Marijuana Makes You a Leftist

Pot is not a right-wing drug. 

Pot makes you into an introspective, effeminate, “open-minded,” bug man.  It is therefore a good sign that Attorney General Sessions will be cracking down on this confusing, state-by-state free-for-all that we seem to be engaged in vis-à-vis marijuana.

Of course there is no “right-wing drug,” because right-wing kind of implies you’re not doing drugs.  But if there were a right-wing drug, it would be one that makes you even more aware of what’s going on, gives you more energy.  But don’t do that either.

Alcohol as a social lubricant is perfectly compatible with right-wing sensibilities.  Unlike pot, alcohol makes you more outgoing, more testosterone-fueled.  Weed makes you a pussy who’s stuck in your own mind with your precious thoughts.  Alcohol makes you connect with your fellow man.  Pot gives you a tedious paranoia about what others are thinking.  Needless to say, a preoccupation with others’ feelings is not especially masculine.

But alcohol is pernicious too, if it becomes a habit.  I refuse to have a drink because I’m “stressed out.”  If I’m stressed out, I need to figure out why, not just anesthetize myself.  And pot is of course the most deleterious, counterproductive antidote to stress.  One must look life in the face.  In retrospect, I realize this can be difficult for those of us who had unpleasant childhoods.  Pot is an escape from all that.  Escape is for cowards.

Being high on pot makes you less likely to make cogent judgments about the world, and more likely to question objective reality itself.  Pot takes away your ability to recognize boundaries and make distinctions.  It makes you inclined to view the world as one intersectional, fuzzy blur where the passage of time doesn’t even seem to follow a linear path.

When I think of the proliferation of marijuana in the West, I even become conspiratorial.  Why does the cosmopolitan elite-owned music industry push pot so hard?  The more oblivious their consumers, the less likely they are to critique or analyze Cultural Marxism, and from whence it came.  The pothead mindset is not prone to deconstructing leftist narratives.  The pothead mindset is more into questioning traditional values, as a result of the pseudo open-mindedness which pot engenders.

In a more perfect world, we would not allow the music industry charlatans to push marijuana onto children and teenagers.  Adolescents are not prepared to make an intelligent choice about pot, and are therefore vulnerable to this propaganda. It’s amazing that it has come to this point, where we allow these vultures to bring this poison into our lives and our families.

But as things stand, the propaganda has been coming in hard and fast, to the point where 64 percent of Americans now favor legalization.

To put it simply, pot will take away your agency, obscure your perception of the political problems with which we’re confronted; and it will make you a less dynamic, masculine individual.  Does that sound like who you want to be?

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  • It’s not that I disagree with this article… However, funny thing is the only lucid thing I ever heard from a normie was from a wasted pothead that told me the Whites were going to disappear if nothing was done. Otherwise, the guy was the kind that listens to reggae and hates on national front -a pseudo far right party in France but here every normie thinks it’s somewhat the nazi devil- like everyone during stupid “political” discussions during parties.

    Hearing such a statement from him didn’t surprise me very much though. Because I knew he had some intelligence left down below (I noticed some other hints now and then).

    Some clever white males shelter themselves from these kind of frightening thoughts through drugs to keep being social with stupid leftist fucks without going too crazy.

    Fact is, not everyone is a true leftist (and it’s normal because it’s a mental disease) but because their way of (not) thinking prevails, a lot of young white men behave like ones out of pure imitation/cowardice.

    Reach out to them, confront them, get them to the right side.

  • I don’t usually write internet comments, but here I just had to. Thank you, Malcolm, thank you for this article! It’s been written in a simple style, too simple for my taste, tbh, but it is the truth and, after all, when facts speak, even the gods are silent.
    I am a girl, whose boyfriend recently renewed his marijuana usage. When we met he was the typical pot head wimp, low-on-energy demotivated and feminine wuss who decided to mentally suicide killing even the slightest form of a brain cell he had (his words) in order to manage down his feelings and emotions.
    He said I pulled him from the mud, gave him motivation and a goal to achieve, saved his life. I always argue telling him that I did nothing but talk and he did all the rest. He became more masculine, more confident, more caring and suuccess-driven. I started feeling he was the one, because I’ve felt secure and calm around him. We made plans to marry and start a family which is the thing that motivates guys at least according to my experience. I looked at him with respect. Before that I insulted him daily and thought he was retarded. I kept seeing him out of boredom and look what happened – after only several months I saw my future husband in him. Just because he quit pot and wanted to prove himself being worthy for me. Anyway, I’ve always been a muse for guys to better themselves, because they see me as something exceptional. This is a heavy burden for me and now I’ll tell you why.
    Two months ago we broke up over something miniscule and childish, I tend to say “we’re through” sometimes just to make a point and have a difficulty not bursting out, anyway, not important. But being the fragile mind who liked pot in the first place, he didn’t srop me like a man would. He later said he didn’t know how to apologize and was scared of fucking things up. (Scared – women’s favourite word, esp. coming out of her man’s mouth, really sexy…)
    And he started again. He was devastated after the break-up and I suspected he couldn’t confront his own emotions and started smoking again. The socially akward gestures, the scaredy-cat’s look, the slow thinking, the lack of energy and testosterone are back.
    Today I (being always too brave) told him I know and he confessed. Like a little rat – I had to push him to tell the truth. Now I don’t have a fucking clue what to do. I want to marry my Prince Charming, but he wouldn’t intentionally neuter himself with a drug because he’s scared of problem-solving… I can get him to stop again, but is it worthed? Why convince him to be a man when I can get plenty of guys and some of them will have my fundamental values without me forcing them on those guys. He is so caring, he has more money and I literally had the luxury to quit my job because of him. He takes me to vacations, buys me stuff, etc. But neither of us cares about money, this is his family’s money and we’re 30-years-old. How can I depend on him now? I could before, but now… I even told him I wasn’t sexually attracted to him lately because of the pot and it is true…
    The things you write about – how industry advertises marijuana and the pot head mindset of being a boring slob and consuming and conforming to what media dictates is what I have discussed with him and he seemed to agree. I have studied it, I have a master’s degree in marketing, strategic planning and PR and controlling the masses is what I found repulsive in today’s geopolitical and economical dictatorship. Slavery has just been upgraded to stealth mode. But it’s exhausting to have to open you man’s eyes for every little manipulation of public emotions. Pot heads are never the rebels. They are afraid to differ and prone to merging with crowd instead of fearlessly defending their ethical values even if standing alone in spite of everyone. They are afraid of girls and girls who smoke look to me like little boys.
    Idk, future will tell. At least I have a brain for both of us and I will eventually come to a conclusion. Sorry for the rant! I needed to sort things in my head. Again, your article helped a lot. Best wishes!

    • How often do you smoke pot? Once a month? Once a week? Several times a day? We know you smoke it, it’s just a question of how much. I’m betting you smoke every day.

    • bit harsh but hating weeds and loving cops is not going to get the people we need to support us. i have smoked plenty and im and to the right of breivik

    • How often do you smoke pot? Once a month? Once a week? Several times a day? We know you smoke it, it’s just a question of how much. I’m betting you smoke every day

  • Pot isn’t a right wing drug? More like pot isn’t a drug period. Its one of the good Lord’s creations, and a beautiful and super useful one at that. This author is ignorant, and alchol is disgusting. It causes fornication, violence, and death.

    • Every dopehead I’ve even known also drinks and often takes other drugs.

      Some of you dopeheads on here act like smoking dope excludes drinking and that you have some right to self righteous chest thumping because you blow your brains out with nigger weed instead of having a drink with the boys.

      • I used to have a pretty big drinking problem, and weed helped me ween myself of the booze. I still enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or a couple pints/games of pool with the boys every now and again, but alcohol is no longer a big part of my life and I aim to keep it that way. I don’t judge people for drinking until they judge me for smoking.

        • If you had a drinking problem then good on you. Anyone with a drinking problem who gives up drinking is to be commended. It’s an entirely different thing to then go on preaching about drinking (not accusing you) and the evil of alcohol which is a deep, embedded part of our culture. Weed is NOT.

          I do not agree with you that smoking pot is less harmful to your health than drinking unless you are a knock down drag out drunk bum. Every pothead I know becomes dumber and dumber the more they smoke. Maybe if you did it say once a month. But I never meet any devotees of that weed that use it that way.

          • >I do not agree with you that smoking pot is less harmful to your health than drinking unless you are a knock down drag out drunk bum.

            i mean how many heavy stoners die from a fucked liver or DUI causing massive crashes or anything like that? Seem like stoned drivers are better than drunk drivers

  • Hi, I’ve only recently been getting into researching alt-right policies and was wondering what actual members of the movement think of medicinal marijuana. From everything I’ve seen with my dad (a disabled combat vet with tramatic brain injuries sustained from a shrapnel grenade, as well as leg and abdominal injuries) smoking it, it was a great boon. It not only helped him get off of numerous pills the VA doctors had him on, but works better than said drugs. On top of that, he is vastly more productive after a little smoking, as it helps him dull the pain. As for the article’s point of making people more effeminate and left-wing, my dad has a “white pride world wide” flag hanging in the living room. My main point is that I’d like to hear from this group and their experiences, as I it will greatly help me gather information to make my own decisions. To any who take the time to read and reply, thank you in advance.

    • All for doctor supervised natural remedies such as that your dad does.

      Totally against drug abuse. Pot makes people dumb and wastes their lives.

  • The Greek historian Herodotus reports that the Scythians, a nomadic people of ancient times, used weed in ceremonies celebrating fallen leaders. After constructing makeshift tents from sticks and animal skins, the scythians would light up absolute oodles of marijuana inside the tent, creating an early and extreme hotbox designed to cleanse all those who entered.

