culture and heritage.

    Andrew Anglin is not Alt Right but just a clown.
    He used to denounce the Alt Right and only adopted the brand when it became a household name.
    He fucked Asian women in Philippines because Filipino pussy is cheap and easy. Not just ‘nazi’ men go to Asia to fuck women. Asia is a whore-house for the West. A yellow cunt. Most white men
    who go to Asia to get easy Asian pussy are liberals.
    US soldiers have been fucking Asian women forever, and Asian women prefer foreign men to yellow soyboy losers who are now a bunch of pansy SJWs. So, there is nothing special about Anglin fucking Filipino women. Vietnam may have won the war but US won the peace. Western men now to go Vietnam and fuck women there like cheap yellow pussies that they are. Me so horny, me so horny. Vietnam has homo parades because going ‘gay’ is good for business.

    Also, as Asian women are into status and money, they are not attracted to Alt Right men. To be part of the Alt Right means to be attacked, denounced, and blacklisted by the System. If you’re openly Alt Right, you cannot teach in any school. You cannot serve in government or be accepted to elite schools or make money. Alt Right is denied service by Paypal and Patreon. It takes conviction and courage to be part of the Alt Right, which is a white liberation movement from Jewish supremacist tyranny.
    Asians aren’t Alt Right because they are conformists and followers. They don’t have the balls. They just follow globalist multi-culti PC because that is the reigning ideology in Jew-homo-controlled West. Asians always follow the Power. They are servile and slavish to any official ideology.

    If there is any special alliance, it’s between Jewish supremacist men and Asian women. As Amy Chua said in BATTLE HYMN OF TIGER MOTHER, a common pairing in Harvard and Yale are Jewish men and Asian women. Asian women naturally reject Asian men because Asian men are inferior dorks. Asian women seek out Jewish men because Jews are smart, well-connected, and have great privilege and power. So, Asian women have Jewish babies for Jewish men, and these kids will grow up to support Zionism that oppresses Palestinians. US is a supremacist nation, true. But it is Jewish supremacist, not white supremacist. If you dare show any pride in whiteness in America, you are fired and blacklisted. But all politicians and celebrities must praise Jews and Israel and its oppression of Palestinians. And Asian women, being shallow whores, just go with the power and put out to Jewish men and raise Zionist babies.

    But the stupid bitch Audrea Lim at Jew-run New York Times bitch about some Alt Right fetish for Asian cunts. True Alt Right men are for white unity. They don’t give a shit about Asian pussy that is filthy from being fucked by the entire world.

    Btw, there is another racial fetish in America, and it’s about Jewish fetish for blackness. Because blacks are superior in sports, Jews who own most of the sports teams and media prize black muscle as commodity. Jewish oligarchs who own the teams use blacks like race horses. Jews also own music industry and since blacks have louder voices, Jews promote and market black music to take in big bucks. Blacks only listen to black music and ignore white music as weak. Whites listen to black music and white music and ignore Asian music as weak because Asians have weak voices. And Asians imitate blacks and whites because imitation is all they ever do. Jews also control and own porn industry and they push blacks as superior studs. Jewish message to white women is “go with black guys because they got bigger dicks and more muscle than wussy white guys”. As for white guys, they seek to reclaim their manhood by taking Asian women from Asian guys, which is why Asia is the vagina of the West.

    These are the facts, but the stupid bitch who wrote the NYT opinion piece is just another whore who seeks to appease the Power. Since Jews have supremacist power in the US and control all media, this Audrea bitch wrote something to please her Jewish supremacist masters. Of course, the dumb whore will never write anything that denounces Zionist oppression of Palestinians or how Asian women have babies for Zionist monster assholes.

  • It’s a pity that Spencer didn’t point out to the listeners that in Carl Benjamin’s home country that anyone even hinting at racism can be arrested and convicted for being a little racist.

    Benjamin has always been arguing with people on the right who have both arms tied behind their back in a Guantanamo stress position.

    Suddenly he encounters an American who can say pretty much anything he likes.

    • True, but we have the internet and he has had time to acclimate. That could be a “first timers” excuse… He’s debated Americans quite enough to understand what he’s in for.

      And honestly, he could just watch previous debates by the people her debated and know.

      He did no prep, this betrays a lack of foresight indicative of his sub-saharan ancestry. … Perhaps intrinsically his performance and irritated histrionic demeanor was more symbolic than he intended.

  • Carl Benjamin is just fundamentally flabby and lazy. It’s easier to run an Empire by being a Liberal. It requires less effort.

    • Yes, and he’s an intellectual entertainer – up against an actual philosopher level thinker. To a degree, he has to fill space with his ideas. Fill the airwaves… churn out content.

      So, he has to come up with all these hypotheticals to think through, otherwise, what would he talk about.

      He’s just not on SPecner’s level… he probably could get here, but he’d have to shrug off the “job” he has now… a workhorse intellectual dissecting leftists. He’s lawyerly, and I mean that in a bad way. Super Clerk!

  • dawkins taking on God and Bush, etc is key. The left thinks it is fighting a resurgence of Bush-evangelo-con shit…talk about beeing stuck in 2016 some people are stuck in 2005…

  • I would also prefer to see our people using cannabis products in lieu of and/or to get off opiates/oids, or if they are struggling with cancer and need assistance with weight-gain or other legitimate issues.

    Ultimately it should be used in a Dionysian sense: not habitually, but celebratorily (when getting together to celebrate Victory)…like alchohol…but not really promoted…the mainstreaming of weed is not a good thing, but it DOES mean that those who are not goaded Right will only become MORE ANAESTHETIZED, MORE DOCILE, more cucked…more useless yet potentially way more delusional. Sorta banking on that making them unable to act on their delusion.
    That’ll be very good for us.

    Partying hard is better when you work hard. When you WIN, it is Right and Good to celebrate.

    Richard is right…weed is the soma of the Cali Yuga….
    and being bound up with video games, it’s a tool that easily entraps the unwise and the young…
    when our people should be WORKING, STRENGTHENING THEMSELVES, and investigating the uses of hemp and other materials related to self-sufficiency and PRODUCING SOMETHING.

    Video games are important because they point to the technologies that are the future of warfare.

    You don’t need much to “inspire” violent masculinity…
    Are you more likely to go haywire and commit a violent act if you play semi-violent yard-games with fake guns, stick swords, and homemade forts?
    Shitlibs and homomaniacs are in fact suppressing the natural masculine drives…
    Fact is they burst out from the weakest point when there is no suitable re-direct…

    Vice is an important issue. Postmodernism basically tried to convince, and did, whites that vices didn’t exist…that nothing was really evil (cept whites n the holycaust), and thus we should cease seeking the Good…gave up the Quest of USING our inherent ability to discriminate between Good and Evil…to DECIDE our own future…to BECOME WHO WE ARE…Christian morality (which vastly supercedes jewish btw b/c it just says love and serve each other which implies u cut off evil from your life with ruthlessness first and then call your brother out on his degeneracy) is useful in that it offers “not peace, but a sword” which can separate Good and Evil, and Act discriminately. Part of this discriminating way of living is to know when to indulge, and when to struggle hard…escapism is necessary but is it not simply the (ideal) domain of art? Like Tolkein created worlds but the world is just so there is a place for the imagination to dwell…it becomes degenerate escapism when you live fully in that space rather than say visiting it periodically to improve your mentality, etc…what if you use escapism as a window into an imagination of our future? Content creation in 2018 is already looking toward this, beyond the staples of podcasts and sharp writing, to alt right shows and games popping up all over the place…something that can take our people deeper into the consciousness of the “dangerous journey”, the “pilgrims progress”, the “struggle”, the “knights Quest for the Graal” or I’m sure there are plenty of even better Pagan stories to stoke the aspiration…they tried to tell us it was not real…that there was no path, no continuity of blood…that we had no future…only to die and turn to dust…that it was “NOT OKAY!” to fight…

    lol “Greg of Akkad”

    Pron is evil. The fact that masturbation feels good and that pictures of women are pleasing to gaze upon does not change the fact that you are wasting your seeds on nothing. Even if you don’t impregnate a woman when you have sex with her you will still establish yourself in proper relation to the Female. That is infinitely more valuable than a lone orgasmic rush shitting at your computerscreen. If you want to masturbate just make up images in your head…when you get a bit older sex drive is more manageable and becomes subordinated to serve the attainment of your larger goals, though it should never be discounted as the powerful driver that it is.

  • Richard annihilated Sargon…obliterated him. Sargon was incoherent, tediously picking at the edges of topics with unorganized circular arguments. It was as if he was trying to beat Richard through wearing him down and talking over him. I couldn’t tell if there was more going on in Sargon’s head that didn’t translate well with his lack of argumentation skills or if he was simply out of his depth. Or, perhaps he overestimated the power of his debate circus tricks — the way he would latch onto and obsess over obscure bits of the discussion. Feudal tangents, etc. It was bizarre. Bravo to Richard.

  • “…Sloppy Steve…[Freudian kill shot] evokes sloppy seconds.” Yes, totally.

    Stephen Miller seems to be an immigration ‘realist’ (as real as someone like him can be). A ‘bad mixed bag’ on immigration is game over for Trump. I could see him not getting full funding for the wall but extracting concessions for reducing chain migration and e-verify, which would be way more useful than the symbolic wall. This seems more likely IMO….I agree he would rather get the wall.