  • Weed opened me up to the alt right. It doesent have to be used for escapism. It can be as casual as a glass of wine. It can be used for porductivity and creativity and for pain. It really depends on the user. You could smoke weed and waste your life on video games or smoke weed and write a symphony. Both have been done.

    Alchohol is literally a poison. Its nice in moderation but is much more deabilitating and inhibits judgment way more than pot. It also kills many thousands of whites every year and causes severe addictions.

    Pot has never had a connection to death or addiction. Im sure many white ancestors smoked weed and dealt with hemp economically for centuries.

    Its really up to the user how it will affect you and how you will act when inebriated.

    I can see why it could be good to illegalize it for tactical political reasons but there is no justification for it morally.

    Weed also makes you extremely aware. So you were wrong about that too.

    In excess its bad but nothing compared to the damage of alchohol. If you have a life and actually do interesting things like make art and practice a craft, weed is not a problem. Its alchohol that impairs your judgement and makes you more likely to do stupid things like drive or get into a fight.

  • New Order – Procession

    There is no end to this
    I have seen your face
    But I don’t recognize all these things
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    It’s a problem, you know
    That’s been there all your life
    I try to make you see the world without a view
    That just turn black and white
    At night it gets cold and
    You’d dearly like to turn away
    The escape that fills
    That makes the wounds that time won’t heal
    Alone, alone, alone, alone

    There is no end to this
    I can’t turn away
    Another picture but the scene
    Is still the same
    There is no room to move
    Or try to look away
    Remember, life is strange
    The life keeps getting stranger every day
    I try so hard but this attitude’s
    A type that won’t subside
    No matter what they say
    Remember your heart beats you day at night
    Your heart beats you day at night
    Your heart beats you day at night
    Your heart beats you day at night

    • Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf

      Alright now!
      Won’t you listen?

      [Verse 1]
      When I first met you, didn’t realize
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      You introduced me to my mind
      And left me wanting you and your kind

      I love you, oh you know it

      [Verse 2]
      My life was empty, forever on a down
      Until you took me, showed me around
      My life is free now, my life is clear
      I love you sweet leaf, though you can’t hear

      Come on now, try it out

      [Verse 3]
      Straight people don’t know what you’re about
      They put you down and shut you out
      You gave to me a new belief
      And soon the world will love you, sweet leaf

      • Dope delirium talk. Always think they have some secret insight. Talking third eye nonesense. Quit posioning your mind, body and soul and you will realize how dillusional the sentiments expressed in that song are.

  • I completely disagree. Pot opened my mind. If not for it i would still BE a left leaning libiterian. I would never had the perspective to accept the redpill. You remind me of the goody 2 shoes pricks i went to school with. Bash me for smoking, but thinking booze is fine. Booze leads to more degenerate behavior than any other substance. This article is borderline kike shilling. Seems they are not too thrilled with this plants ability to open the mind, when they were pushing legalization hoping for the opposite to occur. Plus, this plant allows me to live a normal life without taking (((psych meds))) so fuck off.

  • George Soros, Blowfeld himself, funds the weed movement. Bout all you need to know. Keep the dirty goyim high and retarded.

  • Malcolm-why are you putting drugs on a right left spectrum? Do you have any proof to back up any of the claims made in this article?

    • I remember Joe Rogan put a guy in a rear naked choke hold for arguing open borders was a good thing for America, that’s before he went hardcore into weed and mushrooms. Now I hear Joe argue all the time for open borders..

      • Well I guess we better reverse all this medical evidence because one person somewhere who smoked pot is open borders.

  • Man scrolling through the comment section one last time boggles the mind. I didn’t know we had so many potheads in the altright.
    Smoking occasionally is fine but if you smoke weed everyday your an addict plain and simple. Same goes for those who drink everyday, watch porn everyday, need pussy everyday, etc.

    Hell, I smoke a pack of cigarettes everyday and as much I genuinely enjoy them, it’s an addiction. I’m not afraid to admit it and one of these days real soon I need to man up and put them down.

    That said, an ideal white sate would allow an individual man to grow weed on his property for himself. Same with moonshine and tobacco but but full blown legalization and mass marketing, which will happen soon, is cultural Marxism.

    • No it isn’t. I’m so sick of this mentality against Marxism anyways. You can legalize weed without mass marketing. How many commercials for cigarettes that you smoke do you see on tv. I’m sorry but you anti pot retards are hypocrites

      • Do you know how much money was spent and how many lawyers hired to stop the mass marketing of tobacco? Do you really think that will happen today, when all those leftists and Jews who battled big tobacco are pro marijuana?

        Dude, man up. Admit that your love of weed is a weakness, just as I do with cigarettes, and move on. Grow it or buy from a buddy. You don’t need to go to a supermarket for your weed.

          • Dont be naive Toad. Look a thing all the degeneracy they allow on tv today versus a decade ago.

            Fuck bro, I won’t even call you an addict or degenerate if you smoke weed everday anymore but you got to admit that it’s effects on the broader society are negative. No matter what positive side they may be bring you individually. Real or perceived.

          • But I can say the same about cigarettes. Do you see how that makes you a hypocrite?

          • I do not. I’m not sure you’ve followed my dialogue on this thread correctly. I’ve made a dozen comments and and clarified my position multiple times.

            Weed should be illegal but decriminalized with no widespread acceptance but tolerable for the individual on his property. That includes growing your own.

            Ditto for tobacco.

          • I can say the same thing about cigarettes alcohol gambling’s sugar etc.

            Weed is not heroin. It’s just not.

          • And I will agree with that entire comment. Decriminalized not legalized is the key. No widespread acceptance but completely olerable for the individual man on his property.

          • It’s like adultery. It should have no widespread acceptance and for women should even be illegal. But mistresses have been a part of the White European man’s life for millennia. Some may call it degenerate, some may say it’s natural. But it should be tolerated and accepted whilst being denied and condemned in front of children.

            Same with polygamy in my opinion. Those men who can keep multiple women under there roof have proved themselves as top stock needing to be replicated and it should be tolerated. Yet not having broad acceptance and Mayberry even being decriminalized yet illegal.

          • Yes homosexuality is another one that I would say the alt right should not label as the other. Learn from white nationalism 1.0. The ethnostate can figure out all this later on it makes no sense to even engage and write articles against pot it’s not the enemy the enemy right now. If I lived in a white homeland I don’t think I’d have a desire to smoke. But pro white People do smoke weed and it makes no sense to shun them.

          • I agree. If shit hits the fan I’m not going to shun a skin head WN who did five years in prison. As long as he has my back we can work out whether or not he is rehabilitated down the road.

          • Yeah I don’t really care about it being legal. I just don’t want the cops hassling me over muh herbs.

          • The way things are heading you may end up with this guys fate just for having an ounce on you and not following orders to a T.

            I don’t know if you’ve seen this vid but God Damn somethings got to change.


          • so leftists would support marketing and capitalism? i dont think so. and if tobacco is a comparison they aren’t going to shill for tobacco advertisements

    • It’s a movement of grown ass NEETs and former Ron Paul supporters who spend their days giggling at Pepe the Frog cartoons. What did you expect?

        • I don’t disagree. When the movement realizes that we aren’t voting our way out of this hole and are prepared for more radical action, will be the day I quit weed. Until then it is what it is. I don’t need to be clean and sober to shit post and meme with the boys on the interwebz.

  • Look, skepticism of “weed culture” is a good thing but this is NOT why Trump appointed Sessions and every minute the Attorney General focuses on this detracts from the reason he was hired and PRIORITY NUMERO UNO: ENDING MASS IMMIGRATION FROM LATIN AMERICA.

  • This article is not accurate. Or perhaps I’m the odd one that breaks the mold on this argument as I’ve smoked pot every single day (with some breaks lasting 1-4 months here and there)for probably 10 years. I’ve got a solid job and because my parents (still married )instilled a work ethic in myself as well as my siblings, I’ve had a job from the age of 13(I’m 30). I’m active. I lift weights and have on and off my entire adult life as well as my later teen’s. I’ve played an instrument consistently for 20 years. Played various live gigs (as I enjoy performing ,it sort of comes with the musician territory). I would also venture to say pot opened my mind up to different subjects of interest that I may not have been interested in had I not ever smoked. It opened my mind enough to look into the altright. Or perhaps before that it opened my mind up enough to read between the lines as to news/media. As far as smoking weed making men more feminine this may or may not be true. The nature of men in current and the millienial generation is definitely more feminine, and id venture to say perhaps the amount of people smoking or using marijuana products have increased since say 50 years ago. There could lie a valid argument although, I highly doubt it’s the root cause of this upward spike in mens femininity. Also my counter argument for myself for being a daily user (speaking for my younger days of course but still could and would be relevant) and not being femine is I loved to fight. Again, more in my younger days but none the less. Maybe this is just something all men go through when they are youngish and proud. Maybe me and my friends liked fighting ??the real truth is smoking pot is waaaayyy more popular among millienials as well as safer. Maybe the article is correct and I’m the odd man…

    • Teenagers today drink and smoke and take drugs less than any previous generation in modern times. This is the pot head trap. Pot heads think everyone is doing it. They are not.

      Why do you need to be high? Think about it.

    • No Weed is not safer. It is a Gateway, regardless of your happy talk. 90% of Meth Users began on Weed, this is Fact. But my objection is if a person has to use a chemical, they are just plain weak. Finally you indicate you have a “job”, but are a long term weed user, now try obtaining a career, there is a distinct difference between a job and a career and the existing and a future. Pot Heads are just fine maybe functioning, they have little prospect for a future. To say Weed is safe is to deny medical science.