      • An interesting point. I think more emphasis should be placed on critique of cultural degeneracy, but the ethnostate message is an umbrella message.

        “Whites of all kinds will be welcome, however a natural white character will rise up ….and that will be my NatSoc wheatfield dream”

        Last part is mine.

        Spencer has refused conventional definitions probably to avoid conventional arguments. “Whataboutism” – even though it’s a foundationally new movement in salient ways, obviously it has some intellectual connections to specific past movements, but I don’t see that discussed at all.

        Since I’m aligned with the “far right” myself I seek that out, but I think it’ll just receive easy categorization and dismissal by the MSM at a time the alt-right is not capable of fighting head on.

        They can barely stay on the internet. Being labeled Paleo-Neonazis 2.0 or whatever (by MSM) would just stop this in it’s tracks.

  • Richard shouldn’t have had to dumb anything down. It was his ability to articulate his position to the audience that won the debate for him.

    • Seriously, I’m three hours in, but so far it seems to me that Sargon’s position boils down to this: Non-whites’ interest in not having to move house is more important than Whites’ interest in our own survival, therefore it would be immoral to send them away, even if our very future depends on it.

      Not much better, Styx’ argument is that a race requires care and cultivation by a loyal elite, and that’s just too much bother, and there’s a chance the elite could turn oppressive, so we should just acquiesce in our annihilation. He seems to think that there is some sort of society that can run on autopilot. Maybe there is, but it would be a White one. Indeed, Styx would be very happy in a White ethnostate.

        • He doesn’t look mixed race to me at all. In fact, I have long harbored a suspicion (hope) that Sargon is an Undercover Lover of the White race. It seemed very strange to me that he would give publicity to someone like MW otherwise. I would be curious to see his 23 and me.

          He himself may not even know his true motives.

          • BTW, even him saying, “I don’t care about the White race” is telling. Anti-Whites normally don’t say that. They usually just deny its existence, claims it is evil, or paradoxically both at the same time.

          • Sargon does not care about the White race. He is an anti-racist -(anti-WHITE) through and through. Go checkout his debate with Jared Taylor. LoL

  • The high intellectual quality of the content here is what makes this site stand out. I would find any dumbing down strategy deplorable.

  • debate with Sargon was a flawless victory for Richard and Alt Right
    we don’t need tone down, Sargon fan base in his channel was on your side.
    100 IQ people just need more time and more debate like this to take Alt Right position.
    his fan base know what is “white”.
    it is only race mixed people like 1/4 black Sargon or romanian Vee(romanians are not slavs) questioning about what is white.

    • I’m cool with Slavs but don’t act like the’re somehow pure. Romanians are like Italians. I could cherry pick images all day of non whites ones just as I could white ones. Same with Slavs and mongoloid genes.

    • It’s actually a fair and legitimate question in the proper context as most people have no clue about pre-1960s Jew-approved history of America, physical anthropology and population genetics. White is typically used in a relative way. For example, Latin American whites would be called non-white here.

      Sargon’s context was flippant like that Negrophilic scag Lauren Southern.

      At Spencer’s Auburn speech a half-Iranian girl stood up and asked if she’s white. Actually a legitimate question about her ancestry and identity. Spencer responded by saying that Iranians are huwhiter than he is.

      Spencer has condoned mass miscegenation advocating absorbing millions of mulattoes, hapas and other assorted mongrels into the white ethnostate because “we’re a big family and it’s no problem.” His idea of white includes castizos and West Asians. This is severely flawed and counter-productive to the whole purpose of the movement. So no, it’s not obvious to everyone as even our own so-called leaders can’t give a decent answer to the question and have warped views of what white is.

      Look, we have precedents here. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Our ancestors did it far better than we’re doing it now. Just search for Johnson-Reed Act, Lothrop Stoddard and Madison Grant for your answer to what North American white is.

  • Why are you using Thermidorian when you mean Jacobin? And to think you have an actual Frog in your ranks.

    • With respect, I think Richard was using Thermidorian to distinguish it from the earlier Jacobin period (i.e. the inevitable reaction against Robespierre and the Montagnards’ “Reign of Terror”). I can’t say I remember exactly in which context the adjective was used (and I don’t have the time to go back and listen), but I’d be surprised if Richard or I used it maladroitly or malapropos. If so, you have my sincerest apologies!

  • Official drug of the Alt Right?- Max benchpress with the “Horst Wessel Lied” blaring in your ears. …Great talk with lots of laughs, I endured the whole thing.
    Request for upcoming AR Plus video: E. Michael Jones.

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