  • During the War in Vietnam smoking marijuana almost had political implications. The fact that President Nixon and Vice President Agnew disapproved was an incentive. It was reasonable to assume that anyone who shared his marijuana with you shared your opposition to the War.

  • It might be useful to point out that Ron Paul, who is a licensed physician and who theoretically ought to know better, has been a huge cheer leader for this leftist, Cultural Marxist agenda to legalize and promote smoking marijuana. Not sure if his kid, Rand Paul is on this bandwagon as well, but I suspect that he probably is – since his roots are in the jewish infested Libertarian movement.

    Incidentally, there have been a significant number of medical research studies done on the effects of smoking marijuana – and in particular, on the effects on IQ development, especially among teenagers during those teen years when the majority of brain growth occurs – and substantial evidence exists that indicates that smoking marijuana can have a permanent, irreversible, negative impact on IQ. There is already an alleged 15 point IQ gap between Ashkenazi jews and White Europeans – which the jews take advantage of to help them exploit Whites and dominate White nations – so, it appears to me that by pushing this marijuana legalization agenda – the jews are attempting to widen that gap even farther in order to give themselves an even greater advantage over future generations of Whites.

  • Terrible article! Saying being open minded to new ideas is a bad thing implies that the New Right/Alt Right Conservatives are all closed minded morons. You have to be open minded TO BE RED PILLED!

  • This seems to be addressed exclusively to men. Sounds like pot is a great tool for women to become more feminine . Or should women also aspire to become masculine?

    • the author believes drugs exist on both a masculine feminine dichotomy as well as a right left dichotomy without saying why they must exist on this either/or plane. This is poorly written and unconvincing and I hope none of my money went to paying his dumbass for this article

  • Everybody has vices, so if you have to smoke a joint, whatever. But for God’s sake stay away from heroin/meth and all of its prescription derivative pill forms. Nothing good comes from it. I am convinced White Genocide started in earnest after Medicare Part D. They found our kryptonite. Luckily for me I get sick by opiates and just choose surgical pain, but many people cannot resist the temptation. I really hope the next bump stock maniac targets these pill mills. Interestingly enough, Nazi Germany decriminalized all drugs.

  • Why was this article even published? This site should have a higher standard than a ‘this is your brain on drugs’ anti-pot thought-piece circa 1987. The writer of this article needs to find new friends, clearly.

    I consider myself alt-right. I am surrounding predominantly by high achievers who are a combination of boomer conservative and alt-light (and even alt-right but don’t realize it). Most of them agree with much of what this site espouses but have never voiced it. There are founders and heirs of multiple Fortune 500 companies in my direct family (oil and technology). And I live in the South, in the heart of a large metropolitan area that retains strong remnants of Southern culture (like living in a relatively static enclave in the midst of a growing, changing city).

    Most of the people in my proximity, in all generations except for that of the grandparent’s, either smoke pot regularly (weekly), aged out of it, or are at least totally fine with it. I’m talking about people who function at a high level, have traditional outlooks on life, are well-respected, and are at least alt-light. They are extremely pro-White (my wife’s grandmother has what were ‘colored bathrooms’ and totally separate areas for black help in both her primary and mountain homes — black help has morphed into Mexican help).

    I’m not effeminate nor are any of the people in my circle. And they certainly aren’t cowards. If I had to choose one drug, between choices including alcohol, I would choose marijuana. Ideally, choose nothing of course. If one chooses marijuana one should still be discrete about it. Absolutely.

    I refuse to drink alcohol anymore because of the negative effects on brain and body. I take care of myself, workout daily, and strive for Nietzschean greatness in all areas of my life. I know people who function better on marijuana because it reduces their anxiety. When I use marijuana on occasion, it actually focuses me more intensely on whatever is already on my mind.

    This article is out of touch with reality. Yes, there are certainly loser potheads in this world. The loser pothead is no longer the norm. Railing on pot as an ‘issue’ is counter-productive. We can all find common ground on the broad brushstrokes that matter more and for which most of us can probably agree. I’m not even some pro-pot activist or anything. I’m just struck by the lack of quality of this article.

  • Alt Right: Our masculinity is so fragile, everything turn us into gay, don’t touch us of we turn gay.

    dude that it only means you are already gay but you keep denying it to yourself, accept it and be free.

  • the real goal of this policy change is that marijuana prohibition is a good excuse to lock up blacks, immigrants and poor people

  • Alt Right: We want to reach out to white communities ravaged by heroin and the opioid crisis
    Alt Right also: smoking Cigars and drinking alcohol is cool.
    Alt Right again: we must Gas all potheads.

    • Since the dawn of time drinking has been a part of our culture and is enshrined as a gift of the gods. Civilized people, i.e. civilizations cultivate grains (and/or grapes) and ferment them. Nignogs sit around stoned out of their minds.

      Toadie, are you a nignog? Or do you have ancient nignog blood? If you are White then you need to realize you are in denial and looking hard for excuses to be a worthless, low down, yellow bellied, piece of shit dope head.

      Be a man. Have a drink.

  • By that argument, being a pedophile makes you alt-right. Is that who you want to be? Because it sure seem that’s who you want your president to be.

  • If 64% of people want it legalized, wouldn’t a functioning democracy legalize it?

    Also, what about states’ rights?

  • >According to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association, states with medical cannabis laws on average reduced opioid overdose deaths by 24.8%. And each year after the medical cannabis law was passed, the rate of opioid overdose deaths continued to decrease.

    • Facts don’t matter to these people they hate weed and love alcohol and they won’t just admit to being hypocrites

    • Facts don’t matter to these people they hate weed and love alcohol and won’t just admit to being hypocrites

  • Coming from an ex weed user I will say that I reached a point (after returning to my Right Wing true self) where weed just wasn’t doing anything for me anymore and that realization was bound up with a clearer vision of a possible future for white children. I wanted to engage with the world because for once (since 2016) there was something worth dying for. Marijuana as a plant life-form that evolves along with and aided by humans (dogs are another example) surely has therapeutic uses especially in weight gain of cancer patients. But for a normal healthy person, it takes the edge off. You want to KEEP the edge sharp, and when you DO engage it let it be in mental battle, in the sparks of debate as you test your temper against the intellects of your fellows (img of spencer in training sequence, xurious soundtrack), do so in the Dionysian spirit, and take joy therein with your friends, your brothers! If it increase joy, camraderie, celebration of Victory, by all means go ahead and drink it in fully. And force yourself to get up at the same time the next day, and proceed onward with your courage renewed by mirth.

    The cycles of Nature demand ups and downs. Lucidity amidst the struggle becomes like compressed fuel. Cannabis really does increase awareness of the convolutions of the mind and emotions and can point toward novel conception, but that is not the direction we as Westerners are wired to go in. We are not destined to drift within ourselves, couched in the meditational bliss of union with the equality of it all like some eastern guru or boomer. Our movement has always and always will be an outward one. It fulfills its Nature in specific Identity, defining itself in terms of its works, its deeds, what it does with its limited time in this long line of blood…a being-unto-death, the holding of the post as Pompeii explodes, the Honor of Loyalty, Duty, Bravery.

    All inward-looking aspects of our quest must exist only to strengthen our resolve, to show us the way forward, as preparation for decisive Action…This is fulfilled by the practice of writing. To quote Weev “they will never get me to stop posting.”

    The inner life, of course, is tremendously important. Ideally “prayer” and associated activities, rumination, contemplation, etc, is a secret opening to the inflow of power with its seat in the blood. I envision a white culture with no need to feed shekels to an psychio-analyst, or drugs to yourself, in order to not hate your being in the world. Know thyself so that you may have the strength to see how your forces may be most wisely and powerfully directed outward – to shape our world and extend ourselves into it, even unto the stars!

    • Good post.

      I think it’s a personality thing. I’m an INTP. Clubs/binge drinking/cocaine just aren’t fun to me. And these things in excess are even worse than pot smoking in excess.

      Read Metaphysics of War by Julius Evola. There are two kinds of warfare. The lesser war and the greater war. The lesser war is the material war that occurs in the physical realm. The greater war is the spiritual war that is mostly internal. A little introspection every now and again is not going to alter your commitment to winning the physical war. It might even sharpen your edge. Just don’t stay home all day smoking weed and playing video games, at the expense of doing other, more productive things. Most adults are able to balance their vices and their responsibilities.

      Also drug prohibition has simply failed. Addiction/Substance abuse is a health issue, not a criminal one. If the AR keeps shit like this up they may as well drop the “alternative” part from their name.

    • If you have mental or physical health issues then cannabis, opium and other plant derived drugs may have healing properties for you. But you cannot self medicate. This should only be administered under the strict supervision of a doctor.

    • I think your comment was made in ironic jest, but I would like to drug test all politicians, celebrities, academics and journalists and watch the fallout. Smoking weed is a forgivable offense provided they stop and stay clean, but usually it is a gateway drug to all sorts of other depravity. It is the small steps that corrupt.

    • Do you think the alt right is some kind of employment agency?

      Thats like asking “should the republican party start drug testing?”


  • There is no reason to negatively politicize a plant that has enormous benefits to citizens on all sides of a political spectrum.
    Marijuana has helped me manage/understand my emotions, academic pursuits, career, cultural viewpoints, and my obligations as an American.
    I support POTUS, those who support him, and am willing to take a swing at anyone who opposes freedom and sovereignty.
    Plus I work in a fabrication shop full of potheads who feel the exact same way. We’re all Christian, we’re all fathers, and we’re all husbands.
    Maybe you should consider the credibility of your opinion next time you sit behind a keyboard.

  • I would Venture a Guess……..

    That the Vast Majority of Identity Europa Members are NOT Marijuana Users…….

    These are Young Men of Action and Courage…….

    They’re one of the Crown Jewels of the Alt-Right………..

    If it turns out that the Vast Majority of Identity Europa are Marijuana Users……..

    Then, maybe Marijuana is our Excalibur………..

    But, I somehow STRONGLY doubt that………..

    • The Marijuana users I have known are not the type to lay flowers on wreaths. They are the type who live in their parents’ basements or teach college students.

      • We need our Young White Men to be Strong…….






        From my experience, Marijuana Use does not correlate positively with those Attributes…..

        You can speak for what Attributes we need our Young White Women to manifest…….

        But, I’m sure Marijuana Use is much more likely to make them Degenerate Thots……


        Please don’t post links from a Far Left Anti-White Jew Run website when responding to me……..

        Ingesting Marijuana does not create Strong White Men…….

        And you know it…..

        • If this article was promoting healthy straight edge lifestyle I wouldn’t have a problem, but it’s making the absurd statement that weed will make you a leftist, which it won’t, while promoting alcohol as a better alternative, which it most certainly isn’t. It’s actually a lot worse.

          And I didn’t post an article from slate, just the picture. This comment platform sucks, so I can’t post just the image.

          • Alcohol, especially beer, is going to tank down testosterone levels and inhibit muscle protein synthesis.
            Beer gets your worse boobies than soy.
            Utilizing marijuana to shut down and get enough rest to repair and recover and continue to aspire to greatness is better for health than drinking. Plain and simple.

          • On the pumping iron documentary on (((Netflix))) they actually censor out the weed smoking. Yet somehow weed is a leftist drug.

  • So in spite of the fact that I oppose 99.9% of ‘leftist’ ideology, smoking pot makes me one of them? Wow, the stupid runs thick in this article. And its not a drug. Its a plant. A medicine. Drugs are synthesized in laboratories.

    The irony of this point of view is that it is pushing for more centralized control over sovereign individuals. And that is truly a leftist mindset.

    • Coca and Papaver somniferum (Poppy) are Plants also……..

      So is Peyote……

      LSD is derived from Rye Plant Ergot Fungi Alkaloids…….

      DMT is derived from Plants……

      Aspirin comes from the Bark of the Willow Tree………

      Cannabinoids can have Medicinal Properties for Glaucoma, AIDS, MS, and Cancer Stricken Individuals………

      I doubt that you Suffer from those Maladies……….

      Sovereign Western Atomized Individualism………

      Aren’t we at the Historic Pinnacle of Atomized Human Individualism???……….

      How’s that Working Out for the White European Peoples???

    • Ecstasy is derived from the Sassafras Tree……..

      Loggers in East Asia are destroying Entire Rain Forests……..

      To Feed the Demands of Western Sovereign Individuals…..

      Who enjoy Raving and Club Partying while High on MDMA…….

      Centralized Control to protect Rain Forests is ‘truly a leftist mindset’…….


    • Indeed, very ignorant article. I stopped reading when he started saying that an inanimate object does things. Do guns commit crimes? Do “streets” turn potential astronauts into thugs? What percent of violent crimes are “caused” by alcohol?

      Of course, everything in moderation, but how about whatever anyone puts in their bodies is their personal decision.

      If anything, ban sugar! It causes fat chicks!

      • I agree. Abortion? Her body her choice. Heroin, miscegenation, employing illegals, intermarriage, pornography, etc it’s their choice.

        We got to be reasonable. Some level of centralized(whether local or federal) control is needed. Whether laws are passed or our leaders merely attempt to discourage these activities is up for debate. Anything less makes us libertarians.

        Marijuana should stay illegal. I used to smoke years ago and the fact that is was outlawed never hampered my ability or any one I knew to get some safely. The impact it could potentially have on our young white children if it is legal outweighs any small inconvenience.

        • Legalized and ergo state approved sale of marijuana (being 21+) actually seems like it would put it into a similar category as alcohol for youth to get ahold of.
          It was easier to get marijuana than alcohol when I was in highschool, due to alcohol being regulated, marijuana being sold black market. Quality control, lacing with other drugs, etc are much lower risk with the state effectively putting the loser pot dealers out of business, since there’s even less return when all they have to sell to are those said high school kids, since the adults can just go to the store. Less money and less volume raise overhead while the market is lowering price.

  • Another thing. Cannabis and Opium were used to make useful medicines in the past in the West and East. But many people became addicted to these tonics in the West where they were not under strict medical control in places such as the USA. In China opium devastated the nation when the Brits on the behest of Jewish organized crime forced the Chinese to accept legalized recreational opium; i.e., no longer part of a healing regime under the control of a doctor but just to get high.

    The Jews ran a worldwide criminal drug dealing operation from the USA to Britain to India to China. They took these healing plants and made them into mind, body and soul poisons for the goyim of the entire world. In the 19th c. you could find White whores in the opium dens of Shanghai!

    This is what this is about. This is about the Jews reestablishing their diabolical worldwide soul destroying, drug dealing operation. A parasite always weakens his host.

    And cannabis is not their drug of choice to enslave the goyim. It is the ultimate soul destroying drug MDMA which is often manufactured in Israel and feed to the goyim by religious jews.

  • Show me the successful dope smoker and I’ll show you half a dozen lazy drop outs. Dope does have a negative impact on our society and you’d have to be blind or a dope head to not see it.

    • Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs all admitted to formerly using it. Michael Phelps, the most awarded Olympic athlete ever, regularly used. Thomas Jefferson, in his memoirs also admits as much. But I guess only losers consume marijuana

        • Do you know for certain it is formerly? But they became successful in spite of marijuana. Probably used in the midst of becoming successful. Many in the IT field smoke. And currently it is a thing with programmers to microdose LSD. And their political views have nothing to do with our specific discussion. We are talking success/failure, which you brought up. As for Phelps, he smoked at the same time he was a successful athlete. So it does not necessarily make one lazy, unmotivated or a failure.

          Like I have been saying for years, if one is motivated, if makes one more motivated. If one is intelligent, it does not make one dumb. However, it will make the unmotivated and unintelligent more so.

          Essentially it cause qualities one already has to intensify.

        • They are still successful and that is what our discussion is about. Political ideology has nothing to do with success. And Thomas Jefferson was the farthest thing from so-called leftist.

  • Regular pot use makes you dumb and apathetic. And most real stoners are rail thin wimps. Also most all homos take drugs including cannabis. Nignogs too.

    But in America and the West everyone has done it. Most everyone anyway. So, don’t know. Should be frowned upon though.

    • Ironically, I smoke before hitting weights. Gained 20 pounds in the past year or so. And when I was in school for my Computer Science degree, I always smoked before exam time. Allowed me to focus better. 3.9 GPA. So I guess I am dumb and pathetic. Maybe you should rethink your ignorant conclusions.

      • Why couldn’t you take your exams without using Drugs??

        Why can’t you go lift weights without first using Drugs??


        • Never said I couldn’t. As for exams though, I already stated why I would. Calmed my mind and allowed me to focus on the task at hand. Contrary to the Reefer Madness style brainwashing that you, and most people here, have succumbed to, marijuana motivates the already motivated.

        • Just speaking from personal experience which completely proves your ignorant opinion on the matter wrong. If one is lazy and dumb, yes pot will exaggerate those qualities. If one is motivated and intelligent, it will also exaggerate those qualities. Maybe learn the truth of things instead of listening to government propaganda.

          • The only way lives are ruined due to marijuana are from the un-Constitutional and anti-liberty drug laws and policies of this supposedly free country. Correlation is not causation. Just because somebody has a worthless life and they happen to smoke, does not mean one has anything to do with the other. In fact, it quite possibly is one had a horrible life, THEN took to self-medicating as a means to deal with it. Sugar ruins more lives than pot. Alcohol causes more violence than pot. Both of them are also responsible for more deaths than pot, as not a single person has ever in the history of humanity died from marijuana alone. Research indicates it would require a person to consume 40 pounds in under an hour to overdose, which means it is literally impossible to die from acute THC toxicity. Keeping it illegal only enriches drug cartels, the police state and the Central Banksters who finance the whole trade from behind the scenes.

  • Supporting the Nanny State makes you a leftist.
    Sorry Macolm is too much of a squish to handle his Guinness and ganja like a real man.
    Supporting the Nanny State makes you a leftist.
    We Celts have been toking and drinking for 1000s of years and aren’t going to stop just for the sake of Malcolm’s precious little fweelings and pweferences.
    Supporting the Nanny State makes you a leftist.
    And I have been fighting Cultural Marxism since the mid 90s.
    Supporting the Nanny State makes you a leftist.

  • I concur. Decriminalization is ok with me. Just so long as they have the tools to reign it in. Every weekend in my neighborhood if weather permits, all the dope heads of the surrounding area converge and the entire neighborhood stinks of nigger cabbage. The cops really need to do their job.

    It’s one thing to try it as a curiosity, but most anyone endorsing full legalization is a drug addict or an enabler.

  • If you took one look at my ex who called it Peyote, you’d see that pot is not a good thing. His brain went to crap early. These pot shops are funded by Wall Street. Just one more rip off that endangers the public.

    • Peyote and pot are two entirely different things. Nobody, and I mean nobody, calls pot peyote. You are either lying about this, or you were lied to and totally naive.

        • There is literally a different drug called peyote that is not marijuana. Peyote and weed are different drugs. I’m sorry but you people are retarded and living in a reefer madness fantasy

        • Peyote is a different drug from weed it’s not about being picky you dumb bitch it’s a complete different fucking drug god you idiots on the alt eight are retarded and living in a reefer madness fantasy world.

        • Um, there is a huge difference. Peyote is a powerful hallucinogen along the lines of LSD. Nobody would confuse the two. And yes, people are picky about things like that. Pot lasts a couple hours and one is functional. Peyote is a 4 to 8 hour (at least) dedication that leaves one usually unable to do everyday tasks.

      • You missed it and so did everyone who upvoted you lol.

        She said his mind went to crap and he started calling it peyote. See the connection?

        Obviously it doesn’t take weed to make a lot of people’s minds go to crap.

        • Sorry buddy, smoking pot, no matter how long and no matter the amount, will never, ever, under any circumstance, cause somebody to mistake pot for peyote. That would be like somebody mistaking feces for filet mignon. If the guy not tell the difference, he quite literally had brain damage of some sort. Trauma based brain damage. I have been smoking for approx 25 years, very heavily at times, and I have eidetic memory. Literally everything you think you know about cannabis is entirely false.

  • “Of course there is no “right-wing drug,” because right-wing kind of implies you’re not doing drugs. But if there were a right-wing drug, it would be one that makes you even more aware of what’s going on, gives you more energy. But don’t do that either.”

    Gee, wonder what that could be ??

    • So many boomerfags with their anti substance mentality.
      Not old faggot ass conservicuck christcuck pearl clutching right.

          • Another dumb dope head who calls himself toadie. Hey toadie many of us, me included, advocate death for unrepentant dope heads. I think you are on the wrong site.

          • Good riddens. Now you can go join your nigger, homo and jew aggrieved minorities fans and smoke a blunt together. Too bad Anally Inflicted Death Syndrome is not passed through the lips.

          • If u really wanna know who I am my name isn’t Kody Palmer I’m on Facebook we probably have mutual sandy I’ll bear you’re ass so hit me up in real life pussy.

          • Lol Amerimutts preaching to me about purity…

            “Another thing that struck me was the great influence of the Negro, a psychological influence naturally, not due to the mixing of blood. The emotional way an American expresses himself, especially the way he laughs, can best be studied in the illustrated supplements of the American papers; the inimitable Teddy Roosevelt laugh is found in its primordial form in the American Negro. The peculiar walk with loose joints, or the swinging of the hips so frequently observed in Americans, also comes from the Negro. American music draws its main inspiration from the Negro, and so does the dance. […] The vivacity of the average American, which shows itself not only at baseball games but quite particularly in his extraordinary love of talking – the ceaseless gabble of American papers is an eloquent example of this – is scarcely to be derived from his Germanic forefathers, but is far more like the chattering of a Negro village. […] Thus the American presents a strange picture: a European with Negro behaviour and an Indian soul.”
            – Carl Jung, Civilisation in Transition

          • Oh get off it. None of us deny the effects negrozation down here. Quit being anti American. Us boys down here are the last hope for the white race. Do you think a white revolution is going to kick off in Canada or Europe, be honest. You all need us to clean house down here and then come assist you.

          • I think any attempt at white revolution in Europe or Canada would be suppressed by the Americans, as happened in Serbia in the 90’s. So yes, things have to change in America first.

            I’ll stop being ultracritical of Americans, when they stop this holier than thou attitude about everything. The US is in worse demographic shape than any other white country, and there are no shortage of white liberals there too. I don’t have a problem with most Americans, but when they start acting as if they are better than others I feel the need to bring them down a few pegs. Nothing personal.

          • Don’t forget the 310 million guns. We’re the only who could carry out a revolution.

            You’ve read to much about Evola and Jung’s opinion on the States. I admire those guys but they werenever here. They never met nor knew what a real American looks like.

          • Said of the soul. You don’t know anything about me, my family, my personality and so on. Nice try though dope head. Go smoke weed with yo niggas.

            Funny you would quote a German. Do you know what the Germans thought/think about you Italians? I’ll give you a hint, intermarriage between Latins and Germans was banned in the Third Reich.

          • Coffee originated in Ethiopia. Are coffee drinkers niggers of the soul as well?

          • Coffee and getting stoned are not equivalent. Wake up, and get off that evil weed. I have seen many times what that “harmless” weed does to people in the long run. It makes you a bloody retard.

          • People are much more retarded when under the influence of your “manly” drug of choice, alcohol. This is demonstrably true. Drunk people are much more of a burden to have to be around, than people on pot.

          • Except one day later and they are back to normal whereas dope heads become life long retards.

          • Come talk shit in real life Kody Palmer if you’re pro white we have mutual hit me up and talk that shit

    • This isn’t true anymore whites in Washington state and Colorado overwhelmingly support legalization get outa here boomer

  • Marijuana use is terrible for you. That said, it’s not a serious social problem that needs to be addressed by society at large, let alone the Alt-Right. It should be legalized for a variety of reasons & states that do legalize it should be left alone for a variety of reasons. The first is that its prohibition has not led to lower use rates. Indeed, in many countries where it is legal, use dropped after its legalization (Netherlands, Portugal). It’s just not a serious problem, nor is it one dealt with well by legal prohibition. Secondly, its effects on surrounding society are minor. Sure, if you’re going to legalize it you still need laws to address driving under the influence and the like, but marijuana’s secondary effects on broader society are still quite minor. Thirdly, marijuana has never been a serious problem for Alt-Righters. It is not a white man’s drug. It is a drug for mudbloods, mystery meats, hippies & Africans. Fourthly, legal decentralization, especially the acknowledgment of states’ rights, is something we should applaud in the Alt-Right. It suits our interests & is a move toward secession. Finally, the benefits from enforcement are not worth the costs & the resources expended by keeping it illegal. Because it’s not a serious social problem! I didn’t even need to appeal to individual autonomy & other libertarian concerns because it’s really not even necessary. Marijuana sucks and is terrible for you, but so is “raw water” & I don’t want to ban that either. It’s just not good law or law enforcement. Legalize & regulate it, you’ll get a better product. I feel the same way about a lot of soft drugs, psilocybin & anabolic steroids included. Their prohibition is just not worth it. Law enforcement should be taking care of real things, like finding rapists, expelling invaders, & imprisoning pedophiles. What a few mudbloods do in their free time is not something the state needs to involve itself in. Sessions is a fool. Trump is worse.

    • I am from the Netherlands myself and yeah use of pot did drop a little after legalisation according to the honest adults surveyed. After legalisation pot use by kids and teenagers grew rapidly and I find that unacceptable. We’re making it easier for kids, who still have to use their heads alot, to get it. Saying that legalisation decreased use may be true but we still have pot problems we deal with here not because of prohibition but because of decreasing grades, less focus, weight gain and degeneracy amongst our young. We should’ve NEVER legalised it!

      • It has never been the responsibility of local law enforcement to enforce federal law (immigration law included). As long as they are not actively trying to prevent the enforcement of federal law by federal officials, they are safe.
        The only real question is whether the federal government wants to enforce federal law in states where the citizens have voted contrariwise.
        When it comes to massive issues of national concern like immigration, the answer should be “absolutely”.
        When it comes to minor issues of largely local concern like pot use, the answer should be “no”.
        Reality is, it is always up to federal policy when, how & where they want to enforce federal laws. That’s how the law works: ample executive & prosecutorial discretion. The only real question is whether it is good policy to give states some leeway when it comes to drug laws.
        It is good policy.
        Saying “if we let them ignore drug laws they’ll ignore immigration law” is nonsensical. The federal government has prosecuted drug offenders zealously for decades, yet many states have become sanctuaries for invaders anyway! The reality is the executive branch does what it wants. If it wants to turn a blind-eye to crimes in certain states, it can. Not only that, the left has done so & it always will do so no matter how you feel about it & no matter if you want to enforce or not enforce some other law. What you are talking about is the equivalent of virtue signaling. The executive is going to enforce the laws it wants to in the manner it wants to. Just because you demand the federal government enforce federal drug law for the next three years won’t change that at all. A Democrat will be elected in 2020 & enforce neither federal drug laws nor immigration laws, no matter what you did prior.

  • Certain ideals are in tune with reality.
    Certain ideals are not in tune with reality.

    So, if your ideal is to be a good runner, it is an realizable ideal because humans ran train to run fast. People can use legs to run fast.

    But if your idea is to fly with your arms-as-wings, it’s a fantasy because no amount of flapping your arms can make you fly like a bird.

    So, even if we all pursue ideals, we have to ask ourselves… which ideals are extensions of realizable reality and which ideals are escapism from the way of the world?

  • I don’t smoke pot. I don’t drink. But I know alcohol is a lot worse than pot…. Either way, this is a distraction from what really matters.

    Alt-Right has become a joke at this point, and it is a bigger obstacle to the White Race becoming racially aware, than it is a help.

    We came so close here – and that’s why we were infiltrated.

  • The Alt Right is dumb if they support Sessions. You must have no idea how the political winds are blowing in this country? Are you not allowing negative criticism to be posted? I’m surprised the only comments being presented here are pro Sessions I hope you aren’t only allowing those who agree with you to post that would be hypocritical considering the alt right claims to be pro free speech rights

    • What those who support this evil fail to understand is that by doing so, they further support the police state, and the Central Banksters who finance the entire drug trade behind the scenes.

      Guess it is a case of ‘my tyrant is better than your tyrant’.

    • Sessions is nothing but a figurehead. The U.N. is destroying California and Trump has not even come here. He has spent more time in Israel.

  • You have got to wonder who is getting awarded the state licenses to grow marijuana? Who are the people involved, and what are their connections to qualify as growers. In some states there is more than one class of license being awarded to growers by the state.

    The marijuana business is highly questionable—pay attention to who gets what in your state.

    • In Washington state it’s mostly whites growing it and making money off it anything that Includes farming is owned by whites around here.

  • I would like to know why alcohol is okay, but marijuana isn’t ( I have a couple of libertarian friends that constantly say this).

  • I see nothing wrong with the WN movement being anti weed. Forget the argument of whether it’s good or bad, why lean on a crutch that saps your T and feminizes your thoughts. You only take substances if your lacking. Whether that’s creativity or contentment, doesn’t matter, be wise about what you use.

    Shit, I’m sipping on a jack n coke as I type these very words because just so happens I’m lacking in the former tonight. No big shake. At least it’ll swell up my sack and make we want to either fuck or fight. Weed ain’t doing that.

  • First, we should make sure that marijuana doesn’t get legalized, next priority should be prohibition alcohol (sorry Richard, but the good news is that you have a long time to stop).

  • “Alcohol as a social lubricant is perfectly compatible with right-wing sensibilities. Unlike pot, alcohol makes you more outgoing, more testosterone-fueled. Weed makes you a pussy who’s stuck in your own mind with your precious thoughts.”

    And so the truth is revealed: the alt-right does not think.

    These are some sweeping generalizations about cannabis. Any evidence to support any of these claims? Any evidence to support the claim that growing support for legalization is the result of propaganda campaigns and not grassroots consciousness-raising?

  • I’ve never smoked or drank and I’m still a introspective, low energy bug man with a thousand yard stare.

  • Introspection is in short supply among modern man. It should be encouraged and taught through reading, writing, dream analysis, psychotherapy – not devalued. Also, alcohol is good now? A person who is averse to looking inward critically and sensitively won’t know whether his alcohol habit is an innocuous social lubricant or a crutch. But yeah, I agree, marijuana is terrible for your sense of reality and agency.

    • Coffee is the drug of choice of the bourgeious ruling elite as it makes the workers more productive and their labour more profitable. Simply a means for the Jews to extract more money out of the docile and confused masses.

      • Another retard argument by a dope head. Coffee is worse than dope! Dope heads are like faggots and will defend to the death their right to be high as the homos screams and wails about his right to sodomize others (does dope make one into a homo? I wonder) and band together with other dope heads in a subculture of the aggrieved. Might as well join the jews, niggers, tannies and homos you worthless dope head.

  • Byron, Keats, Shelly, Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Dumas and the Alt-Right’s favorite virgin himself, Nietzsche all imbibed cannabis (most probably used it in hashish form). Not to mention Shakespeare, in whose garden they found remnants of pipe with traces of cannabis (“To new-found methods and to compounds strange? / Why write I still all one, ever the same, / And keep invention in a noted weed…”, Sonnet 76)

    And, oh yes, Francis Crick (who also dropped LSD). Would we even have race realism without Crick’s contributions? Obviously any one of these individuals contributed more to “Western Civilization” than the entire Alt-Right combined.

    Meanwhile, the Alt-Right promotes Alcohol which leads to wanton violence, a general and widespread demoralization of the working class, thousands of deaths per year in the form of drunk drivers alone, cirrhosis of the liver, etc.

    But yeah. Drinking makes you a “chad”.

    • Bullshit that Nietzsche used marijuana. The others were poets and that’s fine. Nobody says poets can’t or shouldn’t use whatever substances they want. But the majority of the population are not poets. And the fucking potheads and disgusting filth that sit around and do nothing all day long. I see it with my own eyes.

      • Jeff Sessions doesn’t think artists or any Americans should smoke weed. That’s what this article is about. How do you figure that Sessions is going to make exceptions for Artists? Are you dumb?

          • You guys are such faggots if you think that alt-right is pro-homo and pro-drugs and pro-feminism. Alt-Right is traditional values. Because if it wasn’t, what the hell is it?

          • I’m against sodomites and feminists. Some drugs are worse than others. Regardless I see addiction as a health issue and not a criminal one. I’m in favour of more reasonable drugs laws, and I don’t see marijuana as all that degenerate or in conflict with traditional values. That being said I’m not a conservative, I’m a futurist.

        • And you think artists and other people can’t get access to weed whether it’s legal or not? Are you a fucking idiot? Drugs have always been available to people who want to get them. The issue now is whether you make it legal and by making it legal telling everybody it’s just fine and dandy. Go knock yourself out kids! There’s nothing morally wrong with using drugs at all. Start with marijuana and work your way up to heroin. Have a fucking blast.

          • Good point John. I haven’t smoked weed in four years. I remember when they first legalized medical marijuana where I am at. All the young guys(18,19) I worked with were excited and real quick to go get their cards. At the time I couldn’t give two shits. It was cheaper to get it illegally and why pay 350 for a card and switch up my routine.

            Those days are behind me and I look back now wondering why I ever valued the shit as much as I did. It was a major waste of time, money, and probably some brain cells.

            Anyway, my point is that most these younger guys(27 here, so probably 18-24) have been raised on legal or medical weed and think that if it’s reversed the entire world will dry up. They need to get with the program accept that it’s degenerate, which even I freely admitted when I smoked, and be content to get it on the black market(away from all kids and most teens) where it should be relegated to.

            Issues like these seperate the wheat from the chaff. Those who are pro healthy, white society and those who still clings to a judaized worldview.

          • There’s no proof the THC “kills brain cells” but plenty that alcohol does. If you don’t believe me, go to any bar.

          • “Muh gateway drug.” Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Most opioid addicts get hooked via their doctor after an injury. It’s not the 90’s anymore. Get informed.

      • Nope. Medical records indicate he used hashish, opium, potassium bromide (a powerful sedative) and chloral hydrate, adverse effects of the last possibly leading to his nervous breakdown. He denied using hashish out of an aristocratic contempt that it was a drug for lower social classes but his denial is highly dubious.

      • I was referring to Crick’s contribution in discovering the double helix. No genetics, no race-realism.

    • I am sick of this double standard regarding alcohol, which causes far more harm to ones body and society overall than cannabis. Cannabis in the form of CBD oil has been shown to reduce tumors, and it has no intoxicating effect. I am not advocating for stonerism, but Hemp is a very useful plant; for example, using it for paper would be far superior to clearcutting trees. I don’t understand the current push by some among the Alt-Right to demonize it. If you want to encourage people to embrace sobriety, fine, but this is just (((purity spiraling))).

      I will mention that William Shakspere, a country bumpkin who could not even spell his own name, was most certainly not the author of the plays attributed to him. It was a pen name used by a member of the nobility, likely Edward de Vere.

  • Weed makes you f-n’ dumb and easier to rule over. Weed is a part of the degeneracy package enforced in our society.

    • States rights has ceased to have any real meaning for the last 50 years. It was severely weakened after the war of northern aggression and completely decimated after the Feds barged their way into the south and forced desegregation and civil rights upon them.
      Add to that the extremely high fed taxes they suck out of the states, which they reimburse only after they have made a profit and only if the state tows the federal line, making any state “sovereignty” their bitch.

      Don’t be naive.

    • That’s not the debate. The debate is whether marijuana consumption is good or bad for a society and for individuals.

      • No, that’s not the debate.
        Because A, banning marijuana doesn’t generally reduce use rates. In fact, it often achieves the very opposite effect. I don’t know one person who stopped using marijuana due to the legal consequences of using it, which are generally quite moderate anyway.
        And B, there are significant costs to enforcement. Do the benefits of marijuana prohibition really outweigh the costs of enforcement (enforcement costs in dollars & personal costs, like imprisoning large segments of the population over something so trivial)? The answer is pretty clearly no.
        Oh, and C, the people of California voted to legalize marijuana! What ever happened to states’ rights, individual autonomy, & democracy?!? I mean I know we’re not normiecons, but none of those are Alt-Right values?

        • States’s right’s means that states and cities can put in sanctuary city policies. Alt-Right is not libertarianism.

          • No, it’s not. That said, most of our allies (paleocons, paleolibertarians, etc) are quite committed to the issue. While it can cut both ways, it generally works in our favor & for our interests. Pretty much anything that weakens or undermines the Cultural Marxist imperial super-state in Washington is cool with me.
            The real issue however is that it’s just not good law, it’s not a good use of law enforcement resources. A lot of things are bad for society. This itself doesn’t justify their prohibition. There are significant economic, social & human costs to law enforcement. Marijuana use is basically a bad habit, nothing more. Furthermore, there is like no correlation globally or domestically between marijuana use & the state of the law.

      • Ok so ban sugar, McDonalds and all fast food, alcohol, GMOs, vaccines, any Monsanto product, to name a few.

        In a free society, its up to the individual to decide what is good or bad for said person. Who are you, or anybody else, to decide what one should or should not do, so long as no other person is harmed?

  • Weed inhibits the fusion of the frontal cortex when consumed in moderate amounts in teenagers; that’s the judgment and decision making sector of your brain, btw. That fusion completes in your early 20’s for women, and mid 20’s for men. It’s a long process that begins in the teenage years.
    There’s also a neglect to mention that the current marijuana campaign is using propagandist techniques nearly identical to those used by Big Tobacco before they got hit with Surgeon General warning, disclosure of health impacts, etc. The imagery, targeting, and clear inclusion of social gatherings and entertainment industry support mimics tobacco to a T. Alcohol also has regulation that prevents targeting towards teens, along with similar forced disclosure of fetal alcohol syndrome, etc.
    Alcohol has tens of thousands of years of use by /our/ ancestors, and religious significance as well. Marijuana is the ancestral drug of stone age, cannibalistic tribals who were too high and primitive to have invented wheels or written language. Clearly marijuana worked out for them.

    It’s the same people using the same methods in the same industry. That right there is all you need to know if you want to shill for weed.

  • Alcohol diminishes testosterone levels too, and turns people into hedonistic, drooling slobs. All things are fine in moderation, and too much of anything is bad. Sessions is wrong. Weed > Alcohol.

    • You guys don’t understand the slippery slope. Once marijuana is legal, then next up is heroin. These people never stop asking for more. Give an inch and they take a mile. Look at gay marriage. You thought that was all they wanted? Now they want your children to be trannies. Wake up, faggots. If you want a chance of winning this war, you have to fight every fucking battle like your life depends on it.

      • The war on drugs has been a massive failure and has done nothing to stop people from using drugs. If we legalize and stop throwing pot smokers in jail for commiting a victimless crime we can close down a prison and build a school or hospital instead. What could you possibly have against that?

        Seriously dude, most of the Alt-Right are former Ron Paul supporters. Of course a lot of us smoke weed. Why do you care what substances I choose to smoke, if I don’t let it interfere with anything else I do?

        • We know you do not care about the failure of the war on drug. You are speaking for your dope head subculture and “muh rights”. Fuck off you worthless dope head.

          • If you don’t like smoking thats fine. I don’t like drinking, and don’t try and push my distaste for alcohol on anybody. Sorry to break it to you old man, but weed isn’t a subcultural thing anymore. Get with the times.

          • Hate to break it to you old man, but the youth are rejecting your old hippie faggot ass dope culture.

          • It’s not a hippie culture or subcultural thing anymore. It’s something that most people have atleast tried before, and a high percentage of people do regularily. Most of them are not shut in video game addicts, but contribute just as much to society as non-weed smokers. It’s a mainstream part of the culture. Continued criminilization of Marijuana is simply not something that most people care about anymore.

          • Yes, I have lived and learned. Seen it all. Still in the end, it is not good for you or society or our people. The only exceptions are medical use under stick medical supervision or the seeker or artist.

          • The same could be said about several other substances, many of which are already legal, to varying degrees. Ultimately, I respect the right of adults to decide what substances work best for them. In cases of addiction and dependence the emphasis should be on rehabilitation, not punishment. If decrimilized, I don’t expect non-weed smokers to suddenly feel compelled to start smoking. Society ultimately wouldn’t change all that much, it would just clear up the overpopulated prison population, and allow law enforcement to worry about real crime.

        • It’s fallacious according to the cosmopolitan elite who don’t have to deal with the real world. The slippery slope isn’t always true, but it’s true often enough to be taken seriously. A great example would be burning bras in the 60s eventually culminating in #metoo today, or desegregation leading to affirmative action and then BLM.

          Another ‘fallacy’ is argument ad hominem which is usually not fallacious. In theory, a respectable alt righter could say that 5+8=14 if they where fatigued, and a liberal faggot pothead give the correct answer of 13. However, in reality degenerate people usually have degenerate ideas.

      • That’s like saying we must fight the alt right on everything because slippery slope means if normal people give an inch soon the alt right will be gassing anyone they disagree with…

  • I LOVE this article! I am so glad published something about marijuana. I also have been questioning why it has been pushed onto us. Not just through music has this been shoved down our throats but also through movies & television. Someone very close to me is addicted to pot. Some people say you can’t become addicted & I use to be one of those people. This person has to have his stash everywhere he goes, a pipe & lighter. All day he is smoking. Then he he gets so down on himself, asking what is missing in his life & why isn’t he motivated to hit the gym. He also eats uncontrollably. But when I bring up the possibility of it being the weed he goes into such denial that he gets very angry. I come to believe that the weed question is a branch of the jewish question.

    • I’ve smoked pot off and on for years.
      It can definitely become a mental addiction.
      Takes about a month off of it to get back to true normal with no cravings in my experience.

      • Thank you for sharing your experience. I will keep in mind & pass along. 1 month can go by quickly.

  • Why are homos so devious and powerful? Because they have both masculine instinct and feminine intuition. Their approach to power is passive/aggressive. They have elegantly refined the art of power like a sharpened blade. It’s like the Tim Roth character in ROB ROY. He’s cat-like. Pound for pound, cats are the most deadly predators. They are more agile and efficient in movement than any dog or bear. He’s aggressive and vicious but also skilled and masterly. So fine-tuned. Manly types tend to be overly brutish in their use of power. They are overly obvious. Womanly types tend to be too yielding and soft. But homos have masculine toughness sharped by feminine touch.

    Jewish Power is the same way. Jews are passive/aggressive. They are pushy and dig into their opponents. But because most Jews are not he-man types, they rely on verbal skills, wit, and mugging for sympathy. It’s like the saying, “Jew cries out in pain as he hits you.” Jews are the ruling elites in the US. They use media to denounce, demean, and defame white gentiles but when white gentiles complain about such nasty treatment, Jews scream ‘antisemite!!’.

    Homo deviousness can be seen in the way they frame their arguments. Homos bitch that ‘homophobes’ interfere in other people’s private affairs — what happens in the bedroom — , but this is totally bogus.

    Few people in this day and age are ‘God Hates Fag’ types who want to ban sodomy or burn homos at the stake. Even conservatives acknowledge the right of homos to be homo and do their own thing, esp as GOP is filled with homo politicians.
    So, no one has problems with homos coming out of the closet and doing their own thing in the privacy of their bedrooms.

    The real issue is that homos have now come out of their bedrooms and turned entire streets, schools, and entertainment into displays of homo perversion and/or homo holiness. Homos are funny this way.
    On the one hand, they take pride in being wild and crazy flaming homos. They claim to be edgy, daring, and devil-may-care breakers of taboos. They take pride in their flamboyant debauchery and decadence. Homos present themselves as self-indulgent orgy-porgers who’ve built neo-sodom-and-gomorrah.

    But homos, being so vain and self-aggrandizing, aren’t content to only be the queens of excess and hedonism. They also want to be objects of sanctimonious worship as well. So, even as one side of homo agenda celebrates the wild degenerate porny side of homosexuality, another side goes into ‘father knows best’ and presents homos as more-normal-than-normal, more whitebread than whitebread, more suburban-than-suburban, more squeaky-clean-than-squeaky-clean. You’d think you’re watching homo leave-it-to-beaver and ozzie-and-harriet.

    Also, even as homos indulge in sodom-and-gomorroh-like-behavior, they also infiltrate christian churches and turn them into dens of homo-worship.

    And consider the AIDS epidemic. It resulted from homos acting like crazy degenerates buggering one another in bathhouses. But instead of taking responsibility, homos would have us believe they were victims of ‘homophobic indifference’ and, as such, holy martyrs like Tom Hanks in PHILADELPHIA.

    Jews are the same way. Too many Jews acted like Bernie Madoff and destroyed the economy in 2008, but they bitch about how ‘antisemitism’ is targeting all these wonderful Jews who are trying to fix the economy.
    Jews also claim to be champions of free speech but seek to shut down any speech critical of Jewish power as ‘hate speech’.

    And blacks are the same way. Blacks revel in thug culture of rap and pimp-gangsterism. They present themselves as crazy thugs and murderers. They glamorize that stuff.
    But they also wrap themselves in MLK symbolism and act as if they’re Magic Negroes and eternal victims and champions of peace.
    BLM is hilarious. Blacks kill other blacks and rob/murder so many non-blacks, but they act like blacks are the main victims of non-black violence.

    But then, such hypocrisy is part of Americanism. America is an imperialist nation and empire… but it goes around promoting itself as a ‘democracy’ for ‘human rights’. That must be why US destroyed Libya, which now has open-air slave markets.

    Even though homosexuality was frowned upon in most cultures throughout history, homos cannot be seen as a ‘victim’ group like others.

    The reason for this is there is no autonomous and self-sustaining homo community. A Jewish community can exist on its own and sustain itself as Jewish. Chinese can do the same. Also true of Turks and Iranians. Greek community can create more Greeks via childbirth and culturalization.

    But this isn’t true of homos. For starters, homosexuality cannot create life. No matter how many guys hump other guys in the bung, no life will be created. No life was ever created by lesbians rubbing poons together. So, homos, every single one of them, are the products of real sex by real-sexuals, aka heterosexuals.
    So, homos on their own cannot sustain homo community.

    Also, it’s impossible to tell where the next homo will come from. Even if a homo man and a homo woman have reluctant sex together, the chances are their kid will be straight than homo. But then, a very masculine straight man and very feminine straight woman can have sex together and produce a homo kid.

    Unlike other groups that are self-sustaining and auto-generating, homos can’t predict where the next homo will arise. An Amish community can keep producing new Amish. But even in an all-homo community where homo men have reluctant sex with homo women, the chances are their kids will be straight than homo.

    Because we don’t know where the next homo will come from, homos have been born into every group. So, some homos were born into a slave family. But other homos were born into slave-owning family. Some homos were born white, some were born black, some were born Asian, some were born Hindu, etc. Some homos were born to kings and grew up as privileged princes who exploited serfs and poor folks. Aristocratic homos sexually exploited their servants. Even though Nazi Germany was anti-homo, some homos were born into Nazi families, and if Nazi Germany had survived, these elite closet-homos would have oppressed and killed Polacks.

    Because of the quantum nature of homo-ness, the homo community is very unstable. It never knows where the next homo will be born and to whom. We know that many Jews will be born in Israel to Jewish parents. But we don’t know which parents will give birth to the new batch of homos. A homo may be born to two extremely religious parents who believe homosexuality is a great sin. A homo may be born to capitalists or socialists. A homo may be born to Tibetan Buddhists or Saudi Muslims.

    This is why homos are drawn to globalism. Because each homo is born in isolation and without intention(on part of parents), he or she must look far and wide to construct and be part of a homo community. A homo community is not self-generating but exists only by pulling together isolated homos from all over the nation or the world. So, homos have been adept at creating networks, and that led to worldwide power.

    • Even before ‘gay marriage’ and ‘gay pride parades’, most Western nations came to accept the fact that some people are born homo. And most sectors of society were perfectly fine with homos being homo and doing their thing.

      The notable thing is not ‘gay rights’ but the rise of Gay Rites as a neo-religion. Why is there this crazy worship of homos? Why is ‘pride’ now used synonymous with homosexuality. Is penetration of fecal holes something to be proud of? Because our society is so homomaniacal, media/academia promote ass-bunging for even women. As the result of widespread practice of butt-banging, anal cancer has quadrupled among millennials. More women than ever are stuck with butt cancer and will have to wear colostomy bags.

      And if homo movement was secular, why are homos now taking over churches? In Europe, churches are forced to marry homos. In the US, homos take over churches and drape them with ‘gay’ colors, as if Jesus died to praise the marriage of men who bugger each other in the fecal holes.

      The divide is not between those who say ‘God hates fags’ and those who want tolerance for homos. I want tolerance for homos because some people are born homo and wanna bang bungs. It’s not their fault that they want to stick their penises into shitholes of other men.

      The divide is between people who accept tolerance of homos versus those who promote homo-stuff as something worthy of celebration, admiration, worship, and etc. So, entire streets are closed down to have massive degenerate homo parades. An entire MONTH is devoted to a bunch of bung-bangers. Children in school are taught that fecal-hole-fucking is as biologically meaningful as real sex involving complementary organs that create life. So, we are to believe that Kevin Spacey’s asshole has equal sexual-biological validity as his mother’s poon that birthed him.

      The real divide is between those who understand the need for tolerance of homos AND those who demand compulsory celebration of homosexuality. They understand that homos are sexually defective. Their form of sexuality uses wrong organs and cannot produce life. Male homo ‘sex’ leads to tons of anal cancer and other diseases.

      But the OTHER side says we need to associate homosexuality with rainbow. What does the beautiful rainbow have to do with a homo’s penis smeared with fecal matter.. or with a tranny who goes to a doctor to have his penis and balls cut off and replaced with fake vagina? What does homo stuff and tranny stuff have to do with wisdom sought be religion and spirituality? Did Buddha seek nirvana only to praise men who stick their dongs up bungs of other men? Really?

      Also, the term ‘homophobia’ is bogus. Phobia is an extreme fearful panicked reaction to something that is harmless. There is no such thing as homoophobia. Even those who oppose the homo agenda with fervor do not have this ultra-fear of homosexuals. Worse, ‘homophobia’ is used to smear ANYONE who says something funny or unkind about homos. So, if you find homos funny and crack a joke, you’re also called a ‘homophobe’. Since when is finding something funny a form of ‘phobia’? And homos are funny in their limp-wristed, lisping, flaming way. Just look at homo parades and they are so campy and silly and trashy.

      The reason why homos are so powerful is because they spent all their time working to accumulate power. Since most homos don’t have families, they spent more time on earning money and gaining influence. Also, because homos are vain and narcissistic, they tend to focus on elite fields with glamour, and they love to suck up to the rich and privileged. So, the elite classes found homos to be useful and loyal.

      But the main reason why homos got so powerful is because Jews became the rulers of the West. Jews are the elite minority elite in the US. They are the 2% that rules over the 98%. Jews are nervous about this power. After all, it’s not normal for the 2% to rule the 98%. So, Jews have promoted homo worship as their proxy. By normalizing the worship of minority homos by straight people(who are 98% of the population), Jews seek to normalize gentiles(98%) serving Jews. So, homo minority power and Jewish minority power are complementary in normalizing the rightness of the minority to rule over the majority.

      Another reason is people are naturally religious. Even after all this Enlightenment stuff, people want to worship something. So, French Revolution led to cult of Napoleon. Atheist communism led to worship of Marx and Lenin and Mao. And capitalism led to rise of Idols and Celebrities who are iconic objects of worship by their mindless fans. Look how fans of Michael Jackson bawled like babies. Look how Princess Diana became a figure of adulation to all those trashy morons.

      In a world where celebrity is king, it’s only natural that the object of worship among liberals would be the vain and narcissitic homos who are into self-worship.

      Homos were never gonna be content with tolerance. They are so into themselves. They are so ooh-lala and vain in their narcissism and self-aggrandizement. They want to be admired, celebrated, and worshiped by others. They want to be worshiped like greek gods.
      So, homo-worship is neo-pagan worship of idolatry of vanity and narcissism. Homos and trannies are so deluded that they see themselves as beautiful. A fat tranny with makeup on his face, wig, and dress thinks he really is divine.

      So, what began as ‘gay rights’ turned into sickening Gay Rites. We now have ceremonies and rituals in worship of homos and trannies who worship themselves as divine, darling, and dashing.

      Another reason why homos became the new face of the Left?
      It’s because rich folks wanted to destroy the true meaning of Leftism.
      Leftism used to mean rights for the working class. It meant better conditions and higher wages for the proletariat.

      But in a world where the rich are getting richer, they fear class politics. They fear the middle class and working class rising against the elites who are the only ones who are gaining all the wealth and privilege. Since classic leftism favored the working class and class politics, the rich and powerful promoted homos and trannies as the face of New Leftism. Since homos and trannies love privilege and glamour, they bound to work with rich people and serve the elites than struggle against them. Look at all the homos in Hollywood, Wall Street, Las Vegas, Fashion, silicon valley, etc. They work with the rich against the working class.

      So, the rich used homos and trannies to destroy classic leftism. Mayday was turned into Gayday. So, Hillary, Obama, and Joe Biden side with Wall Street and War State against working class whom elitist Simon despises.

      And elites seek to suppress the wages of workers by importing tons of foreigners in name of ‘Diversity’. Immigrants serve as scab labor force to keep the wages low for the working class.

  • It depends on how you define the Left.

    The Classic Left hated the drug-fueled Counterculture because it was more about individualism, hedonism, youth culture, consumerist, and attitude than about stoicism, sobriety, work ethic, and spartan outlook that used to define leftist proletarian culture.

  • Dope is for niggers and low-IQ leftists. It’s a gateway drug and associated with other degeneracy. Joe Rogan and his cronies are good examples. It actually doesn’t make you introspective. It makes you paranoid and temporarily psychotic in that you believe nonsense. Some studies have shown chronic usage lowers IQ and makes you permanently psychotic.

  • Gallup OCTOBER 25, 2017

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans continue to warm to legalizing marijuana, with 64% now saying its use should be made legal. This is the highest level of public support Gallup has found for the proposal in nearly a half-century of measurement.

    If the Republican Party continues to oppose the legalization of marijuana it is going to be hurt on election day. This is one of a number of issues where popular opinion is becoming more liberal.

    This includes interracial dating and marriage.

    Since the at least the 1970’s the Republican Party appealed to the social conservatism of most lower middle class whites in order to get the power to advance economic policies that they were less supportive of, such as tax cuts for the rich. As the United States is becoming more liberal on social issues, including the legalization of marijuana, the GOP is losing the ability to do that.

  • Well, there is a difference between introspection and navelgazing. And right-wing drug would be amphetamine, SS style.

  • Cannabis is the essence of the mañana culture that survives only with socialist assistance.

    Imagine Brunhilde telling Ragnar to go fix the roof, and him responding, “Pffwwt. Mañana mama!” She’d have his ball bag for her garters.

  • I found it curious that before Tony Blair and before Obama both the British and American governments issued pamphlets that discussed the medical dangers of marijuana. Those pamphlets referenced some pretty solid research. Now the government websites go very easy on marijuana. It is like the tobaccco companies back in the 40s that hid the risks of tobacco they knew were real, only now the governments are hiding the dangers. Why would they do that?

    • In the United States cigarette smoking became fashionable during the 1920’s. By the 1940’s cigarettes were often called “coffin nails.” By the 1950’s it was becoming increasingly apparent that cigarettes were unhealthful. In 1964 the Surgeon General’s Report stated that cigarettes were definitely dangerous. That is four decades in all. By the 1960’s people who began cigarette habits during the 1920’s and later were dying from causes that could be traced to cigarettes.

      I have not seen studies on the matter. Nevertheless, I suspect that since the 1960’s about a half million Americans have smoked marijuana regularly. It is still not obvious that marijuana smoking is connected with health problems.

      I suspect that there are some people who should not smoke marijuana, just as there are some people who should not drink alcoholic beverages. Nevertheless, I suspect that moderate marijuana use, like moderate drinking of alcoholic beverages, is an enjoyable and harmless pass time that might even have health benefits.

  • I definitely agree. Now, the “harm reduction” crowd want us to focus on the harm sustained by the individual due to his or her drug use, which makes them favour “safe” drugs. But I consider society’s good instead – and it’s definitely less harmful to society that a few (or a couple of thousands) die from heroin use, than having millions upon millions of people starting to smoke pot, making them completely useless. Weed is definitely the most harmful drug of them all, and one that the usual suspects push on us. After someone has started smoking pot, they will never be any opposition to speak of, which is why they’re so thrilled by the prospect of a white majority all smoking.

    I believe it’s essential to marginalize the pot-smoking losers, so that they don’t influence anyone else. If they can be made to move on to heroin, that’ll take care of them well enough. Their deaths constitute harm reduction for society in my eyes.

    • This is one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever read. A dumb comment to complement a dumb article. I’ve smoked for years and work in HVAC, which is not an easy trade. Ever changed out a blower motor or an evaporator coil in a hot attic? How about a crawl space? Have you ever installed duct work before? Most of the people I work with also smoke. I don’t see marijuana use as being any different from enjoying a few beers. Leftists also like to drink beer, especially craft beer. Is that also bad now? Weed doesn’t make people leftists. Having low T and living in a liberal, cosmopolitan environment makes people leftists. Constantly consuming degenerate media makes people leftists.

    • When I was in high school the smart kids were rumored to smoke marijuana. The stupid kids smoked cigarettes in the boy’s room. I did neither.

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